Hour 2 with guest Mark Gianotto

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, March 13th

(7:03--32:09) Geoff Calkins opens the second hour of the program by welcoming Mark Gianotto of The Commercial Appeal to discuss the latest on Tubby Smith's job status and more about Tiger basketball.

(37:09--51:04) Geoff fires up a round of "Believe It or Not" with Jeffrey Wright to discuss the Grizzlies' losing streak, NFL Free Agency, and Tiger Woods.

(56:35--57:32) Geoff closes the show discussing the latest on NFL Free Agency and the Tigers.


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Right now I'm mark GM I don't know that Marshall Field who has them all of this story Paula Tibet and you know how to read his stuff or commercial appeal. That count every single day mark of the person who. Brought you the news about the Memphis Tigers attendance being up to 48 year low mark is the person. Who brought you the news about contributions being down one point one million dollars a year. But it's the person who. Brought you the interview with. The attorney tubby Smith's attorney. Over the weekend mark is the person who told you. That there would be I told you yesterday the decision would not be made yesterday and told you that there was a meeting. To debt so if you're not follow market making a serious mistake lawyer mark you hold it up OK they're all those. Am doing all right now if there's no offseason for Memphis basketball legend Tug and sent him. It is your understanding just to re emphasize this I know you're when you're not the prediction business. Or from everyone you talk to this is a fait accompli today. Have a way have been frightening is that you know I've talked a couple staff members and they are men that well there members. They are preparing as if this meeting today he result in copy may have fired. You know obviously nothing as certain stone haven't been told anything definitive. Like they are under they are working under the assumption that this meeting will result in his termination of the speech. If it does do you think we'll hear from tubby. I don't know it'll be interesting. Whether he wants to talk. Maybe get excited and delta air maybe you may you know may it be going for another job which I think he would. You know maybe it in his best interest to keep quiet until we get that new job. And then you know he can take something about it after that. Or you know you could argue that to get it died out might help them get another job. So I'm not sure to be honest. Usually I mean if you if you run into him he usually a pretty talkative guy. So I'm hopeful you know maybe today after the meeting will be able to. Get some more data from the wolf they are not innocent obviously. This is not something a few weeks ago he had comedian and a week ago he expected. On and so. He might still be dealing with the just liked coming to terms with how this tall kinda. Spiraled for him. And the fact of the matter if you look at any problem this is probably better. I mean I don't approach work to do it now probably the biggest mistake of his career was leaving Texas Tech in coming your ignorant stupid and are you. Mum. Yeah I am I I don't dispute that you match and he's going to be trying to get another job obviously going to be trying to get another job do you have a sense he will be affect the bay and I'm. Will be able to get another job and are comparable club or or what the government. I think it depends what type of job he wore on. You know like I know he interest in the Georgia job by. It looks like they've offered it to fat moderates the import daily day and I didn't really think he'd be serious candidate for that type of job. Anyway is could even though I think he'll come out looking better from all that. Nationally than he does here locally. In I think a lot of people soured on him here at the coach. Here in the Memphis market I think nationally. You know you he'll be able to come and some people say you know I would only there two years and the 121 games were second here. And I still has. Never not take an eighteen to the NCA permit my third year on the unique in the dating you need change like that that that will be his pitch. Why did say like a high majors and Ireland may be because of what's going on in college basketball we know Tubby Smith McQueen coat total geek. In May be one of these schools. End up having to fire their coach the cut of the fallout from all that. Maybe they wanna go in the direction with a coach they know they won't get them into trouble in that were Tubby Smith. Kind of fit the bill but to me it he it would seem to me is back back to get back in the coaching immediately would be go to. The mid major wreck ranks and I know a lot of people have pointed to your high point which is open good jobs open there and that Obama mater. And they're opening up a new meaning in a couple years in the court is gonna be named after him and his wife down on luck. I've actually heard from someone close it can't be that I don't know he necessarily want that job. I'm I can get the air force him if you want to but I don't know at this point. I think he's more focused on May be trying to you know see what else opened up either during the coaching career herself. Do you think the University of Memphis will. Am