Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, December 8th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of his show by discussing the Memphis Grizzlies during "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing.

Segment 2 -- Geoff wraps up the finals total for Jeff's Bet$ with Jeffrey Wright before they discuss Jeremy Pruitt's opening press conference and Lane Kiffin's appearance on the Gary Parrish Show.

Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show by discussing some Tiger football players that were honored with postseason awards.


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Iraq and which one's gonna make it lefty. Ted mr. alternate notice who's going to be in the post season next. Aren't they runner up and if I had to pick one jets are a second I can't I. Much appreciate. Hitting get a vote and I think our winner Steve. I like the fact I don't necessarily agree but I thought his argument was. Personally see that. His argument fundamentally boil down to the fact that in tugging and Chris Wallace. There is a talent procurement problem which is something that. The Internet that analogy that that I had not heard before I assume people are aware of this but an end and that with the ownership. If that's his that's his criticism and that with the ownership situation the grizzlies means they will not make it change. But because of everything else happening. And so therefore he is he thinks the talent procurement problem will be fixed first for the tigers. And therefore the tigers will be in the post season for so therefore. The shirt which by the way. 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Later on in this show in addition to that answer shirt. Percent to joins us now what was best. That was a bad breaks by B love light orchestra. Or of life that board Kiki DC incorporate our own that is from a album that's where my favorite local record of the year Bob Maynard at his best of this is music this week it's hard to get back to Muhammad Abdullah. A second opinion on the same subject that I don't want today and that's my favorite local record this. OK I will ask you to answer the question that I was asking. Listeners because you don't necessarily steep yourself in Memphis tiger basketball well well I do think about it this is something that I I've written about a two years ago or whatever it is still true. SA structural. Matter. It should be easy you're you're in year out for University of Memphis to be back. This lake permit payment for them for the grizzlies we NBA playoff debate day that that's the diploma mill has lost couple weeks is. The three Memphis frame shots as Memphis football Memphis basketball and the drizzle that's the one has the easiest path figure in your cap and not Mary in year out success end. Actually competing at the high easiest pitch kids and to be able wanna title yeah like it should be the best. It has some disadvantages to the basketball the quality basketball isn't as good the players turn over that but within the context of what is heading right easily the most. Yeah easily the most advantages. But let me boil down to you what do you think it does is it donuts in the playoffs. If they don't do it what are the next two years it may be a little while all right right com. I eight. I tend to think oh let's say this your first. Odds against it at this point right now and I wouldn't but I 38 I promise that 9% I think that's a little load because of some contractual things that are negotiable but numbers. But I would but it. You know less than 20% okay in the unlikely to make it this year let's talk about next year what do you think the odds I don't know what 538 with say what do you think the odds are they make so many variables that they don't slow some of the don't blow it up they're bringing back Connelly this all Parsons. Based record they have now alana and I latter picked adding probably mid level exception guy either an expert about Tyreke or going out part try to are the next Tyreke. Much I would probably turn to have as a wrestler westerner a 33 and 31 he had market Micah I would. Put it at less than 50% but not that much I currently 40% of the. Assess that 40% had it and first of all it it. I can't figure into this godless the American blown up like best part of the calculus of first adding to blow up I don't believe so. And then will mark progress for trade I don't believe so so there will bring this through Brack probably. They will probably got a lottery tickets we think there's a beat when exemptions that the guy wants. Seems that neither the grizzlies are more likely to make the playoffs postseason this year. Even if they're both long shot but more likely of the two either back here certainly true and probably more likely the two next year is that I think you can do a quick turnaround does best ball but I that quick. Right now where they're out this that that I got a better record and yet those are the girls certainly had better odds even if they're low on the next two years. But that after that it should flip. Pretty strongly if they manage it correctly and tiger basket struck think if I was to say to you. I'll