Hour 2 with guest Mark Giannotto (5/22/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, May 22nd
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour by welcoming Mark Giannotto to the show to discuss Tiger basketball, Phil Mickelson, and more. Segment 2 -- Geoff discusses plays a round of Believe It or Not with Jeffrey Wright to discuss the new show introduction and smells of Memphis before closing the show.

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Special talent and can't do it without having access to the medical. Like duke if it. It Michael Porter tries to experience helpful way to prevent such. Just can't you can talk after. After messing up which can hurt you can't mess up again here. But if you do have accepted everything. Your doctor what access to. And your doctor's OK it while recognizing doctors are sometimes wrong. I think you gotta seriously look at Michael Porter junior for protest. Pre injury he was absolutely going to be in the conversation. For the number one pick of the 2018 NBA draft he had been perfect. I'm modern NBA forward. He could even played some small ball flies he's sixteen in with an actual stretch or but also we have not comparing him to Kevin Durant. Polite in the end in the wave picked KD is it all and it works that a shot maker at every level Michael Porter junior he is. Is that stuff. Like I'm not saying he's going to be scoring champion some day. But I wouldn't be shocked if scoring champion some day so are the grizzlies are I take a serious look and I I from conversation but have the people they are what are put Michael Porter junior forward. To the net as quickly to mind are correct CBS sports. My understanding that the grizzlies are not dismissive of that. They're they're reportedly is that the Obama baba completed requested interview we're gonna become by the the only that you know very Jack in the top eight bit Dayton. But say Michael Porter is all of their radar at number four and down I would endorse that the doctors signed off on he's that kind of count. Steve Keller has him going narrowed his marked draft number two to Sacramento one of the reasons that doctors might fall so if people really do if the medical are that good. He may go higher. Immigrants human right edge every single night ago so I said they had so I don't think there's so I gotta go I thank you very much for Stanley appreciate it yeah talking Gary at 5 at 5 o'clock we will resume his conversation. An enemy Ameren web Garrett. That Greg welcome back mark you know is gonna join us plus some of you have sent in suggestions from the open I was called them. The largest stainless. Big is the new boards columnist we have some suggestions. And afterward Del Mar we will pick a new adjective thank you very much stepped up security debate back in a moment anything from his. Shoot consistent message written on. It's pennies from pavement. Well played again now another pennies from heaven thousand dollar winner in any payoff. No access until seven weekdays on 929 FM ESP NN general. Sasser it's time for the 10 o'clock hour cast their companies from having contests. Text giggled. GI GG LE text pickle TI GG LET 781. 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Yeah I love my. Hi mark GNI low one of the continuing reasons to read the commercial appeal. He is stated what he doesn't age as me know Marc Eliot. Married Jeff I am fabulous. First you double a big as a golf writer and had the news yesterday and fed. Let's ask you double them. That's exactly what I'm when I'm done here on some of the road to write about their base. So yeah I do everything. Well there's there's there's a good joke about it that there is there were. When I was at the Anniston star there were six people in the sports department. And and there are five to commercial real but since I'm gone there's really only four you're gonna be working your. This tournament I know they they will hire replacements ladies and gentlemen there will be another columnist. This as an N that'll be good. To have another columnist more voices is good they'll be another comes at a commercial appeal but for now. You've got to be keep in seventeen different balls near. Yeah but I mean honestly have and even and we had five people that's kind of what it was like last year. You do admit you know it's. There's a lot worse job they have in the world in the air I. I'd rather be going over the road today to write about their baseball team and sitting at a desk nine to five is like an accountant and I don't think. I don't at all it now maybe I better not make parents become friends who are long would they do feel. Yeah. That's a good story they had the road is that this reliever. Who threw up and kept pitching right is animals that the road the road skid. Yes the wacky you may become a national headlines me dead in the right in the middle of the ninth inning. I thought the pitcher's mound and I grew up behind the pitcher's mound and then completed the city. Unfortunately yesterday yeah he also. They were up 41 going into the ninth. And blew up 41 lead and it cost them a chance to go to the cut. They would have if they