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Monday, March 12th

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But they were seeded ninth in their own conference tournament ninth. Down the stretch seemingly did not matter to the committee. Because you take a team that went to an eight it's a good team in Arizona State he got bounced early other conference hermit after barely getting the twenty wins. Any left teams out of seeming we're playing better basketball down the stretch. I'd rather have teams plan better bass well I think waited at the end of the season or injuries needs to come and play but. It's never a perfect system there's always somebody griping. About it one place or another Hamid racquets again father one question but watch 11 for the one in this little client and it's not eerie Adam I'm Donald all that nonsense stated Jefferies get a announced. His callous decision nice number one player Mississippi's a cousin of velocity is down to Mississippi State Kentucky and Alabama. Best point I've heard Alabama program is. If these can sit and he's gonna pick a city state or Alabama in and have to commit today. He's got a Kentucky he needs to commit sooner rather than later so they make sure he has that scholarship because you know Kentucky can do go out and get another one just like him. Exactly you know he's a good player I don't mean like he's they're they're dime a dozen but all the the top 25. Players in the in the country will consider Kentucky and if he doesn't move as someone else takes that scholarship or someone else goes in in his place and he wants to go there. Then it it could be that there when he's ready to make that decision so my guess is it's going to be Kentucky but that's just to gas and it's an educated guess. At that and finally Tiger Woods is back. Are Tiger Woods golf he finished second at the mouth of our championship. The 3.2 three rating was the best overnight rating for nine major PGA tour event in five years even the PGA has not missed. Tiger Woods Shia are missing dog arrived SMS tiger was. Whether he's going to win tournaments are not as he is in contention and he is relevant people are going to watch it just is he'll never dominate the way he did because one. He's a victim of his own success he made golf cool for kids he made it. Profitable for kids that were good enough to play professionally to pick golf. Kids that had enough athletic ability they could've done something long term whether it be college or even pro. Dispute that played golf in China played golf long term because the money was astronomical after Tiger Woods broke that barrier just broke the ceiling. Goal any time he wanted to if a lesson in this and go to the east and grill on the corner of Paxson Winchester it's right by south went. And look at the checks of the winners. That they get a replica because they're big sponsor their big part of their command Christians you know hash tag at priest and love that place like the people that. Go look at the difference in the checks. Or just looking up on Wikipedia look at tournament purses what they were pre tiger early tiger tiger dominating and what they are today. Grand there's always a level of increased because of economics from the Tiger Woods basically made it profitable and cooled play golf and so now there's a ton of great young players. And because they're also good. You know you don't necessarily don't always Allstate that was always finding new and the old heads go. Back in the day it was. Jackie coordinator Gary Player Lee Trevino and those guys those guys were amazing and yeah they were playing with worse equipment and worst golf balls and get it. But there is a way he deeper talent pool today in professional golf than there was so Tiger Woods will never dominate the way he did but. When he's in contention it's exciting you know what to see old people to we're talking about we were sitting in Dallas get ready for the game we are having lunch in place right I will tell you guys it. They went as tiger tee off put it on the TV. Tony Saturday after watching golf on a Sunday afternoon there are gone right I was watching golf sort of watching me bass yet he got that right that's what Tiger Woods does that three in a Paterno or mommy come back Jason Smith. Gonna join us. Brits out more about tigers will alleges. All of that attitude I think it's looking grim as that is causing me or for that I'm yet to miss it will that Jason when we come back attitude and ME SP in Memphis. Of the images are diminished view of what could be America's biggest jump off and we need you to sign up now. Now the 99 FM you get right to challenge how. All night you can. Its Internet and not just any Internet. The only way Internet. 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So there's that plus. You are now and. I mean I'm duck Jason Smith because. Monday Jason Smith also the Jason and Jon Joseph. He joins us every Monday he joins us now we'll move. What's wrong brother where you if in home. Rolling with the punches I'm amber Rowland with the punches. You know how it goes another goes. We are what we have we have sixteen more fruit and they're going to be on track with back. That is actually exciting Eric and we're. 768. Minutes left Jason 768. Minutes I want to warmer area of our our art our our guys are now Nacchio you know because we we teased about it because we. We actually we we had this conversation and lives in and I just talked to Gary who's in his office get ready for his show. And it's like man I don't know how you do it majesty you know you realize that your. With a bunch of young players that