Hour 2 with Calls

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, March 14th

(00:00-47:05) Geoff Calkins spends the second hour of the show by taking calls to gauge if listeners are embarrassed by the way that the U of M administration is handling the basketball coaching position.

(56:15--57:24) Geoff closes the show recapping the news surround the coaching situation at the U of M.


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Let's or Hardaway story or whatever you are taller. I'm and so we could talk of the NFL another day that's you know what the NFL be a nice little break from mess. Jason now has a breaking story of his own that he is covering so he cannot come to the phone. And so we do not have Jason. Cole. We could talk NFL. But before we do. Here's what I'm going to do. Are you embarrassed. And has what has happened in the last 24 hours changed your opinion of the broader. Of the broader. Change the University of Memphis appears to be making the phone number is 53537765353776. Are you Memphis fan are you a Memphis a llama you think this is embarrassing. Do you think this is a much do a out. Nothing. And does it in any way change your broader opinion. Of what is happening. And the decision to get rid of tubby and to hire. Or ostensibly it likely to hire Pitney Hardin L urged possibly think I was off for this enough that I realized that that there's. There's this kind of weird just possible dysfunction. And gives me the well it's. Or you could be say in. This is its Google book though that the desire of national people to jump on Memphis and call them a laughing stock. Just because they put off a meeting by 24 hours is preposterous I am open to either of those other open to being I am open to being persuaded. Of either of those views but as a meant the end. I feel embarrassed is this typical or is it much ado about nothing 353776. Under par 3776. Is the phone number we go to. Reckon he's Memphis rich Iran. Okay double what all went feel about this. Man well. You know but worrisome to creep in your yesterday as we obviously. Are sitting by the radio and Twitter and social media outlet. Waiting on some got a news. And I think even GPK yesterday like why. Why are we even waiting on this press golfer than what we all know look go on like you can you know audio out where all can eat it like they were great source but. Everybody knows what's going art what to do this quick look it was a bit overweight or quite. Dole continually. Do what you've done as an administration. And I don't wanna knock him too bad because they've been for the most part are a good administration yet but. Coleman wants to get this over with let's move forward and and and not even necessarily go to the penny higher I do like the pretty hire out like that idea that. We know we're party late recovery let's go ahead and you bet I'll let him get all look at our. They're like let up granola bars you know supported break up with a girl you get over where there's no good program. There's no reason to this to drag this out I agree completely (%expletive) country 776535377. Cents. We go to lose Chester in Cordoba testing your. You don't wanna see about the there are I'll leave it right you you know him as we look to our order. I like our road been like query take. Us out. Of it goes right he rivers always. Our series at Lowe's. People form their own eyes you know he's from here. A little bit more than I've been in audience somebody hit. I think they load code article there's so of course he was traded jokes they've I was really cute little I don't hear the guy global leader and nobody knows what our workers. Probably vote so I think capital can only he didn't seem like he really thought okay. The states that he wanted to put on the states on heat signatures on your computer. Probably to order currently. Politically that program. Where pastor. Is to what I don't think so we're almost literally his car off. Thank you very much appreciate it is interest thing I heard you numbers of IdeaPad U 776. 5253776. Cal Perry was on with. Mike and lingo what's it called bill would you lingo gold can linger this morning and it did make you just pine for him a little bit because the some bites of food tasks like. It was it was sort of a Davidson said they're gonna shoot thirty big players. And I finished hit when he it'll we'll just go home like it'll be it'll it'll it'll have been a good year and we will just go home and Tom yeah. Just put everything is yeah he is one of the great communicators. Of all the showman what you do hope the F Arafat you've had sevens and 65353776. If you embarrassed by what is now happening. At the University. Of Memphis. But again. I know everybody wants to be embarrassed. And everybody thinks this is humiliated and and and I agree it is not well done and to that extent. I lament. You'll wish. You look at right now the grizzlies organization. As you look at that at the tigers organization right yeah. I don't know if there is a combination. Vick is quite as. As screwed up as those two combine right I think the grizzlies honestly. And they. They wouldn't resist this