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Wednesday, May 16th

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It's pennies from head. Playing the game now. Pennies from 7000 dollar winner taking anybody off. 07 till seven weekdays on ninety you know neverland ESP and then get annihilated in general or seven minutes past top of the hour but I have a page from having cure for your for the 3 o'clock hour of text the word loyalty to 72881. For teams are gonna grant him on each round yesterday in. It appears from having fewer for the 3 o'clock hour is loyalty. Fix they're right now is 7288. Mourn her chance to win a grand don't mention that ESPN's. Brad Carson we'll have another piece from having cure for your 4 o'clock until then. Text the word royalties. 72881. Pertain to when grant tonight that used in the luck. On break but. Bananas grill a phone line he had become. Sounds a little delayed again for the great build better from the sporting those looks good now what's up but. Not much of film down their third. Look I can't make up here after how the cavs played last night obviously. And it'll come back I think they bounced back and wind in pre diabetic and at the same thing about it through. I would I'd say there should be a little bit of panic here's why. Corny sent out 37 times these Celtics have. Haven't taken into old lead in a series and they never lost. And that regenerate lost out there. Health and you know I thought the first step away LeBron controlled the game of loot. We are looking good luck bad defensive rotations were bad that help side wasn't there at Boston hands. Air guitar guy and irritation that isn't playing well right now. Now Manning you know even semi ugly that's the thing I did think it is somebody disasters caused all the dollars easily. I said compare that to rosters and see what you have and see who you would rather have. And when you look at Jason Tatum and Jalen brown it was like we are not household names yet but they were like third overall pick state. They have built this with picks from the the Brooklyn nets. I have Al Horford who's a solid player yes they are missing carry Irving and Gordon Hayward but they're getting contributions to match up to what those guys dead. Always would Terry rose year who's getting a chance to play in a flow. It's always the it it's that thing to me that did that people mess. Is usually the backups are capable of giving you similar to what starters are obviously starters or starters for a reason especially Ulster. Caliber starters like carrier to. But where you run into problems is when it's the back up to the backup. It now gets Morsi if you get minutes in the way Brad Stevens of me has handled that is our right. Also Terry heroes years gonna play more minutes he's gonna start. We're just not gonna worry about whether Shane Larkin is out there you know running the extra minutes. Was just like Jason Tait and bring the ball or let Jalen brown bring the ball up or what let semi oh shall lay come out there remark is smarter or whatever will. We'll just mix and match different guys that are capable of playing. And that's where he's been brilliant he's makes them is lineups in eight and justice in a manner where they can switch everything on the perimeter they're all like sized guys they're all athletic events like. Okay there's a reason we drafted these guys in the lottery and and the reason is clear they're very good. Oh yeah absolutely and you know it and this is this dangerous and sometimes kind of big and intuit. A little bit too good to build the network for a first Saturday boy. Just because LeBron give up a forty doesn't mean they're gonna win it I mean trinkets and Jordan Eddie Jordan head. And 39 cloaked in 440 or more points and there were dark 38 I'm sorry to report could control. So it's yet to salute Simon went so I mean LeBron to drop. Forty or fifty or whatever on Saturday but they prove adequate defense couldn't Christina that's what they're really broke down. I mean obviously are never about a show on W heard about it but I mean when JR pushed Horford in the back that game over. Gap by you could see the frustration and you get frustrated when your team that's accustomed to winning and you may and that's the thing and always amazes me. When NBA players don't respect the guy across a number they don't think that there on that level. Here's the other thing Boston has said fine. LeBron go get forty you know what we're not gonna let you do. Lets you get other guys involved and he's still finished with twelve assist so okay Obama gets 22 but who else is doing anything knock them. Jeff Green 28 minutes five shots Tristan Thompson thirty minutes six shots George Hill 33 minutes four shots JR Smith all for senate. Nobody getting anywhere near double digit field goal attempts and that's not a bad thing when the bronze. Go on sixteen and 29. But you have to factor in if he's working that hard and it's the same thing ardent had to do. If he's working that much on offense he struggled on defense because I've