are. Having to learn the ropes the hard way and we forget because we've been spoiled. Then when you see a team that's struggling winning this rebuilding but doing it was like traffic's like a trait Chicago trades Jimmy Butler. For Chris Dunn Zach Levine and Lori market and basically rent three young players you're not going to win right away with them. But if they pan out and and Levine has shown he can score done yes had yet to show what but has shown flashes now this year the player people thought he could be and when Don got drafted. Lot of people thought to be rookie year and market and why couldn't understand. Why people were down on going into the draft last year because I love them all one can play but here's one thing they haven't done. Won a lot of games in the NBA because they've they're young. So when you face those guys in your facing them was second round picks albeit some of them very productive like Dylan Brooks. Or undrafted guy like Kobe Simmons. You're talking about guys or selected ahead of them considered by eight every NBA expert to be a better player at the time when their when their draft came out. So you're going with a young roster against a better young roster. Which as you know from covering enough youth basketball. What there's ever a time when talent really wants out it's one players are young. It's not when they're all like his older guys can figure out ways to win games can get crafty can win on sheer desire or execution young guys they just. They went on talent. Not to your point market I think you put this last week you were the garden and should be your. You're sit there every day record was good and cover alone there are places where. Even when you're playing at Phoenix. They got a Devin Booker a first round pick up a guy that was Ali ought to become prospect that we all that all the Al. I got it's probably going to be a futures stock and to your point that's what you were sent out looking at it and you're looking at the things that look a little right now. The poll you know who who could. Who could be better than them in terms of moving you see things like there are some doubt about Devin Booker and got Jackson as well. You look at some of the other won't even Orlando. I've got some good young talent are Sacramento and got four guys averaging in double figures right backs all of them but for the rest are younger are that you all are. That's what happens are we get out there and resort to state got to put a first round picks and right now with the way things are. We got a wedge around a second round pick out there and just show up all the pork. I'll give them credit for those of Eric every I mean every come up watched them lose against the older or hear any these recent gains. Do there given everything intact and I have to thank. Whether fertility broke so maybe drill Martin here who knows. This will pay off but it is -- it will pay off for those guys opposite because their coronary that they are in the fire right now. Adopting what he you can obviously it's another learning a lot because they're up or somebody dawn and it's. Right now they have to there's no choice and I think you're perfect guy especially my ability book I think are they obese Simmons is shown. You know and there's a there's going in there are you know I'd you can see if not no church has got to. And got historical and garlic liable even with Kobe you get what you're feeling that he's going into all of this heat units but they're playing right now. And losing a game yet we're all trying to if I want to quell the outlook that but they're getting some markets and open it. Whether it's two years from now three years from now other well one you're not at all I saw. Yet that's you know that's what you always hope or you know you never know you gotta you gotta get to that point will then more settled out of the draft lottery and and all the speculation can begin and all that. Kids that will declare will be in the draft and we can start actually talking about more so who's who's going to go where so. You know get off of that here and and and get on to remains on the damage it you don't look it's. It is what it is they had a tough one tonight against Milwaukee we fun to see us on the Como un and hopefully at some point. Just for the guys say and act maybe it's Thursday Kazuo a couple of days off to get the batteries charged late Dallas and I did for you. You catch Chicago won here on Thursday night in and you can take advantage of that and snapped this losing streak. Tigers played very very well in the semi final game against Cincinnati the first half struggled the second half they kind of ran out of gas is seen Cincinnati ends up winning. Every season to a close they don't get the NIT bid. And I don't believe they outlawed except the CBI or CIT bid corrects other Lernout and involved in any of that which is I get a because those are paper plates Hermanson. You know ER US Catholic university San Francisco I get the CBI or the CIT year whatever you want pick from. It's just not Memphis is deal so now that sets us up for a meeting between. The president of the university the administration the athletic department and Tubby Smith tomorrow. I asked Margie and out point blank just obvious let's walk out of there are still the head coach or does he walked out of there. With a six year salary of you know little over one point five million dollars the payoff what's remaining act. I I think I know your answer but alas you honey what say you. They'll figure we have a lot of heard nothing to change anything near even hurt and outlook and to mark on the on the that would you have