Hour 1 with guest Stephania Bell

Jason & John
Friday, January 12th

Segment 1 -- Jason Smith and John Martin open the show by celebrating those in Memphis who are enduring the elements and are working.

Segment 2 -- Jason and John welcome ESPN's Fantasy Expert Stephania Bell to the program to discuss her Hall of Fame induction, the NFL playoffs, and more.


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Life without contacts or glasses begin taking your relations presentation. Call them today at 9014433600. Or visit them online and I especially great dot com. I especially pavement is leading multi specialty disembark here. In Memphis in sports station. You will wake up call. I mean again. Oh yeah. Heroic days and 929 FA ME SP and we slip we've slid it into work today John Martin we are here we have braved the snow. Do you feel good about do you feel good that we debated the snow workers were here now. Would you say Jason. That outside. It is. I see. Yes. Would you say Jason Smith that it's icy. I created so. These. Able to block. It's. There. You have vessel that I on the ads are told we're mayor John Mayer Aventajado show we have we think it fired imagine that. No we did not it is snowing outside many of you are off work while wife is off work on is to. I can't lie to. And this will be due on the so we're we're very honest no beef. I'm a little better about being here today I gotta tell you I am not only because. We're not off today well off the wall Monday either ever thought about this four day weekend you don't get take part time. I was like why it always. John Martin on which you actually. At any time on the mile wide it's to stay home with my with my son. Look it's that the little bit of pity I got left in me. It's low. We'll jealous it's a bad thing to hold on through and I'm not you know she tells to have a stunning gonna have a good day at oh yeah yeah you to it and Maggie on that comes to my wife thought they found out today my wife you know she's a oh she's she can be happy right make it all right too bad about the bad faith I'll do my wife eats like cereal for breakfast every day right you know she was making today. A slime Cahill she brought she brought about onions I mean she was put together a smorgasbord. Is there a need in the thick of at least is there and meet. And then break him I'm currently in line will shock you couldn't I mean it was like it was like the last supper. Because she was off today. It makes no sense that they don't know purpose enjoy it makes halo upset. They feel better on Monday brought will be here warrior let him go to wanna be a warrior wanna be in bed. But here we are rare but we're gonna do a good show for react. And whoever it is right is with us whoever's working today I hope people listen we have her we appreciate you ride along with us enough. Please be say because there is that some want it was and if you're driving around and I mean this is this is and you know buffalo would sneeze at this right this is nothing to to them but. We don't we we don't have the infrastructure for this in Memphis I mean people are are gonna die you know both at home full coats skull caps. On the show I mean that is. That's what you get in Memphis yet none of this kind of weather I mean people that don't know and I am because it is who would mean we don't ever look I'm bundled up on we don't know how to drive around the athletes about driving in it. There are mean people don't know how to drive in this county weather in these kind of conditions so. I usually grounds that are. At 1145 we're to talk testified about the final bell joined us throughout the NFL regular season spent they were to have Iran again today. Because. Earlier this week she was inducted. Into the fifty sportswriters association hall of fame a man that is worth. At all and that's history absolutely and that's history because she became very Fred it's. I've target plaza. She became the first woman. We'll ovation she got. At their lives podcast from what they that's what the president Elvis and people also fund a bit so why should begin the first woman to be inducted into said. I'll pay my share much oil as incredulous at 1125 who talks are about. The playoffs about abduction. Lots and of course John Durham because I cannot touch and if so guess about asking about Duncan knocked in the didn't sickening this will again be relevant at twelve point five when we talk to our next guest. Sean Salisbury. You ask him to yeah yes. Yes Walid and ask about met Maggie. A group and leave it has about the brilliant young minded as mad mag year and a year round in a statement we're gonna talks on Salisbury. Of the Sean Salisbury show at 1225. Former ESPN personality would icy at 1220. I have. That's it that's the Saturday. And we're looking forward to it. But what we really wanted to do we really want to accomplish on this Saturday is. We wanna do three things. We wanna smile yet. We wanna laugh yet. And we wanna cry no. That is up old show page and that's what Jimmy V said full day. All of the crime or we're gonna that we rapidly diversity we're going to achieve we're into our best to achieve that on the show today and we also want to celebrate. Those of you. Who are. Working with us. I know who's off today right I know who ain't working and TJ framework and right who doesn't work and the whole city. It feels like when the city is working out there fourteen trucks. All the work and an assessment of people in the city job a look around it was normal roses or know what what I mean city employees got to be our right other than the people on the trucks. The folks down at City Hall a chimera pizza pizza man. And in women are working today yes they are art of pizza man call and Geoff Calkins shows delivered pizzas already down. Downtown we wanna celebrate heroes. Dealt with the snow works. The snow workers. Are packed so popular like ghost. Are you worried right now that are you working today. 