Hour 2: Eric Hasseltine Show March 13, 2018

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, March 13th

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It's taken a backseat. It's taken a backseat whether it be because people. Have more entertainment options because there's more sporting options. Because more people are in do what can you do for me now how can you entertain me in this very second and that's not the way baseball is played. If people tend to get bored with the the other problem with baseball. You know what you can always do. Pick up a basketball and find the game you can be playing basketball by yourself and develop a game. How we had a game called whoever you want to call we called Michael Jordan some guys called it Larry Bird. Where it's a game point five every shot you make is worth one every shot you miss. Larry gets two. Our Michael gets to whoever you're going gas and that was our coach said I wanna know I want you to people like that he Dubai yourself you do with your friends you can do coffees. You can play games with two people we don't play one on one. Collectively need to play baseball successfully X series for a five. You know basically 345 guys to really get an actual game going angle tracks so he wanted to actually play game in me a lot and then you need a field and then you need the equipment. And now it's just become so specialized it's just kind of taken a backseat a little bit I loved him baseball I hate admitting that it's still to me. One of the most beautiful games were played right that there is out there but. A lot of people find what DeVon in your age group boring exactly you know what they're doing when they go to baseball game on the phone is doing exactly. Exactly so he had baseball has star problems because of I told you right now DeVon walker who's the best player in Major League Baseball right now what's your answer Bryce Harper that's probably a good answer I think that is a very good answer I would say. If you heard the name Jose LT event here. Only because out of and to sports here in the sport yet if you ask five people on a Barney said wholesale to bay is a a popular singer beat a popular actor C a Major League Baseball MVP award. Immediately think they're gonna say C a Major League Baseball MVP. Fewer than say the other three guarantee you it just is what it is that's rated output throughout aboard when we come back. We're gonna talk. Which Charlie Leonard Houston head coach. At Easton high school will talk to him. A the upcoming state tournament. About the things going on in the city of Memphis. He coached Mike Miller's kids will ask him about. Mike Miller did he have any input on now what was happening on a quarter to these guys stay in the background stuff thing to do. When your father that's played the NBA I know Mike pretty well I know each asked to stay as much as hands off too costly canvass not Mike Miller can do. Shoot the ball like very few people in the world of ever shot a basketball. 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Appreciate your time IU of course were assistant coach LSU 2012 to 2015 and now head coach in Houston high school tournament time how special is that for the Palestinians. It's the best and it's absolutely these these two weeks are. The two most energy driven weeks in college athletics because. Everybody will be a basketball permits for one of all when everybody gets down to. And you get a chance to play your way into the next term they're really counts. You get to strike in your resume yet I know I have fond fans get to. Get it you know. Did you you didn't have your your culture head but you still have a chance of you know that that term always gives you that opportunity searched it's really an exciting time in years but Flickr culture yet. Having been through the job that when you've seen what's happened here in Memphis over the last week how tough is that for you to watch as a fellow coach. Seemingly does what coaches arrest do. Winning games but in this situation when I set out Michelle. The dollars and cents. Weighed more than the wins and losses it seems. It's you know what I when I got into the business back in the seventies. There's been huge changes in. The dollars and cents is the single biggest change. And because over in Europe and accountability is is is completely different so. And sort of all being written not a I told people want to go higher education is no longer about education it's about employment. And employment is dollar driven men and what you got to do you've got to generate goes golf course. And it's standpoint or otherwise feel with what's been going launch. It's uncomfortable what I understand the reality. I did a good thing that no one's name change dimension of this processes. No there's oh hole staff for families legal remedies got a got a guaranteed but. You know those other guys don't have multiple years and they've got families and they've got houses America secretary is destroying her trying coaches and trainers and in a little whole list of people on ball do you know programs one guy. I think. I think that's a great point because you bet on that side and listen I mean I'd I'd I'd became very good friends of Derek Kellogg when he was here for a minute now I just found out he's the closest ally you Brooklyn with some I was already. I want out of Alberta I heard you talk about oh why you brought it