Hour 2: Eric Hasseltine Show. May 21, 2018

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Monday, May 21st

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Coverage features like get extra white checkers to building an atheist who admits it has a low friction surface to protect from heat build up a blister got more good losing team. Area headquarters under the road and salvation. We love adds unfortunately so don't tell my. Heads home stands for all you know the only thing keeping your house together as a bunch of termites almanac and install it turned out into soda meadowlands seven. Pulled over or. Look for restaurants what was wrong. Pilot whose businesses not as these funds are greatly Lawrence's take a look at the menu was vessels at any time and the book that does not come. National contest to. An extra supply. Pennies from head. Playing the game now. Another pennies from 7000 dollar winner of any payoff every dollar or seven till seven on weekdays on 929 neverland ESPN. Are we in German before you Jason Ritter Qassam type show how they please from having keyword for you. If he's there if you were for the 3 o'clock hour is so low. That's the word solo to 70881. Retain some of the great momentum not used in the pews from having cure for the 3 o'clock hour is so look. As 000. Texas right now to 7881. For change to monitoring and management ESP and Brad Carson. Well no the cure for EF 4 o'clock but until then text or so low is 72881. Per chance to win a grand on nine should not eat as. The months. By the way you know from one of my friends Jason. Actually cases that. Boards a night out second place law that's there's an olive branch a good job fellas from. The obese and my other friend daisy said I'm still waiting for my Friday night barbecue fast facts and let you know orderly queue. Saying it has sit down and yeah. And I was second degree is and then not a very good person and I'm very unattractive man is live and on top of that. You're very Andre Michael just throw yourself completely under you that's why guys nice. On that I'm just terrible. How do you say we're government fuels like the pain hit me up when you get there are a complete forget it does he get like 900 messages about they had him when he gets there he has shown. All right can't speak the language anymore Jason Smith. Reformed himself from that's that person that would in Texas friends on a Friday night he's a much better human and I am the host of Jason's. On shows John Mark never dale attitude joins us now what's asks for couples are eight or I'm good I'm a little concerned though. If you weren't athletic department whose football team was god awful I. Where would you target your next athletic directors seeing as they are now on the market for one. Come get Tom Bowen. You think so we will rebuild you in football right it's amazing right he did that he did it is San Jose stated it here. I've known him for a long time. I would imagine he's going to coach bone collector first teacher won it yeah hi guys socialized called ghost phones as it was a football coach and he was the that's our ultimate class coach followed. Yeah it won't be peaks and you know what we're religious studies he was yeah I don't want to avoid too much of his past speeches that I don't feel comfortable I'd say everything that he was. He was a very he was actually very good religious studies teacher I went to. I'm basically a Christian Brothers based school they'll sell and I never really bit like people don't go to church in California like failure. And so I and I didn't go to a Catholic school grown up I was close will I never really liked studied the Bible. And he got my life complete novice itself to really understand some things about it that I never thought I thought of is very good. You wrote a very well there are I could imagine and some some of what you gotta to the pursuit O boy not again that's what what do you were gonna do that stuff. Call and that's the part I wasn't gonna share but if somebody else Sherry yeah he was you know that's out there you're using a seminary school he played he backed up on the Notre Dame football team he backed up your boy Dave dorsett told me. Go but it also Goldberger yeah I don't I don't I don't let various college got to bear. At that I I look at that is that something that should concern Memphis or. Are they in such a position of strength right now that that he is built them to where. It all he did wanna do this in and take the money which did they're obviously paying the other guy they just pavement contract extension now they're paying them to go away. But his his base salary was up to 700000 out as a football team that is 11 conference game in three years in three games overall and three years tool at their wins. Have come against FCS opponents. Yet although Google it pretty much breached a laughing stock of division one status at this point can't ask football hasn't had to make a move them are upping its its. It's right on your part I mean in terms of red on the look at go to our belt dumping duties I don't respect you if you're we are certainly expansion of best years of football. Other we've ever had here com there's a basketball club and what happened that put. Update your company much like Memphis and cardinals on the basketball it's actually they're living in football this would make a lot of sense an end in it can't boot camp. And it like they've bumped up there there deputy eighties if he's a basketball guy that seems Parker creek on the right there that. Some of operating his belt spoke thousand Edwin baker got a good basketball out of the east Allen put all to their expertise or is it that. That it if they got back actual vote when there