Hour 1 with guest Seth Davis

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, March 12th

(00:00--21:03) Geoff Calkins opens his Monday show by discussing the latest surrounding the Memphis basketball Head Coach job, Tubby Smith's lawyer's comments to The Commercial Appeal, and the arguments against hiring Penny Hardaway.

(24:02--40:12) Geoff welcomes Seth Davis of CBS Sports and The Athletic to discuss Seth's new book GETTING TO US: How Great Coaches Make Great Teams, the coaching situation at Memphis, whether Penny Hardaway fits the mold of a great coach, and more.

(47:16--59:08) Geoff hosts his first "interview" with Tubby Smith.


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To wait to find out. What will happen with Memphis coach tubby Smith's. Which east coach Memphis icon and hard work ranked. And you could certainly the first part of act could have had just asked. It was quite a trip to Orlando. Sie. As I chronicled the the Memphis Tigers. Foray into the American athletic conference tournament and what could be and we expect to be the last. Game that Tubby Smith will ever coached universe left and I am shall protect it is not a every publication. We have to be on vacation spring break bloody dollar in spring break. I appeared fund whatever your guns can sleep and and and and all of that my kids are also on spring break. Off. Sunoco a second but we don't Seth Davis of Davis has written a new book called. Getting to us. And it makes sense for me honestly particularly to have him today. It's about great coaches and why they're great. Because I'd like to talk about how this applies to putting I don't. Honestly an addition I was innocent Davis resort CBS he's now and the athletic that Sports Illustrated for forever he's managing editor of the fieldhouse for the athletic. But sets gonna join us in the very next segment after briefly about the NCAA tournament as well but I wanna talk about ocean. What makes great coaches. And whether Penny Hardaway might possibly. Do you know. When I met well we talked to Seth before I do and then we'll take your calls at some point today to. It is. It is truly could be a moment to stay at home at this time for the University of Memphis athletics. On the subject to tubby. Man it's been on fire on Twitter it's been on fire on my FaceBook page and people have been. I'm throwing hay makers back and forth. I think largely Jeter had gear on I think largely people are of one mind on other. Are of the same view of this but there are those who are not and I respect that opinion. And and and I understand that opinion. So so but it's been wild the last few days is people I've debated tubby Smith and and whether it's appropriate. That he get fired for the defenders. The only often goes like this. Fertility defenders. They look at this and they think Memphis is cores and I think this thing isn't so. They think hiring a coach for giving him two years and then giving him nine point seven mine a million dollars to go way. Is. Bizarre. They think you're penny they're not penny that tubby came into a difficult or circumstance. And this year. Very clearly took a team that. Am was picked to finish ninth finish it ended up finishing fifth. I've got to the semifinals. The conference tournament thanks to Kareem Bertans unbelievably fabulous way fun. Floater three point floater. To knock off Tulsa. And and and and looking at that team and what they accomplished and honestly how. The conference could be down next year they imagine that things could be better next year and certainly. Hubby is not some neophyte that a guy with a pedigree and the record. And Mara I'm class. A study hard look at 300 acute acute conflicting these two. Tubby Smith. Should be given paying. Thirty year at the very least you heard that from every single coach who addressed the topic. Mick Cronin adjusted passionately. Others suggested passionately yarder from Talking Heads on television. Who adjusted. And I had a that's the. The only and on the other side just from the basketball perspective. I mean literally just from a basketball perspective. Is that just. As the that's crazy to. That all those people are over wildly overeating what tubby did that for up for all the gallantry of this run to the semifinals. The Memphis Tigers. Miss the post season again. Tubby Smith is now. Only one of two coaches since 1951. To not make it to the post season and one of his first two years. At Memphis. Cal Perry did. Price did Josh pastor did. Larry finch David Moe I did did team colors like you go back back there's only two who did not make it to the NCAA tournament. In the one. There for that incident and any kind of post season in one of their 21 seasons. At the University of Memphis since 1951. The other by the way it was Dana Kirk who then went to five straight NCAA tournaments and had a hell of a contrast on the way including. Asterisk. Keith late. So that's it. So. Tubby has under achieved. By all measure according to the historic standards at the University of Memphis he took a team. That. Was picked to finish ninth 'cause of the rock roster he assembled. And heat he got a tip over achieved a fifth. Those who are praising Kobe for over achieving to fifth it may be the first time in the history of the Memphis program. I have heard a coach. A Memphis coach praised for finishing fifth in a calf. Ended up 170. The conference according to the RPI had no sniff really. At the NIT. 161. According to Ken palm and had essentially a recruiting class coming in