Hour 1 with guests John Martin and Dan Devine (8/22/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, August 22nd
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the Wednesday show by listening to Penny Hardaway's comments from a booster event from Tuesday evening. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes John Martin to the studio for their weekly visit to discuss Penny Hardaway, billboards, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes Dan Devine to the show to discuss the latest news from the NBA.

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And anytime anywhere and they bring us today we have the best and least what were let's don't go fast then this is sports station. Now 99 FM ESPN presents Memphis is the biggest sports columnist. HT award winning Geoff Calkins from the daily entry. Geoff Calkins show. 829 yeah. ESPN. News. Intensive manual. And some days the family made. Find out what that is no. Oh what Herman Myers can sit out for three minutes before. What's happening right now different dude dude dude dude dude so you latest is. The board of trustees of the Ohio State University has convened and they have all been present and accounted for. They are now in the meeting to discuss. The he's standing of public employees according to do their work track itself. So low that may happen and if so will break and with the news yesterday. Avenues. Happened right in the midst of our show. That David Moore was transferring. From the University of Memphis or given to bat. A little bit although that was large government felt like on this station yesterday and shakes up I think so also you out. There's a message board Twitter people out there that didn't disappoint. Or well yes people are calling quarters that's. And as predict as predicted. Today we have a full shelters John demo of general here. Learn something about John Martin and is but I want to discuss with him. Plus we'll have his thoughts on all of that stuff. And his son his prediction there's no way to Memphis tiger basketball team can go. I can start slower than ten and three. Dan DeVine you are randomized NBA is 24. Twelve months twelve months a year league now and so Dan DeVine is when people haven't received an odds haven't received five yeah. Chris Harrington is going to be. Back he has some important event in work that he's doing so is that an in studio. But he will be back. Today he has since we last talked to him on his power rankings of the grizzlies schedule is going to be a surprise now we can actually. Talk about that and other matters. Whiff. Chris so we've got that's that's talked about we have more to talk about we have added the possible breaking Urban Meyer news. Whenever that unfolds. I thought I'd start last night. I went to the rebound yours shindig Harold bird it was nice after. Invite me to be rebound here's. Shin Dade. And it was the new practice facility which is fantastic and beautiful and unbelievable and it was actually pack. And the enthusiasm is just off the chain. Three. As you hear the defense so rather than do anything other than get in and get in the way. I have we what what are we we have various rules here are one is. Always try to be looked always give the meat loaf because you made a credible and putting it does it mean look for better putting on the menu. Ordering. Where a lot of rules. Op Ed the other rule lakes are better than no shirt blitzer go to the beach is mine happens Q did you join me that yes I did join you OK and then I and then the others to give him a chance to listen to Penny Hardaway. Ticket right astle and so rather than me sit here and and wax on about the things he says and whenever I just figured it would be best for you. Disarming award they're listen that their most Q where I'll be honest with the it felt like. Model or was so packed that it it felt like most humid there. But for the field you may have missed it. And when you listen to this summer it's fascinating. Sum of its. Interest thing that we did he did finally confirmed what we've really Karen knew which is that members menace would be are over four. And but but I just you can feel the enthusiasm throughout the whole thing both in the crowd. And in penny. And then the other thing about it is you have to realize is is that Kenny when he does these things this was the penny was not going to be quote unquote good with the media or good with the public. Or like public stuff what a joke that is. He just gets up there he does not have a note card if he's not standing in front of a left turn. He just gets up there and starts to talk and it is one big Memphis. Love it. Harold bird introduced them. And this is what happens next. Bob. Please do more for you guys know. Was maybe. You guys here. Why am horror movie it was just amazes. It's. Is this crazy how. Members. This. No TV thomas' career. It was fair for you. Here. It's. The it's true. NBA coach of the year 2000. You mean totally along. We have gone to me. We feel. It's a I'm. This. The team. Really good. You know it was. It was crazy. We missed some good. Cause you see. All. Stay here on business. Want to see me with a guy that. He's glass doors open. Okay. If you read the play good play. We're so it was a much different this. Way. Release me but it's. Usually get home we don't want it more playing