already and this I can't do. And that an interim Haiti now was at that you have clippers could be a perfect spot or TomTom I'm looking at duke goes. Gartner Gergen said yes Tom. You know he does the best for us in terms of match I treat this like a power our school yet. The bratwurst about it we've it we're on the go without our program without the resources that most of all law altogether but that said. Functional yet on on on a power about the outlook you sound a warning of upcoming book money going to be. The couple what you're making her to be a Yemeni gonna get you couldn't get doubled or tripled off the Kyoto where. I think right now that is an imperfect place where. Yeah you figure the next guy's got a replica of what that we'll do in football. But it in because of where you are right now basketball they're running on the uptick is so tonight we ought to percent with the this day if you could you could afford to lose Thomas this swallowed you know it is it a transition came. Pardon probably be a good time for Lipitor and after you got all headed in the right direction they should really be on the next about the Propofol in the crap special knuckle all. Jason Smith joining us out program I think you mentioned some and it's here that I want it's not touch on before we get to moving Borger is and writers Tom. When he came here I was under the understanding I think you were still that this CA at the time or not. It was basically told hey we got basketball to sleep alone. So we just need you to fix football so that's essentially what they're gonna tell me can't yell dude basketball's just I just don't like don't (%expletive) off and it was elderly Malone. You don't get on his good side and Tom will end but we need you to fix football and you got like a five year window to do it. Criminal knows football in his hands out to eat he knows how users and put all he knows the next car coordinator coming up it's gonna make the next greatest coach. Eat what we built that program I have no doubt about it so I could if they don't meet at the basketball and missile spoke. It seemed like a perfect spot now that you are that you don't al-Qaeda will look at if not higher. Jason Smith joining us here on the program word is look at downs it's maybe slipping a little bit we had. We had Tommy beer on earlier the knicks are targeting train young at nine he says. Which is intriguing to me because a lot of people said. If the grizzlies do indeed move off of the four which I've always said this in and you can college comment on after I say it. And then all the other things going our policy is role. Is somebody so hot to move up to the four why the hell would you think of moving off the floor obviously. Eighteen in Chicago feels like if if they somebody's there are four that you have the ability to get is going to help make them a a much better team. You are not in much of a bettors is the situation and they are they got some real young talent. On that Chicago roster right now so they did one of these guys is a difference maker I don't know law. Anxious I am to move off of that but if indeed you value having two young guys is opposed to one. I would think the grizzlies would absolutely take a look at tray young knowing that Mike Conley is. You know aging as time goes along any give her young two years are behind them you've got the heir apparent at seven or maybe a window Carter sub along those lines. But it got such falls doesn't matter and I asked Gary leave on Friday said. What would you would you do it because I'll give you my answer on draft day and I was like that's perfect nobody should really tip their hand right now show that. Now they shouldn't come and look at it look at sort of secretly go back and low. On you know you're you're you're gonna you're gonna take your Ghana government right now well look we think of what you are or on the lastly Luke group was would consider. Trading back and rule book you look at who's got to pick clippers bulls. And in this week it feels more like a bakery in porch out there and may not back off to Europe or. So my part in the outcome of the flawless Olympic that you should believe you did. I think the players at that. You know in their first hear that good traditional French Dutch advocate should do this for yourself a car I'm kind of okay which side duopoly or polygamist all sides over the next couple weeks is people are trying to. Analyze it and so yeah Google aren't stable group and then poke holes in some of the some of the picks and prospects that seems to be something we're doing everything is trying to find weaknesses all these guys we can not take for. I'll listen to me and it Jerry Jackson the two or upgrade my hands are often work. No yet they have. Look at everything I don't think Jerry Jackson going to be a got the first option offense that no huddle quick if that's what people think he's going to be we we have. We had experts on the city experts saying. And certainly not just right Eric about polls Mike and mark as a regular paging our integrated thinking about the future at the Dem candidate beat someone that could be a wanted to acquire for me I'm not coming up right great content. I'm not a literature Jack and so for me curtain back to a 722. Or are they can maybe get a train your to your or maybe I could get a columns sex and I've heard that second tier of look of those top. And eleven are. Iraqi get that then maybe another got a 22 other Knox or you know who knows that he get washed and great girl a little bit their their players down there's a lot of it to look. But as we sort of go through this and that I can record career every single the period Natalee dispute the blue might not back all over. Yeah