Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington and the Fight Song Round Up

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, November 13th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington to the show for "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing. They discuss today's edition of "The 9:01" and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Segment 2 -- Geoff celebrates four college football teams and blows up another two following each's performance over the weekend.

Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show briefly discussing Tiger basketball.


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I think as you should be I think the most the biggest concern is it's. I think what I don't rule level I does have his. Tigers so. So anyway it will be a remarkable season and I do hope that for the sake of the University of Memphis. That they say listen wolf talking after the championship game. How do you believe that play. I think that's pious. They'll talk to Jimmy before the championship. And they'll say listen is your guy interest that very interest that they may even say tour so right share but do you think they'll be face to face with Novell. And an AD for the championship game if he becomes a number one target. No I agree the on the but I do think he could be. I don't think differently done yes I don't think there was a face to face between Urban Meyer and Florida when he went to Florida I think that deal you've done there will be report saying. Tennessee or whomever it is Arkansas home ever is has settled on bubbled up close to an agreement before the cap from for the America that I can attribute to. My gut says yes that would be a fortune. I Chris Jenkins in studio talked him next Jeff hawkish on anything and from his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's something you hope you never need however it's comforting to know that there's a local company that can service any problems that arise day or night owners Fred and Jeff have over 24 years of combined plumbing experience at 901 plumbing was convenient 24 hour emergency service not a one plumbing experts are available for residential commercial and industrial problems any time there's financing available on qualified just they're licensed bonded and insured evening and weekend emergency services available to all 9012354200. 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Now he says 901 Nintendo was. Then 901 commercial appeal dot com. Then listen exam no one's heard Chris Herrington and nine. Can she know. There's Energizer. I'm Chris well well you must answer those you got to Hamann by Saban David stacks records great. When that today because I spent my weekend writing a sixty greatest Memphis soul songs story which I guess we're gonna Iran and our Thanksgiving issued next week. Those are my final cuts economic. When you do away list of sixty. Greatest event whistle songs. Do you know them all you have to go back and listen to them and remind yourself which are great in which are not great which would be less grade Margaret. Or know them all but yet he's still collect you look good journalists and wire while you're writing I think 100 yet. Is number one out of this process is number one obvious no I don't think there's an obvious number one. There is. I don't do do you think there is I don't I wouldn't know the answer to OK it's not like walking in Memphis where there's an obvious general level wasn't. It's obvious someone for people have no taste exactly what was the over the category for that one way your arms about out of Memphis and you edited number 63 or something like those like a number of Aaron Emerson midway in the mid point with it with. It was thumb. It was as high as it was because I put my thumb on the scale us and I had about mayor said this story they were I think three of the five people will be put to the top 100. Yeah. On the event. That's what we have five people OK anyway so dumb grizzlies had a visit. I over the weekend Houston they did not. Go well I don't know how anyone would have been surprised by that unless you're expecting is to win every game. The best boast when good that was on the they really weren't supposed to win having beaten Houston twice. Playing as Houston had figured be alignment ones yeah I don't think for the grizzlies first double digit loss of the season. That's pretty good to go that deep into a season without double digit loss. When you're not you know the Golden State Warriors or whatever. And so I think they were probably due to take a bad loss and like you said win mean Houston is the top two or three team in the league. And so to beat them three times early twice in their own building and a short our Spanish sort of asking a lot. And so the lost and the man who lost the other things were it was surprising to me. If you take any concern out of that it's not the outcome is that my colleague just is not look like Mike Conley really for a while. Well and that is the biggest concern Mike Conley wall. Is Ortiz all had a great lately I haven't gone remorse or remark does not mean I was gonna get to that to mark six of 1503 from three and write whatever. Mike was scoreless again in the first half after another slow start against in this whole buys grapes on NF. Yeah he's in pretty good in the second half but he does not look like Mike. He. Did it. Around Tyler did a piece where