Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington and Jeff'$ Bet$

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, January 12th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington to the show for "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies and today's edition of "The Pick-and-Pop" and "The 9:01".

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey Wright makes his four bets for NFL Divisional Weekend, and then Geoff and Jeffrey discuss the upcoming quarterback carousel.

Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show by discussing snow days before Jeffrey plays the Byte of the Day.


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Let's until Monday Americans across the country celebrate delight you dream of doctor Martin is the king junior it's time to remember his fight for the freedom equality and dignity of all races and people at Gaza TO we salute doctor king and encourage everyone to remember today we win with love for humanity. You wanna change the way you experience TV didn't do it with the game changer the simplest fastest most complete way to access all your entertainment on all your screens Xperia X one just call 1800 extended leave or visited thirty dot com today. Yeah. 109. 688 am on. W that this. Show me the I want to analyze. Now it's been nine new lawn Nintendo want. Then 901 commercial fields I'd go. Then listen Nintendo one for Chris Herrington and. Q Joseph besides enjoying this mean abacus oh president of. There was all caught ice cold ice by these street Paul Minnesota band whose groups. Who knows a little bit about that subject so while all hum. Oh Adam reply from from about Norse shorten it gives us who. Grew up of the south. But went to college up north you touched on the new 901 some of your experiences of there. Although what was your fundamental how did you come to a foot. Understand and appreciate the ice and snow out there. Yeah I'm sure glad strides. Government and I have that at wide experience. It's extreme slow like when we get what are Webber here at credit at all. Because it's not. Bad Lilly and electors are the big ice storm is probably bad here it lashed reward. So a guy like this so what I like to col two or three issues that are Minnesota. It is so severe and laugh so small holes in them. And you told the story they've literally there was one day when they told people. The debris. Negative 85 wind chill yeah since. It would without sciatica but I want outside. Unix or search quite. You know people aren't some network or use or was great theaters June oh. Karen do you make a special trip to the grocery before. Us apocalypse like this. So all of course our social. And saying. Hey what he's test and our. Commitment to get by a few days. About eighty or it. But it's solid like I've learned more about it out at the hands. Are well probably Russia certainly but order. Yet the yes it was I mean it's not I'm not a did not drive here as fast as I typically do. And not do draft that I do I slowed down a little. But it does otherwise. But I keep on let us try to try to think about what are like it's not imply that. Need to have shots when you. Go to capture racial or who were exposed or an Arab. Right yeah as a basically get at your brakes don't let your brakes and go slow that's that's basically it and by the way if you wanna go to second line. Wear pajamas YouTube pointed out in your shot. Is that you've got a free shot. If you go to second line in your pajamas. Telling them that. What they twittered out last night I mean you know they're all correct so old Jim. What if this if there haven't Friedel potter. I haven't a full menu with whatever they may be just showed them what they serve. We're actually at last night was that you have to shoot full exempt up and he doesn't want it to be open. Well reader actually. I don't actually a 38. And staff that there. That might just gumbo it's actually caught it all war. OK you also have a pick and pop. Today you've been exploring you are the an official chronicler of the tank. And you have explored. First just like the first last week was what the team should do or how they should think about it or what they might do. This was our fans psychology. Including the poll which you started yesterday to gauge fan. Support for this and what did you discover. Homes scroll down or final got on the so we had their soccer are stuck there are our show yesterday that I added up. Ideal choice to produce it here that you can rest of the season ends up in the wind if it's possible mental sports all. Tend to Bordeaux but you don't hear it a little erode or just ever an acceptance of whatever problems. It was a pretty big whimper we do as much as much as possible to all until people sort of the vote went through so much as possible. You're an acceptance with a strong second at 29% of the people are content with the loose pretty bad that they just or except except that cops. How many people witnessed it or how many world where win as much as possible. Yeah not many. Once the distant and all the time now of course that is as you point out that the people who that's Korea's Twitter which is not necessarily representative of grandstand and generally. But I do think it probably