Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, June 13th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington into the studio to discuss Robert Pera's comments, Chris' draft board, and more. Segment 2 -- Geoff and Jeffrey Wright discuss the biggest notes from the opening of NFL OTAs. Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses the announcement that America will host the 2026 World Cup.

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Than they had been in before. And LeBron given that structure. You know reached a new level now whether he'd be willing to do that after he got the younger guys who hadn't gone to accomplish that much and he got on a T-Mobile in terms of their ultimate success but. You know they didn't go blueprint barely so we can say well. If you was willing to do you know put himself as part of that sort of system. It could have yet pay great dividends for him whether he'd gladly willing to do that at this point these tree which which are that he moves toward. You know immediate you're going to black several years or his swan song in the league remain to be seen but. Yeah I've I think you're right I think eight it's it's a situation where if you're if you're adding LeBron jeans you're reading everything that goes with adding LeBron James. And that might not be for the faint of heart but if if you wanna put yourself in that position. They certainly nobody else you'd rather take a run up. Finally I three. Interest in situation balls and he's not talking about an extension. What do you think that every Boston their future and just I read generally is I don't know if he's disaffected again but. It would say something about him I think if you try if you work. Well I think very good then no extension this summer saying that's it I mean that's just a matter that happened that I gave it gave me financially ET stand to make way more money if he doesn't take an extension now pleased that the seat and then get the Max deal. Next summer. So and we we see other players make that same decision yet not a god I wouldn't read anything into the lake. If he would know that there are any sort of dissension in the ranks there are looking out Philippine there I think it's just that but the smartest move for him to make the male long term financial perspective. Content from where you sit got to play good if they kind of fascinating because. Keyword you know 88 sort of fringe MVP candidates for 00% of the even given how well that offense. You know played when he was on the floor and how important you dated off and when he was not available. That's why a lot of us take them to go out early maybe not to to Milwaukee route one but certainly the Philadelphia and round two. Could you sort of didn't know how they're gonna get score enough with carrier going off the floor. And then you find its version of the Celtics that emerges over the last few weeks as he didn't do that with your the first you're though those first couple rounds of the playoffs where. Maybe you don't necessarily need Karrie you're being the dominant ball handler to be a great team because that's. Similar to that we know the way you didn't necessarily need that they've promised to be that guy needed a system helps create some of those shots and if you got. Eighteen minus version of what carrier ring can give you in the very Riviera or someone you know like him. Then maybe you know you're able to sort of carried a carried away through it now that said. What brought in was missing in defense and they can't cut Cleveland is why you get carrier that you need a magician to unlock that defense. And to be able to create something when nobody else can and let other guys are shooting it. Three for whatever from the field and nobody can make a reporter for three effort recorders you need that got to create shot. So I think we've we are inserted it in that ecosystem it's fascinating because. Eight disperse it concern it could step that chiefly paid in the got a decent in the going to be what bagel foregoing what they're built around moving forward. And you know how he fits and how Gordon Hayward it that they did he has some high class problems that he's looking forward to solving it but I think where do they both got hit. And that sort of arrived and the environment now that other guy to sort of step board may meet their plates fell a larger role in the organization. I think it's gonna be really really interesting to watch. Candy great to join us thank you very much we'll talk it actually. That is dandelion doorman demy on Twitter read his stuff over at Yahoo! where you are late to Chris Harrington we will get to can't look. Next Bobby Sherman again from his. The official. When was the last time you replace your toothbrush and I've been awful about that in the past he always brush twice today for full two minutes. Paying attention to these good habits has a huge impact on her health. Introducing quit spelled QU IP the new electric toothbrush and helps fix the brushing habits that most people get wrong what does this with a lightweight and sleek design that I loved simple sound vibrations and guiding polls is to help give you the perfect too many clean. 