wish they'd just held a leak. They go to the division three college World Series for the first time network. But they lost 540 university attack fit to act Tyler but still nonetheless. Eden road baseball never had the further they've ever gone to. All men and they beat the number one team in the country. It is during the regional round we can't then Whitewater. I'm so a pretty historic feat in a baseball at Rhode. You know it wouldn't the kind of grow up because of what they do on the field. I want but it wasn't it was not checking hero involved in yesterday's blown. Opportunity. Yes earned her ability daddy Ethiopia there. He threw up a few days but. Wordy and you know millions where we grew up are you Ben any incidents that's. That's tough oh okay Phil Mickelson coming back to the golf tournament that obviously. Means a lot for the author. Yeah I think it he's one of those guys you know once you get end. And once you get and it just feel like corrected kind of gravy the card. I mean I hadn't been you know last year my first year attending the event. But just the gap you know you clearly the biggest draw at the event. It doesn't matter where you rank and he'd actually having a pretty big year notwithstanding didn't cut it acquires. In one term and earlier this year he's ranked number eighteen in the world right now. But just that name Mickelson. Infantry off for people on and it affected me. It doesn't you know the field and maybe not quite get good at last year's field. What did actually yes Phil Mickelson they also announced an extension. With the top fifteen golfer in the world. To help connect indicate to me that there there expecting brook Katz got the reigning US open champion to come back even committed yet but. They're expecting him to either regular. The Anthony that's that's pretty good field and and and fill in the headliner until the guy. Awards draw men seemed out to the golf course I think. He's also a guy who will make servers happy all over town. Because he is very. He is a fine tipper and so nice for I think they'll be coming back right. So. Penny Hardaway was on whiff. Gary yesterday and I had some questions now for you about a little about what he said that to some general questions about where we are right now. First off it is. You are. I think it's fair to say that you thought the tubby deserves the third year. Is that fair to son and I usually. Vacuum yes I understood why the economic dynamic that that forced him to be. Yeah it can move in another direction but I thought tubby talk a huge brunt of the blame on that when I think a lot of it. I think a lot of problems. Were the fact that he was hired in the first place and that wasn't really kind of analysts. That was not a song that he just wasn't a good fit in terms of what you have to do. Here tubby did want to be a basketball coach and you can't just be a basketball coach at Memphis we've learned that. Pretty. Pretty clearly over the last year except on he makes them a day. Yes I'm I think he got an unfair rap or not you know people tell you work hard I think he worked hard now to question it didn't work effectively. That I think you've been criticized him on. I think I think he you know I think last year they if you would actually afford to keep him in I think they were gonna win twenty games. I looked at at now. So he did it I think he did a pretty good coaching job last year. In their backing you know pretend that bit about the bottom line why he didn't really matter what he's doing on the court people weren't buying what you with our. Arm and told timely initiation felt they had to make a decision and at least initially it looked like they need the Smart move. Cutting loose when they did after two years even though that. You know pretty unorthodox especially with an you know coach with the sort of credentials and reputation of the cabin and it. What is surprised you most about. Panning and his tenure so far. You know just that each candidate did how how how strategic you bid. You know I I knew he was gonna recruit pretty well. You know just because of his connection who flew a basketball but it just seems like. You know if every every person in that program I talked I know what stick out to you about. And Hardaway got your around the you know you obviously promote these guys knew him but they never worked with him for being with an uneducated they paid sick. And every single one of them say the same thing. That DK how how detailed oriented news opinion you can he would. You can hear it in his interview with scary crash yesterday. You know just the fact that he you know he walked EDT. Trying to think of ideas of how to boost student attendance they gained. They just little details of the program. And even vault but all you want its fingerprints all over America. That's a really good quality down as. I'm provided you don't get stuck in the lead and it doesn't seem like YouTube but he's got a good crack the big picture. But he's also got a good graph of a lot of the little details surrounding the program. Now. I will acting skill. To order that the administration of the program you can still gonna have