5353776535. ESPN. Are you punching the clock. You work at it are you on the clock today. We wanna celebrate you did that money by I think five ESP at who are you. What are you doing today what's your job we wanna talk to you we want to celebrate those of you who like us. Are grinding. Just order. Elected we're grinding so. Whatever you whatever it is you're doing out there what year. Driving for over eat so whether you're you know driving for pizza hotter whatever it is I don't cater. This is your date this is your time. Shine a light on you and we're gonna do that. Go to Mary. Mary you're on. Mary what's going on Mayo. LaBroque. Loyal listener look listen you guys I'm. I think of a foot surgeon marking the second location of the day already. Your foot somebody you're travelling army surgeries have you done already has more on feet no sir you'd think I should be it. I'll allow about that man will be careful brave soul Peter very important Larry for what you do thank you for listening. Creating yet go up 5353. And a tablet the surgeons less than five years and that's how I'd class of people that man's rich he's gone he's gonna love spotted on. I mean that's right of his. Let's go to Mike number one Mike you're on. How what's up brother. I know I could lower your body shot bid we got a real bro well there are bigger around. Yeah. You got your doll like this army UFO yeah yeah we know import cute kid become. You had a guy have you gotten anybody in the shop yet front I'm today will be tomorrow. What do we got a couple stragglers but now I went in Nigeria way to beat it on sure. Michael is an away my absolutely are Larry I don't know yet I voted 537765. Are by no warriors history we want to we want to celebrate all of you who were. Busted your rants. When the rest of the city has decided to take a day off work like why acts like our wives who said who prepare. Gourmet meals yeah. I had no eye care market the hell was that yesterday our. Mine was vegan KO yesterday. My wife did couldn't blow blue aprons like can go down that path which you loved labored. Ought to be doing commercials for viewers it's like you trying to wrap. Let's go to Mike in Germantown might cure on. Mike. I guess he got called away and I'll have to adjust almost all of resembles what so I did I don't know I don't think I don't think. I don't I don't know where you went out of Iraq. Did not. Drive and talk in this in this way in this whether it would not be advisable. But through five recent incidents expire through five he's a warrior he is react we go to. Eddie. Pay your arm. Hey what's up with some other what do you do. Our general Charlie ever. Cut so a year you love most are you get no days off ever now are you noted are and how it or dog at that hot potato soup ready today. I make about there yes sir I had always seen you this afternoon brother appreciated rather. Appreciate rest. I have a lot of respect for those who work in Indian restaurant the restaurant industry and the retail industry because. They never it doesn't matter what the weather is it about it doesn't matter if the earth opens up a got no chance to be off they are going in room. Well whose formal charges today. All you say you audience of potatoes and lie to that man loud bang and I learned I don't know I want to be a good easy Bork in order to feel like people a government. Lot of listeners. And I am did you do you thought gore told Charlie that this did try to make a brother feel good about working today don't let you know I was. I'd have revived through 776 bothered by presented that did you go to Derek Derek your own. I look all bad less then. Not much as I hear. What very nice she's stormed the dual home inspection. All inspections. A help you you're still doing them today. Is third. Can you see all you need to see underneath the snow. I can you tell how good roof this. Now that you're back inject a reported not slalom but. I'm get every. You don't Wear it today though and I respect that broke out at some respect that Derek de Cuba if they are doing very important our men appreciate it 5353776535. ESPN. We're just gonna sell a lot of folks working that day a pair that's making me feel a little bit better issued make me feel a little bit better you working today. We want to celebrate you were celebrating you I root for Boston that hole putts and that clock feed your family. Could it was that we could take about today we had the option. You could take it a personal day we said now what I can do that while. As we work for the people. And that's who we want to hear from right now 535 ESPN. We go to try to earlier on. Pentagon would have been what's the Willard. Meant just little military man doesn't bubble we live or are we have a tropical we'll connect predicts it will cut at. So that's what I'm level for our men. Then Wales that's what you're in the business. Yeah but you