I just wonder. Can look at the recent news that blue coat and I and John finger vulnerable or episcopal Coca-Cola possibly. Two for all the deer not go back to the last week or we wouldn't consider him right in order for everybody says there's a operate and that's pretty pretty simple. It's patent that badly in the political and their politics got out of order could look like things don't take a by credit cards it would be good to all of this week to gut. You know the voltage reporter out there that he could fall before. And Eric if he does I took a sustainable political loser for an end and I don't see how you don't think it's because. Turkoglu. He's the best fit right now even that got the most polished unlike Wright and Jackson not a project he's playing with veterans you need a wing. He certainly fits that bill and Election Day here's the key perk for perk in the context or could. You gotta have a guy that's you know on guard maybe that's gonna play off all. A little bit political content at all the fans we've got one vote to parliament that actually got up at a lot better. You know what so certain spot should wherever my palate he can do bad and currently in the kind of player who's going to be. No cost or you know can not go like it it would cook up all its. I'm great with the ball. You know Pakistan equally awful all gotten better in early to know why I mean really helped me frequently so. It's the perfect fit so if he drops to four to go back to rooting my parents to steal you've taken if it's now and hopefully. What are you when you get to a time when there's no Mike and Mark Luke could look at the kind of player that can be no repeat not be crazy. Wonder top one or two were pretty gotten us. That's what I'm a couple Eric that the small market franchise that you know. I want to take every possible chance that came upon the superstar won't. Because the only way we're gonna ever get that clear exactly who screwed their draft you'd know that our notes and not just are so wish you could happen prevent the Atlantic and open Jarrett Jack and you got. But you don't have that you have to get back superstar that. Just a frustrating loss answered to a short course in order coolest thing that was with Calkins or week it would Gary the some heated said the exact and and Mike and and they're opinion of a Jerry Jackson was completely different than yours which I share with you might look like yes his numbers are nice 40% to roughly 80% from Lotta love that. And is wing spans graded almost 76 anger get it. I I I I wonder and I I do wonder why. If he's that good not playing twenty plus minute you know more than twenty plus there's one up playing thirty minutes is that a big crowd is a decision if we can get an at clarification as to why. Donna as a says they look. I really thought I was gonna have to kids for two years and then we you know. As we got role and I just want I kind of wanted to add that feature out bridges more so than. Then share in that you know whatever blah blah blah blah blah great explain it to me but because that doesn't make sense because about a college basketball coach no matter how much credit I have. I've played my best guys that. Orders for those declining demand in that kind of you know get two games is also the last two words. 125 and twelve there there were two of those guns or it was over point point and then doubled it to rebound but the kid like six double doubles. That's you know. Okay I've I've and I give it would you have no shot 40% from burn our skirts or be illegal period. But there are just look at these look at the last fourteen in the topic in the conference finals right now. They're they're it's. Some stretch or that's dominating you've got a couple of those won't put up over the league yet but it about what. Perimeter players that checkered career. And in and make plays on the former you know back with the lead is right now. And and I think pardon me if Iran does not real dreaming about the idea yet another developmental Powell or they're. You know hopefully gonna have a three point shot on we've seen that here I'm ready to go with the starter and I don't whitbeck sit yeah and also pick Rick. I realize that but. But at what you've got to take those risks and just because you missed on. Note Chandler Parsons who took that big creation going while we all that you need to do good these chances don't come around very often doesn't mean at all. We got to play it safe for the rest of return because that's a big picture order the release. My opinion on this probably worth about you know half a nickel to the front office. But it on how to order back in a bad back has clearly not everything said about Michael Porter about the way can score the basketball and what you said they're saying. I think I'm the best player in the draft and I wanna prove it. Sign me up. Sign me up a bullet that I rolled the dice for something I've never had only a grizzly uniform which is a flat out motors or the closest thing to a U bad. Is maybe Zack who people who when he was going early in his Griese UPD get to 25 and I. Blunt Rudy Gay had the potential to be but never really became on a night in and out basis. I want a guy that when he gets thirty I'm not going Mike how he got thirty tonight that's awesome I wanna get a when he gets starting young Y yep that's just the player he has. That's America historically and we've we've we've won a quandary is gonna look we've had a couple quick quick mart and and market Michael go down over the greater eloquent garden never is an all star guard and because that occurred and anything you could go to the creek iron in the west. A computer car. I'm a dreamer all I wanna go billion Carter now which we