Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington (8/22/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, August 22nd
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour by welcoming Chris Herrington to the show to discuss Chris star ratings of each game on the Grizzlies home schedule for the upcoming season. Segment 2 -- Geoff and Jeffrey discuss college football stories, Anthony Miller, RPI, animal crackers, and more during a round of Bigg Factz. Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show.

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Players who complained about I think very good now there where you either of these days. I think I've I think if it bit below there they launch. A large population of India and I don't like you know I will also not into it. You know one team really having the chance to and everything and I meet two other ones. Alongside empathetic like we won't be you know you wanna see it sort of more equitably distributed. I think if so I. But the more kept pushing at this point. The more he looks like he's just sort of winding. In the context of the Wii which is why I like as Kevin Durant bill that is podcast and laughed at him about it. And then seed in the colonies resulted in his blood polite kind of read about it on Twitter our addiction to nurture the Chinese TV. It doesn't make him look. Like you know preceding no big deal Jupiter and NATO moving forward in the direction of what's right what's best for the week because they can look for our. If they can't really blame him for feeling that given where they played the blazers that constructed fall and that sort of framework but. I think it is it is my about the it situation with a message is wrong it's a situation where maybe you need communication to be politically desired. Dan thanks very much we'll talk to next week. So I. I was talking as as many of you call I made a blunder last. We are regarding a woman named Jenna Pickens who worked so long for the University of Memphis but as we are making our way through the blunder and I was giving all sorts of apologies. It emerged that Jenna Pickens mother. Worked for decades and decades and decades. Or call and I don't play in this stuff can't plan the stuff. But I think it indicates. Exactly the placement of a call. Has in this community. That you could mean somewhere at random person who is not that she's random but fed who worked for the University of Memphis and then at Ridgeway etc. And it turns out like so many of us live different lives because her mother was working there she grew capital cost. And it's those kind of connections to the community assumed command you can slap a store on a corner you can sell clothes and you can hope people come. And that's one way to do the other way to do it. Is to start a store back in 1859. And two. Tom served peoples so well. Was such quality clothing and such first class service and such a sense of commitment to your customers and your city. If you are here. In 2018. All of these years later and it's generation upon generation upon generation. Upon generation. And the way that works is. Is too. Take care of people like they are your neighbors and two particular people so that they keep coming back into take their people so that. Their experiences. Today. Are as first class and as relevant and as a fantastic. As the first day this door opened. And there eighteen and 59. So no. I'm not surprised after Kim's mother as it turns out worked I don't call. And it's connected so called because a lot of us have been and are connected to so call it is that kind of store is that kind of a place in their in this city. And by all means stop by bus beautiful clothes and tell my such a real big break relates a second economic 99 FM is. Believe he's ready to nine FM ESPN radio. And anytime anywhere and saved us today we have the best and he's more of our let's tell them best medicine is a sports station. Eight Tennessee guy go presents need to know information because you have to draw the line between what you need to know what you doubt when I it'll see different people all day all witnessing an out of today's general seat didn't need to know that's. When it comes insurance the more you know the better. 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This and joins me now Chris what this isn't. On the phone from London closed by a band called deep counts and subcontractors talks luncheon today that that song choice was made by our colleagues. Help Perry who I just got done having coffee with this morning and carmaker and all sorts. She originally chosen out there on the behalf of us were sure it was on the clean line which one is. We decided not takes. We think they'll play four. That you courses part of the the new enterprise over there and the daily Matthew and I spoke. Yes that's book titled rotary about the day they left in today it has been manic about the daily Matthew and so I. A month I'm out there on the hustings you in the meantime since we last spoke. You have published you wore consumer's guide to the grizzlies season. And if you can now that it's not a spoiler I wanted to go through some of it I'm sure you've probably don't have an opt in front of you but I will remind you. I do have an open from the scroll through what matters here. The actual worst game on the schedule. He would you have it's it's a four star system although you do do have stopped the worst game on the schedule. And you didn't call that you can call your shot exactly could you have the day a day off. But the worst game on the schedule is gamer. 