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The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, May 15th

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God court you can go online act as I found parish like 24250. Box which is fifty or sixty bucks more is people basically go on Aaron by. As many as they possibly can and for thirteen it's easier for me some testified that but I also don't Wear a lot of reds I was like what they're great but they. They don't need great or they don't need. They don't he doesn't need to talk she. All three of them I just want the real you know we want to restore what I've seen a lot of market for documentaries. It's a lot of BS to be honest with you I mean I love Jordan he's the second best whatever play basketball but I think also is not a S column in which we know who's best. You're saying LeBron is that yes yes but I just want just want the real man on the radio station just said that the second best players. And he never some bland person chaos all the food is bad but it is footage you I just want the real Wal-Mart Jordan I'll also something we don't know you know I Ewing knew me you may get it. A second story around and think you know a great second baseman for the Seattle Mariners been suspended eighty games. Or violation of the PD. Rule he also. He took a pitch some hand the other day your body is going to be out for a while anyway but he's been suspended eighty games for violating the Major League Baseball. Drug policy. That's a bad suspension right there and it's a guy that has a massive and I do mean massive. Contract he's played a 150 plus games. In each of the past. Eleven seasons he's the only player to do that he did not put up the numbers right away in Seattle that they had hoped. The way he would coming over from New York he sent a massive ten year contract he is still under that contract and I'm just gonna say he on this that. It's it's crazy this is what his statement has recently learned that I tested positive for a sub sync all. Euros some item which is not a performance enhancing substance bureau. So mine is used to treat various medical conditions in the United States and Dominican Republic. Substance was given to me by a licensed doctor in the Dominican to treat a medical ailment why did not realize. At the time I was given a medication was banned Allison on now that I had to be more careful though more than fifteen years playing professional baseball has been the greatest pro is my life I would never do anything to cheat the rules. For the game that I love. Here's the thing. Never take anything without clearing it burst you know what's in what you're taking specially when there are rules like this. And I'm just if this is the problem baseball's having right now everybody says that their lights of something that a doctor gave to me and I did not well then your dumb. You can hear its sights on you because there are things that are banned and if you take them you are going to get popped. Bottom line and the stories are Robin's you know down four. Eighty games he'll accept the except the suspension. And will miss out over half season for the Mariners this year that I don't know how much hope they actually had. And they get a decent team they had a decent group but that hasn't panned out the way they hoped. In terms of chasing a title up in Seattle. And this will certainly give them a hit as well and of course game one last night. The death lineup I am not calling it the Hamptons really think you're I am not going to the Hamptons five that is just cheesy so I doubt Tommy cook going to daddies and local reporter and adding it's a it's great to local area the Hamptons fives and. You know it's about it's kind of a funny reminder because it breached and about. Jamal green was crying his parking lots in the brought had crying so bad that he had to call came under the had to come up with the Hamptons off. There's there should be that let wars and no you don't want you don't want to bad memories of take where they had this called the death death on a can be done. The death and out of last night. They're from aside again over used to an end Houston just could not find a way to. Maintain any momentum I was really surprised she's in jumped out the lead then Golden State came right back charge back had a big lead of their own Houston ended up taking that lead. And then they were tied at halftime we are ready deceit. What happens with Golden State and end. If you ever saw the movie top gun which you didn't as you don't see movies and especially ones from the eighties there was a character in their name iceman and they said that's how he flies ice cold. He won't he just keeps steady and just keep supply and the course and he gets he gets aborted due some stupid. And he's got you here and that's what they do it they just keep moving may keep moving may keep moving. And eventually they're going to breakthrough. If you try to play isolation ball against them. They're good enough defensively to stop that if you try to beat them at their own game they're better at it than you are you've got to find a way to take one of their players out make them do something different. And then find a way to exploit a weakness albeit what it is nobody has seemed to be able to figure it out so. Game one is in the books game two tonight allow the experts are saying Cleveland will bounce back if they do not. It will be eight to nothing deficit and certainly a lot of people be wondering if LeBron can play magic out of does that. Heading home to Cleveland game one win for the lawyers as we told is that I'm 29 times prior to last night that was the thirtieth time of the road team has won a game one in the conference final series. The previous 29 times the road team that won won the series 21 times the numbers now on the side. 