Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, July 12th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington to the studio to discuss the Grizzlies, Jaren Jackson, Summer League, expectations for next year, and more. Segment 2 -- Geoff discusses expectations surrounding Jaren Jackson and compares the expectations around the Grizzlies to those around Tiger basketball. Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show with the Byte of the Day and more.

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But there could be a big downside in waiting or call redeem his group of 5418765. 5418765. Or on the red red dealers group dot com Calzaghe just wandered into a studio let's do that. All these crews and engineers. Studio when I. That is rockaway beach by the Ramones I believe that my summer travel for over your story as well the week remotely. You know travel in our mind was my favorite summer travel down sadly. They're why don't. That's true it's so wonderful aren't we'll learn a little one but Arianna houseguest you very much I just read a major port that. It's been in this its annual summer it says loser table rumored that so. So you've been aware of them are just in the Minnesota. Result which also led to that you went to the beach where would you I was it was rumored to Charleston as my first trip none of my wife's work trip but awfully my old Charleston that I went to you on kick sand blasts. Which is a long thirty A but it psalm burned were east then you know the Destin Rose Bird beach area were adamantly and I don't. And then most recently was Minnesota which is an annual pay and intra week. We just discussed that you'll strike me as a beach tied and you always go to the beach you must like the beach this is. We'll ask them the last two years I I I never had to go to the beach wants. Before it was thirty years Ol Rick franc as I was never be dispersant and then we went there was from Minnesota so she cares as it was dealers all right yeah but then we went with the kids and we're like okay. This works this works yet. What's the key do you get a place right on the ocean is that was there dessert yeah we always we always get. Places rent houses or whatever word you basically can walk out to the beach and it's all. And semi private talks once we went to Rhode Island with our. My sister wall with her husband's fame has some summer house or Ireland. We went to the beach there was some public beach it literally it was liked. But yet some sort of speed everywhere. He's and that was about plus and so are their places there. The beach access is he or any houses or whatever until it's not that crowded growing and is this place you've been murderers calls of like a favorite place of magenta yeah they're replaced. My pare some place kind of around or Chris is talking about its and they can license closer animosity and it is still light. Thirty seems to have their own favorable yeah a new week we'd lie eight. We liked places that are somewhat secluded let well we go we don't wanna go do stuff we wanna just like go to the beach go to the all what cook cook our meals are just like hang out. We're not looking to go shopping and mini goal season and yet it would you read you'd drink you lay on the beach and eat a little about it it actually laying on the beach. How do you tackle that. It's hot it's hard to read because of so throwaway you have an umbrella so your chained and number big number you have a comparable beach chair you have an umbrella you have a cold drink. You're right on the water so it's hard she got ocean breeze manic or go to our umbrellas out Snooki yes you need the umbrella day Che Che okay. On the grizzlies rallied out Freddie pay it every week. We would that would definitely be spread the and I couldn't quite imagine that right so odds of the Memphis Grizzlies markets Smart come. Now you know. Does this come from what is I obviously missed the markets were well there was some tweak working the story was a tweet from our number it wasn't a credit disparage whoever wooded and there's a tweet from national media person about. No problem the grizzlies in the nets have contacted. Celtics about cited trade stuff mark Martin's I asked round about that. And my understanding is the grizzlies. Did call the Celtics but the call the Celtics are three weeks ago. And it was basically a perfunctory today. They would buy dot Canada and came monetary calender read Alan Anderson had enough and came out that is that we are that's a little bit difficult to have marks Martin Carol Anderson yeah actually yeah I went out Marcus Moore has eight. Cor re error. 36% shooter from three point line right up from the floor in Saudia Marcus Morris calendars and would be like. And it's a sort of like a arm performed charters its experimental something I don't think that's gonna happen. But there there's no there there not been and I I don't wanna whites say ardent pass that would never happen because Marcus artists go on mark he's on foreign news. You know what the future holds but that bears not my understanding any kind of active in the day on. Or that I'm sure you've talked about all the spur job and I am Betty I had been able to talk to you about all the disarmament manmade plow over Somalia the good. Six judge Jackson first of all he had that first. Big game right and then he's had a a series of different sorts of game. Well what I would say with that he's played five games to play hopefully he'll play today and some clearly. Whether there's apparently some little minor knee thing in addition to arrest. But hopefully he'll play today. But he's like 55 games at summer league. The first game. He took thirteen threes and make eight of them. I think it's safe to say that's about the higher on the other game it was the second or back to back fifth and seven days. He did Kelly you looked tired old team looked exhausted