Hour 1 with guest Stephen White

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, October 12th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins opens his show by discussing three people that he believed had good days yesterday and another who he believed had a bad day.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Stephen White of SB Nation to the program for his weekly appearance to discuss the latest in the NFL.

Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses Mark Giannotto's latest story in the Commercial Appeal about this season's Memphis Tiger basketball team.


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It has its national come. This age group. Anybody today's careers and they granted code word for the Jeff Hawkins showed is trailed. All our. Since expressions TR AI LTR a IL. Texan trail T 78817. CAD one here the next fifteen minutes you're automatically enter for a chance to win 1000 dollars in the cruise and a grand. Code word for the Geoff Calkins show is trail. TE RAI. AL. TR AI LE 7881. That demonstrates may apply good luck to you everyone. Indians. Those leads sports columnist. He award winning Jeff coffee. Geoff Calkins show. Here. 8209 S. ESPN. In general manager. Com. FedEx Forum. You can go in. In the that there is paid five dollars five dollar ticket and believes the president and the supposed five dollars and then you can watch the you can watch the men's basketball team of the bid the route taken off the men's and women's basketball team tonight at. Edit form I'd believe that Tubby Smith is going to be on where if Jason and jabs and correct. I think it's that is correct eleven Tony at 1120. Will be on with. Jason and Jeff Internet one million dollars in media. Money that gets. And so we could have tubby on the Airways. Promoting. What should be a fun night. At. FedEx form pick in front of talent has written commits acts. Memphis man which is my understanding not. Beyond the realm of possibility it is a good weekend eventually came from the university Memphis. Between and Memphis madness tonight and they got navy. On Saturday so big weekend from Memphis all around today on the show. She bites can join us in the next segment and we were all tactic talked to him about all kinds of things. Including. More turmoil for your New York Giants. We've asked him about the Chris forced her situation. The the which will be in stringer I don't know if he ever had a line coach who did their Coke before meetings but we'll ask allegedly about allegedly did Coke. But did alleged Coke allegedly did alleged co but corporate meetings. But we will ask him about that also by the way there is a NFL quarterback. Who has according to reports. Not going to be intimate with his girlfriend until the season is over. So we'll see how that goes well I'll ask him about that plus there's actually a very good game on tonight. Between the the Eagles. And Panthers surprise so that's a very good game Thursday game Bush's baseball too. It will be competing wood baseball and Memphis man has been very got solar Steve light on at 925. Chris Harrington join us for the night I wanted to had a when he was their last night as your Memphis Grizzlies went down to defeat the Houston Rockets who talked to Chris about. He saw the excited 1025 detailed how more is gonna join us he is an American hero well I don't know about that yet. We may well be an American hero he is set impressive dude. Met him. Cool. Went to the Naval Academy to put football. And he is now a team captain he's on the butt kissed list I think or whatever it is. It's a linebacker navy linebacker and a team captain. Of course they're coming in Saturday. It is the one team that that displays is really kind of possible hate. All you do the navy say. I'd like you that it's just different. It's just different. Those dudes are gonna go from playing football. To defending the country. Like it is just different and you cannot root against them especially in post nine elevenths I guess yeah now means you're not it's like they aren't they aren't you know you're going to do a tour you know knowing you're going to do a tour. And and so. Good for him good for them. I don't know what you get a standard for the finalized in a deejay tell more and everyone like him who goes over to to. To do what I would never come home as to do. And so we will have a deejay tell more on at 1025. For a good go to any of that it is today. Good night. For three people. And up at night for one person. Last night is my assessment. Be on it prime more people I was excited and that's what your voice about 4 that I am glad they're there for a particular. And I'm talking talking about personal. Very good night Stephen Strasburg then yes very good night we were basically column a coward here yesterday on the show. That he was using. That he was he using a sniffles. Or mold allergy or how you wanna call it to get out. Of pitching for the Mets but in the end. He woke up. He said it's amazing what modern medicine can't build those and whoever he I'd. It's really push yeah kicked and Anglo emergency and I becomes a struggle looks a little bit at the beginning. Like he is laboring