Hour 2 with guest Sean Salisbury

Jason & John
Friday, January 12th

Segment 1 -- Jason Smith and John Martin start the second hour of the program by discussing the biggest stories in sports during "The Rundown"

Segment 2 -- Jason and John welcome former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury to the program to discuss the NFL playoffs, the quarterbacks in this year's draft class, and more.


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There you have it in case you ever listen to Jesus is waiting. And felt like he needed to get one then it is against the law. The phils eight Alpine always feels like the I got thing haggard Jason what about their data but it does feel like the Chris Tucker rush hour when you kind of do that to look ahead the sense that they had a that a little lower. Love is about like when you try to be soulful. I am looks funny what you named try to be. Broke when you're someone thinks you can dad go agreement chosen lack of sole. Domain. Are they showing like fried chicken John. And judging by the smile on face he does. Now on that and get in the chicken strips is is this gets itching its search for allergy like free things. Strips Alba and I some. I love. All chicken. Fried grilled baked. Any type of bread at any type of chicken okay yeah. I love now tell my good friend Billy Richmond Jason Smith Center. We edit the right now the rundown visited by Americans went nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million FM RE SP. First story. You are enjoy Austin Nichols wife and amid the socially uniform brother because that time is come into an and if he keeps playing the way he's playing OK over the last night. And admittedly. A hostile loss they had a lead with six minutes left in the fourth. Could zip into the don't play that onset. It's it's a revolving door what is our record. Can you give that to me they're not as bad as you make him out there like twelve and seven team there are likely to audio that we were gonna dominate the G leaguers are a lot of moving parts that man though you know you can you can go Gaza guys that I had like how you how it's supposed to be doesn't always gonna have to go to we think we've got Kobe go back now though because had he spent his 45 days or whatever it is we got and so that'll help you out helpless. Awful hard as a Harvard they'd they'd unfortunately did blow a oh lead in the in the fourth quarter. Yesterday sides you know also where you don't but he had a career high and often Nichols had a career high 23 points last night in the loss. Dominated really on both ends of the floor. He's blocking shots like he used to rolled out yet he's battled injury throughout the right so he's not his his his his playtime is playing time his is. His numbers have been a little bit up and down. But last night I think he had twenty points nine rebounds you know really do win I'll listen. As you know I you know. Me and I'll go back that we know well you all know but there are there were questions about how he would look. Having taken I mean really enjoyed to yours all yours of the sport you know because he transferred from a 2001 year. And in the next year. He got kicked off of of of the Virginia just a lot of errant RC's this so different about who years. Where you do not played organized basketball practice in whatever he had wanted to have motivated who have absolutely no plan and an. He's played awesome looks like. And I have to think that at some point soon. There's going to be a team in the NBA home. That is curious about them ten day contract I've already got some buses will what do you think I mean that's a little bit says this is where this is I mean he's he's skilled big man. Who in the league doesn't want that is above paying at all both hands timing and blocked shots apps let's OK and I thought here for days and I mean he was set records at the university of Salma all the way in great weak side bull doesn't want a guy like Austin Nichols in the league that's where the league's going to and you easing by the lately he's doing it. In in a variety he's doing from all three levels on the floor he's dunking it. He sued for mid range he's expanded his game out of three point oh. Like an antibody get a shot we always knew it was just about whether or not it was motivated weather was about him anymore whether he wanted to do it dad was and everybody else telling you this is what you should be doing right it feels like he's enjoying it he's loving it he's found love again. And that looks like he's conducted dominating and I'm happy for all the notice it right here Matt. There's nothing but the best in the world for that can now be found the love we found a love. Looks like yeah why you know you know what's that believed him from the beginning served set as much you know I mean he's the one I mean you were facing AFC stayed on Austin I mean. Throughout Cusick is if you remember there was a two month period where it was sort of and I was asked. That are memorabilia and build injury and thousands Gaza but I mean like they were committed us for the you know they were committed Austin and I had a career high 33 points last night so I really truly do believe it's a matter of time before some NBA team I don't know who it's going to be. But some NBA team that's gonna give him a chance and he's just too skilled. An eight and and if you're a top twenty kid. Come at a high school. Most of those guys. At some point another gear NBA champs right into it is it. Especially when your put up numbers like ours is doing an interview have you talked to him lately you have an iota. And I got I haven't talked them you know a leg let you know is doing staying but yeah I mean I can't imagine he's on anything other then good. Then two years off from the sport that. You wonder sort of if he would be able to keep up with the speed I wondered too if he wondered why do I still have it yeah everything. But it the elicits a matter of time he's he's gone out right now from Memphis also they're not winning. To your liking. I'm you know that's what the seventeenth not that bad I mean it's just me says it's just that one up Evers season tickets to Purdue. That's the best villains in the city for so. That. And you can either go back out there and pay pay homage to the style that is Austin Nichols because he's too and