Hour 2 with guest Taylor Zarzour (8/21/19)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, August 21st
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the show by welcoming Taylor Zarzour of ESPN and ESPNU Radio's The First Team to the show to discuss the Urban Meyer saga, the Alabama quarterback battle, the AP Top 25, underrated coaches, and more. Segment 2 -- Geoff plays a round of Believe It or Not with Jeffrey to discuss Josh Allen, LaMar Jackson, Andrew Luck, and other young quarterbacks before Geoff drops some breaking news about the Memphis quarterback battle. Segment 3 -- Geoff offers his take on the news that David Moore will transfer from Memphis.

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I would say that about. It ninety's by. 98 per ship a college basketball teams like in it regular thing you've got to go to LSU you're probably take an elbow action my educated as to when there. Market Kentucky when there. Market in Baghdad gas I would pick ready and so there's no shame in that but if you look that way and then he'll lose one game in Orlando. That you lose to appreciate and how are generously came and told them what were already the pre law. And that means you've got to be perfect to stay at that can and three. Mark the rest of the way he's still got a neutral court where Texas Tech. Who's yet they lost a lot but they're going to be favored over you on a neutral court and then you've got. Our home game to get South Dakota State. Except gonna stay like 148 game last year what do you do it turn it agreed that six of the top seven scores including my doll like. Backed up by game against a mid major. But on that night the best player on the floor is going to be assess the current state Jack rabbit it will be about the tiger to be Mike dom who. It don't taste good to finish your college career at bats pop can score. In the history of debate or basketball so. Go at it like if I could opt to get what they are getting harder when you come back into action and brief and and let's just start cupboard got a I would take it in a heartbeat because I think that the out. As best you can reasonably hopeful. Judy thanks very much talked at 5 o'clock. I see it does Gary Parrish coming up next Taylor czars or talked to us about college football courses host first team on ESP NU radio I'm serious. XM does play by play for ESPN about his next job opportunity to an avenue has been. There's about passing the ball and Tennessee opens the 2018 football season on Saturday September. 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Nice getting my asking guys to delete to get Jason from soccer. Mom please Rangers and one more trip to the list. First twenty minutes short yeah. Pulled from an absentee it's. Clean skins and formed a protective layer and instant protection from the moment. Get on court catastrophe team not an attack for twenty feeling you know donated. And how hard hitting. We'll see if he's ready to benefit ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and favored us today on the defensive and he's more or less. Tell them best business news. Thirty to nine FM six NBA. It's. There's literally a catch people can't believe it. I think there's got to be a cap this did you projectors red tape I can't buy a house. An expert real. And then get. Jack. 'cause I bought a house. Yes you can. You are in the military. Your veterans who you were in the military and law enforcement if you were to help if your teacher there a firefighter if you are not so yeah. Did you give a page out of husband and wife team realtors had been axed. Explode two programs set up in the wake of 9/11 to help the heroes among us. The way it works is that the firehouse with a program. And get your award Shaq. How home that's not a 50000 dollars checks on thousands of the doubt we'll have been that bad yet woods 60000 or without your knowledge that you go to Disney World. You could. Love that cat beautiful. You could. You can green wallpaper. Videos background. Probably several of you do a lot of that check to buy as you allowed to check. Paso if you're thinking of buying a home business there's little segment of one hit bad and I know one hero that MS and what. He called Jim directly. I know 1444132691444136. For the opposite they've had 2000 asking Jim and pay. Job and hear about this wonderful program. Did okay say thank you and be good cash in. Your pocket right now I tell resigns or he of course is host the first team on ESP and you. College football. On Twitter at Taylor's eyes hurt he joins me now Tim Murray. Great about your are you ready for after this season up offseason of angst maybe every offseason as an offseason of banks to. But are you ready for actual football games. More than ever and our people. I'm a long way out this great anticipation for this sport and very nervous about. Ending the use generic and off in store. Darden eaten any earlier but having said that while Eaton vertical well and if so long lasting lead. The amount of not that we discussed in the