but then after that it is just absolutely. Nasty. Seven innings very rare. Twelve strikeouts and there will be a game five he has totally remade don't you think huge for whatever for the nets now. You can't call Stephen Strasburg to pay. No I actually think yesterday though was the first time that we saw all the Internet actually bully an athlete into well that's the core idea for the saudis. Internet otherwise it's funny to puzzles and related puzzles and Mike and Mike this morning when I was taken my kid to cross country at the insane hour 5:6 o'clock. And acres are should thank you for my service and and and and Mike Greenberg said. Someone came up to him on the golf course and said do you think that he was listening to your show and that's why he. He decided to pitch and embers and I don't be ridiculous it is you know he's a problem I got my airline an enemy that's evident wouldn't. But so. And what they said was listen the pressure was internal than it's all internal. Don't believe that's so they'll turn urgent but I don't know if that's the Internet war. The pressure from the universe. He saw how he was being defined yet whether it was ESP and where where where does her column about former players were called amount. Whether it was a ESP a television well there was Mike and Mike whether employers that weather is. The very powerful. Flame thrower that this is Jeff talk and show. Everywhere people were saying he's got to take the ball and so I think probably. More than. The antibiotics chicken and maybe I'm just being cynical here it was the realization. Of how he how what this was doing well Mavis Boris kicking him. It was that it was that realization of what this was doing to his reputation he had to take the ball 100%. Any did any did brilliantly and cells and so here we got some good night for Stevens just asked. Good night for treasurer. Great night for shooting her late night. For Joseph Girardi as the Yankees come back from a 20 deficit one of those one of those one of those two. Largely. You know I didn't. There's no question Joseph Girardi it blew it completely in game two. After he blew it completely. It's just like a blocker thing like more bad things had to happen for them to lose that game they were still up by five at this point I think and so. I bought it would of ended the hitting. And huge mistake. And he was good last night he said I told my team I screwed up. And mosques I'll let you are a player or the coach when you don't know you are the reason. That you lost the eulogy big you would York clear screw up is what caused it. Looked in the kicker to kicker misses the feel like whatever your position with a 34 yard Google and you miss it or exit what are you forty could be forty to. You you're the one who screwed up and so he was the one who screwed up let's and there's no question in my mind I root for Cleveland over New York AA every single time in everything. 'cause Cleveland there's need it and New Yorkers don't. New Yorkers RD think they are greatest thing in the world they already have access to everything the universe what ever else clarity think they're better than us Cleveland there's. Even Aircastle pan looks directly lenders. And I I say that about Eric. For once there it just pulse all the time bubbles Cleveland maybe that does much lately. Good luck at all thing and that's what I hear mine rides a year that's fine but it the I would continue to say that when you live in Memphis you can't just dismiss other cities. As crap cities because that's what people do to Memphis and that got brought off base so I'd I'd pull for Cleveland. I feel bad for them they blew a two day one to twenty games straight and regular season and then they blow this 20 lead. Bought. The one silver lining. Is that for Joseph Girardi. Analyze I care but I do care like you don't want a man to be hunted. Forever I guess record cloverfield I did that but they'll have a chance that he was out and he still is still Corey oil facilities Korea. And dead. Which is hit. Two home runs in Singapore after all play me like actually be an above average for the end zone down and out anyway so we will all agree did the Joseph Girardi is off the hook. I'm not gonna goes so far to say that his blunder of galvanized the Yankees and did you give him credit. For galvanizing the Yankees with that blundered but I do think that it does get him to be remembered for credible manner. You know it's it's like. It's like Tony Allen throw on the shirt on me whatever they actually came back and one making Angel who cares that he threw the shirt on the on. On the court against Oklahoma City. That's no previous point like the reason why remembered bill but here's as the Red Sox lost right exactly you stated it was that did not indicate you screw up in the course of Victor. Who downstairs and and ultimately are us will be on his resume but it'll be how. Ha ha on his resume on a holy crap on his resonant so really good day for Stephen Strasburg. What really good day for Joseph Girardi. Pretty damn good day. For Andrew Harrison. I said those words on this radio show. The man who stepped in bright end to the Jeff Green roll. As as as. As the man I most like this to load on the grizzlies on it for similar reasons. 