always said LeBron to me is a little bit on a raid on the offensive side. But Jalen brown blew by him on a couple of occasions I just went wow you look like you were to stand energy good. Yet there and you know they need more out of the back core I mean dorsal. Non factor us moments JR Smith obviously a non factor with the shooting them in there will be days it could kind of obviously Joseph who worked Adobe juror immortal out well of course you'll be. I don't know he has regained but they haven't been the last two nights and and I think you know Kevin Love did give them a good game not a Kyle Korver put doodle bench good. The rotation or bad. Fred Stephenson Dow coaching tight loop pretty bad right now I'm in. You know you can't just take it for granted it would. I could deem to broker and it'll be the first to admit that I a capsule one must not everybody and now he's furcal yet you're starting to look at Saturday light. 50506040. What are what what's there to the chips one that's what I don't think they're Wingate or they didn't work work. Okay here's and here's the thing outside LeBron had twelve assists the cavs at eighteen right. Cleveland had twice I mean I'd Boston had 24 says and here's why. Every one of their starters had double digit field goal attempts and no one had more than eighteen but no one had less than twelve. That tells you the ball's moving and that's where we have not ire and I'm not getting even say that I didn't hear this is when they did but I also agree with that. I mean no class and on ESPN's said. People don't talk about how good a passing team Golden State is nor Boston and when you can move the ball. And just keep moving it you eventually get teams chasing their tails and so although Cleveland. Has struggled defensively they're not as bad as people will make it out to be sometimes and although Houston has had people wonder if they can play. It is more so if you keep moving the basketball. Oil gets hot potato or you know off a couple of dribbles and you see a guy take a step towards you. And you're willing passer. You're going to find open shots. And as good as LeBron is and he's sensational when he's taken point nine shots and Kevin Love steak and eighteen shots and nobody else takes double digit shots. It's hard when a bass organ that. Did Senator Clinton like you know and I cover some the code in the public really good college he you know this is what we saw from Villanova. In a different way obviously they've bombed a lot of grief but. I had a friend told me before the series started and it kind of scooped me a little bit he said. In all I don't know how much better they'd be doing with carrier ring any blood red planet and a insult the carrier renew no hope could turn your renewed good what would the Celtics be doing right now to be playing that much better than they are they're playing. There they gain and a product for the first two. That's a that's an ad I thought back to enlist and Brad Stevens is not going deep into his bench he's really only use and market Smart narron Baines nobody else even got near. I mean really playing a significant amount of minutes and usually played nine minutes Greg Monroe played six it is basically guys playing. 323436. Or seven they're all young and he knows you have time especially. That's where the brilliance came intimate. It was game two we know tonight is game to Houston were not getting another game for a bike you have like a three day window so Ron I'm. Run your best lineup out there. That's you know it was amazing to me all the sudden state Jersey genius for starting the deadline he basically said. Well being stabbed and I'm gonna play so. I am and they're not playing again until Saturday so you've played. What Tuesday night and you're planning on Saturday for game three school. I'm put these guys were on a seven man rotation and I if you're tired just let me know gets out bull gets back in as quickly as we can fizzle out funny time addressing its legs underneath itself. That's part of when he saw the draft lottery player out last night. And Phoenix ends up number one it does seemingly feel like it perfect fit for a guy that went to. Arizona to go to a struggling sun's franchise that needs. On top of Devin Booker another face of the franchise yeah a lot of people think that they may go look at Don is because they hired. Igor could cost Gaza from Utah who coached dots it's in the Serbian national team. Doubt they'll I think it fits well where I mean obviously. I POP3 wood interest being numb I gave me Kurt made no appearance and that made its way I watched did you see any noble way the real. Did you say I mean look at. At and listen yesterday on the show I was like that can't be the Jami Gertz the actors I didn't realize she married the guy that is now she's married to the man who just bought the Atlanta Hawks with Grant Hill. And she's been married to him for thirty years so you have visited with his dude before he made like. The piles of cash he has now and obviously they stayed married thirty years have three