expect Mattox. It'll ever it would never happen but are just so we'll look to be a fly on the wall for that Michael order work out with the cruise my gosh I won't seek their backs okay. There I wanna be low. What Michael orgy in how water treatment for. But I hated man or any dumber things over the weekend or are. How you field or better in the world or high school my gosh like. It was almost like he was overcompensate announced that it was an elite instead of just. Doublespeak is what's or thought I Limbaugh put a hand. Gone back don't go to the core record or cargo were analyzed our current also hold that also. Right now I'm people like when you talk all the experts there for a good too risky or that are but here it just feels like to me you got a one that you could take the gamble and pocket. We've created alternate route Kevin Durant tied until you complete Katie. But I like X 610 wing and at least. Can't think of all day you want one vote. Real quick as well as skilled as Roma sad time. And he's coming on with TP hopefully. Ed four point five what one does this seem natural thing get down her awkward question but that's an effort and they can write it out as long as possible. Didn't do well listen there's been some some stuff with spammers and that is what appealed to what we're certain there won't. And he no longer works government so mariners are going to ornament there it could be alone with what all the records out what walker who lives are incurred when green the top prospect. And 2000 points so what is the whole park you know what it would have gone on this long and they're Balkan looked material so colts there's a little what you know have been him look. I an editor at all and so we'll call older sister. Hum Waco vulnerable and never known anything announce their guards are to go to that connecting network coach and a hundred upper corner and then warm and I think many of those are incensed over Barack. That the remark by a local lawyer familiar console but you know. What went when he wants to cut the end folk law. My gosh they're that there won't look or who do not you're coming. You know weeks ago it intro the next are saying is ordered about Mike Miller eating bread or meeting and and cool now all of a sudden. Don't hear anything about what the plan it is impressive. Could meet await any kind of shut down the info below or you got to know those veterans barker didn't. Even actors and actresses who are some people want and no book on a content and I think right now a court order a more powerful yet so but he's got to know. Crosstalk silence or Mitchell more find out you know what the actual playing so hopefully we'll get some put some some sort clarity on that is welcome they own but don't start moving I would respond to it Google isn't Roland junior knew what percent imports. Particularly if you don't have some sort of the recruiting advantage by aren't. And the talk to continue approaching currently RT tunnel network the. You get their act out catch you tomorrow 11 o'clock Jason and Johnny catch him everyday eleven to Jason Smith joins us every Monday thanks relic. But what are you actually. Jason Smith right there and I agreement. It's going to be very nice to see what happens that hopefully we'll hear from penny on Mac and an expert at dot Steve Tyler from basketball insiders will break down. Some of the that he's battling it. I read though the LA NBA draft and had sometimes as those that comparisons out the animals dreamed compares and Jeff do you ready for these little. These I was his lap because I was looking update in the new extended one may still have Darren Jackson go on so it only get. You get the Andre and David Robinson concluded that's its Toni Kukoc Marvin Bagley Chris Bosh Janet Jackson street adoring and Michael Porter a bigger version of Joseph Johnson more Obama Rudy go bear. Wendell Carter Al Horford train young Mike Bibby also plays like on sex and Eric Bledsoe. I'll tell bridges Otto Porter well today's been Salazar just auto loans and equities and their Kevin not to buy as Harrison's fine. Shake youngest Alexander the John Amory who by placed it on the leases Tony and what they're probably like a year apart from each other with a similar. Miles bridges Jerome Kersey let's go back to those of us I love Jerome Kersey scam. Robert Williams Stromile Swift which I said okay I'll do I watch Robert Williams 69248 Jumbo at a gym I don't know if you did do my right. Zaire Smith JR Smith. I thought Carl Landry Shannon Denzel Valentine. I've carried Thomas drew holiday get one carried threat body healed okay. It pretty Simmons get out of I'm Jake Allen Quincy Douby. You never quit going to Rutgers ever record for. Gets better all the bad lie at tidy locker compared to Rodney Stuckey Soledad John paid for compared to Brad Miller he was solid. Chandler Hutchinson. Landry Fields he had won and that he your half a decent era the next leg out of a league like to an obvious there. So the toy second pick of the bulls take it may take Taylor odds of Boise State. And basically NBA draft night that bad saying in two and a half years will be out of league last summer and it's it's. Bizarre I it's really important and it's just it doesn't make any sense. None of it makes cents. They've got Dante demons and are you ready for this. A little Delonte West who was Delonte West yet again it was accuse liberals and liberal abroad. Gosselin who is it. Who that person. Quite OK let's compare white dodge are due to fallen out of central to our p.s sold horse more athletic black cut Delonte west was this was a decent player. He had some seriously real mental health issues they're good yeah. If you were homeless for a little bit bipolar react