'cause they were being played more than their talents. Didn't even admit that their parents tell two merited and so therefore became more frustrating if you if you are good and you don't play double get mad. But if you if you're not good and you play all the time although I won't get mad because your being forced down our throats and it's incredibly frustrating one matter wade Baldwin last year it hasn't seen him. As a matter may be that the drafted him I wasn't mad at wade bobbled or that became man. Add Ed Zander Harrison will literally Harrison he played a lot he's not playing the point. Has Wayne Sheldon is out with a a little nagging injury nothing serious but he's out with a little nagging injury. And so they have this opening at two guard and the person who has been starting at two yard and they lineups are stunned look like they are. Kind of set the it's got to be James Bennet who had a good game last night for Israel has not made that official but it's pretty damn player at the sports can be asked to three. Mark. Jim Michael grain Mike Tomlin. And then Wayne seldom. I mean they're not potent they're not they're not stuck type wreak when that sell them out there start and end of Harris and as a place keeper right. In that role as a place keeper two things happened. Wait Baldwin sought again. Which he does have pretty much perpetually. He's been pretty consistent for a pretty much perpetually. And and Paris and was pretty good we just not gonna do about it and to answer to the very optimal placement or doesn't highlights. Cross courts become economically feet up top and is open three on the lately you know. Agree on the board grateful. Crosscourt to Conley who previously solid citizens who we've got open. Grizzlies first triple that I small back the other way running right and it floated out there and rebound back after I just don't. Rabbi cares nothing has gotten. Tommy video below right side the right thing Harrison's spot up three on the way. Bring it up and put three on the floor back to back triples the grizzlies back up for 1410. With two threes in a row. We are mourners 056. Days you want Baldwin gives them rights watch for throughout mark against Isiah Taylor back out Baldwin. Over the Harrison Harrison wide open hills boys to. Brandon Harrison finished 44 remaining 9684. He got to know. Pairs of those last one. Again here you see the trees so fire and other same result for him up but really lord thank you think saving. Remaining Andrew Harrison. Fox's total was seventeen the facts about them as he scored the last eight for the race. And her parents and with seventeen points she was three of six from three was eight of ten from the line he was a decent defensive player they like playing with them they trust him they use and in this role more and more. You have to think that they're doing they're gonna cut. Is way Baldwin embarrassing for them they drafted him first round pick of the first round pick last year but in the hand. Very special about it may play professional basketball anything better professional basketball player. I don't know that there was a moment last night where wade Baldwin. Think he's final. And he. Attitude. It's as it is weird to see some of whose attitude is getting in the way. Of them being more effective but you do get that sense that his attitude cell. I was getting myself to summarize goodnight Stephen Strasburg. Good night Joseph Girardi. Good night. And Harrison. It night. What do you think I'm gonna pick playing. Well could be drill Martin. No. Who built at a at night well let's see let's play that hits let's jailer. You know what I could say chairman. I think it's Parametric Chris Wallace. Really. In the end. They signed this bomb. They signed this. Like Parsons my god can you imagine how lucky you are huge in the parson oh yeah yeah don't you you've got nine. When you work done Jeff. Senate he said I put I think he's that I wasn't gonna that I myself Dallas who's gonna get my contract light to let him back on himself and he said listen. When Dallas isn't ready gonna down on me. I don't want to tell you a bet on me so he wasn't willing to bet on himself. And so he really think he was gonna be good so there he is he's hopes he's done he's looking at a life of having. A good living he's made a good living as an NBA player and he would live a good living. Going forward as an NBA player I don't know what his career earnings were typical of crude Gemma Parsons career earnings before this contract. Before this contract should he made more money than I'll ever make in my lifetime. But he did not make enough money to lead a life that he will now forever be leading. And he's got the hundred million. Many for public on billion dollars the man hands. He is he is set his kids are set he will be tripled the light fantastic. What he took it future kids yes future kids will be will be set he will be live in the life for the rest of his life. And the mistake wasn't hands. The mistake was the organization. The mistake was and I don't know will never now what's all the time people scrambled all over