Hour 2 with calls and more

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, March 12th

(2:15--39:15) Geoff Calkins takes calls to start the second hour to see how listeners are feeling about the way that the Tubby Smith era is ending.

(46:02--54:56) Geoff closes the show with more phone calls and his final thoughts on the coaching situation at Memphis.


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Tens of color for the additional savings and then right now download participating coupons to your Kroger plus card Newsom up to five times in the single transaction at Kroger. Monday you can get by number goes up balls all day long so. Friday mostly covered prison greens when no my boys are freezers at any of their restaurants. A lot lower loan rates a better checking account and fewer fees oh run and federal credit union redefining banking. 929 FM 688 am on the double. 929 espn.com. It's. You know. When ESPN. Show positive ID 7765353776. We will take your calls. On all. This do you think pennies getting I didn't think tubby. Is getting a raw deal. If so you can let us know. Do you think this is a great day it's not a great day hadn't happened yet may not have a name M a lot but if this happens do you think it's good thing. For the University of Memphis and how you feel one about Penny Hardaway. As a likely. Replacement. All. I'll save us. I feel bad that it didn't work out for Tony hi experts will be hot this you've finished the basement. Because I would've liked it to work out for everybody. Was this tournament's. That was a big swing and a miss by a university. That. Was given a golden opportunity. When Josh Asner talked in another gig. Was given a golden opportunity to get out of that contract. And immediately. The old frying pan into the fire. So limited colossal mistake. But at the time it happened. I said this the people. You're the first press conference. You know it was going to be difficult I was came away from her first rescue efforts highly skeptical. He did not know the players on the roster Memphis. He didn't know Charlie Moore situation. He. Did not seem like he was gonna aggressively attack the job. And but at the time. I wrote is appear columns I could. I did for about a year. First practice one went there and I talked to our. I talked to players. Or come on how much better is to be with a coach who knows how to teach. I talked to young Jacob McDowell. Who went on and on about what a great teacher tubby is because in the end even though I'm skeptical. You try to be as supportive as you can for as long as you can. And that should matter is at a I've said this or not but there's a website called freezing cold takes. And has some in my early. Support of things that I wrote about Tubby Smith. On there freezing cold takes a big contrast them with what I write down. I apologize for those freezing cold drinks. Because. Even though I was skeptical of study at the outset. I think it's like I think is particularly in this community. My job to be as supportive as possible for as long as possible. And then when you have to when it when things become inevitable you have pointed out. So. What should I wish you worked out differently. But I have no. I don't think that he's being treated unfairly. I think he treated the job unfairly. If you want the truth. I think he did not he did not. Understand what the left is Jabber about he did not study with a loved his job is about he did not adjusts to fit with the Memphis doubles about. He did not adjust to staff in and out of justice methods he. Did not. Think it was his job put fans in the seats he didn't. You could say it was. Now he's got fifteen million dollars and 31000 dollars a week for the next six years I don't think that he's being treated unfairly attitude of the Donald Ferrell. If anything I can say the people who hired and did a disservice to him. I not understanding what he was about I get that the second part of this which is about Penny Hardaway. I'm hopeful. And I can work myself and a state of visual excitement over. Over the the prospect of the players who might command. But on questions. I don't know it was funny because look at the South Pacific Davis book you'll look at the maniacal. Attention to detail. It is required. To be a great coach. Don't know any of pending well after an early answer. It's not the x.s and most everything else. I think he will talk about this as the weeks unfold the key is who he surrounds himself whether he surrounds himself with people who are can help them. Run program. And of course the other key is whether he's got a great players that we think you can't even get a more on this in minute we'll take some calls 5253776. 