boys she had no idea what was going on. Let's he clocked up to the final three. It is the air and fox and here's judge Jackson and there's Jami Gertz and people they pull out the thing and she gave like six different winks like they obviously your husband. And it plots out at number three and she gets this is like is that it's got to get around like is that good and she looks her husband and winks that a Mike. Jets are I mean yours yours still up there but so let's not curb 52 years old. Yeah issues that the Lolita movies that are number Los Angeles las I play. They beat and interstate this vehicle. Marvin Bagley land there you know they'll eat one of the top prospect from the strip to blow well. I mean a good pool from MI figure to have the date you know not to make Google book Chad but that's a good. Pick for them although I mean the first Swede at fault and there would. You know the carrier ring true it was a officially disaster Baltic about it was that one of the next big deal little Kyra they're put dom right now I think. Well actually I mean they've either got eaten in particular. I don't know from this beer and mean or whatever but kind of hold it against some that they didn't beat bought all of the parliament. The board that Becker at the code about opening our thinking of potential pretty jobless. I wanna ask you about this I know you cover you know mainly college football basketball but Michigan State. Has been ordered to pay half a billion dollars to the victims of the Larry Nasser sexual abuse scandal. 332 claimants are there right now they're gonna split 425. Million I guess. You're gonna have to split equally they're gonna hold back 75 million in case anybody else steps forward which I'm sure some people well and some people falsely but they'll. Do the Judy investigating on that. What am I ask you is how does this affect Michigan State moving forward football and basketball wise. And do you think that maybe half a billion isn't even enough for what this monster did. I don't know you know that it's of course I'd note there's really no amount of money can you eliminate some of those orders. All of the public and the little salute will the rest of their lives there is a lot of imagery with this case during the kid you know the trial anyway where. You have father one -- after Larry that surge that was duty on I don't have custody of his thought in a room with them for five minutes sixteen that. Now yelling fire in our exhibit other early yet at at and at a at. We'll have a daughter too and I know you know you do you think for the families their first and foremost and there are good Clinton global basketball thanks so much better calm down yeah no and I'm sure there's more to come today in that. Originally just get out sideline who poured it won't will Barton put their launch from Holmgren it you can in the hole. You can't hide this for me personally aware that there is reversal of global treaty. You commercial location but you can't. Pin it on being Antonio's sort it from writing that story and commander on the Antonio I think this sort of intent was more. Originally meant could be bumped out Nasser and the lack of transparency within the universe in a more than the something about it don't their colonial which it but look where. Now I don't I you know listen they're they're coaches. And you know in other sports in this is a guy that. Was perpetuating these heinous acts against young girls and seemingly there are people who knew and I. Listen that the turning a blind side of the bill the weird thing about it is when people says like well at the time this guy I remember that because what the what was said to me that. They made me kind of cringe was. Basically he was like a god. In USA gymnastics because if you look at the picture. When Kerri Strug in the nineteen was at the 1996 Olympics or maybe it was the 2000 Olympics. Was carried off on the stage when she landed that ball and just basically wrecked her ankle. Larry Nasr is one of the people carrying her so of course like at twelve year old gymnast is like a way to make you work for the gold medalist and that's when your dream is. You're gonna think the guy everything the guy says is like a yeah yeah religion. And he used that to his. You know to feed his sickness and so I just don't know I know it's a tough thing to say. I don't know that half of billions enough but it's still a ton of money and die if I don't think those girls would would be happy you know would. Would not be willing to say I was is never happening give up. You almost two million dollars they're gonna get it and rather haven't had never happened but at least they're going get some horror and I just don't know how to university that was my questions like. For Michigan State like how do you recoup that kind of and I don't think they'll hurt but it's certainly doesn't help right. No yeah. Obviously you know the salute. School that athletic department going on there and overhaul. Go they have an interim athletic director of the make it and I'm one I know. As