defense and if you. It's. And he's oh. We're finding. Yes we can recruit me. Did Palin form they want to. Yeah song. Okay I think it's. Like there's. With the. Big names. All we really feel like. In its quarterly wanna go. Yeah Brazil. We're taking. This thing. This is like and I'm. There was no way to. Why did. I didn't want. The fans we brought. Very first time since always the can't I can't talk about it's. There were recruited. No we are. Yeah Chris reveals. Sam. Peru. It's a little shot here. A lot of pennies all week. Fan and you sent my classroom it is. Plus. There's got to help accomplish something. This song. Well yeah. Yeah we played was six. Okay very. Aggressive stopped us we we. OK leave here at all. Wow me weird where it's in Orlando. Seat Burris. Really when. If you get off to. I ever take anything or anyone else. Parsons was a bit. Here's a cigars and send remittances from. We have a great guards all our cars. Well I think you can use these races earlier so we won't. Well now. These are who. Father of the country's borders. The way it is today feel safe sol a notorious. We'll work on my harness. It would sell. See why we're. Yeah if you just. You it's. There you heard the. Phone mom. It's. Easy to say yeah well. He's oh yeah. The news today I. No talk. What we're we're. So that any different it's just cold Beers. So. To sail. He just played great when we mice aren't. Maybe maybe my ability don't have. It's just how. Yeah. Yeah. UConn. Yeah it. They get home. Fourth with the data. People were. First one. We want to be today. When my car. It's. It's okay. Will Wright hates your right to review these. I'll tell and they don't read it makes you would be content that's. This. You just got to recruit more to. Where. We have a great day for good days into school high school I don't know a hundred saw blades because that's what you play at highest in the news. Always follow. It just worked out perfectly my comedy. Of personal. And in my okay cozy OK okay it was yes I would have been. It was as if there's a lot of was there. It's fast. Dwelling on the scene where. Movies. There's we were given are still. Does not happen over. We're the world's. On a daily basis is cold city. Wide bill the relief to get him an advantage on being there and believe. Right now. This is a foul. We want hey. Players where they're weak government. Well I think there are. Tears. Bloggers please. Forward your goal. You know obviously this is the first hole you know everyone's car. For its first. Hey did you play because it was Q now earlier the big thing and that's the spouses hey you know this hour. We would just. Or DT first you. It's. So there was. Penny Hardaway and to me that. The number innovations. That happens what that's what stood out to me this year A he's having fun. He's totally natural. And then the number grow relations. Yeah I just I just keep thinking back to although. All that knocks against them and thus far East Asia is picked out picked off one by one by one. And again I can I can definitely eat my words but I think the coaching things going to be one of those vastly overrated. Prince. About it is that time again that time around it or Robert Irwin Jewelers to go ahead and try to win some. Freed jewelry in addition though Glenn Robert or doors for other reasons that you will lose focus on and operated they've got bigger and brighter diamonds. Only 510%. Of the diamonds and Ali. Looks that ends up in his. Scorers. David Bacon Julie since 1977. Of you are custom Julie that is your. Place all of those reasons I can honestly they think they they demystify the whole process will put any pressure on it they'll explain you. Take us through the hole. Start stop. 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Hurry to Kroger and save the digital sale Friday and Saturday only select varieties of Jacksonville brought her giant sausages are just 249 with plus Cardin digital coupon at Kroger. Now 829 FM six NBA. Obviously ends. There is brand identities one and you look up and say oh my gosh. Crack on the mall what could that means is. Or floors like a sink in just a little bit what could that mean. And I'm telling us this could mean he got a foundation problems. Good enough for me enough assuming you're able to rationalize what could we have a nation Obama that would be a series Rumsfeld. Puzzled and that's the agreement of both companies serve in the Mets lose out more than a decade and able comes here I was a break. And let you know what the heck is going out and it was your foundation repair crawl space repair bays or proof exactly leveling. I have to do is column 541876554187. Titles and one that experts as to your homes and are gonna say ON the first 200 dollars. The 200 dollars for the employment if you proceed with the federal platinum London next that's extortion and I edited it. And come out Phillips situation to be asked to. And you wanna fix it. Go ahead. And by the way don't forget to invoke my name's Jeff Hawkins at the palace after projects. They don't fix whatever you don't have this whole thing is proliferating figure out why Greg isn't off. No that's Angola could be big downside when he called demons are 54187255418765. Or on the web. For gamers group dotcom job market isn't studio and he went sweater has snowman on it Jack despite yourself. Well well a lot of people don't realize about. 