5353776. We go to rob and he's Memphis rob your. Hi Jeff arm and wanted to float out an idea that I have not heard it may be a little bit farfetched but what Barack. Tubby Smith's days. His whole staff is gone. Hardaway comes in as associate head coach with the understanding. He will have their head coaching job. Are quite boring CN all the recruits that are needed. It's best coaches PX and homes. And that way you know. The danger I see and just get rid of Smith and put our way and it if it doesn't work out art or a that's a big blemish on and that he comes then. And an associate head coach brains of people formed a team and it went. Or you gotta you gotta basically a win win situation. Okay rabble just that thanks very much. The greatest people I'd mention that idea to me if not a mug shot up and haven't show puts him in emails Twitter text center. The problem that is to fall for scholarship say. Like. Again I don't know if that is going to be fired today tomorrow the next but I think should the sale. Some on that secondly I don't think either man involved would have agreed to that Tubby Smith. Didn't wanna have Killen Lawson on his staff once you just you you basically just that he's gonna fighters all staff input and how to win. And he believes the Penny Hardaway portable lawyer sandbagged him and kept players from him. So. A guy who wouldn't bend his convictions. Or understand the significance of keeping Sheila moss on a staff is not a clean out his whole staff. Hired ten yard line. What one of the best things and you can say about Tubby Smith the city's principal at least it does convictions. In this particular place they're not taken into took place a success. But he does do that. And so better me the whole way in the universe. That he would have. The he would consent of that. And there's no way any errors Palin though. You don't wanna be. Hobbies right hand man. He thinks he believes that he has been preparing for the last five years ever since she's doing as it could be a college has co head coach. Hillary someone's assistant so I understand that the wide people do it too they want the best of both were like that's why. That's why fans come up with this idea is that. And ask them about what you've got to do this or I want all players Kenny brings the pizzazz in the whatever. But I also want to experience the cut Abrams it's like god it's like a Reese's peanut butter cup. In many ways of a coaching recently about a cup. The problem is chocolate don't wanna do peanut butter did but I don't be shocked. So that's our markets are having your cake and eating it had to take an idiot Tim. So you can't have you taken needed to unfortunately a lie I had I I don't hate the other things coaches are waiting just like back. Structure hasn't worked ever. Actually kind of words in Essen you for a little bit. Was it didn't it was pets is gonna do it. Doesn't Texas is gonna do yet we'll must jet and must champ and I slash POD and so just because you kept waiting and writing and waiting to coach in waiting and then now big dog day I had noticed the same as eighty the other but the coach at Washington was the head coach in waiting at Syracuse forever. I remember the hollow that derided and dad played for bay nine Syracuse along and he just said I'm done at poppy 37 cents expected 2776. We go to a man to drop Rodney but I may have done it in effectively. Let's go to Jason in northeast Memphis Jason your. They decided. They can't come soon maybe you were with a bit today about my question is. On the other cause corrosion disparity has any relationship with sales for the American YouTube when. China. Thanks very much does he relished the publishers of all kinds of people. There's been lots of rumors about. Who might be on his staff. I'm skeptical of the Larry Brown won. I do believe if Gary's reporting absolutely which is that Larry Brown was. Some on the petty considered. And I know I believe I believe that penny. Reached out in different ways to Larry Brown. Let browns like 77 I think. I don't think he wants to be an assistant full time assistant coach I honestly. IE and so I don't think that'll happen plus he does come with a certain amount of baggage NCAA baggage. That I think it would on his service and that I think would be. Is it difficult for the University of Memphis. So I don't think it'll be Larry Brown. Era Paul Hewitt's name. Andres people are toss around Mike Miller's name in all candor that demo can talk better tossed that around. Am so there are Tony Matlock is certainly someone the people. Tossed around but it did this to me is the key is a critical part two critical parts. Everything. One. Is he got to get the players that we think is gonna get and that brings us the DJ Jeffords. He did Jeff is that he could play a lot of people said penny very tired he did everything gonna come almost unimpeded DJ Jaffe said he's gonna announced today had he already tonight I believe it was tonight. Any guy go to Kentucky is gonna announce Kentucky now or Mississippi State or held a wobbly right yeah but he's got to go to Kentucky. And he's gonna announce he's going to Kentucky there's different ways to interpret that one is. His stock has been dropping and so he wants to grab the Kentucky offer you guys want to go to Kentucky did you merging and out of series on him it's a great wandered Kentucky. On second is is that maybe cal is scared. Of petty. And he pressed them to commit today before but he gets. Of course committing doesn't mean signing so this Staal sealed them done. But maybe he did a president of automobiles and maybe everybody we've just got to let's go to them so why does it apply. To look up. And the players doesn't have the appeal I do believe we'll get some of these players I'd be noticeably more players then studied. That's what one. Point