23. Charlotte hornets. Wednesday January. Twenty. Federer. Why are you not a fan of Kemba Walker. You know it the worst thing would have been a blocked the Brooklyn nets game. But the nets come in town on Friday night and Friday night was worth an extra half star Wednesday's game. And so I don't think. Charlotte is Pete at least sixteen team in the league I think that maybe Brooklyn. Although some diehards are usually members from a general perspective. Charlotte is pretty close I mean you know Kemba Walker is sort of a semi explorer. And it's pushing play or good score but that's going to be really mediocre team. And you know of with a history of their markets in their franchise. And not not a politically compelling group of players either and yet it's Wednesday night and its effect where you think. It is generally Tony's yeah deteriorated. And winner. You. We'll focus on that team did you like him at the time coming out. I need light Campbell OK but probably not a ties where he got drafted I don't like to me in college you look at the sixth man in the NBA. Toward the stage now where I think he'd be happy if it was a good six man and he may still be at least you look more like it. Future Jamal Crawford and you know I don't know if you first CJ McCollum murder white waiter or something right apple T without getting buckets off the bench guy in the NBA it then so I'll probably would not taken them. Tightly he got drafted if I thought it was going to be a bench player. So you have set us up for a pretty grim post season post Christmas stretch because every ideal lead up Christmas lakers are gonna come and it sounds can be Chris has given and happy whatever. This is gonna end and then people have to get back to work. And you have two of those other three worst games on the schedule. Wednesday January 22. And Friday January 4 that is Detroit on Wednesday January 22. And Brooklyn the aforementioned Brooklyn game pretty much you respect Arabs in a second and aforementioned Brooklyn game on January report back to back. 21 and a half star games. Let's say yeah. Lower on Detroit both in terms of their successful less and they are entrusting their than most people. Like Blake Griffin is there's space power technically but I don't think he's much of wanted to substance anymore. In that it would only come to town wants some current and sort of an employer and so. You know maybe that's interesting to people recollect after pretty mediocre team. And they you know I don't think inherent. They have the technology can play your and your team was Reggie Jackson there to me that's how much of the draw special Wednesday January. What's interesting to me there is that the the presence of Blake Griffin on Detroit. Does not make them escape one and a half star status but the absence of Blake Griffin on the clippers game eleven. Does put them into one and a half star status that's the third. One and a half star games of the hornets a one star game and the the Brooklyn Detroit clippers games amazing I think the clippers game is a wanna have started. Yeah tragedy definitely hurt and it's W literally you're zero players left from from those old rivalry days with the currently serves so. Other than duct Doc Rivers on the sidelines there's nothing there anymore that that echoed back you know took it to that period. And so I think the clippers or Teresa can win team. Without starters. I don't think the rivalry aspect matters anymore given that all the players that mattered little ball and and so you have an opinion that's your best players that you don't players and if you've got cleared their rosters to bite their country can you be. Well I it really is like that is an at bat that team is. Is that the stars are gone and the rookies may turn out to be good but they're not high profile ones crap about. Not like you know you have more about a week and down your it's just sit and Bryan you know this sounds Wednesday. The other sort of let them they're sort of in a bad spot and there you know it's all hinging on this free agency next year where they could very well strike out so the worst games on the schedule. Clippers Detroit. Brooklyn and the hornets let's go to the best games on the schedule you have 1234564. Star games. One is the open. Against the hawks. Yet they're the opener in May locate a game or to reflect her little forgiven those are going to be forced arts or by default. I think I'd really like let's hope not because. It's not a team that is so cool type story that a year billion they're likely to be to beat your brains in which makes it less upon. And although they're not gonna do it. Distract from what should be a celebration of your own team. At the same time because they're putting a little bit to get tree young coming into the oval for the only game and so. Under Carter could be your last time emphatic forms or can't imagine simply get beyond that see them over to keep my right. And so you know this is just about spike here baucus disorder at conceding to what has already going to be a marquee game. So yeah. The B that game the opener and then the game against the pelicans which also want. Offers Anthony Davis. Give forced us to. The sixers on that Saturday the tenth that is team fox if you love this game. Yeah I mean that would have been a three