99 is that for whatever ungodly reason they keep it to about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. In these play in these that's. That is some places I do. I did only a very expensive equipment I do want us not to be that cold kid over here I come out and get over Dallas and turned the heat on May have been let us be reasonable there how. There are places there are so many places in Memphis that are so cold in the summer. That I tried to go everywhere with an air conditioning sweatshirt and my car yet you have to you have you do that do you have added I have a warm something what does I'll go to a restaurant. Our red coin. It'll go to radical William Bennett learned teller Parsons natural about that grizzlies and possession represented caused miles arrow in the grass season and that was the red Troy and I was ready I was classless not paper route that was a classless anyway. Acceptable days that it was an. Hey it was caught it tends to be cold in their movie theaters can be so I just had this really hideous looking sweatshirt. The zips in the front slightly and I think green you'll be shocked and now out and then I just I I terror wherever I go I think it's wise to do that I think it's wise than a minute I've learned the way I mean I've learned as you know after five years here. That gave up four. But I finally learned just like where. Long sleeves in the summer. Well at least at least have it available you have to eyes have it available before we get to a sports a nine hey if she always talked about I did ask you about Amanda Borden Colin. I wanted to ask you what your views on a Paul may have afford yeah and and microbe colonies red for the mixed martial bail out five Miata mid very brave men afford to take charge so. No that's Alan I was gonna as your off. Some. Yesterday when we were talking about my billboard which of course we would be if the talk of the town the daily mantra in built boiler. Did that several. The billboards all around town yeah could you imagine that count putting your email address you're gonna everyone and maybe no one negative billboard sanctions so. I'm my hope is is that this is going to this is not so far. The the idea that may be we issued a billboard but for the station but Doug Derosa. So I have the Nokia to billboard's really have no billboards. Both are quarterback. I don't think that's show that you have to build or other event you do have to billboards attitude I have got. Five not a the boast foggy from McCain yeah Basel where drugs are discounting their right. Think there font. Now mind you they're rotating which a little irritating that the digital cable digital the rotating and no valid code and have seen would have liked to would have billboards that not all worse than that. Even the daily meant intramural or amateur every fifth thing right at thing and then every. Both it'll be me yep but then let me go to Sanford. And they'll be Jennifer bit socially just I wanna have billboard really deadly one but yet it's one yet are you here's the thing that billboard to billboard says come home. Needing come home the day we grow local journalism come home to the folks that you've read for all these yours come home yeah home sort of says. When you saw you thought is like a milk box things like come home. Right leg missing you made some reference to it reminded you of one York. I'm not losses out this is a and spill the beans from my guess here is my wife when your wife leaves the house saying she will leave forever it's the kind of billboard that you would put up. It says come home. And that of course prompted me to ask. Your wife leaves the house saying that she's. Never gonna come back so we got a couple fights and our time we've been together for like ten years altogether and so we've had our we've had our remnants never gotten violent. Are parable of the bat I does that have to say that I would I know managers listen well I would they've always. It's never got to the bottom moment think it was. It was and it would have gotten vile but I think things have been said in and so she's left the house saying I'm never coming back there she sees left the house and senate benefit have you. Who leaves the house typical. I mean I guess what whit pick one would say is the man to leave the house who typically in York particularly if you have a fractious. Purely verbal Debbie now this her practice who's the one to stop out of the house get McCarron don't tell and out of the draft. Her an out or use the bomb Cassie that may have you ever left the house. Yeah I am I leave the house ago I wrote an aspect of now. She's the one who leaves the house. And I know is that a modestly on the counties that don't try that crap and what's the longest that she's ever been gone when she leaves the house 45 minutes as she tries delight. We shall do as it was done the past. It's like drive around the neighborhood might try to make you feel like you know. Is John meshing ormat and don't have a caller and don't sell outs are gonna say Cink is he like we have all data. I have a license back and look out on the road are you part through street down don't know anybody down there didn't say that hours. Alamo eyes but almost all the visually summit know I was in my sister's house which is the worst thing