two. Does he know how to run for. Can he wrote all those things. Eight PR. Arranging my kids go to class I'm like that's that's that old thing just literally monitoring academic performance making sure they all go to class at the exit its own thing. I'm schedule. All and forget. Actually game day coaching like all the stuff that goes into running a program. It was Bill Self who said told Gary wants. If you want a coach basketball don't because basketball coach could only about 10% of its coaching basketball it's all the other stuff. So it's not just what is the stomach for the other stuff is whether he has the skill people around him to support him to let him know and guide him through all the other stuff. And it. And then the third part of that I do think this is the public part of there was another great Memphis player who became head coach of Memphis that was Larry finch. Larry finch love being out there he loved people one of the first things I did when I got here in Memphis was I got him. Mary's I believe it was and as usual. I think we drove around town as he delivered schedules what goes woo window schedules that you put the window and get as part of this is pre season. Deal to go from restaurant to restaurant to restaurant and in the neighborhoods and deliver those schedules of people put him and when Larry love. Be out there. He was gregarious. He'd love talking everybody. Tell me as introverted. Fundamental. He circles is itself is a group of people. Who surround him and it's kind of hard to get to pay me. I mean this in it's been this book getting DOS town is those featured and that he does he thought it rotary clubs every Rotary Club Aston talky talk. Doctor rotary clubs. At least talk to rotary clubs I've so I went to the downtown Rotary Club it that is that topped by the time. What's the public part of this gonna be like repenting. Kenny handle. So there's lots of questions about lots of promise to onto the excitement he will sell 3000 tickets tomorrow. And he will I believe bring players. But I have some questions and I'll take a B 7763776. Sherry and why didn't show your own. I. I want to say par instead I look kinda learn lobbying and pressure that they're in and out. I grew up well universe admit it can't experiment to stave actual box. Lay in my how what can gamble coming in at that time though that I did banks are well being were coming how forward that make you cheer for the tigers. So without all the excitement in hand out seeing how bad brought this to be together. Once that. He don't like what nobody goes to what your dad do about it. And my dad out it will ultimately gained he would do mechanic wired but did the reaching out there and I chemical lead lap at plaque out. What people are going to torch savage and who's the best. Daddy used to true. And and apparently a mag they're cheering and sometimes scoring intimidating usually eat out inside the comment about what is illegal and her. I'm getting my laden that's exciting would order a nickname the blue steel on and it was Universal American box. Amber 'cause it captivated by danced so much. I decided that's not walking with my bed and outflow became a serious training university Olympic basketball. What very became acute Lian bang occurred camps. And have been watching as saying it met in India had an impassioned. I mean. I mean just how much bad. I've been I've little addition to additional all the time. And I should have backed up or are they not understand about Anthony Hardaway I remember him. We need to meg Netanyahu may have but. I want my question me. What NB a needs are just isn't so good campaigning because availability Adams he made girl's short term and I know that's been debate as well let's. They get more alone Turco. We don't I would love to see months old. How loud they may I can't give actually bad. Our success and they own the other day brought all of the community together. Yet even if we wired completely successful we were on the way today great success. And I I'm getting out Oklahoma what you want what they are all began. Other debit card was played against Internet account have what's. I'm married and I enjoyed it I mean the guy had been really great Chechens have answers either look like such an account camera panning and their own caddie. Just in that actually took a long. It's like that was not fight in him I'm I remember. The car you they would give up and they would shelve gun you know come on you know that. How Biden there I think he didn't chubby back to turn its back there. Lackey did all we know what to do. So huge coup on the interest that they cultured well what does somebody like shaven and anger at the government or the great up and I appreciate it turning economy. Thank you I thank you very much for the super slow love that story about a share your father because it strikes me that in the end. That's what we're talking about here is that we are talking about it tradition and an institution. Where. The matter where you live to Memphis what she does her dad worked. Full time. At plow. And any good mechanic work so we can any command weather is oil stained hands. Any cheer from of his mask. And that is what is at stake here it's why people are passionate about this. I'm in terms