off season that doesn't it's not worthy of fact our discussion. You've as a clerk of the ever so yeah what. Or what are the reason why outside bout would be a college football broadcaster and talk show host. Primarily it's gotten college football was or what actually happened on the field. Not nearly fired up about what happened ball I thought I can't remember being a bit desperate for the people who start. Somebody's John I grant you a lot of it is count is unworthy of great hours and swatches of conversation. Whatever what Nick Saban said yesterday or what little that whatever the dead junkie opinions of the day. Some of it is very serious like what happened at Maryland and what happened at Ohio State. And that's just depressant. It's depressing and it's good points to real issues. A both of those things I'm sure will be resolved soon. More and more it looks like Urban Meyer. Will keep his job at least that seems to be there with the speculation is trending. And keep his job and be suspended and if you hit it what looks like a particularly cynical. I outcome is suspended with time served being the extent of the suspension. I'm when this happened I'd read about my producer Jeffrey that we keep his job. And Jefferies and and and and and no way you would keep his job. Do you have any sense of how this might play out. Other also heard you do and by the way you look at certain truth to convert issues that are worthy of discussion and adults Egypt is all season topics that he uses everyday topics they're that we need to discuss and ready to be hard consequences. When. Either someone asleep at the switch and they don't hold someone accountable or themselves being able to get away with this kind of jump but. You're right that. Those are topics that are worthy discussion every day. I I I do get the sense urban Meyer's going to coach Ohio State is decent car under some manipulation would all editors and who are allowed some bought like sacks all this state employee. All of your staff and if Israel most are or as well I'm not the athletic director at market spots. Our urban Meyer's most powerful and probably okay has certainly in the athletic department and any he has the ability to and how important. Now. Accountable and can no matter what he did or didn't do Courtney Smith what he had yet but it got there is. Outrageous unacceptable. You clearly have a checkered past. And so you go to Urban Meyer following quote on quote proper protocol. What they're doing what was right or I know that in the grandson of immoral that's what the world urge admired. Help them become who he is the. I actually thought that. That is unacceptable so if he does keep his job. I like everybody else would like to see them honest. Contrition so honest. Acceptance on Urban Meyers are allowed to go on it and eat it eat a standard bed. Key he has to be aware that he screwed up by keeping sex and at understaffed but I do think. Video beat at football coach of the Buckeyes shirt you're guess is as good as mine on on whether he could keep her to. I think they're one of the best teams in the country that can legitimately won the national championship I think their improved from last year. But we are all one early. How Urban Meyer also sell all the spotlight the report. It's actually you do also wonder other people talk legacy in as an easy thing to throw around. Isn't legacy did include obviously great success of Florida. Amid all the arrests at Florida that's largely as he recreated himself and Ohio State that stuff. All receded into the background. People didn't talk a lot about. The arrests hospital in Florida now however with this and Ohio State. Obviously he'll always be as long as he keeps winning. Revered in Columbus. You do wonder just sort of how how is Urban Meyer perceived and how does this change our Myers perceive. I think that there is. Of Paramount. Kurt locked city about is ethics. And and what he has allowed his players and or coaches to get it get away with in the past. You're right that's subsided in Bain. And a large in a large way when he came to Columbus but. Pay eight loose quickly remember when this started up a few weeks ago at this storage bit. I think that's why don't back the last set before you wanna see a guy that. Cheat her he understands that he can't cut corners and he's four but he cannot. Take a chance on a player or coach. And even at 90% of the time he was doing it right Colombo. He doesn't want the benefit of the hour with more unequivocal about while some of that discussion. Stopped is because from what I could well somewhat but we've been the Columbus. The football facility of I don't believe core core mobile got quite that the record for the promotion for a third with the coaches and his players. Or you are we're he's got it plastered on the wall as you leave the building on how to treat women at stoke on spoke earlier. The decisions that you make are so important and eat constantly talked about that. So the belief was that. He was practicing what he was preaching in