Hour 1 with guests John Martin and Dan Devine

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, June 13th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins his show by discussing Robert Pera's public appearance on the Chris Vernon Show and offers his thoughts on the interview. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes John Martin in studio to discuss SmackDown Live at FedExForum, changing interests, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes Dan Devine to the show to discuss the NBA offseason, interest level during the era of the Warriors dominance, and more.

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The official who. And today to listen. Now 929 FM ESPN presents the closest biggest sports columnist. Is he award winning Jeff cook pins and know Jeff cook and show. Here. 829 essay. ESPN. News. You can zoom manual. Something new car. Let me guess. Or as our college days seven when I'm. I know what. I had an air conditioning problems. And I'm this and Peru now but that I have downstairs or oh okay so I have got the if you had two units OK we are obvious then you're you're you're. Now ice he'll sleep upstairs. Move out there I could sit on a couch the dogs would never leave me alone. So air conditioning. And allowed people just one thing I don't on the air conditioning you realize that to put in a whole new system. Is a fifteen grand now seven. Did you want a new up and down two systems would be like fifteen but I got it seems to be and they may pull us sermon and I just knocked it around I don't understand the people would have liked the actual you like there was so like every financial player doesn't have the rainy day fund. I don't know I didn't credited. I I do know people with a rainy day fund that I know people who probably like I'm an American I'm not gonna get into his finances but I assume Brad Martin. Could fixes are Beers and rightly so when if you're one of slowly write us a man. But I am. Yeah yeah all the time they're people if there's if your disposal goes on it agreed to a lot of hoopla and other people who can't do that to get put on the got a guy right right but. But 7000 dollar that's half McCullough. At least for me it's Afrikaner. Prefer just to have the same they see that you had yesterday. A ball the thankless thing spend money on adding the number one is a roof. I don't roof is like vote the most yet all I think the worst one is a tree removal. But 30 yeah you don't do that there's little brother have the street right again last. And there's no pleasure it's only bad debt yesterday removed. And that's incredibly expensive if you actually get someone who's bonded and license which you should. Otherwise some Albrecht an act it's very tempting to go the non bonded licensed levels and I do to get cheap Ali and IE alum I have an escaped so far you're. You're supporting local business I'm supporting. I'm a supporting. People just come to America would have to build a better way of life so unarmed suspect is as. But dreamers ams I'm supporting dreamers energy and then there. And then the roof I've had one of those recently cool boy I did use the old. If you have made pumping your roof are call Los insurance company we can get your new roof on I'm not workable to me and it worked. Why well yeah every big deductible but that works that sounds like a scam when you hear about on radio. It it it isn't at least it wasn't in my instance whenever like that actually work. It was a whole. And and little column label and I'll zero so there. But now they say that I get around the AC. Actually signed up for one of these. These home insurance companies really supposed to come out you know you pay sixty bucks a month a muscle pose a risk and there are people is sixty bucks a month name on the fiction stuff. Whatever you paired a hundred dollar service in May but that if they'll put on a 7000 dollar commission system forming he got to wait thirty days it was not a pre existing condition. But I don't think I can sweat for thirty days I don't either because we actually I'd somebody's less than witnesses discussions were walking downtown. We didn't have spring this year we went from winter. This summer amazingly hot now and but anyway I think that I imagine that once they happy ones there but he data showed John mine's gonna join us he's gonna roll and John and I Jeffrey were both. At wrestling last nights in my best friends Samoa Joseph didn't. She who. Just what ever else what else it has while the W as well as bad for what it's about. Did Samoa Joseph wait and he seemed tired so members of one reserve once you lost yes. A little surprised. He looked great he was gracious. But he did have seen beautiful LA and sometimes felt I shootaround if they if the team has that are not percent I sort of thought for Samoa Joseph that. He wasn't. It was one of those days you just wanted to do was get real manager today maybe too much media yesterday this wolf we'll talk to joke about it. That and more heart and minds can join us talk about the NBA lottery is in the news now see this tell me. Is not gonna talk about a contract extension. We can officially say caraway carries a weirdo. Net net we're just out hitting the boy I mean he's excellent the flat earth thing I did you ever seen a picture of the air it's curb demand just look we. Trolling us. 14100. Anymore this is you can look at pictures of the earth. ESP trolling us though right now he's not he's just weird and and he's just weird and and thinks he's being able actual. Where I got my dad being stupid yes. Well like Dennis Rodman for example. But in a different light but Iowa so Kerry is a Zach. I would love to get traded from the Celtics. I loved your code your your theory of harsh impact Cleveland doesn't have any hard and mines can address that percentage. Will join us as well plus there's the most fat ass crazy story. Out of and I know this it doesn't necessarily