Hour 1 with guest Randy Cross (8/23/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, August 23rd
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins starts his show by offering his thoughts on Ohio State's decision to suspend Urban Meyer three games, Urban Meyer's comments from last night's press conference, and more on the situation. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Randy Cross of CBS Sports to the show to discuss Randy's thoughts on Urban Meyer, the state of college football, the upcoming season, young NFL quarterbacks, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses Penny Hardaway's comments about his program and contrasts it with a story that Gary Parrish told about the reason a mid-major coach was excited that Memphis hired Penny.

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Mean yeah Sanchez started has taken these steam coming sixty years ago in 1958. Within mission to be honest. There and chest ready to each customer today every job like it or is scary and now historians sends salt and Bryan chance friendly company with the same morals that their daddy grandfather instilled in them. To celebrate her sixteenth anniversary. Kids would like to offer a sixty dollar T in a special taller heating air conditioning and plumbing customers. We're also offering a sixteen month no interest financing. On select carrier ATCs instead just. And Sydney water heater installation and starting at just sixty dollars a night. Call 7554797. Today to take a teenager and our sixtieth anniversary specials and remember it says it's. Let Arab feeling so tired you are damned yeah. He is leading nine FM ESPN radio dot com has just an Intel and any. Favorite us today from the professor at least one Bartlett don't go fast Memphis is a sports station. Now 929 FM ESPN presents from Memphis is the biggest sports columnist. HT award winning Geoff Calkins from the daily mintier. Jeff Hawkins show. 829 us. ESPN. Condemns the manual. Breaks my. How will. Yeah I. Yeah. Yes so the problem is Britain so scary. Yes sir Gary because Gary was in New York the board has not been switched over. I would just say hello and this might. Can vary gap area that is jump. The area they've a let it go through said this again. Yeah let us so let's quit will it look as jobless makeup take to go ahead. Now I DT nine FM ESPN presents members whose biggest sports columnist got. HT award winning Geoff Calkins from the daily midfield and they Jeff Hawkins show. 929 FM RE SPI in this. In general manager. Don't drink and everybody. As we lose. Am very happy first. Let me get the very first person I wish you happy Thursday twice. Listen things happen and if we cannot if we can Blaylock gave perish so much the better. The Pavel wasn't Gary Parrish was in New York singing and so therefore. The board the board or not so what I was switched to our special New York setting. As opposed to our. Memphis setting me and here we got it will not stop us however from having a dramatically fantastic show starring. Randy cross. Who. College football analyst for CBS sports. Possible talk tumbled about college football a little bit about pro football we'll do all of that. At 100. Not a 1. Roughly 10 o'clock Chris Harrington will join us have learned something shocking about considering them. On Twitter. The question wants. Asked by that Twitter presence naturedly I believe asked this question what food. Does everybody like. That you don't get. That you don't like what food is everybody like and you are not life. Mr. Jeffrey what is the answer that for you what does what food does everybody. Like and you know a lot. Away. I'll tell you Chris had a parent it was really is at least I don't know if this was it goes hand in jumped on this answer and it was any kind of saying. Tuna salad. Chicken salad and anything. With basically him walking man is built into the structure of yeah is something that people like. That he doesn't I don't know I I can't stand. Onions in any form. I haven't I don't think that's a bit of ample light if if you were talking about everybody likes pizza. I don't like it's a lot of people don't like and suddenly become a strong thing I don't this is shocking to me I don't know why anyone wouldn't want like a delicious chicken salad indeed. I was at the chicken salad chick just the other day for the first time out when you go in there. You have to you have to say poplar Perkins for the white or masculine enough to go into Richard himself a place its called chicken salad. Right guy I don't on the and I did feel special masculine and ordered chicken salad and I loved it I love all that stuff. But Chris Harrington does not for some reason that we will try to get to the bottom of Doc Holliday is gonna join us. After that. All kinds of them by a Penny Hardaway he had a very different opinion on David more than I did. I believe I should get should you do do not hear tell of that that Doc Holliday was what were critical of the transfer instructor. And he's a former player for the university of football team. I'm in addition it destroying presence on the battle ball field and Florio. Grizzlies halftime. Show some Doc Holliday is gonna join us he's got some high school stuff you don't. The streak and he wants to talk about as well as high school football is firmly under what's already crossed percent to doc Halladay he year. On the AM. Thursday that it is the line the the issue of the day of course. Is. Urban Meyer and lets them. As you all low. One thing I hesitate to do. 