he sort of brushed off from Wright said it's time just trying to find the flow in the offense and this and that whatever. But I think just like what our eyeballs. Last year told us that something was wrong with Chandler Parsons back to nearly that extend right but. Eyeballs tell you it's not just of he's trying to play different role or something he doesn't look like Mike Conley do you think it is a situation where you. I mean if they go through the whole year with this Mike Conley. That is all that's that's talked. Is this situation or let's say. Let's do this a medical question I guess who well knows that right shut down for two weeks yes that's about but I. And had a chance to talk to anybody about that so I don't know whether this is the kind of thing that's just gonna work itself out and get better over time. Or if you need to this shutting it down help I don't know the answer right that's the medical. You know clearly I mean their children five of my colleague essentially playing like this off season other than opening night. And feel like the team is deep enough and powdered up we've discovered that you know they can probably be competitive all season if you give this my colleague even. On the that's been played like 82 games of this right. But being competitive with sort I think I think after this the start again to ports are open for all the better than to speak about it. And competitive with our team but forty games probably don't like we know that kind of thing. To be a solid playoff team which is what they look like or we all and you'd need a better Brett Connolly. And we don't know the right way twitching we have no idea we have no idea how to achieve that. Is there a part of you that thinks this could be what we see of Mike Allen this is what Mike Conley has become. Well there in the pre season that in there and see he was ruled last season with a full pro season I mean you know in terms of you know that measure are sort of what will the kinds of seasons that did that suggest a dip the following season. Last season's my colleagues he's a met that criteria in terms of how much better he was than the year before relative to his age and what the whole thing. And so yeah I mean. It. Might currently taking a downturn would not be surprising this season. Right now he's shooting under 40% from the floor and 33% from three. In that is not natural regression. Even if he took a dip from last season it based just on eight it's not a get back. They wheels there's a physical issue that right if this is not that when people talk about the regression or whatever it's normally because. A you're not that player that you war and then beer a year older and a stick figure told them but this is an age taking a told this is this is he has a physical problem with the Achilles right which is limiting him and the question is how you got to get better and edit and and other created many things this game against Houston. Was after three days rest right right so you hope that that's the kind of game where you come out looking a little thrasher and right and that was not the case. Now that was not the case in fact the backcourt was absolutely destroyed. I mean is back in half and Harden had 38 right Eric Gordon had 26. And you got your face one of the best back according again in the NBA. So that was rough okay. It was a typical of many res in in many ways it was a double digit loss beating at twenty turnovers in their two wins they added 21 combined I think they're friends. Over Houston. So yeah mark did look good might didn't look good we did have that this season debuts. Of Ben medical more. And Wayne sell them sell them just garbage time came in at Johnson played four minutes and hit some shots and whatever. Medical Moore played eighteen minutes. To a 54 points. Pretty inconsequential. Fire on both of those neat. When you lose up to say about somebody that oily rag called a garbage doesn't matter that other stuff during cleaned out of that other than he was healthy enough to be on the floor did have very ambulatory. Michael Moore there's there's there's you know taking that it's not enough to go and we got one shot from three list that you wanna see and be more high volume three point shooter. If he's gonna play for you his role needs to be as someone who's a little bit more high volume was a three point shooter so I wanted to send an eighteen minutes is not what you are looking for there. But it's one game and so so wolf say. I think I think the question of Powell. I'm gonna write about this at some point it may be by leave this week I kinda rather wait go to a little while an MR now use it we don't anything anymore. The question of sort of those the wean rotation and Howell the roles fed up. I think is an interest in dilemma for the grizzlies. I don't think it's imperative that that that sort itself out immediately I think you can give me because you've seen using eighteen minutes have been met for more eagerly uniform and you've seen the performance of seldom the season. I think you need I think it war it's getting those guys on the floor and see more of them to help you make it better on her decision about what the role should be. So I think the British can take you know a couple 23 weeks and could accumulate some more data before settling on what you know quiet rotation should be with those guys. But it's not obvious what these are should be and so I think that's to meet