the right there. You don't get the feeling that the athletic department as much involved in the so volatile you know over over the weekend triggered a hundred people sound compared litter in Orlando. If Tom Olin. In a situation right now we're we're panel couldn't understand orcas broccoli or look at the president's going to make. Probably already has made an an and goal and having conference. Having gotten tired Turkey having had this status. They're around at people and pulling for them right or become a new Wickham. Right because it only seemed to create return title game and end and and and genuinely. And and you're with friends and yourself McCollum. And I hate history in I can't put all the is going all people come up going our way I know you know we got a president right now that. They'll talk to mark you know last week and saying we're on direct. You know I'm sorry your all the credit in and that water and the ball with a look you know kind of telling these guys vote that baffled player. Without in my hands and I and sorry about political. Go back to do you know what people tell me. Depending on your looks at some point. Decision could be made our road and that. That's special or. Because you will you know look through Deon Grant a grant Martin's all the cattle confident the worry Gregory don't look so all that back Albright group that was involved. In the higher. Those are the guys right now I think there. There's important it's almost all right now has got to palace and have a look you know look at Kobe implement. You know I'm sorry you know I don't have a decision here popular car look speaker of triple colonel Glock but that's what I've been hearing from the aspect of Mutombo. Look where that is quite good doubt in my hands and and I. I hate that for column you're your power you know you're you're so your eighty. These decisions right here we are left up to the athletic director all week singing. Over the years and that is what doctor wrote there. Yet times also are both as president and at that other direct traffic at this is that situation near. Or feel like you feel like you need to because com. On your part of that money that they're losing in basketball. Other than just a bit this morning that we righted doesn't that affect the basketball program to correct and that our university to keep losing money on that we geographical and student feet. And it's in had a trickle down effect on the record you know burst not a banker what you mean. The president kind of coming here and be eight people recruits are in retrospect answer to your question that. Other decisions already been made but those little bit that math equation prone to improve sometime probably have a much. Not probably they have a much better idea of what we're gonna lose this year number that one point one million look blaster. We'll have a good idea what the colonel what they stand to lose this year and that math problems with them certain extent of the look great for. Good weeks and months and on yet Republicans shoulder problem the Serbian side. You know we look people we you know there would like to two years ago when we argued that this just isn't gonna work aspect of yes they will come out of that meeting with sort of governor. Six you're settlement agreement. You were. Your cohort and went back and looked up his tweets and found one says basically Memphis fans not. All that fired up about the hiring of Tubby Smith. How much of this do you place on him for not realizing he needed to make a better connection. With that. The fan base and I said that's the one thing I'm critical of his that he didn't know. What he was getting into Orton didn't know that. Yeah you can do it your way but if you do your way he's still got to connect with the people here are you still got to shake hands and and just babies don't have big you know brown nose people but like. Be a public figure be gathered in in the in the public eye as much as people sometimes and why John cal Perry John calpers out of public all time. He was out there all the time in my got everybody knew he was get a big Gibson's doughnuts and he didn't. Like go to Gibson's doughnuts and say leave me alone I just want my crawler in coffee it's at their top hopes. Well there's value about you have you must total value when you're the head coach at Memphis. You realized pretty early on. The value of immersing yourself from the city not just numerous people to Europe or you know you know going to put on a shopper com. Or Josh you know all the time you react afterwards camera when they were women who smoke all good luck go out there Elizabeth that would put all right being out. Being immersed in this city. And I think Tubby Smith than the guy who who look when he got here I'm sure you would hope that I'm I'm sure you're the face of the program. You know you know about teaching them you know go go oh record leaned to his usual. But you don't get a feeling that he. Has taken opponents of that. The target enjoying it because I don't know any thoughts go to Lowe's get map out there are so let's go to enjoy it but are they what they realize what are the jobs. And you never got the sense that tubby was doing it has. As I'm gonna get immersed in the city on the Libya and then couldn't you got the sense that he was just here. To be the head coach of the universe right that some of that it departed from that with a comment but stable our job with our C. And really not that that coat universe and those were just a Coke. According to coax the basketball McCord. And I thought I had a bad if you're Gene Hackman in hoosiers if it doesn't work here in