but if only because of the ownership situation. Which is totally influx. And then their lack of a public voice. AA you gotta say an and then there and coach like today. It is the that organization right now. Is in a state of real. Trial. You just the you you look at it right now if there were organizational rankings are on the NBA. Your Memphis Grizzlies would be pretty low. And I think it's. Very similar for. This university I don't think. And I know they worked very hard to count this perception. But I don't think that nationally. The way they do things. Is held in particular. How I esteem and this does not help. But what I really think beyond that is is that. I hope to hell to pay anything marks and I hope it works big time. I hope it works. Sweet sixteen level work and I hope it works so that some day in the not too distant future to three years from now. People in Memphis can point to the people who were the tubby defenders. Who arrived in Memphis for tubby. And it and can point of people who were met rip in Memphis. The last couple days and basically given the double bird and say you know what I know we all love him some Tubby Smith. Because he was quote unquote a classy guy. But we aren't. Back in the sweet sixteen as it should be. A sort of a badly want that to happen because they badly want Memphis. To have that moments and the fun along the way I'll do 537765253776. We go to Chris insult Palin Chris sharp. Yeah I didn't say anything you'd absolutely no big deal I mean. There across Iraq are not ban corporate people noting that the Duval baker well. It's obviously the other site coach being in debt will be crawl. Political evolve that commonality in an and it you know it an eight Soviet Cologne. I mean what what are they honestly it looked such a big deal are the steps it. Maybe you're stressed. I'll say listen the only way it's a big deal I didn't view. Like if they intermodal upon oldest is I'll be looking that would be a big deal at this point is if you had if for some reason tubby came back. That would be an action I bet that is that that cannot happen at this point on so that would be one. It's in the end for some reason the Penny Hardaway thing falls through. That would be in Russia beyond that nothing is a big deal. What would be troublesome is if that's the theory that John Martin put forward. Which is speculation. And nothing other than speculation on that because as janitors but no one has reported this is being true. If what happened yesterday was for example. Tumbled refused to fire tubby Smith and Rudd wanted him to and that's why it broke down for example. That would be a problem that would that would then be no big deal. It is it 80 let's face it no big deal and talk today about the next had no big deal. The back story behind why it happens might reveal that it is. And symptomatic of a nine particularly efficient athletic department that's what would trouble. But beyond that yet the only thing really that would trouble me is if tubby came back which would seriously troubled me. Or if for whatever reason now the Penny Hardaway thing fell through pontiff after 776535377. Fixed. Let in Bartlett Matt ya. Yet initially my call not a couple quick point since you're a graduate from the person that other eight. Actually. Are different this Christiane daughters and need to listen Allen and I honestly thought the way that as you know the coach cal situation was more embarrassing and so I don't think this is that embarrassing. I think it's. Let me ask you this because but yet another way. I don't know if you do you still keep up with a daughter they're like unbelievably accomplished women. I have to say no absolutely Erin and especially my hours out. I was better than they are and may not only keeping others from the united the. If you're under let's what what does Memphis do wrong in the cal Perry situation I mean it was weird because cal Perry was sit inside that house. And there are people standing out of literally on the lawn simply don't know the job like everything has to do what how did not disclose that. I didn't know I did that bad now and it was a great demand demand of the program to places never been there and it was solid it it is. I don't think it did the university does mother loving champions after mounds but I don't. That that's a thing yet and again I mean nearly eight loose it would occur. Yes we can just praising the man team. You heard you condemning him to hell and overnight and he did what he felt like best for him you can't pat they'll be able anybody. Well there's the extent that pretty appropriate therapy and rip them I appreciate it thank you very fixed the people ripped out it was reply that I. That's apples that are just I don't think the university demanding wrongly John caliber thing you can argue that the way to replace them asserts that they had to replace them they've outside of what the university is something wrong. And then I would argue that min pins into Enron neither. But we should we had an argument for years in there in their flip of their emotions towards job. To me John was always. The same guy he had