slide and occur quicker exit Earl you're you're gonna be a very busy man this week and I suspect Troy I've posted the comment. Our I've grown up they get a couple private. Oh yeah we will file through 53 hours and we see me five for her head how was your drive in menu little far way out brawls if you're organized. You scared there. I took our our are nice car. Which as you did I notice that as the fourth skate I noticed you took the essence this is at the biggest UB outs and abroad without all the rain yeah. And I'll still slide all round or here is not yet met at a rally do we got those thank you streets that each essentials no joke. And there's no Elena you're right you go once you're all straight white. And scared that back right bed that you're right you're ever the curve sort of when you take that left into the in the year sort of neighborhood while Riley folks mobile we're talking about yes I had a big charge on the corner doing that it didn't go to church reassert. That's a real Turkey at sesame people go that's Pete's massive absolutely people go to mass what church. When you got me thanks Steve and I thank again. 5253776. By the five years and you work today is your moment go to Tommy Tommy work today. Actually just gotta have they were built new cars are high school out guard admiral. I left some of gun what does that project like 95 million dollars there also. Yeah they can add to my little bit maybe 87 iron out some. Changes never bankrupt debts about a quarter million. So what is it open and up. Now 8888. Wild by some amount out there that's something here and says what they went crazy what's gonna make that what's gonna set that high school part. I'll you've ever seen a hostility indoor practice book all the building where it got bad. It. Played community college. Kind of rise we're gonna have an indoor facility for Memphis. That some believe yeah they're pro well that's been known or met a 100% Amanda thank you don't. Western is gonna want a lot of a lot of that's the schools and Arkansas. Our memorial was covered high school sports that they got him over there but a year now that's unheard of in corporate super high school for what I bill. I size of that price tag I don't remember and wired I saw it but it was in the news earlier this week and I thought what have called on why it yes 95 Neil yes. Yes. Did they need in a high school. Let's face it the same high school like seven. Years that I got I mean I'm glad to cover events at the title I school right now as compared to. Where we were in school let us look like Kamal Amin and I don't know hundred million dollar build let's go to Mike in the 901 Mike in the 901 your own brother. What's up guys or myself for being there where here mess that we're here for you. Amid many society we make sure the computers keep working you we need you very important and it's if we have a lawsuit over. Decided over city dog that's right Michael prison are mad they present to work it would then you'll have a this year. Yup all hair all the unsung heroes right yeah menace feels good to settle I don't dare mess George arm all the unsung heroes who just. Who just maybe maybe on and on a regular day under appreciate what Keith Smith has holding these folks call them right here let's go to Jeanette Jeanette Geron. I hadn't been paying at all. I dad's side because we got two and two incidents are as jaded yet what do you do. And I am a social worker in a battle that could all why you're doing the real work and your editor at zero o'clock today. Yeah I'm heading narrowed the gap I had been relentlessly show everyday. Things that hurt but he popped he can roll it. Well thank you devote to view it as an agenda have a great day at work finishing toward their daughter. Yeah you want to have a great day you. 35377. This is. Slab there five years here we go to Mike in Germantown Mike you're on. Peyton Jason John yes or I'm I'm on the way to work right now just let you know it it's icy it's like you out there. Got from port still got an interstate all about her for wrecks people people put Tehran billboards are to bad so what do you do hopes. I'm among the way to we're gonna textbook bookstore expert brokers out and stop what location collapsed prices. Here at the feet and I don't I don't think too many people are going to be buying cook. Because the anyway thank you about I think we're about an hour and a half the year but he songbook what you know you aren't alone and let sheriff you don't say. I tigers vision of a slain textbooks by 353776. Textbook inside there's there's some there's some revenue to be had and textbook on. Those things did you buy textbooks back in your day my calls the tone. I yet. And they were you soul of backing to none it's like it's like. Got nothing formula I'm back to tiger book a militarily I hope that I led that was used other not a good sponsored I love them I really do miss Cali gang stuff. Have you ever experienced games that they give your next and what like five dollars for your sixty dollar game run of robbery and our PS for their right now get twelve dollars for. We go to war Markus Markus your own. Any actual high and unlike most people drive all day long and then. Delivered driver Turkey's filers so I'm not on the road delivering flowers or funerals each EU. People I'm home. Wow brightening people's day house around or doing other rows look. Is I am on top and about 25 