once they've once day let him go. We'll have a press conference or simply a press release. A good question aren't talking to someone in the athletic department earlier today. I don't think any you know one because this is being. Sort of driven by David and then some of the current level boosters and the board of trust these. You know I don't think anything you know. And I don't know the athletic department really knows what a planet yet in terms of how they're gonna proceed. A person I spoke to is. Or her back guests widespread. There'd just be a press release by it will be I mean I would think at some point. Even ride in and they're the people who made that decision would need to you know bring them take the practice explain. You know explain just why they decided to do this after two years connecting it important to emphasize. You know I've been gone through I don't have an exact number but it she is really where. For a coach to lose his job after two years when it's not anti elitist. Anti violation related like because I hope people realize that this ultimately what we're probably going to see this afternoon. If something that's very rare that I mean you're ranked usually coaches get at least good leaders. Yeah I don't think there's any chance that quote unquote the boosters or whatever are gonna sit for a press conference whether or not. But Peter Rodriguez and he did rather than it you know borrowers who need red and on and I understand my guess is is that Bowen is not down with this is is this is not the course. That he would make a who knows he made in the person who's sincere who selected tubby can help answer that question and obviously when you're part of the department you know sent a hey this idea like he can that's not out down. You need them both to be there and or whatever certainly tumble on will be there and I imagine David drug would be there too if this even thing even happens. There another question isn't it could become update these questions eventually certain I don't know yet certainly from many. When by the next time I'm allowed to speak with them you know on the record in a press conference Saturday. I get the question being do you want that to be part of your announcement of a new coach or do you want do it. Right now when you when you want you get revealed coach if that indeed hack. I guess that would be the question that they wanted. And maybe you know maybe that's the strategy would be you know he'd do it when if you take someone. The new coach. Come Danny probably get overshadowed with the excitement of a new cut. Those types of questions so you know it and get it up to the PR strategy that they get their school. When you talked. To Ricky left his attorney that spirit created a remarkable star. Because of the things that were quite explosive. That Ricky left said whether you believe there was some truth to them up or not. Am not asking you read Ricky left mind but at the time that you had that conversation with him. Do you think he knew what he was saying was explosive would be perceived as explosive. And beat there have been various people who've theorized. That he could have all said those things if he knew it was already over because they were so explosive. What was the context of the best in terms of and and do you think he had any sense that they would be interpreted. In the way that they have that. I'm sure he had it then that. Can't beat job was in jeopardy certainly because I don't think he would be talking to me if if he if it that would indicate your electorate and I called Ricky last several times over the last year when tubby why is still negotiating his contract and taking a level and the sign. And I was trying to get them cleared and Ricky left never call me back during the kind. But he did you know within an hour to when I called him the other day. So Cobb. I would say is certainly he had he had to have had some awareness back. You know tubby was on the chopping block so to speak. But I also do not send her some people have said you know they need away you know their comments he made he hacked who have known content between your car. I did not get that sense talking to I got apparent that he would. You know trying to defend his client like you know and it I was trying to I don't think. You know helping their silly tubby wanted to lose his job and I don't think Ricky left with thinking these comments are gonna you know these comments are gonna just totally. Our their relationship between copying the administration now. But these fine. I think that this is whatever decision is made today was guarding me when Ricky lastly does comment on Friday I'm just not sure he. New debt. In my animated little easier because now you can also point a boy and blast that as whatever but I I I I agree would you completely on Matt. It's funny one of the things you and I and I eat and you're not. You're not in a position editorialized. On cubbies. Firing on all but which we believe it is inevitable at this point one way or another. Which you pointed out before that the way I mean you just cut here a year ago. Or whatever that the way this is as an outsider. If you just look at it from the outside this looks crazy. And that for end to make sense you have to just say to yourself. This is Memphis like