strengths and weaknesses when he was here which I pointed out the weaknesses and people that like when I did. And he is strengths and weaknesses though is Stuckey and now McCain's don't want here to strike but that's the way it is and sports like LSU people. They got a national title I'm Nick Saban that they love Nick Saban know they hate instead it's just like the big city mayor ID 527765353776. We go road to. Mike. I made does something wrong here let's try this again Mikey run. I've been around for most of the term that most of the coaches that have gone to determine the other circuit here tossing a lot of courage to step. Good to get recent. The other that I think it was on the cal Perry situation was they didn't publicize the in the NCAA investigation. I was so people in January that you're either gone to conduct. But I got it right had been eight they got that letter of inquiry or did it right. And that was the screw up they got that letter of inquiry from Kentucky from from the NCAA I. They kept hidden had they gotten it and publicized that Ortiz just told people up publicized and it's been upfront we got a letter of inquiry from the NCAA. Kentucky would not hire him. And I was dumb people for Kentucky because toward kidnapped and bad did that anyway so it moving forward when they replaced him. Oh why they didn't guarantee Kennedy is it is a mystery to me either killed in here. And then when they had there that contract with Josh was a screw up I'm I'm I'm saying that this blade of a day or two paled in comparison to the other screw ups. The away didn't it are the contract that they are approved for Josh somebody should come in jail for that if not tired are now. Prior to rag on a daily anyway and then we're not hiring Steve Forbes to replace. Josh I mean have you listened to the man talk on your radio assistants and he is a great ambassador. Sales or whenever school yeah correct you would begin he would be everywhere he can really you would see everywhere your dad and. They didn't hiring me and not hiring now it almost is criminal. You're going from a from hiring I laughed when I heard tubby was coming into your crazy and that can't happen and then of course it did SR crime after that but. The Steve Forbes and it's a coach that is approved it can recruit. Proved he can coach. So we went from a coach who couldn't poached. To a coach that couldn't recruit and now we're going to somebody that we think can bring players here. And we don't but when we don't miss this so why are they jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I'll I'll just address that thanks very much the reason they don't it honestly is they have put themselves into to a situation because of the way the botched the last tariffs so badly. That they feel like they need. Not what Steve Forbes would bring which is steady building. They need the incredible. Of injection of enthusiasm. And what they believe to be players that the penny would bring in other words the fact that they blew the last tired as badly as they did. Has driven the program into such an abyss that they feel like in order to recover. They need a miracle. And so they don't just need a good competent coach is gonna build the program and promoted whatever they need a miracle and the only one who represents a miracle. For them is turning Arlen 53527765252776. We go to. And you know all Daniel Holliman. A little bunker and are you. You know I guess I didn't wanna play you can't check grammar for and I think he can leave me to their collegiate the double bird to cut its support of the art world cannot never. In all due respect to the effect USANA that this group yours you know your outlook on what those facts my current. But you know you have a 1 AME okay this 203040 years the work that I'm I'll never. No discount at Indian element are targeted to looking into giving chancellor JJ to grab a friend. OK I like that appreciate it. I don't know how that applies. But I'd I agree cannot achieve the grind committee agreed welcome we all agree. Ladies and gentlemen she cannot she could grind how could you not a no actually to me that's that's what the indictment the tub because there was no grind. And so you can't cheat to grind but she got a an and the and that's why didn't war who knows. We go move to. Vince you're from south east Shelby county and to your. You don't just. I agree what's the majority of their situation to be ready to send an extreme problem with the way. It is gone down. I'm not saying that you all of lowers your description of what. Brooke started boats that was back down and embarrassing remotely good what obliged if this story has just waited a few days. Are let them try to play out or whatever it out of the Livermore talked about that settled a class act he didn't deserve bet the players to deserved have been improvements. On the end of the year to now. Didn't want to bet in my opinions that was exposed it will rationalized and listen to the ticket holders scrimmage. The call to do is discard an outlook here back in the more have a bit of my parents to and it changed spills or crap out of people in the