themselves to take credit for Pau Gasol. Was it was it let's say who won it how was it was that high is really. Was it Tony peroni senior everywhere wanted to take credit for. Was that Billy Knight for power Gasol this is one where nobody. Once the blame for Chandler Parsons but I'll tell the truth. I don't believe that gives doctors. I don't believe that Fridays are one to him and sad and I don't nothing and not know the answer here but I do not believe Friday's they're so what has some good day. Guys can play ten years would be totally healthy. I just don't believe that I don't think the same people look at the same X rays in Portland and Dallas and Memphis and guys in Memphis go boot. Looks good and now. I think front office on the make a splash. And whether it was Joseph body. Or whether it was Chris Wallace. Whether it was Robert pear. And dubious that it would have been that it would have been John Challenger but. Once someone some collection share some of of what ever decided we're gonna go sign this dude. He can't play. He cannot. Play left does nothing like the weird to see a guy on the floor who does nothing he played twelve minutes. Last night he was 02. Zero rebounds. And minus ten. He can't. Mean what are you obviously like it is on the when he's on the floor ace as unpalatable it's it's an eight can't play. And so it is a bad and you do wonder like. All due respect I asked the question. Is that a fireball offense on toppled the draft after draft after draft pick is this a fireball offense yes. It seems to me that on top of the draft pick up the draft pick of the draft pick in my well being I see what's gonna talk to us next by the NFL's just -- show many do not have anything and. They guys might interest people swipe your fire chief from Maryland heights Missouri and I love firehouse subs. Take their meatball sub for example it's loaded wall to wall with the Italian meatballs and a zesty marinara when melted pro Malone on a toasted roll. 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ID and must pass a background check in droves we call 912610. And I said before today or visit Kate Howard GL dot com. Take our global logistics our own. CEO. Here's the. Trying to. Now by Steve why Steve why the course. Grew up here in Memphis. Tennessee. I want to play for. The. For the Tennessee vol for the New York Jets for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who now blogs for SB nation about the NFL you can read his stories over there. And he tweets I asked GW nine before he's nice enough to join us every Thursday any does dusty how are you. There. Good there. That the car. The malls did not play last week I am gonna give you the week off talking about the malls so we can we can. Put that to the side for now you get the record. It's root root my little favored you. So but there are some other compelling things talk about. Including let's that would Jerry Jones. What do you make Jerry Jones followed down the gauntlet to his players. Where are very. Is so clear whatever the owner I bought a miracle what a lot. We were vulnerable argument here at all. We don't really care about their particular community in New England Journal thing we're concerned about who these utility if you wanna ignore it. And so I mean he's been in phone people themselves they're crow. They have if there was an ER. KE. A real parallel unity. They're a quarter I did there ever got a lot of cool to look I might learn. They're concerned about who we carrier routinely. Recruit removed are in this block cool they're more than you. They're all looking booty. Look at the occasion although. Edgar Padilla volunteered these days you will be. If the polls there show not soaked up PR where there will play Obama playing Berlin they're calling up and told me. We're not here all our newly it is prepared look at undergo only do I hated it couldn't be me. What do you think's gonna happen next week good you know the good Dell's getting their enemy there's going to be an owners meeting the NFL players association is going to be involved in this. I find it hard to believe that they're just gonna mandate that everybody has the beast the stand or be suspended. Am but maybe that's what will come of it and who knows. If that's possible the NFL players should be a little play association thinks that have to be bargained that they can't simply make that change. Give any sense of what might come on that meeting. Well again they're so proud to be written bargain and if you look very good obviously you try to. Real throwing yarder you know do we know bit bitter pill and an appropriate the American rule. It's you can be you know pretty. And you know when you talk about your brother who. You can go broke. So there they paid very well who were there when they were happy. To fill the hole lead. Well clearly they're creating multi blue vulnerable Blair who won't order the prayer double. Recovered any different though community equipment and about whom you're gonna bit them the lead you only. This could be an arbiter between keep doing what we're gonna have to do everything you do to the green about who you know is Newt. Really won't become a print