as they need to represent his sixty dollars while bought the tickets. Yeah and he's living up to everything you wanted to. So that is round of career high 23 I'm last night image the league showcase next Hillary. Where to begin in London John Cook that good news stuff. Here's more what could be good news I guess or bad news or you look at the screws back in action tonight John they're thirteen point seven. And on the road at Denver a devoted a struggle a bit between one and warning of fortune and five at home yet but they've lost three in a row. And five of the last seven and that includes a pretty head scratching 11097. Home loss to Atlanta the other night live is on Wednesday night. Thomas that led team that's the worst in the league it scares me because it makes me feel like the resume got a chance not a Denver though is a seven map point. Home favorite yeah. And we like to secular army air will Barton from time to time and added that we talked to Brian win horse about will bar to believe those last week when the generals. Will obviously did not take a contract extension with Denver he's looking to get out on the open market in 2019 solves all. Excited Ed to ask Brian Nguyen forced. What kind of money is will Barton gonna command on the open market to figure this is the summer's gonna get paid brightened and Brian came back with what. What was frankly some pretty deflating news its like. Look the most money he could have made was getting that was going back to Denver that he doesn't ride it felt like. He felt like will Barton would be among a second or third tier of players to get paid this summer and might not command the type the type of money that you think you're right. Right now we're that you think he's worked. This season's every sports here that point still putting good work man four assists four point eight rebounds per game still one of the best deals in the NBA right now on this project result as Brian said though. That's been the problem I fired his previous agent. And he's got the new one now I don't know he's doing the right thing or not will know when we see what kind of contract offers come not take an extension from Denver what I noticed. Well Barnes and everything in the league that we thought he'd be a total awhile right at any figured he'd you know it could have been a first round draft pick told why that kind of stuck kind of fills the of people that that will Barton had around him you know people were were skeptical of that. He falls in cigarette he's done the hard way. But he has shown that he belongs again fortune now points per game forces predate. And I hope he gets paid to some I just don't think he's gonna get paid as much as though. As much as he deserves and certainly not as much as those players forget what two Summers ago when everybody got paid. But again grizzlies Denver tonight and then you've got animals talk about on Monday because will be huge are. The MLK celebration game on Monday about as excited about that or 38 mostly against the lakers will be nationally televised. They aren't Penny Hardaway sweetened cash wheels on that was James were these on that list are in Sam Perkins is on the list that'll be formed. All talk more about that on Monday but your lips grizzlies back and actually like they may be Denver. I know didn't know I may know not just oh you know an all star in a row five of the last seven doubt about it. I'm kidding because you just had a home loss to Atlanta you're not losing to the Memphis Grizzlies at home to art that we don't have Monday that. We don't we need that we needed her to come out motivated slugger said yeah we never got a Lil losses that I had been right where we need him John. You know the ringer which is won't know the bill latest ringer my draft. They came out two days ago. What did to me was grizzlies in this martyr to pitted third suspect as. It was ago until you know who they have vigorously taking a number three I would imagine they got O Lugar and Marvin Cohen some order 12 men who were going to Michael Porter. Even better group. Marvin badly false or the guys we often. It's possible we'll Gary went down through this parish went to the scenarios where this how Marvin Bagley could drop in one yet he's got an and one got the guy compact yet I think Luka will be no more. Lugo right and then if Trey young sort of continues his assent of up draft boards do you believe. It's very young. I'm skeptical the staffing right I'm skeptical remote staff was doing it Davidson we also blow adding on translate look at is you know at that I mean steps that's bigger and train young. And we were questioning his size and whether or translate and certainly not translate to the level in terms of score there wasn't David's that it was sort of that's all I'm asking if you pass it on straight young. Because you look at the size their own. Are you pass on prison staff Korea how often are undersized. Point guard's one done. Doesn't happen in out if digit does that happen. And so any it is in his rise has been so rapid. Priority came out of nowhere and then it was a five star guy the like. Nobody is very much very young committed a season and he ace he's bites super super well there's like forty something they don't always good and he's awesome. And you but number two overall that that's ha. I just a night out in front of Marvin bag and I'm already are strong and I hope it happens because that means that Marvin Hadley of all the fault of the grizzlies which would be. I mean that's the perfect pick on if if if that I got I'm cool with you with keeping mark and seeing what what happened I. Not united moving up to before mediator Janet Golden State are the battle of good to me. But you gotta you gotta interact with someone like Ed is out month that's it listen here's the best part martyr baton like you know about the size you know about the skill you know about the touch right and the motor. But he's also a key shooting 35% from very duties. He's a skilled and that will get better to what the tray young stuff Curry College cops. I'm sure they're similar are right so grand trays played limited games but in fifteen games trade is averaging 29 point two points. Ten point one assists three point eight rebounds. He's shooting 38 point 9% from 344 point 9% from the field. Is effective shooting the goal percentage is 55 point one. Step curry 25 points. Or re down so slightly more rebounds three point seven assists effective field goal shooting percentage 57 point eight. 