their offered no particular promise. And so we can have bad basketball argument and I think those the two sides of the word presented them fairly. I'm we can have their basketball argument all we want back and forth back and forth back and forth I've heard it. Back and forth back and forth back and forth you've heard on this radio station back and forth back and forth back and forth. I would tell you. That as far as I can. Understand this. I think it's almost beside the point. Because the real worries. That Memphis. Arm. Will likely make change. Is. Considered has them all some other numbers. And those numbers are. You saw that mark you're not a story. Said that athletic department contributions would largely tied to basketball season tickets were down one point one million dollars to be clear. That was four. Hobbies first. That was for hobbies first year. After he got the job. Up through June and believe of his first year. So looking at that first little recruiting class in which are which you know with with with. With Chad right call them Christian tests EM I group. The base that they got no pop and indeed declined one point one million that first year in contributions. That isn't a number after last year. After the mass. Mass. Defection. From the team. After the blowout losses. At the end of the season. I would tell you that I will be stunned. If that number isn't too. Down at least to them. 44 that we do not have those numbers yet. You then add in the 800000 dollars that if they were getting. The full allotment from FedEx Forum that would be another 800000 dollars a year and then you let him. The fact that. Announced attendance. Intel these first year was not eaten this is after Josh and our unit serrated attendance announced attendance at first year was 9000 and change. An announced attendance in his second year was that 6000 and change so lopped off the attendance by literally a third. That's gonna be another huge financial. So what are we up to you I I would suggest we are up two of three million a year. At least. Because of the continuing presence. Of Tubby Smith. So you can argue all you war on about. All of the basketball and putting them wins deserves. Whatever. But they are facing a financial. Crisis over America's nobody goes to the game. If you went to the games this year or if you watch them on TV you know what I. Talk about fifteen year low 48 year low. Independents. For a public university a public urban university. That has a difficult time. Just. Making ends meet. They pump. 1516. Million dollars in student fees and direct aid to prop up the athletic department. Every dollar lost or not generated. Means ultimately they'll have to get further into the general fund or raise student feats. This is justice a basketball problem. It is a university problem. And that is what. Say are dealing you could say yeah sure people should have supported this team it was an admirable gritty team. The deserve support. And I will tell you I found a group of players to be incredibly admirable. All weekend long at the captains tournament utterly unfazed by the stuff that's going on around them. And came out and that first half against Cincinnati. Was cool war it's. Fearless. Jamal Johnson. Won 44 from three. They were playing with nothing to lose they were playing like a bunch of guys who'd been through. A bunch of years junior college and didn't really particularly. We're gonna be thrown off because a multimillion dollar coach might or might not lose his job they're gonna play their guts out I would tell you they were admirable. And so you can make the judgment of people should have supported that team but they didn't. That's the cold reality they didn't. No one was in the building. And then on top of it. You had the extraordinary interview. Umpire Richie left who is tubby Smith's attorney. That he did with Marcia and I know that emerged over the weekend. And we she said some truly astonishing things. First thing. He said that Penny Hardaway or imply. That Penny Hardaway. Had. Interfered with essentially prevented him from getting good Memphis players. Jason Smith and others chronicle and put Atlanta Memphis players they just. Didn't offer missed on misjudged and wife team penny didn't get it on early enough etc. Who can't be chalked up to bat for the more the loss since who were on his roster. Penny couldn't prevent them they were already mayor. He lost that. So it's a little bit about a red here to believe that it's possible that as the year went on and penny saw. Heavy start to wobble. That he decided it was not in his best interest to help many get say Alex Lomax. I absolutely believe that. I can absolutely believe. But here's the thing. Conceding that you can't get Memphis kids to spending controls the mall. Is essentially conceding you can't recruit Memphis for whatever reason. Is conceding you can't succeed at Memphis. An annual burned a bridge bridge to burn as well with the Memphis community. Second thing said. That Tubby Smith was misled. By. University administrators. And boosters. As to whether or Memphis would get into the big twelve but essentially they greeted on the airplane saying hey that'll lead us to the big twelve it's gonna be great. Two I believe that could happen yes 'cause I think this university was and people character but the university. Where exuberantly optimistic about their chances of getting into the big twelve. And a mandated. I also believe that I think have they gotten into the big twelve thought it might have