interesting question moving for. Some. What are some possibilities. Well the thing. I'll I'll write this but bottom of the basic thing for me as I was gonna say you know will you should tiger camp and start right. And I'm storm fairly agnostic on that question. I don't think it's it's important. I don't think in the NBA you can start your five best players. I'm just 48 minute game to manage you wanna be political fall 48. But I do think you need to set up your lineup rotations in a way that maximizes. The plane kind and the use of your best players. That doesn't necessarily mean your five best players starting. But I think you can't get to a situation where you have too many players starting. Who or inferior to players coming off the bitch is at that point it's hard to manage the tire rotation to maximize the minutes and rolls of your best players. And so. I don't think evident in terms of starting bitch to three I think in terms of your entire week rotation and what's your what's your packet or how are you prioritize them in terms of minutes and role. I think right now to prepare Tyreke Evans is number one on the list rankings pre cleared Andrew Harrison is a six on the list. The four guys in the middle Dylan Brooks James NS have been Mac or more once held and we don't know how that's settle out right now you would say industry you probably brooks' three maybe could we would but while that. Michael Moore selvin behind them but we've seen enough of back more cell. I think it I think they need to get older trying to figure out how debt that you worship play out. But if you look out be in. Two degree that you think that duo Brooks and James and his are both better and Tyreke Evans are all better basketball players and a stubborn and back for more. And at that point I think it's hard to start Sam Feldman McLemore I don't think you've distorted to wrestling players. I don't know if you can store your fourth because at that at that point it's harder to maximize the miniature rolls or your better players I think that sort of we've seen this before we saw this with the Saudi interests and young thing what are. There were three better when players on the team and those two guys start games and I think that's the case with a bit Matt Moore went out and we don't know yet. But you give a little bit more time that's Kyra possible you look up to disable Google Brooks and can senators and Tyreke Evans all freedom are better than these guys. And at that point you I think you gotta eat you have to sort of Basilan players I think you need to start to New York. It's ALC loans to apply. Yes although want to go searching me in the Houston game we talked about this and I've read about Osama. And they did it for one minute they went away from it but not garbage time in the real part of the game there is one minute out they are. Where tiger Kevin's point and then he had I think Brooks and in us on the wings. Parsons and ran right at you know at the bigs. In that one minute the least talk or think my colleague back in. If if Carly you're struggling and Mario talk or ski struggling to. And you have five wing players that you wanna assume before I really think they should start looking for more time to put tiger cabins on the ball. We'll sort of OK I was gonna ask you this context of if you sit Mike. Because the other small secret as is that Thomas has made a writer and so you about it and he Hillary nearly prayer facade actually going to there's writer so we can you got arrest Mike for two weeks and played Mario Chalmers and wanna. But the Marshall has not been good was not good again the other night and I. I think a few is that the way you get around that is you can't have tied me being your full time starting right guard but he can soak up a lot of minutes at a winter. Is Hillary if you're trying to find minutes to give wing solvents are running game bad back for more to run beat you don't wanna keep playing James that if the dawn broke. One of the ways you do this to would you do that Warner's leadership James and a sudden you're Mormon it's at or. Which makes a lot of sense right now as long straw Morton's the inauguration that's about to change this model brings them back. It makes it come back to backs and tell Parsons that but the other way to British shifted the other way Tyreke Evans minutes on the ball. You got five playable wing players. In you lose the versatility there that you can find minutes for all I looked them. If you're cutting into plain tied for Mario Chalmers were draw Martin. For some of those players what did you mean when you said you can't wait when you write something now because the world keeps changing them issues are different in the grizzlies he goes to university exchange really just isn't so much are they from a regular everyday tutors and social media everyday talk this congress saying it Yardley where we want to ask you have always like see in the conversation your idea that's going the second values come to your head in Africa out somebody here. You get well he's marinate and wait for the right moment these huge can't you find it very difficult okay. It was up to me over the weekend that. I'd read the question was injury but he's clearly was a good player before he was obtained by the doesn't take reached. The question was injury there's been other players in the gazette obtained for one reason or another through the years. Well there is Tony Allen