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Pertain to win a grand Hillman to not get junior and his command cure at 3 o'clock hour is laundry. L a UEDRY. Except right down to 72881. For change to an agreement thrown into that yes he had Brad Carson. How to another piece from having to work for you at 4 o'clock until their techs who were logic. 7288 points for a chance to win a grand. And I'm not ESP. Good luck so it's. I mean it's time to start. Our number two and our number 20. We are going to guess James Herbert from CBS sports. But tonight being the draft lottery. We thought we would go through a little. Draft. History or the Memphis Grizzlies. Yeah the first demographic of the Memphis Grizzlies Kevin Walker what do you resist the Vancouver grizzlies personal empathy. Viewers what your business thank the united fat. Church ordering allows Bryant Reeves selected all they're big country big country went six. Lawrence mote out of Syracuse I scoring guard went 36. In 1996 states that Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Roy Rogers in from Alabama. I went. In the first round of 22 overall and then 51. It's a demand and Chris Robinson from western Kentucky that was part of a trade with the Houston rockets' streak that Dorian those number three overall pick. Number four overall pick in next year belong to the grizzlies that was the other of the worst record in the league could not have gotten the number one overall pick which would have been Tim Duncan. They selected Antonio Daniels overall. Number four overall. Out of. Bowling Green Indian hills junior college CJ per herb Bruton went from Bowling Green eyes like Tony and Dan about until. He went more than yea what the Bowling Green so they took. I guess they took two guys from both Syria and the same here so I don't know a lot of sky our innately has seeded group was from Australia I don't know and errors Egypt Britain. Mike Bibby was the next years pick at number two number two overall. He went on to a nice through Sacramento but that was not as a solid for the grizzlies was subsequently traded for. JR Henderson at UCLA. Was their second round pick. The next year they took Steve Francis. Number two overall he refused to play for the grizzlies they traded him to Houston. And that they got a plethora OPEC's in that number. The following year and then 2000 so three straight years they take number two overall Mike Bibby Steve Francis Stromile Swift. None of them panned out there we have destroy us and yes structural little bird things critical he was fine. But it wasn't you know what you would hope to get at number two. The first ever draft pick of the grizzlies in Memphis with Shane Battier now they did make a trade. On draft day and essentially Atlanta made the selection of the tech was really Powell to solve. The following year they took through good number four they did take Matt Barnes that your by the way with 45 overall pick and traded it to Cleveland. Are the 2003 draft was and I selected Marcus Banks in Kendrick Perkins trade them for the rights to Troy bell. And Dahntay Jones and then took Sergei was Schuch. In that 2004 was the only thick that they had available not sure why they didn't have their 2004 pick. Available but they did not 2005 they probably eight track late trade a team Warrick. Column. Went 2005 with a nineteenth overall pick 2224. Overall pick was Kyle Lowry that was during that three year playoff run so. All at all what you have is. A history of high picks not panning out. That being said. History can always be. Rewritten right. I think as I remember watching the draft lotteries when you talk about the year that the selected fourth. There wasn't much hype leading up to a debate picked fourth overall it's a Richard Goodman they flipped for Mike Miller later that year. I think that's why they didn't have a 2004. Pick was they traded that away. And 2000 and the read they took out the Marcus Banks and Kendrick Perkins takes. Com. And those picks help them get to the playoffs next year so. I can't remember if that was it'd Wesley person they they traded the pick away somewhere along ones along the lines there. But. The draft lottery I remember the most what do band. The all the 2004 was was at the LeBron you heard the LeBron it was 2003 she doesn't her OK still running as I remember that because I was filling and and I watched and I got really excited is the only way they maintain the pick was a that was number one overall yeah. And you know you're opening lakers' they'll open three. And they help and it's Denver and then they open to and its unity go oh yeah