and Audi both jointly just like the reality is it's different. How how how have you looked at from that perspective. I've looked at and you know content because I've been here now I think like 1415. Months. Like I think I have a sense of Memphis and and in when you think about it in terms of can't be I think I have a better than the mantra that he does. Which is part of probably the re one of the reasons why he's. The gonna lose his job mourn Mike Reid today. Because he never did really get to know this city on a level where that duty could embraced him in there but it just what kind of good fit. I think when you read here. It makes some sense why you would you make it could fit in your people aren't showing up their games. And you can blame that on a variety of reasons but I think the main reason is. It because how BP not. Did not he you know whether you agree with the way he rebuilding the program or not he never did a good job at explaining what his vision life. To be expanding. And an acceptable level yelled at essentially his argument was. You know I've done that everywhere I've been on tubby Smith and that's not good enough in this city where the focus. It on Memphis basketball more than eighty. You know any metro market in the country you know I can you can talk about Kentucky that packed the Lexington not like mantra. It's not like a real city. Don't belittle it. Colin Campbell's low the only one the only other one has little literally where a match here here's this much yet there. Death and and so you know we're in a vacuum. I mean he brought like comedians acting like a dead heat never not taken it seemed to the NCAA tournament. In his third year so you're looking at this from the outside. You're dating yourself what he just won 21 games he just took it being you know 17 and nine the closed the year the team clearly gotten better over the course of the year. Our senior wire not given the chance to take it seemed the end he turned in his third year like he's done everywhere he bit. Quite you know there's legitimate argument in terms of the financial Lennar reported on it you know and and it felt like that financials are going to be even worse from this year. And probably if you Capcom because. He never really connected with this fan base. The finances will be even worse next year even if you made you know more bubble and CAA tournament team which is probably. You know. Decade scenario what this team would have been so. There's arguments for both ways. You know at an outsider I'd probably you know I'd probably say you should you know you should give him another year by. As someone who's lived in man and a fifteen month. I get it you know you know you've got you've got to connect with this. He'd be on a personal level more so than any market in the country probably. Arm and tubby. You know tubby really failed at doing that ilk draw he paid actors and those lies off the court he did he had not. Done a good job respects just got. And I think I agree if there were 101000 people in that. It's an arena every night did he would be getting a third year and may be wondering if this group that we saw. Played pretty well and Orlando. In a diminished and it honestly feels like the American athletic conference is gonna take another step back in the seat this year they're pretty good at top. But beyond that teams are either got it by injuries or were not very good at whatever else. And I honestly a look at Cincinnati's lizard people. Houston's losing people. You come from Mazar a blue and people which does lizard people the opportunity is there if you're the next coach coming in the following. Tubby Smith. Who on this roster would you want to keep. Oh and it is our ticket get back firms. I would say on an even micro level if company had gotten year Alan Lomax a Tyler Perry. Might get this he's still gonna be the coach next to the fact Powell like personal dictated in this seat if he had just gotten one of those kids. I'd bet you he's still the coach next year. I'm not happy you know and and that's not the only reason he's not gonna be that coaches but I guarantee you would have built up enough goodwill. For him to get a third year. Yeah I think I think the tournament run such as it was would have helped create some goodwill to those of you go to solve the tournament run. And Tyler there has come and and and whatever they might have MI the government or I I I sort of a good night in terms of this Robin are going forward. A mom what do you see I mean who do you think will stay do you think will leave early and obviously APR is a big part of this. But how did you evaluate that going forward. Yet he could mean it that complicated question because. I've heard there eight PR issues are not great right now. Inger and so I and I I don't know the specifics of it but that would suggest the need that you might wanna see a lot of these junior college guy. Because they only have one year of eligibility left and then they graduate. And so that will help Jerry PR. But you know which one that he got hurt you know. There were rumors before determined that you know foreign and even Davenport would look at a guy they'll swear content. And you know Malik roads. Was a possibility it transferred and then obviously. David Nichols buried the freshmen call