very very bizarre should compare why don't I don't it was where it is why doctors have decried. Yeah we're gonna do the best comparisons only get closer to the draft on that or Zach what does speak out for basketball insiders next aside about playoffs. By the way there's some very basic information out Imus did you know that when Boston. Is scored 86 or fewer in a playoff game they're eleven and 53. I have lost eleven in a row gold assays now won sixteen straight home games by the way. And Cleve was spotted five all time trailing two to one and best of seven series tied for the best winning percentage in such situations Miami foreign four. Teams trailing 21 had a 79 in 315. Record that's a twenty point one win percentage on mountains and even. And Terry Rodgers struggled on the road by the way 24 point 4% shooting threes on her 45 point 5% in. In the home games. LeBron James 127 points and he's the only cavaliers oral lease fifteen it was is eleventh game at least 15 points this post season most in the NBA as a nine into when you working in savior according to Governor Walker Gary Parrish. As they like to call LeBron James scores 45 or more so you get very have very key stat get LeBron James when if ever born points if you win nine out of eleven that's pretty good number right there will talk a little bit about playoffs. And the draft coming up Steve Keller from Basilan setters next 99 an army has been. Hey man this is gearbox of grass before. 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Yes funny thing tore down here further pro con mine and they had a ball signed releases and he'd been planning. To play pickup game tomorrow night on the floor in word used. What are applied. Sorry didn't participate. Old yes I am. I paying out all the football game so we'll we'll be hopefully done my gated area or are you the guy and there are simple straight. Watching him walk in he lets say he's about 66. Yeah aren't obamacare that's fine about if not I I don't doubt that I'm gonna tell you I lasted a videotape of him playing and some say directly game. Sox. He was terrible. Like I mean I don't wanna judge you by would favor people become they've sort of like Mike Eriksson right but it looked he looked good bottle full on might. This looks like and but I know he played in Cali so you know he's got size that they finally awesome what are you gonna do you want to Norton you never know he's an idea alone. Yet the funding to advance it started last year or on the tragic helpful kind of realize that all the early entry he that there were a lot of really great track support guys that get left on the outside of the box that. You social calm behind so you don't look at it and go putter and brought 24 player down the undue last year he wanted the bucket yeah. Yeah he couldn't seem far and good. You know guys like Antonio boy Ian. You know he's got not only you do when milk OK you're there also got an old American way contract and our united community league rookie of the year. Good if you if you choose this so notable dietary Dikembe addiction to UI Yi gang expelled from school or senator cornyn want. On the end to a ball here you could hear his column in Europe. I'm so welcome their couldn't conclude that are coming tomorrow link other PGA to develop a cookie and more competent or. How much more is that going to be prevalent especially now with the good news that. We feel like the one and done rule is going to be gone high school players are going to be able to go. I think the NCAA eventually does allow kids to sign with agents and I think that the new rules are antiquated in today's game if if a kid. A much like a high school baseball player wants to sign with an agent or look at. Let them make that decision. If I'm Adam silver I'm looking at what's going on transpiring pound bass or balls in on everything is here. And I am licking my chops try to turn the G league into a really truly. A developmental league where kids can go make a little bit of money when you tell me at 1819 years old I can go make fifty grand sixty granite. They hope the salaries little bit that's good money for 1990 girls that NBA like star money. But there's a lot of kids to get out of college it don't sniffed that for two or three years. Yeah more so if you talk about the two way contract. That number ballooned up front. You know birdies but if you grant of 300 Gurney right there we want to lose their cohort at the gunman particularly if you leak color each. You people really got up to kind of a process. Hi all I'm not track it look like there's no question and I think we're gonna be 2012 web 2012 track. You know will be back in high school was common directing the NBA and a a more defined present for teams to help those players who aren't become better approach to battle that all players. I think we're adding that's inevitable although I do think they cheaply is that you called little make it happen. All because look I think you know he went from the pin there. We didn't like call undervalued. Stuff that was happening around her or create indeed warming he NBA so what's fortunately got to college I think it got worse cheeky right batter. I think they're the NBA recognizes that it. Before I get another draft I'll ask you your thoughts on on my idea for the geely was this. If we're going to do this and you're right most kids that are gonna go the G leader probably gonna have been draft and mostly the second round picks work or two way contracts. But if we're going to do this let's truly make it a developmental league and say look you can play in this league until you're 28 or ten years removed from high school. The geely does not need guys that are in their early thirties out there