if you look at the board somebody blew apart like they don't airfare is broken. It may concern the group whom could be triggered. Would hope that he goes there and it in the world. There will probably then they better for the player doesn't. We're gonna get competitive every single order are to put your career or are there will be the. It. I agree completely with the the this and I understand that there are some people who are upset that people Neil during the anthem and that's fine. But I don't think even those people would want. People standing up. Only because they were forced to that is like what is that what is accomplished when you know the only reason they're quote unquote playing respect to the anthem. Is because they are literally being forced to do it maybe they could force them to put their hands on their heart to maybe they can force them to. You know said the lord's prayer while granite or what is that what that what is the point if you're if it's not if it's not actually. A display of patriotism what the hell is the point that I don't really get it it's it's been it's been crazy I've. So does this change how you feel about the cowboys are all they are your team. They are our premiere of their own marketing you know the leaders don't there. I. Best. Political ability only deter repeat if you went into the dark America after the military started paying their. Perhaps for your normal he'll play. Wherever they appear to order. Betancourt well look at Norman their own blood there. It doesn't make it look a little bad that he. That will suit up Greg Hardy and go to devoted to go to bat for Greg Hardy and say man that's a guy who can Wear the star in his helmet. But if you Neil you can't. I mean spirited and your Newt you have prepared your mind on the game well today the government reported that there can be viewed. Cocaine user Culpepper under review of all I don't know. That I can win all these people ever created what bigger. So my record you don't overlook all of you didn't if you look all cool. He's certainly showing sort of your form out and I hope he does anybody could restrict them and a lot of cool. Talking to Steve or might. I. About all of these issues. STW 94. Is his is this Twitter handle SEW 94 read his stuff over at SP. Nation all right I think a drug abusers Chris Forster the Miami Dolphins offense and former offensive line coach was just aren't quite the video. That was released this week what did you think when you saw that. Well first we are lower the government from your news. Carl LeBlanc bears could very. Well the local known they're liberal news. So yeah didn't he didn't they do appear out of nowhere then you little. Weird call people who are those who don't know our. Word yeah Edgar now acquired Peter who are. The board then it is we're gonna be really careful about your own video you will all emotional burden than. I don't want to love the heat. Video. Bash or put into the the agreement in their bill would. Good life lesson that Steve that is a good life lesson when you say offensive line coaches are weird. If you were to rank the weirdness of position coaches like which coach is what or who tends to be the weirdest. The first period go here. Way to deal hood river. Some would go all the way. That's perfectly appropriate. To do you shouldn't like thirty paired well well you know. Good game he'd be triggered the number Cuomo warned you could occur you have all hold back in it now what. Chris could I could hear a lot of nervous if you don't. There was a special team coached the dolphins' special teams coach back when I covered them for briefly. I'm Mike west hole may be my week. Where oh. Smart work well you look at people who lived here. He'll strippers hall wholly trains these. I have to agree absolutely. I'll hold all all here we hear about this and we're good warm welcome vehicle market but playing. And you hear her own pain that you. So that's where all of Europe so that the craziest. Bear. Yeah we're saying he pulled. Why it's a crazy. Why do you think the special teams coach. I don't know but I really don't what he deemed ready to go there because we do not inform the quality. Onto us the other matters I Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. I has walked on of the he walked off of the he was he was disenchanted what was happening with the giants and and I actually get that Jeffrey Wright steps intended to. But he didn't want to get locked into the luck of the field during the game. Look at this guy gonna get fired after this year is getting I mean he's got to what do you make of what's happening with the giants and have you ever seen anything like that guy do just loss of one. Where they're debating. They're column. Moved very fielder Karim period terrible period there. He didn't walk away that he came in a popular vehicle that may have a disagreement and I vehicles. I'm aware. Echoed earlier we didn't bode well they're on the news what the Dario came out here won't you won't happen. Ebert who called the goal here Oklahoma. Anderson drove Pro Bowl live and probably well what do you think clearly the list is so I don't see how you Bob would eat. And it