and you shall one of Satan aren't just you can see it and got players terrible throw. I I I I thought they did not wire so it also looks like the other three Oslo district with the way the best of the worst or read the other three tell you. The other three if you watch them closely tell you what the reality is that. I can stat lines worked all. I just ran and said pirates who blah whatever whatever you would you watch him play what you saw on those three games was. A guy who is already high level defender already at age eighteen a high level defender and are just a block shots. Everything a high level defend or diagnosing things calling things out. Yes in things other people aware yes I'm versatility jumping out and containing and guys on the drive. Recovery backed the wreck everything. Total total defense. He's not as good as he's going to be he's already right. So he's a total defender on the Arkansas did I think assault was a guy who has the ability to knock down NBA three point shots. To make his free throws. And in terms of crede not fit for himself off the driver in the post you receive the seeds of that. But you also see a he has to get stronger physically and be used to get better with the ball. He's a lot of room needs to improve in those areas you see the seeds of bedeviled you can see them on why he could have a post. He can have an off the truck but he's not a guy's gonna step in opening night and be like over these guys are women in the consciously said. Yup we understand you get hit threes let's work on your post game and your. And I'm not out there so I don't know may be but I also felt like part of that is. It. Selvin didn't play in the first game with that's part of it but suddenly and play at least one of the other games he played. I just think I think it was and out liar in a lot of ways because I think you've seen. There's one game and her baby was last in the he played. He's open a lot of those big involves involves about coming out I think it's horrid like. If you're right and figured if you're gonna pick and roll Coby Simmons your pocket now yeah I don't know how often you're gonna get the ball because I feel like. That first game in terms of his opportunity early terms of his effectiveness in terms of this opportunity was probably an hour. One of the ways that you said he was not like Kevin Garnett which is ridiculous standard that people were comparing him to have Internet is that he doesn't he's not. And probably will never be the passer that Kevin Garnett is what have you seen from his vision in that respect. I think it's a little bit like the post game and the off the dribble game in that you've seen some flashes of some seeds that that could cause mark I think he could be a good pass. I don't think he's an average five assists a game core. But I think I don't think that's necessarily going to be deficiency throughout his career I think there there there's there's there's fertile ground to have to be killed. You said you do not believe he'll be rich in a year. I'm a lot of things I put the enough you may mechanically I. Yeah I think that's unlikely to do that but my point is that I don't think opening night it's going to be like this guys are ready to get it that's not going to be the thing. You are. You are is are you more hardened. And more encouraged and you are just letters about exactly where you want now my opinions are Jackson about challenges when I was obviously very high on him right in third in the draft so my opinion on him has not changed at all of it. And how about we'll get to other business stuffed in a minute how about other summer league. But did. Impressions of other guys. I felt all along that this was a good draft and so I feel more slumber emboldened and that opinion that I think this will you'll look back at this was a really strong draft. Freddie on both terrible and you'd all be better to be all right. You know yeah I very much as. Others have put a big numbers right and boxes look good now bridges look because she Alexander prospects don't look good with a Carter or really. But almost looked great. Eight Dayton put up 2010 or whatever when game he has not been one incredible but he's been productive and you watch the game since like this guy's a post player they are. And get the ball and in the right positions and my concern about him. And I thought it was the best player draft my concern about him as I was going to a team that does have a point dork. He'd be right this is the guy you need to post up pencil who knows that with the what are the restaurant and give him the ball and I don't he's going to be watching Devin Booker lightly contested jumper faculties and but I think I think you used the talent c.s they are. As well and so. To meet a lot of players looked good in the aren't that many whom to be a red flag that young was a red light early but he looks like may be nice come around. And Bakley was up and down there with once in a couple times you get a vegan or regret a ticket window yeah. Conversely there may be but. I think with if I said was mean it was a close call and I gleaned Jackson because. I think there's some more players to Jackson has hired seemingly Altima ready. And we're gonna find that out several equally and find that out this these. Yeah a little with a hard Jackson think is who's going to be better 345 years down on the post season like are you write one when you're playing meg. Tough post season team you embryos was one of the questions when no 'cause you will still Florida dollar write in both the one thing in terms of my own like rankings or before the draft that. I would be tempted to change based on summer league is I had I Jackson bird Bagley or Carter why. And now I think and I should just gone with my gut and had Carter Betty Carter had a back right because I like Carter's game batterer. Back police production was so all