absurd game based on just that put the raw serve the sixers but as of Saturday night. And it's the only time they come to town. And so you can even get to their. Didn't coupled the more unique players in the league until indeed had been sentenced tomorrow Saturday night is the only target and see him. And actor actor like watching the sixers don't do that for march and it's only Chrysler noted that but I actually like Turkey uniforms in the look at the sixers and secure on team visually. On the floor art collection to hold the old style that we. Both lakers games some get four stars for you obviously LeBron is LeBron and and there you go. Are you going to be interested to watch this is like this it. I mean I went around you can't be given the targets are at this event raised. I think Michael Beasley JaVale McGee. Rajon Rondo. Antoine born ready when Stephenson you want to ball or it's a total circus and Ferrell. In analog and given I mean who upon him. By himself as sort of a there's a saying. And the lakers are themselves hurting more than they should be your right but then you have all this craziness that they added to the roster I think it's. I mean you know may be able groove and go be a backlash against it it'll be on TV every single night but I I do think it's that it's that looked like must see TV. Do you. Which of those pieces in particular they go through summer which looks doable I think we'll war bonds though. All. Foreign rallying and development. See I do easily and they're all we can throw them all together but they're not all the same person. I don't act skeptical all of a mean of the guys who art. Flash you're the one that goes face Caroline you know comes the tree was called although that want to be worried players you know. But in terms of the others like I think one that was to come playoff time could till he had the talent. He'll step it up a notch and mark you'll find a way to matter of on the east cease resource shell met over and over again. But I don't think there's any way you're gonna get my consistency from Dwight Stephenson and JaVale McGee and Michael Beasley should market happen. And so I I am not a fan of what they did the summer that that. Obviously the other Forestar game. Is he warriors first appearance because let's be honest they are the warriors in terms of surprising. Rankings. You have. The war though the last warriors came as a tool and a half star game. And you have the return of David Tisdale as they too started and explain yourself. Yeah defense fell one puts beta battle hardened fighters against. OK so that. But hey look at Brazil game is. You know the knicks are high profile organization. But taking the going to be bad in their best player percent or senior citizen more and probably not gonna be in uniform. It was I guess is such an interesting player to watch that he's that good that his presence from remarkable it would raise the score. You know maybe by such as a full star but he won't be there. On the knicks are going to be bad and I think the kids fail saying you. It's over confidence before about a gets overrated and attraction look at the tough part of their fat part of the game at all I think beat. The likelihood of 32 and increasing before the game ball to him and I think pretty memorable. And so I think that's likely to be out actually over rated gain in sales of Sunday after Thanksgiving we're there that's a good thing or bad thing and maybe it's a matter of personal. You know it may be your home and counting or get away from your family years ago that it's a good excuse to get out arm. There's also that the tigers are going to be plane that day we don't know what Tonya I guess we're going to be playing in an a permanent and there and Orlando's you got some white. You know usually a person local basketball he couldn't stay at home watching TV that they too and so that's actors and. In terms of other things that you pointed out. The other the two star games. And I am not gonna go through all of them. But Portland. They heat. Denver Minnesota. The polls the magic. And one of the mavs game. I those boring teams are they weak thanks I guess some mix of golf because I can see being interested in Minnesota I can seat gain interest created. And Denver I can see I don't know what magic little of the magic are doing this year seems to be more interest thing. That in past years. Obviously the man she got Dirks last appearance and we got. Luka and so. There's interesting things about all of us. Yeah I mean new yearly straight in my deleted them to remember I wrote the part that they illusions like in their fifteen game or whatever but arm. Tom you know I think generally those are some there's a mediocre teams and their that you mentioned. Normal and it will be a bad team but there's a mediocre teams in the air Minnesota a team that. I have our students for myself could be our next rap star could argue their hard. He's slipped in the doldrums it's about franchise. But generally speaking I don't think that he was essentially the watchers say it's their talent suggests they should be. Come. You know Miami is really nondescript sort of an oddly nondescript team for a likely playoff team and sort of a viable market liked it your best players or project. They're sort of lay down almost a critical I'd be kind of anonymous hard working team a little bit. You know Alan I think it's interesting when Luka from an ambassador to look at the look