give you a hundred grand. If you answer this court pressing for a while the grizzlies in the playoffs in the next five years. Which way would you answer. And I get kind of granted a bright either way either way is get it if you're right. Who know I would probably say no. Yeah I think is a close call that a five years is a pretty big window and half the teams make playoffs and but but there's certainly on the downward trend on the Albert friends have to start the rebuild I have to start the rebuild and the rebuild takes them a little lakers right everything they have their. If these two years and they don't get in this year. And I'll get in next year which we all agree is probably their best shot yet that I have to go start to rebuild you look at the lakers I can take a lot you abuse. You're you're counting on the odds of them the decent odds of them slip it in next season. Right and then you still haven't checked for other chances at a five meters again and they are at the close call. On that money bet that I'd probably have to say there are so I think I think it's it is interesting because that's the other thing is we. We tend to look at. History as. There was this period of long suffering and then finally the core four came the truth of the matter is is that most it's a good is that what. Overwhelmingly like how many years they've been edited the playoffs. Was it how many years were they not in before they went almost three straight arm of what was it 22. I'd probably just to get a little it was the first year than the year that he became in in the middle of season right and you beat out of the playoff that cities dude dude dude time well three that four out. Yeah for a four out and then seven iron right. They've actually we have been spoiled it's not that we have been it's not too long suffering here war that they they were the only team. To get swept in the first round in the real straight every playoff there are excited to have some are still a lot of felt like that morbid drought but it was asked her right there. But yeah would we when they were when they have a down period between the two play off. Years it probably you it may last a year longer than it should have because he you know blue machine can be picker whatever. But it wasn't actually that long to the draft relatively speaking now. I think you're right though it felt longer what does and one of those years that last year you did make wealth was actually a relief fund Goodyear about 4042. And it fund players trajectory that it did they made the change was at the change admit they do they make the change the year before that. That was that the enemy of the change we would line up the chain with Lima. A lot right with the gold medal in 42 what are you an exact was on the tee at the end I was ready to get. Yeah that was fun at but you're right that it felt like a longer drought because. That there'd never been a real ha I unless you count the Hugh B swung amount I read game with the highest behind them and an Obama victory. So but I just think it we could be looking at we could be looking at a bit of a drought here. You have written me pick and pop I've waited it out. It is up and the focus of it is a little bit what we talked and talked about yesterday which you've now thoroughly explored which is. How the these grizzlies different under JD good stuff. Umps you know record wise there's not going to be whatever some hours for the one and forces the coaching change and they were in elements of our. Our track record that at the time that that that the change was made. Stylistically there are some pretty significant effort that they've got a lot slower there were already slow they got even morsel even slower. They cut down pretty significantly more than three point shots. I was there some changes and player decision movement Eric Evans and starting lineup. Or sort of bringing James and that's it for air some back from the dead some of that. I think all those smaller stylistic player uses changes have been for the positive actually been better offensively. Even though they got slower weren't they can fewer threes in front camera the NBA conventional was one on the way you make is that slow is not necessarily bad and you have. In other evidence does have. I don't know about him making the point for ten years but this is sort always bring it up because there's this assumption now that everything has to be. Superfast and take lots of threes are like why bother playing basketball and in the three fastest teams in the NBA for the season the lakers the funds in the net to all of losing records. And the resume the slowest team in the league the next closest and it Tony. You're tolls among the flow Austin's mom stated it is not. It is not qualitative at all. But even being on top of that people do think three point shootings quality of the negative in two. Orally with the success. And that is sort of been true in the recent past. I thought we reached the point now where there's almost a tipping point in the NBA with three point shooting because. The most prolific three point shooting the seasons Houston which is great but an expert your Brooklyn