the charts as a college freshman that I was even though I lots of questions about his game. I was so persuaded by the athletics is among the production even though I thought Carter animal well more well rounded game. That is the one they got beat at least you'll bump up or would you just have Obama I would Mubarak mob at least over Freddie aren't led by RI in order five young six bomb seven. And bomb bomb bomb bomb it and he's been very impressed I think he's going. He's a guy's probably go league NBA in blocked shot multiple seasons right and I don't think he's a stiff offense I don't think he's going to be police waiting score. But I don't think he's a stiff offensively all that you screwed it. It is funny it is. Quarter go to some early and that's absolutely true. Oh we have learned things about players and some early before it is not Russ Smith let go I. I remember is able came in his first. Yeah he was destroying people assimilate our favorite so at some point the last few weeks on Twitter of their children whose friends are doing humbled the greatest grizzly summer league memories and it was. In over the summer Josh Selby and it was the respite that the game winner and and I responded yeah Rudy Gay document regionally on that I can act that by actual paper grizzly summer league moment. There was a game of the respective rookie seasons of machine the beat and I'm at a dot. And it's guy Antonio Harvey who'd been a power forward center for the lakers and was doing was doing the color commentary in the broadcast. At one point he said you know Dottie is better than the beat the play by play guys are laughing what you just did. And Harvey said no it's true though he wasn't personnel are no joke I doubt he's better on the beat. And that was more come here and to be that an audience of 100% right he is so that is a bit I think we saw very very quickly conceived and several you can get a lousy none of this is definitive but you absolutely can see things. To Von Carter has not looked good. Yeah I mean that was not the pick I would have made my back and looked at my my list that I had united I did it top thirty. And there were seven guys I had on my left at added I have to mark Carter on the list he would reduce pre soon after that I wasn't that out but. There were seven guys I had in my top thirty who would control were drafted after chart caller. Including three I had in the top twenty which was Tyreke honesty Anthony mountain and I'm Melvin Frazier. Curled defense oriented way. And so like that means is not the pick I would and and I don't think in in summer league heat. Eat two reasons and somewhat invisible unless you really wanna watch him because he's not doing anything obviously Google obviously bad he just sort of blend in there and that. I'm in for a guy who you know was a four year college by your your defense player of the year and all that should be ready to go that disappointing. I'm not ready to like make any determination on what he's going to be going into the season. But nothing I've seen nothing so we're pleased that he's gonna be the better point guard but I did seven say that repeatedly I had people wondering of their sixteen who's gonna get cut a believer Harrison causes and contracts I guarantee. Unintelligible Harrison is not only makes an offer he will be in the rotation and open our eight he's the number two point guard yes she's number report are concerned nothing less Javon Carter came in interest. Blew it up I mean he's played five similar games Woolsey but I don't CU. To me he is a red Bay Area very closely and so you need him to be able to bark be accompanied backup point guard very soon. And to be if that doesn't happen in the in the you know how's that equal bit mistake as I do think they're gonna well there's number Thomas or Frazier they're going to be guys pick after are gonna have much better and then the errors. The nice part about it is that by giving a full mid level to. Took her to slow mile that today. We won her self in a position where they couldn't. With a maid and hide themselves they re signed yeah because they're going to be intercede because as far as I know Carter hasn't actually signed yet. And is is they're going to be Younis a work that's understood on the front end officially squawking about only getting a two year minimum which is what's gonna have to happen. Onlookers that has not been the norm for players picked that high the second round at all right. So that will be a usual he only gets that small a contract in those who wait to get anything else get more this point. And you wonder if part of that is a grizzly sort of rethinking that given their experiences. With the Arthur Davis with Roddy is Margaret swift. You know without some of these other contracts that they've given that I adequately help them on the other hand you're really glad that you don't want Brooks. You know you've got you on imports are here right. I'm just to Davis. The yeah I mean the greatest thing is frustrating and end the reach the there reaches a point re just give up. It could be hit that point happens before you know whatever opening night is the season I am not convinced it is I think they won't give it more harm than that. But I don't know if you get. If he does that. During the quarter to some degree. This season I don't think we're having this discussion this time here from right I do think this is the season where he need to show some right. I still think he has. What's frustrating about Davis is that what. What he needs to do the range of things he needs to do to be an effective backup sitter it's fairly narrow. And he has all of the physical building to do those things right and you just can't eat it either whether it's awareness or pepper or whatever it is. Jolie whatever it is it's just not. There and it's frustrating because it's so easy to see him being the backup Saturday. Hubble