'cause it can get to be repetitive. Unseemly. And. And feels like had to be noted every third fourth. Is telling you I was right. About some gap. And so it's a pains me I am I hey I can hear it I can hear the anguish in your voice it's something I rarely ever. Ever do. But. Occasionally I feel the need to pointed out. And in this group and in this case it's for a good call me and that is Jeffrey when the news broke about Kurt Urban Meyer had. When Brendan Murphy broke the news about the domestic violence yet. And about the fact there Urban Meyer lied about. Knowing about lied about the domestic violence at Big Ten media days yes and that he'd been harboring an abuser on his staff room. I believe that story broke in the midst of this show me. And so it required. Couldn't get a lot of fought. Couldn't Koch Tait on a could reflect on the various possibilities in the pros and con get simply went jewel on my many many many years of experience. And I'm my understanding of the world of college football. From these 23 years covering it here in Memphis and and years in Miami and Alabama before that. And I pronounced on that. Urban Meyer would not lose his job. Jeffrey who lets be honest I was a lot more about cultural pull in many ways an idea. Like she knows them into the it looked. Close to great start gave us the names of the players and who's actually going to be good this year and I kind of thing. We had a slight disagreement. Because you said he would loses job in hand and it did we even had a wager if we even had a wager on it we wagered I said he would add another loses job. You said he would loses job and the loser was to pay 25 dollars okay. Some sort of a charity. That. It comes to the defensive women who are against sorrow. Jeffrey will be paying 25 dollars to any. To any charity of his choice. And I will match. With my own 25 dollars to whatever charity Jeffrey chooses. And it is. Let's be let's be clear about a few things. The reason and I knew. That he would lose his job. But he's also approach. And sadly. And college university settings. The jail wise that I. There's M there was that I weapon as this will have a mobile when there was a basketball team that. That had strippers. As part of the recruiting process in the dorms indeed. Had players who didn't necessarily even want to go into strippers. Who were almost. On I'm on visits. Who were shamed. Into going. Off into another room with a stripper to. To engage in sex acts this was happening on campus in the dorms and yet there was a hall of fame guard he loses job. He didn't global scum near that. Did not loot I don't think the evidence the evidence seems to me into the that's very well livers at the time we made the wager felt like little correct I mean you're exactly. He they had their two coaches at the time we're not you know anybody out there. If this exact scenario that played out and I'm not gonna absolve anyone here. If this exact scenario. If it had played out. Mom. At the University of Memphis coach John cal Perry and his hate and Xena. That Deborah had won a national championship here curt like Urban Meyer about. Same kind of thing exact same says scenario played out here with John John Terry as CNET TV there's any chance encounter would Austria now. Not zero. This is an Ohio is this the disgraceful. Disgraceful that prostate. Because you're exactly right they were able to say hey look at Jim Tressel but what do you say we are principles. They want said those things. And so it is disgraceful day for us state but I'm not pretend and there's not. Feeling leaving Nick Saban is because it came about Alabama you know running the table did his job. That there are other yet I think he would isles I don't think this would happen under Nixon I think her eyes and I absolutely agree with that. I'd and I don't think it would happen and I don't go very yeah. But I dealer yes your premise that it happened is that. Is just unbelievable the astonishing. When you look at the ray of things that happened. On the sex with engaged in the 2009 domestic violence incident the 2015. Domestic violence incident. They. The the pick taking pictures of his waning. At the White House the ordering six. Toys to the football office the engaging in sex. At the football office with an employee that DW the deal are in that he. Got the fact that he was a well accounts. A miserable employee who show up for work for practice the fact that he went to arm. Strip joint. With high school coaches. Are in Florida that he went to his all of the sort of came out yesterday you guys just a it's. Scum of the earth. And was protected by urban. And kept them by their. So. So what to say about it beyond the fact that this is not. Unique lots of coaches would lose their job any mediocre coach would lose their job any bad coach did you really fast. And at a lot pretty and pretty a pretty good coaches would lose their job I think the only people under these circumstances would actually keep their job. Our. Our coaches who. Mom who you just feel like it's totally worth. Taking the integrity of the university and throw it and and in the trash for either because you believe that's how good they are. Or vote is the fan base is so whipped up into a frenzy. The boosters are that you can't do anything else. What do you think about for instance say this happens and her dad though and much of Davos success is predicated on the fact that we eat. In general appears he's a decent may have a keeps. Apple keeps dabble does follow oddity but you're exactly right this is this is it just this is in some ways unfair to these coaches because these things would happen exactly necessarily I don't I don't believe that these things when I get back at what happened underdog. Few things to say about this report what is. Three game suspension is enough. A figure suspension is nothing about the way for. For two of those games. He can actually coach during the week item it's a just and crying shame right now that Irving can't be with this team so so it's nothing. I should think a yearlong suspension. Would have been something. You'd been suspended for a year that would have been something. See