Miami Dallas or losing records. If you look at the least prolific three point shooting teams in the NBA. Police prolific in Sacramento which is bad but Minnesota swing are able winning record importance to a seven San Antonio's Tony by. So I think this idea of that. I hide volume three point shooting or late with success. Is not history now also was maybe 45 years ago its because everyone's shooting a lot of calories a can grip the grizzlies should be marked. Average like 27 game under this go right. As a coaching change just embarked when he when he warrants that's a pretty steep drop and added that so that that's a rate that would be the bottom in the leak. That's also higher than in the season and grisly history except for last season. Are back during that you know the peak of art you know the great Greg your directly toward thirteen 1415 threes right the idea that 21 has like. Some unbearable number. It's just it's shifted so strongly towards people. Indiscriminately shooting threes I think it's shifted too much within this low and so they they even more selective than 3% after also shooting a higher percentage so it's that they're actually getting more value out of the three point shooting. Within this though there's been also a move to feed mark in the post and for mark. He has taken just eleven threes in the five games. Since he's been yes I Don I'm doing be over corrected their that does that or use in the column I think and I and I made this. Point during the home San Antonio game when they were in the first half is going to him in the low post over and over and over again. I don't think that's ever been the best way to use more salt that's sort of a point of contention with some people. But I think it's even more true now I think I think the grizzlies generally are gonna get more value. You gotta mix it up and say never given ball close. But he did. Generally speaking you're more value running pick and roll with him with tiger Yemen or it would mark only when he comes back. When more high post let him face up drive shoot pass instead of just sort of trying to pound the ball in the low block. So I think that's been a little bit of an over correction on all are on bicker staff's part. And so yeah I think they probably swung a little bit too to march towards like slowed it down to a crawl and dumping it into the blog and they need to sort of makes it a little bit. But in this book you know four. During the Lusa circular this W probably been just too loose of a sort Escude go to Florida State threes when they weren't good three point shootings in. I'm one of the things that our colleague Ron Telerate until they run a story today headline that mark has to be better. And I don't necessarily dispute the market to be better it's interesting though he is the one player in the league who leads his team in points. Rebounds. Assists. And blocked a block right literally go one player in the league which speaks. I think last remarks and his superb idea that was more albums always do and at the end is largely ignored what the hell's the crap that's around. I'm honestly track and yes advocate mark we better yet absolutely but like the problem in New York it struck me that was. It was that you had your your between your two when your three got four points I think what are between dawn Brooks. And whoever else is still Broxton who started the conservative mantle of the medical marketing and Brooks and act more items they have to be better and the entire week was awful. And serve it doesn't typically been awfully good to be the good Tyree could distributes the ball. As opposed to add to that Tyreke till this market that better yes but he sure a lot of players who have to be better. Yet the great work at work sauls never bid except for stretches here in the air the put the whole team owners Mac guy I think he's less bat now. But these guys have to nineteen points nine rebounds four assists and one and a half blocks are actually. Right yes I do think you're shooting percentages are too low and they wouldn't those seem to come out of Mike and my concern would be. Is this a shooting slump is this related to team backers but they Yuri brighter point two. Is that or is it somewhat you know regression and mark this disorder where he is I don't think that he is going to be going for work. 42% from the floor shoot or even 33% which is not horrible. Three point shooter ice in those percentages. Need to come up I think they probably will come up over time. So yes I think this all leads to be better. But it's really more pace of the team needs to be better with him you know he's not that he's not the stage where you want him. He's got a bronze K if he's leading you look in four of the five main categories. That speaks more to the team that. Right that's that's my precise point this week you've got. Who tough ones you've got Toronto and you got Oklahoma City or less than not these these these are not easy ones this is not now in the Portland and MI and become an in Monday's illuminating because I know that they may have you know it irks me Hillary and may have a point to approve or whatever. I think tonight's particularly