he's going to. It's funny because Gary said that he's always you never heard anybody. Like ever questioned whether LeBron was going to be what LeBron has become I heard one person locally and I don't say who will be. I'm on the air anymore and and tourism it was a good dude and it's not the only reason I. But. It was pretty obvious but there are always people looking to poke holes in LeBron James because. It's a high school kid on TV come on he does that'd jump shot might have you watch this kid. Right I hear is ridiculous and so. Everybody knew going in but once you got into the late in other mid 2000 zeal finals six drafts of the team Warrick and Kyle Lowry is a playoff years. And then they subsequently after the 05 season audio sixth pick was the year they trade chain Battie eighty Houston got Rudy yet. So they've made the playoffs they didn't do well is that it was sent break it up. And they traded for the draft rights to regain that it was Mike Conley junior. That was Kevin Love they traded to Minnesota for OJ Mayo and Donte Greene who was traded and got that in 2008 along with that OJ Mayo they get. Odds are I'll Arthur that it was a shame to beat as we know and so does so on and so forth. Industry has not been there but the most obviously disappointing one was the year we hosted. At flying saucer downtown and national audience. You had one of two guys you have a 50% chance of getting either one of the two. And everybody was looking for the franchise plate changing player whether it was gonna be Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. I don't think there was a person in the building that night that even remotely considered the fact that they might pick third or yet. Gas for. Because essentially we have the worst record you have a three and four chance. Of picking a top foray and it's not just because of the obvious you like you can only be worse and forcefully out of one or chance of being fourth but the percentages actually work out about semi facts here. So. I just look back on that night and think about how much. It's shaped what this franchise did moving forward here's what. In truth that night when he got the fourth pick the initial thought was. They're going to get Al Horford. And the reason why was Atlanta was in desperate need at the time. Of eight point guard and air land and a year of those point guard draster member passed on. Chris Paul passed on Deron Williams. And selected. Margaret ones. Full Raymond you know went fifth column yet. So. I I've forgotten who went number one in that draft but that it went crisp fall earlier when Deron Williams Chris Paul. And Raymond Felton 345 and Marvin Williams once sacked. And so. Everybody believed. Mike Conley junior after his. Tournament performance was going to be the hawks election here what people forgot was that the hawks have a later first later lottery pick. And so they fell on all of Al Horford. And that was to the grizzlies really want they want to put out or for next piled salt. Have two young bigs and move forward in that direction while what that would have done was kept Kyle Lowry in the point guard spot what you would have had potentially. Was a front court consisting of Al Saud Al Horford. And a backcourt that was led by Kyle out. And they could it added one more peaceful that was Kevin barber OJ Mayo would have been made his team probably still would have made that trade here we think about the difference that it could be. Atlanta takes Al Horford instead. Calmly drops of the grizzlies now you've got two point guard's new head coach comes in while Hollins says I'm picking Mike Conley. Trading ally already Houston for really not much at all considering what you became here as a player now he's a multiple time all star. You know on the Toronto Raptors had the best record in the east despite fact. They got their coach fired by getting bounced by LeBron James because he's their Kryptonite. But it's amazing how little things can change a franchise completely. What do the grizzlies had said yes to Minnesota's offer so we will trade you to to pick. For the five or for the six and Craig Smith irritated found a way to make a deal. With Minnesota and trade the two to Minnesota for the five and six or the five and a viable player. Tyreke Evans would have been off the board James Harden would have been off the board she and the B one not of more than likely off the board. Who they really like to that point. And his staff Currie and what Ricky Rubio had been off the board what else. Where would Tyreke Evans about it that point what we're data done. To the franchise at that time and moving forward so no matter what happens tonight really did that this story gets told on draft night. But when you think about the memories of seeing those envelopes open. It leads you to Oman the Audi a six weeks of speculation as to what's going to happen. Six weeks of hoping for the guy the U like to be picked. And let's be honest about it. If anybody out there says serves as everybody I've ever liked has been a star just delegate I should be making a pick your liar. You're a liar because nobody's perfect in this because there are guys they come out and seemingly look like they are absolutely. Cannot