what days of the week goes word comfortable the garrido gave them but. In them I guess elephant slowed mortgaging the because of the look at that are being bit probably don't think it has. Did you feel guaranteed he'd met the second Dallas game he was gonna play a that would be a flat given static form I would probably give higher grade. But he is not about just retirement yet. Prefer this season although I think it's likely and given his age and lack of play 82 games and so I don't know which you can you know the guarantee he's going to be a night game. If you. Otherwise okay and a few other what you what you're doing and where did you publish this and basically did it out if you go to sentenced putter count town you can see yet. But reputable my personal blog which is a single kind starboard press dot com it's mostly what I use for just personal boulders mutant Ubisoft. This non work related to open it up America don't wanted to get an Al. Before we launched. But does that will be updated version of this that will be on David that the dot com when we watch it is weak we don't have the full tiger schedule and saw bricks fell about a barreled it. And we don't know the grizzlies promotional schedule which could have an influence on some of the stops and so. Both of what what spoke those things are currently out of updated version of the updated version of the postal data on the tobacco. Isn't wrestling night for example do you make instantly make it a four star game. No but the that's definitely what type upgrade I think you know but that absorb Moussaoui have to want certain dislike that. You know what in your area in the African nick tattoo guy like architecture that is actually great great. You know oh if you it is funny like. Do you ever you obviously know people who do who sit around and split season ticket because 41 is a lot 41 a little. That's for sure I did this column I went in there and watch what I went with the greens were reminded to a certain end to win three people. With the second all right and actually there were given one and we watched them do their draft and so yeah. It's sort of a fun enterprise to see that this happens if you wore today non journalist. Not writing about the MBIA. And we'll just say money was you know you're good yeah. You court you you're not a Robert peril so you didn't just moneymaking didn't mean nothing to you but how many games did you go to. What what share of season tickets would you have fewer just the civilian. I feel like I would be likely. The car is what I'm fortunate to have some disposable income but it is not a limited. And also like you know I'm married and two kids could like you know I think I would be. We'll probably. Do you Michael Powell pack owner. Much we knew we would be in games. And didn't even watch people allow individual gains to supplement that maybe that's what I would do. I don't think I would be a sole. Individual fall season ticket holder I get what part there was someone has split the season ticket may go to power back. And indeed individual games on top of it you there when you wouldn't make sense for me. But look realistically speaking out to be honest I don't think I could be a full season ticket holder did their part. Yet there's no question that if if money were no object. I just have season tickets because then you can get more why you could whatever you can do whatever you want it but otherwise admissible people do and that's why I honestly. The NFL. And I know in terms of just economically isn't so much of an easier sell. Then the NB because you can describe my most a lot of people can afford to buy season ticket. To the NFL where it's a lot tougher in the NBA and you've got a piecemeal together. And if you got people piece mailing it together you allow more people to to figure it out I think that's what but people are what percentage of grisly season tickets. Our marshals that they combine into you know and I wanna. 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Into buildings so that that's very exciting to hear what's actually provide our second story comes to us from the world of college football. And this story former Texas animal linebacker seeing Tino marshy all and now what Arizona with former Aggies coach Kevin someone. Well he accused Newt Texas and then head coach Jim a Fisher of multiple. NCAA violations in a report by USA today. I checked the facts. Yeah among the violations. Worm cash prize was given cash to players that and practice started earlier than do most proud mom I am really assorted other violations when you're gonna backdrop to all of this. And it's. I feel my own home honestly Jane I know I'm system a hot day auction for the best Genesis follows is the NCAA rules changes is now. If you can show. Exceptional circumstances as to why you have to transfer yes. Light the players from Ole miss for example Iraq who transferred if you can show that. You therefore can play immediately you don't have to sit out what you can be improved free transfer waiver. So basically you just keep as much garbage on the place that you left as possible. And is therefore enables you twirled to say these were these special circumstances that requires you to leave me and therefore I should play. Immediately. He is he was recruited obviously two NM hi Kevin someone Kevin someone's eye on Arizona. And so and Tom. And so he wants to play immediately he. It does not mean that these things aren't