or. Zach Randolph or who were what they wore what ultimately more versions of what they became with the grizzlies somewhere else right Michael Moore is different yet because he sucked. And now we're exactly him to be good it was a good three point shooter not a great three point shooter but it could three point shooter. And a good athlete who could run up and down before that that was basically it a he was not a good defender he was not good with the ball. He was not a productive team basketball player or any measurable steps for forty years. And so again I gotta run to open up before it can spot and hit threes with which has had its uses but that was basically it with an acrobat. Have the grizzlies we know they're good at finding pieces wrecked. Have found someone previously. Who was sort of a semi bust under achieved somewhere. It's that's a different model legend Michael Green scrappy weighing the thing that I became something different he said that about James in this but the body of work with not it's. Blow hard with him and he one touted and failed he was just it was a laughing right whatever it wasn't all he wasn't all of our former lottery pick. But the body work was inconsequential but there just wasn't as much that it was that whole rotation on a team for four years with likewise our rotation for two years right. And so I mean the major there's example that off the top of my head I can't think of I'll ask them because when you pose this question about whether. Whether in fact. Seldom and medical more are not Aaron what do five and 54 or five of the red clay do you suspect that they are. Is that why you brother I got up to suspect that they are I think I admire him as clearly the most touted player. I. I think James and if this is good at he's not he's a limited kind of good right. He's targeted please regular score 1520 points. Hardly ever but he's gonna he's a big fan he's in a row on the floors high efficiency. I just think he's a really useful players toward me imagine he's not an irritation and bad at any point. And don't Brooks is just a basketball player you have every time you go that theory like he hasn't had another score in our opening night. But he helps you almost every time he's on the work in so yeah I think it's quite likely that. Once you know I'm I think that you need to give those guys more minutes I'm OK you give the minutes here in the next couple weeks to try to. Bigger and I will have more. But I'll be surprised if if you if if if they crack that top three in terms of who are your best basketball players on the way well. Tonight Milwaukee on the road they finish off this road trip we said before the road trip again. They went to entry in the Richard we take any party and the party went rightly say that yes they were they there they want to Ameritech. This will be a tough one I guess who do in the betray a thought in my own tribute of a broad stretch what do you make of it I bled so obviously now playing for the books give the bucks for a Labatt blue streak in such an editor. Bledsoe in the 12 in a row one of those against the spurs which is good and Antonio right. And they got what has so far been the best player in the NBA. I where's he whether he isn't some essential since the last party tomorrow James who also says that while there but all paper he has been the best player in the NBA so for the season and Arafat to compile. He is incredible numbers is gonna have a hard time guarding him. Who will guard him in us who initially. Do you see some channel or move on him I'm sure which will be fun. All the horses is you know and it was a brilliant the other night let's neutrality to the metal yeah. And so I mean this is a winnable game is the box or your books are six and six or a world beaters but their home and they got the best player on the floor. And and there I assume the Milwaukee's favored in the game knowledgeable over the weekend what happened. Oh is a little bit of a heartbreaker for Bartlett out of Arlington Bartlett battled the suburban mark Katz Panthers and the tigers. And it didn't have been. I don't have to support her and you may bill is only 355 to 230 didn't seem like a break and yet pretty good so all our Arlington had a pretty substantial win. They of this thing that lead they do now which they didn't do back in new years ago when I did it it's called the pop quiz which is. You could score each team does this can question lightly around individual thing you can score anywhere from zero to 100 that's arranged to score. But soon if you get a question wrong you Dodd (%expletive) all right. And so I felt so bad the Bartley captain boulevard for they did this they didn't get to know you segment. And the bar when captain Tom mentioned that she lured presidential trivia. And that would if into the pop quiz that the team that's behind gifts they either take the first at a lower pass their forty points behind in the category is. Presidential term possible give you the years she's been the president laws and you could see your face like. And man like like we should take this. But this is like a set up for disappointment after I guess that's that's what she's been like said that basically breaks insured up they took it in the first woman got was 2001 through 2009. And they answered George H. W. Bush which is one letter to many. And they were gonna get zero points. It went over our own and they got a full 100 on the pop quiz