I'm the one Aureus I think the reason it took so long and the reason why they were deliberating for so long as. I think there were several people in that or I'm not disagreeing I'm not a thing I think there are people who wanted to fire and I think I've and that is there without I'm disabled the. Why does the bottom line is is vague he got a three game suspension of three game suspension is absolutely. Nothing the other thing I wanted to say is that. In order to do this. You had to do that. A logical twists and turns that Ohio State had to make were truly. Astounding. They said for example they concluded. That they could not definitely say he lied at them at the media days I said that in the report. Cannot say he. Deliberately lied at the media days until the reports that. Portal also to have this however. Cannot logically square. Coach Myers responses on Big Ten media days. Where his knowledge of the 2015 events. And as extensive knowledge of those. So. If you can't squared his responses. With his knowledge of the events. How the world can you not say. He deliberately. Lied push it delivered a La. The other thing that was truly astounding year. Was that it turns out. And as soon as the dreaded Murphy. Story broke. Here's what Urban Meyer day. He went and asked folks of how do I change my phone so that it only saves. Texts. That are year old. And that is in the report. And I can't definitively say that he deleted all tax before that they cannot definitively say that he deleted all touched before the but they can't definitively said that Emiliano this report. He went out any asked. How is such but also only saves tax. Does that to use some I did that Jeffrey you sound like an innocent man I know that is not. Felt like as anatomy. But truly I think maybe the most disgraceful. Thing that happened yesterday. Was when Urban Meyer was asked. About Courtney Smith. And what he had to say Courtney Smith remember. We have photo. We have tax farmer and his wife saying how he. How she was scared. On behalf of Courtney Smith. And we know all now urban can say he didn't know all that then he can't say you didn't know all that and if they did and all that and much I don't believe. But he can't say he because. It starts. But he can't say Bennett didn't know it now Carolina. And so given the chance. To address Courtney Smith. There's always. What message you have for Courtney Smith. Well my own message for everyone involved knows some sort of we're in the situation. Another question always specialized what you have message for court threat. What message you have for Courtney Smith well my own message for everyone involved in this some sort of we're in the situation I believe the question was about. What is there what message you have for Courtney Smith. Well my own message for everyone involved in this some sort of we're in the situation. Asked about a woman. Who was abused by her husband. Asked about a woman. Crew. Was. The subject of real concern Byron Meyer's own wife about her safety. At the hands of her husband. Asked. Powell what he can say to that woman given that he harbored and employ aid. That man for years and years and years. Urban Meyer's response was. I'm sorry were in the situation. So I'm in the saturation. Decided that while status in the situation. There wasn't anything anything anything. About. Courtney Smith. And he is capable of apologized another man is capable apologizing because he did apologize yesterday. A player to have a one apologized to vocation. I don't believe you said about I don't think you said Courtney Smith he said Colin apologized to book donation. Buckeye nation gets an apology. Very clear apology. Courtney Smith gets. I'm sorry I'm in this so we're in the situation. That's what she gets. And then and then though the exact Smith's lawyer. Puts out maybe he most despicable statement of the entire thing. Saying that Courtney Smith noted the wrong but that section of merit the wrong woman. Basically just a big question blame pool and the woman victim shame. It would this was a disgraceful day for college football. But it was a hate to say that's exactly what you would expect of college football. The part of this that that I take some solace and. Is urban Meyer's reputation is trash. But you believe that. Yes. I think last night was about as bad it'll look as he could possibly have aside I think there were some people that may be were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Adding last night I watched a watched the tides turn on last night. And I am curious to know. If it's over. Because river they did the press conference that Jim Tressel announcing a two game suspension. And they handle the press conference orally and then people started digging and digging and digging out also part it will not surprise. If in a year from now or two years from now we find this thing that this was the beginning of the end and partly it is this. If you. If he beats Michigan. Wins the Big Ten and goes goes for the playoffs this year. What what's going to be the message the message is not going to be. Look at that Urban Meyer what a great coach messages wasn't worth trashing your reputation. To that. Tainted tainted title and that there will be so every single accomplishment for the rest of his career. It will be. Is Ohio State. Willing to have paid the price to have trashed its integrity to have trash is reputation as university. For this prize that they just want it obeyed even if they held up a trophy at the end of the air. It will be all the stories Obeid was it worth that Ohio State. Is that trophy worth trashing the reputation of your university. And I won't be so I think you're exactly right after I won't be surprised whether something comes out or not it. I wouldn't be surprised than a year he's gonna from exhaustion again. I yeah that guy some more time that family got spent more time with the family or something like that. Just is disgraceful that but again it's not this is this is the world we live in and we decide on all kinds of places that the transgressions. 