correlates. Reasonably to people who are the most. Who care about the team the most followed the team the low right to. And so that's sort of interesting to me that those people it's who. I see the big picture or whatever have. Have basically the same understanding of the big picture that you I have and what advice do you give people in your pick and pop as to how to make their way through this. I don't buy it doesn't pieces of advice some. They want to have ordered out of there or if you weren't hurt and I don't eat out that she wore at that anyway. No object. There should we wish I had. Your. It impact. Act and outcomes if you weren't remarked that. Air. You're going to apply well I mean all said he got to target aux sable's also what are the hurricanes. Games are on the church and about watching the movie I check it out. So. In he responded we had a watching the Staley and jeopardize or the lakers haven't the key and crucial look at the lakers ordered over gives the score. I was depressed and that was absolutely fantastic the grizzlies by the way. Now. I am I they fourth and the quality Atlanta area with eleven really want. Yeah work or worse taking care at all. I don't score Iguchi to secure all teach our solar or trying to. So hard on your was not. Talking about how to execute even more hard. And you know. Or workers should have been. And once you want rapist but probably even more extension or that flocked to. I don't think he took you to now be all over and retention are honest and all you don't check it. Or yeah I just don't want to do at least the past hundred years. People suffer sorry for excuse and oh Milosevic Chanda. And certain party for all. Or even all walks. Took a look at that are sort partly experience seem so you sort out in Europe. Some sort sparks. Well it's it's it's I mean it's it's like the Memphis tiger football team I think the people who have been following them. For forever through their misery are probably of enjoyed the last few years. As a beautiful counterpoint to that or on a national scale it's obviously. The cubs in the cubs are different what are the cubs winning is different than the Yankees winning why because of the Missouri and southern Missouri I think you're exactly right. It it sort of accentuates the the joy when that when and if the joy comes it's. I'm curious. A close. I've. One of the things that is interest to me for the last few years is how will this fan base hold up when misery cops. Well here misery is coming presumably they have the season ticket sales in other of the season take authority sold. And you pointed out that a top five pick would generate great excitement into next year. But I gather like I don't know Jeffrey I didn't go to the last game by Jeffrey said it it was clearly reduced attendance. I don't know what have you observed by that India I would you be concerned by I don't what whatever you saw I am allowed what do you saw the other the other night. How do you think it's gonna hold up and how has that Elba. Or issues throughout the season ticket original stuff where we're at at the orchestra created. Or whether we're up as a record in the draft lottery. So lucky you are more international operations. Elements to argue all. But each fact or if you don't attract shops were happy after the elections reps are. I think are just about in Turkey is our market eighteen. Proceed templates or wait. Already. So your better and just all call. Turkish air issues in the dark and I had a playoff race and you want to go exactly against Portland or whatever. Education to leaders not directly to the source on all our. Yeah. I think it's bears watching but I would be done. About it if this question that's. And then lastly. In the 901 you addressed. The topic of Andy savage who is the I'm minister from high point who has been accused of and has admitted to pay at the very least an inappropriate sexual encounter when he was. The youth minister of church and Texas. And she claims it was assault he claims it was consensual. Etc. You. First of all time. Yeah you do you watched EU you said that in some ways reminded you. Of the Rick Trotter there were parts of that that echoed the Rick Trotter stuff. Explain. Are. There were. We're two different churches are two different place from two year period where. This sort of up in the access. That this woman whole judicial. Or wherever destruction Texans were. And just get your data centers in porky. About two years of age most yea votes to keep it. And the church basically had not. Tell anymore. In Orange crush or you're pleased a war comes out this sort of got him in the church in some sort chucked it ought to see so. You look at the rich are looking at it. During which he wished to retire we will Richmond or whatever happened. The extra sweet it is not vote this source of some. Sort. A lot of a couple SE judged on what that its home port Chuckie little over a room. But but it caged door searches sort of knew what was happening and he urged people not a total public key didn't aren't duplicates early. It's our current take away weapons. Won't give some idea. In an alleged supply this year in the idea of change of treating it as much each member of equal that. And he finished diplomatic and sitting next to your