tough. On Toronto. At the top five top six are fifth in the NBA they really do Roland lately they've been put not 110240. Points a night after night. The last week or so. The grizzlies need to get a lot better defensively than they've been. You know for most of the last few weeks over the net fourth quarter Minnesota. If they don't tighten up their. And so I think of the three of the spring game homestand you know to my Toronto Saturday Oklahoma City. Monday Miami I would pad tonight as the least likely win of the. In terms of Oklahoma City. I think. You said before the season began the that was the team you that you really more than Houston at the end of the year there you thought Oklahoma it was gonna be rid guide nodded and Almonte were literally everybody misses occasionally -- you think you've mess there or might it they still some figure some stuff out. Thumb I think there's a couple things I think Carmelo lately thing is not fit in offensively as well I thought it would. On the password because we were like I thought when I thought they were the perfect team to cover up for him defensively and they're number two defense in the India. So I was right that they would have an oil leak deep and I said they were being going to be atop our defense this year and that is turn out to be true. What is not happened is the offense is not click the way I thought it would in the heat just been bad in the clutch Baer team that is. Statistically been better than their record is because they're not closing out tight games and they sort of don't know what they're doing it in the games. They've been better recently I think they won three in a row against good teams of San Antonio beat Utah all in Michigan Minnesota was the other one. So they might be coming around now. So why I think as a team that is better than their record indicates. I the there was a deal. Okafor was finally here Jill locker room was finally dealt. On from the sixers to the Brooklyn nets in exchange for Trevor Booker. Vasquez also part of this is arranged and by the way. This highlights what we we talk about one of the fact the lottery and rebuild our automatic chilled for was supposed to be a total stud next task is is another lottery or he's just wrong. Into the deal and what Billy I did yeah. And you know again I mean they needed at getting didn't Simmons enjoy well and beat out of all that. They bleed blue though or pick it blew essentially the Michael Korda williams' pick which was I'd been lottery that and about any thing. Am able everything for Markel falch yet knows what I'm going forward with that they get zero out of that so far as three in a finalist who else is three out of the blue on any of those who knows there's enough right. That trade as a small trade between the makes sense for everybody involved. On Philly is ready to win right now and so Trevor Booker is a good. So are gritty role player off the bench guy he's like be healthier Amir Johnson who they have so he will help them assert nascent player right now. And then choked or was just sit on their bench is so eager Brooklyn which doesn't have their democratic this year and they just roll the dice Oregon got talent right theoretically. The. Mean think about is up and also you had eight. An interview. And podcast with Kevin on and it's got yesterday. Embedded in the column and is trying to separate out what a cabinet as intensely about the state of the Mets there's room. We we talk worthy of the ocean so efficacy he discovered a with us now. All he was the guy I was. This is does the first I mean did the up and comers at the very first cousin David is Dell outlet he does an annual column every year now that it's like you know the next head coaches. And a very personal he did he led to David this so I credit him discovering David does Belk. On it and he sees it as an unfortunate sort of situation but. You know he he he wasn't really an accident casting blame much anywhere just sometimes things don't work out I'm kind of thing. We talked a lot about were the grizzlies correction move before word and well we talked about yesterday where quite the most likely scenario this season and probably the worst case forget that sort of you know low lottery they can and we weeks for a ride that would be the formulation that they should pursue a graceful pay. What does that say hey I saw what does that. Graceful tank I don't know I knew it was a rhetorical bomb if kids flourish but is his it was his name is Asia formulation isolation tank and gracefully and are turned into the graceful tank but I'm. It's it's more a matter what have this question to pursue how do you do this. Would mark Connelly Marcus hall who were not used to doing right and I made the point on the podcast that. Marcus hall has never for except for his rookie season. That's his rookie season the only season his career where he's played basketball games in March that it means something. Bombed his second season. They did make the playoffs but the only fell on the playoff low late when he got her right so heated not he'd he'd placing a game that didn't matter right. So Marcus hall is not played basketball games that don't matter. Since he was a rookie how's he gonna deal with in. With with with eight you know we're not saying it but we're doing it patent situation right. Yeah that's the problem that I just can't see LA you know our sound guy keeps him. Gotta set out by complaints you like that they wanna win they they've all they're they're wired to women thirty. You know the one that this is why is simply because Lewis looks it's just too early to pull the plug you gotta give it. I think you know another month yes. Chris thanks very much. We will touch him under. Back in a moment oh the thought it was 53537765352776. We will give a wave the tickets to tonight's game. Tonight's game we have four. To the fifth call 53537765. 