of the short term long term question about Penny Hardaway. I think that is the question. I have no doubt that he will get give of Memphis short term burst of energy enthusiasm. And and probably players. And that it will be is over the top. Are the celebration. Nothing we've seen like this since John cal Perry. Looking at last. Been woken for example. I said not worth the short term. Long term pain now worth the short term burst of excitement. On the thinks it could make turn Memphis into the Paul. I'm Dennis at all. And I guess what I would say. Is that Memphis has backed itself. By allowing this to get as bad it is is it has gotten. By not getting the last higher ranked. Honestly. Memphis has gotten itself into a situation where they feel like. They need the helmet. Just hiring a good coach a good coach who could recruit and in Iraq's of community would've. Done it last time. When people wouldn't throw the trash was gone they are new good whatever up and coming coach like that would've done it last time. But now the program is so moribund. That they feel like penny is all the only one that can do. And beyond that there's been so much talk about penny did anyone else will seem like. A terrible led them. And beyond that we actually. According to Ricky left himself. We do another penny has some influence over the local players so I don't know I think they backed themselves to such a corner. That I don't although I'm not. A 100% convinced it's gonna work out beautifully. Actually believe list. What's the worst case let's go the worst case scenario penny best case scenario Perry at best case scenario he gets all these players yet he has tremendous staff. He he. He he. And and the next thing you know there are the sweet sixteen of the final four the next the next five years. I think that's. Actually. Something that you gotta match. It certainly sweet sixteen. Debt for the weekend is one has suddenly and it works so well penny comes back they get Memphis kids are coming again the places to get 1015 Tony that whatever. Closet in their people go crazy his first game and let them do whatever ups and downs he has. He brings players and he brings Alex lone Mexican to private prep school open the second year wet end and go to the sweet sixteen with a forearms. If that is. I can actually imagine. What's the worst case and I think the worst case scenarios that's incredible excitement incredible season ticket sales. Influx of players. And then of justice under jacked pastor that ultimately under achieve. Right. Under achieve they they don't live up to that level of player. Then. The NCAA comes look and consider a suspicious things they get an NCAA probation. So just adding that the absolute worst just pass that with sanctions and makes them. Yes I think that's fair and I do you think that that team would still make probably make any here's what I think. Would believe you that worst case scenario. Would leave you want a better place and you are right now. Period. That is why fundamentally think. Update 537765353776. We go to Kevin and olive branch Kevin you know. Well you have delighted got to sit there immigration is where it's just so Brasilia Brazilian rattle our school coach. Yeah we'll go to college basketball or GA is shall should be punished or your yeah. Are we gonna had a goal just put total blow you'll. Are they look really a bit what we look at me. So we had connection was with so little talk to Leo in in the air. There I just don't a lot of Bengie motto that matters personality either they either don't know can occasionally. Wouldn't you come did cover their big hotels are syrup. They took over how well you keep being told that you all are only now. Yeah yeah first couple years but like but the within five you can he'd made steady progress but then. He fell back and he was getting killed by your five before the Warburg group came and he was getting beat up pretty good there's no question investor you can get a pretty good let me ask you this. That's it's not quite what you describe is not quite right. So if you have a high school coach. A guy who's got. Connections the players and maybe two maybe more I don't know that you'd only limited to. But who's got connections the players you bring good players with him. Who played in the NBI. Who is as famous as former player as there is in the country outside of maybe Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Who has an incredible national profile. Who has close ties the Nike. Meant and who can sell 3000 season tickets the day he signs up. Yeah that good. There's. I've still got OPEC not strict I don't think EJ do all it all in order. I'm talking about the oldest. I'm agreement there again if you wanna do you I. This page you'll the same page all the. I think it is right here. How I'd be you go to these other big eagerly agreed with Josh Joshua will overwhelm our territorial. Limit Spain and I didn't change. Who would you couldn't do away. There's no question extra pairs of that is my biggest concern there's no question I cannot I cannot deny that those are concerns. I just the only the argument would be is that the pluses outweigh those concerns and that that the people around him have to insist. He asked insists that he has people around