Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington (5/16/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, May 16th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins starts the second hour by welcoming Chris Herrington into the studio to discuss the likely scenarios for the Memphis Grizzlies with the No. 4 pick.

Segment 2 -- Geoff takes calls to hear how listeners feel about the NBA Draft Lottery.


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That is big stars thank you friend or fan out from today's and a one. Which is the most appropriate of Memphis pay out. OK so you and I were. At a real garden last night to watch your car accident unfold. There's no way to is I subsequently talked to Chris Wallace and he sounded legitimately Cherie. Right now he can honestly they're times he doesn't sound like the say the things they supposed to say without silent even. Some bothered at all like I didn't felt it was intelligently Cherie. And but it is not a cheery moment was a narrow but it wasn't. Like you know we sort out whether some of fretted about the sort of the metadata character this draft is not it's okay it's not a catastrophe. It's disappointed to move down right. Calm period. Just on principle. And I do think in this draft I do think to me there's a break from two to three and you wanted to be above the break right. I do think you are greatly as the most touted player in the draft and I think look at our ditch. A maybe the second most out of player in the draft but be certain the best fit for the grizzlies right so ideally you wanted to get that top Studio One of those who players even then. Even there. There's not total unanimity if there's consensus on exactly what people think that's who probably all more about Lee de and then I did Phyllis pad lunch which. Is for I think right yeah as on his best available. Though. That's sad and I've been shameless and sees them like I am comfortable enough with Bakley and Jerry Jackson and I'm may be in sort of a minority among. You know listeners and tweeters and I hands and be in bad aren't there Jackson. But I am personally comfortable enough with those two guys that like beer or Garrett he's one of those or and there are other players who you know maybe the president like federal find out. But I but I you know I think this. As I said last week I think this is a pretty strong draft. You know through that little the lottery and that I you know they're guys who may be biased but there's no one just jumps out at the SA you think of that guy in the top five. Like I think all these guys a provision would be really good who are going to be under consideration. And so you know it's somewhat disappointing but. You know I think they have a chance to get a really good player and what was it just in the about the Chris Wallace stuff I don't know whether he said that you or someone else it Ramallah where sought. Piece of something like you know we're still we stayed in that pops here and they're both to me and to mark right that was his thing he said we stayed in the top group right in so. Assuming that he is stating a actual belief he holed the spin. That suggests to me that they thought there was a top four in the to make sure you wonder what they think the top forest presumably got that don't pitch. An eight indefinitely but that they think white. I tend to that that means Bakley jacks and I think there's a break after fort they legitimately think there's a break from fortified and strap it may legitimately think that. In which case can you guarantee one of the. Guys. Wreck that's why he said and again you can dismiss it as spin right. But there is that logic to this Y said my main. Like you can rot you can mock him if you want for saying my main goal was not falling to five because there's only a 5% chance I was gonna thought if they truly believe they've really believe there's four really good players here right that could honestly be your main goal is to not just to stay and get one of those four players as a way. I mean guaranteed was what we look at things about like that from last month or so that you know yeah I haven't seen three wood right at top three would be best to get an impact player who could step in right away there's always been the possibility that they would take Jackson ahead of a Bagley the ring heard I was what you all these different media thinks or three people are really good job charts and gonna are those guys. Not their mock draft I think America that's Jackson's three but their prospect there big board where they just right audit prospects in Jackson to. Two or three and a job sharks is Jackson to. In the whole draft though you know there are lots of people who consider him. That's what we think this is with the whipping up Bakley is that there's this disconnect I wrote about this and think about today. There's just rolled disconnect between the whale away a lot of fans look at Mark Bagley in a way. The way you know basketball professionals at least in the media we'll get back there's a real disconnect between those two things. But to me like that it was in question now is obviously what is it landed with three. In this question of what does the NBA think mark. Are a lot of fans that you should we want to a lot of media people think you should be five or 6%. What is the NBA Boni said. Tweet out something at sun passage where he said that. The Atlanta loves that they'll be very happy with that. Yet as I might know my guess is that Baddeley walked out there. I'll let you know where were a few hours