have appeal because of hockey again. But it is believe me it is a bad ass story out of hockey involving. Crazy. I'm not pigeon holing amount out of this they're truly this is not saying that that. Calling crazy wives are a thing any more than crazy husbands are thing I think people are pretty crazy girlfriends or thing anymore crazy boyfriends I think it took matters. Gay boyfriends are a worst thing can they tend to beat. There's a violent and physical so. Eight crazy stockings boyfriends are much you you don't mind crazy girlfriend girlfriend's tend to be much less lessons Glenn Close again hitting much less. Yeah but this is a cool ray's story out of Ottawa plus. And laughter miniature football. Yeah I did I was garden. If you're amid high school football team your blog minute deicing the public if I was hopeful outlook some miniature let's a lot of talk about that is that the honorable members because he's Robert Paris spoke yesterday. It's uninteresting things. He said. That he expected the grizzlies if market might stay healthy. Did not say if Chandler do not include Chandler and that okay market back in the entire interview the words Chandler Parsons were not not uttered. Which is probably safe way to go. But. Acceptable dish yeah. The the the now what that was actually refer to TJ entourage and you have so he said that it if market might stay healthy whom the team is gonna win fifty games next year or more. I'm not mocking and understand that's what he said well you are you are. I'm just tell airport the facts what effect. I completely dis here. Could you imagine. A scenario. Whereby if market might stay healthy they win fifty games no because I can't. Does the rest of the league get worse. I only imagine as they were every single thing goes right they could win more than markets helping. Mike is healthy. Type reap returns and the drafting the rookie of the year Dylan Brooks continues to progress. Chandler's healthier than then typical America say healthy. Actually can't have a 5% chance 3% chance to imagine a 5% chance weather would pit the inspector. Maybe even a 7% chance with a look at the games are here. OK but I don't I don't think we are fully accepting how bad the rosters right now because even if you would add Mike healthy last year. I mean might get mark health we have never not one games. They've never been sold. On the stipulating that they're healthy and full of them and vigor. Okay the big I think ERE got hit on Tyreke resigning his idiotic hit on number four gig out OK so you get here here's what I here's how they win fifty games OK I don't believe they wolf that wouldn't have the right I understand here's how they went fifty. Today I dumped dockets falls to them hey he's urging the market Mike are healthy they play each 78 eappen north of celebrity game that. Lots of minutes an hour at an odd bounce back season there at their air that bit there as good as they have ever done okay. Com or close to write in their place as a new market might as well he did two years ago. And Marcus plan is not necessarily. All world offensively but in very effective defense ivory comes back. As a stud once again. And and Chandler plays an effective. Chairman plays in sixty games and plays twenty minutes a game. He's he's he's good at it at dawn Brooks continues to take a step. Sell them goods sold and continues to take a step. That's so every question mark out to the grizzlies on every question market needs to be answered positively answered positively that they can win fifty games. Are a role model and then they can't have fifty games. I think it's a real stretch I think if he really expects them to look if he really expects them to win fifty games. It's interesting if that is the view of the organization that they expect to win fifty games I would editor at that if that's his actual. If that's his sort of delusional. Think I think what Chris Harrington view is is the right one which is this is probably the first time ever that this team win something and authorities. They've always been really bad. Or pretty darn good and this is right likely to be just Canada but nothing's going right and Lleyton that. If market like a healthy they'll probably win in the thirties okay. So that was one thing that he said there was and secondly you said the exemption was the team is here for the long haul. Good here. There was nothing behind that there was nothing like tightly said that about. The grizzlies in Vancouver. Still good to hear it better than a quick little started didn't say listen we'll see how it plays out right it's a small market obviously depends on support. Oh or anything like that he didn't say like that he said the team is here for the long didn't leave little room. I didn't say and were redoing the lease police is now through 2020s. Spread out and I think there's. And we're gonna redo their lease and we've put an extra protections I'm content like that he just said the words. But it's better than not saying the words our country. I'm he said about. About picker staff which I thought was very interest and he talked a lot about team culture. And he talked a lot about said the picker staff was. The right man for the job not just because first we'll look at there'd been too much turnover. Right. And had been too much turnover and that continuity actually mattered in this instance in a way that it. More than had and it's it's your we've gone through mightily gone to Yeager and you've gone to visit to L there's something to be said for not just. If for something be said for continuity the players like him etc. can glitter and many also talked about the things that we want embody as an organization. Humility. Class character all those things he started out I think as he evaluates draft picks. He starts to realize it's not just athletic system not just individual workouts that those things really matter in those things matters organization. And