up. You didn't know Dick wanna know why did they can't I just did Nellie was coach does that nearly advantage UMass I didn't know he had landed there because that winning. We go to a school like that that doesn't make like headline news isn't. But it's hard enough for me to keep up who's coaching in the NBA club would cement. And understand it that is so I can understand that won't bet say it was on a weekly biz could basis to it feels like so. Not sad to see that but like there are those famously he said there's the director of basketball operations there's the people that work behind the scenes that you don't even see on the benches. And it outside he's got the dead the six years to get as nine point five million dollars he'll be just fine young people that are now going all right what am I gonna do in there. More like the common you know average everyday listener of the show it's going to be like the next paycheck to me it doesn't come. We got a little problem here so. I hate to see it that way. With that said it was there a disservice done may be to those guys by not connecting to the community mourn your you've coached high school year you know what it means that these into these fans and people in this city. That's just have to calculate what we're in the high school level it's big business here. And people I think in this city just wanna feel like. You wanna connect with them more so than other places and I can't fault a man who's delta hall of fame career for doing it his way. But I can't say am I don't want to learn landscape this market a little bit better than you did that was the only critique I ever had a tubby was hey. You know look they the people here they needed more from you in terms of just give my hug back you don't have to be their best friend but just let him know it's kind of care. You know I've I don't know what the president was cartoons beginning here in August but I do know that you know this program. Drives. Does psyche of their city. And it needs to be good to have any time that it gets. You know and in trouble there you know there is going to be a change I. And it you know there's a revenue stream part of a complete just like key part of the that that you know that that's very unique I told somebody wants you the day when all the stuff was going Obama should you know. As social media it is not a reason for this but. Do you think that members could hired gene Bartow if social media had been here in which you don't seventies ordained occurred in the eighties. Eight it it would have been very tough yet those two guys. You know got it going and got it going strong in and strong fashion show but they're also. Two guys that had you know. Embodied her embolden. This. The psyche driven in part of this basketball community and it's you know it's it's a special place but it's the top it's a tough basketball Mark Buehrle is. I've heard but in all bill both sides of but I been out of town or seventeen years so. I've heard the people you know describe the Memphis market I've been in the market. The high school and college coach rod seemed. Both sides of it and it's. You know it's it's it's a unique sound odd but it's great place so when you know when things are good that stranger absolutely. Outstanding. Both things are bad it's it can be thought. I told tubby when he took the job it should get get ready to do more talk shows per capita let us have any place in America. I don't know that knowledge that I you know this is like market 51. And look I love our lineup I love the guys that work around I think we've got some incredibly talented man oh yeah we're here that that might great writers great national MI. I'll put our us all our little market here in Memphis all put our data de lineup up about against just about anybody in terms of what we can covering the expertise that people can bring. And yet I also know sometimes it comes across the front because it. If we're being honest about your team and you don't like what I understand where the biggest jerks on the planet if we always do and it really heroes now. Well you've you've been in New York until ducky you're that it that you can't he cannot have been scared that your goal he can call them. And got in athletics and now the University of Memphis or ever was the pro franchise. All of blow this area because I look at the door to our dolls marker for eleven years and you know sometime you just you know we're universe your protection we begging for people talk about good better and different. Cheer it is it's you know everything it's open book right hand. You know everybody is gonna have an opinion never let a wild one and if there's nothing wrong with knowing people's opinions. They've ordered dozens of kind of lays the ground work out where either Portugal which can work on. With that said let me ask you this as you've been on the college and now the high school side obviously all the signs are pointing towards a current high school coach at east high school. One by the name of every Hardaway possibly taking the job. How big a jump is that to go from coaching high school to coaching a division one college team that you were a star act. Let alone and won their their fans are desperate for this program to get back where they feel like it should be which is. Generally right around the top 25 every three or four years you make that run into the top. Fifteen top ten and and