removed at this point from the lottery I don't so we're gonna we're gonna not talk about Eaton and Don church because they're going to be. Do you have any sense by the way of which were which makes more more sense for Phoenix to go eight men men and Sacramento to go down church and there are aware of why a I think Eitan is the best player crack in the Phoenix is two best players projecting or were both we and DeVon bower and Josh Jackson and though. It's exciting players of our whatever eight and to me things they're both had wrecked the difference the only difference would be. We twenty years ago in the NBA I went to the days. Now on the NBA flip tie goes to the parameter to look at that if at the time if they think they're comparable. Like you know perimeter players are more meaningful now on the India you so maybe you know and I'm sure they just hired the coach. Obviously that is a pretty good com if that's. That's a pretty good start to a that's 33 pretty good young players to to build and you can see yeah sons now. Finally are emerging for example the valley. So OK and then where his dentures fit in Sacramento. Ice and they just take him to he'd be the highest outside. Player and already on the board but on their Oscar. But if you if you're eager if you're if you're concerned about dead it's not like or because they're best. Three players who aren't old last season Rome Bremer the blues are part of bitch. But he healed and here fox right. And so in some ways if you believe in those guys I you know Adam you know Bakley or eaten might make or stiff and kind of player is this guy did playmaker who Gamal involved right right right you can do so I guess I just assume that. It is 38 doctors in the top one way unless something happens though unforced okay. Jackson and bad. You have a conviction by the way as to whether you would take Jackson had a bag near Baghdad rejects I've decided I've sort of been on this for a few weeks I would take Bagley. To me it is a tough call him the way I've said it is that. IE I believe in Morton back we have some offensive player in the NBA I don't even Sharon Jackson with the defense of player in the NBA. But if you flip it the other way and look at the weaknesses. I believe in your Jackson's office more than Morton back we speak. To my brain tells me Jackson owned firm is gonna be the better player but my gut tells me. Back please athleticism and his just way is production is gonna find a way I think you would be hard for me not to take I was three. In the book and those two players can be really art mean artist and the bust potential as a little higher efforts for Jackson yet. We insulated from and so let let let's say like you know Atlanta shocked us and take them back to common bond at three in the grizzlies actually get to choose between those two players. I think I would take back. Okay on Janet Jackson because I think right now. If I had to take will the busiest in Jackson or the field I'd probably he jacks and I think they're gonna and taking care Jackson I think I gonna be they're picked. He is not popular in the twin rivers right now I don't grizzlies fits bump explained why they should not be ready to it really. It really brings up not the sort of be basketball snob over here but it brings up the degree to which defense is still not taken that seriously. Well because Jackson is sold much better like weeks battered the defense of lead and the Mark Bagley. He averaged eleven point gave him back he averaged twenty right and so. The back leave the bad liver Jackson think is our look at all the points he scored but you flip it the other way around Jackson is dramatically. Better on the defensive end of the floor. And still shot 40% from three in college and he's still got Nadal trouble aren't requirements again grandstand there floor. He yes ease. He was foul broom. He is excuse especially young people are what Bagley reclassified. Jerry Jackson is is like at least half a year maybe four yard he's the youngest player in the draft I take the image and border. Jackson Jeanne. Jackson is what's opera in college he has less expo in Los besides quick off of all war. What Jackson has is that he's taller he is longer. He is much more versatility defensively he's much better court awareness seeking guard not only the rim by the Gunner on the primaries he rates shot blocker you're really fine and all of a you can switch and guard on the perimeter he reminds me and he's not gonna beat this player that he doesn't have that twenty athleticism. But the way he plays reminds defense totally reminds you kept apart. Hidden that he guards he does gore is Mandy towards the hole right he has the defense of awareness. On bettors that is really. The leaked for his age level he was a cop who shot blocker in college last year asked what you at with seventeen or eighteen year old or whatever. And so I think he projects he has the building to be all in the -- deep deep that the player on the out of the bed he looks a contribute three point shooter. And he showed signs of you don't replace up and drive on people. Last year he is just so your own but I made the point in the pick and pop today are the best the best big at least playoffs but now. And window Carter's got on Al Horford conflicts which care Jackson as much more and Al Horford come to meet him and a quarter because I like Carter a lot but he is not that nimble. Only speak write and the key will be defense that we put out or what is going to be key moves that well laterally. Jerry Jackson could be an Al Horford card player