him who can help them do that I'll be honest one of the things essentially here's I think probably Tom Bowen. I'm not I don't know there some to speculate. I suspect he's miserable over us right. I don't think he wants any part I don't discuss any part of penny out of line for all the reasons you suggested and how to run a program pot clubs the detailed dude right. And I don't think violence any part of penny out of life I think it's much more above him who would be my speculation. And but I do think that if he gets cutting the only negative control penny are went. But I think he gets spitting out a way he's gonna have to work with him and help them because Kenny needs but that's all the stuff you describe exactly where he needs help. Let me actual course of two worlds quicker if it is Saturday goto the there don't be a big huge sort of ultimate middle analytical or Airpwn. Know what we want religious or not right now we are grateful well chiefs chair I was getting a priority it is already built in this year product out there are so well I think you put your wallet being British isn't one right now. Let go to a great would you know did you without the real but it shouldn't football coach how they want to look at the jobs are pretty cultural lives. Sort out this year. Our range so. It should read nothing religious really liking it better if they get out I think it. They should even have been a mistake irritation that came out and zero. Though it is almost common knowledge output so critical to a degree candidate and resolved. He's not going to be doing its job so I think that that's not that's not a critical question really going to be done just yet but I appreciate it thank you very much of on the on the on the on the football thing I think. You when he looked at it as a lot of things he edited there. He looked at as a financial hit to pay the nine point 75 million to make a legal way as I explained. The beginning of the show. I don't think they're looking at as a financial that I think they'll look and an ads in the end. They're keeping tubby was a financial and feel. Around their necks and they couldn't possibly survive. Given the incredible. Hemorrhaging of revenue. So I'll think it's like solid and spent his money on tubby in the winner of this but none and and I think the other around I think they can't see a way forward. Financially. With tubby. Dragging. The attendance. And think and the contributions. Come down with him I prefer to 7765352776. As tennis but wait for 24 minutes. That's true Terrence you're on. It can. I mean is an introvert. And him getting outselling the program that just can't be the means I gonna be comfortable going there would not be comparable of the boats can't. Shelling their program. Kenny Coke. I'd really be good coach. You can go to that live around that big you know looks you know as you know your way around coach. Now as for the pope's pay. Get name recognition can go anywhere in a concrete and recruit and add strongest suggestions that he doesn't appear no misconstrued groups. They came out. And go all over the country or recruit and bring these players creating. One of the pin number this culture. String Q so what's a program. You said that by the way all of this is are you pro penny even though you don't think he can sell the broader meaning you do that all the other stuff how do you come down on this. To all of us. I don't think he doesn't have to sell the program because he's penny it's it may be just literally the name itself saw the pro I didn't real. But they trade they created little penny literally because he couldn't speak up I mean I mean didn't have the ball. The ability but he didn't have the personality. To speak for himself. That's why I didn't read it is why they traded little Teddy and that you can't have a little penny. Doing your press conferences where you aren't daughter rotary clubs although maybe they should bring them back just have a web part of the job since Greg rock is available. Appreciation and thanks and I look good thanks. We go to. Mom. Rodney in east Memphis around here. You. Know I'm not a mechanic can not only am I know the mechanics can't change my oil and I really struggle to change with time. OK well lets you make up what. You ask somebody who had the edge that we were really cool where attic or right I mean eight yeah it does what he does best. And outlawed a little bit hairs and with prominent too crowded coach Eddie get an eight yard everything else right the other stuff and you gather talk about it spirit. Let me get up and district special. Majority of the culture of college basketball I have 2030 years very remote that you have little directed. It's always don't don't don't don't re not based spirit. You have got to communicate and. It's not yet experienced and that the word bottom had a bit of justice around then. I don't you know people. Who are not mechanics. But they go out there try to mess of the current in my. Because they think they can fix stuff but you know that those people exist in the world summer sell all of you know well the thing I read you don't hang on the air conditioner for awhile the key. Here is. As long penny nosy I know I'm not a mechanic and so I get other people to do that. Judge