point I'm out now and I'm happy you know especially when you don't your treasured. Lorna was awful sorry you are you driving all day Marcus. All day OK great and that's why I Wear this don't they are looking to congress and I get to write about markets or the man he's safe on that road brother. Outlook he got Canada went to. 535377. Sadat and I'll take calls all day. Whatever it was because all their or let's go to Danny in south haven Dan you're on. Or not oh let's. Shillue man that is Eric go ahead my last week it is June I mean. My article and in the work out so our camp. Can't we are and you know he die hard Ryanair Israel regards try to be on the road you know word got me. Pars or your personal trainer. Yeah. I dig my dad when will they need you they needed so get it there. Yes there are 5353776535. EST we go to Tyler Tyler what do you do. Oh man. Let delivery supervisor for a long term air arm of the Coca. And we got the Wii delivered read it all the nursing homes and had the ability ability to all throughout the man's gotta have not made we got I know you. And then the night a lot of today a lot of the all the buildings are close to where making the delivery the median home air base and I mean we like at the right now I've got driver's going to white haven all the way out Oakland. While. Wow did we're all over the city and I've got probably not drivers adapt to go out the bag. And we also cover all the way up to dire bird and down do Oxford Mississippi and we are going to be out. Making sure that all the elderly people and they don't get their get their medication. Now that that's all right all you drive days they actually goes out Mallard that we should ask you. All right and I end up and they said Memphis shut down. When I shoot down what we're that's what we're learned today all five seed and so far all I've heard so far as teachers. Bitten off. Everybody else got to work until the Iowa are right makes me even more bitter. If they give makes me feel good. It's make you feel there's others out there just like us that a pleasant for this city is good news here's what I do now. When 2 o'clock kits and I'd get home at 3 o'clock. I don't record of fold it takes that long. Edgar yet to be careful out here I'm not trying to gamma trying to like Kevin and get a new car and all this when I get home. Another house can be claimed. Brilliant edited that makes golf when you dig yourself with some you can we go to Brenda Brenda here on. Hey am I yeah. I'm great calls on delivering mail mail look at ranked later that. Never stopped. How about that should not through the Postal Service. They are so under appreciated Brenda thank you got a three day coming up right Brenda you get Monday off right. You enjoy you deserve it. Thank you Brenda play let's listen. Will take three more on this we'll take anymore let's go to gem gem here. You know Jim. And lost him. I don't know what you do but we appreciate all that I am obviously go cheer Justin Justin you're on. They were brought out so it won't come ashore. Actually do our mobile archery. So you need extra barrels while we come out there we are where sir are you sure it's usually scores don't really matter. Number you were there in a matter all wouldn't cut it to our grave where do you fusion. It is slushy I didn't. From Europe they're out my way. I imagine you're gonna you gonna have a lot of those right people slipping and falling breaking dawn is on in their driveways on the stuff. Did visible where. We are just that must have had money it's your money gets repaired right HQ Andy Jack and miles in the willow gets to find you and your own. What Soledad O'Brien. Men and the most awful partners I'm your occurred which are even when it's broken. Oh yeah of the business. Well thank you very much that ended. Noted that in thanks for being here and you've become militant to bomb on part of on the streets are. As a really nice return then he'd back home run then are lasts no warrior. Miles miles are on. Hey don't I guess it was miles. And I and the guy down marcher Carly airlock now. Did he beat them this morning at busy. It man I'll augment this we've always a doubt one avalanche any year I hope they actually I. Why is it because people it's. Warm their cars up leave the key and lock it I'm trying to figure out why is it. Net he never failed clinic founder billions of my right now undated. I'm aware about Martha Coakley and way to correct key. There's eight Nicky made. Will be terrible run that they did well that robot there appreciate the work you're doing faced all of young man. Do we not developed which I'm glad on the real we look at this time we did so I have a question. What what does a snow day in Raleigh entail. I would you do in on a snow day overall it's no different than any other neighborhood John Wall educate me I've never spit the snowed in Raleigh I don't know it's like. Well. Like woody is very big special you can do is thirty kind of life. Pena in there well we are not allowed to slip. Aren't right and I'm sure there are people in love with slows but what we do I doubt it as when and where what I did grown up dude you take the top. Off the garbage care I'm sure people are people know I'm going to want this what you did when you fold like me. Egypt's top of the guards you have sled yeah he had that topic artist in you rolled down that driveway only to the straits. And that's how you had your