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Today it isn't preceded by a beautiful night sleep and distinct disease by Michael's alma we got to do the sentences Goodell talked the next now. He's Chris Harrington attendant on the grizzlies Memphis the NBA and more. Chris Harrington on the Jessica gets you know 929 FN DS DN met. Okay. Well. Me. I'm Chris what hours do residents. That is the Elvis Presley version of the jury blues song big boss man and I tried to imagine the internal monologue Chris Wallace with Robert parent them. I. A question iron that John Marin and earlier and we are talking much heat and care about wrestling Washington wants to it. Isaiah I think it's natural. I held you as exit as as a counter examples made the exception to this rule. I think it's natural to care less about certain things as you get older and you have kids and two of the things that I think if you care about the most. When your high school whatever that should. Our music and sports like it and and yet you it strikes me you. Probably care or are you an elbow I am not like that about music at all right for me it was never a Jenner I think I'll be able to generational thing you fight. And do so as you get older you sold a little music you like when you were right here when he. I am not like that at all period. I mean I love Randy Newman rebels fourteen I'll love whatever upon as a top level and what have you ever had a few brain waves now thinking about music as you did when you're fifteen or no I can't part of partly that's because it's not my job anymore. Favourite or with the music critic for a while but I still like I dispersal blog that I do immunity agrees with the audited based on the plantations revenue in this blog project a sort of couple weeks ago. Strictly for personal views that got it up there are weeded out and we hear people read it. But I'm going through fifty years of popular music 1965. Through 2014. And for every year are re listening to everything that matters from that year on a dual list of a 25 favorite albums by forty papers singles Sunday movie sucked too are right about where where did Clemens. And I'll I tweeted altitude it is it's on with the Blogspot while single Heinz dot press dot com. I mean I I may eat. In airport used to be partly job related it was partly academically some sort of cultural studies guy I mean music fans I've got. In thousands of CD's and records are on Shannon's in my head and I don't wanna get old book shelf full of music criticism books read so it's not. And it is not like each generation all this is a they usually stay for a birdie on Tuesday. Artistic cultural interest right no different than books or films or whatever. Right but that's the problem and sports do you spend as much bandwidth thinking about sports and a lot of narrowed I've narrowed because I was I was barely on their breasts as a kid. You know it was a huge NFL fan huge Major League Baseball and college basketball parents I'm thinking you self and yet and so at this point the NBA is like. 90% of my sports interest. So what they see baseball team that I try to keep track but I don't do very well and I do not watch regular season baseball even though I have a affinity baseball team I go in and out of college basketball but mostly from an NBA scouting perspective. But that's okay. Robert Paris spoke yesterday I get you listen to the interview what over your takeaways and you know I. I'm like I I am in Iraq with him partially one time and very briefly. When I hear him do interviews which is mostly Christian Kernen. I'm like Robert Perry he reminds me a little bit of myself and even more so guys I was friends with in high school like. Verity focused I was the only I was the only member of my high school math team that did not go to MIT I know these guys. Seriously on that show yes. The others I well I have relatively distant fourth personal four person team three got let them I'd hate to have a graduate of her sixteen wounded marte. Yet. All all Asian not a stereotype. Yeah what was Israeli but it two others were agent. Again like I grew up with what about birds in the fights are these are by people all right and so. I'm not as introverted as Robert Perry I'm more of an introvert extrovert certainly identify with him in a lot of ways. I think he comes across well when he does these things that unless they and he should come on the radio every week you do mark are usually always does that help himself and he doesn't mean I had dozens of cardinals and so my biggest takeaways suck beyond just like. I helps himself my biggest substantive takeaways were. More and him saying like I think it was sort of defense warned him to say. In Ohio. I got was he's batterer or what period it even more so last season because of the ownership south evens and at one point like. You know I couldn't show to which Republican do you guys because I would have been jacked up right makes total sense to me yet. It's over hit for him to say hey now that this law getting cleared out you'll seeming more next season and why he said you know two or three are sort of or show up. But he said he would be a little Billy's little bit more present more visible now that the ownership some of cleared up I think that was the biggest news item the image of the interview. And he reaffirmed as he had done an email that he has no interest in a relocation and in our eight. Obviously anyone is quick to say that but I. I find him completely believable way better and get his credibility Paulus and like I am more bothered that now. I had time we weren't married her right yeah so beyond that I mean there was a lot left on