far as football basketball goes I think the football on the basketball team. Tried to be a whole part of the deal and also putting it's an opportunity for the football game knowing that they're going to be pretty good this year and I know that's not gonna do the victim to any good boy. I think they universe being obviously need to change you think the thing about the masters you know it's never gonna go away. I don't Erica yeah every time anyone of these happened. You you know we always ask are sold out of the trap and we know the encircling what you said he but god. There it looked the other way around and Pennington until universe these sub doing that unfortunately they'll probably be another case of this which is terrific. Because oh by the way you can you can get people in here to give us money for a sport that generally doesn't generate a lot of revenue for universities but we have you here so. It makes it seem like we have the best and so people want to use our facilities will send their kids here to the camps and all the things. That happened along what that is wild man it's a crazy crazy deal we both knowledge so. Yeah to the Gloria Jami Gertz and the third pick for Atlanta I say star was held a character in las boys she looked awfully good on the back of that motorcycle. I'm thinking less than zero tomorrow living with Robert Downey. He did after that could see she was they that mean they were just all like that was just such. Here's the eighties cocaine fear movie of like this is what can happen you are Robert Downey junior basically like this is his life away. Like pretty. They're probably the problem I had the less than zero as this. I had zero conviction. And who was the guy that it who knows who played the guy big guy he was also in. Romance and the leader was not that status fatalistic idea on the Coke it was the guy that ended up hooking up with Jami Gertz I had zero. Conviction that they were like truly get a fallen off. Yeah I used in our prekindergarten and now Andrew McCarthy was intimate Dario did go back at a mannequin where the man can comes to life and I believe that I held a lot more than you being cool on multiple somebody who looked like Jamie Gertz. But I think I think you and I need. To quit our day adult and starter and 88 he's moving close to be called out will be in good shape. Outlook I would love it and DeVon you know what would not listen to a minimum because he's never seen a movie. That wasn't released in like 2015 or later. It affected your regret that there OK get. You know Devin he can get installed just give game whatever I'm sure of what the thing about moral and Donny yeah me I never again that don't help that just I heard laurel I clicked on about her moral. I heard both. I heard I heard one thing's first and many other things second and I think I heard laurel let more times he says years Yani all the time. Well Jim owns jiffy locker coming out as I think somebody somewhere is screwing with everybody. And there are two tracks and they lamb down and it just matters which one you didn't like flipping a coin. And so they're just Massa and everybody and having the biggest laugh about this right now. But it didn't fire it entirely up what I. I could trigger is for sure great stuff full sack out of sight next week obviously giving that final four college football prediction you put up it looks like Alabama Clemson again. Hey why not if it's if it's was dominant let's do it appreciated your brother. They don't better script he got to feel better right there from a sporting news Jim crosses. My good friends of crosses she was always is also in. Tango and cash. Learn tango and cash. Those that don't remember was a terrible but yet enjoyable. Cop movie that had that Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone. Ruin I had really should the American eighties like legitimately. Yesterday when I saw the list price had asked Elliott if he knew us was going to be and I'd heard the list. And I heard guys talking about Jamie eager to you you said it right and I was like I can't be the Jami Gertz that was an actress that's he'll make another Jami Gertz. But who would have the exact same name as Jami Gertz like he'd just doesn't seem Sybercom realistic and so you know what she is really well known for. She turned down on the role of Rachel. In France OK you're right and serve as acute what did what a terrible decision she made no you know why it's not a terrible decision even though she made money. Her husband's a plague in billionaire is good and she doesn't have to do anything illegal reader Wikipedia page says. They live in the lush part of Beverly Beverly woods and have a vacation home on the Malibu shores and in my life I guess he's doing just fine in our game but she's going to do when. Overrated gentlemen she's doing just fine with raising three sons and having a husband who makes billions yeah she's here yeah they seaside. She just sat on the stage. Of the NBA draft lottery and I promise you if you compare her net worth. To Jennifer