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Costs on Twitter earlier when I was stuck for more tickets to giveaway which we will give away later on in the show tomorrow night our grizzlies. The game. Okay. Every week. Of this football thing. Jeff we've given Jeffrey the chains. To prove his. Mettle if and when it comes to gamble we gave him. A thousand. Dollars. And said go invest. And turn it into whatever you can't Melinda. 15100 dollar gas from an in depth. 2000 Motrin and end up. Yeah. And the the regular season of college football. Has ended. How much are you giving me back of my doubt about it I'm getting you back 560. Of your 1000 dollars. A correct me if I'm wrong. 560 is less than a thousand yes speed you have to spend money to make funny everyone knows that. If here apparently had to spend money to lose money. So I'm down. 440 dollar direct. What happened was it wasn't it was there was a what what what in the end was the downfall so. Good. Any in the downfall in my opinion was LSU LSU really cost me I don't throughout the season morality and were just wrong about LSU yes consistently what. I'm wrong when they were battered around him to correct it just consider that a good yes it would what you've been misled and they were bad guys avenue they even really believe there are bad for you and so I've. You how to back how many bats that you lost allows you think we'll spot you're kidding yeah. Jobs so the final record was thirty and 29 I did finished above 500 mile. Thirty and putting on bit that's the promenade if you don't you've got if you're going to if you're gonna gamble you gotta be Jews so. Thirty point nine not the money you were thirty and 29 more wins and losses erect and yet. And yet you did not make what were there any other consistent themes you get a lot of laying in the points to root against you like that this team speaks yes and then how how will do that war. I've when I've finished ahead ahead on that method on that method yes. I mean you get burned that's the thing like it's it's like playing small ball on baseball you can't just point. Some of the time if you're gonna play small ball you have to do all of the time and so when you start fluctuating between. Doing that and then not doing it some weeks than mourning the point that that strategy ends up shooting yourself in the foot so my fundamental takeaways from this. Experiment needs. Is a good look at it too. On the one minute. Well I don't gamble but does I'm nervous enough about him yet like I don't even a game I don't care about. I end up caring deeply hello I decide I want yeah I just discovered in their in the midst of watch idol. Sometimes I don't want to reassure a lot of them just reveals itself to me as I'm watching the game. And then I'd get so emotionally invested the idea of having additional investments financial doesn't on top of it seems crazy. Other people you and Gary Parrish among them. Gary for example I think I don't speak farm finds the games boring without the extra action on them and so the action. Makes you feel I think the fundamental difference in the gamblers and the non yet. Maybe there's others. It is. That feeling that you have a pension. Am I going to win or am I gonna lose how is this turns out some people love that feel and and so they crave it and that is why they back that they need that. I am horror that. I don't wanna have that tension I just wanna watch the game and that's why I like Kris isn't there yet there's nothing that stand out there are no matter so. I. To me. Maybe there are other things maybe there's a sense of optimism and gamblers think that that those of us could do don't gamble haven't that they think they're going to win maybe that's another thing that separates it. But for me. It's that feeling that's why Michael Jordan like the same thing what Michael Jordan. He's a clutch player because he wanted back. And the only one of the ball one of that action he won that tension he wanted to be there in the big moments the most tense moments the most. That he needed that picks and that picks the same fix that seemed that he gets when he gambled that generally that yes it is definitely self. If you are someone. Who really gets pleasure out of healing back. Much is on the line that that that whatever that is. Actually. 