in the NBA and is that going to be disappoint all what does a corporate brand just one point two game. M just like fifteen and eight and four and Andy helps you win and he plays great defense they knocked down shots and he helps you win basketball games. And I think Jarrett Jack and has the ability to have a very well or for quite clear the other. Problem with your objection is in terms of this. I understand just had the best player but I still in a perfect world you'd think the best player who also by the way how's the grizzlies get to the playoffs next year. And because he's young and more of a project. I don't I guess he fits this I don't know. But 'cause he is younger and because he still needs to get you broadest fully formed athletically sacked eight and back right they sort of they sort of almost or are going to be. Physically or shots and I think it's gonna get stronger it's going to be a couple year process there. So yeah I think he's a big guy who disappoint people next year he led to a bit of the guy or land until last year John Isaak. He had every problems but also got was not he still beat a couple of years physically. Talking shared Jackson next season the NBA is a call for bench. An average like seven point 53 right in disappoint people but I feet. Your two year three year 45 he's gonna he's gonna really be a lot better the other problem is low but did issue. I think he and assault and played together because they can both stretch the floor and you move from around but Jerry Jackson alternately is going to be Saturn India. He fell out from Al Horford is all right Sarah write these Barcelona he can play him with another true big. But his peak position down the road is going to be Saturday you know mark off 34 so down the road you target had worked so. You also this imbalances roster balance where you have down to Davis yeah I can wrap it sounds MI group green you've got the I don't think it really is it back we've also for you at the same I don't think it means that its interest. Don't really falls before you might trade demand for grain. But I don't get Jerry Jackson is gonna be ready enough now that you're you keep carry you did you do not move to Michael grain of the goals to get the blast and you just after tired act of JP dredge or Jackson than that signals. A likely end if not immediately and in the near future for. Did you ever for Jared Jackson DR today with an idea ram was all about your second term for for either. Via at and at most I sector as a lady you don't make a move immediately let down while and then I could be the object the identity was accomplished in state young big guy doesn't scare you. And optically for the idea of Zack Randolph was younger viewers take a big guy right yes yes. I mean that the question of Jerry and I regret about the full that last week when I did through those trends and player types the Jerry Jackson production question is that I had the whole you can shift it either way. Because yes he averaged eleven and five or whatever that's a big production at factories age that he was he was very young for a class. Factor again you know the players who shared a front court winner but also look at their door different kind of production yet he ever for the three blocks a game that's production. He shot forty something percent from three and eighty something percent from the line that's production team. And so to me Jerry Jackson was sort of on the edge of which category I would put him in August production okay. Do you believe you listen mothers here you go for wild cards after this and focus mostly on Darren Jackson. I think Vernon treated out last night that he believes it's going to be Bagley or window card in that's open. That's because he got you more as that's what he wants instant impact and yes he's only what he wants to beat her and Carter is a window Carter is more you more finished he's more ready yes more ready to step in implied threat. Do you believe he is a will be a guy they consider there. I doubt it. Or and I think it forum in which will get a month to talk about you know can try to trade effort out whatever. I think trading down is something that's gonna be a subject of discussion over the next few weeks and coming Wendell Carter is a trade down out and I don't think you'd pick and four. If you want to trade if you really like when our corporate what do you get in the trade. Like or not a lot but I mean I think you could get it the the key with the trade damage that this'll get the bad music is the best player right. And so they if they just think it for a you know honestly we would just rather a window Carter or our cal bridges or Michael Porter whatever they're gonna be there 6789. You could trade down and add another you know pick in the twenty's or added to the rotation player. Why in theory in theory that's bad to do but if you if you're still getting the player he won anyway it's far right and so. This question of who the grizzlies actually walked if they decide they actually wanted window Carter Michael Porter cal bridges. And not Jarrett Jack from on the Obama. That you could probably trade council get back god you do have to decide you can't just trade down to get the extract that you did you do talk to you gotta get it I wanted to do to get the guy you really. The people's choice now will be Michael Porter and may be because some of the people. I think Porter like say it once you get to four. You you have to take a close look at Michael Porter. I use hopefully that hopefully they won't get access his medical record