the table in terms of like political grizzlies suddenly decides to talk to inside out what was left the table and get to that in a minute there was stuff that was that was. He said he expects from the winter begins next year yeah I think doubles you know that's him that's him just leave them or get him he believes that. I think he probably believes that I think that that is debt. That statement will ultimately be a disservice to the team. But I do it's it speaks to him like not being strategic he's just being an honest just pocket right but they're not gonna win fifty games more than likely. That's why I should you be worried that the team itself. Is setting out. It's not. Properly prepare in the fan base for. The potential that the down the down period could be a little on the base isn't buying the fifty games I don't know old the fan base what is it that well or more resentment when it doesn't happen when they don't were to be right back in the playoffs next year round hopefully that'll happen and it Maher right. But if it does that proclaiming that over and over again sets huge statue of flooding and clear strategy. You want them to have a strategy in the strategy is or gun yet in the plastics here at least that's the goal. So I found that to be a interest thing. He'd be up this stuff is Opentable addicted just a minute the one thing that did strike me was he kept talking also he's very good on on the on the top of the burn a big step. That that why he can pick a staff is because. They had had too much turnover as a buzz lately they need some continuity. And he represents he talked a lot about culture gap any represents. So frankly I eagle lists right culture that he wants to have. There are a lot of talk about culture and his organization does it whatever and so all seem to to make sense to me. They're they're terrible things that we talked about in relation to the staff yeah from the bag and read exactly there. I will say that a lot of the things he says with how he wants the organization to be run. Irish regularly contrary to how he organization seems to run there's this disconnect between. I am this modern fingered dude right and how the organization seems to be run. Yes maybe it's just CD probably didn't know odd mainly yet. Maybe this is unfair Chris Wallace but there's an incongruity between the we're gonna think outside the box we're going to be progress of that all of this you know new thinking and Jason let him blows up didn't look if you look you need to have the guys right at all. Zucker George Bush are going to try to put here in Beers on the Supreme Court is right Mikey he looked all around for the best Kennedy counterpart Greg gum ball right back in so there's a little bit of white uses it feels like the ease the old way and not not an embodiment of what you proclaimed you want to deep and maybe that's unfair to Chris Wallace. Our who has had a lot of success funky he built the playoffs in every era but it does there is an income grew woody between the rhetoric in the practice and. Saturday that's struck me and then of course and you you brought things off of off the table the things that were not. Discussed. All about accountability and white. We still look what. Bayside general Parker to a Mac still coming off knee surgery and clearly he was not. Healthy and then there's never been a real accounting for the lead them there for the worship the questions were not mentioned yet what does he expect why do they do it what have what was the mistake. Is there something to be learned from that right would you see him as part of part of the future. Organize all the the words David Tisdale we're not mention what happened was there misjudgment was this problem that the culture right is mark. Where is more what was. March role on that was you scapegoated. How do you feel about mark going forward is he fully on board right all of that is what what mistakes can be learned from that. Aspect of things and so. And then and then Chris Wallace's the other one though the question I just read an attribute all this laughter just a question if you're gonna all of us make our guests are you gonna grow people right side are you gonna whatever like. And there was nothing about Chris Wallace's job security a lot of people think that. Tyreke Evans was that the right then read write call we involve the match and take it whenever there's it really hit talk about it is also always questions about ownership and make up you know well Chris Wallace right but I was in the when I was about to go out there. Questions about. Is there any change the ownership make up beyond you know what all happened is you know one boob police the building in the soccer to questions that regard to. The biggest if I could if there is a single question that I could get answered about the biz is more than anything else it would be. Yeah okay you bought out the other two guys right on what. How much did you rely on increased local participation as you did that. Are there other guarantees. Or assurances. That the team would stay built into the transaction. As a part of increased local ownership whether other transactions within the broader energy you have it now he would never have said those things like that when I. Right he would never have to present impasse but that yes and then and yes and and are there any expectations the police will be extended or beefed up or whatever else is part of