and I've been around we've seen from him. Rep took the opposite of Davis like America president Jeffrey yesterday if you could take the best qualities of both those players and combine the number one you like your your good got a awareness and instinct and everything else stick that and yet this is your body you're good. Yeah do you have your backup center like you read that you're in great shape. I suspect that. As currently constituted rabbits and pass Davis I don't think that's what the Britons want right now but I think that's gonna happen just does he do that or the other way and try to. Let's but but but I do bashful he's not he's got a very low ceiling on him unless he can stretch out that jump shot three point range because. He is a slew ordinary physically or in case so ordinary right. Unchallenged. Our own. I think it's interesting I mean I. Com I didn't want that I did hated. You know I feel like if you look at their recent free agent history in terms of dark bit bitter primary signing arms that Harry Evans was a good signing. But their primary signing it's been a disaster. Last year been back more boss you'd over that camera Parsons bust you for that rated right bust you for that bit scorer bust in the first Europe either. And so I don't like an aerial. Colin arsonist 24 years old there are no health issues that we know of and he just started 67 games were 47 when spurs team I thought there was they're gonna get more out of that they have the last word primary trees are. Can be it's a question of how well this is Notre Dame translate into a different situation. And how well they can sort use him with the other pieces they had they sort of go why they they will be able to put your home or. With 43 point you remember when they Tayshaun Prince were beside Lauren long the low ball yum didn't have range but crafty. When they were doing that would pay char and you have Tony Allen in the rotation who couldn't shoot you Zach Randolph started or who couldn't shoot. And that you but in a situation where more souls of three point shooter now. Either tomorrow or read or Saturday at her hair dark and a three point shooter obviously Carly to three point shooter. Whether it's don't work so we seldom markings Ariel and impropriety but their three point shooter try to eat they are they can put him on the floor where. All all the other four players who. Template and shoot three stretch the floor and that will give him more space to operate. And they think there is untapped ability for him to do things with the ball even more heated senate where do you think they aren't. In terms of I three the west has become even more murderous than before I had has been a problem that's. But I do think. Like what they've done this summer has made sense and doesn't make them a fifty win team but it does seem like they will be a competent. Team what they have assembled looks like a rational competent not bottom five team in the league to me where do you think today. Off. Oh are now better since about our neutral rosters and are come October but I feel like a relatively just sort of. I thought they are likely in the you know nine to twelve range I think they could things break right they could find themselves in the playoffs but I think they're more likely in sort of bet. You know not in the basement but not in the playoffs that's probably where they are but I think their position to be very competitive they say healthy. And what I like about what they darn is. They put together a team that if they catch the right breaks can be can be competitive and could be a playoff team they have not done anything yet the experience of thinking beyond this season. And that was my big concern is that they they talked up the playoffs and fifty wins on so much. It was gonna force him into this into moves to try to back it up. And they kept an eye firmly oil and it's not just about the season does the four years for Kyle Anderson bought into that clutter up the cap and anyway that now that's yeah that's a featured on about president that that was that was they are doubles doubles the recently did it really. Is that 24 year old now he and Jackson other. Assay I don't want his error of their choice was to sign a 24 year old wing to a four year deal. A sign that thirty year old winning 212 year ability for an hour earlier when Allen or whoever they wanted before they wanted to lock up. A young player at a position to scare against clearly believed and rightly or wrongly will find out. In a position of scarcity. For all for multiple years. And that that number looks big and those eight point six goes up so close to ten. You know that's a 5% raise in the cap stories at least that much if not more and so it's always going to be like a low level startled. Titles out right so as long as he plays up to that standard. I think it'll be fine what I said I think earlier in the week was and I wrote this I guess. I think it's unlikely that this car I think the range of outcome for Anderson on this contract is actually pretty. I don't I think I think that the old the money is high enough it's never going to be a board I got a look at two years that outlook Steele got it that's not gonna happen. But he's he's so young so healthy place it's critical position. And is such a high IQ basketball player that I don't think it's gonna have certainly been back Mort are gonna arc while we talk politically this guy can apply to me that he. So I think beef are. The to guard will be interest and because that the two signings can't speak Casper. Omri Casspi and I'm. Tell Anderson right. Would seem to pushed Illbruck firmly to the to wish you I thought he should be more all along why that's with a T and if he's pretty sure if he's there to. Wayne seldom is it to Marcia Marcia Brooks is terrorist Bashar Brooks birther stipulate that he's the instant offense does that mean that. Dylan