ever if you're up by. With your wife he goes they're damn sister does a bad 'cause you don't mean what they do what do what do they do they get the day's talk Tara how bad you dad and and an aid gets annoying because they tag team up on me when they are come in town and it's fun at first but it inevitably there's got to be something that they don't I think typically. May ruin my day in this can. Listen it's not relation demand as the person who stumps out of the house the woman's Ali yeah I think it's usually you know as I did once in my life in my in my marriage. And useless in the minivan outside I went to see the usual suspects. OK is that against the rocket right I was mad and I would leave your limited Miami that at the time it was what. The other rocket the usual suspects are out on the one that has Kevin Spacey I don't know what to do other cell that is yeah yes there are let's face it this was this was that we knew I was there with judge did make a good joke that. Was that a good joke it was considered why was that a good joke and an understanding each episode you know so it's okay because I you have to. Is that over the this this means over my head down to normal so. So thanks for the good jokes are we appreciate it humor interjected into this radio program. They would see the usual suspects I just want stuff and out of the house. And I don't think she got stomped on us and ultimately be both stopped forever threat but but. That's I don't know how much of that is the thing and a relationship. Yeah they got a split roughly down out of the house. I'd would demand late the album I'm not gonna name any names OK but I had but I do have a friend who would Nate when he and his his wife into an argument yeah. He always has asleep in a different room. He how he gets the worst were. He gets the cap. After everything that's BS boy you keep going back to discussion point a to about Tyler who's live and how does that is saying now you're the same exact event added it's crap. I think Agassi whoever the hell you want if you don't want me ever not subsidy about if you don't want mostly they're saying they usually go leaf. Bottom line that happened to. Now normally should just sucks it up and sleeps next for you must be rough yeah. That must be returns are back exactly and they're bound by time the morning rolls around there it is all good scared that's good I'm glad that you're okay. A couple things that was said yesterday anyone anymore to the David moos idea on David Moore a wide. A valiant if Osama I mean I don't blame David Moore on here. I don't even if he what did you like the rumor out there is that he was demoted to third. And I would support him leaving even if he had not been demoted authority to be just lost the job. It was Mia would lead to. What reason why I have to believe I'm ever gonna play why don't why have to bank on bush you the last. F out of left before the competition even started he would have absolutely love that other William integrated and another unit that. You may not the house but you silly little of the universe and message Australia. About bill disrespect that I have to bring in somebody else I don't know in this program for two years and yet I'm so little left to suit his pretty wife came here. Course I would have. You know drowned out a drop down elevenths I sort of assume yes I would left there but that the president that's that's where I'm out what I even if he even if David more just lost the job was gonna be back out. There's I mean everybody wants to play in the N everybody wants to make a career everybody wants to make it AAF Butler so he's not gonna do that on the bed loving gimme a. Small amount of her small other took a exempt from the real world the grip. When I came to the commercial too many years ago there work three. People who want a good job of laying in Al Bunning and had a job yet and they were three columns being groomed. Ron Higgins led the coursing and David Williams and I around. Very shortly after guess what happens accordingly the course and links there because he's a Calkins gonna get a towns we got the same lot eligibility left wanna stand him go to Cincinnati exactly very shortly after guess what I thought brought negatively Ron reagans lived this is part of it really comes out to simulate for the calmest and negative blogs and speak for about your threat of the and we became good friends in whose name became about you begin my boss he decided to jump Olbermann like that that actually is an extra minute than other but it's typical nowadays why am I gonna sit here and wait don't get Merck and company's if two people loved ones vying to be to see no one gets picked to be the CEO the other ones that'll let you know they insist back to CEO you chose someone else I respect your decision on. Mine on a bird with a double. Bart I'm gonna go talk to my sister and your two streets are attacked my sister's back like that got so that evidence and other news was. And I yeah yes and they aren't yesterday penny said. Tournament or bust yes I youth tournament or bust because I had this little optimism floated around including you're saying. The worst they could be as tenants very two start there schedule can go through this very briefly whatever area you're major show man Tennessee tech. Lost at the W a look at