true what this is is I have made in my mind and in the Arab. I like this again I think felt killer now I think the Encino Wilma I'm like yeah I think college football woman NCAA in the end is what. The score that's what it gets to the collection of the school for schools will not want to be giving players incentive. To. Reveal abuses over the enforcement staff will and that's where it becomes intersect. That because the enforcement staff. They feel like they're on and on a level playing field and I think if they live this certainly trade say. And the other thing it does is it shows how much this sort of. All the stuff about cultural change in Maryland and whenever I suppose it enough that they're doing that. And ascended to the same thing like for killing people like he did in Maryland for the same thing they said. And word that requires this of you could we need to win and we need to change the culture religion you make it cost us at least according to the allegation. But it's fascinating. Does this now creates an incentive for every single player. Leaves the program. To spill the beans and everything bad that happened in the previous program in the hopes of and getting his early release oh yeah. And kind of fantastic people. What's even better about this that is not only is he tried to turn answer these chided transferred to the schools where his former coach and who got fired. Almost no questions asked and who recruited him there that's I think there is another chance the story out there it. I. LSU is reportedly blocking former quarterback adjusting Millen from transferring it to another SEC school expects. The stupid thing about this and beyond as we said a million times. I wanted to get a different job of just wants a different job. Like every coach wants to go if ever coach wants to go for my one SEC school to another. It happens all the time. Big country was not block going from all messages too on the what's the color quality was an anti terrorist coming to get us army comes and who's not into you he was out. I got my homage to. He was not block. From going. Want to choose another. I don't believe it demo was blocked from going from Mississippi so far he's done enough to Clark. And yet. For whatever reason and players can be blocked from. Are starting October this rule is going away. Pretzel so literally even though at the end of the campuses across the good that this rule has been has been abandoned. They're the last gasp effort. It's going to try to block his transfer it spins. The and it's stupid yeah that's pretty much had George on par for the course. Villages schools to vote against the measure were LSU and Alabama. Ridiculous absolutely relentless drive to. All right Carol he saw this when Jeff clicked. It pretty Miller was catching punts yesterday while simultaneously. Holding holding your five footballs at the same time. Cash back in fact what what he did actually was so he caught one he fielded a punt. And then instead of putting the ball down he held the ball yes and I feel that another month. And instead of putting the two balls down to how those two balls and any raisins and he held that any. In any field and another top hockey and he thought that these are like oh like you have just like no these are old guy high and many happen to catch another punk and instead of putting those threes. Spherical object down. He held on to those trees you're a blog I have an oblong object and then he got another punt and they got another punt and he had. He's got five and held on the oblong object and yet. He can't get aid to another punch up to six. Then when he was up there with a lot of them by the way he was raising of the Baltic is like me and after that when he got the six balls he could not judge decide who yes I mean we've all been. Headlines. But I like it goes to show I said this list and now the one of them out. Chronicled knock him against him an email there it was just pain. And that it's if you watched you watch any Anthony Miller from mobile. You know that's us if he can catch anything is close to the extent that he had issues with his hand. And why she did occasionally have drops that was part of his game. For focus issues for easy balls he would. Advertisers try to run over somebody whether or hit the ball. Is exactly right he was so he was so focused on doing maximum damage. Once he hot spot the ball yet people lined up his ferocity was about to be unleash. On the unsuspecting defensive backs or whatever else that he would sometimes drop dropped the ball and so. It wasn't at all he's got unbelievable hands you saw it is shutting it down for that cat passed. At that all that he went up and got in the air was tremendous catch some incredible things and it does not actually surprising this is a new guys bears to records. For. Catching punts not a skill that you're gonna have to use and gain and really. But it does bill press show. That he is I do with a walk ons. The dude is a long way nuanced and June was a walk on and it kids it's just ridiculous. OK guys. Just the NCA turn it men's basketball committee will no longer use RPI. As a metric. Hash tags that track Gaddis is breaking news and today we're no longer be able talk about the RPI and we still can't talk about the air they are you're out but it won't be relevant in terms of the NCAA selection committee what are they and instead so instead the end so. It is shaft every little school and take every six