coliseum saw. That ridicule like bed again boats are also a bit. I only wish there was some sort of way our attitude of this story bed. He could tell what audio only. To actually where this came would have gone because you got to speculate would improve with a bit rate jumps to begin in Libya should now. I think maybe issued the real protective biscuit he will be reached chamber to get to the second round of the trap and it is really about citizenship but when you look at it on paper. They finished shore it's hard to try to risk of certain people trained to count of second place. So really. I would say they finished I you know in the league this year about some kind of solution can boats I don't Axelrod does not spare. What type of the class act and he didn't do it pretty Chico's declared all out. Our deep into the top 100 Caribbean but it was too little too late and I'm totally you know the bad the fact they they needed better on the armed in the program so hopefully. Petty dharma talk about what is this. I know that they could live with. What Saddam out of bush beat Jefferies doesn't really mean a whole lot. But you can bet if you will draw their interest and and couldn't really bad. It could go hire him out of did go to Connecticut package this week. We couldn't do it with a few days and usually what happened really really really want to play were pretty you know a bit different agenda quietly. Do we craft apparently attracted to assimilate and put some doubt whether the credit to my drink don't. And discovered concerned about that without you know that's my teacher thought it was pretty good about their. I'll I'll I'll just all those things one's gonna affect. The whole Lotta points. I agree. In a perfect world this would not have leaked the way it leaked. I've had various people on FaceBook etc. say that. Journal shouldn't have written this for once they heard that this change was in the often well all due respect that's so. When journalists find a story they don't sit on that because it might make people feel a little better they write the story that's their job. And so. You do you wish that. They're the folks who were making the decision whether it's on the university side or the Penny Hardaway side had been more discreet and had not let it out. And so the story had never come out with that have been better for the for the for the players down man for tubby. Would have been both better and cleaner for the university yes. Honestly I think the university would have wished that to be true and I think tubby would have wished that to beat her idol anybody. Wanted the story out certainly nobody planted it it came out in sort of drew it doesn't dress you know what happened was that people start hearing because people started talking one weekend that this might be happening I'm. And then. As you know we asked penny and penny didn't deny it amends Denmark you know as David Rudd and David Rudd didn't did tonight and the next thing and now. Gary Parrish was getting the story saying that Memphis was considering it. It was planted it wasn't intentionally put out there but the fact that it did get out was that embarrassing for everybody concerned. Yes it watts and I wish it had not happened that why it would have been a lot cleaner had it not happened that was in terms of everything else. Am sure you can argue that you wish this team and had another year. As I've said a million times. Tubby isn't being fired because of competitive issues all low. The team ranked either a 107 for a 160 F didn't come close to being an NN I T bubble team. You gonna yell you want but it's a good team even tubby didn't really argue that they should. Even told he could with a straight face make an argument they reliever should be considered for the and I take he said they beat nobody of consequence so. Do I think that next year they could have been an and I and it's an NCAA bubble team sure I think so the conference was getting worse whatever else but it wasn't. It wasn't competitive circumstances in the end that really drove this. As much as financial circumstances. Itself. Hope I addressed all of those. Questions 53537765353776. We goad to Chris in Eads Chris you're out. Hey how we go on. What I clarify something many a paramedic station a couple of times that got by means we're four. So the double bird effort either a couple of times. It's referred to as the flock. One bird but multiple parents. Thank you very much I'll do all the load I'll keep that in mind if I ever is that your. Was that all yes. Now now now now. But they make the thing that. Quote most people looking Haitian. It won't one. It is one of the situation the people describe the closest on the floor here again and again and it's in morning. A long time won't postpone. Any situation feel like it's orange sunshine but it. If this businessman and scored the other international arms I mean he could exceed this all eight of them. But there are paying three coaches. Early it's still really bad but we hope it gets better. When it might assert that. No I appreciate it thank you very much I agree completely it's. What I have said