46%. From the field 41%. From three so varied career started out about an inch. About according according to basketball reference yes very young as six to 180. And this losing column these are both in College Park and instead Currie was 63185. I I don't think it's a fool's errand to chase the next step. That's what I believe yeah. Why did you don't drip of Tony nod in tennis is that we got steam missing college bats and he's got he's going to get such a big time schedule we have never seen a player like staff. You've never seen a player like staff. And I think chasing. The next we have never seen a guy get Tony to assist in game either I mean listen I thank you I think trillion good very good player but I think chasing the next step Currie is going to get a general manager are many general managers fired it could but here's the thing is when you have a staff curry. You have other stuff Curry's come because they seized Jeff curry may pattern or games out of in this doing has told us that that's what he's done so what John John you had Michael Jordan they said it. Kobe Bryant tell me that his game was not Michael Doyle haven't in the how many how many Michael's whether what what I know I'm telling you bet. That I'm not so I know there was one might what I'm telling you is there are players that are recalled that look a lot likes to have courage they're going to be able look. I'm going to be able do some things leak they'll be some people in and this guy could be the case guard. Not I must say that's a great defender if I'm right in part be a better defender of the stuff at that right now because of war stuff was then yes that's not a great defender. But let there are other things are going to this as well. You know I think when when when kids watch the warriors play. You know they they did you see three pointers as he bombs. But two things they're they're big they move the ball better than anybody else may arguably the only guilty they don't have would have an argument is dispersed. And they played amazing defense as team defense right leg it's it's it's not just step but it. But there are other facets to be game that make the warriors and stuff courage great you don't you. On not take very secure about. There was defensive lob news. When some uncertainty or in Ireland and in columns like numbers we have seemed like we know we the country in scoring and assists. No one word on when an audience stay and follow somebody who you can figure that I want successfully. Umpire mark. Were around corners. I just cannot see myself. Not taking Bakley. To take trio that's large amounts to about a policy weaknesses with a mono he's got a and but you've got the size in terms of the grizzlies need slippers or bad we've kind of fits that let me or to present this to you that I noticed the last guy. Who scored 45 record they should know to insure and younger last time that. At Oklahoma player came out scored twice about what to everything's body heals. Who's coming into his or announce our second animal a lot and taken them awhile but he's not. The superstar. You get to superstar says the do's and end up being particularly right listen he's doing well it's it all looks good but he got killed you know. It's it's good they got to their attitudes and he's come into his own this year. Bad and I just you know I'm always like I've always sort skeptical about those type like just based on the numbers you know. I'm skeptical Gaza play pool on. Kinda. I know I have a obvious they're patting him. But I I like is my draft boys averaged twelve point four and three and a half rebounds per game this year as us that come into his own. But he'll also. The south is gonna win a championship very soon because they have the lakers picked. In this draft and they have the grizzlies picked August extract it say they have Debian and this my draft at the lakers that they got a ticket fourth. They get the artery from Arizona 71250. And embarrass who will replace. Or for. It's an embarrassment of Britain's it's unbelievable unbelievable edit it or championship is just just if you embrace that. Do the job the dating age in the that sounds about you compiling data does. Unbelievably yeah there's a latest this margin of as the grizzlies taking Mara back or if that happened. They're ready to lose games like this man patterns will be happy he was traded on over among men were mostly. Next story I wore while we're on the subject of the National Basketball Association the cavaliers. Got blown out again last night assault on a all of Ronald young and road. They get glad again last night this time it was at the hands of the rapidly at its zero interest in being in this game like. Score was 1303099. Road trip for Cleveland offensively. They just were absent. That's the best way I can kind of put it what's the best way to shoot to they were just totally asked when he didn't switch screens. All the of the rather than all of the space in the world and I dropped the whole untouched it was only the second time. She's in it and it was the first time in the bronze james' career. When his team trailed by twenty or more at halftime. So the first time in back to back games yes so the last game and then last night they vote today in though both those games which are about twenty more. At the half and then you saw. In in the course it has gained the bronze like lane and his teammate I didn't like you have to let you go on about one and they each got to get destroyed. Another way that Magellan back at him like he was crazy as them because you go back to LeBron Reggie going to be crazy right. Especially if your own eye in that order I think was the director of love. A player development. And so he's yelling back and LeBron almost like man Yi on these dudes a bronze you can read his lips he says I'm trying to do that they're trying to get some mortar round here. Did you see his hair after the game he looked like big earned from kingpin it's a minute LeBron has stressed right now. The hairs are literally fallen out about the game. Its and it is right I don't know what they expect from that man well it. Listen I can't Cody can't do it all done well after the game tie