players. School from a power five conference and they're gonna get a glad. It is developing new ranking system replace the RBIs the primary sorting tool for evaluating teams during. The division one men's basketball season the new ranking system was approved in late July after months of consultation. With the divisional won millions of a big part basketball committee the NBA or should say the national association basketball coaches. And a top analytics experts the new evaluation tool is known as net it relies on team results. His strength of schedule came location. Scoring margin that's a fun one net offensive and defensive efficiency. And the quality of wins and losses. She makes sense of the performance data late season games including those of including those from the anti terror every uses it has set to develop a ranking model. Leveraging machine learning techniques here's what I think the message thinking about this. Here in the BC yes included margin of victory. Yes he wound up with teams that just kept running out. Nationally. Yeah yeah well it's very difficult and it. Here's the real problem is is that it because it holds. This was always true when. When the universe loves running roughshod over there in the values to write the correct. They did not have the Brazilian impressive wins because they didn't play in an impressive count. Could if you watch with your eyeballs you knew they were awesome Julio. And all and yet Q and that that's the real there is a bias built in because. Hey. Teams that planning SEC teams to play in the ACC teams playing Big Ten have a lot more opportunities quality wins. And I honestly they have I loved them more and more critically. There are opportunities for quality wins at home with which makes a huge difference in college after. Memphis your last thanks Betty Ireland was talking about some ask them the question about. Home and on the Kentucky which was never ever ever ever ever gonna happen even before and he got inside track from James wise man. But as close as many said John wants to play that game in Nashville which we already knew. He may not play a game at all should let's be clear at this point. But it's hard if your methods to get home games against its awesome change. And therefore it's hard to stack up impressive wins and therefore some term and time again. It's harder to do get pay higher seeding it just is it is a built in biased. And I suspect that was that was purely RBIs this and I suspect he'll be true under the new. Sis done as well classic. Just yeah this is a really fun one. Animal crackers are now cage free us from. Even animal crackers are going cage free now Nabisco just change the classic patchy packaging. On their barn on animal crackers some instead of showing the zoo and circus animals in cages. Now there roaming free in a field hash tag. Don't feel better Wallingford and fuels the free range of fields remain. Like all my animal crackers to be gauged their total of all that's behind this is a few things some people think it's ridiculous it's bringing us leave existence. Sorry I mean Ari everything donated this thing more. IA. I don't think it's going to be huge difference in life but if you remember the box of animal crackers you delegate tiger there unless there's like the cage around the tigers. And now it's going to be a tiger running French. And that's how you'll feel so much better running free and they still like to symbolize that the symbolism of he's an animal crackers contagious I think in that in the grand scheme of things but not a big deal but I don't have any objection to the free range to. Democrats Christiane now Colleen I feel about eating an Amtrak. They're finally did buying the ultimate thing more like their if their honor all even but I I'm not getting don't out of my way to have and I crackers. They realize that there there there I feel about eating a fortune from. I've discussed this. Eating the fortunes of the actually eating out I wish I had my I've a very strong opinion on fortune's alum I fortune. There's actually one of Georgia I've wanted to be a prediction of the filed the future and on the advice or a safe. Oftentimes it's advice. Early to bed early to rise makes an out and enough Horry or at the same lines I wanted to indeed you will. Win a million dollars in the next week or you will step in a pothole the next I wanted to be right I wanted to model and a positive force a fortune Barack. All but in terms of the cookie itself. I tend to eat them but I don't really enjoy them. I'm the same way like if you were to put like a delicious chocolate chip cookie vs a thing of a fortune that he often Julian warm right. Saving and I this is very capture or just said this once or people disagreed wildly. Those nasty this gets that they give out on an airplane time to stop drives off. Awful drive nasty district and I had. Charette she pull out there you love them I understand that we should examine your priority to show that English national ice and. I don't love you saw this on but I had to close and in there because I found it fascinating. A lot of people in Vegas are betting on the Cleveland Browns to win that the Super Bowl. Because they holier won one game over the past. He seasons. Right now the current lottery ticket sits at sixty. To one. Question Equifax. Why would you do they're not gonna win I think it's out there there's just so hard knocks. And not. Gonna win the Super Bowl. We know