Memphis where your job isn't just Oklahoma court your job is to recruit at a high level. Column order so that they expect the talks with our level. Your job is to put those votes and seats. We've seen the commercial appeal addition somebody brought it back out went out with tired. It's right there in Atlanta want to think he says I'm gonna put up expectancy here. Our butts in seats in the disputed absolutely part of your game and I just got the impression I think we all bid. Whether we're hearing four letter Draper. A long time guy who want one vote got the cheap thanks. Welcome you wanna have a relationship whether your universe what sectoral one with just about every member a coach them through your galactic 4050 years or. It's it's it's it's a you know whether what they're Draper or parents of these recruits you have opportunity after our strength to kind of make those relationships and just hasn't done so so that Eric part of this is on him out. Look there's there's artists that echoes the administration. And the way this was started. And and Cuba Lawson and how that was handled and then there's there's there's Arnold doesn't Wear their had to be some sort of look even pizza even after the first six months okay the first year you wanted to you know you have to know that things are going so well woman gonna get out more. And use some kind of article opens with recruiting I can call on some of these top prospects straight forward Tyler there's repeated effort. But he didn't seem wouldn't getting out in the community. And kind of get that excitement going on just never pin him and that's that's over finger index put on an administration that or they're more. But but. To even the best and an NB a look some of the some of the book most can be August okay and seven. They adjust weather and no one and done coaching change in that Toby. You can't just be all or this isn't there have to be some compromise and adjustments and just didn't make enough of them. Our court trap with a box Kendall also bring their promised an assistant sharpening bumped back. If president and they transferred to put all that together and other job Martins are the best there was there was sort of a doomed marriage from the get go how are you remember they're just kind of okay television and yet the kind of talk yourself into rhino you have to kind of say. We're not a good recruiter but now he's in Memphis so our friend that was gonna work we do know there L a coach so let's go get them. And it just wasn't much humanist if there's an opening Gretchen is not much excitement they were never able build on that won't. Like if that's from America was doomed from the get go. You know as long as he's not get in the barber shop downtown to go out Friday night Winfrey Saturday trim placated and who are. You know I can't act and got -- but data doesn't understand that has database hoosiers is overrated overrated or did so earlier lives and his top five iron and while he let's on top five sports movies of all time in the top five overrated movies in terms of him. Was hoosiers hoosiers hoosiers hoosiers and hoosiers. Was this just craziness just about updating our gear yes you're seeing popular over the young guys that they learn don't do their reserves are they now. And almost out and listen again x.s and l.'s are there. But that's where like you said you've got to get out and like what John calpers that he's got to get out and just be there and here and you know it's not. He didn't have to play. The game the way he perceived to be in play he can do it his way. But acknowledged there was a game being played in that sausage is you can't deny what he did take in the talent and making guys better and I. I use this example and I know I'm probably selling a broken record in my parks junior. If it's a 500 times better post player. Today than when I saw him play against USB or local may still had some moments where you go okay there's still some things but just is his footwork and everything you could see it end. I get that and I gets you're going hey look I'm here because fast or not here's some tickets but. Rule you yank college cannot are there to sell tickets and a market like Memphis maybe not Minneapolis. Maybe not allow that maybe not in Athens maybe not even it's also Lexington they sell themselves in Memphis you cannot bar and people like that connection. To their feet into either to their program and to their coach and so you know like he said. Josh faster or gone public. Held Josh even while public when it was bad. He's got he's just want to got take out because I song and I saw why didn't take out of a pizza place in Germantown aisles like Ali you know how you will not take you know. It might have been different you know as if things were different I'd rather be eating in no way I'm thought he could send his wife to go get it but Josh would still. Put it out they're just enough to it to like say OK and maybe some will come up to be positive and at least seen me in. I don't have a positive interaction some or even someone wants to be critical I can maybe flip them by being positive you know how that goes sometimes it will be like. Jason you know what I really it's just can't get into your show you double tell me what. Tell me what tell me what we can do better to make you wanna listen more anyone a lot of times people say that. And it will flip them and it will change that sometimes it won't you just can't please everybody that's the nature of the world. But Josh was willing to take that chance and see. When I saw that as much as I knew it was over I went at least he still understands. That he has