trying to. Lived the dream that there's other opportunities to play professional basketball I appreciate the drive I appreciate continuing to go after what you want. But I feel like if the NBA really wants to make this what they wanna make it which is that your developmentally you capital little bit you kaput by saying it looked. Ten years in the geely and having got a call you big that calls probably not comment any baseball teams do this without really rules and sometimes they picked up those. You know there's so many Miley sponsor feels like get it but. We don't have as many to fill. I think if you tap that even if you counted at 3012 years bastards graduating class at seems to make sense. Yeah but I would be be accountable to that though is and they solve. Little tickle okay. Sure come on guys are all what you're happy you'll afterward in the creek and rank and use the can happen. Good energy we conclude that you really are healthy you can share can't help the team. You know one thing I talk to you about how to insulate contract and the kind doesn't even in Turkey sent them go to see quite yet. It's a player we really like eight or are into the multiple hot spots. Who want to keep him around because it opens vehicle cochlear goes down. We've got ready to play player that kind of didn't sit down it's easy you're going back up without the huge commitment. The cardinals right I think they're more graphic that I endured more to kind of what kind of figuring out how to make the roster and the program to look at it the other co period you know cookies and Heatley didn't seem important imaging late lunch trying to told they belong more and more certain. So what they'll look at it and create cool developed unique little bit for the franchise. Yes the roster player is entitled change it all about that so holes you're getting themselves to the next level not necessarily franchise goals. I he had an idea that I think that's very maybe there's an exception might injury exceptions or are certain levels of actual NBA experience is more than it. The guys that never played in the NO there down their yeah yeah there have been hang her yeah you wait for that there's that would just yet that's I'm San and NA you know a decade that in case of emergency flare for the grizzlies last year was Kobe Simmons and and Kobe seminary offensively there's value in being in all it was nice. It was a Gatti didn't get drafted that was young and athletic and when Mike Conley went down. They needed Kobe Simmons you tweeted the other day about the the draft situation and I do last some of the things people see 82 because it's just ridiculous how and I just vetoed it does yeah. But you were talking about how. Don so it's really does fit. In terms of the grisly scheme probably better than anywhere else. Obvious said he's not sure what he's going to Cuba like all of us believe he is coming over we're hearing you may slide before. If that is the case and it does end up in Memphis how biggest steel would that be for the grizzlies if he does slide down that far. You know it's funny I was with my wallet. Writes for content couldn't guess I guess that that weird awkward yeah we're talking before the draft lottery and I elected by the people do you're getting it down. And then it for half an hour per dollar while it was like you or possible outcome but. You know what's so circus out of this group that not a matter Sacramento king but you went. A whole lot of free Glock or all the guys they like. Seems they may have all of them all the little bit to the point of needing look at not going to be your body just isn't it got to walk that looked others. And it does seem like that any indication that Atlanta is well. That they are far more interest isn't there trade outlook on the badly trash can look at arms which which means she could always include the actual situation. Because it marks still you know 34 years left in his tank in my problem is finally right. After reluctantly getting the surgery. Blood you know ready to win a guy like Luka and all of a sudden out back and shake things in the Western Conference. And you have all those young guys that got to admit it teens without more flexibility in terms of some of these check your round picks in danger require a long way. So he's the perfect scenario. The problem is you need three other teams to cooperate with the. And they don't always like to do that they don't like to do favor others it but you did say on a couple articles are what they ran out the potentially is simple the summer ticket they portray young. So who really wants darn kitchen. Doctor Janet and let them jump up and sponsor that may PE go to the worst part of it right it's all before. You think he's gonna be there you look for in Orlando jumps up to four or you get him of course you get right. The other agents in the equipment they're clearly in terms which. You move up one spot we've seen that before and make sure you get in and I wouldn't rule that out of the grizzlies awesome leader. That is in truth it it would the other scenario was of the grizzlies were not happy with what they were four they could dangle that in Chicago. For seven and wanting to have because if they like Michael Porter junior that much. I'd be really not gonna be there at seven so. You know then that Atlanta could turn around and I would get train young I would think at seven and then another piece twenties so yeah there's a lot of things. They could go down and that would you believe any said the Saudi Twitter feed you believe at the grizzlies can't turn it around. I in the 1819 season that they had that there'll be strong consideration to blow this up. I heard that a couple of teams in Chicago was that