they're not gonna this guy I would I bet on them to make the playoffs at us at a decent odds yes. I would go I think we'll let the glass now could I imagine them making the twelve Shiites. You know when the Super Bowl why would you just throw away your money like that I guess what it me or my guess why did you buy a lottery tickets and going to throw away your money. The sports book manager at caesar's palace said quote. There are more bets on the browns to win the AFC north didn't any of these other three teams combined I could see them winning the AFC north. I could go to the AFC north and I couldn't better than winning the Super Bowl. I think that's the thing I think the dealers like okay able if you guide. Because in the AFC if someone knocks off the pats then it's wide open I I can see it from why would you. Chargers chargers could do it now that I can learn at a noticeable. We have a mosquito ranking yeah oh yes we do have won the spirit and your pardon. I. Here are the top 25 cities with the most mosquitoes. And Jeff we have to this game umbrella Erica time bedeviled by emigrate and have a cigar could have taken over our city item I've made this observation earlier in the who worse than last summer and the problem is it's not. Outside their inside yes I don't shoot my heart my doubts there I've I've dozens of mosquitoes. Inside my house this year more than any other year. So I would look with a interest while mosquito ranking came on and I honestly think like in so many things. Likened and the football rankings Memphis right to lol yeah yeah. Number one this isn't really that big of a surprise Dallas Fort Worth that makes sense flat land yeah. And everything. New York City never tell you I would think I would think a wetter place I don't think 2000 wetlands Dallas I would ideally I would think of New Orleans is being number sure. I think in Miami is being number one I would think of any sort of yeah. Swampy place it's being number one what I was aware else's what do you wanted to Dallas what does Dallas to its New York City. Three is Washington DC and they drain the swamp they that us. None yeah or Houston. Never five Los Angeles number six Atlanta at number seven Philadelphia. And coming in at number eight days. A home in Memphis owning up in Gaza and then we are tapped Daschle works in Little Rock eighteen. National fourteen and Little Rock. Eighteenth the other survey that came out recently to the driver ones yes I shout out to the mid south. I don't believe this morning there's this one would you have a parent I have a here I've really I've got it I can pull up you'd like me Cali and I got it right here here's a big guards. I stayed with the best or worst drive you've got a new study ranked all fifty states the best worst drivers know believe it or not it's not just the way tie for first. Here's another thing I believe in line. All right I believe that everyone thinks they have the worst drivers in their city. Apparently at anfield and I think they believe that everybody thinks that they are good kisser. Yeah I think I can and I don't look at that are I think there's no one who doesn't think they can swell and they're there are people who tell you that there are a lot of registers they. But there's nobody who will say. I am that had kissed her. Everyone thinks they can swell. And everybody thinks that the drivers in their city are the worst. In the world that's true if you're in Memphis is good from Boston should sentence they are not all the same. That's according to this survey did you states with a ten worst drivers are. Mississippi Tennessee California Missouri to New Mexico Texas and Alabama Florida. Alaska and Arizona best drivers of Massachusetts Vermont and Nebraska Connecticut New York. Delaware Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island and you've got basically yankees' drive better and southerners is seems to be the deal. I think that's be asked total BS. Ratings are based on these factors for those that are curious the percentage of uninsured drivers yeah do you rise for capital. Per capita bigger part fatal accidents per capita and Google searches for things like quote speeding ticket or quote traffic ticket. I what I would generally Israeli I gotta pay go to public systems at play good Cooper systems for 'cause. There's nothing more frustrating when your group them on your computer is not operating properly. Well etc. just like lose all your data. Yes you can do in ticket to coop systems and they can do were and they can recover your data. If you got some. Yet other than the the virus slowing everything down slowing everything down. Not let that frustrating cubic. Think it's good systems they can clean it of your virus yet they cracked screen so you look and you can't quite telling and is it everything soared and the sort of odd look to her because you're looking at a through cracks in don't put up with a anymore bought ticket to. Cooper systems we got anything wrong with your computer. Take it could persistence they'll fix it up and had ascended to the factory. For three years then bring it back you quickly forgot how will use a computer you just you know study old pencil now we're gonna fix it up in and get to go and exactly right all are you decide it is it's time to buy a new computer as he did that. You get your computer to persistent for basically half price of big box store apple Dell Hewlett-Packard chief. Let up all of that