Hour 1 with guests John Martin and Dan Devine

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, July 18th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins opens the show by discussing the news that the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors have agreed to a trade for Kawhi Leonard. Geoff offers his initial reactions for both the Spurs and the Raptors. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes John Martin into the studio to discuss the Kawhi Leonard trade, the Garrett Temple trade, the Grizzlies' offseason, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes Dan Devine to the program for his weekly visit, and they discuss the Kawhi Leonard trade, the Grizzlies' latest moves, and more from the NBA.

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Our hour here on the Jeff Hawkins shows text crazy. Sex crazy. COR AZ wide text crazy. CR a ZYT seventy anyone here in the next hour here automatically entered your chance when 1000 dollars again I guess good is crazy. Text crazy. CER eighty ZYCREZYT. Seven created one source data mysteries may apply for next chance to win right here on Jeff Hawkins show at 10 AM on 99 aft end ESPN. Courtside I cash cared for the 9 o'clock hour in the Geoff Calkins show is crazy text crazy CR a ZY 270 of 81. Now many G nine FM ESPN presents Memphis is biggest sports columnist. It's the award winning Geoff Calkins and no Geoff Calkins show. 929 SS. ESPN. This. In general manager. Colin. Gentlemen. You know win or lose. Me personally yeah. Good line nationally. Pole winning time. Release saying they. Her eyes. If true north long. I'm for me. Plus I. I am line please cash. Done. We stand done on the floor. I. Old. Got to land. Lol Hillary it's a suns. Pre game. OK and I love. Please stand non. I. I. And how old. Please stand non guy. Alone. I believe. And a good thing yards Toronto Raptors star. Anchor well tired. And moved. Lou. I'd be ones there. Swear they changed the words at some point I because I sang at as a youth they've played it. Before every sabres game goes in the shelf. They played at every bowl that any major churches that certain markets and made on the Canadian things may be dead Buffalo's every single game. I mean I got the league is Canadian current. Half the players record yes so. But the plot Leonard is headed to the Toronto. Raptors. Gregg Popovich says yeah you wanna Goodell. I'm. Send them off to Toronto. Instead we'll get into that just a minute a gem mines can join us in the next suddenly got Chris Harrington. Since percent to left. We've had a grizzlies trade. Crist by the way all of this. Chris was credited with breaking news. And none other than that and funniest gamble places. It it said. Said something like Chris Harrington from the daily meant the end. Odd that the first hecla had a first choice for hours and all the while still in vitro the daily mentally and is breaking news or because their content. Credited with. Breaking news about the second round draft pick who's involved in that deal. Yesterday brought Garrett Temple to. Memphis that happened right after we went as we are going off the air basically that trade unfolded so we'll get chris' thoughts. On that deal and of course. Kauai Leonard dealer's other stuff talked about. Including. Eight A including a baseball player. Who is in some hot water causes some tweets as a seventeen year old. Get your thoughts on that Jeffrey I'll be action what you think about that showing once again the perils of social media. But also these were not just normal. No collided tweets is a pretty pretty vicious stuff from Josh trader. And so but will we'll talk about that. Aaron Murray the former Georgia quarterback. So it opened fire. On German crew which was interest in the Tennessee head coach we will talk about that. As well but the big news of course is this trade. Coli Leonard to Toronto and the specifics are while Leonard. He goes to. Goes to Toronto exchange for a big pieces tomorrow's basically going back the other way. It's quiet and Kenny green for war. DeMar DeRozan to Yucca purple. Andy 20191. That is top twenty protected and after that we'll turn to two seconds can't imagine that next year's draft. That next year's draft. Tractor will be drafting in the top twenty canyon. No I wouldn't think so right so they will get a cup they will get their draft. By all rights it appears that San Antonio will get Toronto strip to clear I with a team that route map has. And laws barring some kind of disaster bar and why not reporting barring into whatever they shouldn't be drafting in the top. Twenty and so it looks as if what San Antonio got was. Was DeMar DeRozan. Got from turtle and a late first round. And Toronto got was why Leonard and any great stuff. Your thoughts who wins this. I think he had to say San Antonio because. They are not getting a player even non pop world's biggest arisen fan I think that you get a player that you're gonna keep for longer. And then if you're Toronto. I find it highly unlikely. That you're going to be able to keep quiet Leonard the only the only way Toronto wins this trays of they recite while Leonard and keep them want term which are fine highly unlikely. So the spurs did the best they could finish things and into the last. Let's. I might view is is just a little bit different. That net. From the San Antonio perspective first of all. What's interesting here is how dramatically different. The perspectives are from the from the two teams and then of course there's a third team involved. Then that wasn't actually involved but that that this is large implications for that we will talk about as well. Mike you from Toronto perspective is. They're not going to sign and collided Leonard you can talk to me all you want about how Paul George. Went to Oklahoma City but they're not going to sign coli