that. That would be that's the single question I would most like to have asked about the disease because as. It doesn't have to do with whether they're gonna win 36 games next year or 43 and has to do with whether there'll be here in investing. Brings up the issue of this is not you think would write this ubiquitous answer to shareholders I guess. But the shareholders of the Memphis Grizzlies to some degree it's classic and take over it at the entire city of Memphis are shareholder of the of journalists at the city built this arena right. And so it doesn't. That does require the owner be a personality but it requires to some level. And organization role. Craig spares is the right word and organizational response to public questions around the around right. They're great as we've said before it that they it's also a owner's lot owners don't talk I think that's true but but it's a it's time uncertainty. Obviously the fact that he talked meant that he wondered just that many jobs it's sort of need to talk so armed. And then secondly there is no other figure here who who. Because there is no other figure it more it's more incumbent on him to item after that you have assembled a big board what do you assembled. Yeah I'm supposed to come later today probably soon after the show I had got it all in my system but I have edited and yes I need to get to read through. But backed efforts are right about the graph sir promise had a three generations of my bones were draft board and I did too. And then this is the final once I went I didn't top thirty. Somebody my top thirty players in the draft which should IOC to carry the grizzlies pick at number or. Bill take care that they get 32 to you because in my top thirty's in a match up with the actual thirty of them. Of the actual draft. OKC good. You went thirty. Why did it. And you and then you stop at third. As again in England thirty but some of those thirty will be there for the grizzlies virgin and I don't I don't think my top thirties can be the exact thirty player to get picked in the first round for the odds that there won't be some of those several literally are worried yeah of course right. I'm in it in what in. What ways does your. Board significantly. For the top 5% and just are generally. Who do you like who's higher up like at twelve or somewhere who's at 26 and other place there's certain guys on both it to guys that I have significant. Higher than in the marks are the only other public dot com the both guards won his congaree Thomas who was it was at Creighton who I have been like the genes basically. He's generally and that the twenties late twenties early thirties in the mocks. And I just think he's the he's a two time big east player big east defensive player of the year. He's he's only six or he's got a 611 wingspan. Great defender. He's athletic he can finish above the rarely shot 40% from three. So I can see that in the say three and the two guard. Who I think could be it NBA starter in the right context and so I don't understand why he's as slow as he is given that. He's the only defender with physical tools who shot 40% from three I watched them why I think you look at an NBA player to make. The other guy and why he's as low as he is still in the mid forties that a lot of these marks now he he was higher he slept. As outlandish Matt who's in which a state of play bad guys. And he's one of the best shooters on the raffish 44% from three to watch him play. He can shoot off the dribble he can shoot NBA range BP's deep three point shooter off the dribble. And I don't think he's a point guard in the NBA if you support or college reasonable we brought you he knows how to pass 65. If you're six I guy shoot threes off the dribble move the ball you can play in the N day and so I think him as a rotation player in the NBA not a starter rotation player got him in. In my early in my first round. It's a guy's Jersey and most box I can in the forties. And I've got a new and very available likely for the dozens are dead. And the two guys that I had much lower. On what is that bush were similar players above freshman wing. Marty people are projecting forward and I'm not this. And I'm not sold in the projections. One desire Smith from com. Texas Tech. On the story came out and awareness was we've disliked lockdown defender wing guy super athletic. He only measured six or. He has proven anything this shooter he showed okay percentage wise but he barely took it was not a three point shooter he's only six or he's not a ball anymore. Actually Tony Allen's in the world why I'm not sold I'm excited about a 64 guy with no offense and no matter how athletic. So I had him like 1015 spots lower than a lot of these talks. Democrat don't have Lamar with at all as Troy Brown from a organ who and who's in the lottery of some of these mock drafts I watched him play three. I. Couldn't see anything mayor. He's 67. And he's a freshman he could handle the ball a little bit but he didn't look athletic he can shoot. He just didn't he just disappear in every game I watched so those four guys are most different. On how to introduce Simon. He'd I didn't have him in my top thirty although there there's a certain point later. I had about him in the purest. So I've won here that say at this point I don't wanna believe and anyone anymore so more natural and ice on the unknown but he's not a guy put on the year there's that there's is some