Brooks and Wayne seldom are I have seen injuries and Ireland whenever. Is one the starter and one break glass and he's done Brooks and Marcia brought cement when sellers got an uphill climb. Until Brooks can play character from. And so I think it's likely don't Brooks is harder than you have to sit in question Marcia Brooks vs when excelled in terms of pecking order right. And I mostly believed in having sort of declared with a Marcia Brooks a beer six banners were off the bench etc. My personal belief is they need to give Wayne cell and every possible opportunity to our significant role state. Because he's younger he has a more diverse range of skills. I think he has the potential to be you know if Jerry Jackson at power hitters and don't Brooks and out three pieces you concede BR in the car and we just all grizzlies. I think seldom could be one that we don't nobody could be I think they should give him every opportunity. Because BP he's been great again in the summer league. People regard it very unique and deacon you're right people do more people forget that. And he is low level all season has yet kept saying when he came back emotionally. He'll he wasn't he wasn't consistent but he a lot of gains and double digit scorer off the a lot of arm and a I tend to be a believer in his it has Tallet and so I would hope he doesn't often that they would give him every opportunity to earn a significant role OK lastly. We can talk to Chris Harrington. Mark made his typical stuff in Spain last last year was I may have to reevaluate depending on what this year goes this year it's. I'm choosing between loyalty to the city and. And wing it actually strikes me who knows I don't make much suspension in my Graham a new episodes they don't ritual into ritual. Actually strikes me. That once he's made the decision to come back and a load which he very clearly did like he's not pitching a fit is. Seems to be all any behave well at the end of the year he said nice things and you in the clearly likes. The coach. I would think this is the team itself gives killer title but I would think would be a team he would like they've added high IQ players play defense yes. At least it looked everywhere is to be happy and they they've they've sort of you know reduce the of the dock at quote similarity I totally. The thing to leave the thing that people whom the subtlety with all the stuff LaMarcus all that I think people either mess or downplay or overlooked. Is that what. And we saw it will be able fit down somebody or whatever but obviously you read closely in the translation Gregory you can't. You see an even in this to the marker he always lays down is not. Winning is trying to win. It is it is processed not result. He wants to believe in process right and he believes if you believe in the process is right you believe in the process. That's were you responsible for the result in the use or whatever it is not a this if this team does not compete for title I need to get out here that is not the marker he ever plays down it is are we doing things are right away when I finally had every possession every game every whenever this attack that was not the case last season that will be the case this evening we'll do things very glad they may not right he good enough to serve their. Prevail and 47 of the games but they were kind of symbol do things right away. And I thought organizationally. For all the reasons we've we were drone on and on about its effort this season that they are a they wanna be good. But even if if the struggles hit the senators are different and so I think this season more than likely is going to be a season. Where there's not this sort of Tug between the to what you're trying to accomplish in the draft Reuters she's going to be let's just try to be good I think it's going to be. I will talk about the rest league tomorrow Chris thank you very much we will talk to them X as Chris Harrington we've got to take a break back him on just garbage and anything manna from this. How does this morning as the kids air conditioning heating and planning to. Sanchez started tenth air conditioning heating and plumbing sixty years ago in 1958. With a mission to be honest. There and chest ready to each customer today every child like it grays ferry and now his grandsons salt and Bryan chance when the company with the same morals that their dad and grandfather instilled in them. To celebrate her sixteenth anniversary. It's not like to offer a sixty dollar T in a special to all our heating air conditioning and coming customers. We are also offering a sixteen month no interest financing. 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Like they heap and they've embraced an identity they're trying to make moves. That go towards that identity and its identity that people are more familiar with and so it seems like people or at least. Let's say that they're thrilled about it but it seems like people at least I acknowledge it and they think OK well at least this makes cents. Do you. Believe they've come around Roger Jackson another received right now Joseph Jackson. We know that he was boot he was booted or half heartedly at FedEx Forum and he was booed vigorously at the grizzlies watch party. Our people land it is weird Nike. He had that. Big game in opening game and it seemed there. Set a different tone or even though every game since he's been kind of what we expected not not. Monster games. Did that instantly change the perception or is it is Memphis now on the Janet Jackson bend light and that's sort of happens anyway when you you talk yourself when he's your guy when he's your guy. But yeah how people feel about so I think I think there's move more people 'cause I felt like. Almost shared Jackson or three camps to begin with I thought there's the camp that really believed in them which was a smaller Canelo Campillo tiny little like two people