miss there is no way this guy is not. And not necessarily a multiple time all star but someone who makes an impact in the league and it's happened planning at times because you can't always control. What does fit what the person that you draft it's mentality is going to be whether they have that it factor. Simple fact of the matter is guys at this level. Are all so incredibly talented. There are things that separate them there are those that have more physical gifts and other IE LeBron James. Carmelo Anthony isn't the biggest. Isn't the strongest. Isn't the quickest. Isn't the most physical. Isn't the best sleeper but you know what you get lucky in your pockets and any can get buckets because he has an inner drive to get buckets. Because he worked in the gym tirelessly at his game now. Is the same player wants was of course. But James Harden coming out if everybody knew James Harden was this good don't you think he would have gone and potentially number one overall even Adam Blake Griffin. It's James Harden could be a thirty point per game and I guy nine SS play a fast paced out that literally you seemingly cannot stop them. Right now if everybody stepped curry was gonna be there's there's no way he would have gone seven he would either Don number one or number two that draft was stockpiled. With talent all over the place and it goes on and on and on over and over the draft is an inexact science. However. As much as an inexact science it is as it is. And send to be very unforgiving. When their teams miss on guys they could have helped their franchise. On a draft lottery night memories sit in Buffalo Wild Wings on poplar. Watching that it Lionel Hollins smile as he got number two and not number one. And even here and Jay bells go hey. This is again a lot of people say should go number two but the guy would rather have is this team to beat because I think it is the second most talented guy in this draft room. Yeah Andy was saying Ricky Rubio will probably be the more likely number two pick. But people aren't sold on rubio in Memphis and they were so that they seem to be got a seven foot three inch frame. Then on his vertical leap from standing on two feet he jumped better than some guards dead there. But what she couldn't tell us that he didn't truly love to play basketball. That it didn't seem to be in him to want to be great in the NBA and if you don't have that burning inside of you it is awfully difficult. To make it at this level on talent alone. We'll see how it turns out. But if you wanna hot top five takes a grizzlies a bad. Shareef Abdur-Rahim pretty solid player out of cal 1996 Antonio Daniels there. Good guy role player though it best at number four overall Mike Betty had a nice run with the kings but never was an all star. Steve Francis was an all star but forced his way out. Because back then grizzlies front office would cave and to things that still are inexplicable Stromile Swift number two. Dad. He's a player you never panned out to be that old draft on 2000 was pretty brutal Drew Gooden number four overall nice career. Never what it would never what you thought it could be there and go to Mike Downey junior pretty fair for. OJ Mayo at three was not what you body could be Kevin Love was the actual picky turned out to be very good issue in the beaded too. And so on and so forth. We've got through it we've analyze that ad nauseam. Balance it down to it. Or about three hours away. Draft lottery is tonight we'll talk more about the draft lottery which game server and that the the prospects. In his eyes it was at stake here. They're big guys this would have fired at a idiots out there at the Michael Porter had a month Marvin Bagley a lot of people questioning his defensive prowess all I know is like we set about Carmelo Anthony. When I saw Marvin Bagley on the floor you know what I could do and get her when I know I thought I thought he could do get your bucket it's points. Put a guy and I isolation split double team do whatever at that size and finish at the rim. Allied Bagley allied gate and haven't seen an up and downs as and I really do like what I seen. In terms of the size of Michael Porter junior but can he translate that in after a back injury will sock. About all of that which it server for CBS sports next Andy tonight and MES in Memphis. 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OK okay I'll wait a minute how good is we did go. And I house and we party every week as on the radio that's my baby is now. I jazz lottery tonight NBA playoffs are online along one of our regular guests on the program is James heard from Syria's force you can follow Mans winner. Outside the NBA he joins us now once somebody else. Get a thank you for coming back. Do you agree with that Chris manic suicide I. I have a lot of respect for but he said that. The grizzlies need the number one pick to save their franchise any mapped it out why he's basically saying if you don't get. The right player and you toil in anonymity for the next four or five years the lease with the city starts to lighten up a little bit you got an owner of the lives that it's pound. All signs seemingly point to the outside guy that this team could be a candidate for. For