home. I think he had he had been a rollercoaster ride with him and a lot of people in the program didn't think he'd be back on Arnold burned in the penny get tired. I don't know that changes things for those whether they'd it'll be at excited at the fans are about the prospect gathered. I your attorney I would probably about what I mean I don't know how many guys he's gonna eat planning to bring in. Next year. Could be you know essentially I would get. That they will probably really if there's a new coach release Connor and over from his national letter of intent. I don't know they'd honor the Myron Jones commitment or not. That would cry you know act as you know in that scenario you've had at least three scholarships open. And probably under the assumption that maybe two or three guys. Leave the program figure looking at it. You know maybe penny can bring in five or six guys who. Right away 45. And then if you lose a bunch of the junior college guys after another year. And you can bring in another 45 guys in 2019. And now you're looking at a whole brand new team new year to look. The whoever the new coaches whether tenure someone else so. I I would I don't think it. Prepared to act coup they'll keep I'm sure Jeremiah will be back. But the question me that the big question is how will. A lot of guys leading factor eight PR. A and so. Will will they be able to just push out a bunch of people I don't think that's going to be decay. So some choose to leave its addiction dilemma because as you point out so if you released the two that you have one from letter of intent. I want from a commitment. M and then the scholarships that they already have let's get you to three scholarships that any cast then you have the junior college guys. Our. Parks. Bruton. Davenport. Roads. And for let's say is that and I think that's it. About it arias got so there's five of those guys they'd they'd really it's hard for them to go anywhere because they can't go and sit out a year at this point right Sierra. What are they can buy that they're not going to be a lot of division one program just right that are going to be willing to pay them put them on scholarship for two years for one year of playing time. Honestly for me if I could because you do need players that APR is an issue. I hate to say this I wouldn't necessarily bring back roads particularly if you're gonna get Tyler Harris or whatever bring in some more help at guard. But parks. And if they'll come back park Brooklyn Davenport and four. At various times they are all useful players I would I should bear. In I. I would think I would think you'd wanna keep those guys. Typically if it even if they're pretty yeah obviously I would guess they probably would have quite as prominent role that they act this year. By yeah especially if if any bring dinner you know or whoever's Dakota where Oprah keep fame and you that it is certainly and it probably is about their own get ahead of myself I put. Whoever bring it will probably eat into some of the playing time they got this year but. They are useful pieces than their pieces that could help you you know like I said it FEMA and constructed now strikes me as day. Sort of bubble team next year and if you add a few pieces. I mean date you know maybe Kenny came here whoever can get into the NC term next year to keep a good. A deep in America that nuclear and add some useful if I had an outside shooting and add another big man. You know at someone who can go get a bucket. At the end of the shot clock to go along with Jeremiah Martin. Right there and then I mean I think you're looking at one of the best teams in the American. Conference if you know court and someone who could compete for a conference title and potentially next year with the lead losing so many veteran guy. And then in terms of the freshmen. I'll see wanna keep Jamal Johnson I don't know what his situation will be obviously. It's pretty close to tubby it seems to me I'm his dad has always been approving of study but you'd wanna keep them. Unclear what they've declare whether he would've stayed was gonna go whether he could be what do you want them. I've victory you know didn't have much of an impact this year and you would suggest he might. He might not make the cut it's it's hard to talk about people like just all of the points you make yes. And I wanted interest because it's like a guy Victor you know look at the lead man there I mean it's a question of the victory you know going to be willing to go down a level. In competition with that I don't think. Some high majors gonna wanna just grabbed victory email on the transfer market. And then Jamal jump in the big questions like how many guard is the next coach bringing in. You know because right now he's playing thirty minutes per game and guard but you are to bring back. Jeremiah. You might bring back. Bruton and if you add another garter to in recruiting and they're good they're good they're guide to the new coach recruited. You know that lead Jamal and an odd spot after playing thirty minutes a game this year so maybe he does bleed because you know. He got you know 'cause there's a logjam on the perimeter type thing at all like it there's so many hypothetical what if I do think a year from now. You know what after the first peek into the