to prove. That he can do that on a yearly basis so to speak out frankly I don't know of you know an NCAA violation or two minor and if violations do. That they committed so far and any other day and you aren't Kentucky kid committed one last year cut an and I believe. And he committed the same want to think they got one tubby did. When he had. So it's not the end of the world but it should come he's gonna have to prove to everybody. You know in the administration. To you know just the outside that whole world and it's just gotten. You know it's not really fair necessarily the only two months into the job so you know you need to give them some time have never been a college coach a poor. And they did it is I think the one aspect of the job. Where I am not having any college experience. It working against them because there's just so many of either it rules. That you have to follow and it sometimes are. And and also the fact that you know. Courtney Vance who worked out. He had of compliance for mantra. And that senior women's administrator in the athletic department. She left a few weeks ago to go take a job of northern Illinois. She was the woman who lived in the literally had moved over to the men's basketball practice facility so penny. What have someone on call whenever he was worried about whether he was calling and PA regulations or not. So I think that has probably heard band they're a little bit just looting essentially to head of compliance for the entire athletic department. Few weeks ago but. Like what what I think he did it the fact that he's so detail oriented and so. In all their team did it every aspect of the program. That's something I didn't necessarily expect. Does anyone else left the what's its last lot of athletic department lately is that the big departure. That Wal-Mart called not I immediately left as well through the university could APD gotten a university of buffalo used the number two. In the department so they're essentially you're number two when you're number three on any athletic department are not fair and you know they haven't. We're quite connected yet I do they have little or next school year. But those are two big law and it can be quite the two. African American faces at the top of that administration. So. Two key holes. On that need to be filled within the department that some. Well all that is understandable way because he went to be an AV and he went to bed garden spot for the Buffalo, New York. I or the other one seems like it is a lateral and it brings up would you I think will be interesting questions about. The athletic department how it intersects with Penny Hardaway how it intersects with the president's office it is a different kind of a set up over there. And I'll be a heck I'll be inched as he tumbled as the eight the year from I'm just that is part of this. Because we know that Tom was not in favor of the stack and so. That's. So why would they would not in favor I would say I think he within that can't quote yeah get a Penny Hardaway you measured in favor of give. Every minute of the armed I think that's fair I think it's fair to put it network so that will be another interesting thing is that how that works out. Penny works within athletic department any time any coaches they'd obviously like the way they did. John cal Perry used to work and athletic department was he just ran have what I really want to do and as he would have long launches like that's what that is that's basically what happened. Had Thomas not the type disable fine I'll just let him do everything in doing what every want and have long lunches Tom is a hands on guy. I don't know how we will be able to monitor how that is going to charge you interest to deny that will go it will proceed. Are you actually get back it's going to be factored in because it could be quite frank I mean come Boeing had. Really knows OK Ian penny higher. Didn't really. Have a pretty that they meeting with Italian told the Sunday before pennies cracked cup. So what you're really involved in the hiring process. And could be quite honest it's not really got back it all got beat up football. And so that dynamic because. Could appeal to me at least right now you know it and he wanted to. He could go over. Tom Bowen caddie Scott how much support in the city I mean certainly I think there's no argument that I think are related more popular. Which meant it coasters with the city of Memphis and combo in his right now. Until now come handled that. Al penny candle that is going to be fascinating in Iraq I was surprised. About the court meeting at the cartridge because it would seem to me. And the senior women's administrator. She would be in line to take overall my job. Once he left and the fact that she essentially went in northern Illinois for the same job it would seem should be a good candidate for. Issued essentially didn't and number two in northern Illinois now. But you know I would think you'd rather be the number two at Memphis and number two at northern Illinois so. Bet that the little curious I would say but I don't know that specific maybe she's from the Chicago area or something