then picker staff embodies those things I think those things are wrenching as it applies to Michael Porter junior by the way which we'll get to in a moment. Because all well I'll I'll get to that now that's the other thing is that it was a that is a thought I thought made sense a blue eyed while all I definitely given me I'm on the board I was aboard a British are to begin work. On the draft he's he said those things he said we need eighteen of character we need to team you start to realize there's in this league are so many mean guys are so much entitlement. And we need players who. Will work. To get better who don't have that who. And that could mean don't have talent. He didn't say that but he said have these other other things matter more than you think they'd and he talked about and in this company till the heat at one meet people in the company. And I honestly. If that's true. In addition to having a bad back Michael Porter junior if that's true. He's got character raps I might as the team that is draft did. Wade Baldwin yes character wraps right I mean it's it's so. So it was he just say. What does he mean that. That was a a a interesting thing amendment and shooting is just just generally. He is a really good talker for someone who doesn't like to talk and be told wonderful stories about. Starting a business and how he got into the business and everything else and what makes him tick and army told the great story about how. He when he was an apple after his first year he was trying to do all the stuff. And his had and is is that his name them the manager. Came to a lot of fun because he's trying to kick as he was trying to. Change the world right after the next year he said that with this I'm just gonna work in my own apartment developed around stuff sort of working on the stuff became ubiquitous. And that year the manager game four out of five that you really hit your stride. And and that just frustrated heck out and that's why does what he does you can hear his passion. Talking about you basically and what they did and so for all those perspectives. I thought it was a fascinating interview and I thought. And it it it it the other thing he said is one reason he hasn't done as many interviews recently. Is that. It because school of the ownership stuff right yes. And there are two wishing things about that one as you just wanna talk about the ownership stuff but secondly he said he always knew he was gonna by the team 100% knew he was gonna by the team. But and this is simply true if you set if you are look like an owner who's credibly involved in the team loves the team at center. He says I can't give off signals that I'm going to buy the team a 100%. Or else. They would put in the at the basket price at five billion dollars just so to me but besides his. So maybe it's actually you can imagine that staying away from the team a little bit was part of the grand strategy. Parry no parent and one team anyways I have an impromptu games he. So all I was very interest and I think he is interest thing and I think Vernon who does the interview is a superb interview. All those things are true. I also think it's true. And another was evidently a fight that I missed about this on Twitter yesterday as I just missed it completely. It's also true that he would be better off the organization would be better off if he would say those things. At a press conference where we're looking at what when they're trying to get people in the FedEx Forum watch Samoa Joseph into right he's on the great city media he's someone us he's no Jason and Jon he's on TV he's. Everywhere we try to get the message out right where some would you ever everywhere. Right everywhere starting at 5 AM so if you're trying to get the message out. You put Paris everywhere you you that's what you do you just have an open press conference and you put him every. And this is no slam or Chris who is a great interview but he simply as a paid employee of Robert terror at a game the last time when he was here. Ended a long heated the last interview rob repair is a great relationship there are apparently is a great interview Jabber but he should also about repression under everybody it's just like. It's obvious it would be as if Donald Trump would just interviewed by people paid by Donald Trump. Doesn't the best hitter in the world there's a certain. There's just there's a certain credibility issue with when you're only like. When you're only would be is if I'm there were only interviewed Kelvin C. I drug companies are gonna be a greater New York it's not get at thought I just like literally and you could get the barrel. Yeah and you can pick the best interview in the world and put on the payroll and they can ask the exact same questions. And there's this perception and it's weird because Garrett talked all about how perception matters in dealing with fans. And yet daddy didn't seem to be aware at all of the perception that with fairness you know what questions when I asked. Which ones and here's ordinary or awards that were not mentioned. David visited. What is the biggest thing gonna happen this fast here in terms of dysfunction in that David just did it. Here's another one markets old roll in Davis is now that's how often he talked to him what that does not mention. I'm Jenna Bush and not mention. Here's no and I mentioned Chris Wallace's job security wise to finish the lead came when he missed a jeopardy after draft after after after expect not Russian. And how you you're gonna stay here Idenix families. Unless you and maybe Christians and get to those questions. Again Christie they're here. But literally. The questions that we're not asked were Tisdale. Gemma Parsons. Chris Wallace. Extension. Older. Ones. And let's all doors can't tell that I think you get asked every single one of them but my mom right word toward the tension. And probably guess why you interview. Again it was a fascinating