and I think it's got better under combo and I am. I think it's very clear to every combo and is much better at giving administrative support. Then the previous athletic director was given administrative support. It's actually what links Tommy west saying to all of this it's like. It's a stock bungling around this this hurt this is this is hard if you bungle around. And I think certainly the previous administration did. But basically the view has been. From coaches. That if you want things done at the University of Memphis you just have to do it all yourself that's what John Calipari did it. He didn't count on RC Johnson to do anything form anyone else been informed he just did it all himself raised the money. He got that big screen TV given on the it at FedEx Forum like John just ran the program. We just and what they got here. Same thing. Disappointed just took over he ran the program like about this the same thing. It's you you in the end are probably more responsible for more things it's your job to make sure the circle flies. And maybe there should be more yeah it is true that over time we see incident after incident after incident. And it's it's under different presidents and that it. Tom Bowen and David Rhode had nothing to do the hot dog stand. Tom Allen and David Wright had nothing to do with Tommy west rant Tom Bowen and David Wright had nothing new to Charlotte Douglas. I'm Tom Bowen and David Rudd did have something to do with just passers contract. They did have something to do with hiring Tony Smith to begin lift. And today. And they obviously have the fingerprints one way or another. All over this 53527765253776. We go to Kevin in olive branch Kevin Young. Well done there. I wanna trade pitino certainly it will ultimately not be tablet more staying with the panic being introduced. Are we were together before I mean. I just because he really equity army and you locate we talk a little bit delivering nuclear will play or are we talking about. I think that I'm my question we don't know. But whether or any of the glare if if penny doesn't bring players. It's a failure. Redden is cut it penny doesn't big players now I don't know that it necessarily pass that it would be great if it's James Wiseman DJ Jefferies that would be great. But there are other great players that tubby wasn't getting pat Harris W hasn't gotten out Lomax dug it wasn't that even that level player I think you can pretty well trust. That penny will get. Better players and Topeka in terms certainly out of Memphis because tubby got. And now. Yeah there's three under the owners. Most key usually we have this welcome place for universe and if they're not at all jump followed he was wearing too late and don't although. Yeah. Two years. They're gonna jump over her you know Regis yeah economic I don't know personally don't actually know what took abuse to any of school that's correct. Tune into our own party kids won't bring up a little bit. My big users what happened how old is we have this saying is our goal to. Goal of gaining agent Kenny under pressure if things are going long and skinny kid you were a little cold we don't there's. They're they're gonna have to question what they do you do you wanna be didn't. Cook I feel like it'll wake you reverted back at seven record correct. If there is no real right no source Alcoa world even if he's not the right peak. Correct. That is a little bit that is that is one that diligent to settle on a percent correct. And so you just by Kelly is the right there I think in the meantime his is a good. In the meantime he's gonna sell like 3000 season tickets. I don't believe he will get better players certainly the tubby got so that it tenets will improve the recruiting will improve even if it's not DJ Jefferies level improved look right and so those things will happen now can he do everything else. Darius said this and I've said is anyone can tell you it. That penny is gonna be great at running a basketball program has no idea if that's true. Anyone who tells you that penny is gonna be a disaster at running a basketball program has no idea that show. We have no idea who could we possibly base and are you just hope it's true you just hope he's right. But there's nothing to do other than hope that you're exactly right they backed themselves into a corner where buy no one other than penny works at this point. So that we could get a pit cycle and you re still come when you look at right now he's grown to mix. There it is like a dark turn vicious hole. It's a hole in the. Always love to do it that's that's for pennies perspective that's no reason not to do you sit there and just say I want people remember me. From what I had the way I was when I was eighteen so I'm never gonna take another rest again. I don't think from pennies perspective that's not a reason not to give this a shot. Ultimately the offense would lead since it didn't work out well in the end for Larry finch when he traded and I don't think so. Now now. Now please go to. Thanks I appreciate it 253776. If 3776. We go to David in south haven Dave young. I hear this morning good. Listen to the