European parties. You leave Cobo who sort of come out of nowhere and then there's the center Urbana mr. Mitchell Robinson was supposed to play at lesser priority. Those are my two guys where at certain at some point towards the end of the top thirty MI. I don't really trust anybody anymore so I would just the undecideds and he'll be cared excited seeing take a shot only focus and easier top is this a grizzly this is your board for an out yeah and your favorite grizzlies yeah explain that and in the preamble this is not a grizzly specific in the rankings. But I make notes within it. Wind when our when there are things that I might Alter of the book a low and give us your top five. Modified it is hydrate more and editor myself. A three person sure to. Look at our picture I've shared Jackson three more back before that's a place where I might pocket for grizzly specific reasons. However and Michael were five now that the health of starting to look like may be it's okay I'm Wilma put him up by that I don't have and then won him an my third to Europe dissect. One of the things that actually struck me. Listening to the interview last night but I listened to it was. He's talking all about your culture culture culture and don't need the most talented player needs someone who fits. Who's willing to sacrifice made his teammates better all of the stuff. I just a bit like a mile mile border junior because in addition to the back. There's got all kinds of question that's one of the points I make I. And if he's if you'll be honest that really isn't suddenly what matters in the historically let's be honest is not really been what matters and they go for athletes or weight Baldwin was not. Character character character he was. He was my gosh she's going to be a big strong. You know brickyard. If that's what matters are not just let the border junior. That I tried to keep my player comments 200 words or less than this so it wouldn't be likely won't. But I that's basically what I said is that the questions for him start with the back they don't in the back. And so won't win when you basically did not play your college season and he showed for two games lately wasn't healthy. We basically didn't play your college season it's hard you've played real gains post high school. It's hard to get a feel for defense is hard to get a feel for your general feel for the game as interact with other players. It's hard to feel OK to like teammate you are actually. You're really it's almost like a preps to pros guy relook at that just the physical all skill set and there's all these other mysteries about how you actually. Function as a basketball player beat aren't just the health issues. Does is also hired a new assistant. You have Vitaly Potapenko. I guess that he pronounce that thinks paprika Papa and I mean I remember what attracted they drafted him in a crucial cost. Guess in the same breath cleaner and doubled up on the European big man that was what I remember being at about my college draft party I think when that happens and so. I don't know yet another berg big do on the coaches is easing he's a supposedly in charge of development and Cleveland and I keep if you can do for. Definitely didn't look on the bright and I like the progress I think this is. These shows real blog earlier we don't Brooks is an actual Broward and he's here we go do tend to like the staff is putting together. Eight if everything you know again Lee who knows but. From the outside it it is it looks pretty impressive. There are this couple go up later you'd look at Chris Draft board we may scrutinize it. And talk about it in greater depth. Tomas thanks Chris thank you discuss how to conduct a mom just dog agility can happen is here. 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Now 829 FM 688 and 929 espn.com. So it's. ESPN. I'll jump off the show. It's. Sure it's time for this Jeffrey. But. I am starting to look forward to. Italy this before. That the Buffalo Bills right now there have been OT Asia. And only eighteen start just reality is throwing the football around he's fifth and and LeSean McCoy and says he likes the kid. And so. Whenever we have excuse to do this we well it's a little bit of an NFL report. He had just as we've mentioned owes DA's. Teams began to those CA's we'll feel a little bit of the NFL news. Obviously a big story coming out of patriot land and since you and I enjoy any story comes out of patriot land. One of the interesting ones was a report late last week that the patriots were trying to trade Rob Gronkowski. Could be possible teams rumored one with the titans the other. Was the 49ers were no one's really been able to confirm that our Mike Florio of pro football talk did confirm. That the patriots as it. Up to three days before the NFL draft. Were attempting to trade Rob Gronkowski default was that they were going to try and trade off and draft. They heard me. If you're the past but the way I saw the staff today yeah pats are going for their ninth straight seasons. Of twelve wins or more it's insane to which is dagger. It's it's and you don't even at eleven win season and there you know the ten wins mean. It's not like this playoffs it's twelve wins or more for nine straight seasons now helps. The DA AFC east is just. Yeah and they still go to Miami lose every year once been terrible. That does help them but I think it was first schedule I'll be honest goat is obviously when