the power to connect mating was a couple of people that might change their opinion and for him that's important and that meant a lot and that date and and I'm not not in tubby for that. He's never had to do it. But I am not in the fact that she didn't understand it that's how this market was because we take. And in the right you can abort what they not understand that the Fed brokered agreement in any woman who are almost because you're living in these sorts CA or that or you figure some adjustment social copper Marvel Comics. And we never got and even the best to. You know legal but some level coach K here or anybody else if it could turn out whatever whatever their paper personnel or their style whether you'll. The best know they have to channel yeah they never know it all one way doesn't always work and that's the thing it. I can't walk or this open administration handled RB but the thing with other writers that. At some what you got to swallow your pride righted it and I were being let me just talk about their more and I OK you're paying back to collect fees will be Spain. Well let me get to return an email to the fans yo John what's crazy about that right we are great. In return every phone call or every email with a way to make good on a commendable that helped him. What it would make people feel like I'll pick it got about that it's ready though he's here he's been best. He cares about what we expect and we never got one course a topic here or go. Epic I think I want that one another group who are critical to the University of Memphis. Not only just cares about being the coach what both cares about the spot he's and values the charities are. In contract because there's a question link on your regular kind of money of course regardless. But I just never got the feeling that he endured Memphis or enjoy it you know that Immersion betcha that's we've seen from the about a critical that it didn't. Yeah nine I get that look I think he did he did make. Strides forward he said making adjustments I did feel like he was better attic but as I said earlier. You know you can't change a mistake you can only try to make it better he did seemingly make better connections especially with you know what talk about talent airs recruitment but. At that point you're so far behind the eight ball you almost have to be super human. To make those that the strides for needed to turn people's minds and he just seemingly had dug that hole to people find out tomorrow. Always appreciated I look forward to listen Diaz tomorrow and catch up with in the studio. And do our Medicare buddy thanks I appreciate that Jason Spezza right there from the Jason and John Cho. Every day eleven to two you can catch them right here when we come back. 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A lot of advance on John's that wrote great movie about single life you love it. He goes and pays for the food and may not like we're Messmer demise and that any throws the food because Egypt shackles. Well that's for Clinton's totally lost in the moment almost when Mike dealing with here. 5353776535. 3776. Yards diamond on punishment Daniel was so subdued today what I heard and I was worried about my man what's going on you okay. An atmosphere and it's you're on your microphones on that's great. Thank you. Can you turn on the phone outside. Your Daniel Ortega now I can hear paragon look I'm here and they'll be all right man you OK you guys need to send like a hundred any Grammer some. I'll appreciate it I mean did not almost picked it up and grant him a ground ball alive optical all the respect spoke RL is. All in their DelHomme. What's important me. I think it's situation but. Did what I will say a big bad. In terms. If culture that it could that they get spirit of traders we had paper oh they orchestrated ballclub occurred because. Premier can argue for a couple of decree could triple think they're very true could it be co local big tall mobile. More importantly like I don't got the lay elk are DirecTV now are in all the other Comcast now are there YouTube TP. Get Ella on basically haven't kitty playing. The government and local government on this store called and he landed basically the free market and I think if all the associates are changing. And if continental we have in the NCAA. Committee gonna see a whole new dynamic in how we dispute that could handled everything and the golf and collected a confident continuity Greek access denied given the chance that there it would deflate and outlawed there about the fact it is simply let it go. Well while far from like I don't care if you try to do it or not trying to be reply when you're you don't have necessarily the all we wanted to see it in product of their particular about your immigrant thing you bought the best couple pieces. It took cheek project account is a fortress toll could careless about it at this booklet. We do not given a person a chance that ought to have a title in the one who frame entitled to this kind of let's start there at the championship and I get the chance. I just think about out on order under the don't get attention on bailout or crime happened and why. The packaging used they get more port triple pinnacle standpoint. If all these other reality it would it would and how shocked how you can look at the giant leap one player can create Eric. I think it got a chain can't hire a couple of culture and our government community and by the gonna tell ship when it quite a bit unsettled picture of one half a so what that understand the guy and could be what are these special white college at awful beautiful bike article who could