Leonard. Toronto already both teams both players are unhappy about this deal DeMar DeRozan has. I tweeted out extensively how unhappy he is this it with a steal and by the way. He has every right to be he's a guy who. Who has an in a market trials of fantastic city fantastic world class city block. It's on the other side of the border in its cold. And so Nolan wants to play there and DeMar DeRozan is is a player who at least embraced Toronto. I'm said he wanted to play there at center and so for him to get dealt. I understand the whole boiled the complaint we also saw what does it comes to Boston. Whatever the result I hired players don't have loyalty there Gordon Hayward warehouses loyalty. I don't know why people are asking for a loyalty for owners when. Players don't show it years. Neither side. Shows particular loyalty both sides major decisions based. On what is best for. That plot. From a travel perspective I think you have to assume if you're trying to they're not keeping him. If your boss. You might think OK we will will will persuade him that he's gonna stash. We'll do the Paul George and share your Philadelphia. You might say wolf persuade him we're gonna stat where William you might you might be able to talk yourself into thinking you have a shot at persuading him. He is not staying in Toronto period the end as exhibit AA. I offer this collect this clip was shot by a young Canadian. During a cold snap. Win well you'll hear without. Hey guys when. Yeah. Yeah yeah we'll come and look you have been seeing that. Birds have been dying. So cold weather has been bought minus twenty degrees Celsius. With the win souls Bowman is the heart soul it's gonna yeah. You're seeing a lot of things like this person just crushing middle there. But it's it's. My. Just crashing in the middle of back yards dead because of because because of the cold. The manner in which you could not see is just a dead bird that it is a given up hope. It'd it was flying along and it turned into a snowball and collapsed and died in his backyard. While Leonard is not staying in Toronto. You have to start without assumption. And if you're trial management you have to start without assumption. You say it's only successor trial if he re signs correct ice that Toronto can only do this with the understanding. That when he leaves their cooler than any. Like today will take. This year. And they understand there will lose them and that's fine because they're going to lose if they're cool would that. Under the trek. If their cool would that then do the trick don't pretend it hinges on a resigning 'cause he's not restart. So what you say is if you're cool with that. Do with the LeBron James is and in the eastern hour yet you blow hardly goes. We aren't. Bush doc as a franchise right we just won 59 games and things 59 games with the Iranians we went nowhere we have this cast of characters. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan and we were we urge just topped out at. Sort of a basic. Mediocre excellence. That makes any sense sort of they're not a good in the dreaded middle they're just. At that high and would no capacity to go higher. Right and so in a city like to run now. That is frustrating. And may they must have felt like they had to do something. And whereas you can look at the Marta rose is contract. Which is three years left on it for her 89 million I think. Three years left on it. For. Error 83 million. As a as a reason that San Antonio wants him because he's controlled. Doesn't that just kind of a crazy contractor from our emotions and so. If at the end of this year. Listen to try to didn't have to give up any they're good young players. It's why leaves at the end of this year. Clears out cap room. They can start over which they feel like I have to do any lie in the meantime it had just one year and in this final year with all the brunt in the east. It's a team. That actually. Could think about getting to the finals. With co Y. We if Lowry. And they got a bunch of good young players. And they can say I will the week we will it's on Boston. It's on Philadelphia we think we can compete. I honestly. I don't see why they can't I think it's it is a very good Toronto team this year if coli reports and is in good health. And whereas you can sell IE Galilee effectively didn't report last year is gonna be fine if he doesn't report you cannot not report this year. So he's got a report my particular report he's gonna play there every video and a loser. And so they may have the fun of this year. And then they have the re gearing which they would do anyway and if they're cool with that. Their cool that. Then fine. I think honestly they made that assessment I think they know that's what's gonna happen and I think they're cool with that I think pay. All love DeMar DeRozan and I think they don't love their four I think they see the limits of the core and they say it's worth this once went. That's how I look at from the drought expected. The singer told a perspective it's just kind of bizarre to me because it's like it's the opposite. Toronto is going forward for one year. San Antonio is. I would have preferred a package of young players from Los Angeles picks and young players from Los Angeles. Or package of picks and young players from Philadelphia. To DeMar DeRozan. Basically. On NM and I'm very low first round draft. And if DeMar DeRozan. Find DeMar DeRozan markkaa LaMarcus Aldridge wearing. In the fourth what I fourth seed in the weather forcing the last. I mean I would put them behind Boston I would probably last us a little blood and Tony's in the west. DeMar DeRozan LaMarcus Aldridge where are you. I would still put them behind iron Houston you'll always say you're your your fourth fifth sixth in the thought yeah you're you're Buell are boxing yourself into. Three or four years of what