Alice. Because of the loss but I mean whatever it's a loss aren't five you have what one and one half or one and one you've got to attend this kind of did win. As a W old bugs are nest empathetic. Oklahoma State. You know when a kid you acknowledges 5050 of course Canada won't be favorite photo call and what OK so they get that when the Madrid Villanova. Offs. Okay they put another wanted to delay. Another one is probably going to be some. Florida State. Could be for a stale as you were you may be likely going to be those who it is we think they are eleven B ports that are you may be in which case on any given the win over either one of those from. OK but but both of you out the bulls in the Florida State its example and a local cinema stated example there's there. Conflicts are yeah yeah but I think they're given their better than what you've given them both conflicts yes I am I gonna I've ever gets in headlines back. Given that one undercut by South Dakota State and get analysis home you're being we have now Tennessee loss. OK so you you've given them three losses to Tennessee to Villanova. And to LSU. And then the two that were. Oklahoma State. And Florida State David's personality but protects tech America's there'd be a good I take Texas Tech is up to go to state that's good they are just they're practically everybody from dividends as they're not losing the south of Tehran. A better today happen I had to say those that they lost you'll be last year set to go to state and Texas Tech is a neutral. Against yeah and I'm now you gave so would you say you can't Symbian worse than ten and three you know I can see them out and I wish I would that's three coin flip games. I also wish I wish I would have. What you're so they can't win I don't know a dozen of the candidates and I'm just saying I'm guessing that's not the worst they could be. Yes I sound publisher would have worded it differently I should just that I am asking them to be temporary I can see them being worse incident I could see them being knighted for. Adding even worse than that I'd be a little disappointed I think the bigger dream I think they're at it like it chairman about the you'd never your purse or coach say that remains. All the level of the level of just. He didn't even care is valued at Sam he does not kick he does not give a damn could tell he says we're gonna high silent recruits. He says are gonna have done and this is sort of on a national championship all three of those things. Some things that you do not typically here for I will deliver and what we were used here in the last two years it's ten years. Is what used to be. Out more about our you have to believe that I just. Ridiculous. Still absolutely. Ridiculous like that I did get. The idea that he had five people on the Internet who worked clamoring for his return is amazing to me that boggles my mind. There are even bought it just shows the people rally around who have addressed some people who rally around whoever my approach. It will whoever's like at a target like they're angry at the same people who were rallying for tubby I sort of got the same people rallying yesterday for David Moore. Want kind of wheel you around entered I'm not rallied that they had my oriental white gonna kill I think there were more people. Blasting David Moore for being acquitted then. Well it's stupid if it was your kid what would you say. And that's stupid as well I think if your kid it's they have little while our I don't wanna watch is on the bench and watch you play summer caregiver dropped down a level. You know. Right now you have to come to go to tournament. Memphis Tigers. And you think. You think that Paris is gonna be oss ranked yet you think that Alex Lomax is gonna be awesome that's where you have to do you think they're gonna be awesome right out of the gates. A mess I don't I'm mats and gonna be like. The you know undefeated or anything like that but I do come really really returned the favor our loves best parts of that mediocre team last year and they add to it. A top 26 recruiting class I think those two things plus the fact that they see is not a great league this year. I think that's shapes up and said she won't for a tournament run absolutely. That they missed the turn at bat there on the bubble they miss a turn and like I'm not gonna. And I'm not going to be like going to be hurt my on the campaign. John thank you very much we appreciate you joining us and we will talk to you and always enjoyed. After that have gone to integrate any none of them is there. Continues to. Unscented well. Friday night September 28 at 6 PM. It's in 1990 ESPN. You're good. Today this is near firefighter Raphael or yes firehouse subs and I got your lunch plans for today. Ready to go introducing firehouse subs new Ford 99 choice subs. Choose from medium smoked Turkey breast Virginia honey ham or UST choice throws. Loaded out your choice of fresh veggies and you can even spicy stuff above thanks firehouse subs awesome selection hot sauces. And remembered the part of every set you buy helps provide lifesaving equipment for first responders so don't settle for just sound premise of the helps make. Save time of the firehouse subs at or by ordering online at firehouse so dot com. Medium for 99 truly sounds. 