so it would have been a tight right tight match or not. For that pop life is hard like those are about a lump all that has a kid he's a junior now is getting Spencer who made my second team all knowledgeable assault more last season. And he had a huge game on the buzzer and in in the gum we get to new segment we found out he is the I guess we qualify and fish all city of Lakeland historian. As a high school juniors. You can just yet. Because we'll talk to you again throughout and I don't what is above the commercial bill dot com and I've weeded it. Outlook backed by some round up we will talk Lamar college football including Norman for starters Jeff Carter Jamaican NFL has been decent Gary generation. No lawless says it's got the real Buick O real pleasure to welcome to all coalition leader cursor under the certainly somewhat. Very very show weekdays 4 PM until 6 PM that's amazing broadcasting on six ADM this is now 829 FM RE SPN's. 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They got a massive game this week against SMU where they can. Clinch a fair. Trip to the American athletic conference championship game. By. Beating ass and you they have moved up. Further in the in the rankings. Continue to move up in the in the in the various polls there seventeen. In the USA today coaches poll. Eighteenth in the gay people. And today. And obviously they'll they'll continue to make in the playoffs. Committees rankings when they come out this week 11 am. Let's start this weekend with some have complained about means you get up get up early and get your ass to the game. And I do think the scientifically. Flawed people to go to games you do what you wanted to it's your time your money went around. But it does strike. That this is a game that'd be nice to have a big crowd for and it does strike me that this team deserves the next three games. Against Estonia. But against east Carolina. Then they get Central Florida I'd presume. Although if Central Florida loses they got temple and US Africa. Left to go. If I temple had used if if you CF loses apple or US after. That could be US after that Memphis plays in the Italian military games I think maintain. I'd be most. Important games that Memphis football has ever played and yes I mean that is bigger then in beating Tennessee in there. 1996. It is bigger than the first. Win then. Over Ole miss in 1967. It is against the the bigger than me a legendary Ty would almost 00 time and almost in 1960 period is bigger than me. Victory over USC in 1991. Bigger than a win over Florida in 1988 for you know win over Auburn in 1975. Figured in the win overall mess in 1983. Bigger than the win over UConn to clinch a share of the a title. In 2014. And it is the biggest and these are the biggest. Because that assists playing for something. Before that play the victim is nice the victories grade the victory you frame when you put on the wall and whatever else but here they are playing for something. And that's something is the right to go to a New Year's Day bowl. In this case probably the people. Something that it's hard to imagine once upon a time in Memphis could have achieved is a long shot at this point. They're not they would be favored to do that there will be favored against UCF. But these are all winnable games. I think Europe they're currently eleven at eleven implicate we SMU according to ESPN FBI 78% chance of winning. This week and then according to ESPN FBI and number 7% to 900 point medicine check your it was invented beam is Carolina and after that. But I would have led to 20% chance to be used yeah. If they get to that game but. They can beat them. You see a really good but they could be and so. So yes I do I I depart from my normal neutrality on these matters and hired you to get your tickets. And support you or. Local football team expects. It needed Memphis favor. Yes did thriller. I've beating SMU 43 a forty. It was an eight personal I was up. And not for this game but to see my the men's basketball tigers take on. Alabama and one of the cool things about that moment is at various points. Everyone who served in the navy the stand. While they played this. Another point they ask anyone who served in the Marines understand what may play a marine. And it's just you can't help but. I also happen to be navy's senior day. And so they start. Malcolm Perry the executive slot. Even see you gonna sock or never play again quarterbacks this spring but they'd have a bit bit about losing streak. And so they put him in at quarterback he runs for 282. Yards they're leading. 3411. At the half you like maybe. Roll. Until less than you started to pull it. And ended up tied at Morton then your navy's pass defense and then they need big name of the way through one pet. Maybe once admitted it was intercept. And so we yeah navy comes back and as the news comes back scores on the all three drives in the third quarter and at that time the game. With the two point conversion with 332. But maybe 1480 Arnie and America's navy team pulls out within eighteen yard field goal. Basically at the end and so what that win what it means. Is a blessing of the mavs defense and you you want to speed new maps favored by eleven A half over Aston. What it means that spice some unfortunate. Happenstance. Lesson you beats Memphis this weekend. Madness can still clinch their spot in the amid an eleven attempts everything in my dvds Carolina which they should. Remember