been a better fit because in the end. As boring a study may be. As little interest that he hasn't drumming up ticket sales people would come to Kansas the bush and Sarkozy Oklahoma overcomes the Oklahoma City have been so great. The the rest that might not have mattered as much. So I can believe some of them. But who'll have all won their employment is on the line. Let's their lawyer. Take a flame thrower and to the university administrators and booster she's specifically specified people who sit on the board of regents. This torched her baby was that brawn. Should I not done that what the hell. So the first to actually. I can see some truth to some of what else sick and lets you are truly asking to get fired. Which I got really out. I don't actually believe he was asked I think they're disappointed. I drive straighter they're disappointed the didn't get Bedard looks like they're going to fire. But then a third thing you said was to me the most talent. The coach is no responsibility. To put parks in the states. Because that one. You can't some cute. One. Want. You like three million dollars a year. You're the highest paid university employed by a wide margin. Tickets pay your salary. And you think you're above doing anything to put up a butts in the seats. The guy from the day he got here has acted like that. He has been at obstructionist on public relations all media on and connecting to the community on doing whatever it is that coaches typically do. To whip up enthusiasm for their program. And so you sort of suspected. That he felt like he was above that. But you can't take the three million on one hand. And then pretend it's that 1950s. On the other in terms of I just want to coach basketball. It is absolutely a good part of the responsibility put butts and see if indeed the reason they just pass that was fired to begin work. Was because attendance those were off to begin with us because attendance at greater good and already. It's part of the job. Indeed I would I'd do it it is the most important part of the job. Eagle put let's conceived by winning more recruiting heavily or whatever else but if you don't you're done. Of course it's part of the job. Now you could tell me sure. But this has always been tub. The university should have known as the tubby that we see at. Memphis is no different in the tubby that we saw at the university of Minnesota or no different than a tubby. We saw at Kentucky why he was fired in Minnesota that's why he was rocked the Kentucky all the things were saying. And I would say yeah you're absolutely right. It was a colossal mistake by the people who made it. It's almost unfathomable that the same people who what we're Smart enough the height adjustment one day. And my doorbell. Rising it's enthusiastic stars. Made such a blunder when it came to hiring. Tubby hurdle tubby Hartley again W chef almost a problem. But they get I think they were blinded by the name and by the dozen. And it's a nine point so it's called a nine point 75 million dollar mistake is that the buyout. But surely more than anticipated 150 million dollars or because lost opportunity the last two years. So yes. It's on them they made a mistake. But that doesn't mean you don't go ahead and try to fix them. And that's what's happening today. To. This week it will try to fix the mistake. I'm I have lots more to say about all of this. There's some news on DJ Jefferies. There's some we will talk about Penny Hardaway. It is a it is quite today in Memphis sports and at some point we will take your calls when we come back. We'll talk Seth Davis about this and more just talk in general manager none of them it. 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ESPN there. Yeah. Drive down my nice of Dave. Were you Norman and for his work with CBS sports recovers college basketball is now the managing editor of the fieldhouse for the athletic and the author of the new book. Getting to us how great coaches. Make great teams. Set joins me now so hard. I'm doing great are you doing. Well you know it's interesting times here and it's in engineering time to have this book because as I was and as I was reading at. I was thinking about a tubby Smith and Penny Hardaway. Honestly yes and I'll be honest I wanna jump straight depending on the line because the essence of this book is. It is there's chapters above basically why Urban Meyer is great why Tom Izzo has great why might she chefs is great why Jim Harbaugh has great. Why Jim Baier time is great. And I sort of I sort of find myself thinking about. All great and in somehow a different ways. But whether or penny will and we don't really know him that well if this is the way it unfolds whether he has the stuff. To be great. If you can't boiled down and I know you have been in this book what makes great coaches great. Well the first thing is they have great players and so that's odd you know the appeal of other Penny Hardaway right now the only thing that we. Assuming that people are assuming that he would bring a lot of great players so Memphis so. Picking two keys to winning game. One of them has great players by the mediocre coach another one as mediocre coach mediocre players at great coach hope that the great players every time. So I think it's important understand that the definition of a great coach and actually eighteen a guy whose team went a lot of games on the logic chips. But clearly in the guy that pick in this book I want a lot of chick chick that brilliant guilt the validation. And so what I did