relative to its potential future tense are forward. There's certain things you don't even need to be watched the yard. Sort of slopes and it was instructional mortgage forms of students. You can pick it is actually exist if there's trader at age. But. So alleged terrorists yet which questions are she and editors are subject to extortion charges should be sorted out so well. So it can execute on our activity at all. Yeah it's I mean this is not I'm not comparing the any of these either of these incidents to. Obviously the this epidemic. An affiliate in the Catholic Church. It's the same thing. Are also steps. Since ideas and challenging and I think you told me it shouldn't be able. Yeah its interest in perspective Chris they want thanks very much appreciate it. That is Chris Herrington hum. On the phone. Or in an igloo a hook or either or or or wherever. Interesting stuff there are you surprised. When he takes at least a low impact a few of these things that are you surprised. That. Chris Twitter. Is all basically it's 50%. I don't care if it's a home game I don't care if it's a road game and I am all in on the tank 50% say to lose as much as you can. Does that surprise. No it doesn't because. Largely when you know I've been discussing the tanker had been saying like I don't I we wouldn't try to theorize he's against the tank. The reason why don't really know is because my most higher actually either my friends orders footer and then they're all in on the and it doesn't surprise me because it's correct with all due respect to all of you reject the view. I think chris' point second point is actually right it's just or you want a because. It's your life whatever you want a beat because it doesn't make any difference. AII. I happen to choose for them to lose Ed teacher for them to lose every single game. And I got no problems internally when they hit shots it makes me sat I'm not I'm not even it's not an intellectual choice it just. I internalize that at that point. But of all all that we as fans often superstitious through superstition think we have an impact on the game we dealt. So you can cheer for whatever you want it doesn't make any damn difference the truth of the matter is. I have had as much. Interest. In I had more interest. There may be more may be I think probably more. I have watched two playoff to two races for my teens my original teams that might mean I have watched two. Earned. Races. Very closely recently in the last few years and guide. One was the bills raced the playoffs this year yes right such as that that's if you wanna call that our rates whatever what some. A stood stumbled to the pluck I did watch that intent. And one was three years ago when the Buffalo Sabres. Needed to be collapsed yes because in the old days of the NHL lottery. It was you could only drop down a slot so if you had the worst team though if you worst team in the league. It was just you can drop to second but that's it right so the lottery was for the first pick. And they were two great players coming. Comic David and Jack Ike the truth this is kind of a David is vastly better than Jack eichel all the Jack I was the start his own right. So you knew if you were laughs if you were second. You wouldn't know guarantee get the one of these good players but when you the last. You're getting more why did you get one of these you were locked in. I was much more interest it. And much more of support and much more folk it's much more tuned to that that race to the bottom. There and then then the bills race for the classes. Well I was upset I was update grizzlies game I have the sabres gave alternate. As day it was critical they there's one game lead to comfort him to nothing lead thank god they gave up three goals in the third period. We had a game and that was big game where literally in buffalo fans were cheering against their team. That did happen and it was sort of a point of controversy result wanna catch a mercy to me it's got a bad form to do it to the players are. You people though when players felt bad about it so therefore you feel bad about it. But in terms of the race it's watched this race if the lakers beat the rickets birds last night that it is awesome. And and so. Well last night he had the kings. It was competitive kings and clippers and yet they nearly beat the clippers who came back and then the clippers beat him in the end. And it would have been nice if the kings have lost but the lakers beat the spurs. And that was absolutely critical tonight you've got. Atlanta. Is playing Brooklyn so someone's gonna win now I'm not that worried about Brooklyn anymore but there are only two games. Ahead whatever you wanna call it they're two games because only two games worse than Brooklyn that's gonna be. That's you called a lose lose win win proposition bet someone's going to Orlando plays the wizards because of the nuggets. And the hornets of the jets so watch those games I find the race the bottom to be completely compellent got a ways to make it totally enjoyable to watch college basketball. I completely agree I think the difference like when you when you look at the difference between. Your idea with the bills making the playoffs and then you look at the sabres. It's all. It's all about the fact that