gather around a campfire right and then there was the anyone but Janet Jackson camp as a big big camp. And then there's this other camp in the middle that. We're just like. Or kind of light. Resigned to the fact that that's who was just gonna be like it just felt like our of the camps. And so now I think the people that in the middle just kind of like OK I think they've all started to buy and and obviously the people that world to believe there's about until believers feel like they've already been vindicated exactly and then I felt like a large portion people fell into that middle of ally and a lot of them have a anybody bots I think some of those remains in the middle camp they got silenced early. And so then they they did a whole host of skepticism out they did the whole though Democrats in the weeds there at the pump the brakes feeble and they're also people that are of very quickly very quick to point out if he stinks they'll be back quickly and they're the ones that point out only shooting 45% from from tip. Well that is true so. It's it's a very Jimmy what's interesting is. You know we are too big teams here obviously got the the football team to argument cannot wait for. Football to crank up and all of it's glory amoeba are the days baby. All of them count the days for the tigers to get started. And count the days for SEC football to get started. And I'm counting the days for pro football to get started back right now the only like of the football stories you have. Are the awful Shawn McCoy story right. And speaking of Buffalo Bills and former Buffalo Bills and I got a martial artist stores and best month yet not yet woman is suing Marcel dar ES. For. This is not a criminal proceeding this is purely a sizable receding. For having sex or there while she was unconscious or drunk passed out right. And giving her an STD in the process and so. So you get that think this is that time not a great. When we're getting the non football football stories which is the this is what pro football talkies to be at its finest which is the apps they were so anyway so it. So yes we have Memphis tiger football look forward to which we have not and all of those things to look forward to but fundamentally there are two big teams in this city. The tigers are the lizards right in the basketball basketball. And may have been so different in their. In there. Public approaches one is all possess as. Is all winning national championships. Is all in mr. Graham. Is all hype train like earlier in the hype train is absolutely. Full steam. Full steam ahead. And one is. Literally the opposite. In terms of summer summer what they've done in the summer what they've done this summer is much. Quieter. And the what they've done each of the last two Summers when they went outside and a lot like last summer was. Are tired we can better manage the more the summer before was David is dale and Chandler Parsons lightning might. What and paying might yeah and so. Yeah big stuff both Summers this summer wise is the opposite. Everything since nine times now everything it feels like is understated. And yet perhaps sensible. Is it possible. Because again I don't I'm not trying to pit them against each shirt at all support from both. Is it possible. That when we look back and this is purely. And expectations. That when we look back at this year end. Basketball won both seasons are over. We will say. That the Memphis. Grizzlies exceeded expectations. And the Memphis Tigers. Didn't quite meet next. Dictation yes because I think the grizzlies have taken a page out of my playbook which is get those expectations down near the water right now the expectations. We don't would that mean are there expectations formally or winning through prayers and I think most people with most people with rational like expectations and say. If this team exceeds forty wins that's probably. I probably her exactly. I think most people's expectations are. Thirty funny eighth to thirtieth two wins. And I think and they have a very good chance of exceeding that. I could easily seem get 38 wins 42 wins or 41 wins or. Honestly looks like a quintessential 500 teammate especially in the last and so that's different. But it looks like a quintessential 500 if they stay healthy yes. Why would they would have Sergei so I think that's exactly what they are I think Chris is nailed it this is the first time that. The first time coming into the year where I feel like the expectations for the grizzlies are just kind yet but not I don't think there's any bad out there in need I don't think they're gonna be like. Obviously last year I think was somewhat of an ally just because of injury by. I just feel like when you look at this roster. It's a very average roster. And that's about a 500 arrest of Harry. It's solid a solid contact and efficient roster and it's. Now in the process. Third I get we're stipulating that help. You would like. To see that the future develop players like Zealand Brooks you'd like to see it let's get it still Brooks it's Jerry Jackson. And that's and it's Kyle Anderson there sort of a main pieces. And if you got wings Elden and if you could that possibly lane sell them to that group I'm not gonna put Deion cam I and their hope for Durante. And I don't mean across a much too early about it. Umpire I didn't love John Carter won when the pay cap and and so I'm not gonna and right now until they prove something be including him in that. Group but if you could get those three. And Wayne sell them. As part of a season that is competent I think you feel pretty good coming out of the year. I'm in terms the Memphis is here's the weird thing about the Memphis. Tiger basketball program. Is. So much of how people feel going into next year. Will be about. Broker a 100%. And if recruiting is all like if they get wise men if they get. I thought Watford and they get you know whatever we