Toronto Izturis rejecting basically which is sort of pretty good. Upper level mediocrity which is. Which is fine. But I would have from their perspective I would have preferred. The collection of pecks I would prefer. The building again over with with some young players rather than a lot of the lights had to deal. You think they wanted to shipment and yeah. Ought to think that when you shouldn't the east I think they took wherever the best deal I think it to the best deal from the he ask you this that is that rational now on my pendant. Not keeping him who the hell cares if he goes to the east of the well a little bit this whole I'm not shipping him to Meyer thing. Doesn't make much sense to me it makes it play it makes some sense to me in the context. A football. Where of NFL team where you don't wanna put put him literally in your division. Right it would make sense to me if you are give me two teams that are contending for a a division if you if you are Oakland. And I Kansas City are right. What are picked you don't necessarily send one of the a player that will help that other team in the division. You literally there's one division winner they are you I get that. But in terms of the conference who cares. Who cares because he comes to San Antonio more often all and especially when you consider it seems more it seems. Decently likely that they are going to restructure the way they do the playoffs. Yeah now yeah Ernie here like if say if they if they took a lesser deal just to get him out of the west I think that's stupid. So but find the martyr as a good player of the government control for three years San Antonio will be good going forward regarded. But they're not gonna I don't think this is out of those as about it I don't think this was petty. Right you think it was just again and so I do understand it on that level just I wouldn't run a franchise that wet and then I think the big winner in this. As the Los Angeles Lakers. I think is the big winner in this book 'cause it's the only way they're. Not a winner is is that they've they have sacrificed a year of cola. Right if they had ponied up they could have gotten. A year of Kauai when LeBron was closer to his time then they will they will ultimately get why. But it'll be a year from Pensacola and so it so LeBron will be a year older and so from that perspective. Is it worth it. Saving the assets they saved. They're gonna get them. And and and the reason it's a win for them. Is. If he had gone to Boston. I think LA would have had to worry. If he had gone to Philadelphia. I think LA would have had to worry. Because he's going Toronto where birds fall out of the sky because there's so damn cold. I think there is no worry at all from the from the lakers prospectus so yes they sacked revised one year of Kauai and LeBron playing together. When LeBron was closer to his Xena and that is meaningful. They didn't have to give up any pieces and now they don't have to worry because Hawaii is coming to LA to thaw out in a here. It was a remarkable remarkable. Deal I will take a break we'll come back we'll talk to John Martin about this deal and the vigorous debate that he got into yesterday. With Jason Smith about. This. I think John in my on the same page on this that the grizzlies. By and large have done a bunch of pretty darn Smart things we'll take a break I can monster truck germinating and finesse. Guys know more is better so this month sport clips here Katz is thanking our clients with a sport clips instinct reflex. 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Perkins expend it all on FaceBook and in Japan got a question by all means you can created that. How he and ask how we cash or at our eyes Jewelers. John Munson studio. Always a highlight of my week. Have led me to hell is David and halfway through the year remain halfway that's why you have basically a graduation you feel about hope today. I that's something that you endorse and I'll do like Thursday better than when there and I like Friday even better that I like Thursday. Do you have a call Wednesday hump not an added a client I don't endorse. I did you know it is a halt though in the week you know. It is two days before their two days of tennis that's brokerage arm ice forming a breakdown this. Senator managers who are you want are definitely on Toronto site here it makes total sense I mean they wanted to blow the thing up anyway and so you get to do it by adding when that. To me is the key AF if you if you if if you saw me just if he was so if you're cool it assuming he's gone at the end of the year. Could you want to blow up to anyone. Then do it added I don't of something you hope you're gonna get him to come back door to wrap. Exactly exactly how they are I think they're probably gonna take their chance that they're gonna try to commit to come back. But no he's not life will go on for them if he does not and the Danube rebuild what you want to correct that I feel like they felt like they had. They had plateaued with that with that backcourt of Kyle Larry DeMar DeRozan DeMar DeRozan not necessarily you know a great fit in today's NBA having in on. Not a great skill not a great ability of shooting three point shot as though he's Arab he's a volume share volume two point shoot out and so calm. I think it's it's it's a great deal at are obviously you like it for two route but 'cause they were gonna blow up anyways and I get a free swing it best they're not gonna win a title you know. While team. I don't I don't know if they're not going to make these covers are elbow is. It is another reason to do something like is that is that for Toronto court. Think about what they gave up they gave up a beat San Antonio got relatively nothing out of this. I've just book is the goal of hey if this sliced it's strange to me. The bronze out we could make a