the reason why you say the reason why the bills were entrenched in mediocrity for so long was there was this obsession. About just making the playoffs. Instead of just blowing it up. And trying to actually build a roster doesn't really get that the ratio of the Bonham was more compelling for me is in the end. I'm 56. I've two teams that I follow forever. Now I should follow the Memphis teams is well. And love them etc. I would like to before I die CD bills or sabres went a title I guess what that would be lot. I knew that the bills were not winning the championship so I was interest did I mused I'm happy for the mall it was nice to Blake the drought and everything else. I don't know title was involved whereas getting kind of a David or Jack I call. Could ultimately outs and a disaster hasn't worked out well so far. But they have to act like a mound catcher for the next ten years could ultimately produce a championship form a hundred or so I was excited for the championship and and I probably would have been a you're watching the giants raced the bottom this year. If I if I could right now. Trade. The bills' playoff appearance for the leave for Cleveland seasons since the bills at the first back I would work. Probably a benefit for just the first I would wood and an instant oh yeah that instant oh yeah and so yeah I. I think you could enjoy this fall gate and the other thing. On me out on the Andy savage iPhone. I don't know him I know people who do know him. And and I know it's been. If it's been abet this and it's a bad look around the country. When the way to headline says is. Minister accused of this yet and he gets a standing ovation like that's a bad look that has been a bad look around the country. Like Chris Harrington. I don't know and I don't feel comfortable. Weighing in on whether it was even if it was quote unquote consensual there was a power dynamic that was a play hard so that made it 100%. In not just inappropriate but an abuse Alia power and and whatever else and it may have been. Assault assault like I I I don't I don't. He says it was whatever I'm not American away on that I think the larger point. Is exactly right is that churches. And maybe it's not just churches universities honestly often used to say we will handle this internal yes right. And and you can handle it internally. If it is. Our plagiarism if you're halfback plea to share you can handle it internally. The time you stop handling it internally is when there's an allegation of sexual assault and universities. Like churches have often handled that. Internal. And the truth of the matter is they re the are equipped to handle it internally and I'll that they can't put people in jail and people who commit sexual assault should be in jail. After the rich not a thing. I know people who are involved in those churches just as Rick was founded one church for for having. Just on this previously. Filled people. And they decided to forgive him and they had a big. You know whatever and and I talked to a woman who was a member of that church. Who said we thought we were doing the right thing we were trying to be Christian for giving the people. And we thought we were doing the right thing they want to treat mental and everything right we thought we are doing the right thing. Being compassionate. For Rick. I understand why they think that. The problem is is when there is a client crime alleged and actually committed circus in the case Randy savage I don't can't win one way or another. It is not the job of the church to sort out whether the crime was whether promised to read it is the job of the criminal justice system to sort out whether a crime was committed and had today. Had had been reported when it first happened then. You know then you may not that bad it would have been resolved way back them one way or another Pakistan. It is something that churches have been doing for forever and it is I absolutely with the Catholic Church did. So often wish and it ended with with. With this epidemic on. I've got to Philly and I fats I thought I thought chris' point on that was absolutely well taken there are some things should be handled. By aid or assistance because they are in fact potential. Crops are what we come back we are going to have a special addition area special addition. Jeffrey did not make you a whole lot of money. With his college did on Saturday. With his college picks. What you did well last week. And you've got your to a two last week Jeffrey can picking NFL all the good stuff out and show anything and a feminist. I'd just. Dave Matthews dream trips were to move to Minneapolis with the tales they're fair game. It's been thirteen seven to eight game. Yeah. Until now isn't it Phil. 