available. At Cooper systems and you'll be buying it from aide ma'am this store does and serving Memphis customers. For more than thirty years we actually can know the names of the people who are running the store the names are Lee and Laura Cooper. Lee and Laura Cooper like the people are there Cooper systems Lee and Laura Cooper it's not some abstract big box that bad blood Alex we have October it will persistent. Go visit him. The love my office barked at 2744 mile or I eroding called a 3609679360967. Let me pick Greg Lamotte. Jeff Hawkins shot nineteen NF I mean is that he. Don't miss strategies to. Unscented. Friday night September 28 at 6 PM. You're a good day for me it's. Roy knows it just. Lesson home. Complete innovative. There's times like these it's. Tonight you can save. Smile and more dynamic. My destiny and I. I think the ice and I think Bryant. When you're injured were intentionally attacked at a place of business there's things you should know and things you should do. I'm John Morgan of Morgan Morgan. First know the you'll have the burden to prove that the place of business knew or should have known. Conditions make sure someone goes back and immediately takes pictures keep any and all receipts to prove you were there. Witnesses if you can and keep your shoes and clothing that you were wearing at the time of the injury. When you're the victim of a problem. Very business public facilities may not have provided proper lighting or security they also may have negligently hired this person responsible for your. Once you hire us we begin the process of obtaining evidence taking witness statements investigate your client Tom is of yes. Please call us on your cell phone and pound law that's down 529. Or visit for the people like top forty or more. For the people for the Olympics in South Korea and needed more. And quality boots on the outdoors and of course our doors into the family owned business of an outstanding man views for human powered recreation since 1974. Others and does all the best skiers trail running hiking bicycling and canoeing. All products for less than quality kind of covered by the 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy doors in just a large selection of Patagonia North Face and are Turks are located in east Memphis and Germantown parkway in poplar avenue and midtown on union avenue stopped by one of their conveniently located stores or shop online that outdoors and downtown. She brings us we have lots more fascinating. And I. My asking and I clearly to get Jason from soccer mom please trained and one more trip to the list. First twenty minutes short text pulls from. Yeah man attack cleans your engine formula protective layer and where. And protection from them only. Can get but according to castor. 929 FM 688 PM 929 espn.com. Yeah is this. It's no. ESPN. Violence I'm not amount of phone call earlier I got a text from all of them ten times this. Sixth generation. It is the sixth generation of folks at Mohawk mentioned earlier got to pick as his mother worked for forever at that store. It is now 66. Generation. Have been involved in that running that store that was downtown location and it was locations. A new video court mall. And they've been at their current location for rude. Decades and decades now just as long as I can and as long as you can remember. And and the reason it works. It's like it's not a complicated about that. It's not that complicated. It works because. It works because it. It's good service and Greg Cote and it's like good service and make a great service and good fun. For decade after decade after decade after decade after decade and you'll find it today. Just like you found it yesterday I just have like you found at the day before just like you found a back at eighteen. When he goes back to college on product you'll be heading back with it vast suit that he has ever warned that fits better than any suit that he is ever one I'll have that. Why because of the good folks. Act oh pocket stuff or call over to a call enjoying a Memphis tradition there by the way will make you look and feel is great. Garage area. All these those closing arguments. It's certainly looks like that. I don't think he'd be there I don't think he'd be there in the capacity duties there unless he buddy Steve has just given his death in one way or not he's keeping his job. And it is what I said when the story first broke. He's Urban Meyer he's the second best college football coach in America if you could find a way to keep them I'm maybe I'm cynical but people find a way to keep them. And it's we'll save welcome back at my prime rivals that rocked what's next. Here's what's coming up next is let's go up next on Jason and it John coming up on their program they're going to have. Darnell stepped. Former grizzly former UT Memphis product. We'll join their program to be determined look at that look for that during the first hour here there's been joined as well bill Bender of the sporting news he is acts. The proceedings include missile joining Eric house and show is 3 o'clock this college football Tony Barnhart will join the GP show. Act 425 Jeff of course upon. Thank Phyllis and everybody we gotta get out here are working there is down. He is ready trying to send ESPN radio to. Listen anytime anywhere and favorite us today the US and he's one Bartlett W on the best man this is a sports station. 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