question is that a colleague and do all the shows. Every day ever elect. They your head in the door and just slamming it down gout that people just don't understand what to outplay. Well honestly I'll be honest I don't know like analysts and every other show I I try to at different times that I. I'll I'll be honest I think most callers I appreciate them for a long time there I took collars only intermittently. And now on different things like what exact thing happened on the Joseph Jackson thing happened or what I started taking more calls. And what I have found is that I think people have interest in thoughts and ID and so now I do that more and more because. I actually yeah. Now there's a part of this story that makes you wanna slam your head in the door because come on let's move on let's. Let's move on to the next phase of the story. I'll be honest if I could have I wish this had happened yesterday if it happened yesterday I was gonna drive of the Murphy's bureau today at Murphy's bird and a and watched any coach basketball game and report on that I would preferred that to be talking about this meeting being pushed off again. So that makes me wanna put I had my head global listen and in most callers there are few. Who drive me up a wall on all mention name names but but most. I appreciate the Golan. Well you know a couple of the things that get off. Embarrassment. It out national media has always saying to take a moment but you know we didn't admit this is never gotten the respect but they deserved. But also you know are built saint liberals downhill are radiant and president are at the bottom of that appeal and you know what. Criticized Turkey for the way he stated going back to some of the games. Some the comments he made it out. I expect for the money that that we crave AD and the president. That they should be able to handle these situations better than they are so yeah I can't back out from my perspective on the job that they're dead and and then. Lashley and that it off. Yeah everybody start backing any you know how Long Will it last you know. What they say about your jet ski be at least eight you know what he was doing when he started but that he's going to have made it and then that was able to make it last in the dirt. Well I have to try to look at expert you know what peace can be built first twenty years down the road today you know I'm trying to look at the glass sample state so. Don't come out up out thank you 557765. If after 77 text we good mood. To. Moved. Am. I you have great site are similar boat traveling and almost everything but we enlist leading. And not you know what and it really your slave boot polish count Iraq we all play coach ray hall of fame coach used bicycle if you are lucky. Well Garrett and you know saying coach you had very mediocre years protection strict. And they had two years later a coach got me an entry years that are not respecting. Their uninterrupted gains in the country are so look great. Other they're better. Then there's no question also defied a Minnesota there's no I mean like after best. He will have been fired at two places and run out of another place. So yes that portrait. Criteria for girl okay you're tired yeah yeah Eric is he won the national championship he took a blood schools before honestly I think he took possible this is sixteen. He to Georgia to the sweet sixteen. This is a twice. Think he'll it's at Georgia the second or second round does that to a glad that I. I concede yet and had a good run at Kentucky although not relative some two Kentucky coaches and not relative. John cal Perry you do when a national championship you can argue with the team those players. But. He's had a nice career he's had a nice career and go oh I think he ultimately will be didn't hold the same thing I could Georgia. It took three different schools the sweet sixteen and so what are you. Got me across our own you know caricature of what we discuss all I got my lip from creating. I have not been all interest credit card your alternate Urquhart word finish. I would agree it was paying her less extinct they're paying your big check I'm all intricately I think you've got burned a lot of people. There's been terrible and guard. There's going to be all wounded in this thing about OK we'll we will have. Our truck when it bushel every year led you have they realize what sort of walk no. I won't look at all period used to lunatic it was just in the premier kill. Being an update pretty okay pretty will be happy little else good return to hear he's you know. Top thirty years so I'll think he's going to be won't let. Whenever they're laying out but we can't look really coach long tribute pretty good approach. Well it didn't get the players it will look a gauge are you living used to. I download stuff premier players there while they didn't win a championship the buy insurance good table and he didn't really get a good job coaching more or less stay. Our approach it shouldn't be fairly child and walked from people who go look a year Ehrlich is there any possibility. Of what lies slander somebody. Ginned up forgo their senior year