was I found nine coaches. On who are not only high level coaches who won a lot won championships. But all city also fascinating characters it's fascinating stories Chalabi would also give me a lot of access all these guys like the was able to speak with them a blank and you know go back to them multiple times during the long form story teller. He great characters. And there's no. More fascinating characters oftentimes in the coach because they're brilliant third trip bench or multi facet their new launch multi dimensional they're ultimately tortured. And show our units and rightfully so I got nine coaches in this book. Six basketball free football. Our basketball coach is or might she says keep him behind Tom Izzo chino already have a Doc Rivers and Bret Stephens. And my three football coaches art Jim Harbaugh Urban Meyer and dabble Sweeney autos I interviewed them they would say that people are still like on the Derrek Lee. And they were put on the couch and sperm talked about their early childhood experiences you know beginning with their fathers which is really where it all began Turks. For young boy in forming his. Have you learned about manhood of what man couldn't didn't know what they gravitate towards sports and band competition. Peace in their early childhood experiences early education. The beginnings of their careers they develop their craft an isolated or characteristics. That I think all great leaders should have been do you have. And to order organize it what I call the peak profile PE AK which stands for persist comes. And defeat. Authenticity and knowledge so for each of these guys. Explain how they develop those characteristics and then have a Marshal all those experiences. And try to do their cheese and get their changed us which is when you have a group of disparate individuals. With different personalities background and agendas and forced him into a cohesive unit where they choose one common goal. And try to get touched. It's funny it I'm reading this. What you are struck by at least when I was struck by among other things is that they are obsessively. Almost move it to the point of lunacy. Some crazy and drift and whether it's. Urban Meyer well chronicled story is of stress. Of of a heart attack that wasn't a heart attack of stepping away needing to take a sabbatical. But essentially driving himself to the point of literal physical sickness. I'm by his obsessive desire to win whether it's by Tom is those. Feeling as you chronicle of guilt no matter what he's doing if he's home with the family he's guilty is not working if he's working he's not guilty he's home with the family. Whether it's Mike you shot ski. Sort of feeling needed to that was instilled in him the Ted. The chip on shoulder they came all came away with the American you know immigrant kids in in Chicago and that name and everything else. They are all driven Ted the absolute. Sort of lunacy he's. And I'll be honest it's one of those things like you hear about petty well as he got to give up playing golf. Is being air obsessively. Focused on the task. Critical to being a great coach. Well you really hit very important name of the book and bad news. You know as I write an introduction you know they are. Oftentimes gratified and while this successful but very rare to IC a higher level costar. I think it was truly happy. And I think you know in some cases as they get older and go through these experiences I think now that are printed on the other side of of what he's been through. On he's he's learning how to think along those lines none of our relationships key is. At a point in his life he's seventy years old he knows exactly the locker. Until that comes into play but now that that's a very it you know you're just programmed to believe. That if you allow yourself to deal that gratification satisfaction. Joy happiness with everyone call you take your put all against just a little bit. Got behind his compassion. And that's unacceptable and so yet they are they're very tortured individuals I mean you know Doc Rivers told me. About how well when he finally won a championship what the Celtics and they celebrated on the court back end result is all it would take about how much in order otherwise. Should just sitting back in his office and it's like I understand that they're not happy the sovereign whatever until let's go hold an electoral data that you really that you never even went into the locker room to celebrate with his players. Good he would already thinking about the next one and and that to me was. What a microcosm of what these guys go to or you know we see the ms. rich or famous. You know they're they're won a lot of championships they're they've got everything they must they had to pay what they don't think they. And become an end to stranger relationships and understand what you missile plot out your kids growing up how many of us were. Would be willing to sacrifice that so a lot of hope there is a balance there to your question about penny. You don't want somebody being an LC I think having that work life balance and and getting that gratification and satisfaction at home with your family make you better coached by to a certain degree yeah you gotta be crazy to do this group McGregor coached against it certainly crazy. She's a story about Urban Meyer which said that it would go to every time which included the book is. He decided that in the midst of this sort of crisis that he would. Go to his daughter was signing a scholarship. To go play volleyball I