finals like nobody thinks we can win a title and I think we can make an Eastern Conference finals or maybe we can make an NBA finals. Is that a reason I noticed that put an apology gave up whatever it is that like a a reason to do something. Of course that is. It is of course come when eating and having a chance is when there's no doubt they employ you never know how they and what you're entitled the old saying oh we got a chance with a title with a chance to get what would've ever said the greens would have beat the spurs in that won a nobody would have ever since agrees would make a Western Conference finals you have to do things in order to compete I feel like we literally just had this argument they are so yesterday elaborate I had when I'm thinking and forget yesterday get to that in a minute but so. You like. The deal from trial bar 'cause you will admit there they don't have any chance of or. Basically no chance resigning him. Given that they wanted to blow it up anyway yeah. They didn't give up that much they keep their young players they keep their. Ones after this year exactly in theirs they saw the flexibility there have cap space a bit like our I think it's I think it's brilliant I really do and I think they have a chance the east is is wide open we eased his wife of give me. Give me. Give any problems with a stabbing. DeMar DeRozan in the back in other words he is eight boil all play like all of us teammates are coming forth and my dog is stabbed him in the back. He's been loyal to trial he's given everything trials one guys embraced trial until earlier this summer. That he would they weren't gonna trade him all of that give any problem DeMar DeRozan steadily case in the back. That is true to the coach of the damn year then you got him fired because you couldn't win a game against LeBron James. So who stab at home. I'm in yet there's a loyalty is not there yet there's a lot of static or product Toronto it is my view that this loyalty thing now you say that and you know I do like that political mark feels loyalty to. I'm Memphis and Mike feels like I I applaud loyalty where it exists and where it happens. But even then it was mark loyal to Memphis or did you take the biggest deal I was night oil to Memphis are ready to take the biggest yelling they did they take a hometown discount. And where did that we're let me ask you this where was Paul George's loyalty to. But you know loyalty. That he did have loyalty to Oklahoma City red loyalties a weird thing you have that you have Gordon Hayward where it was his loyalty. Any in your only love of the things that you like. You know on the things that make sense for you that's that's that's life. Yeah I mean look at things I have no problem I have no problem I looked him and I mean in the bag we spent any time in sports okay all loyal to gives a damn if this is San Antonio perspective how to feel about it from the I mean there were obviously bit little bit over a barrel because of the situation and and so you probably had to like about every day that went by they'd lost a little bit of value ridiculously as the metaphor. Bent over a barrel. You're either bent over which is what. Aggressively I bar and you sir Fred over a barrel you're held your over a barrel yes sir they found their over a barrel but that it W you bent over a barrel I think this event over you can bit already could be ebitda over a barrel our guys just want it's posh I was a bend over buries him daily barrels round so you kind of have to be bad or really committed like if you stood up is over a barrel. Let's what does that mean to be over I know what it means it means to be a tough spot on manner over a barrel data on. I'm saying over familiar homage in the words in of them of I guess what I think it is I think it's like a dunk tank. Am and your. C Jeffries if you forgot your urgent over a barrel. Why is over a barrel over a barrel I think it must be you were suspended over a barrel it's filled with. Some time me and upon which you don't wanna be dropped aka. Our owners have so you think they were over there and so they -- we're gonna get what they wanted from the from the lakers they grew they were gonna get the king's ransom. And every day that passed they were losing value with Weiler because teams would be less and less motivated and they disease and that's the only dot. Or do you think oh no I took less this enemies ul for sure they they they made it clear they did not want to sit him to a contender in the west. But they've made it varies that stupid now. I mean that they're not a contender in the last while as a manner exactly. I name of mean but they feel like they can be they play they can be because they always have been was it petty for them to senator drama. There have quarters it's Toronto. Like who want to play Toronto who wants to trade Toronto nobody has would you come iBurst filed this guy and why it was a do that and it was a live there. You know. It's too bad to say that it is a magnificence absurd is this to their called on Minneapolis is a wonderful city to bail out of their mini nine was also a 1001000 said he couldn't. Travel even more world class and John Paul the Minneapolis yeah I mean it's fine it's it's it's that I have the origin of there was a hub was over don't confront. This is the American phrase it first appeared in the mid twentieth century it's supposed to it's it is supposed. That'd alludes to the actual situation of being draped over a bare all either to empty the longs of someone who has been close to drowning. Or to give a flogging. Either way the position of helplessness. And being under someone else's control as what is being referred to and he can easily be bent over a barrel a year earlier on your clearly bent or rebel for a flogging. Weird to me that would be twentieth century though Mike. When people