hopefully they'll get him in for work out neither of those things is passer we guaranteed. Michael poor may be able to sort and pack where he goes in that regard. Armed but I think grizzlies have been good place for Michael Porter to go I don't think he should be wary of that at all great bit VP play. And so I think given. Given where you or in the draft given his pedigree given the way he fits with your Rosser of the modern NBA. You have to take and very very very close look at Michael order. I think alternately. They are not take him. I don't think they're gonna take him or because unless his medical's are clear out of the just anyways medical's or Cleary just had back surgery. And so maybe you'd trade down take a shot at him. But it was given Jerry Jackson Mohammed bomb and some. I don't think you can take my well and if if what Chris Wallace that is true that they believe there's a separation after and we don't know but if that if he's true. Probably tell me might indicate could become a legend Porter junior which is medical issues in that will be given the weird thing about that is. It at bat before the season started would have been known to everyone both the result of a break after all out or anyone else and one of them so your conviction if you the conviction. Back before. Big last season started this is a four player draft essentially most or players or look at our pitch the Andrei Markov badly Markel ordered that was the consensus before the season. It's possible he says it's a four aircraft he does beat Michael Porter I don't know I doubt that you thumb. Does this. Does this mean that the folks who just. Hated the idea of winning a losing meaningless names appear on my hand composer does this mean that this is their day they have been redeem my husband I indicate that the tank is done OK I am not a person has been an art art on this. I don't know and adds two dom out and editors and I look bad I'll do it when asked I'll do it right. Okay the grizzlies were terrible last year they were going to be terrible or that they tried to be or not they're going to be terrible whether he wanted them to be or not. The whole anti taking hand wringing its. I get it it's rooted in fan emotions it's not rooted in a it's a sober consideration the prisoners were bad they always gonna be bad ones by Colleen went down. By virtue of being bad they were gonna get a high pick. That they couldn't hire could have been lower Delaware where it fell and now they have a chance to add security on talent which they desperately need. Let's move forward okay. You'll you'll also. We may be doing this next year he. Harry. You also. And will be applied them goodness I was spent a lot of time limit but they do a very odd number thirty till. And that they could get a significant player there hey if you looked at or at about the draft there were 32 is a good yeah this takes so. Give me some of your favorites at number 32 of well I listen I don't matter how many 78 guys. They won't know that most a lot of them will not be their 32 but at least two or three of them are going to be there very too because the way the math works. I just listed my personal favorite players that I have spent Time Warner who are not point to go and a lot. I favored as Harry Thomas who's a guard at Creighton. He's not going to be there at 32 although I saw mark after they'd had at 47 so I guess you know. Actually go on the record are that might pay a lawyer in this draft whose outside the locker are. On I would jump all over 32 these are going to be there. I'm. NBA I like him. You think he could and he will likely be. 32 maybe a chance I'd seen him they are actually I think the rigor mark as a 32 going to the grizzlies assimilate person found. You know Michael porter's old brother John today I love the grizzlies would have much of an appetite for another big arc and an early second round. But he is so highly skilled I think it would have to consider him there. There's a guy who got which Allstate entry sham it. You know I don't think's gonna be a star but if you're 64. You can pass and shoot threes you can play in the NBA and I think you know he's a guy who could spread the floor and has versatility can pass I like him. That I at least a few other players but well yeah I should what do you think about it and keep a sense of hope apple of course no from the should be to come all year I watched a lot of Villanova because A Boehner was on T deal but also published dowdy motel bridges and then. I watched as much Villanova as probably anybody last year. And that was good all year coming off the bed should he go about whose game won't shall find other game breaking off a bit to score twenty points against like. Our top ten teams right like he was good all year that was not me guess that was a load of a fluke and actually change your game but even doing that and. All of us are here seeing happen. This often happens in his mistress. People are mad about the number one pick and they're and that they IA is on the site pick. After the gonna dig dug a deep enough James Jerel access without getting your advantage we wouldn't be so pumped about that big even fatal automobile it'll be it'll be a replay of a few more Lawrence Roberts John I'll stokes we wanted to look at night or restaurants rental stokes and Antonio Burks I don't know who was the number one the year the journal stokes who was. That was George that it doesn't draw downs and I always get a judge has a great job Els Doug. It's gonna be that can be bad they didn't even Genzyme Colorado right now Janet Jackson and that they dimensions we'll talk to him thanks Chris aren't. Our budget 37765353776. Is the phone number one attack and to some of the burgeoning excitement. Over Janet Jackson becoming the next Memphis grizzly. How to take it last night. Where did you where did you watch it I just feel how you feel today. And Hoosier guy who's you'll or personal. Favorite for the grizzlies here act. 