interview. Great interview. And I've no doubt that if that big big Chris could have gotten interview if you were interviewing never worked anywhere else that the qualified. But he. Or anywhere else now he works for the in house paid media outlet. And so if there is say there's a lot of talk about perception and media and whatever else on there and so the perception becomes the perception. And so that's all I do think in the final question is is that there is there any obligation for an honored talk at all. Some do some don't my own view is. Is that why you pay 250 million dollars as a community. To build the building and which team place. Some obligation to talk. I'm that it took to ex talk about your particularly when there is issues of commitment to the city etc. There's some obligation. To talk and address on your commitment to the city. Not all of Donna Reed and just be like nicely. A year maybe some Lanka. And then furthermore I think for this organization. In particular there's some organizations exactly for example I you don't I don't know what you hear from the San Antonio alone. I one way or another. But there's no question about who's running the show there where there is leadership at the top there is it's popped talks. We know what the story is I had talked bird cheerfully but we know the story is just popped talks. And I got no idea if the owners of the Celtics talk to Danny Ainge talks. And dangerous run in the show there and so you know he talks here where there is confusion about leadership direction vision all that stuff. Or reason for him to talk. Is not the biggest deal in the world and get the interview was fascinating. Fascinating analyst bill last night as I was walking around the neighborhood get my 101000 steps and but but. I now do steps but. It didn't but wouldn't think that Asia is in arguable like you can do a great interview discusses particularly good at getting all that stuff about his background and life and what she'd like aegis get a real sense that when Chris does an interview. What would it be better for him to talk to the non payroll media question would be an arguable as an inning also silly. I'm so. That was my view one I missed the whole brawl that was going on between I don't know what members of the media. But but that is my view of that right John Martin is gonna join us next just go to Germany Humana and. 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Three items three items third item 25%. Off at or call and it says here. Quantity is not limited. These girls started sooner we do that you to restart I don't swing by. Pick up some people's republic of swine. Barbecue. And I get your dad something that he really well. Love and we'll just have to pretend to love as the case itself call John Mark joins me now. Done. What what happened. Took some GO. What did avenue Samoa here at all white people not know he won or lost this. He just lose it doesn't matter little resentment he was it was a low blow right down low and they don't look when it's talking only to all of you blow blow was not camera yes are there. It it blends together cannot say some than Cher and and it I might have said this with you before I ever heard Samoa Joseph before gasoline now without no way now. A nice guy that never heard of them no of course not should dial. Are now how big bird the rock. Yes Samoa Joseph is not in that started here seeing what John Sina which is named Justin that a net service period deficit Mozilla had just seen a a herta I I heard of those that my favorite guys the guys you know telecast and Eleanor I've entered them acquired him but right now I love home. Even though they don't exist what does a level of Simon and Garfunkel even though they are actually exist together anymore yeah sadly one insect and sellers and a guy today. An and any had a good career you know BA he being we've wrestled and Maria Monterrey you may be a player who would Samoa Joseph bit. Let's give credit Perkins are now on he wouldn't be data secure. Count on Justin Thompson now and also not that it really key he's good clay Thompson he has a very good role he's very good at it. You're not gonna you're not gonna say he's the greatest surge about. Nice pattern amid the clay is I think Claes a loft the expected yeah I think clay clay it's a style here and the data out I don't know it's it's a good question but I think he's like a you know he's like that young. Like fed yeah Colombia is like you know perfectly good that is more or less obscure than. Interest in Thompson I don't talk I don't look good MBA player houses and not so Serge Ibaka surges and recommend an all star. As it may be power I don't know so given him that you know okay. But it was what I wanted to say was. You know I and I've always you know I've always held the WWE in the WA BF more importantly near and dear to my heart. But the more I go to these events they come around twice a year I go to ever single one I'll have an interview would you know whoever they're trying to around and I am glad after I'm dumb of them but the fact. Could effect of the matter of minutes. Floppies that we will tell you that your that's fine. At. I settlement of Israel that we almost sent. But the more more I go to these guys the more I realize I I frankly just and so detached from it like I'm so that I'm I'm I'm I'm not going to say I'm getting too old for it. That audio get offended about I'm not saying I'm too old weren't. But I am saying but I find myself less and less interested in what is happening. I don't know that's a result of me now watching and on a weekly basis or the fact that it's just not very good. So yeah I'm I'm I'm wrestler and wrestling note I did with that act. I think it is a direct result right now that wrestling is dominated by a guy that we don't have very much interest and with Roman rains and because I'd EC like on Monday night Monday are always very good but then if you look