new coach. You're gonna see basically a whole it's going to be just a whole new rocker coach played him totally turned out. That would have been too with tubby tokens are so many junior college or most mostly it would have been under Rothenberg as they would of that and yet one more year. With a BI last thing you may deploy yesterday on Twitter that we talk about tubby and he's gonna get literally 31 million dollars a week for the next six years. And so you don't doubt that occurred very without their ordinary going to be pretty reported 1000 a week for the next six years. Com that's pretty good money there are whether it's the players whether it's the assistance whether it's ops people whether it's or whoever you're talking about. There are other people who are whose lives are at stake here and it's not just. It's Choi and any time like you get fired everywhere it's too and Butch Jones got fired its 21. Anyone gets fired but there are real people here who were involved us. No absolutely and then I got them blow back in all of he would sit in the make it much in milk on your gut and my point will be there a lot more people on the men's basketball staff and tubby Smith and believe system. There's strength coach there's an assistant strength coach there's an equipment manager. There's graduate assistant there's a recruiting coordinator there at the director back cooperation. And those type of people are making big money they're the tight there like you would mean who if they lose their weekly paycheck they're going to be in trouble they're gonna have trouble paying their mortgage their gonna have trouble. You know paying their bills and you know and like you know current and prevent their thinking about you know their contract and it did you know there at the end of this month. And will the university give them a severance package they don't know like you call up in the air right now and so. It's just something to keep minding your right it happens all over the country but it just helping to keep in mind as you're thinking about what comes back. You know just consider the fact that there's you know and I'm sure tubby will probably helped some of them out that they can't find jobs. Buy it at the same time there's just there's just a lot of moving parts and a lot of dominoes that at that fall. When a coach gets fired and you know it's just something to keep in mind I'm not. Not saying you can't be happy that you know can't be garden and that the new coaches coming in Memphis basketball might return. Current level and expect to compete. But issues you know just you know be a little sensitive I guess the fact that there are. You know real either real people these aren't just. Faces on the bench. Mark you've done a great job on the story really appreciated folks should be reading mark and follow on Twitter at MGM now thanks very much we'll talk some. 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Let us not the truth three with a big hit. Are. Would they want to talk Jeff Hawkins Jeff Hawkins. I still believe him. Now it's time for. Jeff. Eighteen straight losses is a black guy on the Memphis Grizzlies franchise believe it or not. Not a it was dealt don't believe that at all not given mistakes and it's by some interest weeded. Out that they lived in Chicago win the bulls are back to Philadelphia when Philadelphia was bad. And that Memphis is really bad. Act following bad basketball. This is not something we're good at is following bad basketball. And I think that's reasonable. A reasonable thing to sat. I set up for. We have had more fun over the last seven years than almost any franchise. Outside I guess the only ones who would be comparable art. The wizards and the wizards the warriors yes. The cavs didn't. Oklahoma City yeah San Antonio yet. If you wanna argue Houston. I mean I think that we cannot mount an Allah happy team that Dwight Howard on a ride this hour I was I don't I would I would that. And they can't sit. We've had more fun than anybody else and this year they the team in tended to win tried to win. And failed to win and their wing because they're losing because they're bad and and the stakes are high. And so therefore even what they tinted glasses. Phoenix one game behind them. And and end Atlanta and Orlando just two games behind enough Phoenix they have the tiebreaker over so that. That's important. But but no I don't think it's it's their door I'm stunned and if at the end of this season they end up the most pink bubbles. I will publicly apologized to Chris walls because the reason that I ripped that 900 trade was. Because I thought it was gonna cost. And it has not cost out they got lucky. Because of the because of the injury to Tyreke but it has not cost them. And and so I will absolutely apologized Chris Wallace and they are able to pull off no. No. Is saying that a high lottery pick guarantees. You even gonna get a good. No you get a box. All all those of us who who who are glass half full when they look at the losing. Say is that it improves your chances of getting good play and this team needs good players to the extent that it is a black I only organization. I think it's in this way. It means that the rest of the players that they assembled a ran old mark. Around Mike. Stink. Rent it it is an indictment. The