you know the grizzlies stick is promised elsewhere in other protections and thus far have let. Marketed either there's no reason for them to tank next year shrank really irritable you can I think this is more Robert parrot driving miss that. You know look we can benchmark it might just to stay in the city and I think we're gonna do certain things. Let's try to put a winner on the war and it. A healthy you might call him helping Marcus hall was another really good player. Can't get it done and then start to move those guys talk after you proved. More still have a lot left in the tank in my commonly used is the players he's been and where those guys make your have a lot work out in the woods today. Steve Tyler you can follow him at Steve Tyler KYLER's. I spoke Eller NBA as Steve Keller NBA. Follow months batteries down at the ING academy right now. For the pro basketball come by real quick thoughts on the playoffs. If it is not been a lot of nail biting basket. The ball over the last two weeks. No it hasn't let you know it. I think it's been good basketball in this regard is that Cleveland didn't hold on guys there that Porsche don't talk about news. Yeah I didn't see this what LeBron is that he can get one more win on his his floor window that. When the baby yes Celtics are to roll over such clay like their age a little bit. I think we saw the little baby being three and circuses gains or now we're talking LeBron so alive and well. I'm Houston and I think when you had one really good game I think Houston's gonna hold. But I think it was good to see step curry show up to beat Dominik kept currently. Because you know this happened the last time he had an infield strained right when he came back and won that game was never the guy that saw the cavaliers win. So I don't wanna hear the excuse of well except career wise. You know let's see if they can win it with a healthy squad so I like where we stand but I think we saw this last year. The race to the conference finals on more entertaining than the conference finals. Yeah now there's no doubt about that and step Perry also getting chest as Basmah on her mother for having a part and out of I have a little bit English is that it only because they do it which is great Steve enjoy the sound down and I am GM now I definitely able looking for tweets. To tell me what you did to Lavar ball and they pick up basketball game. You can look for video that I had there but I can't wait thanks to take an exam a friend. Every problem every well you got it Steve Keller right there. All American I would see this. I'm looking forward to this tomorrow balling you and I get moved Larry you keep talking that's available to move. He played tied it accountants are good man he's fifty years old that's great. Fifty or. 54 in its current scenario. Aren't as well as the beast man like on the show that while I was her off. That was good for to forming an ally while they battle at my Osama WWD. How would you stop trying to defend a family that you're not even part of the Rogers and then when they're solar I was like Jason and you're adjacent and I Dyson is mine Jason semi Jesus did it right here. No wait so my god you know offer recyclers like tiny being is hurt. Who slack time Ibrahim of each night Ed I don't what was your fitness and apply yourself and sell our relationship hasn't got it about Adelaide avenue is your favorite soccer authorities have just one night you know. We're just got kicked out of the game here for awhile he slapped the guy. In the each other play at all like that can happen he slack then got open and slept and got some nostalgia in the back of here. I'll post the video surveillance parts to it as either. Followed Spence and followed Devin on Twitter at DeVon underscore walker see when we come back willed it to headlines we'll get out of the way Gary pairs coming up don't forget Penny Hardaway. Scheduled for 25 irons. 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Or just get McClellan book removed nano 13101294. And I don't want. 3101294. Plaque that moving changing moving in the city. Memphis Sudan headlines. And analysis from parent as the times headline on the age you know I have been ESPN's Eric has sometimes you. Prepared before I get battling your guys last time I guess Ibrahim a bit she's heard it. When he's assays for the LA galaxy and when he was playing he plays for Sweden right yeah he's from 36 years old 65 big dude her he -- to get a racquet head because I got back analysts stepped on his foot intentionally with cleats I had slap on the back Ed do Zach Johnson my foot and almost as long time to slap you if you if you Google's slots on Ibrahim and squeal quotes this. There are some doozies in there baby because like these other reporters on reporter was going my god you get the stresses on your back is he looked at race and ask your wife. Just not necessary but funny right. Let's Lynn you that's why he's smarter player he play for two years he became a fan. In a different types Saturday is saint Jamal yes yeah yes the first or headlines I'll talk to you earlier about my favorite player in the draft wanting walker. Yes it was gonna be the next Donna Mitchell. Do you heard first girder first. Armed I was loving guys they are your first as you know than they don't say when it doesn't happen. I sit here in an area first Mercer I follow somebody else. Exactly so they estimate the drive come on about the earth aired. As we had some. Of that nature it's amazing to me she discovered so much but little. We don't know anything about who were. Are you with carrier ring there the world is flat around the he's not flatten the protesters. On Martha's this new therapies that can. That killed. Between