like back on that played into it I don't wanna. Speculate too much it just kind of it was an eye opener for me a little bit. But yet know how how this all played out how combo and handled it. It going to be that pink and you've already seen with the Larry brown and maintaining very clearly wanted to Larry Brown. President David ride very clearly paid out there are you know didn't want to get involved. And combo and very clearly. Didn't want Larry Brown as an assistant coach your team considering they offered him a console each. Implement our team out on Twitter at MG and out of speaking. Vacancies in the athletic department there is still one on that these down. The famed third assistant. Has not been hired once they update. I didn't actually you're treated at this morning when someone actually about it any. If it Kennedy Sam Mitchell and I heard nothing to indicate it not going to be damage already not the favorite to get the job. I don't think he's gonna get tired until. You know late July August and to you know when a U basketball is over because he's coached currently coaching a team. That features the number 12020 recruit in the country jailing green. And he's also in July scheduled to coach. As part of via EU nations event which is like an event on all star band. Unlike all but that did he get prospects are you gonna be around a lot of really good croc back. If he's not a coach in the NCA and it doesn't make it kind of send you don't. I don't think you really need a third at fifteen right now may is really slowed June July are really good camps in and work out and I mean I think. Tony Matlock and Mike Miller can handle that you know Rodney Gamal and he's been an assistant coach for six years prior to this and can step up. The director of basketball operations and soak. I don't think it and that it'll it doesn't make it kind of sent a higher before the end Joseph law. I'm now penny I don't think you can change in the balcony handle questions about it. Could I don't think he can come out publicly K yeah you know religion we're just not gonna make a higher at least for me eat dinner and so stand Mitchell and now to our candidate and you know just. Recruit kids outside of NCAA rules like you've got to be kind of on the on the down while I would take it so that's why when I dad and me about it. Is if they had their had been we're still considering candidates. But I do think ultimately we have Mitchell barring something unforced time someone else kind of entering the picture but I haven't heard of yet. It's probably going to be the guy for that but I just I I don't think yeah I don't think you need to make a higher until. August. You did a nice piece recently on Tony Matt likes kqed. And Mike Miller's kid. You let's watch them play the dads were in attendance. How good are they right away what years they how good are today and what did you make of that same. They both just finished their freshman years. I think they're both gonna play division one basketball. Now at what level I think that feel to be determined because they're so young you know 1415 years old at this point. Mike Miller hit may second. Eat eat talking about as tall as Mike already. And he's a really good shooter. On somebody need to get a lot stronger probably need to add some diversity do it gave you know being able that you have add them dribble penetration. And I think they're trying to kind of body and people down low. TJ Matlock out of the like looked like his father walks like a father kind of talks like it bother you that you know floor general who like. Good to pass. First point guard. He probably need step. You know get a little bit stronger is a shock is getting better. And like I get that I think they're both division one track. Just a question of how they develop over the next year to. I think we'll determine what level of division one basketball they'll playback. But right now they're playing for coop city back ballclub. Mike Miller told AU team. And there are claimed up a year so that you know you're watching them and they're playing in Asia where you're older and I'm. And TJ in the inching its CE that they're very coveted seat on the high school basketball market. Right now lot of a lot of schools around the eerie reality moving up America that is bad. Got the job Ratner or ally who want him on MP goody he had a very good point guard and making that very issue. Lastly. Anyway down on this student section. It was nice that he was thinking about that was what was striking to me was he was involved. I do think students appreciate it when you connect with them when coach is make an effort to connect with them when they send them pizzas when their all right well. Even you know is Gary pointed out. If you matter if you're told that you matter you're more inclined to do something in the end though. It'll be the product or you think if there's excitement about Memphis basketball. That excitement will sweep through the community and will include the student section if there's not excitement about best basketball at Walt is that. Pretty much as simple as that. At that immediate kind of a key you know I can't. I