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I actually it's in Minnesota and while you're an order the FDA and they're afraid the AFC games across our stink. All right so let's start first here where. The falcons and Eagles again 325 tomorrow. Nick also has failed to complete a pass thrown at least twenty yards down field. Since taking Evers the start on the door and went thus far I'd be three games bring Ames has not competing completed a pass. That that the wound up going twenty yards or that fit through the air through the air that was a twenty yard attempt. So he's not completed that. Obviously. The falcons have been kind of the hot team the team that a lot of people like they've drawn comparisons to you when the Packers got in and Tony eleven and one Super Bowl on them when the giants in 2007 won the Super Bowl. My number one like to see it by the way. It emotionally. I would like to who are you rooting for. I'd the war until like Minnesota I think the hometown Minnesota suitable got a fund I like moral and I think perfectly happy if Minnesota one if New Orleans one. I. Per clamoring for neurologist because I said life Phillies not gonna win and certainly gonna live crowd be happy the Minnesota New Orleans or Atlanta. And people out there are Tennessee Titans fans are going to be yelling at me I don't care. Yes on the Eagles are the first number one seed to be an underdog in the divisional round ever that tells you what they yeah. About Naples because the other circumstances jerking Ali to bear. Couple other notes for you under has cashed in on six straight falcons games. And ten of their last thirteen the defense is not getting enough attention but it's pretty damn good now I thought they had the most impressive tackling performance I've ever seen in in a full playoff game last week against the against the rams I don't remember god missing a tackle when it was 11 situation which is. Insane to think about like especially need either Todd Gurley Sammy had a big amount of playmakers at so I. I just my number one rule when he hit the divisional round is take the better quarterback and historically it's worked out very well for me and indeed Matt Ryan is a significantly better quarterback what's the what's so right now it's a three point line I won't be you'll be given the first I'll be laying free points and I want. Falcons in that it. I. Second game of a local interest on the road is and to better. New England at. Miss Tennessee the litany Tennessee appearing like if you're wondering. Who hates the patriots the most. It's not you Jeff its Vegas because in the last few years the patriots are thirty and eight against the spread. Thirty and eight. Wow. That is insane. Now what's also insane as the line is currently thirteen points thirteen points in a playoff game is. Virtually unheard of for a New England team that gives up rushing yards. Against the titans team that can run the ball and who knows where Tom Brady is right now are we guaranteed we're gonna get the awesome time Brady I think I. The worst thing that happened was that ESPN's story coming I think Iran. I'm like a guy gets the old now we have another thing to rally around him you double bird guess whether it's once upon a time move placate or whatever else. Now we have another point. If we can have a chip on our shoulder about something and further the last time that I took the points against the patriots in a playoff game. Was the Indianapolis Colts is either are for the division or the championship game of the final with like 55 to fourteen. So. I'm just I'm just gonna do points you land the lane thirteen points and actually I feel good about it. I don't think the tight. And I think last week was more of a flu than people. I think everyone enjoys talking about Andy Reid being a bad playoff coach. Beating the chiefs in Kansas City is not an insignificant thing I might do they lost their best offensively alien offense and defense of but they haven't won a playoff game at home since 1993. The chiefs. Tom Brady against the titans is six and oh. And the patriots have covered eight of their last nine when being a thirteen point favorite or more artsy like New England to. Cover we go to Jacksonville. Pittsburgh what's this with the line the line there is seven points and I'm playing seven as much as I'm joke about being a Blake portals guy. Housley portals go to school. Mean ever talks about that the jaguars that they don't iiroc I think the jaguars defense also is 100%. And when you have that kind of defense is Elaine what is seven pounds seven sevenths but my whole deal is Ben Roethlisberger is not in a threw five interceptions again let's be real. And lady on bell is much. You Korea the contract holdouts they miss so a lot of training camp when he and that game was so early in the season but he had really gotten going. No interior rounds a little banged up but I just I don't see this end. We're as good as the jaguars defense is. Tyrod still had chances to score a touchdown passes against them and I don't think Ben Roethlisberger is gonna miss all the lights are. Is portals as bad as he was last week our key was god awful last week the funny thing is is that there was a portals we knew last year was awful like when he's got off the of the one pretty good season Jesse I think. And then he's been pretty awful. But Benny had a stretch of games where people like. Maybe Blake portals is actually okay. But he was not okay he was worse than Tyrod and that game he was god awful that the only real reason people give credit to the bills' defense. It wasn't that hard for the bills defense that they just had to load up. Against the run because you you wanted to Blake portals to be throwing the ball he simply could not do it. And so. The most telling play is I'm sure your