Asner didn't know. He wasn't my love wasn't a mechanic when it came to x.s and those companies that didn't know he was a mechanical when it came to recruiting. Does Kenny have the self awareness to know he's not a mechanic. On the things that he knows that he's not a mechanic on. Covered up doc was barber so. God it's so obvious partner to take it can be it out stubborn guy used to he what you it would again change. Victoria block each at school and that there when it in the bat away a third champs yet. It has not do it person out you know all government went out already present they cannot steal equipment in the president. Dubious look at that led to a dual. Are brought all of the president's. State or we get now. They did we didn't have a gap because not only get to play as. He hit the patriots that jumped out there. Culture in BA I know it's great to get their pity. It. Talk I played. Edited out all star I don't what. 383. Number a lot of gold medal I'd always take forgot the second guy that I have got to you. In the country. Yeah. We can't thank you all about it. I beneficiary and running to get mechanic metaphor I we go to a flash in downtown Fletcher. I don't buddy don't want thing and I talked about this as far as football goes but it is getting getting people on the street. And have big ticket to the tiger football. Bradley didn't pick a couple they had tickets about soccer seeded they get what they are not best the they have it at that you're the ardor after all they could. The couple products that work. Can be met that the market may Elmer makes several top football game represented very well. Does not recruit told people did not recruit when he got here they didn't want to let everybody here. Any of the natural fit you'll get the young people. Into the seats you get but the seat and all that matter to beat the ticket they'll they'll keep the excitement and note that helped put the replicates rockets are okay. Nick Saban everybody are deeply at beat number one football coach you think he's the best Specter remote got now have a good staff. Eat the best recruiter penny to recruit and I thought it better be into the day give Nicky gets mad at this stage eating and kids become out and look at cal Perry Kentucky yesterday. I don't think judge alphabet coach the world book or yet that can best athlete but he could. You gotta look down the court yesterday. But he. Thank you very much. He's dead allegedly and recruiting is skiing yeah he is recruiting is it is the key. Johns actually go a very good at the other stuff like a again we have set Davis the sort of gained OnStar is very good at forging an us out of of them in terms of that and that's one of the strengths as a coach. And then he's very detail oriented dude in terms of the whole program knows everything that's going on the program. Knows how to get a better weight room knows how to get into the stands it is amazing to me. The idea that we could they could have hired a coach who thought he did not on any responsibility for putting phantoms fans in this city. In this city. In in L I it's astonishing. The level of blunder. That it was at the front end is fairly staggering. 553776. If LT 776. We go to Korea north Memphis Korea. Welcome hunter of I'm sorry. You know notebook and hollering about who were here about a criminal law. Islamiya or longer on their hands we're we're we're almost pin. We won't change. We need to. Our university and there's the last shooters they're big and struggled and struggled in my early which would pour culture and diseases that are fun we're just passing or give him the expansion in. My opinion would guarantee contrary it's it's pretty well. And being with Eric Serbs revolted you lose. Jim that's what are you gonna do that well. Realistically they're so those locals gonna be the coach that is saying when it first came out a lot of people or including your peers are left. What about what I paid what is your little town a lot people blew about lowered so there's not going to be the guy runs for a rare look let's go on the I hear so obviously we're not recruiter. Altria are aware we're Carlsbad or. Didn't play are these these are British already you do employers. Are you got to he's lashing from manager to come here in through the gaps in the way things to come here so. Alabama and output to around the character to play eighty best. In the last though it's it's actually he did and I think I hope I think is gonna be good recruiter and I hope is fabulous record. It's a little different as receiver DJ Jeffries for example who's gonna be committed or believed. Kentucky today. It's a little different than getting people to play high school at east then it is competing against John cal Perry. At Kentucky it's a tougher more. And we'll what we'll say I will say I hope we were there I appreciate it thank you very much 5253776. Under fire again. I am. I will wind happens. I will be soaking in the happiness. And I'll be so happy for the people who are happy. And that the happiness is there if there exists again on the sand that people whose fathers. Loved this program and who grew up loving this program because of that. Jeff we have some we're gonna break the news yet. According to march in not out of the