make a better product comeback story index cheered. Get bit they have based their commitment good looking girl bad how low can compete they're right and you know they're locked up twelve. What if I'm. Yeah I mean. It that if space based around and I get that notion that luck eating give a chance to build up eating it but it. We're not paying the players right now and we're not. In a free market situation as not professional basketball. And even if they do which I think they should. As Gary suggested and as Jay doses and find a way to take above board let kids go get agents say I think you can figure that out. But again like word. You know when you talk about small business. If you don't patronize a small business eventually a small business gonna close. If ranked big British restaurant in town. If you don't go to it because you keep going until one of the big chain restaurants. Are one of the bigger name. It ain't staying open. And they spent all of it becomes a point where dollars and cents outweigh wins and losses and player development. And that's what the university seemingly feels like is that Tracy's next what's up Tracy. I hope I just want to say is frankly the bark they're cold Turkey and split you cursed mr. You know in the beginning I wasn't too happy lit him you know common let you know lightning outlook given the chance yes two years. You really had showed him Pena as far as increasing. Our recruits in you know going out there and actually you know kids today you played yet say. Com see you here today. The way I feel you know what people wanna complain about you know and I give them a chance. You don't so years. It's clear enough time in college basketball. Juju recruit and return program Iraq. He shouldn't taking hold in two years if you have a great place it's fertile as admit it is there. I mean we get all these recruits. And yet know what walks country university admits is so. In that case when there's no weapon this each and I didn't recruits you have no. Choice but to make a change because you have the brain that vitality beg to throw. Yet could devote community events you know how I'm born and I'm kind of glad you don't go. Are told that way admit you can read out from this and get better June where you were hurt before. I a man that's well a lot of people since being thanks Tracy. Said I think that's what ought to be what does it look it tears you came and you. Just landed just this past like week after gulf landed a top. 100 recruit which even in some rankings he led 101 Obama called top 100 recruit. Yeah there were other recruits in the area that is seemingly didn't make enough connection on organs seemingly put the full court press on so to speak. And I'm not even gonna go to Lawson situation where you know Boston's. Left whatever. That's chipset that doesn't prevent you from going. And going and get other to get other players and that's what the people are. Frustrated by the seeming lead perceived. Lack of aggression and terming in terms of going to get players. That's hard overcome that. When people like overall whether it's in tandem relationships. Careers whatever one may do is give up on something very hard to get them back. It's very hard to get them back without a major splash. And those that say all is never. Never not may determine his thirty year and any stop master histories onside. That roster. Mean how much better do you think they're gonna get as what people are asking and that's what the universities and take. That's a huge roll the dice for us where attendance is at an all time low season tickets are still not being renewed. Because of people truly believe they would be awesome next here and be wrong there are people line up to buy tickets but they're just not jazzed. By this roster the way it is right now take two more before we get the break Jerrold your first let's up Gerald. What's going on ran out as flawlessly occasionally erratic Utah mountain bunker where you have all of Israel. They account absolutely weird SI just else that would have meant this URL. Now all these areas that are putting out great basketball player so is not just in interest you know LS EEE he had a he had been made out. You're about the special look at metropolitan area of does it regarding do you really even thought of as good as we just got to be happy its army is he had he had ample space he had ample time. And if it was just a bad it was bad are we kidding here if you publicity motivated. Glad also that could go to go with it. Gerald I appreciate it thank you very much has a great point oh by the way it's not just good it's just like we tell people when we're traveling with the grizzlies or out of the area. We say you know hey. It's not just the Memphis Grizzlies we consider ourselves the midsouth professional basketball team. When you when you are with the grizzlies we don't just did that Memphis is on there. I go out recruit the radio network affiliates. And socks and say look we we want connection here we want you guys to feel like it's your team even if you're in Clark still Mississippi. If you Lauren. Paducah Kentucky if you're in poplar bluff Missouri. The Memphis Grizzlies are your team they're the one closest to you it's says Memphis but there's the midsouth and that doesn't change when it comes to recruiting and I think that's frequent budget. Anthony your next what's up Anthony. Already here and how things are. And won't I won't think to go. Piggyback on what they've previous caller saying that the tigers RE a regional meeting you know. And it's not just NASA's and tubby despite here's. And all the same ribbon thing. That really has