at why Monday night brawl is very good on Monday. Essentially Roman had about twenty minutes on the show and they kind of did away within in the they let everyone else do what they do like get a very entertaining. Segment with a Elias and Seth Rollins yet Kevin Owens throughout the show was very popular and very good he was kind of the thread throughout the show than you had. Alexa you had you got to feature all these other people but when they decide to focus on Roman it's suffocate the show and it just leaves you go and I just don't. Here death and I also think that they did that fact of the matter is this Jeff they're just not as. They don't push the envelope as they used to. I just a fair and they don't and can't company the answer is not did this silly dances are good well it's just like you got to understand it's like. You you came up I know about you did you watch the but I came up after this before during the attitude era. And the bid to products even other of the same name they they couldn't be more different. They just couldn't mean it it's like to present the publicly traded company they're now move in the box you know they it's it's definitely way more family or which is a Smart business play. I did it save for the forty like for the 4627 year old meek who grew up with that. Also I can't blow that buried at this is also true and I think my listeners. About had been should know if other Citron. I do think as you get older. Sports generally and the stuff mattered to you once for a lot of people. Does not matter of music is the same Washington. Music matters the most to you I've made him one on me unlimited I think it matters the most to you. One year in high school and like me that's music to plugged in everything you listen and everything fine it and your life by music the music that. And then in east might still listen to music and might still it just matters less why could you try to get your kids to school. Know what you just worry about anything really and that is true well it's also true in sports right it's why. When you are. The time when you know the most people signal attempt on my son knows every statistic. I know fifteen year almost said he knows everything god man you just rattle off statistics he knows everything. Fifteen you do it's why I can tell you the New York Yankees infield when I was a kid but can't that right. And and and I think we've become less interest did I'm still interested in the grizzlies and the sports I cover whatever else I think as you get older and you're not married you've got a tough couple. Lair levered and I'm sorry celebrity Italy there was some sort of so some of designer Dodd and if you're married you gotta you gotta levered total got other things up. I think these things these other the things that mattered more had put particularly its music and sport that now for all people right it's possible it could tell you there's just as much. About music and work out and it has a job. But but he would anyone. I think OK I think probably Qaeda but for me. Did you think that's true idol you just care less because there are other things you care more about everything I have to do in life beats you down. It's evident that the world and guys become cynical and its flight gets lie your wife gets larger units is worrying about MI gonna get deferred the though they might gonna get there Peter Frampton album when it first comes out. Its web I don't know why. I actually thought how. I didn't get my kid on his mission trip to Jamaica that's you know who's gonna pick him up I can't relate what I got to go to not a good to Chicago this we gonna pick a bad from college school is gonna pick up here at the airport. Coming back from measurements and shipped to Domenica good for Peter and woes is is anyone gonna be at. Enders prison concert but he's going odds like how. That's what I'm worried about right now I care less about. Music it's quite a tournament you have more going on an idea and I am I not typical anyone it was apparent out sub but but that's it. I'm glad you got that out. I'm glad that was did you get that out America's it's great when it matters less than maybe that's true like I don't know I mean I don't know if that that is guy I don't think wrestling is good anymore there's a Memphis tiger football for an injustice yeah he does have a radio show on Memphis senator from Bolter is a big super fan I'm drives to fifteen games a year if there were fifty there's not progress but it does he said that he's got. 227. Straight road games or what laugh and he is he's stopping by next week. Where if Al costs are going to be in studio next week I'm looking forward to that I did. I think is just as much sir lady Laura Bush push that they have they Ramallah but I think he's the exception I mean there are exceptions for sure. I'm not one of them. But I have your telling me give you heard entering my mind telling me that because I'm 47 years now get more about the Memphis Tigers when you were. It's the most what do what makes you funny that I used to like when I was when I was 151617. Years old the Memphis tires were my damn life. Exactly how much you talk about it until about a now which is pretty much nonstop back. You cared more I'm really living out my eyes my childhood stories every day just. When I just have bring on like Kazaa and when Osgood did sixty shed more harm when you're 56 you said. I care now because my livelihood depends on it right. So care elite. Analysts have. Yeah I mean I guess I guess not I guess if you're tell meg can't that I can't whereas they are where you have have lost a lot has happened on the draft lately. Yeah the rumors the stuff what do Michael Porter now worked out yet a Jerry Jackson is at a mock a monster work out. Thanks things have happened. Where are you now what are you hoping for what's the lesson area. Well that's the scenario situation evolved as dead fueled this diva and