440. Dollars which is what it cost you during the course and here. On a lot of money. To pass a for a season of enjoyment or. College football it was less than thirty bucks a week and right around thirty bucks a week for racked. So so that's the woman I could look at whom the other way I could look at it is this establishes why gambling stupid. Because. You. Immerse yourself a lot more so than most people who are out there who have other job and this is literally sports is your job and if so you're immersed in that. You are I know apart from that you're not just emerged because it's your job you've got spreadsheets and data and everything else. And you study yet your egos on the line because we said. We're gonna have this on this radio show every single week and you still lost money which establishes. How stupid the enterprises. Both of two ways I look at which of those are both of those showed you an oral wars neither of those troops on both I don't. Think those are mutually exclusive and I do agree with the original point that you made which is. I like Gary find myself. If I don't have my action on the game I find it almost on watching. Because the truth is there's so few great games. The only way to really make you gain great. Is to basically have a line that manipulates to go to where they do it again exact Berkeley good game is to put yes I do also think that there's one other element that. I think most gamblers especially. I won't speak for Gabriel say especially to myself if you're sports gambler and you find yourself that you think that you know sports. There is something about the idea of you understand Vegas is this formidable foe. And pitting yourself against it and it's bright you want beyond its Dallas you want the challenge and you want to prove that you are indeed better OK now you told me. Before the show the game and move that. And I gave me the option about a let's be clear yes I said you could pick NFL game yet college games whatever you wanted to didn't. You said that you would have done better this year on the NFL. Yes I would've of this show done better on the full two things. I would have done better if we just exclusively did SEC games is out of idea picks column. For another friend. Every single week I finished like twenty something games or 500 just picking SEC spreads. Because that's obviously and I'll I need to do anything my life and the reason why I chose not to do exclusively SEC games as we had spirits leaks on the right thing. During the early part of the show and bear it also did extremely well in the SEC and he was picking games already. And so to me I just didn't wanna be redundant I thought it was it made her better showed at Morgan terrorist who was giving her. That's why you ask 200 on the other loss but definitely on the pac twelve on the pac twelve can go to hell. It can unilaterally from Sicily were on the fact consistently wrong packed do you think. If we do this again next year and I think we probably well you didn't disgrace yourself enough such that does not value and I appreciate that. If you believe he'll make pubic money gambling. You're not every sillier they strategize out you're not this year I'm not a last year was two years at that you're not down pit. Went down big this you know English don't make an honor them I'm damned paid gambling has cost yeah there's arms. You know people of gambling problem. I do not personally. Do not know I don't map view these you do not know of a gambling problem correct Erica says I guess I guess that's my batteries so. So we give a thousand dollars he turned into 560. Dollars I hope that if you while we're betting along with them I told me not to and I. He did what if you were betting along with them I hope you used the winners and did not use the loser. We have some other things talk about one is that the universe Tennessee vols. Introduced Jim Pruitt. Last night. Terms of winning the press got the title he won the press conference that he won the press conference about a given myriad about I thought for a football coach and asked to be in that position I'm. Kind of unappealing character like he's. I've gotten a much more charismatic I thought what. Yeah he's not. He's not does that he comes across as a sort of sentimental. Personally it is nice mobile does dad this foam before that we have that we have equipment Dennis phone and I we can get it in just one site. I'm but he comes across as a yes he is today. Southern football guy his dad was a high school football coach he grew up wanted to be just like his dad he now has reached this it was emotional. But. But but not. Did not seem. And I use this term whatever don't seem meat headed in the slightest. As he as he talked about this and I think if you're listening to it as a fan or as a player. The case that it was persuasive now mind you. It matters almost not at all the introductory press conference I thought just in Wednesday's introductory press conference was god awful. And was and he turned out to be tremendous. I still think you have to say the best coach they've ever had because as good as or Val has done. What they turned something around. The odds were stacked much yeah I finally he had he had idea further way to go you might Orel can continue this. That made that that may flip. But. Eight get