not translated into up 100. Recruits. From any way. You know people keep harping on that Memphis recruits. But he's not recruited in one of any real significant Scott from any way. You know. I've had some people say well you know all oh what do you mean you can't win the junior college players first of all. Junior college players of today are not of the same caliber that they've worked fifteen to twenty years. Larry Johnson name walking through that door. You may be the same block and through that door but I guess those guys now all go over to Europe and play. Before they go into a junior college situation you riches and glory is a little different. All even even though are doing bad. They're taking that year and going to prep school yeah. Yeah and still have four years yeah you know you know and so forbid they're not the slain. You know and that's why wouldn't they junior college players are now a cut that alone would junior college players used to peak. You may must give you mean most college freshmen are twenty years old when they start their college freshman iron. Yeah always marveled at that when I see an NBA rookie and he's it literally played one year college basketball and he turns 21 in his rookie NBA season I might. We've all prep school for that fits your prep school but yeah. Yeah now that's here that's a great point those kids that are in prep schools used to go to junior college there isn't and I'm sure you remember there's a legendary. Junior college program in Texas called mount Santa senile. They've had eighteen. That because he offered just like are you serious like four NBA players on one team and they all right a couple once you wanna be and make up one other places Larry Johnson is part of that group. They were a monster. Well of southwest and actually what established connection now which we Shelby's state at that time. They would be in the running for a national championship contention that every year they all day about players as well as a matter of fact. Lauren who not right talk. Dinner plate day yeah averaged like twenty rebounds a game. They're not there anymore. Yet now. Assesses different time it's a different idea that has a great point and an aberration and I got to run man thanks. I but it last one chance wrap this up what's happened. Hey look I don't. I don't know maybe the American objectives about how Brett Gardner. They're just don't tell rule that any. If we get tired of it would not be able to recruit kids solid day you've seen their relatives of these past. And now he could he could recruit him now once he gets tired but he would have to once he gets tired he would have delayed disassociate himself I believe from all ties to the AU team so it would cease to be. Team penny somebody else would have to take over that he could not funded there could be no way. He could be financially linked to that whatsoever. That's broker or you're gonna have to add what their what the what Pataki is it they're gonna have to beef up their compliance staff. When if they do make this move they'll they'll hire more compliance fuel to make sure that they are not. Walking on a very. A very thin sheet of ice over a very cold lake so to speak. And I said yeah it it expects at large it now he can recruit. He can recruit kids EC record nobody's got once he's once he takes his job. It's done there can be no you can't start recruiting until like. I would imagine he's gonna clean out his office. Disassociate everything went east anything he has east high school leg here on anything what team penny gone it's no longer team penny will become team. Whoever maybe team loss and like kids Jason Allen actually asked the question called and asked if pinned his job would be to kind of reach out to Los Angeles where Kansas. Can I don't yet I don't think that would happen now deal I mean they just sat out a year yeah. Yeah dieters think I'm going to Kansas for one year and go on Perot I think you don't barrels in the number of losses in the right I think that's a much better option then then those two. They just sat out a year because if they transferred back. They edit sit out another Iraq yes it does now watching the law's dad died I just don't think that that's. A feasible option right there I appreciate phone calls at daybreak when we come back. Will wrapping up with the headlines that a little bit later on as we close it out we'll give you those two more pair of tickets and that'll have. Our I guess that we'll have another cash code for you. To win at the top of the 4 o'clock hour GPs on the label calls out the headlines next outage in out of Emmy as in Memphis is. There yeah you do with a beautiful with the tigers in his neighborhood. He's against. Glenn Martinez gets into the. Brothers and cousins and. It's good night tonight. Sit out. It's as a leader in the treatment of red tile dysfunction of the Memphis men's clinic is proud to introduce wave therapy. The newest most advanced treatment for a tile dysfunction. We therapy is a breakthrough reduces the power of sonic waves to address the root cause of most men CD. By activating a man's own natural healing agents to increase blood flow through the creation of new blood vessels. And new blood flow leads to long term improved male performance. 