moves there was third and thirteen and the jaguars had some room it wasn't like they were backed up who's third in thirteen and they throw bubble story. I think his office at all. And so I think he's our I don't I don't think he's horrible I I easel. I think he's that class capable of harm let's see down Harlow oh let's just say that's the thing about Blake portals is you ride these ways with him sorry that's right and right now in my opinion he's on a downward turning wait is it wasn't just last week. The titans game he wasn't very good the week before that it wasn't very good so I think he's. Is okay I guess against the niners at times but. For the most part. Note so from us some other statistics the jaguars or twelve and five against the spread their last seventeen. Against the Steelers but more importantly distillers are 40 and one against the spread. In the last five divisional round. I and then what you think is the best most intriguing game of the week and New Orleans. At Minnesota and in my head on this one so my number one rule is always take the better quarterback. That's true brace. He vikings haven't given a hundred points for sure. Here's why I'm going to stick with my confidence by the way. IQ beyond. Case schemes that are quarterback this year. IQ BR he is the best quarterback. In the remaining in the playoffs this year he Carson once would have been yes flood of all the players on it literally gators thought about forget the fact that he's he's seen them with the reject everywhere before he got the Minnesota. Of all the quarterbacks left in the playoffs or who were ever in the playoffs. He has the best quarterback rating period but. Problem with case genome is night. My biggest steel caged him is he's the ultimate example of the quarterback that I can't stand it and here's why. I can't stand him because he does everything right. From April read perspective from a throwing the football on time all of the fundamentals of playing the position he does everything right. It's just stinks and so like you wanna get angered school. He's not talented yet Bellotti doesn't have the F we call our count yes and so he's frustrating for me because. I appreciate what he does he maximizes every ounce of ability that he has but I don't trust in this his first ever playoff start. I think that's an end the debate we he has proven he can be a good regular season quarterback we know nothing about whether you to be associated with and here's what I think. It was the most eye opening aspect of last week with the saints. There was this weird narrative that somehow developed around Drew Brees this year that he wasn't playing that well which Peruvian saint. And I think it was fantasy owners getting upset because he was going to the big numbers weren't going touchdowns. He set the NFL record for completion percentage and unlike any check failed sleeves Bradford. He had the number one yards per attempt. In all of the NFL so he was throwing the ball downfield and still completing it and we saw last week when essentially with a game plan for the Panthers was was we're not gonna let Ingram or not elect mortgage going because when those guys get going. We can't do anything to stop them. So they basically said all right we're going to stack the run in fact that's quite a strategy when Drew Brees the quarterback. I just don't think that's a winning strategy or that we're gonna major breach credible general it we're gonna make Drew Brees Genevieve does yeah. So aren't going to take five points so them the vikings are five point favorite right now. I think I would do that and I only take five points and packed. Gonna take the money why I think the central. The other interesting thing here of course is. And maybe I'm just voyage in the coming up is because coming off season is. Who's good and like where this case keen and going to be next year whereas Alex Smith going to be next year. Where is Kirk cousins going to be next year. Do you have any sense of that I think what's the most interest on pay people think he's keen and going to be in Arizona because. Current patch armory as chairman is most likely be the editor and I Shermer is the operative word I mean they're letting their they're not gonna keep peace Yemen they're gonna go back to. I think I think with the most likely to do is. I don't think they're gonna keep his keen and just because of his skin is gonna get one of those contracts that we lacked that in the valley five years. I think what they're most likely do is go backwards. Bridgewater will be healthy. So I think I believe Bradford contracts are so I think the most likely to leverage gridlock so you think they don't want more a year Bridgewater on the workings. And then delightful film I think there what about. 