relocation to which I said. It did just make the playoffs seven straight years and so I don't know it's he had to have the number one overall pick I do think you need to get some young talent. But I think saying to save the franchise a little much. We are not that you probably know more than me about it this data to yardage situation there. Could change over the next few years I don't look at it quite that way and I think. Would of went to the number one pick like yet currently being more power created it is very clear especially yet. They opt to articulate that Reid and break up the cork. This summer it's not like they have the clear. Sort of next generational. Star Mateen to sort of develop into a franchise player I don't think it did say that. Getting to a point where a lot of heat would be talking about maybe they'll be rid rebuilding that some of that that would have their split over the past few years that their I'll gladly. I don't know who should go and of course regulate. I don't think we have the consensus this year than it whether stock ditched. What they're eight or some people think it could be somebody out it'll probably be or those two guys that I mean after. Lucky with Donovan Mitchell did this year look what Jason David and number three pick it is doing still right now. In the playoffs saving it is not number one or botched it never really used but I think that's especially true. Right now especially true the year whether I can turn this joint so of course it would be awesome. Observe earth map there's the franchise that they could get. That number one pick the team to get Saddam would pick that knowledge at best buy. Who do you think that stop. Prospects I mean if you were to rank the prospects rank them forming. Aren't coming back from probably done that you belong to me. To die I loved and versatility I love. The well like Hewitt is still pretty vehement when I watch him are he's just so mature per day they don't beat. A lot of weakness today though a lot of people I got our vote is the proper star potential. You may not have a high ceiling as somebody like it that I think he does have pretty good start to it they probably look to lay out a bit. Concept take that I wouldn't take you guys that is that creek usually athletic. At that point yet it pretty dominant. She did in college without Florida after so like guys sort of torn. Between a bunch of those guys I got a treat. I would go Carter who probably go a little later group I check our energy by Jackson. Both those guys have been compared to Al Horford which do especially right now look pretty great guy to be compared to but I don't think there is. Sort of eight Cooley here. Sort of order when you look at the top you know seeing good double in the top seven guys are I already. If I'd like absolutely certain of how I would record yet. I look at Michael Porter junior and when I saw him take the flooring granted it was just in the tournament. But I went there I got it looks like a man amongst boys and he was a freshman and he's huge and they say he's a scoring machine. How scared would you be a bad back situation. Reputedly scared and everything you're there you go over the turtle loud but in doing the right at the top it went that discussion. But tapping you know a year and a half ago like people sort of had him get into that discussion look over the scene letting the guy. Everybody knows what is potentially stray I think. Aside for the injury issues he had he didn't even really that prospect though. I think linking to get good medical records when he goes and gives his team doesn't do individual workout I don't know how to leaking until actually. They did it. But I think that's. This sort of situation where you could see him right they are how we perform. In those situations can directly to any does. That look like Amanda look like the peak on them and apparently dominating. Work outperformed their big dominating but the time these guys and what all of the Euro but are you sort of crack that. I like if you'd have to. An impressive team in those areas then yeah maybe maybe you could rise to the point where you're talking about am I doubt that you could maybe 345 bridge. I will say this I think in today's position was basketball this notion that. Marvin Bagley says this incomplete defensive liability. Kelton big damn they're everybody's a defensive liability today and it NBA because guys are too skilled on the offensive end. And you you're gay guys switching everywhere in the ball's moving so much faster that. I mean it Jacqueline compel block some shots at the ram and certainly. You know dream on dream can get physical and Tony Allen was a monster in his hey day. On the perimeter but those days seemingly the advantage is all on the offensive player especially with the way the rules are called. It's too much being made about Marvin bag Lee's defensive liabilities. Rather than looking at the fact that. He's 610611. And finish at the rim egg can improve that range just like all. College to pro guys will do. And that he can score I mean we need a bucket he can go get one quarter. I think he does a pretty high ceiling got that either declaring I don't think. That all that noise that mean