Aniston's. She's going to win that fight with a first round hate maker knocked out not even close. The signature is not even close lol wow what hopeful that all eggs like. Her net worth is two billion dollar gap because her husband makes billions why so he's worked for guess what she's worked to. She's Mary Tillman cal point have been married thirty years holy so she's been with them as he's accumulated all that. He's a co-founder of forty million dollar private equity firm yeah. So easy score yes yeah he's. And it puts its app and it's OK okay he's he's living his best life. Suzanne when it was and it is rare when dazzling but when a guy like that generally marries an actress. They don't all it doesn't seemingly work out but some high was the same way she married some French billionaire businessman and she's doing just fine. But there's like why should not making movies should have threw her team so until America is a smarter and on the new money going and tell you all of you that sit there ago. I would win that if I won the lottery I would go back to work yes I love my job with a Rizzo probably elect the work but if I wanna 150 million dollars cash in my pocket. I might just go hey don't let. I'll watch every game on my eight enormous television up and call it my head. And now I'm hearing called in my hand and while mine and mama paper. My guy work in the house might personal bartender makes me another drink here and I sit out look at an ocean out next to me are we don't decide your. Are there group here about the N. In in Iowa and Ohio or visit Illinois Indiana where you want like a 120 million dollars in a lottery. And so you but he's spent like half a million dollars probably in cleanup and in the think he bought 200 tons or two. Hundred he spent like 200000 dollars on my 200 tons of manure. And dumped it missile buses yard says that he's got to show earlier out of power. He got about fifth fifth of the way to refer to count showed up because. I've been taken this man's ass for the last seventy years so now I wanna dumping on his lawn so he can smell what he was shovel and nice. Astray isn't presidency people with respect to illegal street you back where I come back Kevin Pelton joins us. Does that quicksilver gave Gertz they've taken factor of one. She was in a lot will tell Jamie Gertz lemon are best left where two billion dollars and her husband owns a lot she gets in on the draft lottery stage where was Jennifer Aniston back there. Yeah assets. Strains overrated. Kids are out of you wanna know it's he threw you Dick Evans up now moral outside their next up playoffs are both series over. It could be united Golden State wins game to wolf we'll talk to KP next an agent out of ideas and Memphis. So teens Merle perfect new font robo calls. Annoying and inconvenient and a potential threat to your money fox thirteen reveals the technology now what they will continue to turn the tables on these callers can keep them from bothering you for good. I'm Gerald Green there at six. And here. In an emergency you call 911. They answer when your cell phone is said to the one called senator we investigate this dangerous cellular pitfall and how you can avoid it live today starting at five on fox thirteen news. Safe we feel. Luke on the new still are actually lose our program I'm always live to take me he works on. Followed by fox thirteen news at night. Everybody's doing contests so why none. And went into in my feet replace Kennedy story first Cincinnati. I'm too fast and easy. Some real talk unseat him. He has three lifetime it's your. It wouldn't. Three yeah. Members sound effects. Countries people are. Simple easy possible. 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A lot of juniors a lot of the third set did dig out of this year's draft I really like churn Jackson I mean he actually comes out. I think above all of the other college players in terms of my statistical projections in this year's draft because the fact that he's. Basically the youngest prospect and ensure you know it's what the final count is that every who declared that the guys were legitimately paying attention to be the topic. He's the youngest prospect is still quite productive bless your machine state. You were playing out of position because the fact that they had so many big man I mean I think eventually you know controlled vessel might be the stretch five foot he's athletic enough that if you did seem defend on the perimeter a little bit of Michigan State that he's playing alongside. Mark people so you know academic all defensive. Tell us what you gonna defend with Porter on how we were up fourteen carries physicals Walt Williams of the medical whether there's a red flag on his back. Because teams are gonna get a whole lot more about her health situation and how much a factor that could be going forward than. Any of us will know on the outside. It's crazy because people talk about. Jerry Jackson and if they don't realize because everybody assumes marlin bag was going to be youngest guy a draft as he reclassified. Jackson