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That they're willing to talk about it but they seem to be talking about it and that's something they should be talking about your thoughts. Yeah I mean its lead to huge it's huge topic and there's a lot of the a lot of elements that go into so I think it's it's kind of appropriately. Again you know it can work on getting their arms around at the very big weight jacket a mom got a huge five part story this week out because. There are many many facets talking to many players many of whom had not. Publicly disclose some of the things that they're that they discussed in the end in the story so I think it. I really worthwhile read for you have irked at the state people to follow. And there are people like you know like Kevin Love DeMar DeRozan who had previously disclosed. There individual issues that you are going to greater detail on it stuff like that. I think it it's good it's. Broadly. Great that this is being discussed more openly a bit more players feel comfortable. Opening up about it a technology that they are. You know personally affected and they'd need to know leading wide ranging effect of some of these issues whether depression or anxiety or. Test of compulsive disorder or addiction you know we all these days the whole white speed does. You know that damaging behaviors and need a mental issue that sort of fall under that adding that mental health. Talking about it a great first step absolutely you don't read OTT stigma typing it legitimizing defeat the sense that if you yourself had to had to. Experience and these things whether or use. Pretty and so it or talked about as anybody you're not like you know you are now he's not alone by the hole like a lot of people you watch on TV dvd would it ever volatility certain things are dealing with them I think that if they. Very good seeing broadly for people that. Maybe lower the bar for people to be able to talk about it and aero wise if they're going through it. I think what comes next. For the NBA ought to be very interest then. Because you know part of one of the things there's sort of tucked pins says it did Jackie longest series days. But at this becomes they create bigger issue a bigger topic of discussion in the league. Yes some owners once you have more visibility into what their players' mental health issues are like may he'll be more. They are quick medical records. On what players have been no discussed with Derrick has served in Medicaid for things like that. And that it separately it also tucked in is that the majority of players the Jackie says she spoke to. Has said they got they believed it needs to complete confidentiality on this issue it echoes. Does that in the dead Michelle Roberts the players association has has noted before. This is the big thing but can come right you know you know it's one thing to say. You know we get full players full medical report before we decide if we're gonna tied to long term contract when we're talking about light. Well we peaked at a bad knee injury that we data we heard rumblings about. This is a very different sort of new frontier in terms of that kind of openness and discussions so. Yet the union can need to be involved in that individual players to get and he says you know volatility really devastate on that. And we're told he can ownership goes on that ought to be really interesting and I mean the biggest thing that I've written about this you know and four months ago I talked to Roy white. About. His experience with. He's sort of that really at the forefront of a lot of these discussions and full years ago. Drafted by these other Houston Rockets generalized anxiety disorder diagnosed that people knew that with him coming out of Iowa State. And things fell apart pretty dramatically for him only run the place three NBA games never for the rockets. You are now playing over in Canada and I talk to and that's about what happened there and he got from his side of the story a lot of it is. You know DC bill that the players won now what they have put in place. In terms of plans and the idea that they need to be safe formalized process for dealing with these things if you wanna have that information about my my mental health stated. That he to have serious certain security that you decided it. All that stuff he was talking about that and he did we got drummed out of the league. All over at peace feed itself. I a lot of these issues have been around for awhile but he would carry the only guy talking about the for a long time and now. If you got a drumbeat from a lot of other players I think where it goes next but he really really interest and. Good things about all that one as I do think it's still. Hard for. Us people who live in a regular home mortgages and and not vast amounts for whatever reason we can't get our minds around the fact that. Rich successful people. Might also have. I'm medals struggles but of course absolutely an element of course they do. Whether it's Robin Williams or Kevin Love or the idea that because you've cashed in your pocket. You are immune to this is silly particularly when much of it is. A physiology physiological not and anything else. The rest the other thing that you bring up is really fascinating because as a team. I can know if you were valve in your heart is not working appropriately I can put you through every test to make sure