Lou. Oh yeah this problematic yet Tyler who is saying basically got a leg go large and guys have got agendas. And then you saw the media went to each star player and ask. Okay what silent talk about with agendas in each star player out in love LeBron they all answer I'll have an agenda. It's not about him of the Tom's blog as well Favre out. But that's that's where you start several hours in rock yeah I think that Tyler there has come into it and move in Cleveland I think businesses for the first sort of crack and it. I think the title there it is where was tied Lou when LeBron was I couldn't I think I hear you scream. I had I had and I see him at a Natalie over scores are able to let him go down right let LeBron know that yet you got you got to get it you know you already have. You let that happen if you're the coach in our you have a bronze what they need you for them. They're going to show values where you are right now Tyrone. Yeah but there you have of the cavaliers with it and I said this I said this before the season started. I have felt like this is the most ill equipped cavaliers team to compete with the warriors I don't know if it's a foregone conclusion that they win the east. I think I have less. Confidence in them winning the east that I ever have. I think we're not as good as with how good Boston is what what defense when I was not prepared when the carry trade went down this Pentagon's I think. We all said. Cleveland got the best end of the deal today but that is that is exactly what all of that it was raw and that for that for the long haul Boston's gonna be better off arms. Was it ends up it up. Boston's got all of a better today I had now borrowers better in the future. Brad Stevens I appreciate. But they're quite our problems continue to haunt them. I know LeBron plays everything I did and maybe he does everything but Isaiah ties to a good team last night. And I no carrier because that had not an all league defender and vote when you replaced Kyra read without Isaiah Thomas. This is what you get. You get this defensive effort Isiah Thomas is one of the worst in the league. I usually would not bet against LeBron in terms of what your question do they win the east once you get the playoffs I usually wouldn't members LeBlanc but it's it's it's how good Boston is playing defense with none of that none of us all that. You figured out they had lost their identity straighten Bradley trade Avery Bradley you know where was. BOJ Crowder got brought in on personal defense league guard couple positions. Bone and you figured they're gonna lose their defensive identity particularly when you bring an end. You know carrier were not known for his defense either. And they install its defense lead among the best teams in the league about the best and that you got to give all the credit the world Brad Stevens Gaza stunt. But it did Jalen brown is playing well Jason aliens play at a high level. They look ready to beads that they they look what I did when these two major. Its what third they've done defensively that makes me think I'm a little word medal alert about LeBron of those cats are we come back refocus on sounds very about. The NFL playoffs this week in always enjoy catching up Fasano join us. On the other side Jason's on the agenda and ESP. Running a small business can be demanding the more you grow the more you have to coordinate there's more inventory. More employees and more customers that's why small business owners who need more from the Internet service they geekspeak network from Comcast business it gives you more. With speeds up to twenty times faster than what most people have. 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Sean Salisbury is a former NFL quarterback told us of this on sounds very issue afternoons on SB nation radio he's one of our favorites. He joins us now Charlotte thought all man. On doing great are you guys today. Everything is good here may just join them so I'm a raider god and the raiders long top errors in my co host. Absolutely hates it when I asked our guest writer question so. We're gonna go ahead and get this out of the way now there will Jon Gruden be a successful coach in this league in 48 team. Up 48 team would got a quarterback if you get right to do it I wrote while all trucks is also log on mice. And best friend in the world with the former head coach inject a real and you are up the road coupled with the raiders handled him not I grew out I mean. I can remember exactly what I want and clinical airspace immaculate reception I I meant by hard to. Lifelong reader fans. But I also know that I've got loose credibility you don't criticize her compliment you're not sure the raiders it'll Jack build real world emotionally. Today penalty bush league with the way they can the Rooney rule and hire that guy before the other guys fired missiles early. And it allowed to get the start put the staff together bush league and let diehard raider fan I'm playing this okay so. I did that that that part off. John John I think I love you. Yeah it's as. And I ended the guy who I pray for the trapped me. The greater success you know what they are high time I'm tired of happily trapped in the find out on Twitter that they didn't collect yeah Arlen hype it was high time we find out. That is what a coach you're fired because of that the find out from beat writer and dividend kinda weak but it it has grown man. And I'll look at the Davis they laid their iconic and gout they've loosened. Now his son. If Joseph I can tell you this about Jack in chapel assembly liberators to go coach. The USC trojans you walk in the market to the office looked him square in the face shook his hand like a grown man. It says particularly thank you so much. What would you like if you would how would we how we liked about this so I appreciate your media on your computer code to coach Mike team. In Hayward what we thought we were on the high school that. And it and then fired up but you have to look at jackass to address the the media is so first it was an awful was fired. Well actually cult that he would sentenced tolerate a pair. We'll Jon Gruden be successful 2018. I hope so now it became didn't packer parties close to the game when nobody is energy all that stuff just a great help promote her great feel you know that remote. A lot of it is will this