that he can't be effective deep into where I definitely gonna be the dominant record there are acting. We restarted he had not by now. I know that but I think you can still be an effective he spent the earlier today. If you don't protect the Rivet harder. When your big man but I mean you see the value switching that is all the guys than be here. Europe led it to them in your leg and and then all of that stuff but I think that he can be effective in that way even Mickey. They're not going to be the most imposing presence at all I'd rather I thought I don't think I had a pretty good. Incredibly important. But I think it versatility over everything. Let's talk about the NBA glasses James server joins us here. From CBS sports. Did the Houston Rockets. Basically have their lives flash before their eyes last night. But I think. Eight particularly the article say that it is over anything Betty you're looking into basically a much where it. Game two I think they squandered opportunity. In game one because it the warriors played poorly. Like it was a one of those domino warriors that you didn't see this huge run out sort of mini run WPP led off. But I think the warriors scarier words staff is dropping or being making your permanent eclipse freak out. And that it happens that actually had a relatively quiet by the rockets were in big games I don't rockets lead it. Court legally I think they played well and outfits say they were still playing the jazz Google all they probably one of got a W heartless and mean thing. But their margin for error is just so slim again this Golden State team and about art but I really percolate early cremated. Some sort of bone headed decision that defense they left quite content open. The time they were situations they're compute in transition and you just can't have that you have to be. Don't shark you have to be so look at the game by any objective cute close to flawlessly is possible if you're either English or here. I just think that when you see them with their new pieces like Luc Mbah a Moute and PJ Tucker and the death lineup and I refused to call it. The Hampton five or whatever it is it's a sounds like a terrible like folk music group. That ambassador welcome it. It. I just think it shows like how how ridiculously difficult this is slow them down. And it's just it's just where we are right now and no matter who comes out of the east there there's no way you can't tell me that they aren't the odds on favorite the only thing that's gonna beat them. Is their own mistakes and and you know if there's a team that maybe can do its Houston. But when and this is where I really cringed when Daryl Moret. Came out and said we are obsessed with with beating them. Date you've made all these moves to beat them and you've admitted your incest with that as they come out and stump you and five. That's a hard thing to sell beer fan base that hey we just literally did everything we possibly could to be on the level of those guys. And they just kicked our ass up and on the floor. There web site that let you order the Packers have acted reality of playing in the air act that quite a talent Procter. But it ever to resemble the history of India I don't I don't think that's down. Creepy statement when you look at Durant stepped being like art could be top three players. I have the FDA and having two other all circled the room is one of the best shooters you've ever seen hunter related he spent declared a the other guy's gonna let defenders. All time probably agreeing during my period every ballot there that show the other so I I do think though they're the rockets. RA championship caliber team I think Horry did not eating dark. Assembly Barack certainly talked about being except. With the order Bermuda being harvested every championship contending even trying to figure out how to solve this statement it just really difficult is talk. That the difficulty they had left by stopping the warriors beat the guy and they. Acquired commentator Tucker I wrote about this like right at the beginning of the punitive appreciate the whole point. They've got more bodies. To be able to switch pick and roll against Golden State to be able to approach to occur at. And they're electorate that shot over those I think and they were making their read on the other that IE I still really love. The construction. Of Houston's roster I think theoretically they're the type of team. Nick Cannon. Pushed Golden State the disputed bottle doesn't it actually pull out what they have to actually go out there execute extremely well all the ink bled and get a little lucky puke because. Good or your team. There they're just. So good that they can overcome so many more mistakes. Then you can't really the only chance. Really what little receiver and slip up is because the warriors get. Got apparently handing it gotten too cute they broke the all everything that they are the best around a little bit that. Based on everything that has been set how that even god I don't think they're gonna do that much of it that occurred final. Can't sit back continues is LeBron and in serious trouble as well I mean. Listen to that though it's one thing to win on the road and we document this earlier. This is