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I don't wanna say they say his point guard who spent somewhere else you're deacon may go to oppressed woman come play for his former high school coach in the answer would be that would be probably out. Yeah so I I would think that the guys are really worried about they think their most of all is that means lies and I don't wanna say amounts. We nineteen B movies. You go the territory Tony are NBA draft is out not zealots are a's on the top. But you know listen there's also today when Terry Giles is on the top cliff Alexander results in it's on James to continue to get better as of right now that's what they're saying. Let's Alastair headlines. And analysis from there as the times' headline on the attitude I have been ESPN's Erica sometimes you. Surge today is a good day we've talked law violators are today you don't I just got an email while. My half happy half birthday from ESPN for. And so because of all they likely as it admit melted a happy half birthday I was for it on 45 I studied children might have birthday when I was and on hold circle. Maybe when you're fifteen you stuff is when you're fifteen and add like them enjoyed really all excited yeah yeah yeah I disorder hamburger wrapper that six months from today I'll turn 46 unity. I don't see if that. Nothing that your case here not only case. Libya India after I made would gladly have a shot tonight again Hudson of bulls job at the death tax adjustments. Can I have a shot of whiskey for my effort and tonight I imagine how anybody Greg had eight people finally have set aside an important oh. Our our senator Diane Sawyer rails Yahoo! than an arts and in a world today are we talking about men's basketball Williams is saying look ball. This season ticket would all celta de Eric. Yeah the price you amaze me a little bit pricey yes they are that's fine they don't know why it's good product is worth going to see I'd I'd they have formed your serve won't premium Chip Beck sees the issue will be 350 dollars. Heard for the season proceed for the season you for the season okay not like per game I'll pull hooked wheels. Or sometimes common advice they gave me a couple of tickets but he got those like damn it I believe money. Hurdler thought on 300. Upper south on 230 or 194. TS of members in zone 150 gamely funds own 400. One change this year for the for the Memphis football team you must be a season ticket holder to bar parking pass. To buy season parking. So that's changed for Michigan this I get value from last year this year and what is a parking pass or did they tell you earned a person here. But yes shots against the bully I want to know that because I wanna know when I bark over across the street like what it would what I was is there a benefit for me. Because I can't it's hard for me by season things as what one once the season starts for basketball here. I mean there was a year where I mean literally can only go to wandered too long ago but early on game but I. Once he got in October I couldn't go to one game. This game Jack couldn't go it was every coupons why didn't you always and stop. We'll be think this is an ATM. I yup that's a given to me I'll be covered and I'm on I'm buying and think it's a gift here but I think it's like goal. It's an excerpt. So I am tired you know it's it's it's march or March Madness always telephone around March Madness well Zach Levine has gotten in on the fun Eric. Got an awful remarks man's because he says. He's putting his BMW. For who ever it's a perfect March Madness. Rack. Up all my house south of Kabul. Upload my house up whoever get hurt for a week hurt the I mean should know let's get a get a perfect bracket or Zach if you get a perfect bracket exactly how to get a person Randi you edited in any thing. Then you'll win like you eaten you'll win. Kathy is an added that some bracket challenge were like you win them a billion dollars is on the yes some ridiculous number of is is not gonna happen. Yeah it is anything could happen Latin for getter but talk bill debuted a new strawberry still rules freeze. At sounds amazing sounds really good darn in my my question you heard what is your favorite fashion mart I am right now. Lesser bacon cheeseburger Carlson's piece. Not a close sounds like there. We need to act is silent you'll puts you to sleep now let's get late it's a cheese bits of quarter pound cheese burger with bacon onion rings and barbecue sauce sounds familiar it's fassel roll your dad yet I have given you can give your wife. I told you or got a months as shy to say where I got the idea from a that's it's called out by his own my favorite burger and an elbow does a better and yet another gear it is like antibodies if if there was one more I can actually get locally the spicy chicken salad shouldn't take plays amazing we are there's something at every place that I really like but when I go to Arby's and is a regular roast beef wanna go to McDonald's and Tutsis bird at. We've got to talk about you to get that I need to stop going all in all they're probably my knees like drops mock ups and I'll be here for some don't have the metabolism that you have their youngster can this summer embargo head out of this topic I'd ever say that about myself GP is up next. They'll have more on the world of college basketball for you know. And day. A jam packed two hours get you ready to six clapping carried our real step in for grizzlies pregame coverage with the Milwaukee Bucks appreciate everybody to an end today. Her dad and I'm Eric and so tomorrow 2 o'clock. So it. Memphis is sports station covering the Penny Hardaway still. And he's too important to this Memphis Internet and mobile what do you do get both services for the price of one. He doesn't offer that. Why buy experience. For better screening faster download. And mobile it's too great services. It's really not AT&T. Get started. Home when it's good. It's going to be sports day. 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