is the youngest guy in the draft like that that projected the youngest projected first rounder. He shot 40% from 380%. From the free throw line. Averaged only eleven points a tells me eight didn't take a lot of three's B didn't get to the line a lot. And the production is there he's a much better defender yet as I watched him I still didn't feel the impact. Is this a guy who. Maybe the first year has to go you know where he plays 1819 minutes learns the ropes of the NBA and then second years where he could really breakthrough as well. I think that's possible I mean you know I think that it's even attitude maybe even a little raw power when he came out of Pittsburgh and now we wanted to knock an independent. It wasn't incredibly production during his freshman year equal European type. You know he is permitted numbers were really strong and projected will to the NBA and I think he would have been a little bit ahead of schedule where I Cowher called Berkeley was kind of his second unit he took over as the starter there in OKC had not looked back ever since I think that. You know kind of had a similar thing where yeah probably it did maybe about between their role well that started coming off the bench is a rookie in the end you know ripping up from there. We just added incredible draft class I mean we get guys producing all over the place and and we still are waiting to see the number ones and number two picks. Really take their game up and asked is there planets office position in the game and mark hopefuls battled injury and trying to re. Reassess his. It is jump shot but as I look at this class. Man there are some talented players I feel like I look at getting past Bagley in Jackson and then. The pony has Mo bomber going fifth the Dallas and train young going six to Orlando and Wendell Carter going seven to Chicago. Michael Porter AT Cleveland down sacks and nine in New York. But at Mattel bridges from Villanova attend a Philly great fits miles bridges who I like it was in state eleven to shot and he goes on and these guys. I think they're all really really talented I mean even down at third team applying locker and fourteen was Robert Williams from Texas and am. There are guys that I think could you could. Rise up and find somebody here so filers say KP giving guided people are projecting. You know. Fifteen to thirty that you really like that you think. Could be a guided that the steps upn and and has a really nice run like Kate Donovan Mitchell who everybody's gonna be looking define what a big. You know in the media on the lower side that it could take a couple years the county detention and up from Villanova for the panel he can't abstain in the draft after he's playing in the come on and played the next couple days here in going to be really important for him in front of and value letters but if you stayed and I think he's someone who don't feed it if he did decide to go back to Villanova and was back in the draft in 2019. I think he's still a lot higher than what can you would get your boat because. You know he would have. Another year to really showcase his skills and more prominent role and it also because they don't take next year's draft project to be. Quite as strong this year. I look at it and you you mentioned even chance of a Boni has him going 33 to the mavericks one pick after the grizzlies. And I look at some of these other guys Gary Trent junior nineteen years old they've got him projected second around. How do DL from Kentucky projected second around. I don't think it's as big mistake to go and stand a draft to be gonna be in the second round as it was in years past because. It's changed in teams now give you two in three years guaranteed. Do you think it's a mistake for some of these young guys to take that second round money up front and get their pro career started earlier. And I know it's a case by case basis but just in general. If you can get it started earlier you're gonna go make a better salary than just about anybody in any graduating class in America other than athletes. And if it's guaranteed money you can find your way I think somebody second round guys there are actually in good shape. For sure you know I think it depends on the situation. And how much you might be able to improve your stock if you go back but. As he was crop duster on CBS sports clubs we can piece about how you know they did last year basically everyone drafted in the top fifty. At a given one exception every American draft in the top fifty dollar guaranteed contract Syria this idea that its first round or bust for underclassmen I think that probably has changed. Are both playoff series over. I don't think so I mean you know I think Houston can get cable played much better against Golden State and they didn't game one. One thing I'm curious about it whether there's sort of you know there's there's a similarity between the rockets in the cavs in the in the finals last couple years against the warriors where you know they just bring. A local execution and tradition ability that. You're