roster building yet passed the but that the that the black into that the streak itself is what you need to do it's what half. But the fact that the streak is happening. Is an indictment of this idea of it's an indictment of signing Ben back home right it's and I am thinking that Wayne seldom was going to be the answer to something he played leads terrible. He's been even maybe the biggest disappointment. That there has been in this streak. Obama. And so that's it is a black guy. Or an indictment of those who. A assembled that cast of players and beat fault that cast of players was going to be good enough. When Tyreke was not traded the theory was. The players are so good that they can't finish towards the bottom anyway even if you keep even if would apparently they could diplomats. Really become absolutely untrue so I don't think it is an indictment of the roster building general. Com but the streak itself a black guy no I won't I don't care and it's 27. Against the franchise record is totally record. League record longest losing streak let's look looked at a little seal of edit point could that be. And Platt league record longest losing streak NBA longest losing streak has to know for the grizzlies. Their first year in Vancouver. In my analysis many games and growing Memphis. In Vancouver this is brilliant you know why is it lost 23 under some. What twice. It's so it's Spain's technically two seasons but the sixers count. It's according to the NBA records the longest losing streak as the Philadelphia 76ers who lost ten straight games in the 1415 season and then lost eighteen straight. To start out at what people want it's within a seasoned street and you know why so this season is 26 it's a tie between the 201011. Cavaliers. The 2013 fourteen. 76ers. Cavaliers also lost 24 games. It's just that the of the cavs got LeBron. Are correct it was the year for a is the the produce the the brunt. I think that I'm that much of anything that would be best. Which you don't want to happen is Anthony Bennett. Anyway so that when it's it's 26 is that leaves and 26 seasons. Is 27 ethics do you think though at 26. I hope so. I don't think that well would that then become a black mark on the organization and like I mean organization note because you mentioned you and I've talked about this the fact of the grizzlies have lost eight games and and are not really gaining ground is in saint. I've by the way I'd do just so unclear. I totally respect those of you who think this is miserable. Because it means you year old it to keep it because it means. That you are. Following the busy with your heart as opposed to your head. And that's fine I am I am probably too analytical someone call me cynical I think it's pride Matt. But you are and and this is at least nine ounces maybe. Is that you your benefit in the truest purest sense of the word and I absolutely respect that. I do think I. Something about and that and not like telling you that you should argue use should root for who you root for has nothing to do it but they wanna look I'll referred. I coping with this losing one line. Right you are back open with a losing honestly I have been doing it this my whole life. Since I was seven years old once the bills are no longer. Head into the playoffs and that's practically every year I start rooting for losses. I've done this my whole life. It doesn't always work a lot of times it doesn't work but sometimes it can get to Bruce Smith Jim Kelly and four straight Super Bowls armed I was. Oftentimes is second topic say could I can't count OK but but but Kelly. And and and Bruce Smith yes Bruce the president doesn't want to Italy Kelly with a first round pick. That gets you like bats you get talent you accumulate talent and the talent that leads you to push into doubles it's how I've lived. I've been a fan my whole life until this I'm going to process. Unhappiness but if you wanna processor at a different flag. No problem to that whatsoever will be sent a visit. I do you think you've touched on some and I think those that embrace the taint. Did emotionally cope with how like the C historically bad season and I do think those that. Embrace the idea of a superstar at this given time. As as a loud for this season to not take that told us is the league I don't know that his superstar in this draft. No malice but this is actually I think there's some very good players at the top I don't know that many of them are superstars eight new. I think has the chance I I want I think but it will be a very good play but I don't believe he will be a superstar. I think I have seen enough advanced stood out whether he's going to be super anyway that we got. Here's what for you aren't the death of court got it right. Believe it or not dad gum right they got taste you don't short term deal that a loss and that the ultimate backup plan it's basically exactly with the Eagles did signing the balls eager to draft a quarterback it might mean this children report capsule. And I hate that. They showed. But I that's fine and I don't root for I hate that because I want but I still don't don't not I think the bulls are not done other deals are couldn't get from there has been a us so you think his game is a perfect stock gap yes I know now draft a quarterback like what Denver did