his team wants to. And I do believe they JT Barrett in most of the people I've got one hour. Three people the way that they were supposed to be treated while they were in Columbus but would look like this happens with wide receiver coach. I think it. Eight he shouldn't make you wonder how much up a little bit loose was true or so what you believe to be true. And it it should also you want their all right well eat at either the people were they all kinds of mistakes acorda is the same happening at a higher they. Talking to Taylor's as a from ESPN. You should listen to. His show first team on ESP NU radio and Sirius XM. In terms of actually on the field stuff Alabama quarterback. Still unsettled. You are reasonably plugin I gather at Alabama your thoughts on how that might play out. They're kind of followed the better quarterback and keyed. According not just because of what he did admit that not just because of what he's doing a mop up duty. He is clearly the better arc serve. I think it's throughout all of this he has proven he is clearly the better our Kirk. And he is a more complete quarterback do it hurts it's great athlete is horrific in the clutch. I think they're very good to you today he'd ever. Good scrimmage while adults. This past weekend and I wouldn't be surprised. Given the separation in talent between Alabama and global and an architect Pete. That you CJ you heard every hole without rhetoric and how would surprise defeat the first got to take the deal. A horrible. Well well depicting it on the law which I'm not sure it will be the first couple weeks. So this gave an update could be a bit tricky and in week three but. It is routine is on all. I would bet a significant amount of Jefferies money pit crew were a little. Bit odd appeal in that situation. All tricky why. The cut their offense is one of five to ten best in the country. I think George Yahoo! is a better options eight Patterson. Opposite they're running. They're receivers are outrageously. Good PJ brown are you the best college receiver. EK neck hair looks like he's Julio Jones in terms of the bill to his body he's supposed. And he was underrated. Wide receiver in this country they don't run the football. Which it bothers to be and it's why that they. They they do stub their toe. A couple of times first season and become too one dimensional. But you combine. All the firepower a little bit as we get the fact it'll be warmer there are two Super Bowl. It's been Oxford and Alabama has ever. Been this inexperienced secondary. I think they BOR I get to slow at getting at first split up so. I I think that this could be a scary game Alabama go up against. This brand new freak of nature quarterbacking. Is seen as true or are. No word than a week from Saturday night to all who accidentally replaced. Well Mark Jackson there are up against Arkansas State who throws the ball like Corey he ain't a quarterback is on their forever. Hit an eight bit off Alabama's. Secondary is going to be tested. It and ran after rant though. They're Perino or not. Cut it because of an ability you don't feel like they come first couple week. Should Paterson get the job at Michigan what did you think of that and what you think of the early. Michigan Notre Dame matchup. I listen is. Well really good defensively. Top five in the country in defense Scott Brown with a good record or scrape out what they're coaching staff or this year got ample and injured back waned there were adequate. At wide receiver at running back offensive line better shape Paterson is better. The impact on the roster at quarterback I think your final at quarterback I don't think he's one of the best in the country plumber. Forecasting but which is athletic ability to extend place which he did not at all last year. It true and could be in the pick and need to wriggle room and that championship. If they had any other quarterback. And make a good decision last season that their seat would have looked significantly different Turkey it's so good. I think their mortality it that Notre Dame another big game is in south then but a ticklish. The top 25 AP top 25 came out yesterday Alabama Clemson Georgia Wisconsin Iowa State Washington Oklahoma Miami. Auburn Penn State was the top ten and but beyond that whether any. There are who you particularly thought should be ranked higher than that or you generally. Have. Think more of them there than the rest of the country does or any school. By contrast you think yeah. I don't see it with us and. He had a couple things got Michigan it is the team out by the cops learned that there are all as a real chance to eat in the top ten on either but he's in debt. If it Paterson stays healthy if you don't open or any debt last year it occurred picker there could be back in the same situation they were hit. But it if they do have helped with the quarterback spot I think there are there. What are we didn't call him and urging Epoch in the poll popping to me they. Law some great linebackers really volatile a significant last year and made