he's healthy. He's an unbelievable well. I think he's I think he can they so often not helping that I don't think and I think they want Super Bowls with a man without them I don't think that I don't. I don't think if you could get something for Bronx that. I don't actually think it's a disaster like my bill mighty bills fans friends are all dad uncle beyond love. I hate to say I don't think losing their ground derails them. I don't I do think though that he is perhaps the most on garbled position player in all the knowledge I'm on the sidelines fair. Let him when he's on the field you can't do anything at least forty cover what he can't cover him with why he's so unique because you isn't. So big so I don't address. He's as bad as people besides ground and not that have great hands. Mean Vernon Davis was that was that kind of rehab Vernon Davis couldn't catch the ball like he. I think trade your not a bad idea of course feel it all goes to what you think of are they going to be are they building offer for post radio the is gonna try to stack as you have two more Super Bowl we'll Brady is off right. And then bill Belichick's MO has always been get rid of it guys get rid of mama. While that and honestly he's already not valued if if the if the Belichick plans to get rid of value assets at their peak yes. He's that I pass this is not Richard Seymour right of tiger got rid of this is it is URD get something substantially diminish. Foreground where would be best where if one what team would he best. Not just fair but fit for a team that might when the Super Bowl crown. Houston. Is a bigger. Can you believe in the show wants an in your two I don't know that I believe he's ready unlistenable your true. It Hubble greenback. Yeah and. Any any asset you don't imagine wanna very bad though I just yeah. Mean New Orleans always makes sense that it's not like they're struggling to put the ball in the end zone I mean. Ever one point two. The fit in San Francisco I'm just not I'm not gonna bullish on is there yet I'm not as bullish on San Francisco's love and war. Okay. What else all right the other big story of the day yesterday. Andrew Luck was throwing footballs. Little ones there were not regulation size that we saw yesterday throwing a high school sized football. It's not. It's not like throwing eight A junior football but it is not also throwing a college football however he is scheduled today to throw a college football. That's progress right. That is progress. I feel honestly. I think I feel bad for first of all the the the civil war Andrew Luck. Thing is one of the funniest things yet on on Twitter what's it called on whether captain Andrew Luck I think almost cash is just fantastic dearest mother dearest mother and he's writing basically dispatches. As if he is a civil war general. With his beard well cronies is like I fired the firearm my firearm by trustee fire yesterday for the first time in like that and for those that don't get the joke so there was a picture that. That erodes of a former civil war I believe it was them captain. And it looks exactly like Andrew Luck right and so then people start running whether Twitter Twitter here. Had a rough career. Yes I mean. Goes to a team that doesn't have an ailing around them he gets now he's getting gets injured on your records in a minute let me out of the Bert Jones. The Bert Jones like career for Joseph who's gonna be an unbelievable quarterback. Out of LSU. And that is best that maybe this is basically at his best was an unbelievable quarterback but I think he got hurt he never came around and never was what he was supposed to be. Are spending very look like Andrew Luck will never be. What he was closed today I think it's a less successful version of what the Packers to their Rogers like I don't think the Packers do any feelings as love is Super Bowl and Roger does anybody outside is not a suitable. And and not only that he's got a simple and he is considered one of the all time greats already and Roger. Yes he's. Grudges like Dan Marino with one suitable way. Yes yes that's a mean to me. If you look at part of the reason why the patriots are so great. They realize we have Tom Brady what is the mission number one protect Tom Brady but he's always had a very good offensive line in front of them they've always been able to protect him. You look at. Guys like honestly Rodgers they never protect him but even to a lesser degree. And the giants and Eli Manning the giants even Sean O'Hair admitted it this week on a phone network that. They've wasted basically. Five to seven years of Eli Manning because they just couldn't simply protect. I hear another one I'd tell the one holding up for the titans does that bother you if you're way things stand. Mean aren't titans fan yet bothers me but upon. Hillary I don't but doesn't bug you particularly go get it done he doesn't need to be enchanted learning to fly high and I I think routier's our main Kevin Dunn. Skipped voluntary stuff and that would bother me more because he's young terrible yeah and pillar of the good player to get a figured out a whole. A plus I mean held a sign an Angel flight yes I think that seems to be fair. All right then the other big story it's a football related story that it's not. Specifically about the NFL great party Porsche former almost trouble former Breyer press Christian saint. He won his USC back out last night that means that he does