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Looks great make sure when your and the wardrobe they get checked out though call. Oh golf locally and family operates in 1815 on anything about spruce up the wardrobe do what I do you shop oh call. Maybe unite them succeed yeah every time espn.com. Case he is it's. You know on the 29. Yes yeah. I'm gonna show many thanks dude jamarcus Harrington. And now all you. I feel about this fourth pick in the draft would you want you depressed. You upbeat. Like Chris Wallace we start with Christian down tank dressed so yeah. I go to their third. Aren't great great well yeah actually so long I get. But flattened out some of whether or pick out they did or blogger double bogeyed it a little bit about prepaid but I. I would just say I'm cool with the Jerry Dixon paying for the mark orderly political clear. But which one will probably the better shape for the king we have now not that they're before like to that took three years we have mark to market to help each page which one out vigorously. Thanks very much there's no question that AA. Healthy productive Michael Porter junior is that outside of Japan is a is the benefit. Because the dad kind of they got planned events. But in the end that it won't come down to show they will mock draft is unfair but there's no question it's why dodger it was. Considered the one who would could be headed to the business is because he was a perfect fit anyway it's small forward. And Joseph Jackson is not that 52537765252776. Jeffrey and rally Jeffrey era. De La all of that was there and so what we'll look beyond. I feel having eight yesterday it was kind of scary a little bit after what we al-Qaeda for everyone trying to hope that we get at least the top three pick and then go into the fjord like there are every player we can't we all kind of really for open for. Probably not available I can he keep on thinking we hear a lot of about Michael order junior. As much as he was good if you use a good player when he said the little bit that you saw them turn and it. I just don't think we've seen a big enough sample size it and it like really make a competent take specially for. We're I think you're right I think you're likely right I think it is when when Chris Wallace said that there is support person and it. I don't think he was included Michael Porter because of the medical issues I just don't think. I think it's unlikely unless there must the medical stuff changes dramatically I think it's unlikely that I agree so does that leave yeah. Tides so I'd probably say that I like I like Jarrett Jack and I think it I mean age especially when we look at the fact that it. It's from. Issuance engagement at Michigan State we get that Tom is that things that we are already have a pretty a pretty good track record would keep a Michigan State so I think I'd probably take I'd probably prefer that. Martin Bagley. I thank you very much appreciate it. 52527765353776. I feel today and who do you walked we go to. Ryan in Cordoba right Euro. So get Larry good. First well not that disappointed because. I never really have high hopes that you begin a Coptic gig and they this'll get to have it but. I like jacks and at the end of gauges soccer is utterly sick of modern NBA Al Horford tied it can switch out. All of the perimeter stretch of 45 and obviously we all know that's what you need to basically is. Straight operate but I want you by Michael Porter college actually at the help this. Is now bears auditors not really big concerns because it's a big thank you also made is they comScore normal way so. I'm not going to be disappointed would be okay but obviously wanted to get the top two days so. I mean what are. I don't know much appreciate it 253776. By the about 3776 so far. Not a lot of devastation. People are an amendment to the peace list. And not a lot of Jarrett Jack and Jackson junior backlash either. At least so far funky 37765. To drive through 776. Greg in Dallas your. I just Greg here am 100%. From the team take up action and Berry farm without. All this played out a lot of talent in the top four but I had a couple quick. Thanks for your old one. Definitely agree with just you know hope that they don't draft baseball dickens'. That's what free agency is perhaps should be well talent total what you want the regretting it within three years. And to work at number four not that far away do you take it any chance we trade. Two to refer. I don't think you can't I don't think that I don't think those picks and get a ball. I don't know who they would pick. In order to get up there. And so. If they could would bang. And they might. But like what are they gonna give NY what's the incentive for one of those two teams to move down I think eight and fits perfectly. In Phoenix and so I don't. You know unless unless it's a situation honestly where Sacramento is like Phoenix was let's say last year where they don't really like doctor let's just pretend they don't like him he's. And so they liked. Janet Jackson that or whomever and so they sue us we'll get some extra from Memphis and it. And then we can draft our Jason Tatum this liquid like the what