it two players. That are no longer on the program and our secondary and they were their best to defense their best two players the second period also. On the other linebacker it's a mystery to go bury their decimated by. Great. Graduation sorry. But I beauty of which side. Virginia Tech got belongs in the in the top ones out of a surprise by that I don't think LSU's top or our team. Other schedule is the toughest and it keeps me. And on top of that on. They're not as good at the skill positions as they ordered and are eager you Parker got. I'm concerned about coach goes many others are. Especially your neck of the woods so being very permanent head coach of the power output all even I'm curious to see it. How did the relationship is going to war room port so LA and looking back I don't think all of in the top 25 in Michigan should be a bit higher. Talking to Taylor's eyes are on Twitter at Taylor's hazard and last question there's a lot of attention over the weekend to an anonymous poll about coaches that are overrated and underrated I will simply ask you this. What coaches do you think are underrated. First I would mention of the Kyle leading here's what you saw he is popping players into the NFL. He's the best special team get their specialty programs in the country their kicker Connor are always the best. I don't know how he does that. You talk and you'll you'll later on almost all almost. Oh what a wonderful thing going wanna make you want is they always wonderful thing. He has used just rock solid as a head coach is so great continuity on the staff. Are numbered years he has this pipeline built gory. Polynesian players that means. You talk could win the pac twelve south this year actor they are probably would pick them to do so. So an eager nobody talks about it in you know that's not always are talking about best coaches in the country you're. Great program we just sort of forget oh yeah that's right you talk they're usually pretty good there's nothing sexy I guess about the way he runs and struck out. But he does a great job but it's so easy really hit you first got it comes to mind it's crazy did you write on stuff that they cannot it's not what you just mentioned I don't. So I understand that. Tell you grade it way you do thank you very much just takes some time let's appreciate it. What it does Taylor's I was there from. ESPN. Year did you have any. Thoughts on his thoughts. Yeah I do agree with him on LSU I think LSU is kind of right now setting up like the perfect storm is if you look at liked our last six schemes that year. You can get really really ugly and when you're depended upon. A quarter edge or a grad transfer quarterback that's played I think like ten snaps. I just I just think they're in the same clothes are gonna have what asks what is interest they've got at least. They got a corner and they got a linebacker who are top ten top fifteen draft material of us who does like it's not like they don't have talent. A they don't have talent at some positions and they got a coach you people don't necessarily. Believe in a pretty Williams may be the best quarterback. Emily and and in a country is. Is that a quarterback is not a teammate chair who's gonna have an ugly season. In the and then in the essence. You are mistaken the last oh okay. I think he had ugly for Tennessee I think. I really think I'm not even trying to be like scorched earth I take just look at looks like bill she schedule. I mean your really ugly for them they start out with Miami games and believe in Dallas. Did it by game against southeast Louisiana. Yogurt to Auburn. They can easily be won in two to start being got Louisiana Tech at home it'll miss at home they go to Florida. They get Georgia home. Stayed at home. Banner at home. I think we'll take care of Arkansas. And they get you to a year or they get rice and then they got to get to an end at the end of the year but I think that could get on the candy. I just never thought Danny was that good I think Derrick Mason and and hats off to him I think he's a big key par laid. Wins against Ole miss other free falling in the last year freeze and then. Butch Jones tonight. Sorry Arkansas. I just I think I just think it's going to be ugly just because they're gonna be under their adjusting their exact everything. It's going to be our habits okay for them to be exact not okay for Dallas you to be ugly exactly. Tom weirdly enough it's less okay for Tennessee to be going. I think sold it to me. Where I think way what's interesting for Tennessee to me is I could care less about what happens in the field this year I care more about an exact. There is I think Jerry for us to prove that he can be. That he can be a player on the out on her critics I really think about it that's amounts of Scottish and any team and a tennis. Do your small business Internet provider and promised a lot let's hear you really deliver. Comcast business gives you gigs even more clear. Other providers don't we offer more complete reliability which of the six hours of four G wireless network. The others no way we let calls from any of your devices appear to. Then not so much from Comcast business Smart office lets you keep an eye and your business from anywhere others. 