he was nervous it it was it was not a good opening press got scared to leak tremendous opening press conference and he was an awful coach. So at or fronted a pretty good law and order your on gay I don't camera towards your other members you freeze was it was like electric. As you would have expected and he of course had a pretty good run before the fall. At all list and you have the phone Dennis this is. Hard as they is that. I'm sure you heard that phone go off to have him be my father she's. So that happened. And then let's get to give a taste of of what chairman perhaps these guys realize that we wanna change the culture they're hungry they're excited. I've met with the entire team. Actually. Had to turn guys away till they didn't wait outside my door all day so these guys are ready to get started and I'm excited about it. It starts with positive energy it starts with everybody that touches the University of Tennessee. From the employees. To the fans. The boosters. X specially the former players we all have to be positive. We all have to be pulled in one direction and if we do that we're all Leann we're gonna get what we Walt. He's also on a specially guys yes especially not against. So. Some people have said oh gosh it's too bad you didn't get a proven head coach I. To mean. Let's look at who is in the let's just look at who is in the college. Football. Player when he got Nick Saban and Alabama permanent crew like when he got the gig he was a proven Edgar. But remind me double swinging clubs and he was never even a coordinator not even a coordinate. I'd Georgia let's go through Georgia home Kirby Smart. Old not a proven head coach not a proven head coach Oklahoma. Lincoln Riley was only an offensive coordinator he was in his thirties so long thirties where is the evidence that you have to be proven head coach in order to become a good head coach it does not exist. And so I had no problems without a lot of good about it was fundamentally good the other interesting talker. Of their around these parts. In the last 24 hours was Lane Kiffin. Very entertaining segment on where Jerry parish yesterday and hope you heard it if not. Podcast is still available. But here's little taste the Lane Kiffin what are you supposed to do turn got a job because it happened that we are part of the calendar I never understood that did you ever understand it. 40 I didn't I didn't you know I look at miners. You know like you said Kurt dream job you know. RC in Mosul so you know I'm sorry you know the Katrina thing where you left during the season our board gym or just a burden left distinguish between not to play. Most of blows my mind away you know and I do it which is you have to the ballgame and you know. And so there's your dollar debt ceiling was over those seniors for downplaying you know and so dream job came out and and it did blow me away that criticism nationally for. You know on and I hear all the time smears found whatever sports or someone. So you know all everywhere you are worried and positions horrible all Palin and horrible that were burning mattresses and having riots because. They've wanted to ask a state. That's a good thing. That that's a positive. That means that you're doing your job because they were so excited about it. You had you know had beat Spurrier. From South Carolina wrote to Georgia and it is saving out of last place you know in Tuscaloosa. You know we did a lot of great things and one year and so they were down there anger that's a good thing. What's bad as when they're having a party when you he's right you know because they want you gone so. I'm hundred I was kind of so I was very surprised and actually doesn't get expression wasn't like should I mean people should get you know. A that you had just been have been USC our secure until one you know. Whatever five known BCS bowls and three guys control to owners paltry kids or in California so. You know that hasn't. To criticize that move and I was say it. You writers Chris says there have created same yardage you were ten years ago that you can use glue all the time. But you know. I've always feel badly and I said well I've always thought that like I use it for every writer that criticized the coach for taking a better job it's like Joseph if you worked at. I don't know the Knoxville news sentinel and in the New York Times called what would you do. You probably go to their console why the coach the villain the devil when he does the same thing it's never made any sense to me. The other like I can't believe you as you come digger Kosher it sound like whoa what are you guys gonna do good. In a week you're going to light view and took is Derek Dooley Louisiana tech's coach yeah. Its London I'm. Yeah he's an entertaining guy he really is an entertaining guy he also I thought had a cementing distinct things to say about social media where he pointed out that. Applications. To. The school are up. The 35% 35%. And some of that has to do it just done some of that has to do with Lane Kiffin. It's it's. If you listen if you win their really high level you don't have to be a promoter. If you. If you if you if you're not winning at a really high