foreign. And you'd that the danger yeah dodging cars brother right you can look down was real very little control at that run of what much control all but that's the one that was the Foreman. But that again that's equity when you didn't have kids didn't care about living right in Gary the value of life as I could have died are. A but that's not day we can weed induced Lesnar and we did the top of garbage cans at the top the garbage can lift the lid. Which allowed retirement so that's all you do it rally on their way what are you why folks do. Those Ian I mean no I'm told doubles with you as go skiing in this I mean this is nothing mrs. This is stupid but it pails in comparison to that iced over 94. You weren't even around I was you hurry you talk like you were part of that thing where you hear I told you. I was all about it we were living one foursome stole all of their popular personally is was it does the wall is about as it was good news anyway it we didn't have the power flight eight days. In Alabama and I told you this story read it was the all star game Scottie Pippen's in the red shoes that was Mike's out of the lead. And I'm a huge bulls fan obviously skies going to be the Saudi all star game I got I think was satellite. Over their bomb by white station was lame the sports bar effect and I watched it there I had my dad's Rodney took us like two hours to get there a such as the bulls fan. And I got there I had imitate he drove out there and our raggedy used car. Okay that he bought all of us know if it's. Your new car in west side or what he's got everything all the way averaging about Chevy citation is what would you tell me that they have dumped car. But we've manager of god bless him we made a dropper you got me out there he got an app Nassau Scotty those red shoes or wants or he's got a one in BP of the all star game that you're. That was ice storm 94 broke it is funny because brought up Bob obviously work. All of us like it is that around the you know 28 when I'm 331 all bulls fans because they're in jail and not a you're right I'd that is now that you mention that specific on every year forgetting writers Pippen was. Awesome news here as a son as he finished second in BP B Idaho I'd specifically being angry because I couldn't watch of that. I was at and John you can argue down the street like there were trees. Down everywhere there was no clearing there was no poplar was not clear you know does all of them poplar. Trees everywhere especially on the side streets like Stonewall didn't. Everything so there are guys so what was worse than hurt and Elvis. I'll have to say I learned a lot like hurricane Elvis was worse because no power in the summer there's no doubt you that was the problem no AC. You can bundle up committed is still miserable so you so look like she gets fired you can build a fight that build an air conditioner to. The picture there's my dad's living overall parkway at the time and highrise apartment complex my dear mum my mom divorced that the TARP but because my mom's powers out. Everybody's Arizona is as one the first come back on it has all come over there live with a ms. -- one Beryl armament you talk about here it's. What is it what is ex wife and his two kids that he had you know moved but you all for it. But he moved over. It's good government have a black book we could just do all we can do two and a half hours on lists and its stories run well and would this have been dated a man behind the man behind the camp the man but behind the main. And he gave you any left are you left you let us come back at bat he. They loved him because we were still so that he did so much and I'm like yeah we were avid did it well for a can hot. Where it is what is her more solid now. Well mom wants the killing of I can sense that you definitely harbored there's some pain there there's some pain there when it comes your dad and and anyway a shout out to the workers an episode of keeping the city going because they're out. We ain't the only ones. No all cities working today is a good interest I would come back we're talking about playoffs was to find a bell she is a hall of Famer. As you guys may have parts of testified about about the playoffs about her induction lots of kids with her she's up next Jason Dunham Jenna and yes you're. In all of bridge is still looking at new cars made you check out the Ford Fusion or focus maybe it's Nissan Altima Maxima may be behind the election or Sonata just remember you within minutes some great news should be Mel booze cruises and polished at all star Chevrolet and got the ball. 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I spent ten million dollars in Fort Hood and pass a constitutional amendment to allow sick and injured people to use medical marijuana. How would describe myself as a fire. If you want a fighter Colby on your cell phone ten pound law that's down 529. Morgan Morgan. For the people. Dot com. And it's 688. And 929 ES. This isn't just. New version. For years been one part of the mystical crystal ball podcast and earlier this week she became. The first woman to be inducted into the fans and sportswriters association hall Lafayette and she joins us now justify taking gradually gradually since. Thank you guys it's it's it's crazy I got instill in them that it shocked that this happened and I'm paper appreciative. I think I created at that that really lucky that I get to