Boston did last year. Then they would do it well if if they believe those are the best two players I don't believe they will trade out of those picks and because he's really don't have. Much in them in in in the much and assets that they can give out to persuade him to do that so I. I would sort of give up on the first two picks I think you're gonna picket for. May you might possibly slide down honestly don't think that go to that they're gonna trade for for a player either I think that's. Or or you can you know you could use the fourth pick to try to get off the Chandler Parsons contract for the two matters. There are halfway through Chandler Parsons contract after next year they could climb out of the wanna do. So many players and had a deficit afford to play that's my production thanks very much appreciate it. I think that the 7765253776. We go to Josh and his Mathis Josh Iran. Though Cologne do. Hunt say women. I think out of bed away more nervous today if they order got the order to page. It's always like Warner to Portland or so poor. Because we don't jump ship out of the look at the hockey experience. Absolutely there. So you know so let somebody else trial. They kind of made eighties before in my opinion you know what I would've wanted to thirty. I am all Barbara Bagley. Thank you revealed coming to make an impact immediately. Well automatically hear clearly. In 99% well last week in the world. He'll come into the NBA you don't beat one athletic then I'm rob most of the NBA so. You know he's he's actually it is the guy well Olga would interject not built right about. You would rather have Joseph Jackson who couldn't. Oh absolutely absolutely. And if you got you you know the thing about Genentech not know. Mean that would make it an athlete in the book you know being illustrate support like that ammunition it's Krugman. You know he had a shot blocker but he's 8 o'clock. It will run formerly C it is a fun to release and. And very low release point or. Every moment like he actually in class and I'm like wow he could be he could be great it hopped right look I don't build a peck on multiple I think number you are tight cutter modular that you're going to. Don't let anyone I don't know he's not anywhere and is still loves is an intraday low I don't know if it went wrong but he got. Hit lateral movement here are three you know about about the piano regard Obama winning. Me I'm like Genentech and you know he got to I told. I'm Marty your mind and your trying to Marguerite. But I'm a little quiet Kurdish congress is I put it on either way he's cheat and don't be different planet it's special. Thank you very much appreciate iTunes. He's a great defensive player there's no question that critical question do we. Is clear is there's some type of implicit bias that were all buying in on more than badly just because you played duke and like. God keep wondering like is that everyone's by an anonymous dead body on them because of these numbers I mean we're just he's Kerry so damn productive we're like how do you resist their productivity. And so I think that's why people like the idea about me I think there's some small chance he will be there I do I think there's some small chance Atalanta conceived in Jackson. What other people see and then Jackson and indicted slides before I think that that's not. Likely but it is not beyond the realm of possibility. Among its positioning it to what what he said is what I knew was happening is there were some people who were so scared of Luke about church. Because they like watch an American players they've seen their own ball eyeballs. That they're not they aren't even depressed they didn't get one or two of but if RT 776535. 3776. Is the phone number we go to Michael and southwest Michael York. We do get took note my credential that was a never the beater at the time. Yeah. Directed straight line at the time. And others but anyway. Falling to number four. To me the only thing that makes any sense. If certain medical and the work outs are good. He our cargo boat. Plug and play and future expect. Higher dictate. Order and it the only thing that makes any sense to me other than that. Come down everybody said this was the or this seven player draft that debris from the very beginning. So at four yeah. If you knock it ordered not healthy and doesn't doesn't. Let you know doesn't go Bhutto. The drills you know what you should have a heady days there not happen. Ben Olson are important because really there owner group. We will hold that thought that the darknets you would that track record you should have could have had a very good yeah that's what they've done. I thanks so much appreciated it. About 353776. 253776. We had a Melvin and Bartlett Melvin our. I am I don't. Are a lot of all vacancies that what I hope Bryant carried it there chariot. He put it. You know I had a ball pain Bol Bol Soviet follow visitation will be will look on the job. Forget the happy. Expected a college well I'll go get saying. If people they're saying they don't like I doubt it outlawed Al yeah if these couple big hair dark. If you'd be the first big mistake and paid you to trade value get up there like if you. If you live to our state that you could trade you do large DA you know we'll pay it aren't bad at saying he wanted to arc against it it did Saddam play located. I've yet I'll options yeah you get out early years. He had me but it got to create a top pretty big he didn't want it you know Detroit area. And I'm not happens every day that they'll be downstairs. How big of integrated 88 