this is gonna go to the American about a half. And that is quite an accomplishment for a team that. Lost best coach ever best coach quarterback best quarterback ever. Two years later is going the American about a conference championship game. Well he's going to. For everything you do. Ladies and gentlemen Miami absolutely yes. Comment on Notre Dame the big weekend of and surprising loans in college football and it was a flying overhead. That said dragging one of the signs behind at the Fed gold chains. Greater than gold helmets. But it's because the turnover changed and oh yeah he's great turn averaging. Which is given that the players. Well evidence as Miami's defense is fallacious. For sport turn. And pretty dominant offensively as well the last two wins. Over Virginia Tech and Notre Dame they have combined for 447. Yards. On the ground a while holding the other thing. And 61. Total. Yards let's get promoted and they will not be. In New York playoff Miami could well. Yes bedroom when things and I think it's fair to say whether it'll only be one we couldn't I think that's where. Guys I I I find it really hard to believe that they're gonna tune of one I'm sure. He's certainly appears that will be a showdown between Miami Clemson. Good from Miami. Good for mark where. Normally we send the whole. I've actually had this conversation with a athletica you hire the coach he's been fired somewhere else checked. I've even wondered about that meant by that is always hired the next hot guy network's long do you find it. I ate into a three years ago. You get some on the way down. Or lose. Whether plus miles or whether it. Kevin someone. Or whether it's. Another thing bush one bush but. Can you succeed. He doesn't reach for. The retread. They succeed. And like it's a nice years. But that's my great by this by this standard is a region bright future. He's doing marvelous of course the perfect fit at Miami is Miami got. Both your time and also unlike other retreads it was like a spectacular. Fall at Georgia I was in the kind of got tired I think. I think that's right every night I congratulations to Miami. Or just stop and on Notre Dame Notre Dame by the way has not had a good time going to. Not a good time gore because the last time they were in South Florida home. They got absolutely demolished by Alabama. In the in the championship game of so they items that. We'll play it. State all year long. Some would say bulls fan. Booby prize. Song and helping your moral victory as they do. Alabama. But it was certainly gallon 3124. They held the ball for forty minutes. They had zero turnovers. They had three touchdowns on the. And then in. Heartbreaking fashion. Seconds. Yards they didn't they were supposed to do they controlled the damn ball. Did they are supposed to do it and nearly. We want it it's good it did point out some weaknesses of Alabama's injuries here. Linebackers can walk. Yeah I guess that's what I would ask. All I'm Susan. I don't think he's very difficult at ten dollars. But he is getting heat and Todd Grantham the defensive coordinator are getting second guessed for different. Sure he is second guessed for. Twice. On fourth down inside the Alabama fish on the other side yeah. He chose to pull. Fourth and two on the opening drive forced into from the Alabama 36. Punt on fourth and the raid. I was seven minutes left when they could've put it out of every fourth and three from the Alabama 42. Until now is that the kind of Smart ball control football that that enabled them to stay in the or is that a team not realizing that could keep the game you have to take the job. Heads to me it's it's the former. Because. The biggest problem is the fact that this putter kicked it about seven yards deep in the levels could be but he's talking to you yeah I mean. Yeah I mean when you look at like OK this is a you know whatever I guess like between one yard punt net. And so then you can make the argument they got to play to win the game but his defense is what had just largely kept them in the game and the odds of the odds of Kalin hurt going ninety something yards 95 yards and I was. Find this funny I don't believe in jail on earth could he did deliver. Bad the first time until the fourth quarter this year. And he absolutely. Like that that the the bigger the announcers were falling all over this thing at the second question yes on the third and fifteen. On that last drive from the 43. Third and fifteen. They decide to blend yes. That's what he did at Georgia like that's what he's known or he sends people are very good event is very aggressive and the defense has been fabulous this year it is war. But in that moment. You open it up one on one coverage John Ridley and tailored for the yes I would not influence in the other resolve would not influence is every time they blitz that was exactly what I heard once that you could tell like. He knows common guy amazing they're coming forward so that you take off Enron's so many times like that was what the and keep the drive going and get this behind you cannot let him get outside. And anyone. Did he made it may be fast we made two big crowds and have. Next they'll throw the ball replaced a lot of right that was it that simple strategy opens here. I want to go I did see something for the very first time in college football player. I thought passed their beards colonial they're never have before I had never made it could not have been more talented like he was really grabbed him in front. Into the ground I just never seem to cost a bit. Ever that's. And I felt bad for the since it looked like a great atmosphere fluff ball. I decided they didn't pull out the W. What's next. Or the Georgia Bulldogs who got absolutely. By Auburn 4217. That wanted Georgia running game. 32 carries. 