flogging people over barrels in the twentieth century and especially the new standards that made toys entering this cycle and values of these people are being flogged over a barrel editing fly the rebel in the in the 1950s. 1920s feels like aids and then possibly the 1920s. There's been ruled that insightful. So okay so you think you learn something and now you're you're given a double you to Toronto F Toronto one of the you're given a high. I disobey you think that's our I don't think it's I don't think it's it matters either way in San Antonio like they're about take a big step back. We knew when you lose a top three players take a step back at two different things that they've gotten a collection of young players and picks and sort of rebuilt the way you wanted to order I got this player with a three year 83 million dollar they are going to say isn't lifted for the modern NBA Dave they're not they weren't going to get what they wanted from the lakers got that Cooley wasn't happening. So it took what they can they Obama could play there as you move on and and you in alimony about the other kid poll. Yucca per yet Parnell will judge him I don't know I don't know any about him but. And get a first round and as well for you know what that's what average rate stars in the NBA today co pilot that's what coli littered got in the top 3M BA player when he's out there. DeMar DeRozan is A all star. In the east. He will not be in the west. He handles terror in the east OK how about the lakers perspective where they'd stupid enough to go to king's ransom the argument would be on the one hand. Lakers are geniuses the winners here because let's basically where I come down surface they're ultimately gonna get why because he's not just in Toronto for nothing. I'm gonna get quiet for nothing that's Smart you cover argument would be. The browser I get younger. And so they because they didn't wanna give up the right collection of young players they squandered a year. Of the bronze. Primer closest to reprise of the time quite joins and the enterprise it'll be a year later choir will be a mean LeBron will be a year older. And so they were foolish not to what do whatever they had to do to make this happen. Yeah actually. I came down on the side of you the lakers now like in and you've and you've got that. Debts these back like you've got the glitz you've got a swagger schemes or confidence. Steve what did you US and Jeffrey looked at W I I hit it that you're just pushed him back but hey what are. Our lettuce to ease as well as he be easy step. Dwyer schemes now today you are you're just I don't know what your can't take Paris today I don't know what is yeah I got the guy with a white things high school. Steve you gave it says its past team even open an obscure word I'd never before my oh my congratulations. I have expanding hours today is that a common word among youth of today accordingly dive. And include among youth of today now it's not half yards is yes style with ease is originally from the song shadow boxing. IG IAEA and method man style worries. And so you have speeds again. I doubt in LA I understand so I feel like you could have things people learn on the packaged brave and Ingram and cal coup we outrage for coli Leonard. This year and take a run at a title right. And it ain't if it didn't work out. You can just go give. Carl pounds that summer you could just go get Jim and they're squandering that opportunity while I just think I don't think as highly of Kyle Kuchma and bread and Ingram as others do. I don't think Kyle coup asthma is irreplaceable but I think for the lakers could go out on the free agent market next summer and find another cop who's. He's a good player. But he thought an all star. Even a week I guess one day he may be but the lakers attract everybody. You know and LeBron back in there relevant again. That's probably going to be. Destination number one for a lot of them so you would have given up you I would have you think is a lost opportunity for the amid I don't think like it's. It's Smart because if they get coli Leonard. Next summer. They add on to that young talent but I don't think. That the lakers necessarily have to be that patient at the lakers are I think it's plain scared a little bit of. In the meantime I heard you yesterday. And I heard them as a a vigorous debate it on the Jason and Jon show that broke out over at the Memphis. Grizzlies you apparently. Believe that Garrett Temple. It's gonna send them into the finals yes and and Jason believes that the whole thing should be blown to smithereens. Essential if that is the that is there really come down that wasn't really the Iowa but it got a little bit more on the sunrise. I actually. I sort of assumed that. Most of Grey's random. 98% of this phantom is in the same place right now button which is. Pretty cold season yeah. Like is still sitting here this vigorous. The big break out. Brett I was surprised by that yes big I mean that's what we don't want to speak for Jason here but ma ma I'll get a he's on he's come on my show Friday they'll get very happy for Jason Meyer held contention is just calm. You you compete and I've actually come. I've come around on this threat over the years I used to kind of ain't easy championship for boss I thought I used to think like that but then you know. The more and more that you YouTube pages into it more morally follow it more more you realize. You know that's just not reality like it can't be reality if your Memphis Grizzlies face and not really in this circumstance. There's no cattle there's nothing we can do to aim for the next seven years. Not a long LeBron and LA and as long as the gold they warrior reserve are are as they're constructed when you have the roster that you have you your guest and you're not you're not closely you don't have like a