the thirtieth time that the road team has won game one on a conference finals. The previous 29 times 21 teams that road team went on to win the series so. That is not what happened in Boston Boston the center the home court. A lot of the experts are saying here early will bounce back I mean that I Philly Cleveland will bounce back tonight Phillies where it may be playing next year. Didn't it but that's another story for another day. Does Cleveland have the worst is to get back into this. Q I think they're a lot better innovate but they showed again why did it got there by the a lot of that playoff opener. Against the Indiana Pacers where they catch it kind of didn't at. And it looked like they were sort of shocked by how the beginning of the game was a than they were never really able to put around it properly get back. Into the yea I think they can edit the late fourteen. That in them immediately after that happened the cabinet line up toward arcs and righty but it just upset like just couldn't. Just create anything at all offensively of that Celtics pushed it back up I think. Everybody's sort of expect LeBron to come out at the meeting performance. Tonight that is through that low like he had a lot or any of game one the I think that might be lied to share game one and every time because. He bounces back and in view. So I I I. Would think that's probably what we're going to see it but I think it's also difficult if I'm Vicky can give to all of this hard hit on what the captain looked good. Eat the wind against Indiana that they had that the entire series against Toronto and it hasn't just been LeBron Utley and Kevin Love there's been able to get things going when George Hill. Has been able to make an impact on the court when he's been healthy. So I think. Alvarado a probably a start that game up really aggressive look at that's code attacking the basket. Implies it's really typical princes. Sustain that building it all out. Or close to 48 minutes later that. He's going to need some sort of help and we're gonna have to see how the cavs make that happen because popular duke messing up everything they try to do. All the all in game one and a way to Iraq or couldn't do it all back. Yeah I just I think it is the other advantage is. And I'm not disparaging tie Lou you're you've got a better head coach on the other side lines and a lot of times. They can figure out where you can attack it in different spots in and make it the most. Does the the most beneficial for their squad and so we'll see tonight and it's. Vegas as it is a pick number of a you know the Celtics is just a one point favorite. So that tells me they're not totally sold on the fact that Boston absolutely Molly want them in game one and that. Cleveland is primed to bounce right back James always appreciated join the draft lottery in the playoff game tonight. We will talk to again very soon my friend thank you. Should I generator James ever CBS sports follow him on Twitter act outside the NBA when we come back we close out. Wit. The headlines and I'll give you my prediction of where the grizzlies will be selecting in my opinion that's next nineteen out of MES in the. They exert Cassell signed here for tackle one of the French came up to you instead even working hard lately. Here's fifty bucks to help make your life easier but I would be great but that's what your friends at the tackle rapper offering you today. Engage your house clean you can have a handyman can do work. John called yard work finished. Furniture rearranged TV honk and hundreds of other chores checked off your to do list has tackle connects you to background check providers. Who can show up ready to work in an hour or to use their hundreds of pre press chores to choose from. Here's the best news for a limited time when you download the tackle apps for free you'll get fifty dollars off your first job. 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I don't think yes somebody had to like he had to basically get out of the way you game we need to OK but so he's an order or a book. Of the members grizzlies it's an iPhone up and remembered soon chatter on a radio show here. Ever to hit the university of his basketball I coached the guesswork on the magic you played your self. The group is a good number one pitcher. The where it's red it's not good again. Effective Orlando Magic into the using little beneath all the good launch on going you gonna work against him and work for the Memphis Grizzlies in the grooves are gonna get to number one pick. We're gonna be happy. And yet. If you are way everything tech originally touches turns to go. All right so everything a little balls around and turn to go. How many teams do you think it never selected. Number one in the NBA draft five. That's a great question though OK so. I don't that's the problem is I don't know where OK let's go the next day like how far back to the draft you wanna go through. 