go back when Oregon Michigan. Not my years in Michigan basketball team would not make him and he turned and so people want to go into the game even though they had an on campus or read. And now now that John Beilein to coach and hasn't polling. There's a lot of students who go to the game and I figured that at that point did it and he didn't act. You know just about your there's sort of back and yet feeling. Just concerned that if you don't have an on campus arena it can be hard to draw student you know I would into the DC market Georgetown has the same thing. And when that George sounded really good when they're making the final 410 years ago what do you eatery that student section was confident. The last few years that would indeed be in the team's success kind of waned. You know except for when you know Syracuse and Villanova came to town X in section one and asphalt. Now I would pay my two I didn't really unimpressed. Even considering how low the program. You at some attack appears in my too heated on the beat. I mean I would kind of shocked at how few students came to gain. What sometimes you can count and you know all on you that you can count on essentially there that he would. So. I I would think it's gonna improve. But you're right I think ultimately act said that contrary last night it gonna be about wins in law did and to a lesser extent. This schedule he got to put an exciting team on the schedule especially nonconference collect and he has indicated that he planned to do in the future. I won more totally unrelated. Which is better the NBA playoffs. Where we know we've got superstars who we know. But you have to. Conference finals where there has been no game that is closer than nine points. And it all feels fairly much anti climatic climactic the Golden State is gonna win the the championship on the other hand you have the NHL where freak an expansion team is going to the Stanley Cup. Finals that's how lean Dem or unpredictable it is. Which is that. I mean light years people in that market probably normal breathing but I don't I don't think it's close and I don't welcome back playoffs I think maybe in all sports. In terms of excitement. You know a black and I watched the caps play a lightning Obama. I grew up in DC and I covered the caps a long time for the post. And for the Washington Post and it was a three nothing game with an empty netter. And her kids up and say to nothing game and like that was that was about as exciting. A game that I've seen in awhile just been turned the energy. That desperation. And then you know I watched both back and I you know then recorded to cap off in game. And watched that afterward none of you back all stand the light. It was the way down compared to the cat's game I mean that they get. I just feel like that you did not know you know you can. Add friends and quite. You know in the first two games in Boston weren't even like trying it seemed like especially on defense. You don't see that in the NHL. During the playoffs these guys are like playing that broken you know you. But that they now we found backdating about covering the NHL playoffs. In a couple out it after he got eliminated any guy would come out and it did yeah I was playing with like a fracture live but out plans are broken sports. Yes I'll be used to it early on a bad thing to hear what injury the guys were playing through in the playoffs. And you know immediate ship. It out it it can no brainer it popped. He had us in my opinion the back playoffs and professionals yeah. I liked the fact that out of all of the hell's gonna land like I don't love the biggest story just because I mean it's a great story it's unbelievable but I guess it. I like it came to suffer a little bit before they get there it's. But the thought I'd blow the fact that at the beginning of the playoffs I had no idea who they'll get away and that is how it is supposed to beat. Rather then that's okay have won a won their exactly gonna have a where they're gonna have their damn bird. In out Ed and plus the intensity is also unruffled I admire your great thank you very much appreciate join us and we'll talk to some. Our great that is mark Unita we are relate to our break when we come back. We we have I think may be will pick an answer. We'll pick any answer. To the new intro to this show various people have a suggest. We need a new intro to the show and we are gonna settle that among picking up some other topics on quickly and not just got a shot ninety you know for me as. 