in the wooded. Well yeah thanks very much all yes one of the thoughts is that Weisman a may well reclassify. And go a year early he's so young that he does that hill and playing two years wherever he goes. I'm he'll have to before he goes pro. The general thinking is he'll reclassified go to Kentucky after that the general thank. It's not. Decided and obviously the hope from Memphis fans would be that. He'd end up at Memphis but yes he could reclassified. And I am to be here. A year early we go to Mikey he's not just like your. Systems paid the mortgage territory. I listen arm. In Iran unless and some of these guys colony and talk about. Terrible administration that. They really don't realize it got under ordered relatives there are brought deserve it are light years ahead ordered Paris. Ed you know whatever happens we're coached minutes while you are was gonna happen. That this meeting everybody's talking about a sort of public there's talk university get beat. They're trying to do a paper to you to keep cure breast that is of course. And the other thing is are hurt. Well you know this mismanagement is now or pay entry culture as well as not urged back. Timely question Larry urged us to order call eight site ducks make it is almost. Put out almost as much Nick Saban was at that time but anyway it's got to affect what's getting lost this whole thing is suppliers I hear people on record support the program and they don't hire. Penny Hardaway you know I'm not gonna support program that they are I've spent. Or what about the players or should support that they have players it's better. You know being shelled addition what do you wanna do it's all about student athletes and people seem to forget bad and really bothers me a lot. Their client. Are undertrained. And nobody wants to support their they just wanna be so much. I saw it. Thanks very much appreciate it. Slow. Some of those things I agree with them some of those things I do not in the end. I I respect the sentiment that people just should support the players no matter what's. It's works it's entertainment you prepare for entertainment it's compelling they don't prevent him without compelling and there are those who just thickens and sports players and good for them but. We know that's not true we know that when a team is crushing it wining and entertaining people go a long game is not well and and that's simple. Reality in terms of the administration. There are a lot of things that are very good about this administration I was that they as I said before as the board of regents meeting the other day. And if you look at what Tom Mullen does. He's basically. The staff has been trimmed from 150 years something to a 110. I'm it runs a much tighter ship than it used to. In terms of student fees percentage of the money they're budget paid by student fees and is much lower than most in conference like you can go through. The nuts and bolts and nitty gritty of this and you realize how much better off they our than they once for. What happens is you see these big blunders. For example with Josh faster contract. And that's what gets the attention. I don't know that they're paying medal. Oh will be paying three coaches but I didn't think penny and they would be paying tubby. I'm Josh when he went away. He got one point 255. Million dollars I don't know how that is paid. They may have literally already paid Josh the one point 255 million dollars it's been two years now. So I don't know if we'll be paying three coaches. Or if they've already paid off that money that they gave Josh a defective because that injustice full salary because he got most of the salary from George tech. Donna North Haven down your. There. Palin alone. I wouldn't I wouldn't fire cook. And Intel public elementary declared going to be three point oh without a bit cramped up because of the report. As do standard and the most revenue and order radio. Bit of school can paper and it's good one point. I wouldn't blame my talent commit to the one point where. I'd. But what do I tell the ugly it got. You could go to the man I mean maybe you can give them. Good community who to vote and the university with a bit of a young man and make your knee could come go to decaying. So the university won't. So put so much coming in Atlanta wants one like okay. With a crude behavior of a million or what political book admit they Libya. But it will come here a couple of popular bit about picking up but don't feel it would buy it right up our government. The accord or badly about comic book. We've got economic. Thank you very much appreciate it two things about that. I think people should take. Teacher should get paid more than CEOs. Whatever whatever wishful thinking you wanna engage in about the universe you can engage in about the yours. It's not. Happening. He's been here two years and it is a fifty year low in attendance. People are just gonna political rally around their rallying around players if you bring back this coach who does not. So that adds to the fairy tale. So and the meantime the losing 234 million dollars a year much more than they have paid may go