make tournament Ron. That's a lot of pressure put on a dad it's never coached a college game in his life. I went from coaching high school group being a head coaching college but only small well. It's win more European in my first year CBU. I was absolutely. Emotionally whipped. Penny in this and the perch in the case we're talking about now. Is probably more prepared to make the jump. Then. Most people would. Like to believe there are gonna be so massive holes in the preparation. From the standpoint of the ministry of an NC double finish and you know what what he's gonna do staff wise but from a standpoint of the of the basketball part of that the relationship part of bush and the community interest part of the Iraqis can come until some polls that. You know the average guy couldn't. Then come close to the Illinois. So. Pennies preparation. It is probably will be much greater than than you know 99% of guys who have that kind of an opportunity. Let me ask you this before let's go coach. You had Mike Miller sun on your squad this year. It's very hard to be a former NBA player especially one that has a rookie of the year trophy. That made a Brazilian three point shots in the game and that kind of want to get involved I know might very well. I know he did his best. How much influence did he have on his boys and how often do you guys thought there's been talk that that penny may put him on the staff. I want another bet would be a bad move prepare and I can tell ya. Mike Straka my accurate when I first got this blank Mike and I visited and like if she will know which is pretty. Honest about what he wants and he's a coach art form good bad protection. And Mike it is good job of being this inconspicuous and stand and there were times I looked up but what are you walnut port eighty. He signaled that he's been a quarter mile including ought. And you know he he just wants to be. Dad and you know he's he's very gracious with the people would come up and say hello. Pictures and autograph some you know he's got exemplary tree and stuff going on. But when the game you know in the games going on he just he just enjoys. Being the bad for the first time middle long car. You know he's never had a chance to you know we'll follow his kids play at. He's he's got. Both of both my sort of maverick he's a chance to sit up in the stands emotionally he's still ball with a lot of other stuff you're either now accountable and she doesn't. Got some you know NBA spots but. I couldn't ask for a you know he's here you know formal approach that the deal work. FI Agrigento. Mike was it told me that same thing he's that I am just enjoying being a dad that if they want my help. They know it's here but they also have they have their coaches and I'm not gonna undermine what they're doing coach I appreciate the time let's catch up resist and it rolls along I'd love to get to. Thoughts on we'll try to get down see guys play on Thursday that Antonio blatant sort of been better move Becker put PeopleSoft. We'll try to get them shoot him. Absolutely come sale of broadcast able let's catch up their answer I think it's going to be a wild. A couple of weeks of college basketball right now there's some really good teams are people looking at that Loyola Chicago teams and the way they played defense they might make it to the sweet sixteen. Not not gonna have to act have Eddie got ahead that's I mean I know Porter and I've known for a long time because he's got a great job. Apple C that would have actually the surprise teams Bingham. The better than the woman but let's talk about his New Mexico State. And I think they're gonna have. They're gonna make a little bit of noise about sanctioning bodies is gonna take. Taking cereal so those are ultimately going to that I was looking at got a phone become fond block. Yeah now that sounds I think the bodies I think people look at the UCLA saint Bonaventure man. And they'll think UCLA's gonna roll that saint Bonaventure team has gone from really pour two really solid I watch him play a couple of times this year that dates and that's a lot better conference I think the people get a credit for. And you've got to be a good defense team against them because they can. Yeah absolutely and I've seen good score at Davidson. Davidson can flat out shoot the leather off the ball that's how they got themselves into the band so soon be a lot of fun coach I appreciate the time today let's catch up soon. I appreciate their picker child Politico today you stand up mustangs and your Rama mother but it is small modern dad. Coach Leonard came and replaced guided that that was there when you let us via and Gonzales has been that was very good stuff did not go slow and uneven column on Twitter. LSU coach L at LSU. Coachella combat global cross the association next 99 an Emmy as in Memphis and. And ESPN news Memphis is Ford's place and that was his number one sports station covering. University of Memphis fast time intelligent decisions like hello this is tremendous news for stationed there. He hardly story 99 FM ESPN. That magazine only name one restaurant has the best new restaurant the area to 2017 that restaurants southern social which is nestled in the heart of old Germantown this is Gary Parrish. 