commercial appeal Memphis Tigers. Coach Tubby Smith to meet with university administrators on Tuesday Memphis and bass bookish Tubby Smith scheduled meet with the university administrators. On Tuesday according to two people with direct knowledge of the situation. Those Smith hasn't been told what the meeting is about one athletic department officials said he is expected to receive clarity on the mounting speculation. About his job security act in Memphis so they go. Our man marching out of over the commercial appeal I will know logon to Twitter and and tweet this out. Marks as the right now. The story is. That he is. Going to meet Tom Mara. At least I get these things are fluid things can be moved up etc. letting my mark makes that point in his. Story. But that right now the meeting is scheduled for two mar. Tubby Smith will meet with the University of Memphis. To Mara do we have to take a break. We haven't taken a break since like forever up when yeah we needed either we didn't need to we can take one long break. Orient take a break now but I would suggest we can take more calls it'll take on longer and a wrap it up. African back. What are they split it in Britain right now I if you all of the blinds are urging them yeah I wanna get to them if they if they you can either hang on. He called actually combat rented a not such a long break now a Brit Brit now okay and that will come back and we will finish it up the plumber responded 3776 I apologize that I can't take. The calls right now but we gotta do little business will be back Obama's tough talking Joseph again the breaking news from argue about how you can read the story of commercial appeal that time I've tweeted it out. Is that Tubby Smith is set to meet with the University of Memphis to Mara. To clarify his steps back and moms just opportunity to Nana Femi as you national contest did the mysteries of blood. That's right it is because clock tower we're well into the clinic like ours that is the cash cared for the next. 21 minutes here on the Jeff Hawkins show is inside. Text inside INS ID ET 781 here in the next hour. And you're automatically entered for a chance when he getting inside you have 21 minutes to get inside into 7881. Inside INS IDE inside deluxe. Ever right here for the Jeff talk show let's say about so called calls legit corner poplar ridge rhetoric LA shopping centers and locally and family operated since 1815 I's named the you can trust. It's an a and he knows who cares about the great city of Memphis here right now the entire spring selection is out on the Florida check out all of the options. Check out the full selection from Johnny though. From Peter Millar and many many more. 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Not allowed to colony is saying don't you get out the message play what can look I didn't exist it I don't know. There's there's there's a lot of players in Memphis Archuleta is committed Wichita State but there's a thought that he would go to prep school Tyler Perez. Has not committed anyone ever thought that he might. Didn't want to consider Taiwan's armed. James Wiseman is one of the best players in the country plays for east. And is a total stud future pro so yes there are players. Well sit out but I thought it kind of made statement he thought Kentucky. If not sighted or is gone I would be surprised he's got to Kentucky but he has not said it was. Okay no thanks or colonel colleague want to appear out and tell them how some people say I get to the pro about this stuff. And could turn out that no accountability they ended the poll on local capability needed to follow and heroic utility vehicles well. Look at that she never did I suppose that you got to protect red. And look at any coach who Tom is coach against cal is gonna go up against that and and add some weight that we can we can't make cal disappear. We can't make much just disappear we can't make those coaches despair so there's no question that it is always gonna be too difficult to coach 22. To. I don't kid built that he doesn't know culture to. Nolan can't help but there's literally nobody in the world to two felony when he's better than those coaches so you have to pitch which you can principle what he's saying let's bring buyers is that a birdie. Think keeping capital bit down he can do now way. They took a good bit out of our way. Calibrate that Memphis and apologists might help a lot of it. Don't doubt that Americans. Simply opt out of the. Ended at each eat whatever I can't get calibrate or could those plays and everything that I. I don't understand the point. The point you got out and vote you can get out. Until then. No literally nobody can tell anyone that the better city getting some of the pros and done cal Perry so unless you're hunting down John Kerry they still the coach. You do still coached it would try to record against on Delaware. And thanks very much appreciate all I should point there. An important point is I don't think I have a hard time. But he has things to sell he's obviously sold effectively these it's gonna be hard reform but I don't understand the point. I think Lee is saying is Al Sutton and the skids how nationally house any army darker I think that was his point. What that house. We know I'll