believe it was and her remarks were dead you were never there but thank you. Like like that stressed that the taught him that's just. Sort of echoed that core chips it made it an interim lazy just kind of said it's about what it was true. And he realized it was true and you heard instead went all the games that he was a hard ass if he was a tough guy. And he gave urban a lot of respect competitive drive with which goes propelled them to get our I've always thought. And this goes in the writing that you know. For trust humanoid you know our best characteristic and our worst characteristics. Come from the same place. And you'd be hard pressed to find a better example that have been Urban Meyer and when she made that comment. That that was a moment of clarity for him that he needed to reevaluate where you start. Part of Seth Davis the book is getting to us how great coaches make great teams and it's particularly. Relevant today here in Memphis as we contemplate. The possible end of the Tubby Smith era and the possible dawn of the Penny Hardaway era. Tom Izzo. A little bit of a different dude but I love the quote from Denzel Valentine where he said that he was like a 24 hour concierge service that call me dumb ass every death. What it speaks to the availability again you have to be available to take called he said he would text into the morning and get a text. All the time. Yeah and they're different got a different way to main agent behind that so it that way. You know I go to. 600 page biography about John what he definitely. Eke out what is at. Players adapt but no one of the keys to being committed over a long period of time is being able to adapt. And that is something that I feel we we we see these cookies and reading maniacs I mean who's tougher on his players and timers of the Egypt you. The only thing you saw Tom as it was during the game the way he talked his players you think you are the biggest church in what in the world. Why he's able to do that with them because I personally he does take the time to get it to know it. They're the players call him and his opposition is like doing it is the opposite of what the principle throughout the book you know go to burger torn attack her really step in that time so they understand each that he genuinely cares about them and then they don't let those case. If a player want to get it back ahead. He actually had a pretty high tolerance for that you know the old model where the highway don't talk back to me that. That's not gonna plywood to these players so except adaptability. And that relationship that that's what the authenticity he. And empathy comes into you know a few people think of at petite like sympathy sympathies were to go back some. And these were you feel what they are dealing. And so if you can't connect with your player and motivate your player and condenser player helped what you get us. Unless you truly understand what a player is thinking what that players dealing and it requires time. Spread and also requires having an open minded to really under make that understanding that. I'm gonna Seth Davis of course you know from CBS now at the athletic the ball is getting to us how great coaches make great teams before I let you go south. What is your broad look at this sort of remarkable situation unfolding. And in Memphis with the with tubby Smith and her. Part of what want to have to step back and and let all play out and others of their reporting are scared in my colleague get a GPS Kerry cares as best in the business saw. Not and I was not making it up but it hasn't hack right it's certainly the speculate all season we ran a long story. On the athletic. About a month ago. About this situation where you have a legendary former player in town with a great high school player and also agree a youth program. On what I will say is that. I I've always. Love or used to love going to Memphis and going to the actual I've ever. When pastor was they're going to midnight madness and it was like crazy. The officials hole. So for me to see you know gains there's a report by a thousand people there. That makes me sad and and exactly I think that Memphis is really should be one of the great job in the country. I clearly could legally get no excuse I mean it's hard to compare which I'm cal Perry but. You know what he did coming at a conference USA at Memphis. I know that fans can be at reasonable expect a lot. But there's certain fan base is that in my you have earned the right. To be unreasonable to expect a lot and that this is definitely one of them and whatever happens there whether it's talking you're in the or whoever's there. I just want a cheap that is relevant to achieve those things can achieve their program they deserved. The book is getting to us how great coaches make great teams he is Seth Davis thanks very much sample collected on or. Station having to draw the matter so they're gonna do it the book. Thanks that is Seth digs at his ordered him where to take a quick break. I do think by the way that. The fans we've schedule this interview itself before we knew I mean this was happening today. And and part of me says and we should reschedule because that directly but it is interest because one of them there's two questions here. One of the Tubby Smith question. And then one of the penny Hardwicke. And those are separate questions. Almost seem like they're related at this point. And I think the I think it's an ever reached in question. As to whether or penny has what it takes to be a great