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Because Steve Womack agency John talked. Now back to the voice of the grizzlies and the Eric Cassell tonight show low. Lives in the Sunbelt rentals CEOs were guests severe via the lenders Nissan phone line. On 929 FN DS CNN the. Derek says I would say Charlie Leonard with me I know Johnny Jones and Charlie has battled with John Jones I was wondering where he was. By the way no one asked my opinion Charlie you better best ball behind. Big daddies are battling known as my opinion but I'm gonna give it anyway I love that well played Derek well played. And he did say as Dan Walker tweeted. Is more bread maker jumped the most people like to believe. Other sweets. Khaled says speculation time does mark asked to be traded it was a good replacement for Vickers staff and what any good coach wanna come to Memphis after the says dale dismissal. Vexed that I know at this point I hope we keep JB. And scouts that I like JB I just can't just let it drag though I've tried. I love JB and it's a tough spot to be in right now because. Is doing everything he can't hear you. Don't ESM a roster did that big and it's not the guys faltered as inexperienced. They're inexperienced or going against guys that are there their best players are hurt and so you're playing with guys that are complementary pieces fit. Sure sometimes government should pieces get these opportunities in the step in to be higher level players. But that isn't always what's that's not what's happening right now percent bringing forth from my fired. Cisco's Caroline says sports. From our I edit passage of bread and butter knife to have to have done to have gun battle. With gun control the way it is now that that's that's a very. That's not a very. Politically career there to break out but yeah you bring imports to and I fight your eyes. Syria are you now suspect. Remind what were movies untouchables know about you like the whole like Chicago gang land style back and that's what he's prohibition. But the old gangster stuff does that stuff interest you at all some overdose at this is about Al Capone and Eliot Nass who was a treasury agent who tried to Boston's. And try to find out his racquet at the group he put together that he because all the cops really gone out of phones payroll while so one of the guys he sadly says. People's eyes you'll Paula gone acts Conway Sean Connery it's great. Great line in the movie but you don't get it because you don't watch movies will. No Douby I don't even know what the hell to do with you right. Now look look I'm trauma bears aired you know Monty is payments period he goes with her fans well let's take its candidate could get I asked them for a field. What attention span so it. If you gonna catch margins or with a movie as a game Manchester from consecutive starts a you have to have explosion. As the as the opening credits roll. To get me excited. Like get out here or black panther or. I'm really glad Emmy goes you'd like it to distract negotiate but I'd like you and I wanna go like 5 o'clock as I eight movie theaters on the weekends a year but when you come out is going to be packed so noted earlier. I guess figure out what I'm sure look what we get off the air for that really helped me they're never got to go get scared I gotta go. But it is what it is sleep easy is brings duty air has that justly be easy Israelis get. 58% off retail pres one Cincinnati thirty Witten road corner of thirty Witten and summer sleep easy ease. Carries all the top brands like sir does Simmons beauty rests signature design Massey signatures on my bench bat and any time he generally mentioned. This program Viera Cast I've shown or gave her show or the Jason and Josh or the Jeff cottage or any of the names. A great man that produce those programs in action 10% off the during tax season. 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By McCain's house got absolutely I don't gold California king you don't want you as possible only goal is nice food. Because some mornings when you wake up you just wanna sprawl. Out yes. You gotta have that space barrister Amare Annan on the dollars they say did. Perry did. Trust me you do there you do. That'd mean dad's basal skull around his place before. That's the breaking news sound loud and okay. Before we go across so she's not nuclear news. Your Green Bay Packers. Have released Jordy Nelson so that's them. Everything up Sammy Watkins apparently settled in CT status I'd Wear them on you forget to associates'. Devin and analysis from there. There's Eric on the association. Aircastle time on the NBA. They're the only association. Now I'm not into nine FM ESPN good business. You station. Or one out for Jordy Nelson. A majority now nice cold I lost swear that I. Drafted Jordy Nelson fantasy football for like three straight years Philly blew up. It took him a few years to get it but I figured this is gonna be eighty years is getting is that Watson Kansas State there and he had speed. Like speed like. NFL speed and you could see it. Register them awhile. When he blew up Manny was great is that knee injury kind of took him to a to a different spot so to outbreak that's why I really wanna see the Packers look and second third round or third round and Anthony Miller they're. Plus see that yet. Since 1997 in the NBA one thing's been constant DeVon walker what does that. San Antonio Spurs have made the NBA playoffs that is correct the number one song in 1997 was something about the way you look tonight by Elton John. And also in 1997. Almost four years old I was