obviously I can't carry as much about the draft is idea when I was six. But but I still do care about it a little bit. And so debate you ask me what the best I can hope or is is that Donovan go ponies right in the dark it's balls before. That's you're still in English so anti attention to politics you have switched live to our borrowed a have you ever heard of revolving you haven't seen as it ever ball delivered changed her mind having god forbid rarely. Have you have you you have to get a proof profession I don't I can't care anymore corner and I can't take you haven't jumped to the Michael Porter. Trent I mean I would be okay Michael Porter as long as you know it looked as I was saying I figured pare back. Let me ask us. Your big board. Yet the John Martin big board yet including everybody yep what's that two of the top five players in order on the John Martin big board the grizzlies. Yes guys so number one would be dodges. Morning and if you had a chance to live the number one well good that I'm just saying you know delicate young suggest that regard. Yes no on the on the job a lot of big board dodge which is number one yep aid would go to. Baddeley three. Jerry Jackson before. Obama would be five. So not like the border would not be on the mile on the John Martin top five lord Obama. Would be ahead of him that's fairly shocking to a I don't think it's shocking and Ali considered as does his physical. Now these are these are the heat they won't draft mobile Americans I'm Obama and you're asking our bureau and that's. From your big board your own personal big board yeah I mean it goes arena it's just one yeah. Begley took me into it too badly curry Bagley three here in Jackson wore her mom of five and I'm Clinton. My reporter into this because I just don't know what I'm getting. But from my health standpoint from a health perspective. Says this isn't. It's an asterisk the last thing I want to ask you care about this as much as you ever have I got expected to care more about hockey right now that your head in your life. A gun powder. Because this story out of Ottawa is you know this are you aware mr. No it's hockey the wife of Ottawa Senators captain Eric Carlson OK he's one of the five best players in the war. Eric house and there has filed an order of protection against the fiance. Of one of Carlson's teammates. Alleging harassment and cyber bully can Melinda Carlson this is Eric's wife yet. Alleges that market kerik. Posted hundreds of derogatory online messages aimed at her and her husband. Kerik is a longtime girlfriend of senators forward Mike Hoffman. A guy. So you got her to get to Carlson's yeah you got Hoffman and his longtime partner and she's putting hundreds of derogatory online messages. About the Carlson's. And and on the end and including this one. The Carlson had a child. Named Axel. Who was still born in March yep. Monica kerik has uttered numerous statements wishing my unborn child debt. Coastal said Carlson said in a sworn statement also claimed that care quote. Uttered that she wished I was dead and that someone should take out my husband's legs and his career. Monica characters posted over 1000 negative and derogatory statements. About me as a professional. Hoffman has denied access but to other wives. Have come forward and applauded the the Carlson. For having the bravery to come forward finally after taking this abuse. The crazy thing ever in your life not. I wish I just I hope I leave it from that very confused. Was what is amazing about it does a lot of and names that I don't know. You know I bigotry that it's hockey. You know it's not that hard to follow our news Samoa Joseph and I'd never heard it though wants. Hoffman made derogatory comments about Carl girlfriend a Hoffman former girlfriend has closed up. Comments trashing the Carlson's and wishing that child. Who turned out that it. And then your stand there there are other team lives that have come out and applauded and apply rules and thousands from the woman for finally she's gonna be as he said. We know that she wanted to keep this private but thank heaven that she finally had occurred and I'm glad you already knows what would you like to ask me about it the thing you've ever heard in your early on in the kind of teenage drama there's ever been on the grizzlies for example right but there's there's been way. There's been his goal red Iraq but that was easily could be like Zacks why if post at all. Line comments about Tony thousands of them yeah and pushing his little fresh had not strange like it's its weird that's strange it's deemed a Angel is she should be made to arrest her. Put her in the same cell as the kennel mom the book club what in the kennel. Are put herself. And the caddie out did you did you defend the kettle mom's absence from. I'm I'm absolutely you said standing firm in favor because now I'm on it all starts and makes it now and I hear you talk about how your kids are all over the place you probably I was like Muslim candidate doing easier I know they ought to be a lot easier for kids right now equity ownership and they were gonna have Wendy Thomas on the show. And jackets can guard ash and entitlement talked to windy about what she thinks of all of that. Really yeah Kim Kardashian we know we are internally with our she don't. She's here I think she's meeting with the woman that she got pardoned. The woman she got a part that's intense yes we're to talk to Wendy about that very topic that's also yeah everybody wanted Bennett direct message Kim Kardashian and she's not coming out so far and I don't think she is coming on yet but we're working we are endeavoring to give you got a positive. Kudos to promote her new app and forget commode gee thank you sir I hear back. That is John Martin deadline coming up next after that the sentence have got a 99. That means. Have you tried that tackle. Faculty is changing the way people get small jobs and chores done it simple and easy to download the tackle and a June the Georgia only completed and hagel will connect you with an approved provider who can tackle that sure housecleaning and yard work furniture assembly and hauling off junk. Just a few of the things you can take off your to do list. T hey Jay bell. 