coach that I don't pretend to know the answer to. There's some there's some really promising. On things he brings to the table. Initial questions that need to be answered but I think what Seth said at the end. Spoke volumes. That he remember becoming. It's funny because people all the time you hear all the time. Memphis people have crazy expectations. Of its people are unreasonable Memphis people have you know what up. And I I honestly I reject that. Every every. Every fan base does to some extent so I don't reject the whole week. But largely I reject that people are upset with Tubby Smith. Book because he didn't go to the final full. Or because he didn't go to the elite eight or even because he didn't go to the sweet sixteen. That's not what is being asked the people are upset with Tubby Smith. Because he has a team in his second year. It is let it go by the RPI a 107. Or go to eight compiled once sixty. Pretty crappy basketball team relatively speaking relative to Memphis standards that in two years. One of only two coaches since 1951. Not to make it to the post season in either of his first two years. And I coach who has led this program. Decline into what staff described. It you don't need to win titles here Memphis never. You don't need to go to a final four here. Memphis has been to three at home but just three of them. You need to be competitive competitor of compelling. Entertaining to you recruited is that we give people hope. In engage the community. Needed that talked down to people. Unit to be one of them. And if that happens. Then the scene that set Davis remembers which is what madness basketball is supposed to beat. If not packed relatively widely building filled the people who love Memphis basketball. And it looked at their whole lives. It's something is wrong when you turn on the TV and there's 3000 people on the Ellen. Except scenes that you've got. He knows something's wrong. And something is. We'll talk about a more we get back. The police Smith saga. And the Penny Hardaway side. It's just look at general on our varying interest in Monday and eating enough and is as good. There's a difference you can with a vehicle that was tiger's been conceivable. He's a gift card. Since most do not need to know. Visit by Obama's outrageous that this. The things you loved thriller. 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Yeah it's fine dining in a casual atmosphere with today's purchase deal helpful fifty dollar gift cards to Philly she seasons restaurant downtown Memphis yeah. Yeah current dot com. And. 929 FM 688 am on the WM FS and 99 ESPN dot. It's yeah. Show good golf the second hour. On all of this couple things out real quick flood is Issa pointed out this has not happened yet and as I tweeted. Yesterday everybody is gonna happen yesterday. And I tweeted out yesterday. That I. Cannot believe it would happen yesterday I. That that scenario all those David Rhode. Well but I know the tape that. When he was asked about this. Said that there would be an evaluation at the end of the year. And. IA. I think they've pretty much know what don't. But I don't think there in any hurry. They didn't need to do it yesterday and ended with a bomb if Penny Hardaway is the person. And while counts he has seems to be. He is coaching in. The high school championship game. Or should be they got a game Wednesday and then Friday and then Saturday. Once incidence of undefeated team. From Nashville so you never know but. The expectation is he will be coaching through Saturday. And on that schedule. It doesn't particularly matter march in Idaho had a very fine story yesterday. There are the anyone was aware of that it said in tubby Smith's contract that he could not be fired. Except for cause. During the course of a season. And so until they did not get their NIT bid could not have happened Esther. And I think they want to authorize cross thirties and so. Maybe it happened and amiable habitable. The clock that we started with at the beginning of the show. Two. Hour and kicked in kicked or want to. I do believe locked. But it may happen today or it may happen tomorrow. Ugly enough. Tubby Smith has never appeared. Has he appeared on the show the little ones no he's not appear on the show isn't that. I don't mind that we ever had. He might have appeared to be quiet until now shocking in the midst of all of that we have been able to secure. Our first. Very first interview and unexpectedly. With tubby Smith and so he joins us after coach thanks very much. Your you're you're awfully. Good to join us this morning. All this come right out and ask you do you what you believe that you've coached your last game. The University of Memphis Bruno. I'm. Okay well in retrospect. When you look at. If you had. I'll jump got a no decision. But it doesn't work. Do you think it could have turned out differently. Had you had a staff. That was filled with more aggressive recruiters who knows I mean like if you'd if he'd kept. Forget like if you just kept. Kelyn on staff as a full were assistant. Do you believe that you might kept DJQ might a kept KJ and added to the current talent that you have on this team. You might have been better than in the 160s according to Kemp Bruno. I mean it would it would. Take market. It's after the season before he decided to transfer you'd reached out and contacted it would add a flight with Connecticut. I mean do you think that. Out miter resulted in an and a different decision by Mark Bruener. On the tigers to push. Yeah I've seen this