two years at cal it's cool but I. I graduated in nineteen Melo Melo. Well 96 I think an extra year but I should bite my graduating class if you count from 91 was 95. So guys I want guys who have graduated 99 holes a toddler. Ole same offers words or undergraduate college. Aaron I was never mind I was consensus. And never been consistent color joke. But at that time San Antonio. Had just gone through a rough year where they lost David Robinson for the year to a season ending knee injury and may justice dated Tuesday. Let's take our lumps they went into the lottery that year you know that the best chance to get one Timothy don't get. Not the spurs are Vancouver grizzly ha ha except for one big problem. When the NBA expanded and allowed Canadian to join the National Basketball Association and yes I know I called the Canadian it was a joke. The Toronto Raptors in Memphis Grizzlies were told they could not get the number one pick until I believe it was 1999 would be the earliest exit ever. Yet the number one overall pick console because of that the grizzlies I think that your picked fourth in the Antonio Daniels in the spurs went first and they took one Tim Duncan. Fast forward 21 years later the spurs have not. Missed the post season sense and in fact except for one year in 1999. When the league played just fifty basketball games because of their first NBA lockout won't spurs have won fifty games every year her sense so I call it that's one ear fit the game streak. That's in jeopardy now. Because a spurs would have to go thirteen and two I believe they're 37 and thirty. Right now if I am not stadium thirty zone and thirty so they would have to go thirteen and two in their final. Fifteen games to keep their fifty game season her fifteen game win season. I streak alive and probably and at the plate right around that clip to hold off a couple of other teams as well it is a lot GM and right now its he's playing the best basketball on that logjam. Happen to be the Utah Jazz and possibly Denver Nuggets LA clippers are there. And San Antonio Spurs are there it's going to be very interesting down the stretch to see how truthfully everything from three. Down to eight shapes up the third place team all the way through the tenth place team are separated by less than four games are four games are less and so it's going to be. Really a wild race down the stretch in his next four weeks of NBA basketball but the spurs right now. On the outside looking in there and it would be. Really something to see what San Antonio fans do if they are not in the post season looked out on the river dance feet maybe. Going crazy but how crazy would it be of the spurs in the but that Ater seven seed and in the plane orders would acquire winner. Waller led spurs team and he sees as dangers. It is dangerous thing that's if Tom golden about Houston I don't wanna serum Golden State I certainly don't wanna see that. As well I'd Kevin Durant told fans stay out of his PMs what is he talking about them wondering in light what does he worry about people's side and it was DMZ or I thought you young kids love people slide endeared DM thought he loved the girls to come side an idea CIA. Yeah we do love that book apparently Kenderick sensitive you don't like for people. Slot in his DM. Yeah they sliding into a DMs for like what do they say Paul vigna crazy to Yahoo! to ran well you suck. Or he he posted in Seagram's for yesterday is say it stopped sliding to my IBM's tell me how to whoop your trash how nice day. So someone came answered yelled and you need to be dragged to the basket more so he's probably. Review of the day I shot eighteen Cady as sensitive man I met the man when he was just young rookie in Seattle for a he was friends. With. The quarterback that went from taxes to all mess when it they came here. And and play alongside Michael or so Sean affiliate doctor because Kevin sought Sean out is seen and known Michael for a and so I forgot. As aimed at it. That did that from home as yours ago came from Texas went Gomez played for almost for a couple years and the next time I went to Seattle on camels are Lucas and I talked of like ten minutes for the game. Supervised Evans on the ball more times ovals and super nice guy. Things changed a little bit Kate he's got a little more moisture and a little more a little more sensitive era. And what are you care what people tell you had to do if they do it in your GMs who. As I get it's got to be frustrating when you're one of the best in the world everybody wants to tell you gotta do what you do best and the man you got twenty plus million reasons tell those people. To buzz off on top of that you have your shoe contract. You have all the other advertisers that you do you gotta be making around 5060 mil year I would think Kevin Durant right now. I'm worried about what some gym for me on the street says about my game does it suit me just fine I've got hardware. I've got jewelry and get everything you can ask or as a player. I the hovered near that he is the guy that's had a bird is David is he indicating a petty its team is he kidding Betty Aries if he. These it had gone so sensitive who's more patty LeBron LeBron KD. Chris ball. James Harden Russell Westbrook. Is that an already team right there I follows a regular outs I'll say Russell number one LeBron number two in the rest of them take their clothes thing. A free for about a matter. I. Are