now out on. Okay illusion yeah we're going to she's okay lawyers that they actually. Spent a little time to carry after the gray is Boston game on. And someone in the group actually said don't like come on duty don't really think the earth as cloudy as it's not that he says what I was saying was why don't we question it. We had these pictures like why do we not question whether it is or not. Is it up for debate and so carries like I don't necessarily think it's flat there. But I think it's up for debate whether or not it is just because it's flat does that mean that you would just go over the edge and go often to space now. And that's what he said Els like OK I still think it's round but that's our active whatever but everything everything scientifically scenes and tell me it's round but. Who knows maybe we've been lied to so. An allusion not illusion here in this and I don't think so crazy people you don't like because I know what's not an illusion sane and I am in some because I'd like racked. My leg against some of them yesterday clean and house. If there was an illusion I wouldn't have it bad thing I wouldn't be hurting right. Now they're buried along have you heard her first the last night here we've talked about how the wars don't trump the Houston Rockets all yes stated before he won in calendar had a great game. It's great that they let Kenderick. I can't Klay Thompson hitting shots stiff I think Sargent he give it to the second is where in the world he just takes over well afterwards Charles Barkley and Shaq told tomb. Shaq asked him do you think trademark is in knowing Mikey is on TV. Katie wasn't in seem very happy. Is Trent green is of knowing him personally is this is his home in on television that boy whom you shouldn't talk told us senator Thompson and his those who have easier on everybody our little irrelevant every day and on and on television when they're going to you about addressed. Apologize Annan here knows me knows that urgent goal. Room. Horrible. I know Charles is trying to be funny. Davies now about that anymore Katie changed a lot like we was a different guy in Oklahoma City and he can I get soured on all this lake. The Twitter and I are Smart Alec key like common that EM I I am. Had a long conversation wish onto he moved his rookie year and charm still on the broadcast at that time and Sean was with me pressure. And the conversation essentially was that. Michael lower. Was friends with jab and Snead here who came from Texas to play quarterback Gomez and burden to have an in Jeddah and Snead were friends when Kevin was at Texas. So Kevin came over he says this you'll fun lawman kid like really really cool I talked to him a little bit before the game on John was there and talk to again next time I play. Eight it dramatically changed. And it dramatically change it does a lot superstars when people. You think it their all right this guys is cool he's easy going he won't mind if I. Take a slip in this little one liner joke unit at the flowers like you know me you know you're not gonna do this and one of the things I was told that turned him was the guy in Oklahoma City in that grisly series they called him mr. unreliable. Always you always hear you guys have always giving you quotes in this is how you call me mister on reliable yeah. And anyone who. Bananas on the grizzlies was so it worked for the thunder but there yet he's not about that. He's not about Mike and I understand Charles trying to be funny and I understand she acts gonna get better I mean Shaq and Charles is needed. Throw some headgear on throw some gloves on get a ring in just slowed our yeah scrap it out. His beef from the outer tormented I think he's very sensitive especially with the Twitter fingers dug the burner account plan a get busted. Her sense of need to brush is here but also forgot you're hearing. There. Wouldn't. You that you lose like BB. Okay Karen Nyberg last from Virginia had a fear picnic study methods available. As silently football team is how with the Canadian Football League. The tiger cats Hamilton tiger and internal and Ontario outsider cats not get the chance this year had you. I do a lot of the guys in that league are they're the mobile quarterbacks were really good I had seen. Guys it actually the one guy that I saw that. I was not surprising was Dave Dickenson was from Montana. I'd Davis actually played against him I called the game and you know 5116. Foot tall really mobile good arm unbelievable FCS quarterbacks you helped put Montana football like I have. Big time skyrocket towards the top and they're really kind of fed off of that he had a great career here Canadian League. Jim Heineman still can play football he's just got to. And in this is what I said I don't know Brahma Jon and ends up partying until it gets in the way of what he's supposed to be doing just applauding got away what he was supposed to be doing which was football. If Johnny Mann tells heads on straight you can play. He was paid to take these the last got to leave Cleveland will win years you know he was he was not. Horrible in the NFL. But it was the lack of dedication to his craft that kind of hurt him it seems like self. Get your head on right go up there become a playbook rat like in the image in classic playbook raps like bury your head and that playbook get the film room every single night. If it's and you if it's not. Then you know you're gonna do some miles and live off of super stardom a B and a former Heisman Trophy winner but a lot of people wonder what it sort of that hopefully I'll get a chance. That does it for us to eat these up next don't forget he scheduled a very heartily for twenty bad. 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