staff. Great role then and dumped her in the group they have to come together and they're good fast track. And John got to make some adjustments from my musical thing about this collective bargaining agreements change since John coach. I mean pick what happened the last time John coached some of these players for the trip occurred. Sic great so he's gonna have to make some adjustment but I think football still out of your blog believe so yeah I think jar could have access. He's the cover cut bear we'll Macs pretty good. There car Mark Cooper pretty good players so you don't exactly political legal grounds of one of 34 infantry they had no he is a pretty good kicker John. Olympic a hundred million dollars in global war effort you know what you were which you can negotiate so all bullet for John Roma fan. But it could be it a little more difficult got to be lucky got to be healthy I hope they make the playoffs. I can tell you this though I don't believe right now. Data usage charms like your money one way or the other would resolve five dollar got a junker and begin watching the division next here or not making the playoffs. I would say not making the playoffs flight since winning the division next here. Yeah you're right he's got a quarterback let's stick with the quarterbacks alternate shot is is is Carson was the MVP and I wonder if if the way they've played senses. Is is further evidence of that of how well it is now they've been down with polls and what look we all will love nick foals are still not what they were. Not what they are win wins is underneath would you go with Quincy role with with Brady or someone else. I think they're good they're like every new Brady's fortieth and market look at his numbers and others go off last week. So that a stills and even if he's probably gonna wait girl he's probably gonna finish second but. I'm with you. There's much I love gradient picky by four I mean I don't ball hard. They're not only and I and I believe there is that when a guy miss a neighbor to be even more value went. What 33 putt that left and senators such equality Lleyton that different than that he makes with his feet and what yeah. Because the one feet. If we re seeing people in the playoffs article about art we're basically in the pick it up. The whole they're they're all thought we kept if he did. If he went through those type of player Warrick lowered discreet in Atlanta fuel problem with it because with Egypt goes into winning. We saw O'Grady was any looting and him being out yeah we lady even recognize his value. Or are somewhere but it doesn't finish first and ensure a sell should finish out the top three or four. It kind of reminds me Shaun of the raiders last year right when their car they were there they were picked the right time their car breaks is is ankle. And then it's like if you just get the wind completely suck that you could you're going to the playoffs with memo warning Connor cocaine and for the Eagles they've had at least three weeks with. With nick foals and a key is who we thought he was an and then that's not good enough. Now that your your record risk and we saw that article was in the game last year against the Texans and that it is not a good quarterback he's wasn't ready for now. Nicole is a little more experiences that a starter Burke a full season than it had his ups and downs. You know they all will play like it against the giants where it protects the boycott of the pathetic old or touchdown passes in the falcons to their kids went really well. This whole thing is he's got to play slower he can't play scared and so I take some shots when they're there. But if you think you're glad you're saying people your that would be this or cut or just on the edge. Incitement pass rush inside it looked as if comfort level was standing in the pocket. If you break out try to recover localism all the mood so I TJ I pressure that they can feature now he protects the ball. And Atlanta about real good the wreck momentum like 43 reported also important to kick field goals and feel a touch better to Brady did it decrypt that put the steel. I could turn over a short field I think that'll help so yeah there to disadvantage Matt Ryan played pretty well but. It falls and nitpick about the guys all the backups and a leak. Wouldn't it falls is probably one of the five or six that on the battle to tell you that ought to pay the indictment period on. The death of quarterback it back up its and it got going and when it three or four games when your starter gets hurt. Have folded up against the but yet a great chance to actually be a hero because nobody. Outside of Philadelphia right now is Dick all my heart champs. But he's a veteran did you couldn't be particularly important if he can perform and make some broker you have to pay the last two week. Here's show what you thought about this this rift this big rift story in New England my gut tells me they'll come out super galvanized this week is that's what they do right to throw some adversity of them. They're able pulled together Belichick Brady like no one else but but I wonder. Get a guy that's been in those locker rooms that that knows that they can tell us below those of us outsiders look at it when you've got a situation like they do in Tom. Having as much power he does and and that the power to have announced Guerrero inside. And when you know team doctors Sunday one day maybe Alice Ferreira was telling us some of those other players not to. That would usually ripped everything apart right right Sean yeah I mean in a locker room that incredibly divisive right. Yet all no question on an average team look bad leadership on the but it is back it destroyed it seemed there's no doubt now. Here's what we know mister Kraft as well Brady and Belichick and Tom about going to work since Jimmy corrupt lows in the southern belt. Secondly. Is it likely there's like certain to the store yet there are likely all spread it upstairs to treat Jimmy or else no good but why believe com. Was bombed the chief of San Francisco that's the nature good gracious that's what makes great players great. That the book Montana's the bradys the Jordan. LeBron James Bain they'd be awesome but deep down what places we don't get their feet. They're good insecurity there insecurity about what the 98% of the greatest athlete that