already know the amount of damage what are your son or some other question it almost doesn't matter if they win mean. I say this yellow and fourteen games but they can miss thing they can miss the NIT. Get those players and know it'll give a flip 1000. Person at all at all. It's a sliding scale. If they. Miss out on Weisman and get the others will then you want to win total to be a little better than you want a little more out of out of Lomax and Tyler Harris or whatever I share the good great recruiting class the last this particular season matters. More modest the recruiting class the more this season matters because then you wanna see the promise coming from the players. Themselves is just it is amazing to me. It's a reminder how much sports is maybe it's life. Honestly think it's life expectations it's just all expectations now. A favorite program all of this is a comedian and he talks about relationship and the whole thought your edited tires on about lower your expectations. Let's hear it. Give me two minutes of arguments here but I think it's true why it's it's true about. About football teams it's true about basketball teams. Honestly it's true about like cities when I came to Memphis the expectations for what a city could who could do. Were so low here like every once said all week that quintessential Memphis thing. Is the pyramid which was poorly done seats too small. Inning later that never wore her and that it was the convention center which was. Over budget took too long whatever and so when you built something like. AutoZone park it wasn't just that independently AutoZone park was beautiful. It was that all my god Memphis did this now does it spent a decade. Cynically lowering expectations and then soared past and yeah is why I think. People feel good about it but if you'd like. The key seeing a movie there's very few movies that you concede. That every one tell you if they if you'll one of the like yeah you go for weeks into the rock yeah and everybody has told you it is great yeah. What movie stands up to. It is great. After everyone has told you for four straight weeks it is great. Very few movies and will hunting. It was may be Good Will Hunting very few movies can sat and army that what you want to do. If you wanna go the first night did not know anything that happened down and be totally surprised by the movie all are even better. You want people to tell you. And I like. I think it's kind of overrated I went to see it bubble and then you go win the and you have me. Low expectations. Pretty Superman returns pretty good meals are the same wire yet if you go to a restaurant you're excited if you hide if you expect a five a five star restaurant at the Forestar merely like. I'm outlet paid for out of he only had waited but if you go to some just placed other side of the road highway we have a pretty good burger elect. That's impressive life is all about expect a really do believe that life is all about expectations every and we achieved a song it. I just what are some tell what the says so this is by he's comedian things Bo Burnham he's a very clever guy and the song is called lower your expectations. Here's your lesson for today ladies and gentlemen I've even heard he had done. How many single ladies out there looking for love. Yeah Hulu does that sound. More than. Ladies and your mom. And while. Sleet and god it's not a feminist who likes to paint the zone. I'm doing rant about being attractive to any other then a good point about going into back Gloria how. He's a great lover because your mother on the thank you I mean this guy only exists in New York my. New York guy. Knowing your ex. Tens and me because friends timing would never stand alone are you there. Just me Lou there are real blue I think we got the point lays down then so I predict on that note. That's a thorough. I'm I'm I'm getting better job if you have if he's got it said basically if he's got a thing for feat let me just say after it moved and and Jeffrey happily done that so we're gonna escape and take a break we'll back amongst your pocket jumped. Many Humana premieres there. Get your tickets to the 21 annual. There's big sisters sports goaltending issue gala July 28 days seven. 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All the time one of them is through her system. My computer so you know I'm not a computer genius I'm not a computer iMac computer savvy in my computer goes wrong I just scream and looked helpless and say what do I do now. And I think to the big a star they say oh. Here or give you a ticket and we'll send it back Q and six month lows they're gonna send it up there were ever to have a fax. If you get the persistence whatever the problem is data recovery cracked screen whatever whatever the problem is laws antiviruses. You give Philly a large group of itself we'll take that and I'll fix it in the hand vacuum that's all done right here in Memphis by their technicians in Memphis. And Europe and go on again what I have to spend money on a new computer however if you do a new computer. And that could persist and so you know. About a new computer and upload their they will sell you a new computer all the same brands that you get anywhere else. Apple Dell Hewlett-Packard she below all of them. And they will sell you those exact same. Computers. Four dramatically. Less than you'll pay at a big box store but what a pleasure to be able to tell you all that they'll tell you that I have computer issues. I go to group system. When you have computers have issued on campus system's calling him on Cooper. 