pipeline of young talent and yet dawn Brooks right now. This what do you like about this to. I like it they should the way their two worst players that's what I like about I got there I was thinking of others who is there right now and mind you I of course embrace all Memphis Chris as soon as they put a manager that's right Israel lost them. Wanna hold almost like they're grant option every runner up here right so. Who is there to hate on the grizzlies now. All men. There is in fact. I've thought about this is there anyone to hate on the grizzlies right now well I mean yeah it was we've had we've had we've had Jeff Green he's been he's been very readable I don't yeah. IMac on. He's been payable. And there's no question about that I criteria. The OK has been. Debatable but like that the more they can bless your heart a palpable lack of effort and engage Europe is yeah infuriating. Senator Andrew Harrison. Used to pay. 'cause I'd hate him he but I hate the ladies are the fact that I hated the fact that he got two years ago they got so many minutes and still stunk so badly did but he's gotten better I've been I. I mean I am. I mean ended up I think the only person is left I really hate him either. I think the only person on that team who's not likable and I think he is likable. But who's there to pick it shouldn't rush. There is because of what he reprises his what he represents which is a mid swing which is a lot of money and that is an admits that they have no I mean I think what they. Does that put together a a good group of of its a good balance of of you know. Accomplished veterans solid veterans. Personal veterans especially there in note 34 position with Garrett Temple and armor cast being got. In a way I think they've done is they've raised their four. I'm I don't know what their ceiling as they have exactly well I think largely raised the ceiling I. Largely raised its ceiling the margin they raise this point what will like if you are one of those grizzlies fans who were just hoping that the rebuild was common. At the bit at the trade deadline this year I think boring boring the catastrophic injury. That bang happened and I mean it's going to be. A silly game reevaluate the one thing I did agree with Jason on is that. As the trade deadline approaches. All will see what I did see where I'm just betting that they're not in a place where they're going to take calls on mark I think they're going to be in the conversation with the pelicans. You know and maybe now with the sparred they're gonna come back. The timber ruled the mavs put that 87 spot you know I think they're going to be in that conversation now because they're just they're that they're proud veteran group like lots. They are conversation for the ninth. Pick. Correct they have let's let's light it is a modest goal at my whole goal is. B nine. So they can get them get rid of that pit bottom line here in the united flight minivans and that's I still think they will take another run at it the year after. It is funny so here's the team right now. Your point guard rotation is Connelly Anderson. Javon tarnish a month and I think John Karr will will usurp. The managers and yeah I don't think so. Two but calls come as healthy I don't think there's a I don't think that dubbed the bar is very high as long as cal he's healthy that's fine rent. I'd like a better backup honestly I would I'd like yeah more dynamic correct point correct but that's that's (%expletive) At Wayne you've got Dylan Brooks. When seldom. Omri Casspi. Kyle Anderson. Chandler Parsons. Marchand Brooks. Garrett Temple. Enabler where you want to torture. And that's certainly a lot of bodies. Eight dudes as a base we have how'd strategy pat I would I would categorize that as duo Brooks and seven other dates. And so they'll make it work. Makeshift all during that there's no steps there's no bad tackle more there did you could agree like that they get all they do something. How how good they are I think. That that's up so it's the right now tell innocent until about a guy does not only that I'm not on the march. Of Chandler if Jim Parsons is healthy yet he can give you minutes at the three and then you've got some collection Marchand Brooks or Garrett Temple are. When seldom aware of emerges correct. How to back up yeah okay about that yeah and then the bigs he got the add to that yeah I mean your identity and he's gone you've got mark. You've got. To Michael on the agenda and he got out grab a you know I think it's competitive with great Steve Jeffrey is giving you were gesture. He's getting a gesture. He wants me a few months and we get. A totally for contact. 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Need to get that your dealers are really did the local companies concerned maps of the midsouth. More than a decade for gamers your thing and the foundation repair crawl space repair based on a lot of fruits proofing concrete level. I got it is called. 541876554187. To spot some expert gentlemen no cost a dollar from outside the situation to get us. That point me to proceed. Mention my name get an extra fifty bucks off or you don't want to give whatever decision about and you do not owed an opinion there's literally no downside in calling. There could be however it big downside in waiting. No cost no risk already gamers who are 418765541875. Or on the web. Redeem his group dot com join now belatedly by Dan. And divine. What are your man divine. Dan what they think is big deal. I think it is kites basically they raptor is saying we're gonna try to win the title this year. And pulled you know if if things do you know blow up then sign a little tired out and figured out from there I think it. A huge swing for them I think it's also. Pretty well protected one like it that the rich keep take ten times out of ten. As great as smarter than it and