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I guess that one of the continuing series on the reason to continue reading the commercial Phillies curt at what he does. And and Gary before that we do quick game oblivion. These guys. Okay. Jeff you are the biggest sports columnist in Memphis we leave it or not. Don't like implication honestly like the or happened was they used to have an intro where they call me and commercial peels leads towards common. And then they changed it to list. Now 99 SO ME SPN presents Memphis is biggest sports columnist. Enough. Itself I've present that what I resent the implication particularly given that I can't allow for lunch yesterday. And I Canadiens say keen on a year ago and so I haven't asked. We have asked people need to come up with a new adjective for an introduction. You suggest that Memphis is most healthy boards calmest so we'll put that down the most available. As Jefferies suggest us to build it best ability is available in Arquette. Jeffries is most development. Bill Singleton. And has suggest that he multiple entries you get it you can mess and there's Hillary on Twitter at breakout a video of the instruments as CEO our draft. Underscore Calkins CA LK I had asked. Mavs is most loquacious sports columnist at this latitude news sports columnist most said Sig said jays so Gayssot. So gay issues. So geisha if they don't accept the role for toddlers countless most members as most propitious sports columnist in Memphis most merit Trish just once columnist. I think we can scratch so. Amazing suggestions. I decide I don't laugh or got it all around probably to Beijing don't roll off the top Crist suggests. Jeff Hawkins Jason williams' favorite sports column. That is very creative. I think we we have enough Jason Williams in the introduction where do you think so crests. Gets points for that now think we're gonna adopt wreck. Okay that's the family feud in a good answer but doesn't answer to answer it Chris also went with Geoff Calkins legendary sports columnist Amy. It's too much for Inca I'm I'm. I'm I'm not so I don't have eight. I'm healthy ego but it's not like that date I mean I'm not willing to call myself alleged that daddy preposterous. OPEC the next line that we have is. Long time meant to sports columnist from IR geek. I actually donate now longtime sports columnist from IR geek. We'll put long time. I just Dawkins longtime sports come in and makes it just not all of the drop in me and again you'd. We're glad we're had a fine we're looking at active lifestyle. Candle in the wind says maps is most tenured lamenting sports poet. Poetic but not done that beautiful. Beautiful and I digital -- put an enormous symphony will we're looking for a pox on your people will be out the beautiful yes beautiful blue but this is sports talk radio Zetterberg. Markets. Memphis is under his sports Cha and this. That they're they him to guess I didn't look can't really keen on and so markets goes. With Hungary is a life that I did tick quicker than I ever did agree Memphis is a realist sports columnist okay. Yet bottomed out. Who is and Sammy I try to be real but let's be real it's I'm not levs is real sports count so out of that out of this one. Teddy Garmin. Pity Gorman and it goes. And renowned sports columnist Jeff Clark I like that. Renowned. We couldn't go most renowned you just go. Jeff Duncan renowned sports columnist that's not as egotistical as legendary exactly and it's not just. Man what do we get rid of him as long time in a your days are numbered incidents I think so far renowned is gas into Jeff Hawkins renowned sports columnist. Oh Alexander Bollinger. Also one of his most renowned sports columnists. Are so renowned gets two votes. Mario maps is sports conscience. And it's a little high and mighty I appreciate the compliment Mario thank you very money but Ed Ed I am and Isaac conscience. Oh but this one of Tehran. These are all little. Memphis foremost sports columnist. I like that. Former. Mavs foremost where it comes foremost sports column okay Martin Lawrence's most decorated sports columnist. I if I'm military thing now I don't think actually you can claim to be decorated and most of them a paramilitary. Nieves is all the sports columnist can thank you Justin who misses most experienced sports columnist. I am members is best well loan transplant sports stories calendar. I can even be out accurate but I'm no word yeah I'm sorry wordy. I fly guy Memphis is premier sports columnist. Like from here. OK so the ones get premier implies is thinking that biggest does knock on effect. Unsound. So what the ones that I think here we got a savings and in the right in the that we appreciate all the suggestions the ones that I'm gonna narrow it down to. Aren't I yeah I'm I want you to using the Internet in a voice. Memphis is renowned sports columnist hears renowned sports comes you know say in Memphis is Wren you could say you're not worth Cummins now or map lately about maps is foremost sports columnist. Memphis is premiere. Sports count. Now mid this is renowned sports talk columnists sport or is sports tell us where it counts now. That this is sport renowned sports talk columnist I instruments I credit labs is renowned yeah now I think we gotta get Ridder and then go ahead a guy that. Foremost now Memphis is foremost sports columnist. About best known now. That this is best known sports columnist. How about premier now that this is premier sports columnist. Ollie premier. Go premier elect a rare because for Mears it really could work it's a little hot you know it's a little Eiffel Luton and I'm Noah had a lot of claim premier. Yet the great part of the night you change it matters a pretty much the only sports columnist and so it's like call me when I get into