there. According to the BP he's the best go about RSX. At ESP and the cavs have eight point 1% chance. Of winning any NBA finals the jazz actually have a point 2% winning. Percent chance of winning here's the problem with this you can plug all the numbers into a computer you want. You can plug all the analytics in that you want that's great they're there for a reason here's what I'm once I hit. If you honestly wanna give me what that is is 1000. To one on its rank. Zevil 1% on the chance you have a 1%. A 1100 chance right so you have 1000 you wanna give me a 1001 odds on the cast when the final. Where do I sign up and how much and I left because any team with LeBron James I would make that. Wager in a heartbeat. Anything you want. Anything you want to do anything. For a thousand to one odds Knoll problem. The cavs have a guy name LeBron James you up big cats can flip that switch because of LeBron James. Most of them are they as good as they have been in years past well probably not no probably not Toronto seemingly has found figured it out. Boston has got a heck of a team as well who knows where the jazz lineup when it's also none in the playoff seedings. Which he had done it cavs have LeBron James at a point 1% chance of one of the NBA finals and the jazz seven point 2% I'll take the cavs you can have Jack's health problem. I'm not a priority or you have the king got a chance. And finally a around the association of Evan Turner had a message for someone everybody that says he is overpaid what was that message to ever walk. His message was someone asked about his contract he said first off let me clear this up. My contract that's moderate in our moderate so kiss mine a word. Dead serious right that I earned that after money. You posted this in guys who like the poster. Stellar parts it's yes. Because last year when Chandler Parsons got into that Twitter beef with one CJ McCollum. Because he was talking about how channel pars and the lottery and CJ McCollum are back and said we hit the lot the lottery by not signing you know. Chandler said I could come back and they haven't said yet you gave that money to Evan Turner. But he said but I'm boys and Evan Turner how's that he got paid cited wanna put it out like that there and throw one of my own guys on the bus percent so. You know and I respect that there because he said look at internal will help them but people are gonna kill that contract because with. People see 1718 million. And you're not scoring 181920. Points a night when they go why are we paying you this much on Arthur and I was like well did it in all the contracts that are out there. Editors isn't anywhere near the worse and Evan Turner does a lot of little things like he doesn't do anything great is easier twelve quintessential 1213 points I six rebounds four or five assists. And just. Is a solid player but the problem is when all that money got dumped and everybody's laps everybody felt like any bad spend it. The worst contracts were the ones were biz Mac be ambled at seventeen. Million a year. For years run and or our performance in one playoff game. Or Lou all day it was towards the end got eighteen million a year or Timothy Mozgov got eighteen million a year mail got four year contracts. So I I don't blame Evan Turner for firing back at hears from everybody to critique so's everybody to critiques those contracts asked to go back to that summer remember. That literally every owner. Had a Brinks truck back up you know to their proverbial door from home and say here is fifteen million dollars. For you that you have to spend their furniture supposed to spent in this report. And it's not. Coming from you raising season ticket prices it's not coming. From you having to go out generate more revenue it's not coming from anything other and we signed a new lucrative TV contract and that money's going your pocket and it's not. Something you can just pocket you can pocket the other part of it which you're gonna make more money on your team and your franchises now more valuable but now you have to spend more on players to keep the product now. Problem was. When team struck out with a big name guys they then started throwing money guys that weren't. Worth what the proverbial dollar seemed to the dollar had been cheapened because everybody had the money. That's the difference man. And that's when I said. Teams like Denver were very very Smart when they didn't get the guys they wanted me to just say I will play it at that at the NBA salary floor with a bunch of young guys we think we can develop. And then when those young guys develop and we have to aide paid them and be need one more piece. Well the money to go get that one more piece of it rather than just get a couple of guys that might help you win a couple more games but really our party your long term future. And yet like with cool bang the lakers are sadly had Dielman and he says sitting on the bed they literally told him don't modicum. Don't don't do so all I don't show I want what is your delegate you Leone to come or the sex or clears there. I'm sure the lakers can afford the eight million of their paychecks it was a great match a film that's around the association. When we come back we'll close it out with the headlines that's next on its united MES PN Memphis. W images of families U of W in my basement besides a golf and we need you to sign up now the magnitude nine FO museum bracket challenge. Powered by necessary on. Hello I'm Joseph Cordell of Cornell and Cornell. Not long ago we celebrated our 25 anniversary as a firm dedicated to as mean you've heard. Helping gas through one of the most difficult and crucial times in their lives. Starting out in 1990. 