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NFL player cult member of the college football hall of fame now college football analyst for CBS sports on Twitter at Randy cross FP he joins me now radio you. Try to do upon this earlier than thanks. I see you've been following act tough from your Twitter that you've been following this Urban Meyer thing and you are not necessarily that you are not necessarily impressed by the Ohio State university's resolution of. And now that matter it at school Colin Columbus, Ohio I heard the they found a new low I thought the way they handled this whole. You know abusing. Doctors saying over multiple years. Burying that. Pretending that didn't exists. They couldn't limbo under it out on what they found a way to. Make. Real people less of a priority. Well that's what was astounding to me and and the amazing thing is of apart from I don't know what you tell me why was excellent job on the staff. Oh we're we're we're not surprised I mean nobody really cared. If about when he ran it's about you know if you think. You know I just want to NBC is corrupt. And your local governments are corrupt. What does that say about little things like. College campuses and athletic departments that are making hundreds of millions of dollars. There is no one should be shocked when stuff like this happens in the when priorities go completely out the windows. And I if anything these kind of things that intercept Serbs to those of us that are parents and grandparents and and that really give a few clips bomb. That she got a hold people higher standards including yourself and urban. I guy that was creaky back who recently. And you know now he normally doesn't remember who we're gaming blessing. So called a quit so I don't know it's. It'd I'd I'd say it was disappointing bird it's not so much disappointing news completely and shocking. And I think the fact that they kept him is not shocking at all he's a very good football coach and and and so there you go he brings in lots of money and that's not shocking at all. What shall go to Derek. The only thing they didn't do and then the press conference we're an explanation I ever start I didn't kill anybody. That it that I would say I'm a little shocked that Urban Meyer. And it it's sort of such shows how out of touch I think there are a first well I was shocked that Urban Meyer. At the Big Ten media days when he had been. Texted and told to address these issues. Law agency that's for a guy who's. It's all because the ball. Coaches always talk about preparation preparation preparation. That was a disaster. And then I thought last night's apart from what I mean the what what they decided to do which was disgraceful. But that's the way they presented it with a total lack of empathy for Courtney Smith and only apologizing to buckeye nation. Again I think Urban Meyer looked like he was totally out of touch and unaware of what. This was a buyout if it it was once again what a total lack of preparation for hit even if you're gonna decide on this disgraceful course. They the way they presented it made it worse. You have an outside. I'm sorry you won't or going through. As a response. And it's it was that that alone. Have been it was fortunate and almighty god you very. All of you got him out of touch with reality or so little compared. True there see the fact that hey you know the media might cover this we might want to have our ducks and thorough well the ducks were. You know like herding cats earlier war. What do you think this will obviously I believe that anything Urban Meyer competitions from now on if he's holding up a trophy at the end of the season. That they won't people who are state law and it'll be was this worth your integrity Ohio State a double sure. Not look good the first start. For starters let's not use return the word integrity and Urban Meyer in the same sentence. Let's go back to the days of Florida. How did it and bear. What was the problem where he won the Stanley Randi yeah and he went to work free or fees says the room records aren't. You know he had he had a hard issue. Right you know maybe jeopardy taking the medication for. But I united and put. I did it it's just frustrating. You know I'm prepared out of when I when that whole thing happened lawyers. How many fantastic. People and coaches are in college football I mean there are thousands. I. Won't talk about guys like fit for hours. When when you say that. It's funny because there was a listen came out earlier this year about underrated coaches and overrated charges and I don't even less than in coaching now. When you talk about the good people in college football. Course some of the people immediately who leave to your to top your mind. Well I've been kind of lucky and I'm around a usual program all in all the home games are dating. People should spend a lot more time studying. The guy the way that guys like Kenya Myanmar polo. Does business. And you know that I think longevity of the coaches on his staff speaks volumes at that. And there are players plenty of examples I'm not your arm under generally people out that there at the one guy that I think. To me. Is what college football and the kind of person a college football I played for guys Terry Donahue. Who was unbelievable. Com am and I was lucky he recruited me out of high school your mouth from the wind coach. He went on to coach your utility that coach for 27 years and in college football hall of fame and all that different meal. So either I would really really lucky because I've played for guys are like. I've played for guys that were you know