style format he put all your eggs in the Alex Lomas but if you hadn't taken. If instead of putting all your if you just like. If you'd aggressively recruited them both and said you'd take the first one who signed. And help me be ultimately to do it again so they ignored Tyler at the outset in favor of Alex Lomax few fake. You would know missed out on both Bruno. Was that 24 point humiliation by South Florida home like. Was that. Today that battered and who knows okay but your. Consistent. I'm the year your watershed of of the weekend that you've that Penny Hardaway basically sandbagged there and implied that he sandbagging and kept you from again. Any good Memphis players do you believe that who knows. Also said the or misled by the maps administrators border regions. About the big twelve to feel like you were misled Bruno. If you get fired. Your walk away with. Nine point 75 million dollars that comes to timid kid over six years not for. Item item and it's uncomfortable to be talking about fire you at this point I want to jump the gun. Put that sad circumstance if you do end up. Getting fired. You'll make 31000. Dollars a week you'll get a check for 31000 dollars a week. For the next six years. Can you squeaked by on that Bruno. Well you're vicious to join us that coach appreciate it. We hope we will. We hope we well. CEO Doug one last question do you think like everyone likes to say that you've. When everywhere you've been. Is this not the exception though who knows. A French archbishop and that was. Smith joins us for the first time. On the Jeff Hawkins shot there was striking when he said that after the Martina estimate question. You just had to you know you had to ask my question I get Markel got in the world citizen million times. If you have a myriad mark you know on the story enormous amount. Because. He plays it right down the middle. He just get stories. And time. He get a story about the attendance. He got the story about that and contributions. He got the story. From a lawyer. Where the lawyers rich and everybody. But he doesn't. You cannot accuse them of people accuse me. But she can't accuse him of being an anti touted you can't accuse a Libyan pro Todd you can't hit he just reports the stuff. Any aspect question. And I didn't think it was striking the the way he answered what he basically got told that to me. Was of a 66 year old man who has been through this twice before can't quite believe. That he's going through it again. Can't quite but he didn't Muster a defense. He didn't say. Anything to sort of state his case you didn't say which he could have listen I certainly hope. I understand that there's some issues we have to address. You know worth our while working harder recruiting. We got to get people back in that building. But I think this group right out here this weekend. I think they showed you what they're made of I think they showed you what is possible election year. I think that if we bring this group back maybe now people appreciate them maybe now people are starting to see what. But they missed out on. And maybe we can rally around them add some more pieces. And come back here next yeah I just know that I would be really disappointed. If I didn't have a chance to keep coach these kids for one more year. I love the city Americans I understand these have been the first two years. Com. We haven't given Memphis fans enough these first two years to rally around and it's been disappointing. But I really believe. In the NCAA tournament my third year everyplace I've been. I really believe you know you look at what Tennessee's Phil and I really believe we can do that so I certainly hope I haven't coached by last. Job at the last game of the universe amount. Instead he said Bruno. Then when he was asked about the NIK. And whether they thought they keep it and I came would be possible. And I do think there's like role. People who are saying this is some great year. Ninety has always been a freaking booby prize the only circumstances under which it's not. Is that it's your first year. You've got a crappy roster. And and you over achieve to get in the unity then. Secondly are all we'll celebrate and I keys here. We certainly don't celebrate. Not even close and I keys here which is basically what. Tubby Smith concede he said we didn't beat anyone of consequence on the did did you since that's not quite right. But you look at their you look at their wins. Most of our Morgan sickened dreadful teams. And honestly this past weekend. One they met up with a really good team. In Soledad and sent. Absolutely obliterated. So. It was it was it was. Striking. And I'm torn because on the one hand tubby had been nothing but gracious. And classy in his remarks. And Taylor and his lawyer who set fire to the place. When Austin Nichols. Grew his lawyers have fireplace. We held Austin Nichols accountable. For what his lawyer said about the University of Memphis. And Austin Nichols. Was at the time. If not a kid a young adult. Don't you have to basically. Its whole Tubby Smith accountable for what his lawyer said about the university members who knows. To really do we got to take a break when we come back we are gonna talk some more about this and we will take your calls. Thought it was 53537765353776. How you feeling today. The Memphis do enough another some of you do Pincus. Did Memphis do enough over the weekend. That make you feel like you wish tubby would come back. But assuming he doesn't. 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