it gets. OK Geoff Holmes is happy today yeah you leave it or not happening today ladies and gentlemen is. Teams are reaching agreement with the yes that's what's happening so there's been a lot of Wheeling dealing. In one of the biggest moves is Sammy Watkins has agreed to terms with the cheeks. One of my sentences that I've. The bill's gonna draft at home and and they they traded that pick. And to Kansas City I think is going to be a stud anyone but this now he's got. Travis Kelsey you up to throw to he's got Tyreke hill yet. And now he's got. He's got kill him hunt behind them yet. And he's now he's got semi semi didn't have a great year but he helped the rest of receivers he is a threat he helped the rest of the sabres and allies have a have very good years. I NN and Andy's great deep routes I think Patrick Holmes is going to. BA. Star and a stud yes the other things that have happened by the way it is Drew Brees has reached agreement. Yes I year's two year agreement with the New Orleans Saints that's appropriate don't you think gets a the bills traded. According glad offensive tackle to Cincinnati to move from 2122. In the what I wanted to boot twelve in the draft. And the theory is is the girl's the bills now sitting at twelve now they can jump up. And moved to us. 234. Wherever they wanna move right to get whatever quarterback that they are targeting anything else stick out it appears. Com. It appears that Minnesota is gonna get a quarterback you believe it appears Minnesota is. So it appears to me that it it's coming down to Minnesota for its gonna meet Minnesota or New York the jets excuse me for Kirk cousins and basically what he has decided is does he wanna go win. Or does he wanna take a Brinks truck full cash from the jets I hope he goes the jets. Ready to look at them they won't draft a quarterback elements. I need to and just for her I just think Kirk cousins and I gentility ought to minister would be icon I think we'll go to. I think you'll so any strike you from the NFL. Star Lux who lead go into that Eagles that sucks for me because now on out on top of the Eagles already having a pro Rocha her. Pass rush and I got to Alec Saadat and it's good beef it's it's fun to be gut just declared that's when I with a dozens of gravity that it's more fun to be good but we may be having fun at some level. The best we can because of the that the tigers and the grizzlies will make the best but the country has less. When he fumbled the ball rolling to the Western Conference finals we'll get more thought I would take that that's what I would prefer. OK here's what pretty apparent tiger is. Believe it or not Tiger Woods is back this is sustainable I've not believed in any of his come backs up until this point the reason I believe in this one is. Number one his club head speed all the metrics that you would see of a superstar level golfer he is matching all of those. He's hitting his irons like he's always been. And the fact that yesterday he did he never is best stop when he still had a putt Ted sin a single playoff and that's back that would have been his. In his fourth start this year that would have been one win in four starts to play a little off that would have been his that would have been his career average enforce RT averages there's. Different levels of back there is back in terms of back as a competitive. Golfer. Who will be at in the in the mix to win tournaments. For the rest of the year at least until he breaks down and then there is back is in. No he's going to be back winning as many majors as he used to but then there is the back. I think EO what is back is it doesn't have to win a major to be back. It thoroughly batters at that level the back IE he wins another mate yeah I MA IWA yes an. I think he is. Given what I've seen from aid from a physical standpoint he's one of the eight top ten to fifteen golfers alive right now and on top of that he's the greatest turn and a player that several. He is. You believe he's gonna win me and other yes and an image. If I we have expect I will be back in a moment just look at Germany's benefit. This area other dealers you with a beautiful mistress tiger's been in jail from. Visa gift card. Are the Lamborghini dare disagree because today is the last three years of blood hair care products and Erica some super ducks got a master builders adolescent smokers good. Good night tonight. 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Just glances at that point flat not pay hybrid car. You guys suffered coin flip so you can't because there is a cup. He weighed in by. Via text. Right now I would. Here's what's coming up next is gonna next on Jason and Jon robbed Oscar's gonna join in the eleven Tony by the talk these tiger coaching situation like Travis quote when he five Mike Wallace for reasons analysts Tuesday on the air cast and show Charlie Leonard. Head coach of Houston. He's coaching Mike Miller's son at 3 o'clock if he threw it on GP. 5 o'clock with jab as well it shows in the top very hour we get a cash history. Thank us and everybody we will be that can amount to talk about all of this on Barbara for an hour here. This is Memphis is sports station not covering the Penny Hardaway story. And at least one more play. 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