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And the best guarantee in the business 365. Day return policy on. On on things that you create yourself. She decides. You know what I thought or. Something goes wrong and we know the things can go wrong in love. Return to raise. Only a year later and get your money back pick another medical supply that oath. Rob Letterman jeweler is a local guy loves Memphis and U glove is that time it's we're joined now by. Dan divine your man divine it is the end of the season of course he covers basketball. For Yahoo! home on Twitter at you are and DeVine joins me out tentative. I'm very logic I don't. Good. So way yen if you can on the well but in this. In the wake of this week. There was once again in the back in format is this good for the NBA is this bad for the India is this good is this bad and you had. People staking out their positions on either side to. And a and then a lot of the good for the NBA people with similar write it and get them there ratings come out and they are dramatically down. The ratings for this year's finals were dramatically down such that when ESPN was talking about the ratings they were only comparing him for example against other sweeps or against historical averages or against as opposed to say the last two years. I could just just people are pumped about this. I think they did that definitely it's Helen. You know the the tenor of the conversation that the people you inside and outside the legal power like. Polian what's that they what's the point of paying attention to this round like you know we know that we believe we saw better version of this cat team. And media workers inventories team only go five last year so like. Are you referred injury are you reveal it. You go look at what sort of a point to grab a bite game three you know that was in Cleveland for game three port. Most of the conversations were sort of we're already about what's gonna happen in the foreground this summer and like. What was gonna happen free agency that was the cat as you note the conversation that it dominated the last week of the series so. You know I know it doesn't surprise me that the ratings could be down doesn't surprise me that. National interest in that particular match. Had waned to give in you know those sort of they'd be one sided nature of that the competition like. To me I think moving forward the only way to get it it'd be bad things for the NBA moving forward it is. You know like LeBron stays in Cleveland and nobody nothing else changes. Nothing nothing that no changes this summer. And then you wind up running sort of everything back the same way to grant date fair nobody else on the warriors value added the other member court member to their cork you know. Get broken up and that somewhere else. LeBron doesn't want to look at crafting a newspaper he you don't have. Wholesale changes they generate like a new power that that you'll work watching used in camp re loaded no more interest and let big Ben the if you go into this season saying like there's nothing. You know what they're compelling competitive promised to keep an island then I think it becomes a real bad think Italy moving forward but. Adding to immediate. Vicky the only thing certain to come out of this. If you're gonna get more change it's going to try to topple this team like LeBron the talking about during the final day everybody you're thinking about how do you put together their collection of talent and mind to win to compete this team. Barrymore you've been very clear about the level of obsession. 5058 and also. It used and had double digit lead that how. Halftime Indians 67 the final and if not for Chris Paul that's a collective happens I'll try other. And the doctor Chris Paul hamstring injury you have the very different conversation today we're not even having that conversation because of the final might still be gone you know right. To me there there are opportunities. For. Grand sort of grand shifting at that could very note you dramatically change the kind of conversations we're having. And that threaten the warriors sort of hegemony here but. I think there's no question that if we wind up with this scene said that there is Mexico this time next year. Warriors pursued abroad and sort of nothing else through shifting around it yet that I would expect go to rates attack but. I think we're probably going to be looking at very yeah very difference that I final final round that are very different path there. Based on what happens this summer. Yeah and it's pretty clearly he'll be looked at it there will be. Great shifting of of things this summer including starting with LeBron. Do you have a favorite destination. I mean personally I think it would be cool to see what you still would look like there I think he it is. It's eight do it's sort of an arched KT could say you wonder if that necessarily a better team with conveyor that means they have to sort of dismantled. Everything about Iraq to detonate them. So and if so compelling that counterparts a Golden State this year you know but. It means you're getting rid Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker and need help whatever you at three under their wing guy than that mattered. You know they've for a may interest in both that if you're able to roll out. Pardon James. Paul put the power ideal sort of directive that he that they like old and that's pretty that's pretty interesting too that put up against Golden State. From a he's a pro am ready and I don't think we have LeBron leaving leaving the west so you need to go weapon to be really big interest in the first