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National contest data mysteries of black. You're just wrong. And it's it's 1000 dollars in early 1990 SU and if you worked this hours strong you have fifteen minutes to take strong text and right now it's 7881. 1000 dollars and 99 years unions as strong as TR ONG. Or seven Tuesday. First there's an upgrade from 99 EST and last time the keywords is strong. As she. RO NG. Want it loud and the casual player or club. The voice of the grizzlies and the Eric Cassell tonight show. Those words guesses via the lenders Nissan phone line. And 929 FM RE SPN today. So what is starting at tiger playing like the masters not unlike the in other NASA that bad piano theme for the masses via ultra excellent. Maybe they samples are from this alternate set of notes. A few shows is always fantastic future nerd I did note future was a big gulf then he's not. You know that for a fact I don't know whose future had been the talk Mario golf and future something. If you meet future do you call him futurity on mr. future column Hendrix I Hendrix says glass and real lesson. John just feature Hendricks actually listen he's not a very nice person but when you see a nonpublic if you like go to a meat is secure like tackling these. Are we solve at a mall Myrtle Beach for the years ago his security was like. On holes of people do you think that's because they just don't trust people so and people are crazy. I mean I guess on my own. Basically eulogy take pictures of them. Please don't I'm. It is loads of Iran's new. Our guys. We may need defibrillator in here oh Merrill somebody else on that happened with. Russell Westbrook here they are. Let the person didn't even take a picture of me he was in a bar years from. Tonight before game. That donating outlandish was there by himself might. He sent somebody over. And told somebody like hey. Russell site take a picture of me delete that off your phones and the girl said I didn't take a picture of him you wanna look through my phone I don't have a picture of Honolulu there. We sought you delete that my he would like you start going like this I know you did and he took a picture we don't don't be doing that you know I'm just out here doing my mind my own business Johnny take place. Get over yourself on it a victory here. They said this is just like they don't want other pictures like I don't know. I don't know public figures and has changed because when you go out of anything like the way things are now today everybody's looking to get famous off of you with one pictures like you're doing something wrong here's the here's an idea. Don't know if Iran. I don't do anything if I take a picture of your going to be embarrassed about. See that's easy we're putting it yourself exactly. If you're not gonna be haters a stand Friday. Singer holds or bright. Student fob at a bar and I decided to an Irish car bomb race with a buddy of mine and someone takes picture of it goes hey look the voice the grizzlies loves Irish card on Jose. I do like damn you bureaucracy 45 years old little legal drinking age Rondo and our car bomb at a bar to donors are bombing of art. You're very good work. Yeah I just announced. That's embarrassing for him. Embarrassing fact or by the way if you're thinking about getting engaged street need wedding bands are wanna upgrade your engagement rings now's the perfect time do so why because. How it was in New York visiting a large diamond manufacturer who was complaining about having too many diamond engagement rings and winds at Sony's sake. Give me a great deal pack it all off the money offered to my customers down in Memphis that's an Alley does. And that's why Ali is on my favorite guys in town because he gets that his customers. 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Once I eat you'd you'd get the rating you want I'm just get it. I but four point nine out of five stars on 125 reviews is pretty solid right there. Complete details online at all right juiced dot com follow maps as most social jeweler on FaceBook it's a Graham and Twitter. Run ads on deadlock that means it's sad for the headlines. Data and analysis from there. As the times headline on the ice and I have good ESPN's Erica sometimes you. Well Larry you don't bring up in the cross association but I have to bring it up because I wanna see how you grade your dance moves so you saw the celebration of staff decreased thirty. Thirtieth birthday party he saw stuff Kerr racing this rendition of poison. You saw stuff curry poison if you like that L live demo gives an in line at Alice Cooper poison are built a double BB. ADD dvd yet. And was in his version every James or did you see the video of Steve Kerr and Mike Brown dancing. Eric my question you don't have bonds. Great if won the tea and some of your better dancer than them. And Steve guard Mike Brown yeah it's Isolde is was there you saw. If you have not seen his video there almost sort of regard. Now Osama I didn't I take a I didn't take it grating look at his Cadillac speaker would get up there and do it because that's kind of guy speaker as he's cool. Our