I laid it speeded up in upstate you know all play out. And I'd help people if you modeled ordered six it is that looked over here to go along I eighty are. But not a basically available last I hate. Marble or we'll look that I lol I felt task order cheerio well not a bad they didn't grab. So all of me I'll let you try being an outlet be so creative I don't wanna they are sick and thank him. Thanks very much. I think he's gonna be disappointed I do agree with this fundamental point that anyone who says they were happy to be fourth instead of first or second or you as the silly. You control things that first set and I honestly if it's. This idea that while they're gonna blow it anyway so I'd rather that someone just fall for them and and well that. I assumed the incompetence of the people had of them as well but they won't pick the best players have elected of the best player fall to the grizzlies. If you really feel that way should be fired if they don't don't have begun making your pet. You wanna have the first or second pack you control the draft. You control your your outcome I don't for a minute believe that they were happy. Happier for them there would have been at two. That is still. And and in fairness on the type B thing. I was furious when they didn't trade terribly less because they didn't get something for him then because I thought he was gonna destroy the tank. He really if you go back and look at the games. There's really only one game I think was the Denver game I got the go out of a log in front where it that they won and after he came back. That they've largely won because of his efforts. Time he didn't play in many games in win most games he played him the one that he played well they won. Was Denver I believe home. And that and that had they lost that they would have been tied with Phoenix for the number oh boast and you can also make an argument. In the middle of December he played against Atlanta it points to that was before that well the middle December while before the dreaded an older people a lot of game that's on sale on. Before the well before the trade deadline he won a lot of games for but I mean after the trade deadline when they decided to keep him. He really didn't cost him that bad but they've LT 7765253776. Kobe and fighting in Iraq. I was gonna do good. I have my where the way I feel about it is I don't think he got in his eyes is. And I I don't really think anything is Chinese this bars also argued in part is I mean we probably won't go in Atlanta alone. Love all and end and as far as I don't think anything's changed our thinking we have gotten no Libby who agree. And we won't agree it is liberal social they archived and even though we got or are maybe you're old. Kobe steel it will adorable little bubble or because that is good though that they are not going to what degree and it delivered good results like that we. And that's gonna be there's more. I think you've got to feel I think they're not gonna back it's like they're gone it's like yeah. I heard I mean it took me to exist does this agreement that would do like we alert you to believe that our church will you'll see. Prosecution. Time. 253776. Back to effect through 776. We go to. Read these maps later. Not patent it and call. Yeah and yet they're okay so the question a lot of it went great question I want to charity this right. I wonder how you feel then you're gone and I'm single and I'm feeling sick in Uruguay. Is there any arrangement democratic if they impress you make them look good. Our goal earned west a Democrat I like. Like Chris Wallace. But let let evil horrible I mean this administration. Is just. The Olympic blood and wait until you happy because the guy that got to do little more up front there and then it going to be able to. I don't believe that I don't know palladium happier before than second if I I don't disagree with your with your assessment that this is a front office has done badly and I've said so but I don't believe he's happier to be fourth. I just don't buy it but. I understand your skepticism about. The fact that Chris Wallace is not alone on page simply let the end can't tell you that. Well I will say this. There's no. I don't know Yemen and everybody. Unarmed people of color without him we haven't we haven't seen Jared actually you know. Google last month I add insult in what we're quite do we know but outlook the Michael Porter and certainly. Just because of their injury already got our trailer park and often not even you know we don't eat you know we gotta we gotta we want it. You know guys with. With. What what although Walker's everything the playback but all we got somebody help me get quite a while and not under the point a week old war. Just because again how I want to have options and doesn't it won't we got action. Thanks very much appreciate it off well if you 5776 riverbank to. Through a few more of these I barely got to wrap it up we go to Justin and tired of Iran. Yeah it does I think last night was just further proved that the grizzlies are curse and the draft. And while umpteen conducting this is a three player draft and then there's a significant drop all. While hunting paint. Can you explain to me why are they NBA doesn't do it like to NFL to secure the worst seems to restrict your the second worst seem eager to secondary control. It's all because they think there were orders and they really think is that they think it's it's unlike. They believe that it ruins. It it it it it causes teams. To purposefully lose for a whole lot of the season and it's a