do what they do it call that work to. Yeah. That people appreciated so thank you. Again I act I would say and that's Q just before we have we went on the air I. Am not sure this is me I'm getting cold like this is what happened two years and or. Before finally did you need to put it on your mail like return address the funding bill hall of Famer that's what I would do I would use that would jump on this like. Had that HO asks. Yeah. That's it how did you decide how did you find out did you even know like you Rick it it you know win in a smaller than this attack how. Well. I knew that I would nominated. One my coworkers who is preventing. Me as a nominee but you know you never expected there's so many people who are deserving candidate who committed their careers of industry and you know ultimately there's a vote in I had no idea what it was taken place there. Anything and so I was just. Notified with the lovely email earlier this week and sound a bit of shocked by it I haven't Ben came to work. Since that happened sometime take. They do truly have been listed as you can but I I've actually. And overwhelmed by the notes I think that the the bad part is. Just hearing from friends and colleagues and they can do have banded. So gracious so supportive and it's really touching animated. It that has been the best part my a and and puffing on vacation I think I get to appreciate it more just. But can I Twitter feed you thing main thousand Texans. You know I can't thank everyone enough. Spider one of the great things about you Hainan our listeners what would say the same as how accessible you are how how whether it's on Twitter or not. You know people and ask you something you're coming back to them I think that's why people love you so much how did you do it now with so many followers so many people asking you questions and seems like you. You do your best to get everyone on the minute drive you crazy these they probably doesn't keep you up late night. If you're very kind ID. You know I give my bad I definitely can't respond to every land and I try to be cognizant you have. If you're responding to one person's specific question it's. Really specific to their fancy team that not everyone wants to see that our Twitter. It is it is hard because there's only so much time of the day. Hope for the way it works that with Twitter you don't always see every single method you and so sometimes they're just things that I met but people have reached out through. To Graham and they say it's funny because all the different social media people can find you and it found something that catches my eye and look I know how I would want to be treated her fight. Wrote that someone or five with following them are asking for advice that really try to get back to the people who are. You know curious about getting into. Fantasy sports or how did you make this transition time. Being a physical therapist from the clinic in doing that but I really trying to talk to them because it's. I can only imagine it seemed like such an leap than you that there really wasn't a path what I did it was a sort of neat following things I was passionate about putting them together so. I I try but it's it's impossible to get everyone but I do appreciate. I'm sure looks like to do it sure looks like to do we are of course on the hall of Famer Stefani bell here on out to Jennifer and ESP diets to fight playoffs roll on this weekend. You're the big story lines are the returns of prominent wide receivers. Antonio Brown is back from the calf injury for the Steelers. Should we expect to see a full workload from him given that he's had you know 23 weeks to recover from a. I don't think we really know what to expect but I certainly don't believe the Steelers are going in planning on using him in a limited capacity. As a and you don't really know that your path to it until you do absolutely everything top speed and then what happens in the back and go OK it must be passed that. We thought baseball players because that when they explode out of the batter's box from the first it's not hard pushed. They can't be finding everything out and then I'll feel it there so that kind of brown obviously he's been back in practice this week he said he feels good but even he acknowledged that. LV eight maybe give you a little bit more time but it's not gonna live them when he goes out there. I don't think it's going to be at something that he finds out during the game just how healthy you expect. Remember the last time he was hurt we're watching in the warm out there wondering if he was gonna be okay that he went out and put up at me. You mormons so. Bad night. I'm not concerned about him to start but I do you think how we we're not gonna really know he's a 100% healthy until after that game. They're good point Chris Hogan carries no injury designation this weekend for the patriots. He did try to come back in December. Had one cat don't think he was a 100% how badly have the patriots missed him. Terribly. You have I mean I think one of the things that you probably saw from that week fourteen appearance when he tried to come back with that some of what he. Is responsible for which is blocking was part of what it was hard for him to do enough. Partly why he went back out for the rest of the regular season and so he spends. So helpful for that and both in the app individually and cattlemen and just in his toughness as a