speakers when a fair as ever come across. In my career here when he was working as a broadcaster. Adam on my show once I years and years and years ago and Steve Kerr literally after I talked about this and I here's my home phone number call any time I was like okay. Sugar you played with Michael Jordan era if I regain my children the greatest his Christmas gift ever. So and I Al wanna grade dance was personal ties incurs a Christmas if the Michael's romance secrets. For. It due to his agent having had major back from the locals that a plus as out they're doing an A plus is it don't matter if he looks like the most. Rhythm lead challenger rhythmically challenged human being ever. The student had my back problems that nearly made him retire there so eight plus an a plus for connecting with your team on your best players thirtieth birthday. Like let's be like came Arab regime I did you know that's for you guys. Secret while their money out of the for a a plus or Mike Brown to you is because and it your Mike Brown. You're the best got a hold LeBron James under thirty ever in history could. And while that's a fact I. Think that is yet another story and it was the only got to go Michael Jordan 120 points per night little piece of ethnic. Really that's been out 'cause I had that's an airline because he was all about team basketball. Funny hey my book four quarters or good TI dated his niece wants real dent in not tally sheets is lights. Sister's daughter went to UC Davis and I and I went out there like two or three times. Never got the interview with Dean Smith on the radio show. Before we stop taking out though I was a little bit disappointed. So. Now what was I don't say this story about Steve Kerr. I'm serious error are when dad Michael rest it cursed as a reputable. Sobel says seekers say that this is the story is told Chicago. And Steve Kerr draws Michael Jordan. Answer Steve Kerr lately what the hell I get Michael Jordan. And Michael Jordan has more money than any of us right now this is before think about what Michael Jordan and made on today's market out of the owner of the all of them. Charlotte hornets now there but it's Michael Jordan just would be ridiculously. Beyond wealthy RTS. So Steve turn her. I'm golf balls with Siri traps his face. Because they all kind of laughed Jerry Krause the GM. Yeah like Scotty couldn't called and crumbs because you don't know zealot crumbs on his letter in oh source letters he have including Jerry Krause. Was not an iceman to be able to deny all my Jerry Krause is here to Damon. Memphis and once just like blue crisper and an awfully multiple say hey Jerry Krause and Chris what is it yeah out there whatever. Again Jerry Krause is just like it jerk about it he's like and we're comedian Jerry 'cause like it it might just kind of look down looked up the month it walked away while so. They wanted Jerry Krause since they got a golf balls with Jerry Krause face on it but it was just great and procedures tee off you're gonna hit that ball a country mile. So Latin for younger here Tom Brady's bowl champions. He's also nurtured. Of course years. Expert here. Here. Yeah. It's better back in the day or did your children that. Want to watch out here. I do this again this is a we can't. Easier we just a return I don't know if they're competitive guy. Okay it's right. We have a time. Who's up who's Leon hello there. Formerly served. Hey we still. He's an impressive Devin. This river of obviously you know medium where you KC a via it's pretty impressive. President did last seconds they beat me now I was a senior r.'s car bomb hunters or not I think you could be Tom Brady and an attorney. Regardless police say a medium and some. Rest Elijah not so much. You have some that are. Order out on to say I can be Tom Brady you know our car bomb confidence. Whatever remedy yeah that's get a bigger ones so why you deserve this next job mr. hassle that because I couldn't win any battle. They consists of an Irish are about race thank you very much hire me now. Skills I'm not exactly 100%. Proud wrist Ares is Irish car bombs are the best yes they are rich absolutely I love them. As soon to be appearing at a bar near you once this season comes to a enclosed you know it sucks about this schedule or. So usually. At the end of the year we've we've added their home lot and I like to take I like to tell everybody that works on our game nights after Diaz wanna come up to where I'm going. I will pick up the tab yes now what everyone says they'll work so hard all your I would invite you to set this year we finish at home on a Sunday afternoon and then we go to Minneapolis. So we're gonna have to do it like the day after the season when they have the media availability and that night. And then Ahmed prelate is that they my son out of town like the next it will move car balls for you now car bombs on April 12. Us April 12 car bombs here we go. JP is up next they'll be talking more about the meeting that Tubby Smith about the walk into the University of Memphis and the NCAA certainly get underway next. Agree it is a lost eighteen straight they'll get back to it on Thursday we'll talk more about that tomorrow and a whole lot more will get the first couple games. In the playing games out of the way AA we appreciate you joining us today GP up next for Dan and American till tomorrow to seal. 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