indeed. Win a contract. To become a UFC fighter Jeff what are your thoughts. Your eyes and I can't I in my heart I'm having sympathy for very hard and he's did you have a problem. Nobody gets to you played against great yeah but lineup on the field against Greg Hardy no I did not. Actually well. Yeah he is on defense one that's sort of staggering to think yeah we'll be on the field with great RT yeah very very funny thing though. Yeah well. It goes to the ghost of where the NFL it that I mean this is this a nothing to do the NFL. But he was. Arrested. And charged with beating up his girlfriend and can dom. Convicted Cuban then it was appealed for and then she was blown off course is right he. He he. You're. Against a futon strangled her. The word of the floor. In the bathtub I think as well. And and then she threw him on a couch it was covered an assault weapon for her. And he was convicted of that gets and then according to appeal process there is what he would it be the appeal in whatever mid they got yeah. He had merely goes that without. Much in the way of repercussions goes and plays for the Dallas cowboy yes column cap for next meals in the National Anthem ever plays again. What has taken seriously. And what is not good answers. How much you can how good you are well that's true true that is true to it Greg Hardy hit me oh what do you play. I think that's probably true I actually you make a point there I think it's not just the offense I just don't I don't think it's just that. The air that has taken more seriously domestic abuse although I think that's true. I think it's also how big it's a sliding scale how good you are. Greg Hardy was at his best was awesome flight couldn't you couldn't walk surprise you they like a lot of people have tried to make transitions in new. MMA or whatever else I write I covered Alonso when I was in Miami recovered Alonzo Highsmith are losing career I'm his first boxing match a lot of people tried to do this. He seems to be I don't know I mean I can't judge. How good he was fighting another former athlete I don't wanna see how he does when he doesn't get real our real men may actually. Yeah I'm and so withholding judgment but I mean. He has he has all the makings to be great fighter in super long he's a freak athlete I mean it's not. For me it's not difficult to conceive that he would be get access to care. And then another interesting story I thought yesterday Jeff. Well the British treated. For Christian had convert proof courses my captain of the looks like a quarterback until the ball's snapped team. And the unfortunate ball snapping a look like quarterback anymore. They traded form three weeks ago and now all they have officially cut him so it appears that the Christian how can berg air in the NFL is now officially done. Doesn't so much bother me that. That. I'll pay what bothers me I is that people who Christian had broken through the for always from an outcome yes. And if so what bothers me is. Drafting particularly at that position. If you draft. Other positions based on physical attributes. We've seen before often doesn't work out the quintessential example was Mike Momo Locke who blew up ready to come by and once upon a time and never turned out to be anything as the Pentagon right yes. But the one place where and this is expected to the Josh Allen where I struggle with that is the one place we just don't. Draft and physical attributes his quarterback like you. Because so much of the sold little of it has to do with physical attributes almost all that has to do. We had. Your ability to process information with and the ability to throw accurately to the right guy at the right time that's what the job is yes. And so the thought the summit is big and strong and big hands and whatever else which is what Christian Achtenberg was. Meaning I don't mind the jets rolling the dice on quarterback after quarterback after quarterback on I'm Bryce petty move on Christian hack and burger. Innocent geno Smith. Now send Arnold now say I'm Donald. That it might just keep doing that they got one. What don't pick the guy who can't play quarterback that's like the bills when they drafted EJ Manuel EJ Manuel same thing big. Strong looks like at quarterback can't play quarterback Jake Locker. Big on the titans down big guy strong rain looks like your quarterback can't play quarterback it is. Absolutely the one position where your physical attributes. Just shouldn't matter that much and so. Whatever the latest one they've won a conditional they get up the traditional sex I think Darren Dreifort and so you know they've. Particularly for the raiders could come on in their cars are gonna come on anything else they're care Kenny B good can be good again Kenny rebounding can stay healthy. I think it's fair. I've won more story from you speaking of quarterbacks with physical attributes and plenty of them. Well Lamar Jackson. Has been impressing it at least the ravens and now they are working on the offensive sets where Lamar Jackson and Joseph Flacco will be on the I don't know does not IE and and people are calling him. Like other players are like holy yes smokes yeah him when he was when he's running with the ball he's like Michael Vick he's like a lecture. It cuts both ways that story. Yes on the one hand it spoil you people who didn't think he'd be good and NFL player are silly he's going to be a difference maker and an electric. Player