ever played she make whatever that are kind of Portugal put our thought it was. The fear of failure and insecurity drive them so if I do you think it like we treat Manning was split aside from the fact that he's great. You don't let a back up pick the eagle barrel at the end of the game they wanted to let you don't have the leaders spoke a little bit that cop got power to. Quite frankly aren't there yet after it got sick about this if you're Larry Dierker utter any business what you've been together this law. There could be disagreements and our lives in power struggle but nobody in the history of this scheme also charts fueled with those better. You don't get do people really think it's the first time the build interest to Guerrero border guerrilla tactics or tactical here of course an accurate I don't fit the bill. But you know what. There's a respect back to benefit okay I don't polite enough yeah I talk at all Brady senior debt this year item on on myself. And you realize that he had no kind of near eighteen years together at common Bill Belichick ever had a meal together. Well a social ever. I think my god I I'm actually here you're kidding right if I got a good team meals wherever they're gone training table. But what they've gone out critical have a beer talking at the at stake now per hour. So and that the brilliant thought Bill Belichick each exit at this so this problem. Because when he got to cut somebody could be a motion picture though there aren't overrated as a candidate appears together but at pepper in the high they've been there. According America ever had a meal together. A social meal together ever. So I found that interesting and NN medical students together but this is why they're great because you need you can get it back your original point about you know this game. Then this will make this team the last thing the other eleven teams of between us or help the system all that every time your quick. Well remember what they called Brady's done yeah the Super Bowl. Also black gate open lake gate oh and every kind you start to question them. They have a way of saying okay. We will go rally around this remarkable because often the Aussie open notebook inside that we treated Jimmy and we regret at all that though the Guerrero. In about in February 15 put for now. That mistake by the recipe because they won't be focused if they lose it will be because Tennessee or somebody else Pittsburgh next week. Play the game they're the plate great they're not gonna lose because of Guerrero or Jimmy go up a lower bill or from a fiscal quite frankly. Build cut calm hangs around. But Daniel on the very good bet that has got you know let it be important as fifteen out of speak with Brady in the quarterback room pick. Bill that did you run an old football team go you don't ever have a lot alike we got and I'm sure there's great actually like each other Islip. It's more about respect finding a coach that everybody loved. And I'll show you the team that loses quite often. Yes that show you mentioned it there is a playoff game in Foxboro against are. Tennessee Titans yeah and what percentage chance do the titans have this weekend against the pats. If you tell me the second half game against Kansas City titans are shown up and they can get after Thomas put money at the problems securities clean. Visit as it anatomy you know how I look a look like denying that I couldn't marry older and the way they played last week. Well look you guys come. Great eastern peace clean their heart but I say the exact elected without that the that the US army and execute Jersey's clean break economic growth but. Well if they give me that second half four. Where he'll look you in the corner on the pocket all the outstanding. They were that they found an identity last week I couldn't wait for this foreign country pretty good kicker kicked out of all out of touch with 25 to thirty are this week. I'm my children like TV screens big and built could go crazy. Volatility type side like you got to shorten the game. You've got to play flawless. If you turn it over to kind of urine and they're gonna kill it wouldn't make you pray that no one of those you can never typical they're clear your throat where there. Well as pro football 53 do's girl didn't pay. The difference between the first team in the 32 team a really good about is a quarterback. About 45 players about eight or ten plays the game you have in mind that the particular secret good. So the faith prevent his book ever have to play their best game of the year but Kansas City trying to. Second half. And for four quarters and you guys know I think it appeared the then we'll get there yeah or thought into into this stuff but. Anybody who thinks groaned and don't have pride and that they know everybody in the world they could. All previous became too in new England and it's gonna have to be one of those where they're gonna have to play it out a clean game on offenses they wait. There can be gonna happen to Wear him out go Alabama autumn of thirty series and there's like he did lapses in Kansas City. And so they'll special event that happened made you pick on Paul media blocked parts. Maybe flip the field on an eight yard return one of those things but yet if McCain if they're grown men and they're in the playoffs you can but there is no way limited I'm like oh my -- exactly yeah we quicker isn't the kind of whatever when their so. You're gonna have to play great in the wind you know what Coppola also. I I actually electing these movies before I took it. These movies don't happen very opposite in New England it's usually the same movies like fast and the furious are well. Well that you can beat you couple hope that the that's gonna happen like that flip flawless game but it can't happen. They could play in about turn over they're gonna have to play yes Smart. And now with a little extra edge aspect it dwindles. So on the road may be no better Amanda asked this question to them then yourself but being a formal or NFL quarterback of being a USC man got. Ask you to put your put your loyalties for decide to save if you had the number one pick. Are you taken sand are or you're taken Josh Rosen. What about your industry that I've been as critical people who do have other USC quarterback. I would. Compliment or criticize when necessary this