1805016000. To get 75 megabit Internet from Comcast business for. 4995. 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But 'cause of all fall and and you know whether it's bigamy field. Or whether it's Sam Donald or whether it's Josh Rosen or whether it's Josh Allen or whether it's why Jackson that there are all for different reasons fascinating. And the news though from yesterday. Surrounded to a Josh Allen and Lamar. Jackson now both of those guys came out of college with the same rap. Different versions of the hand wrapped. But the for the rap was cannot throw the football. To their ripped through their player. Yes an accurate or inaccurate court. And so I reevaluating Lamar Jackson. No he played last night did you watch and I did watch him last night noticed problem was a completing passes couldn't throw the ball to his receivers. And I. It's simple if it's just true. I mean that's not what he can do. And an its idols for the same reason why Josh Allen I eight was not a fan of the Josh Allen picked when the bills made it. But Josh Allen has to. Pre season outage tonight a look at this part of the factors is his pre season completion rate now is exactly the same as it would be his per is completion and college. And yet he has been he has been now some of that was. There's so few throws there's a spike in pressure if you think despite gathered immediately gets that you know like there's so. And then the other thing you've been the first game away the last who have been increasingly more I guess it. But what she's seeing is. I'd people are backpedaling off of their hot Josh talents. Josh on sex takes quite. Crazy people now this year but yes like they're going crazy that it aired fullback. All of an out when you see. Men Josh Al has been the best quarterback increases. All the best rookie quarterback increases. I will say. The question is am I reevaluated yes the answer is yes and real value MI persuaded. The answers no I'm not persuade. There's no question that I am encouraged. One of our go to college TJ I said congratulations you have a franchise quarterback the other day after on the browns. After the browns came after watching him step up in the pocket threw that touchdown against the browns. I'm not related goods and I am not willing to. And I declaring victory share. I have more hope that I did before. I think he has looked promising I think he has been in fact. If you look at according to pro football focus ball placement and Lucy. He ranks second among the rookie quarterbacks behind one baker makes him well. Yeah responded to that and how do you may feel. I'm in completion percentage he's behind Sam Donald's office and I was just thoroughly checked out two yards. But so like that's all that's all I can fly made it MI reevaluating yes I am re evaluating and I'm encouraged. Them by declaring victory absolutely not. And then with Lamar Jackson no I'm not not not really so far there's nothing I've seen that makes me reevaluate I. I'm a little. They're gonna start Josh Allen and we re. And I'm a little. I would rather him so the first org said that. Another m.s that the first four games and now if he does well in week three he'll probably start week one. And I don't you think the fact that he starting week three which is usually the last real best restaurants we'll get that means he'll probably start week one if you don't have a brother so we wanted to I don't want and so we want. At Baltimore. So. And an MR Jackson he's just a work in progress I hope he proves everybody wrong. It's like any time people get ripped as much as he gets ripped and as much as Josh I'll give trip to shallow Marcel. I'd like to see him prove them wrong but I. I did like don't seem to your country and your Borger said. Lamar Jackson of the is putting fractionally as large Jackson's a year away from being a year away. Period that's blown out of that kind of summed up pretty nicely the bond Jackson proves what people say and set about Josh alum which is. You can't improve accuracy that's what they tend to sat. And right now he is not improving accuracy Shalit is actually improving accuracy. And so he's heading up her at a significantly tougher loss the other news basically is the baker mayfield is being assured he is not going to start. Hand. Very different position because they just wanna win some games I'll be honest well from what I've seen. I don't even other Tyrod better off in game one having a winning games more likely to have a win games as. IE. And finality of it matters of people as game for game five and six that's fine because fine it'll MLB go to like the way he moves in the pocket what he sees. He is going to be guard Tom. But isn't it interesting that they basically said yeah I'd now. I found it fascinating that when you know you have a franchise quarterback you took him