in the NFL yes. But it also suggest all you people who say can't play quarterback in the NFL might be right because all you hear is these. Her problem accuracy and everything else I may be. We believe vol will be gimmick player for a year or two and then as Flacco is phased out. We'll just hit the ball and don't edit it'll be a different kind of offense and he will be dynamic in that kind of offense like. Like like bill that wasn't when he first came in Italy or again new age Kordell Stewart again new age like a much better more explosive Tyrod Taylor. Yes and people continued. I concede. Is this is this an indictment of Lamar Jackson more than an endorsement Mark Jackson that he is setting the world on fire at positions other than quarterback for ball. I think it's I think it's an endorsement. You he's an endorsement yes I think it shows you just think. It's not that he was just an athlete playing quarterback he is it'll eat. Playing croquet he's already people said he's not a receiver like liberals might well mom are angry Stephen white got what people would talk about him being something other than a quarterback yeah. Police being something other than I want to. I still think that's isolating magnetics the napoleon's. All right he's not a quarterback. Stealing jury's out I I always said he was the third quarterback for me in that draft. I'd and I think he's elected he displayed if it hasn't Cam Newton isn't quite a central quarterback either he's bigger and stronger different kind of different kind of player but he's a very effective quarterback and he's not. 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Yes I mean yeah US won we won the right to host the World Cup when in the World Cup because who's. They don't qualify can work out yet. This tough group of 20/20 six. We just smashed Barack Obama like it was over wraps yeah against Morocco now. It was the US Canada and Mexico will be hosting the World Cup together we can only get a Tony twice at. That poses some problems. Given the wall yeah and given that we need Canada and right. May be in got to eight years or more this thing out yet. Immediately about Mac the matches. Are supposed to be United States it's ten in Canada. And ten in Mexico. I don't see any reason we just can grab those other 24 just traveled just take. I know me and I I don't see the fallen war argument I don't. Now that you read this international cooperation stuff is wildly overrated. And and they should just give the US all right. A footnote in the meantime the very least eighty. In the United States some supposedly might be nationalism and running personal cities the cities and I will tell you I will be rooting against. You know about funny your neighbor new York New Jersey Philadelphia Baltimore. DC Cincinnati Nashville Atlanta. Orlando Miami Houston Dallas and Kansas City. Denver LA. The Bay Area Seattle and in the disrupting their. Possible shifts per they're gonna winnow them down from here on correct and they need. The it's probably some like we're getting to places like Mexico City and Toronto. Mexico City Guadalajara. Monterey are the three choices in Mexico Toronto Montreal. And let me just say this. You ma'am and I think much Edmonton don't but it beats the heck out of Russia should they are now out. And could talk to which is the insanity or three where they will be next so USA. US AUS there what's next year's. But you did today will show up market our good friend on the program Mike princess Phillies back on the airwaves and yesterday he thinks that he invented something great let's take a listen. And this is when and if the states are small they will take people who really understand that's. OK and let them. Create games that would attract people and they're on gains if I created a game for you. That's plays and seal football or basketball or baseball expertise. And you could do for maybe twenty or fifty dollars in total. I have the chance to win big money based on how you play a that will be an exciting place for you okay that will be our very exciting place for the average guy and I think you can create something where the pay also not a dollar a dream like the lottery win the odds are you got a better chance getting hit by lightning. What that if you have a skill. They'll all be a game I could could I tried to create ten games. In fifteen minutes if they give me fifteen minutes of good. And those games have created properly will be very enticing to the public and the ban them what's good about them is. The bookmakers don't have the same games. They don't so what you're saying is he stumbled on the idea of daily fantasies don't even in draftees. And 48 team just now yes it's a shout out to grab and so that is that path breaking idea. Unreliable and on us. Coming up next hijackers are still up next on it Jason and it John as they eventually we'll have Wendy Thomas. On in the program today. I is Wednesday's air cast on we'll be in studio today Kevin Helton will join him as well. Jeff 5 o'clock on GP as well as follows below her fashion appearing on the luggage you know as of yet waiting to get the odd thing on the ticker we do have a guy name. Gee does this named Adrian forged arrest. Well see these. He's gonna you know Asia and one of the Andrea did you address. I half thanks Elizabeth but we gotta get out of here please rejoin us throughout our system. 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