46 EI. And Jake from does not have the assistance of that running game and is playing from behind he's got some issues miss this a big. Early this could've changed that and then. He was swamped. Defensively he was thirteen of 28. Hundred and. For our yeah. Meanwhile. Auburn and cam Johnson 32 carries a 160. Seven. Yards through that blown punch. Fumbled punt that didn't help certainly having some of it was George shoot themselves in the foot. But that was offered to feed down again I mean all Auburn was. It's so extremely physical feeling came down to do is you mentioned it from had a touchdown pass in the second quarter I don't it was wide open you miss that. And then I shut out here Daniels and Nolan identifies in this touchdown play like scary on the flea flicker they had a wide open touchdown but. Because of Auburn's harassment on the defensive right you enabling them all and then after that like it just asides in the lives of quarterbacks that riverfront. If you're kidding me if I had to pick one I would rather have. From this point is I still think teammates embraced that and I'm just kind of. Thought I was in a position where. But we'll be their mission teams are in a position where they can go to the player. By winning very clearly George. Is it gonna get in now. Hey. If they lose in the SEC title game but current if they get the SEC title game what has become ambivalent but I think it's fair. That the the issue of areas is that no one has ever made the playoffs. In a season in which they have lost by fourteen points yes or more and and George just yeah. I don't know if that's a meaningful statistic or not five. I don't think there's going to be no ma'am I think that's. They might as opposed. So that honor also has Shia Auburn and can beat Alabama and beat Georgia. And then would go to the play putting the likelihood of that it's more likely of those two teams Auburn or Georgia Auburn was more likely to go. Auburn. I think Auburn I I think Auburn right now if I saw a oddsmakers said that if Lauren played Alabama today Alley would still be an eight point favorite. And based on what I saw this weekend given how banged up Alabama's. I would take offered up. I think program and it's going to be the home half the chance like. And the flip side of that is. I'm sitting there. Pulling my hair out the entire second half going where was this play calling during the LSU second half. What Auburn just it was pedal to the metal it was don't let up now I'm not in steady. You still venting all bets you got to let him go make you got it got a short memory it's got to be like defensive back he's got to let him go we want more team the blood here and it's. It's. It's something we'll. Nice work. You know have lost. The last ten may have played. SEC team. As a result that along. Winless SEC season ever in history they have currently Owens said. And buy them by the way Vanderbilt also has not won an SEC game sets up without a home date only a finality and but that was the southern company. And the bush was. Appropriately. Fired. After this one. His final. Record 34 and 4739. In his last twelve SEC games. Five and fifteen against teams ranked in the eighteenth after five and bring into. Against Tampa Florida. And. Plus we'll have more. This stupid things throughout his tenure. And then as soon as he has said hello. Eight million dollars in his backpack you meet in his in his in his act I in his back pocket. He is a mean they get on the phone and tells recruits to get the hell out of Tennessee. I'd snake and not a very bright one at bat so good riddance to bush. Tennessee has played every single SEC team assembled in alphabetical order starting with the receipt Alabama a 45 to seven loss. Arkansas the 24 to twenty loss Auburn a 55 to 23 loss Florida a 26 to twenty loss Georgia. 41 to nothing a loss Kentucky 29 Tony six they lost. LSU. 38 to 70 loss Missouri fifteen to seventeen another loss the cityscape 4131. They lost all lifts 834 three. Lost South Carolina fifteen and nine another loss and then and am a 45 to 38 lost hand Vanderbilt 845 to 34. In total fairness to book. Two of those losses were not he never coached against LSU. Any never coached against Mississippi State I believe I think both of those losses it is true that they're too. Did that both those losses Ruder to so it is true that Tennessee has lost to each. And every SEC team the last time they played them. But butch was not responsible for all of those losses. The first and so there you go silver line so he can try to get back. He can tell the next employer that hey. Look annually. We have to bring back elements have gotten dramatically. Afghanistan. As well as John from Jason Dunham would go to school playing this holiday season toys for cops join us on Wednesday December 6 to catch home eleven that it happened originally wrote. From 11 AM to two MS Wednesday December 6 from 11 AM to 2 PM we're going to be broadcasting live from sad that they collecting your always innovations poised to putt for about. Nine TI FA ESPN. 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