a semantic debate or shall I call me the lead sports county which I had been given the guys in the only games or illness. So. Okay we'll get patented two premier premier yet. Subtle what's next. Jeff you love the new idea for the post office. Release this or not I do kind of you know let's not. They've missed out on the Internet but Saudi newspapers and email and all of that right they can't get everything. But bad for the summer. They're having scratch and sniff still helps. You have my full attention and they are. What do you think they would what do you think a what do you think she's post office is having as he smelly I have a little objection to this one okay scratch and sniff stamps from the post office the red understands that and we scratch and sniff. And they're going today. How obstacles. Okay you're gonna have a picture though the pops also says it is public on what else. The promised possible they'd at least not not really their pay frozen yet they're frozen I think they're one of the least a romantic things that you could have possibly I don't call that a but you can have a small extra sorry like the ocean or does ice and snow. Got a little. But the idea of a scratched sniffs the air force some are for the post office and a popsicle it was a smaller deflator epic first. Right so not a bad idea though I mean here we are we'll talk about the post op ED burst on the history of the jive talk and show him but it brought to mind when it welcomed the summer. If you're gonna have. Scratch and sniff. Memphis now. And I would invite anyone. At GE OFF underscore Calkins. CA LK I am asked if you were to have scratch and sniff Memphis. What would be the cents. That you would have gone out on them on from there if there were asked America's scratch and sniff book. Are you open a page in there it is what would beat the eight cents it's a free space but if you can if you get harvest that smell when you're coming from white. Front street you're going towards. Door towards the rotted towards AutoZone park if you can encompass that smell of the round of it coming downwind like that's it. It's the best Elmore. I think I go to the great lack let's guess during Barbeque fast yes hold onto. Yes small like pardon yes right but you're right the smell coming out of the coming out of wood the basement at the rendezvous is. It's as if the downtown burned like you go to other barbecue place and all the same things share greats now but V. Very clearly the best. The most distinctive beat of the quintessential Memphis now yes. It is the smell would amount paid monogram yes yeah and enforcement for some form of Hagan a smoker on a ground yes okay. That's the best in Memphis now. In America's scratch. And sniff. Book include what else would be in there the Wonder Bread. Iconic Wonder Bread smell when. Was forever a key smell and Memphis is not agree to have. No wonder out of the bathroom about go to red birds case was already got one of Brett Gardner walked out on the Red Cross the pass so that would be a clear Memphis smell this pollen have a smell. I think also there is people talk about can you just make us knees because that's what. I come home plate does the first thing ever but didn't back up like oh yeah Gabriel there talk about those. There is some flour war it gives out us think OK that they that they talk about that would be a that would be a a Memphis smell it that they do and sometimes people say the downtown. Smells like rotten fish. I don't know like they say downtown can occasionally I don't what it is. Can smell like rotten well let's just because it's like close to seal up right ones really flat whenever getting. Barbecues the vast some people say presidents island could be a smell. Okay what do you smell president I am that's the probably gosh I think of like a shy of the white river like is that when you got an average at best when I was a kid at Bethlehem steel factory and that was the smell right I don't actually smell. Some just funny cycle honey cycle yes OK Steve I gain that makes sense of cable boy Wonder Bread the book yet we're wondered about a public. Barbecue in the book. Will push. Hard enough honey subtle in the book and we you bring up the river. It's like the ocean when you go to the ocean the ocean has us now yes. It has a very clear its assault the breezy yes salty. Smell yes. I don't think that does the Mississippi River. A ticketed site like a bat like he does have a good film without bad stuff like I'm views down other real like a double have a list here the government have a descent of a new basketball. A new basketball who definitely has a smell like an election around town as a basketball town I don't hate that suggestion. I don't mind that I don't hate to put a new basketball in there I don't hate that at all Deborah bass summit because Airways and done. You can smell Kellogg's corn flakes bacon all I sure do. As somebody's entire faith led to or is that true and big business big yeah yeah oh well I don't know that oh yeah you can definitely although the conflict baking. Scott Morton says the smell of JP one jet fuel from those FedEx jet skis willed opponents