3609679. That is 3609679. Shop a dozen on 274 format or and next. Be mop around office park let's wrap this baby now. It's those closing argument. Solo. So that's story today as saying the the epicenter of sports for the next decade is going to be Boston. Okay agree or disagree. And the theory is the pats always got allies McGraw the Red Sox are red green and are awesome. The Celtics are on the verge of awesome and the Bruins are pretty darn awesome. Okay fine of that athletic let me let me give you some other ones are an example LA. L that they got a bribe their they're back to be an ally ranked brands the brands are Dynegy merely an. There is one for the next decade the rams will win more games of the patriots. Say yes because they definitely have their quarterbacks usually thought nobody cares about so kings broker who cares Bruins actually a better more young players. And then Red Sox Dodgers I would I have more faith in that Red Sox and in the dodger YouTube. I have more paper read such that if but the big one is. I'm not sure that in the two that matter. And in in in basketball basketball football. Lakers. Whose team Souter who whose future would you rather have rams honestly if rams chargers. And rams chargers. Lakers. Or Celtics. Permits take LA only because I really do like iPad theft. Some quality and to me it feels more and more likely that telecheck is just that so I'd check much of the guided some point just announced he's just gonna be done. And it's going to be. The greatest day ever asked for it. I'll I'll look even concede it's two more years let's concede they got two more years shirt which is I think generous at this point. You think they are more than two more years. The break Eagles a whole thing's going downhill it's not it's and then gimme gimme the rams for wins and I actually. LA Boston but Boston has a great accumulation of talent yes they have no player who right now for some of it was who you would call on the top five player personally agreed. And maybe not a player who. It's in the top ten player but not yet mutated get a look at who really guard and then they got some really good players. But you will win with really good players out there with true superstar I mean today they're gonna test the theory of do you have to have a top five player. You have to have a top five player to be doing this and anyone else. I mean I guess Tyree that. They all are missing any other city in the Bay Area. Epicenter of the warriors are the upset of the NBA I don't I'm not buying in on you you know I'm not want to underscore Irish jobs and up giants know. Somebody out doesn't seem to be an epicenter right now under their. You know any time somebody made their argument I believe is right last may the argument for Milwaukee based including Green Bay in Milwaukee. Lou and the box then there's a limit quote I mean where are pretty good I like my talent that. It's so hard small market Boston. In Chicago I mean it's just mediocrity no stuck in mediocrity it is I do believe either Boston or LA. I might. I let go of the buses that MRI greater respect for the way about that as Donna I did I hit them with fourteen buildings but they build them like happy yes I have great respect Ed. Pains me say that. But if you're the boss and and I might give the slight nod ally. Rivals. Fears reminded today Jeff. My favorite human being alive the rock went on Stephen cold barrel last night and told wonderful story of one of the very first times he was wrestling and his grandmother went to go see him to run the very first times we'll take a listen. My grandfather first started low. Professional wrestler can never tell my grandmother so you ever smarter up so as far as she knew it was real and there was going to be a fight. As the match and the match starts and she's of course are getting beat up at some point. And she freaks out she jumps in the ring. She jumps in the ring takes her clogs off. This is this is his father of what is or is great rest so grandfather also correct so that Brock is from like eight. Revelry generation family at his grandfather restless father wrestled he wrestled and now like his cousins are wrestling supposedly his daughter wants to get into the business so. But his grandfather was wrestling and huge match. His is his wife did not know how to tell people it's fake their kids home from school were just where birdies I don't think that is the cat out of the bag I don't think it's flights. I don't think it's like down another. Another thing yet another fiction that yeah yeah I think uniting voice until right right they can be inevitably disappointed at exactly some that yeah I think I think everyone about raising your message exactly. But we think that got that other thing we're talking out at me. Yes that raises experts say yes which will be crushed guard here's what's coming up next go to next on Jason this John as they mentioned that young will join the program at 1125. Eric muscle men at 1245. Jeff at 125. You're Boyle be sitting in the chair for four straight hours just an air cast that show aired joins lied. From Las Vegas is a marathon it's like on the dance America yes Jeff is going to be yes. I'll also be hosting AB Gary pair shelf TV schedule let me live from peach jam Jeff we'll join me at five John will join me at 525. I specialist and everybody it is great to be back we'll talk again tomorrow. But for now our workers are. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio talk time masters and anytime anywhere. And favorite us today we have a fast and at least one Bartlett. Don't go fast then this is sports station. Hey this is Gary Parrish reminding you about Danny Moore said roofing professionals they're a local family owned and operated business server in the mid sells residential and commercial roofing needs since 2010. And at this point. You should know. Danny Moore some roofing is known as the home of the free root Danny's team is built a reputation for timely and professional roof repairs and roof replacement wouldn't into detail and they have the ability to work with the insurance companies to make sure customers who qualified for new rules. 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