academic important player for their franchises he's been. You know co pilot and co like freaking planet and the class. And if he's got a lot of freedom Leonard they need to Scott and that the cost. You know an all star but like eight you know top twenty ish guy lately top fifteen top twenty fringe on the kind of guy. Backup center and track ticket that they're gonna be between twenty and thirty Ortiz second round pick and he didn't take on any money after the season I feel like. You know anyway we can do little bit too quick I think at times so like this generally general managers as we go to war locks or whatever right. But if this is I mean if this is let you know this admittedly big gamble on the we're selling our culture where telling our city we know that he does not want to be here but we believe the we can you know we we don't we if we it either keywords at the highest levels or if we show him. We know the whereabouts something he doesn't really know yet or both. That we eat you know we can beat you have a superstar here. A lot of luck getting superstars and other ways this is the way it got to do it I love the idea for them at the San Antonio back to get. Speed up there I wanna rebuild it get guests and it remains to be seen DeRozan the really good player and a really great citizen it's gonna fit in well there. Well what it means a basketball on the court not so sure. It might be on the Toronto thing is. I would of done it. I think you're right it's you do it ten times out of ten foot only because they were gonna do it any like they they were gonna blow this thing up it's felt like anyway and so. If Tehran now. I have to do it assuming that coli is not coming back and that I'm cool with that that I get a year of Hawaii. And then for all the reasons you set I haven't given up much in the way the future pets I'm gonna have cap space didn't give up my good young players. So I'm fine either wide one way it's a total bonanza I get why freedom Leonard for an extended period of time I'm assume I'm not. I'm still cool you've got a right to me. If it hinges on whether he's coming back that that's ridiculous but if you assume he's not coming back and your call within any lying. Then by all means take just like. Yeah I think that's sort of he decided Gary has spent the last g.s and how long did he got an F 56 years he'll obviously that. Qaeda operating on the east parallel track in Toronto where. You know he inherited it DeRozan inherited. You know these guys do I allow you to present the previous regime's moves. And they're they. The move he would going to make it to blow up a couple years back after the redo your deal is going to be out Smoot Kyle Lowry to New York. To connect and then you know if the other according to the reporting that kind of not thirteen Dolan saying no we don't wanna treated the guy who got on the base Andrea Bargnani deal. Bigger than ever to be everything do you think you lottery goes to the knicks in the end the rather raptors sort of blow it out and don't. You know I just it's even become a perennially in the forty to 59 win team. So he's kind of like there's been an hello this team that you had and you made tweaks along the way he can build and develop the idea idiotic but. Keep others. Maybe the and then this except sort of caught it's for a whole franchise by surprise and then he can't just get rid of a 55 point eight and so they kind of kept bringing it back. So you actually write anything at this point I think dvd ripped for Toronto is it. That this sour is that fan base to some degree and they that is. If they're upset the idea of two got there at Indian god he's been ate like eight. Okay in a world where a lot of guys don't haven't wanted to go to Toronto and the bad to have certainly don't want to stick around when they got there. He's the one who did and so they're they're Al level of identification at the end it there but it's just different and I I respect that I guess I see that. But from mesa eighteen building standpoint. I think if you take you know you'd. Improve theoretically required qualitative. You may be make yourself they go another high fifties took that caliber we can eat take a real shot at a title this year. And if you stick around greatness he does that which you know again we get jagr who believe it's more likely at this point that we're seeing we're seeing that. You know they only have I think like. Norman Powell go to little under eleven million dollars or 20/20 and and the only other things on their books at this point our rookie scale deals like extend Yelp. The extension for Oceana they'll be your options purpose. Popped up Deion completes the wallet almost entirely clear in you know a year's time it's your time. And then you'd be you'd get the kind of build things the way he wants which is sort of the first time since he got there he might have that opportunity felt. I I DNN previous Santonio side and I think that's that's gonna be that they're very very interesting to see how that played out over the course of the year. For the child perspective they've trade a guy. Who loved the manner for a guy who doesn't want any part of being here that's the other sort of dynamic here. Is there any risk that he won't show up. They've been held pull a woody did in San Antonio. In Toronto what they've one of the things that guard. Against that he can be find it I don't know what what what the rules are about whether. You tolls is a year of free agency and he's got to show up and report or else. Or else he's not going to be a free agent at the end of this year. Yeah I mean it is PE main factor varies it defining your diet like if he if he if he's medically you know medically cleared. You know if he does he know that there are able to. You know they got eight certainly compelling. Medical explanation for why he's not