'cause. Cousins. The only thing I feel certain about is it's not going to be Washington. Right because died that they're not going to not get a franchise him again Denver. Denver makes sense. Buffalo obviously makes sense Cleveland makes sense. You know the jaguars have it well it's yeah a very they've chosen as the most interest in. Because Alex Smith would kill the Jacksonville applicability Jacksonville. And and Kirk cousins in television veteran right. If I'm Jackson for a Alex I'm not a town cousins that Ralph Alex Smith is going to get a at least he's gonna they traded two picks two through number Tuesday and a he is going to bring back at least the number sir you're gonna have to give up a number two he has one year out on his deal so he is if I'd reckon at. If on the Jack. To why you have point nine million dollars a year for Kirk cousins. Which is gonna make it very hard for me to sign all my defensive studs going forward. For do I say you know what. I think a flip it to the Kansas City and I'm gonna get Alex Smith. That's what I community. If I'm the jets absolutely that's what I 100% and also Smith is much more of a Coughlin typed out yet and so and then. And then if you wanna spend that if the if anyone after with a unit that that may be maybe it is the bills or maybe it is Cleveland or maybe it is but I and I see. Usher does kick in forty degree so. Let's take Cleveland for example are you an obvious he's gonna draft a quarterback with a number one pick. I don't see how Kirk cousins. And the number one if Cleveland's gonna do that they're not gonna sign her closet they got Josh Rosen where they are they're not gonna do vote there's there will you do Alex Smith yeah both. But you can't do cousins and Josh rose. Agree there's also speculation though that they might get cute and go light. Sake one Barkley number one and then hope that baker mayfield is there for and take baker for. And he would. What if what if like the jets trade but it tells that to the what it does the colts had the three and the colts. Presumably are not going to need quarterbacks so they're sitting there with the third pick. And there are lots of teams in that range and I just have to jump up and what if they're if they're dealing with the jets they only they don't have to fall off Denver jumps out what is you know I mean they're theirs and so this idea. I am all in on your whole theory now if you have a quarterback that you like screw it hate. Don't worry about a deal with the bears did but don't worry about pagan at L. Don't we're looking for you think you should take an attendance that are taken them to take the reported him yes I feel like can take. And I sort of recap. You are. Taking. Atlanta and playing three. 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Us and we'll get a fresh out. I ends with what do we learned today with Kennedy got a what do we learn today I think the most important thing that we learned today. Was that day a lot of yard work. And I'm impressed when I came in the with the illusion under the illusion that and almost half of them all her. I heard from the triple A got. Who would actually helped me a week ago. Who is out there helping people connect. I heard from Domino's without their delivered right now a delivered pizzas to people in need. I heard from all kinds of people who work so. I salute all of you who work. The other thing we learned. Is that. Except for one call. Who said that she did indeed because she has kids or whatever I wanted to make peanut butter sandwiches and glasses of milk and it wasn't bread and milk them over to Mitt. There was alcohol. And yet I say more. It was. Goat cheese sandwiches and then tomato soup or harm but more than anything yeah. It was chicken and dumplings. It was chicken and double. So. How you are dead or worker. The other half you make into the dump it and chicken and dumplings. And whichever way you do in this and I applaud you for negotiating your way through this. Just horror of a dead. Once that. Here's the combined with the day of defamation case Kim and it will be his first playoff start as a starting quarterback. All right Zimmer yesterday had some inching comments about what exactly he likes about he's keen on and why he thinks that he'll be prepared for the task at hand and here's what he had sacked its. Pretty much charge up all the time so. I don't have to worry about and in too much more than what is he's a you know he's an excitable guy but he's always excitable so I don't I don't see that didn't. Much of the same thing I appreciate about him besides his big and is that he the only pays attention to detail he studies he works real hard preparation. And so you know I think all those things come commitment factor. So just because that's is that his big heart no his big guy and adds. Begets. Today it is money to stumble upon. But there you are looking for quarterback looking for quarterback look good for quarterback. And you stumble upon a guy. Who has been rejected it and just journey to incur debt. Is there an example I Jeff Garcia was sort of that Rich Gannon dad owner Rich Gannon is I think the best example of that which candidates came based off. At Kerry Collins of little bit but Kerry Collins and other problems that kinda led to him kind of bouncing around write them off the field stuff more than anything yeah I mean he was highly drafted carry guns cup cup and a gavel in her shower six. With the here's what's coming up next is the next. If you're not working will still be role live radio today is the body of Bel Bel is gonna join the Jason and Jon show astle Sean Salisbury 11251225. Respectfully Aircastle and show me how. Kind of ESPN will join at June 25. 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