tell Dugard and I used you'd you came up on my dream though making making my shots could disappear we need to put it. I don't know like there's it's true like anyone who's gonna have a hard time doing that there's been there's no question. If after seven sevenths expected represents them they're. I dug and rally Doug Durham. Not a sit down. Lawrence and I want to another blow listener marry nick Frears for the commercial sale and accuses. Thank you. Let Adam Kennedy without having you out for a whole year and if Memphis didn't get that tariffs are so yeah. They put them in the year ago and I was admission into the gather additional trauma Michigan's center. Obama came to the Vatican in Tennessee don't that there 170 million dollar renovation of yes it have you completely that. It's IRL I appreciate it thank you very much so it's different appreciate I write this there's no question that that the the that the landscape has changed and it's not in favor of the University of Memphis that now you have programs. That's why is that has gone to two deficit going and the Mets basketball is going. Abroad this year. I mean they're going Internet taken an international trip as they do once every five years of recurring it's right you know they don't. Spain Canada. You know why is it's cheap it's cheap. Exactly. Memphis has a money problem. And that's not that's not their fault. And I really don't it's awfully hard to compete for the tennis season target they were real lessons. Given the way the money. Has stepped up differently than they cry in their budget basically from fifteen million to roughly a hundred million dollars in about six years almost right and Memphis is still a fifty million. And so there's an NWA dot WR that's. Kinda difficult we go to. Doug is under article the other yet. I currently. Our law I'll work very. There be an error a walk outside I've been a mythical while now but I'm aware quote. We're called Rezko Obama Geithner got a massive load fired at while. An independent. Billionaire Coke myself. I'm I don't like what or vote everywhere. It put that on so. And I have a press a very quickly territory yet what does unchecked disown it and gave up. Luckily. I think without fear you have a good opportunity. To permit its Likud one of these common boomer Brcko. It'll build up our community but I if they continue to recruit you know the paper or probably even Paris Groupe their entirety. I've got a no brainer like Larry if we corner if he could be hearing that it started well for here or is bomb. Omelet and it's not good. And let's not insult at Tennessee listeners. Oh but I guess there are powerful. Familiar you're right I love love to hear mr. militancy but you have back America careful that our. Commissioner that would couldn't. The worst school gore for a couple farm report maybe it's temperature of the US code if you need like Larry Brown may be my little brother figure you'd be great. We're gonna senator thank you appreciate it thanks very much you know it's gone we have that booted up it one more. We have it we have time for won't need your Mike earlier. There on your last caller that. Okay good. I. Okay look at I don't want to know people care how great job is done another or know what to what degree Judd at you don't. Oh yea eject a bit shot it's water into the ground crew team being recruited over the net. And it will direct you over a commitment to a record one at that speech they come to you so. Neither I've said before like you can do in the end it'll come on the money more than anything else but. He he he he took a team as for the ninth and and they and guided him to fifth place finish and that is ninth at the start of the night. By. 107 and the RPI in the 160s at chem com. It's not a season that Memphis traditionally celebrates. And I don't think that just because. Someone has devastated the roster and such a way that they picked not to finish ninth. That is been a reason to celebrate them because they finished fifth I literally. Never in my 22 years in the city. Heard a Memphis coach. Be celebrated for finishing fifth in conference the way that some have wanted to celebrate tubby for finishing fifth in conference. He did a nice job of coaching up some average players I'm I admired their. I hate. I admire the way they did not let this distractions get to them I feel bad for them that they are Memphis players who did not get the love that is traditionally. Given to Memphis plates. And they handled himself brilliantly. Down. In Orlando but it wasn't a some kind of a sensational season when you're on the outside of the MIT looking in and not even close. I don't see how anyone can say that Jason and Jon Will be back if you wanna do what's next thing we got guys. Here's what's coming up next someone who is gonna join Jason and Jon had twelve point five Q a loss and will join the 125 make sure listening at the top of each and every single hour forecast had your chance when 1000 dollars journalists and everybody will be back tomorrow and fed is due to meet with the athletic department and our work is done. And FM ESPN these medicines Ford's place and never says number one sports station covering for. University of them. 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