focused when you overthrow the deep oil. It's funny Mike and Mike made the point this morning that a lot of these dudes these quarterback whispers Mac and it was one. Adam cases another. Dirt cut your coach down there in Tampa Bay was another. All sort of capped because of what they can do with quarterbacks. Not having much success out all the dolphins have the worst offense in the league. The Jackson the biggest tire fire in the league and you'd have to say the Bucs are underachieving. Army units are though we are here to here. Got a phone we've heard Karl get a particular matter little I don't know if you can look at all clear immediately. So you don't refute David one of the third year there have been people really want to appear at the moment dirt rather than it did open. If you don't pay. They're sort of press play and injured there many you need more American global. So you had me worried him he's placed safety throughout the day. Where the only he you know knew a little while there are blood blood which are exactly. I mean you know you do wonder. How I hope you watch how he did go play in that order that was brutal all all the blue moon. And they don't want to try to learn to live in remote we got more work. Then what do you think Adrian Peterson Arizona. Well I think if you're horrible early fall Harbour bar that usually mean you don't. And I think a lot of do you know vehicle we wouldn't be reliable long. No terrible problem he. Come every barrel bay I've gone. So there he wanted earlier he's really playing. That he regularly. Oh went to war in general are pretty good deal are retrievable. Yeah browns make a quarterback change from John Kaiser take Kevin Hogan moved. It all feels kind of futile just part of their race to to be in in the top five the drafting another quarterback I guess thoughts on any of that. Well kind of America loved being put it would be true dirt is getting paid very poor very. Won't like almost certainly it's just started receiver they have either been remarked mr. mark from the British. And then he you know he developed slowly everybody knew that Carter who can remember probably he didn't. I had anything they want to hear what we're able to get it removed were brought our moral. Developing their their star quarterback until they cut. So I mean you know there is. He should've been there haven't heard repeatedly in my Cleveland in the New Zealand where you know boo there it could couldn't be more of a parent. I think you're correct in Europe or the rear wheel if you utility that would be good record. Bigger and bigger mistake you know he lone opponent repair crew. What better part of the art world and are part of plowed parallel waterborne and poor third now for the people who go low and then people who are getting away. So in what they're doing okay NBA general holder really give them their profitability don't get me. Became an American can move much better regardless and to promote the very day little. I think. I really should. He got or better quarterback at all even further when he spoke out there with a part of who we would work. You know the brown going to be tomorrow. It is funny when you look at it that yet that's I'm that would have been a perfect situation for government. Perfect at a perfect situation for Kaiser behind cabinet. But yet no one's willing to do that I. On to the games this. This week actually a pretty damn good game tonight as he got the Eagles are good against the Panthers who were good thoughts. Ali under these third American in the third but the people playing all of shortly he'll work Erica you rear. A lot of guys who maybe wouldn't make up our foundation that is the place tonight where they're more than a rebel fighters go to Parker failure in the world the tricky. And you boy alone won't be handled in a world like and say the pair who'd who'd looked. Cool well all of I don't know out of whack off football while the car came and live the American uniforms so they're effective they're wearing their heart beat word. That he moon's very poor Americans who won't give up our way they're doomed may play. You've part human part in the barber defections. Bierbauer on the program William Colby Bockwoldt third so. And of course prepare prepare your it would well. Took the only. So if you don't they're part of it they're very fertile people killed so we are definitely a different America you don't come down to me. Tell me how pretty. All we came here for mobile. Well there cleared a bill. You know if it even better game you're fearful of her work battlefield and then even see will be altered tonight. One of the more intriguing games of the week I think is Steelers chiefs chiefs because of so Damgaard. Steelers because Ben Roethlisberger is wondering if he has it does he really wondering if he has already just. Just mad himself. A reasonable runner you have it does matter that they're glad he did he ever played well it's quite a while. You can look David Warren he definitely didn't you will. So own. Again fish you eat we drink. Did you will agree you know look who will mark the future. At quarterback. Poetry and so are you know but this still very clearly aware