that it is working. Appropriately. And yet and I know everything in the NFL you strip down to your underwear and I get to you know. But I but it's a totally different deal. If I wanna know if your Bible. For example that is a totally different deal you would think it most workplaces. Where there addiction issues where the metal hill. People do is set up its most workplaces there there's a long line they set up these anonymous. Called this number to get help we acknowledge that is not something we should necessarily. Know about but it is very tricky and as you point out and it in an industry where they do know everything about your health. Except this time and this is different. I guess you don't. It ended up at its huge and it it say it they really big part of you know what a player you know of what goes into making a player you know undecided that I don't want things are discussed in these god these stories is. You know whether or not. Teams that fairly is if a player it diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD. And whether he would even want that guy are be medicated because. It might you know make him less. He's active are energetic. Ai in play or whether a player frankly would want to be medicated for that because that might feel like they're sort of taking that job and there's no I think. What makes it very difficult it. You want a uniform do what you want this to be able to be dealt with it a uniform way where everyone's sort of understand the degree on the of the rules the lay of the land. You're also dealing with a much more individualized. It's you know gets set of issues and potential diagnosis than any other way that things manifest and players' lives been. We know what different priorities are so I needed because. I think. And we are scratching the surface that you know tell a media covering the we get the league itself the eight Shiite give them. You know we've we've sensitivity as regular an awful lot below the circuit that we haven't seen yet. Needed the water level is receding a little bit we're seeing more and more but. Do waive this sort of manifested then do it illegally make decisions is gonna be really interesting to see because I think he's going to be a lot out. Some people do your teams in the league to have that out a certain amount of power in the discussion via negotiation because they're the ones that write the checks. We just. Probably have to eat something on that for players to feel comfortable with it and we know the negotiations on that why they are gonna just to see how contention that it we've seen a lot of you know. Gestures towards solidarity are you now you know united front from the audience overlap regime in the NBA in the show Robertson says if she did over the players' association. I wonder if that would sort of remain in the good state there. I carried the day or you know if you're talking really I don't think I need to know exactly what's inside every everyone I players' heads if that winds up being a really big battleground there. Talking to Dan DeVine from Yahoo! Sports on Twitter at your command and I'm couple other. Things real quick since we last spoke Melo has gone to Houston you have written about it. What do you think about the fit. I think. The other I don't necessarily believe that he's totally cook I think you know I think he's. He very there'd be a world in which. Playing alongside. James Harden and and Chris Paul who are you know play makers first. And then scored second Jenny it's weird to say even that Harden has been such. Prolific scorer but he can keep the people that are yet to no way to the weighted you do did you sort of turned over to him at the point guard Mike and Tony got that. And dilute those guys being able to finish so I cannot I think. Could it resulted in a better situation for Carmelo that he had alongside Russell Westbrook can and Paul George last season but. I remain real skeptical that. At Carmel that you can equal coming off the bench or in real skeptical of Carmel edited in the cool. Didn't 89 shots again and pretty much only also catch and shoot opportunities sound that you know we don't know even a fairly for sure how effective he's going to be and that kind of role considering. He knows all of his you know shooting numbers and everything else really tracked down last year when he was plugged into that role. And then gets before he got let the defensive side of the also I'm skeptical about the fit and skeptical that it really get used in meaningfully closer to. Knocking off the warriors. But I think. I I didn't go I know a lot of sort of Smart basketball mind there that you know the might be in better position figured out but. I don't know the Carmelo if he's the kind of player put you over the top anymore even though he might still be a valuable player for that over the course of the regular students. And then finally CJ McCollum is sort of continue to make news as the guy who hates dream and these are. I'll be honest I'm kind of with CJ McCollum on this but it doesn't normal lot of it does not earn him a lot of a positive I'm press offense eject. I think if he had just think things like note she's in the Colin has been very sort of immediate forward person to mediate yesterday journalism school and it's almost like he's already on inside the NBA already up.