has nothing to do with prestige auto sleet and light the fact of the trojans sure I get back I I have seen all the gold back every April lately the last two years old frozen and Arnold. Here's the difference I. Sam Arnold as the guy. They can go nine out of 45. And beat cubic didn't have a bad game late but they use it is he kind of like rocker's. I think it throws you skate good lord. Rosen probably more pure passer ready now but. I think what you're gonna see. And I don't either Marty Booker but like Cutler I I think you can keep their enormous talent and should be trapped but I had like the back. But what you're talking about one little bit more. And your better chance to win over the long over the long haul if you take normal person. You find a way to get sick or Barkley or picture and yeah it is possible ally would be Michael credit for the democratic ballots that. We'll try to get him let him bridge the gap if you don't think road already acted as stated in my opinion at all around. One better football player in Tampa Arnold all around the fire OK but yeah this one is rose a better at the Arnold. But I have. Decision making is battling not much of this. I have I have a problem with quarterback who don't live in college yeah the shot back or did when he was ornate now what Spain is it all the quarterback the ordinary and makes everybody else right or eight. They do so and big decision making but it currents go back into every likened in the epic game welcomed ultra flex forced entry. And that goes a popular pick it Ian Duncan yeah. This year I would agree AM. I think that all of you to keep too many times and I'm not making excuses or black. Let it continue to develop it even better feet. And if this is going better on the run. Maybe not as outwardly confident that wrote it but there's an impact. He overcomes that plays better it but he exceeded our school and argue that oh I love them all. What I mean I think in the long run we're gonna see there's one obvious that machine you can even more mobile Wear and wanna win you more game that I think a fourteen and in that I US b.s W more games in the long run. We are column which we are not a shot Salzburg you can listen to him. On the SB nation radio afternoons this on Salisbury show. So why is it so hard to evaluate quarterbacks because. A guy like excellence at Memphis for example they win three games his first here's a starter gives them the ten game to a tin win the next year kills Ole miss. It it and and now you look up its second year in the league may be on his way out of it and why is it's so hard to evaluate quarterbacks is is it because there's so much more that goes into it. The just pure talent. Yeah you give me a six you can hit seven pass our talent. But IE nine decision maker Guidant mentally emotionally so there's. Can overcome that plays a plays well under direct here here's what I want my quirky play well. When the ball ought to appear in your electric unit started looking at you both prescription they'll find a way to win a game. I don't like front running quarterback only play well when their when the limit when everything's going great and it's a hard position to judge could at this level guys. Yeah people they can all throw it. Why don't look a little stronger arm but I he yeah any mental and emotional consequence I need accuracy and the one thing a wife or the church. College high school to college because they're so we're different games in different system that we we know all that but I think it's equal to that I think it ultimately comes down you know. He's got a whole of course all horror cook very play and I have dropped if you watched it play out if they are part of what I need more artists are struggling but it yet. We can we don't know we don't have the measuring stick it says. Well Brady share kinda truth and political or made him great we don't know that competitive there's something. And we call it hip factor I whatever you wanna call it. There's something inside a guy that we we want to have that. And you know you gotta have some physical skills except he can't be physically limited but because some guy just can't make sort of broke all of them could throw it. Did that come out great decisions and accuracy. And they have the ability to raise. Your guys around your game. This you got you got a guy who may get side and he plays like a certain real. He did they do just fine and I like iPad and I train them all over the country high school guys that there's certain guys that are physically better. And you want to play on Friday night and he just. Make all the decisions studies more go to private in my double what they promise you look at. What are you willing to sacrifice to be great. All the great about that Iran willing to sacrifice other than their family and I kinda like Tiger Woods. You're you're you're you're on the golf course what are today that at become you become single minded great -- McGrady and stick Peyton Manning and they are they think he's gonna football. I didn't know what it and the rest of the so I think Geithner will you do when they get to a certain point. Are still willing to go and experience you'll learn what your thirty can still learn when you're 35. Excellent career as an Olympic bid you'll root in Denver in May be pretty pretty good you've been banged up and handle the cup could yet. You soul part because the creation in speed and players around you all those things. Apparent that one factor that just. I do like make the guys around me better do I make great decisions under guerrilla outlook play on third down and out like click pressure. In your mortal choke on their own script the great ones when the temperature of the games go through the roof and everybody's choke him. Their blood pressure goes down bird Jordan Montana. Chains. Brady the great and have a Mike Trout you know you're in the pitcher in Verlander in the play up there the difference they know how to handle look the most of the normal guy just. The click while you've been the bigger the moment they're not affect the moment shrink as opposed to just two bit. Great players and if you during an event from a pursuit and the DNA that's some of the just and they're damn DNA and we can't go to Egypt. He got a hole that you get lucky enough to find a. And then finally shined you tweet about