of the world. There rocky movie but he did realize you know barbecues. Who ever would have imagined that a nearly hour and it would be the three and two pats against the three and two jets. I. Yes it's exactly you know the embassy yeah. They're no. You know don't bring in Europe are particularly good game victory preach the love of the game that are completely good either. And are comparatively more when you look I didn't really well. Apartment here and of course you know there'd be the British settlers built or. Work. That that that there may be the bigger. Prior blowout he blew you know Marco got the early days. If they weren't that good if if would you give a big part of the primitive people as a partner issue. And if you're not helping them even picking her would be not so I think that you hormone here now they're truly. But the Panthers could be a lot. All on me if you. Car pretty well the thing I'm not important you know they will be there Rick will be much more. And I I'm curious to see good golf he if he did you know. Look at what he did play they're connected or ball better only more favorite if the American League game. I could play the vikings obviously they beat the cowboys last week. Aaron Rodgers bass player like. Army I'm Doctor Who ebitda. I download your arm of the mother of the they're people Brady better ere long they're definitely in the warm and humid there are in the lead or near live on the day they're different is there's going to be. I think most people marked the game you can read all the count toward moral more than minimum almost all the off. Young wolves are better. It is certainly tell warfare so. I mean the guy who drew away. And it seemed like he normally you'd better. I think that you can go there. Take a marketable. Steve White either follow him on Twitter at SGW 94 and read this stuff at SB nation thanks David Duncan actually. That is Steve White and by the way Eagles tonight gives means that all Memphis will have a chance to watch. Jake Kelly maps zones and have a great run there in Philadelphia I wanna come back marching and out of did an interview. With Tubby Smith saudis later is going to be on today. With Jason and Jon but tubby said some interesting things in that story I will tell you about them. Next it's just gone to Germany can anatomy is hundreds. And it has happened again so I just. Then entered and into nine pellets for. We'll pick up for your chance to win a 500 dollar visa gift card at 300 dollar hit a cooler. I see myself. Guess a motor cars and Sunbelt rentals. 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I need a college degree and flexible schedule. Christian Brothers University I not only found lots of options I got personal attention from supported an advisor in tenth asks if you're working adult that needs to go back to school check out CBU online at CV you dot edu forward slash C AP asp or call 901321. 3291. It's the Smart choice. That's. Nine FM 688. On the WSS and 99. Obviously isn't. So mark is in the city of summaries and I had no idea line. Yeah he was not invited and and Nigeria as Charlie and I just chased him out. About what we we've we get the Parsons we talked earlier the chip the Parsons because it hadn't signed him. He would still have they made a good living in life yes it just wouldn't have been the impaled. The Hollywood starlets would have liked him as much because he wouldn't have been just which is half right. Yeah that they could do it it's hard cash in that he still would have had. How much did you think about it 32 million allergic to things still pretty good he still wouldn't hold hands Aso at all. Lol man holding an air 32 million yet at a level that it out of the okay. I. And I said Tubby Smith will be on with Jason and Jon later on today. Memphis madness it is tonight. At FedEx Forum and after initially declining at Tubby Smith did sit down we'll Margie and out of to talk about Memphis madness which produced the most headlined a story in the commercial appeal and here's some of the highlights well it's very clear that that some of this was it was studies. Tubby wanted to do Memphis Netflix there's some old wondered if if it was. Mom. If it was forced upon him now tubby wanted to do this and good for him. Yet whether whether you think it's good idea or not some people thought it was a bad idea because there will be enough people. I don't really think so I do do whatever you can do and and do whatever you can do government if you will be able had a nice time. And get people just starting to talk about the program a little bit and to know these players a little bit. And so I'm off four and W wanna do it and that to me is. Good he then talked about the team. So this quote. A rebounding has improved just by the fact of some of bidder by the other violent how all of a bigger and taller deeper there's no question that's true. So much bigger and taller that's gonna help us and our ability push the ball to court sides with Jeremiah. They had a guy like Kareem Bruton Malik we have a lot of speed in the back door guy like David nickel Barry can push it up. And Jamal Johnson you've got a lot of depth and that's going to help. His