not used to facing if you've been going up against teams that aren't the warriors and we saw Cleveland make that adjustment I think midway through this series the last couple of years. I in time to make a comeback from down 312016. And and they're not not soon enough to prevent themselves from losing 41 last year. And. Between these two game that he didn't give one. The warriors hadn't eating three advantage in fast break point. In new you know embattled two teams that supposedly like to Ronald okay. The rockets slowed considerably this year but. Did the difference of course between you know the tradition Cleveland within the last couple years where he can hit the curious having those first two games and home. If it gets real fiscal if you get both those web site I think tonight it's it's called to a must win for them the county yup yup. It in the Eastern Conference finals. I you know I didn't believe the Cleveland lost is probably more disturbing than the fact they lost the first two years especially getting such a terrific performance from LeBron left side. And just not having enough production to go with it or the ability to couple pushed up against Boston. That that's pretty disconcerting. I look at that and when you get a forty point triple double. And you leaving get production from gotta love and you get beat like that but then I look at the mets' Bret Stephens played that absolutely brilliantly last night knowing. They were playing Tuesday they're not playing again until Saturday so they're off Wednesday Thursday Friday three days off. He's basically those are about you're all playing like 32 plus minutes and we're gonna run mark this march 31 minutes we're gonna run an remains almost twenty minutes everybody else were run a seven man rotation. Go win this game with our best players where it's not a okay we're gonna play our third game and five nights this is now they've they've got the legs underneath them and I thought it was brilliant last night the way he ran those rotations and I listen to a mean alas this morning I mentioned this earlier to our previous fiscal under. And he made a great point it's something I've said. Both Boston and Golden State are so good at moving the basketball. And when they pass like that they're turnover numbers go down because you're not isolated you're not driving into a crowd get wildly out of control or taken a charge. Five turnovers from Boston hasn't been hardly discussed at all today. And if they take a ball like that I don't care how many points and triple doubles LeBron James as you have a team that only turns it over five times a playoff game. Odds are they lose. I think that's an excellent plan include and actually shot better than Austin last night you know the that the shooting regression that I was expecting and from then after game one and I think a lot of other people were tuned. You know I think a very good cheer leading the series. That'll happen. If you got if you were shot attempt because of the fact that Boston had so few turnovers and it's kind of fascinating because you know the Celtics were not a low turnover team during the regular season they were. About average in that regard in and they got worse when carrier ring was on the bench so it's not like you know a function of either injury that. All of a sudden now they're third in the playoffs and lowest turnover rate in the last I was taking it to an extreme. I mean the window when I didn't agree with you today I think historically if you look at it. Teams that passed the ball more to do Ted typically outgrow our turnovers just because there's more opportunities for passage. To go awry yeah I mean you know that's. That's often been with the warriors struggled because defected they had some careless turnovers they also did a really nice job of taking care of the ball in game one. They had eight playoff low nine turnovers. I I can see it where I think it works both ways if you're making dumb passes yes. But it is when you and you and Iowa I think we agree on as you watch the lawyers it's the extra pass into the corner of the extra pass from the top of the wing of the wing to the top. And that's the 1 AM having willing shooters if you overpass. There is such a thing is over passing so I could see out where your point is on that great stuff is always my friend outside the next week. Aren't so good so I do appreciate Kevin Pelton joining us here on the program. This from shirk 1684. It's the greatest exporter they'll made the second worst picked next of the beat as an as a fan I can say that. Is a bad move the back and really won't haunt him if that didn't happen I would say take him not worth the risk in my opinion. Route to go or. Rutledge hill says the manure story sadly satire blue that was great. Com and Scott said Andrew McCarthy weekend at Bernie's. Quicksilver gave Gertz as I said a big can factor of one Jami Gertz the great Jami Gertz. Got. And. Against the hawks the third pick we'll come back. And more close it out with that headlines lies to get to cardinals by the way up 75 but just it into. A double play top nine they got out of a bases loaded jam in the bottom of the eighth. Leading the twins 75 for all you cardinal baseball fanatics. Daybreak when we come back. Closes out the headlines that start in for GP he'll step in after us at 4 o'clock that's next manager not an Emmy as in Memphis. Hello I'm Joseph Cornell of Cornell and Cornell not long ago we celebrated our 25 anniversary as a firm dedicated to as many as you've heard. 