one. So that's why I get rid of them and I I have explained that a million times. Now if you wanna say that penny should not come. I sense that the one you said that it was a little out of bitterness because he wanted to be the sag more than anything else. But what I would penny decided he once they passed out and negotiate a loan contract that all seems fine I think penny. Is worth it's for something for him to coach in his hometown for his team. And I think penny has a lot of money and understands that he doesn't have to soak the university. In order to get this job but I don't know if the if if that guy just called. Would wanna take that's fine even he wishes I'd eat it sounds to me honestly like he wishes ill on the university. By not wanting penny to come time which is fine but they're not keep and they're not even thought he. They were gonna support tubby if he was here. And they're gonna try to my heart pendant and a penny takes less money when I say is good for penny who's thinking about the university instead of just himself Jeff around your. I was going home I'm Scott a couple of billion. Well first of all these people would keep them and they won't look cal Perry chorus. That's never gonna happen again I don't Mittal cal Perry was here are being met had a three year record for most Wednesday. I'm very happy and I look Al buried there never knew about it never happening at Bernie bought for anybody and don't hear anybody else. But you know it's funny you can do what other coaches have done you do gene Bartow here did you do which it led offense didn't do a Dana Kirk did. One thing about cal Perry got the consistency I mean you know what maybe that's what they're talking about eight. Want to know glory days back and enact term. Well I mean they're we can have glory days that they look good tennis and are now three steadily that's recently that that's not happening and severed. A lot bigger problems as far as. Attendance being at all Tom low a thing I don't know what particularly well thought. Reddish orange Oregon TV bill but I remember when the game just being altered channels. You know LeBron at all one's opponent PBS runner repeat the same game later that night nobody knows who these players. You go to malls movie. I think one reason than other players are is because tubby would let you know the players are. The good the. Okay I'm having home for auto ball goes you know it used to be a special occasion while we get to go to it and rolled go to Barbara succeed here. And are probably our 100000 more people out there these go to barber sixty year but you never missed one on television. You never missed a game we knew all the players where you had to favor player. And you know nobody knows these guys are slugs like to work out some kind of a TV contract you know we get those. Fan base familiar with the team again and again Diego alone weapons butts in the seats especially among. Thank you very much appreciate it we'll take one more comedic did it Jeffrey's saying we have to break so these got to be really couldn't Jane runs around your arm. LaBella says yeah okay give we will bolt adult all of because you know everybody kind of scream we won't give me but yeah okay and shall agree that you gong cult committed the big question he's got. I'm glad do we really know the. Why not good actually covered or walled. Here's the today JJ JJ did not happen until he is not meant it's not happened thank you don't we got to go to bill last one Bill Young. Automatic you know that the credit they out and understand is why I was at and there's also the location fertility and not multi. For for dates you doesn't it coming here are very original or your starting sounds. Good point. Tell me did not coming here embracing the Memphis market in the ministry and the Memphis people. He came here like he was doing us a center for showing how the market you're gonna try to save the program was going to let him 120 years of doing. He really despite facing resistance is back mediocrity again and he was unbelievable. Yeah dominated like there was talent here he's like he ran down a lady had a. You really want to make it even worse it does make it look like he that are firemen and started trying to come in and say that show I mean it's unbelievable they want to be more enraged if there's even a consideration. But he's not already gone. And aides put its automatic. About started doing it plus you know he need to be golf may not gonna happen pain away so easily gone. Give them that is guiding you give Canadian hero wants to win who want to succeed for this city not just his own glory and would get this thing going the right way. Billion Ella thanks very much an absolutely. We didn't read back in a moment just opportunities and anatomy is yet. And FM ESPN is Memphis is Ford's place I know this is number one sports station covering. University of them. Coaching decisions like hello this is tremendous news for stationary. We are really story 99 FM ESPN. Internet providers from a small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. 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