there Ortega and instead put his perspective that it may not indicating that last year he that would be. You know when he you know it is medical care would be sort of held out of how sensitive it was like you wouldn't find her missing. I think in there because there was another medical personnel medical process going on. But if he is you know it is okay in the absence of back. If you go to trial because you forget it I'm not going like every practice every game every everything's starting in preceding can be find her missing to that becomes a question out. What do what Pia you know like hey are you are you really willing to sit out the entire year. And then going to free agency having not played India basketball for the bulk of two seasons. And humiliation and service of trying to get your preferred destination or. Are you going to you know be able to do whatever the report out before this whole trade deal about. He vetoed considering going to keep USA mini camp because in part because he wanted to show everybody. Yeah actually looked healthy are these guys that he actually need this physical improvement who has every nut and everybody on the leave you wondering like. Comedic stuff like out they got work out video or something nice to remedy to poll just go to something. And none of that come about but so this is what the opportunity to show everybody gets back. If he decides he's not gonna do that in Toronto. You know showing up to 88 good mark it would be a well run organization with the significant other talent around him. A chance to be you know another you know you know top seat out between east and make a real run at a championship again. That I think you know that they've read a lot more question that about but he would also raise significant financial penalties for him on the other end of that. Gonna Dan DeVine on Twitter at your Amanda mind you should actually follow in the greatest left over at Yahoo!. From San Antonio's perspective. Yeah just the best package they were all food or did they opt for this. Eastern and conference all star top twenty level player. Over some collection of young players picks that might have helped them to actually rebuild. Yeah I think it's. It's a fascinating question investigate it may might be a layup sort of combination of a couple of things. One the other the reporting around this for. More weeks. As in bad. Know that you're sort of you you know more sort of most popular destinations. Or willing to come off. High value future players or like stars in the in the hearing now all right. You know the often deals from from what you know what that you can guys reporting and from what our guys sounds shoddy reporting. Word that yet there wasn't. I did not only within eight Jalen brown or Jason Kidd involved they're also looking at coli letter or are very carrier being more. Al Horford Gordon Hayward about the not getting an immediate start play you're not getting. Our future star player. You know you weren't getting too well and Dior and Simien beneath even not even mark felt faults from Philadelphia you weren't getting. Brandon Ingraham you're getting. I don't know about Josh heart from LA. You sort of also all of these other circuit destination places we're not putting. You know arguably their best stuff on the table so in this field for example his perspective they say. We get an all star right now maybe I'll start the what we get an all star right now. And you know we feel we gave you legit twice what he appointed Supreme Court that we get into eighteen that would by the way maybe two games away from the three feet last year even without. Collide the whole season. And we get to be here to be competitive and staying good now. We get a traffic you know will be on not to hit a home run at the end of the first round. And you get out because her developmental center guy named Yucca pro at second year guy. Can read that a little bit Jetta tactical up a little bit and you know protect them a little bit dependent state. They don't have any young big on that doctors felt they got in I gotta yeah another young big headed to their youth movement there. And maybe this is Greg Popovich is looking to get out there the next couple years media that you he's sticking around did it and I just didn't rebuild just get while he's still there. Immediate means that. No none of those offers guys who were reportedly got anywhere closer to real old or more significant because. Yeah you know the raptors walk away from that not having given up Oceana know they they really love that sort of like. Collage starter kit kind of forward got a complete 34 for them and defend the high level already. They don't give a pop up Jiaka on the other guy that was a you know equality for you know a format it. Defend their day doesn't Serb I think dancing playmaker. I'm essentially it's silly idea I get it if they if that was that speed of the offers around the league. No one is giving up their blue chipper and nobody yet knows no other team is giving up an all star. You know you gotta suited take your take it to the value where you can find it and he'll do yet do so I guess before the strike back even further and the question about. Let it help or will you know what BR know what how much value even be able it's extract for him they don't get louder and louder. And finally for whatever reason I'm a little surprising this trade is overshadowed the grizzlies acquisition. Garrett Temple hey yeah what is regular. I'm wealthy you'll be shocked to know that I spent a lot of them yeah my afternoon reading about it so that they have a bad Yahoo!'s board NBA now from yesterday afternoon. I like it for the grizzlies I think it would bureau downside depending if you know the SP 20/20 12 round pick you know might wind up being. I've always second rounder if everything goes south.