2000. Now that's that it was nice enough to go let's go from the day let's go from will go from. The sat her. So Detroit Cleveland Portland. Believe that's for. Atlanta five. Low LA lakers six. Golden State seven Dallas eight. Knicks nine they got magic viewing Cleveland we know eyes and San Antonio clippers. Kings the next about it the hornets about it it's a Larry Johnson Orlando we nose out of Milwaukee. I think of the teams that have not had an I don't think that the the grizzlies have never had it. The team. A valid hornets but he pelicans have never had it's another pelicans sit at a they had at four. For Anthony Davis area wants and he's old pelican. Are they just gave up the hornets named so. The timberwolves about it as we know so. I don't man as I look at this and I look at. I look at all of teams Dallas has had it before. Teams that are in the the lottery now sacramental status before. The clippers about it before Atlanta. Atlanta has had it before long ago though now the bulls have had before Derrick Rose. You know it's like the suns the grizzlies and the key it will king's at a Canadian and they took never nervous first. So that the suns the grizzlies and and the hawks really new teams haven't added any time recently nor is Dallas up. Mostly Lauren gets ya that's out there tonight tonight that's not tonight's the night and put us yes no other story I have I was less than you were parrot whom that's never. I don't think I've ever had diplomat pledges that night they had dissuade the low cut used a lot of like people war is like a fashion well. Odd they were also big soccer. Yeah opt provider I am I never I think and maybe had puma cleats as a kid. Here they actually came out before the NBA. Went to one apparel provide him. And had several teams went with puma yeah one of them was the kings' one of my favorites watchers I ever owned the when I was fortunate for them was eight. Kings like. Team issued quality care with po might look great and they. The same type design because you know how indeed as Nike they'll do the same that is I just a year in caller's via the Bucs were with them that diploma stuff was nice well but they didn't get in and Reebok got it and then when Reebok solitude is now it's like. Well I'm Terry Young. Apparently trailer might be the face of puma to bring back the basketball shoes for the first time in twenty years. Would you rather be a one. Trick pony like how would you rather if if I mean your your captains was so I don't bear but like let's say you're in that position while. And you wanna sign when Nike and worn Nike I think I think Oklahoma's and Nikes. You warn you but puma comes in and says tray young. We will make you the face of our company we will pay you X amount dollars we will give you whatever you want will give your family whatever they want. In terms of geared to sport yeah would you do it. Even if it's more money than what Nike was one I had a sushi man. But as you know how that you know how that is is ridiculous you know. Why that's ridiculous laws heard Nike ad staff Perry. They did actually spelled his name Ron yes season takes firmer. And stuff Perry 12 under armor because under armor took care of one. Can't based Moore was a teammate of his that he got. The data that other players. Watch can't base or just get boxes and boxes and boxes. Of gear and you would give it the ball boys everybody as I got demand thing I want. Steffi ought to talk to my guy now step Perry is the face of under armour so does the apparently every brand wants trail he's he's. Hot commodity get re think he's gonna be like staff carrier because here's the thing. Can you pretend to be Marvin Bagley in our cannot into suspended. Any pretend to be Dioner Eitan. On to care now in reality now can you step on your driveway and shoot a three like Trey young yes I became its MS Li B look at dance it's okay. It out he's like Magic Johnson at 69 handling the bass will succeed only bass here everybody can pretend MITRE on he's he's he's another. Every man type guy that everybody can understand hey look there's guys in the land of giants this as scoring points and buckets. I wanna be like him so that it's it's a Smart. Of their so lasting for gathered hit Travis you warmer time. We're gonna do one more comment or more time. There comes a lottery mock draft on ESPN backed out or given a tear right now as it spends and spends and spends. Pool and that would be bad or were they learn required Chicago won at home. Dallas to okay Orlando's three guys Phoenix or no Memphis. Are. Who may have my Obama if they went five it's a small bomb over Michael for opportunities done. Put out I didn't gallery Dylan or did he get over some hits in six. I was number a lot of they say Lucas done since everybody out but I'll be it rail Bart don't forget you can head over to Buffalo Wild Wings as well on Paxson Winchester or down in south haven Maria's. Stand speed out. All the parties get started six coverage starts at 630. For dead and I'm Eric GP is up next. League match stark is in for GP bad I'm not mistaken. Would that for the tomorrow too until that time Syria. One. The officials. I'm doctor king's moral purpose commuters plot a middle school coach cope with the videos on his tone of young girls under pricing in the school locker room. The special charges he now faces and the confession made to prosecutors as parents are outraged. I'm fox thirteen year old green dead at six SE WW asked you to. 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