just I don't smell the FedEx jets now but I'm was I want to I love them and blow them all and ever and I love them. I look I also just like that mop up over and over overhead that's got Ph.D.s or anything they indicating he is above my head like. Some of his driving down Airways to Lamar this monthly Kellogg's factory smells like fresh or flex debt is that we've gotten guys you're told me that's real yes that's a real thing. OK so we we got we got to get beat we got breweries here you know we got honey cycle. We got Wonder Bread we've got the Kellogg factory it. Some of the beds are all down how does the paper mill in Arkansas really. All the way that. The president's silent is a combination of sulfur and asks. Is and some of that the gold club. So I don't know what I would guess Ike are but we're glad we're we're Golan and we're going basketball I'll ask Clinton and basketball. Does the some for the cat house he's had a terrible smell deserved that. Was all else. Don't know creatures of the night yes you gotta have decreased yeah. I smell on their don't shoot or don't. What was the above the place all mistakes or got placed on awful. Yeah that did. Within a huge I had a creatures and I definitely weird definitely including. The good god you're so they put the zippers and have a good zoo and yet I think something fast exit oh. Some of the downtown you can smell the gum being made a big gum plant. Going down toward the old bridge. I don't know that oh hi here's one. Pronto pups to live alone too delicious. Also partly with Leo we're gonna put together that's the zoo all of these young I didn't want to let the Jeff and Jeff scratch and Smith. Guide him fitting that how that idea. A chip labored touch overweight as a city where. Does that held an idea Gibson's don't knots. A big days O'Dowd delays one of the fresh glazed doughnut and I'll get in honor of Gibson's all of them there a way out. We just got cabled it to welcome on some of his Gibson's may be what they want a maple bacon or any Gibson's done I think the quintessential Gibson's. Has got to be the standard light. As got to be degrade the classic but it's been asked. The smell of freshly mowed grass. That's beautiful but I don't know that that's Memphis. It's just for me like I legitimately live and I'm I've noted the moving but I lived. In the actual epicenter of the worst place for someone that has allergies I legitimately I gobbled it up if I was in the worst we got included this one here's what I have are in good mother we're just gonna go right to that's right okay now here's one some as a there understand I'm as the sewage system and take but here's one. From Kevin. We'd. Many times do you like walked pass the house or don't like I'm I'm the since I've been eating can lung lining death I'll be running past them. I'll and you this week freshly baked we needed. It's absolutely right and and so there we go John Kerry or John Cahill from choose dial one says that they can do this for us. Where did this really had to scratch and sniff guide to Memphis it'll be available. Still out. We got a steal my idea regardless trademark they're gonna knock this project out we will definitely be Dutch vague when you wade got to be on there. This is going to be fantastic. Absolutely fantastic night out we have put together post up as inspired as we thank both of us for inspiring this. And all. Late last thing. Plus is fried chicken NN. That's done that and I got to doesn't buy a ticket and well. 80% or sell food and then the aggressor bad smells to that is well bad. Except for food essentially as of flowers may be the occasional fly nobody's gonna put. Also Jeddah but the plot is so low stakes is the farthest things verbally. I can't we got to wrap this thing now. Oh it's them closings are you gonna. Looking at the closing argument is is that we are gonna get rich. Off of the scratch and sniff yeah I don't smelling your guy did to us Memphis so there you go should be a lot of fun. The stuff none of these are getting off that if they're getting a little out of control. Go ahead with that tease what's. Coming up next isn't coming up next on Jason and Jon. What's that all this up. Coming up all Jayson the John again David sort of ESPN is NBA insider to join 1145 Baird Jones former Alabama offensive lineman. We'll join at 1225. To have on it in the air cast sunshine on the air passenger Michael Pina. Forced by sports which one at 225 its winds Thursday days that means it's. He destroyed on GP as well as Jeff Hawkins. I'm. I'm going to my 35 reunion. It's my father's news. Seventy Moussaoui we've got rid of forty years far wow college seven if it is his 75 reunion now they don't actually have a 75 reunion that after sixty they love ball together OK but he's dead fair enough. But it ninety's but it turns 98 July. I'm going to be escorted him around for the next couple days but hobbies hubby Jordan thank Phyllis and everybody. We'll be back at a loud without work is done. And the fourth pick in the 2018. NBA draft goes to. Using for the selection on Thursday June 21 on 929 MM EST yeah. 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