little different in the NFL and honestly the NHL does the same fat a day. And they think it group it's a particularly hideous product and I don't disagree with them teams intentionally losing in the NB is makes for bad basketball. And in the NFL it's a little different. Because there's only so many game there's only sixteen games so they're gonna on the channel and adrenaline and then at the end. Like Perry can't get gas maybe their tank and a ball but it it's it's not 82 games of of just Haiti business and so I think the NFL feels like they can get away with that. In a way that. In a way that the NBA can't and so the NBA like the NHL's is listen we don't want to cause people to play hideous basketball. So bad luck. OK let's say a mind of luck and good. I have no faith in Chris Wallace. And as the grizzlies really want to think outside the box they should fire him and Harvick got from Philadelphia actually started that process and escalating to that ball Roland. Thanks very much appreciate it. We have time to get to these and you went forever Andrew Young. All right yes yes sir let you show thanks I believe that. Or update is that the bad state audit greatly because this city it would already got a large or take what what are the dark it. Corey wired wired when they have their satellite it would have been a perfect paper the greatest city whatever hey keep it. It will what they got the number Larry Page will what do took bag urge that you everybody wants cement bag. But the best player in the draft besides its very is Porter and hit me just say helping. He could turn the bracelet around. Thank you and Russia today Puerto. Our our fans appreciate it last call Eddie and large amount idea. I adore the let's check out little portable but I think quarter and out ports to. Gary repairs should always do researchers say is that you look at the pop art school player won a gun. The percentage of failure could really well. So we look at Philadelphia they waited so many years are and can be an FAA was bigger or Kuwait or sort through the contractor taken consideration itself. A way to be here also at. It had to be cooperative game play air market like they got the best player in Victoria it will planet for the future. We must wait we meet our big march quarter we ought to be willing to wait on him they're going to help me out a question of who played about wedding picture about a woman reporter out. Good to wrap that year to a market more or ball. And we needed to go to its work out there. Between Adobe airfare to research big hit a brick the players who have a bit higher I got big ripper they'll. Thanks very much appreciate it. I that wraps it up. All people all over the place there's a lot of we're glad we're not getting gadgets yes there's a lot of poor there's a lot we want border and there's a lot I'm glad we're not that vouchers. I think that probably. They won't mock draft order and then who knows the complaints start up present to get a good break so we can either we can wrap it up now. If you let alone call right so we get that lets go lets you interact with red and it's is closing argument. Philip conventional Ares I element yes it doesn't go along I saw this. But rather Ferguson did not make it with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he was not solid. Two way contract. He was given which happens at a rookie camps you give me African need to come in there and trying to. And he would not then signed for a to a to a contract so he will not be in camp with the Tampa Buccaneers I feel bad for him. I'm allowed to get a chance to try to catch on with some other team. I honestly think. He may well be your starting quarterback for the I've. For the alliance of American football for the Memphis team I think there's a reasonably good chance that it evolved that way I would love him to get a chance I suspected hill. He'll get at least invite to a camp. I'm by another camp but but a little bit. A little bit rough for rather Ferguson and I'm you know I hope face of the figures it out. Also due to the student is due to come climb Mount Everest OK that's great. Yes and guys to have is a double amputee unbelievable OK any climbed Mount Everest that's part. The first time he tried. To climb Mount Everest was in 1970 spot. At the time. He was not a double amputee OK he had all his extremities OK. But he suffered frostbite. And that's where he lost his. Awhile sandy where he's lost truly conquered it being so he literally. So his both his legs were irritated because of this and then think he tried again and Monday morning this time without any feet. He reached the top of Mount Everest you also. Either 69 or seventy years old. Depending on hunt through you police alike an either or what do you do yeah yeah what it what did you accomplish what did you accomplish this week. I can't got a bad. I got here both feet tall with both the you climb not just 79 on Monday to people people are amazed when people are absolutely and that's what's next. What's coming up next is it coming up next on Jason and it John. They'll have to make Manning joining the program you can check him out at 1125. Also. I GP will join the program as well Eric back in studio to taking your calls as well. On everything that happened with the draft next start back in studio GP joining and they showed Jeffs forced upon clock Ryan Hollins. Join us in the program as Laporte we're talking. Specialist I'm betting you'll be back here to mount for now I worked here is done for. And after. 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