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So from my good friends and for us so Jami Gertz was not in tango and cash. It's starred the great Teri Hatcher. Russell was also Lois Lane in Superman she was Lois and Clark she was lowest I was in Desperate Housewives tomorrow never dies. She also had days a great role. Wearing what was that movie. It was which James Spader it was she was a world class here this. Basically planned the murder of her boyfriend and it was James Spader and Charlize Theron. And it was it was actually so I'll have to look out one of the let's Ellis did headlines. And analysis from parent has the times headline on the audience you know there's been ESPN's Erica sometimes you. Bernard several days in the valley was the other one. A movie should life two days in the Ballard two days in the I don't know four X. I don't know if it was looking wanted to ensure it is and it's not that I haven't you venture out of Netflix and actually late go to a red boxer like actually looks on the Miller the last legal roadblocks and bringing back memories you know. You lost it had to pay for. It is left in your car get charged or. I don't know her red boxes like. On days some money and haven't gotten a senator long gone does look a little ban on and I'll look at still holding out mode after. Earlier on this story comes out of Dallas Eric soared 25 year old man has been arrested Eric for duping high schools relive his. Hoops glory days. Surprised more this doesn't happen guys that look young trying to go back and play. High school basketball high school football maybe they didn't play I I didn't play as well footballer fastball. Because our high school was ridiculous like I could have gone to another high school easily but our high schools like. I would have zero low desire to go back here and high school again. This guy down last in high school tuba man like kids' day I obviously gambled of Avalon announced when he 3.4. Why would I do why would you wanna do exactly this guy apparently used the one most popular kids at high school of course because he knows. He knows then what he or now what I mean he way easily went back to that of I knew then what I know now he went back and knew then what he knows the. He did he's actually a couple possible for their. In one turn of it he jumped forty points in the number one team in the nation in three quarters. Chased what do you. Danny Almonte they when he took the mound for a Little League game was fourteen was the toast of the town in blue did the weighs two years older than. This guy was like six years over there and court sees is his name was her shot all his its its high school Mary wells were Shawn Richardson. When Jamie I'm at 34 points fifteen rebounds. Here's kill the same mental thing but he will. It's not to be pretty good job forty if he was arrested though because he was on his best round of the surge your student because he was. It was an ill let enhanced and mayor who's not so elite team played it out right and a good friend addresses. She found her about it some more real quick clip it or Morey has been cleared his freight charges and he got. Called upon in Phoenix Arizona like right that's that's that that's a wrap on Mac yet but every immediate fire him because of the charges and Sony's and illusory. And the girl basically they've. Didn't find evidence if it doesn't as I mean did happen but. In zone yet he released a statement and countered that the girl basically ruined his career so. Different or more and Yani or laurel plant right now I am team of Yani Albert Alicea I gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta get a Matt circle wait two minutes. Few folks I know I know so yeah I was locked the door. Playing. Play why wandering laurel down because I'm telling you this is cool way. The end I am telling you they have multiple recordings and they are sperling my hero dude I was here Yani all days laurel. Laurel. Laurels weird. Laurel so gone first time I heard I heard Yani and at laurel every other to her unusual the last two wild animal. It is through I don't know that's maybe it's that he's smoking hippie lettuce. I don't know I don't see you do on that those I don't know that you do that. Bats are gone back next and it parents will join him. Have talked about the draft lottery I'm sure they'll get into it next. For DeVon I'm Eric till tomorrow at 2 o'clock enjoy the playoffs and I didn't do rocket's lawyers. I Iraq is even up so if I. The official. Have you tried the tackle and I. 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