number one. I found it very peculiar that they announced he will be taking boring injury Tyrod Taylor no first team reps. Effects my guide the future and I'm. I for instance I just paid a boatload of money to get Jarvis Lander as it boat you know they clearly they clearly are very invested in Josh Gordon. I would like my franchise guy gets wrapped. That's burst. In terms of quarterbacks who were drafted first round quarterbacks. In the last two years orca. I think I have a mall here last year it was too big ski yet but homes yet Shawn Watson can't menace and anyone. I think that's that okay this year it's Alan mayfield Arnold and rose K okay right now. Read draft. We take a one. Taken baker one. Shocker shot and then you'd really key is though it. Having said seen in everything I love Bob Baker as the dog ticket shuttle wants and one like he's proven he's got an awesome as is he's actually done it. I'm still look I'm still. Skeptical too much I'm still and wait and see under Sean because they get to show on one baker to. Okay are you take it to Shawn to at least. I am taking a road isn't it. I love us now Josh has it taken Rosen to. Then I'm taking the shot. Aka. Then I'm taking it for this ski. Here liken this pre season for sure risking. I like camp object he was kept in check them last year alt all last year and this year I've watched him actually throw the ball more than ten yards in the air India it's been fascinating to watch okay venture risking. On the dolce got your misty out of the John Fox. Yet brain a fair case is still had my Holmes yeah Alan yep darn old yep. You've taken taken child wants right yeah that's that you've got those four and that I want my homes. That I want. Alan. They don't want captain checked down that would be Arnold. Arnold and don't want. Mark. It's wanting to be like a lot less I was terrified for a long time that Holmes was going to be awesome unless terrified yeah. I'm I'm. I was definitely suited him with the bills that unless terrified. Oh now on new homes and Alan if I didn't say you guys had to sit coms and Alan I think I would not think I think I would not take alum Holmes. I'm not I'm not even sure that I wouldn't take Allen of a Rosen a 'cause I still love Rosen. But the injury stuff share and the attitude stuff now that I know I'm seeing signs for Alan. I might take Alan I would take a behind the shy and I take him behind mayfield. After that may be. Okay. Your turn it is my turn oh here we go. Seeing what you've seen from Andrew Luck yup he is a captain fantasy quarterback believe it or not. I do not believe that it's not anything about Andrew Luck health it's not even to do it Andrew Luck psyche. I saw last night frank Wright I saw what that offense was going to be here though is that what it thought I was gonna because it came from Philadelphia. So. But what he's. So for instance before he was at Philadelphia he was with he was with sandy right when he was calling plays for reversed and he admitted one of the shortcomings he had as the coordinator there was he would give up on running the football team much and he learned he learned from. You learned last year from Doug Peterson. It's still starts with a run still starts at the Iran still starts with a run. Let's well you know what it does it end at Indianapolis. As of Iran exactly last night I've. Herb they're trying to run they're trying to essentially run the football with garbage backs no offense Jordan Wilkens bloody body. They're trying to run the ball with garbage bags and below average offensive line. On basically first and second down and perpetually injure look which is sitting there on third and hit. And it was just a disaster he can't throw one burns in whatever race pin their ears back it was just. I don't I don't that feels like a disaster waiting to happen that feels like the ultimate offense where. Just hope all guys start being football guys like we're gonna establish the run we're going to be physical and whatnot ends. OK I can understand if that's if that's the way to your teens don't we have if you're locked headed your breaking news information. I did. On Twitter. Breaking granite city media yes Memphis QB David Moore tells drag city media's Kevin Walker he's leading the Memphis football program. Moore was not a practice this morning. Oh wow well so that answer that quarterback question wow. You're one play away even if you don't win the job you're one play away what is the again this is just it John Martin. I Citi media. Has tweeted it out. Let's say if anyone else has tweeted it out. It it feels a little odd to me because. Yes you're one play away and what. Do you gain. What do you gain from leaving right now. What do you how how what what are the mechanics of that what do you gain from leader right now. I don't think you gain any thinkpad classes started I. I don't think you gain anything is B transfer now you're still. Haven't started. Thinks so I know illness started yesterday that's going thing I'd do you know as I know that her where I noticed