player you know I as your other types of lacrosse players super tough. And that's why he was even able to try and come back in week fourteen but. He's obviously another pass catching outlet for them that's been so reliable and without him. Things really dwindled bailout another pass catching running back James White the last couple weeks is they pick their pass catching hand the minutes. And I think it made them a little bit easier to read in terms of their offense they're going to be getting a lot of guys back. Right the right time in the coming in the patriot consistently done every year after injured latency than they just pulled them out. They typically have a first round bye I like they got it did yeah here before and then they get them back in the playoffs that you find that. Whatever level they're functioning at the use those guys at back at that capacity I think the fact that Hogan's off the insurer part Posey they don't plan on. And being limited in any way that much better point than what they try to come back a month ago. Marcus Mario has made some spectacular plays over the last couple weeks to help win games and he's the Foreman guys win games he's he's going key blocks to win against a bad out there. Seriously he's catches own passes for touchdowns right now. Yeah I like awareness. Serious clearing the theater that. What I want ask you how much of that by how much of his struggles do you think we're just not being fully healthy the hamstring injury I mean you'd you can CNN he's trying to stay in the pocket back the end it's just not his game now looks like he's fully healthy is defined in we're seeing all of Marcus Mario. I I now late in between that and the way they're running office yes I don't know. How much you can attribute that either part by the like we've ever seen everything operating on all fill out yet and that it now it's finally start to come together upstairs every time but because it's right now but. I feel like I need to see this. Consistently loud this season before it totally buy it. Yes something's happened when you're desperate educate no way the nineteen Q you lose to hear how at all of a sudden it's like okay I'm gonna do it effort. What Everett case doesn't matter I'm hoping that they didn't give it all up in the last game yet that they've got something left because they're gonna need it this week. DeMarco Murray not going to play again this weekend for the titans which obviously clears the way for Derrick Henry who who. I feel like he's really made the most is those opportunities do you think your hitters to fayed has shown that. You know going forward obviously averaging gonna carry two in an attempt is through running backs but do you think he's shown going forward. There he could be there at the feature back in Tennessee. I actually think he can get something really interesting. I watch that show NFL matchup I may not traditional I. That's really bad yes and one of the things that they talk about is their category struggles from time is in the past blocking and that. Is that an issue and maybe that's why they valued DeMarco Murray in the air so much for them some protection. Former scenario that so I think if he can get better. With some of those things they also didn't hear clearly showed it on the ground and there's no doubt about his ability they're still the thing to be one of those facts that. And he is pretty high volume at Alabama and he needs that. Rhythm I think to really showcase waging daily for him having the opportunity start I think that's helped. So are you buying into this rich story in New England in the sense that it wouldn't we see it show up on the field in terms of the alleged. You know that the tension between coach player owner of that kind of thing or do you think deserves to have. So maybe galvanized them harm to I'm leaning towards the latter I know about the patriot way. What do you think. So it ended two part answer that question no one is a part of this story Erica quicker sentiments I have no doubt about William who is a reporter. And so. I I I take his story at face value absolutely 100% and it doesn't surprise me that what the patriots response was quick to. You know bond together and you usually that they unified front and say oh we don't you know consists creepy cock were great to. I think that's what I would expect them to do isn't that how they handle their business. Whether it's. The thing it I don't know can be totally cover up for the tendons that are really care yeah if any team can sort of put things. Out of their mind and focus on the goal ahead I think because they're so conditioned to doing that whenever there's been any kind of sanctions. And they are at stake that they have I went to jail and have. They were able to have worked their way around back so. I don't think it's. That's the story itself for the struck some I think the contents of this story. They distract them I think that actual things that are behind it they're they're they're maybe some factors there that. But make it tough for them to overcome. Some of what's gone on and you know this what I think completely. Yeah not not just the generic part of the story but firm white covered the injury aspect if you look at Tom Brady Achilles injury that he had some people just. They don't. They can ignore the airport accompanied Tom Brady. They're like yeah whatever he got into quite a play he'll be fine and