this earlier this week went obviously nick had made a decision to love pulled Jalen hurt at the half. For two. Just the way that it Jalen handled that situation. What what did you make of it I mean that guy guys when SEC player of the year. Put up incredible numbers over the course two years that obviously gets yanked him. You know the biggest moment of his life and and handled the waited what what did you make of of that whole situation. Also Republicans pick balls to make that decision to ask you gotta 125 wins purely down thirteen and perk. Alabama that the touchdown won't block it from there back in it right yeah that the productive got a lot if you. No most coaches would get out their normal game class act but I think what makes this statement fixated like we talk about what makes a quarterback different Belichick's Satan. Urban Meyer's guys like that is you don't need another player's and they're all different. It and know what you're seeing and I love the fact that they just can't say listen man you just throw it too was better. I think around the bush general hurts those who have that are out to the better passer tailored to the point these young man. To go there to have her look at what I think we need to Sporkin I think you competitive field. That's another thing knowing your personnel any do whatever was going on you can see he kind in the first it's. We can come out of the that you did not want you got what he did not to let it out and so what we do. Make the switch. And to a combatant doesn't end in unbelievable fashion they're respectful to be daddy's truck treaty if I got the credit you're you're but you're going. Covenant from Hawaii and enrolled in order book for me I don't know many guys I don't know why couldn't I try to be a great teammate. He can you know the competitors Galen hurt and he helped give him this spring need to circle where this is allowed in there is anybody else on Alabama the guys that anomaly young man but. Who was a better effort at that circumstance they needed spark. And he saw the energy in the building change but yeah hurt. I don't know many athletes. Out of outdoor leadership school system there and go walk around and that I thoughtful people criticize the first marlin during a game. Some experts felt that I didn't hear but it viewers how everybody be written into the sack U yeah exactly would it true teammate a class young man and a winner does. It was thrown around the other guy you go win you got a big hand it yet either collapsed or urged all the way to bring. And you do that and yet he says I just pull them at all. You've gotten this big important baking. Further this is what hurts old to a young staff that what back whatsoever help is back at gourmet cook it the guys replacement not a in this band where it could. Congratulate him I don't think I could've done a oh wait he did it I know greats and that's why I don't care he's a football player I don't care what he got guys like that. Hiram because that the guys who want to another salesperson. To help just as much as he does the winner Taylor hurt. I looked at golden millions critical automotive even more coming out of this thing immediately go to Olympic game and more I went back that I would have made it difficult for 300 yards. And have been like we all should the yet you'll probably could have. It was big time shows us and wrote quote if you were him because everybody's talking about it would you would you would you transfer out to go be a quarterback somewhere else would you stay somewhere. You know you're valued maybe it is a position change maybe it's you know go on of you know 12 with two inexorable what would you do if you're JO RG staying in London. I think they're like I would expect to sit down with mixed invited eight Olympic. The chances we'll be warmly about their security wanted to compete. I I look like that nick would be here together to get the best every year they get another godsend and if it could keep certain political practice or how to move positions and it could not such a good runner on the yet they stroll. The minute you got it back that they keep it out of and they have so that would make you decide they haven't done that quarterback may be the Sunday. Player somewhere else I think it's but if he loves to play quarterback. You've got less support him and I don't consider our guys to decide to trick searchers beat out or or loses the job. At the tip of the got a tranche is the guys that wanna compete for one kind of leaves because he looks could be off the war you bet that that got hurt bid for the guys competed but it is but. Dvds these BP include you know as well maybe at quarterback but it or if you want to play quarterback I have no Republican look at Dixon and I look at your. But I do wanna play quarterback I wanna go to tease you heard are you I wouldn't blame you one bit but. He bought the same repeat what happened with hello Reynolds is on her political there was little upper back police haven't yet so. You know what he's got that position on the but I can say they're. I'll support him in any decision because of the way he handled this happened. Somebody look at a winner if he stays there he goes but he read a great young man and I'm sure him in the heat if they haven't had the conversation that I have also. Shy man appreciate the guys every time thank you. You all party dep on your daytime TV in the playoffs whatever it doesn't matter we tell our. Except the Google so I appreciated your brakes standard methods and good luck those this weekend and hello daughter beyond the few guys. Presented on I don't make is. As very almost what do you call John on the field that I will come back. And just a minute Jason's gonna Jennifer and ESPN. It was a sports station 99 FF ESPN he's never seen so much. Tiger's doing the cardinals have all the SEC in the NBA Mike Graham that's the sport statement. It's you know Jason and Jon good days Sierra canceled tonight show. I'm very show. This cup is a sports station pentagon. Just yet that's what can be unpredictable from extreme cold severe storms to tornado winds of perhaps it's time to go ahead. And put David Morse roofing in your phone money Jerry parish I'm here reminded that there will suffer some damage due to unpredictable weather. 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