yet they started. Faced is they got to start yesterday. Does he go back to your last game completed so maybe if you transferred now you're eligible the start of next season. Interest. On. That just feels almost like an emotional decision doesn't. Well let's be clear. Well I. I'm not all of you should stick you with a team I just think it'd. Unless you. Unless you know if you transfer you can play next year you're one wealthier districts if you're transferring to him at CS students took it took it may make two point future. David Moore has been a classy guy hopeless totally classy and had. Pat Brady wife recruited him over him. And ray Wright had a long time relationship. Where if might not or Val yes and he had to think the thing was stacked from the beginning. He had nothing but good things to say about Mike ravel how he has been pushed etc. etc. etc. right yes. That's your second thing mixture. You only get this is not. This is not yet out in the secondary were you can be a nickel corner where you can rotated in and out this is not a lot and Betty is not a defensive line we you can be part of the defensive line rotation. You've got. Four years five years you've got one shot this is your career. I've got no problems zero problems with quarterbacks transferring once they realize they're not gonna apply. It's that there aren't billiard their coaches out there who will say whatever happened to commitment and whatever else the yes you've got one shot if you realize you don't lose you're not gonna get the job. I got no problems at all with you transferring. Out none of the what so. F. So to me and then thirdly this fits exactly look Ludwick who were saying yesterday yes which was. There were clues from that scrimmage Saturday and and we know the Brady is the one who played better Saturday. And we know that the pilot is gonna go to Brady and so it became very clear obviously David gore that he was I get it. Yes and so it decides transfer answer without. Point the only. That question is this an I don't know the answer this I'm gonna have to look it up. What is to be gained by staying verses and by losing if you are. If you can preserve another year. By leaving right now. It makes sense to do it if not then it makes sense is to stay because the Brady could get hurt or Brady could. Be ineffective. Or any number of things could happen. But it is an eight at that point it is simply from his perspective hey. An A what is that it should be should be added or my son anyway I'd says that they what is what is. In your best interest at this moment that should be the discussion. And pilot counts. Bree. He has decided David Moore has decided to transfer according to drive we do know multiple people have reported that he is not. Practiced and where they haven't received begin uncover more on this we'll be back in a monster truck Germany unanimous vote. Don't miss strategies to. Unscented life without. Friday night September 20 at 6 PM. On ESPN. 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To do any number of things with sounds good and I don't want your back on nine wanna hear that down and check out this. Kind of a no brainer program honestly I except that yes. Oh it's those closing argument deaths appears this. David more chances transferring end. I'd other some people like right now undergo a message board and that's what a cowardly you'd be moved right what a key move what. Now it's trying to message boards like I think got a message boards it's really not like he's not gonna win the job. Right. And if she now leaves right now. According to the rules. Tough to sit out a year before playing less he jumps out right sources sit out a year before applying. This can be the year that he sits out correct if he goes to a place where he can. Basically pull on a full put it a full academic year correct dissatisfied academic year in residence you must be enrolled. You lesbian rolled in and successfully complete a full time program of studies for two also masters. Or three full quarters summer school terms and part time enrollment do not count toward fulfilling an academic and as a right now and he can play next here. If he goes ahead and as the back up this year the hopes that he gets the job. Then guess what happens. But he's got to sit out and a year yeah illicit Jeff's status. Less afraid Davis so. It actually makes all the sense in the world for him to do what he's doing as I said I. These kids get one shot ladies zoned out of college career. And I don't think they owe it to anyone's. There are McBride added there are some of them looked athlete decent camp there's two other good backup options. I thought all along I told you the very beginning Brady why I was gonna win this job. Brady wide has won his job. David Moore stuck it out there's no reason. For him to stick it out. Any longer he was a class act and I wish him nothing but. The fast plus that here's what's coming up next is good excellent Jason judge tells Sally shoulder. 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