I think you know because of his history he's been able to persevere with liver ailment he's having been impressive. But he still forty and as far as they know he had been completely mastered the reverse aging process so when you have an Achilles injury he's kind of fit the demographic of your risk particularly if they're not saying it's gonna happen but so even that high risk category. And I don't think I do think it's affecting his performance if you look at. When he appeared on injured or it was I believe right after Mexico City it all before Mexico City to interceptions after that sex. You know triple the number of taxes not throwing it accurately he hasn't been himself. You cannot tell me and convince me that the injuries not you're Libya play threat absolutely. Is that a factor in his performance I believe it is though. I think a lot of things that are under the surface that they do a great job of covering up because of great coaching a lot of talent a lot of depth. At every position. But there are some weaknesses they're they can be exposed and who knows might happen here. And by the way that pitchers that patriots infighting might have been the one of the best things ever happened years ever Cisco 49. Yeah yeah yeah it's he can raise the benefits Imus went back and I. People who could be happier than me about giving grapple they have to go right out made. You see what the 49ers to did that turnaround. Yeah does he started on my content about the wedding I'm talking about. The way yeah excitement. In the Bay Area. Feeling in the wac career than the way all the players rallied around he'd definitely. Something that it will click that came out where he was my dad. And you eat that you could propel the way he talked to the players are. That everybody is all it and it's such a great feeling for knowing my team when it was so crazy man fought through some rough times and now. To see everybody feeling so positive about the future. I'm very excited for what's coming next here I think the NFC west is getting to open about. And Dahlia yeah without a doubt neither there's no better feeling. Then knowing you have a quarterback in the NF I mean that they did it they're just is not and you guys have won. And I heard someone say that yes this is like ask about dreams of putting together a package. Like giving her opera where you have all the physical skills you have the leadership component you have. The toy is not a play on the field in the pocket but also at the podium. And that got it did you green and hardly. Ever do you find that all in one individual so yeah we'll take it. You are lucky and yes yes and then while we're on the subject of the Bay Area your former colleague Jon Gruden has returned to the Oakland Raiders ten years 100. Million dollars it's that's a match and take heart attack. I think it's a fair deal arm. Other raiders going to live to regret this one day given the hefty in the long commitment or. Do you believe in in the magic in the power of Jon Gruden. Well I certainly believe that he is as passionate about being there as they are about having him I know that he is always had a soft spot. Heard the raiders to love this time they're just. You know I and getting to know him as much divided but certainly and I wasn't however misquoted him as some others but. He loved talking about. Being in the Bay Area he loves this kind of open as the favorite spots they heed to go I mean talk about the culture there. They just can't kick it fit and the people really responded to eight I'm a forty and her family but my mom is the die hard raiders fans Yi and he was. Over the manly she heard that great at coming back I think that's the feeling that most of raiders fans haven't if you watch him with that shows that he's done for us than in all of this quarterback cancer and I. Like I get fired up people you get fired up when he's in the ground and I think they could use a little bit about. Well I don't know what that you know how it's gonna play out in terms of the access that they're going to have but I certainly believe there's going to be an energy around it and you know his work ethic is fairly a match you look at the public free of reporting entity doing everything he can't read you know. Focus his energy out what ever it is is charged with he's certainly committed and that and that respect and emotionally committed and so. I like seeing. Guys get along contact your soul must turn over all the time I feel that some people don't ever get a chance to really prove themselves you know like if you don't do something and one year to year out now on to the next one and now back in the old days you had time to build something and I think having that security. I think that helps it and it helps you be able to invest in building a team and then build something towards the future without the feeling of you've got to do something right now or your house and I think that changes the way people approach to game and that's not for the better. Agreed to divided thank you so so I signed this congratulations on other success in grass on the induction. Thank you I'm still hit out what are your second like because when you wake up for that it'd be like now we're just to think. Okay go. Show up for the rest of your lives fighting congratulations thank you so much for doing this they've had it. And thank you. 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