Y notice about that quote. Did you go guys mentioned. They ju co guy who he focuses on who evidently supposed to be the best player in the impact player the one who may well be the leading scorer for the supplier for this team. It's Korean Bruton. But this idea that they were gonna bring in these hungry ju co dudes and they were going to be much more mature. And have more of an impact then the selfish. Folks who'd been put laughed. I think you're starting to fall by the waist is just by early remarks it's not seeming that way indeed he went on talked about. Junior college players take a little longer he said this is what he said about that. Always feel like junior college players take a little longer because they've got two systems they've learned or have played. There's that accumulation knowledge or understanding but now learning new terminology or new system kind of compounds things where his freshman. They had their system they had and high school they're excited about being here and they're listening. Not that the junior college players aren't but the probably a little easier to mold of this stage because the older you are the harder it is to change habits and establish. Better yet it's. So to me suggests that Edward is reading TV double cease practice and tonight you won't see anything meaningful you'll it'll be fun. I urge you to go. I'll be there will be great. But I'm. See who's who literally wore anything like that necessarily from an event like. Tonight's. But let's just reading the tea please. It sounds like the junior college players and is gonna come shocked some of you. Our own lack. Which is really what. Anyone told you once upon a time you could win at a very high level. With junior college players when it was numb one that was when I was UNLV. And Larry Johnson and Greg junior doubt that you could win and high level genie got the players. Now Powell schools have taken the place of junior college not that many good players go through the junior college route. And so that's why people become skeptical when you get a whole raft Jay Cutler's limit right. And it sounds like. It sounds like Jeremiah Myron bio he's can play like every minute of every game because they don't really have. A backup point out I guess family really gross is that backup point guard but. It's good Jeremiah mine's gonna play every minute of every game as far as I can tell and and and create Burton's very clearly got to play a lot. But the the thing is he's now praising the freshman which is good like you do want Jamal Johnson and David Middlebury to be good. But people initially thought this team would be carried but if you go kids he goes all the talk about the freshman he says and it's really impressed for the freshman to be honest with you. But that's why we had the number one recruiting class in the league he keeps he says that so many times they did by the way have the number one recruiting class in the league. And while a guy like most because a number to look like when you sign 27 players that's what will happen. But they did. And why dilate Jamal Johnson was considered one of the highest rated players coming in the American athletic arrogance in victory you know is a real man. And the guy like David nickel Barry is impressive with things he's shown he's really better than we thought. So I'm starting to get the picture of the team. This is what I hope for the state. But they're competitive. The that was 17181920. Games that they're the they're they're they're they're not embarrassed the dirt in it. And I honestly. If they do get whatever town has commits. And then you get. I think I'm the player that I am most excited about watching. With out any questions. Is David nickel. But 'cause some of this is just opened a can I ever seen him in person and five minutes at at practice when we're allowed to watch it that's it. But like you watch the tapes. And they're fun but she sees the court let she's a guy who knows how to play basketball. And so he's the one from the beginning in London most excited about but if David Nagle very can play well. The show promise. And if if Jamal Johnson can play well and show promise and if Victor Reno can put a show well and show promise. Then you have something each of which you can build going forward. And you hope to fill in the did you go guys but it sounds like just listening to tubby talk about it the did you go guys are maybe not what he thought that they were early. Early but the Google guys are not necessarily when they thought or hoped they would be but the freshmen are better than he hoped it would be and I would say that that. Mix of things you like them all be better than you hoped there would be. Put this summer event in the hope they would be better at that would be the freshman. Because they are the future they're the folks are gonna be here for. Four years and around whom tubby will be built anyway a Chris Harrington has wandered into studio. We will talk to him and next we will also talk to in the second hour DJ Elmore who is of course imagine grew up here. And Memphis Memphis and is now linebacker and captain. 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