time in his career. It's funny drama standpoint. Does yet always seeing that though the lakers thing you could just dinky because. If if there's really no chance of that happening that you really can't that he goes sort of walk in there instead I've had my hand picked number two star. Where are completely wiping out like youth movement here you up. I have to imagine that people I'm even gonna go to the lakers. That at the end of all logged on what are called career in Los Angeles. And I don't imagine what I'm going to walk into that situation and say. This is something Elena VoS so I think that you know you can wipe that out meet Randy gonna have to get god to get the third insert all NBA player he didn't need. You know whatever you do it sort of you know does it discount couldn't stick around there had to do this of course they're building. How did that get shuffled around to make room for him I think that's really it's or potentially compelling. But also active guy really make him you know they get to go to the warriors earlier if you're looking for years then maybe the rocket to get there does that you should increase the likelihood quite a championship so that more about paying your family up. I think without actually the big question like if you can live it's about. Figuring out the way to get to get or remain would constrict and isn't entitled to have more easily he's deep in the east and then you be talking about. We stay in Cleveland with a lot of changes to leave or I don't know maybe an outside shot at badly to return to Miami although like that much about how I would work and that it. Tell if it's about setting your family up there to be in the best situation I think that opened up the left little more. You did not mention Boston. I did not. Odd because I think that that I didn't that would be like the ultimate god father moved right right to know about the BB twelve dimensional kept at it like I horses out in this a year later you wind up now you're getting carried out to pay. I can't see that working at. I think it would be unlike adding that another GP he gets the crack of the brasserie you gotta go for it but. I also I they'd see him do yeah again out of that sort of similar kit to the point you stated that regulate dismantling the what he sort of slow played in bill. To get to this point. Investigators looking at it as saying we're not gonna try to win one we're gonna try to run for over the next decade and I think that that's kind of where he's built that team at this point. On I have a hard time seeing LeBron playing in Boston Sunnis because. So much of his career to this point has been the and that the antagonism that the the Celtics teams over years. But I mean it'll be a fascinating. You know laughter and I see what's left there. You know apt we will which which players got to go to Cleveland a thigh injury story however we will work Serb what's left over there but. You know we saw Bob Bennett bill that's currently constituted could be that sort of personal switching multi traditional Maltby that the team that if they got the final round could you know could match up an interest in ways with the Golden State. You know LeBron obviously would only enhance that and they're certainly up complementary talent around him. But I yet we really happy to see sort of what will come that added that it seems a little bit too farfetched to me but. Thank god I've been wrong about this stuff before I that'll be I think deputy eight dark horse thing that would be. Totally fascinated in how would play out. Any little LeBron is is he both. I'll see fantastic but he both. Changes things on the court you have to be able to willing to say an end for example if you stand. If James Harden like the ball in his hands and Chris Paul likes the ball in his hands and they worked it out but if you've got another player who has like does that work out. At it with Philadelphia it's expense Simmons what happens on the bomb and then Zemin's them. I'm and so there's that whole how does that work. On the court thing but then also there's the cultural thing that LeBron. Run stuff like he doesn't just sort of come and fit in an organization he becomes the organization. And whereas with the Celtics you've got actually a 100% imagine in particular it carries gone. But it either well you can imagine him working on the court with that group. I just can't see culturally. Denny drums that organization and I don't I don't think the Danny's probably has much use for the bronze running organization. Go ahead. I think that there's I mean that that sounds right to me the only the only I guess. You know how the other sort of copy of complementary pieces. Because that was suggested there there are matched to be made period. You know what was LeBron greatest run of success in the NBA. It was. Pat Riley Randi eat now they've they've they've butted heads and certainly there was a Tug of war over. You know the level of influence that LeBron and his team without. On the organization. And that ultimately wound up fouling our relationship for years down the line to some degree but it was you had to. A strong that they know up front office leader there at Atlanta organization simply didn't do what it wanted to be and how who wanted to build. And you had to coach on on the bench who was a you really really good. And be had a backing up that front office so that even when LeBron would. You know club resorts and things or maybe that didn't necessarily always wanna play the way that Erik Spoelstra saw that he working. You know they they figured out and it unlocks the best of version of that game where if forced you know Chris Bosh CO2 to go to that area and they create user remake it game. LeBron playing more power forward. They know they they opened up things quick you know she body being a more versatile defensive player taken out of assignment he would sort of created. Put guys in different.