level it's great to be of water but the best is when and high level and be similar to think they did that. It is really hard to be good enough at your job at either coaching basketball or football. To think that not being need promoter is a good thing you have to be really awesome as your job to not. To not be a promoter in terms of what he was saying about Tennessee they told they understand why Tennessee fans were mad at the same way that jug that led Memphis fans are mad return cal Perry. It there's a difference between understanding. Intellectually. Why someone would do that by they would go to their quote unquote Jeanne job or why John would leave for Kentucky or whatever else it is. And being happy about it or being bitter about. You might understand it'll actually. Why a woman why why why do you have a girlfriend decides to break up with you lot of what does that leave it doesn't mean you like car. Without it doesn't mean you and I shouldn't go burn your couch or Brevard county and elsewhere but it but it does not mean that you have to be happy about it and so. I think this distinction between. Honestly if writers. So writers who criticized Lane Kiffin maybe they did when he left Tennessee for USA. Lest you think writers mostly did not to they tend to be dispassionate about it they say. Better like it is in fact it didn't turn out to be a better job because of the sanctions from what it was his dream job you should respect that it was his changeup. I also understand why fans. Would be a separate and war upset but he's absolutely right. Those same fans. Were also full grown parties when when bush left. And then I did love the extraneous shots he took all lawful way and everybody I love it took extra leg like. Just decided you go out there -- about who didn't even it'd be a guest coach the last game you just decide that I can't imagine doing that I we got to take a break or honors come on the university maps is west and a fumble talk about that next -- doctor Joseph plus we have more tickets to giveaway for Marcus tickets to get a life. 99 FM is via. We do not have been here SP is proud to announce we've been selected as the official radios. 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Named to Sports Illustrated second team all American team that's Tony Pollard and Anthony Miller. Anthony Miller though Tony Pollard. Also first team Walter camp. All American only the second Memphis tiger ever to be a first team Walter camp all American I believe DeAngelo would have been live. The other one amazing what happens when he when you put up big numbers like that. You get recognized Tony Pollard is this total studies come back Anthony Miller is the totals that he's going to the NFL which brings us to our foot for the day. Views of byte of the day. Jeff as you mentioned that Mel piper at some thoughts all line Anthony Miller's future NFL here's what he had to say on sports center. Religious right but you can decide what I'm seeing Robin Todd you must not pass this on espn.com early in the year you better come up later in the fifth match. Then mid American conference championship game fourteen catches on I 95 yards three touchdowns it was also went up against a little. Right and it was able to get off the rest. Obviously or I think it'll be really interest and I continue not to believe. It's at Bristol to down here for a wide receivers which is good friend. And I think he's awesome let's not be confused. I also think the NFL puts an emphasis on. Numbers. Size speed over productivity. We see that a million. So I'm still a little bit. Will be surprised if he goes say in the first round. I do think his productivity and toughness and the fact that he just like everybody knows little go to all the time and and he still gets the day still makes the catch. Think in the end you can't overlook that. So I think maybe second round certainly third round for Anthony Miller rally for eggs and a lot of it's gonna depend on it. On and for both from a lot of it's gonna depend on how they do at Columbine in their work out. I think rally far Ferguson is probably third rounder sixth round somewhere in there. But it was nice to hear wonderful thing here basic abilities said he the second receiver on the board right yeah we took away from that was that was my take from that provide side effects. Here's what's coming up next appears that there are next on Jason and John Glenn simply end. The coach of the Memphis hustle join them at 125. John Martin's gonna join your cast fun show at 3 o'clock PM walk and on injured pair show at 420 Jeff Folger and a five. I would dubbed form or good tickets to giveaway will get into the third call a father country seventh seventh exploded country 776 this is tomorrow night's game. We got out of here thanks to listen but I workers down. Yeah. Any team nine net. Running a small business can be demanding the more you grow the more you have to coordinate there's more inventories more employees. More customers that's why small business owners need more from the Internet service they get speed network from Comcast business gives you more. 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