high character and stood. Stood for things. And then wouldn't negotiate them. The problem is is that the navy obviously layer you know may be in Memphis plays navy again this year. I'm one of the great scenes in college football is when you know here at the Liberty Bowl. Two years ago however was one. What went when navy and Memphis both go over to the navy sideline and there is a it's just different like it's it's I think everyone understands that. What we're doing here is football and yet what these people engaged and are engaged MM but they have accepted as their responsibility is something much larger. And so it feels like that's a place. Where. Corners can't be cut corners won't become. And it also feels I hate to say this totally. Like something like you can't replicate I mean is it can you replicate what you do it navy yard air force at. All of or at West Point kept him that can't be replicated get. Didn't continue to continue really recruit a recruit in this server that is completely shut that business column. You know I think he can. But I I think you have to do certain things have to be non negotiable and then you're gonna lose. The fight against the guys that are going to be handed people the bags of money. Our that are going to be giving the mystery job doubt that no one has to show up here or you know all these different things we hear about that come come out. And it's really really hard to do it when you're changing coaches every church for years. And it's no fault of the program sometimes it's not like they're firing coaches every couple years. You know sometimes you hire a really good guys who could that get attacked by larger school. You know what might happen with Memphis Memphis look forward there. You know so. I think the longevity has got a lot to do with it. There's. Quite a few guys that I that I root for that I'm not gonna mention in the Marines that I root for if they are those those good guys but they are at a disadvantage. It is two different guys that. Go tone deaf. That's usually get the best result. While we have the other topic I was maybe gonna be this year big game for the universe levels come of the navy. Time for their second game of the season. How I was maybe gonna be this year I gonna be good for the country if there. You know whether there are people that they are going to be improved. You're year old not know about letting you could have graduated some cares but I think that the group there a little bit bigger older faster and more athletic. On the offensive side in order to cancel there is they really are that that surprises. Absolutely nobody there are coming back I mean I'm living next Wednesday. To go to Honolulu. And they're gonna play at Hawaii this Saturday April or the first. Fly home and they get back to I get to get back in May be or Monday morning here. So like that before so they'll have a full week home until we have. If you'll try to have an adjustment for a security programs they got around as far as six hours of time changes but. I anticipate it's going to be. Really really strong game and I know Memphis is offense. There's going to be outstanding. I don't care who do those positions. Are semi solved they were pretty deep and talented. Are gonna Randy cross course he's a member of college hall of football hall of fame and you can as an an analyst for CBS sports you can follow him. On Twitter at Randy cross. FP. Before I let you go a few other if I can some. A few NFL questions. Josh Rosen is a guy who obviously went to your alma mater at one of the sort of fund things. About pro football. This year is all these young quarterbacks Josh Allen it's baker mayfield with Josh Rosen and send Donald. I honestly it's the return it's the return of John Watson. It's Patrick Holmes. In its they're watching back dude it's there's a lot of fascinating quarterback questions here. What are you giving initial thoughts on some of them. What do you think five baker mayfield set. I mean they're in modern in my head I wish for example. A confident. Person in front of them they can learn how to be an NFL quarterback without go to New York to treat extra oracle and go whether there's a rookie. But you know if you get a player right away you're gonna play him. I I think that's going to be the case for baker now not so much you know direction in buffalo or maybe even. My guys are Rosen and in Arizona they may get a chance. Sit and watch some. But two you know I do you really wanna be. What took thirty. First or thirty seconds starting quarterbacks in 1990 united for the Cleveland Browns Peter Baker mayfield. You know something about that sort of smelled like today. I wanna see you guys get their stuff together. You can start the investor competitor you know I don't wanna be out there are. You believe then bringing a long slow if you're where you you would say no I'm not gonna start this guy any of them came law. Well Internet in an ideal world yeah. But you know I there isn't a single one of these coaches spend spend any money on a court. It is not a single one of these courses are GM's. That that money comes out of their town. So they're ultimately answerable. To the people that own and run those teams and when you use starts and you start slapping that kind of cash down you want her terms and you want it fast. You'd think it tipper patient. The adult with a billion dollar towards a lot more courage. The new tackling role in the NFL helmet all that what he is it gonna cause the chaos that people are predicting. I candidate Eleanor yes it's. Could it and I hate this term but are you today anyway it's a work in progress. Because we're seeing it can be called a lot. We're seeing it. Sort of changing from week to week. But. The bottom line would all the outrage and all the creek he called an art at all is. That whole act of lowering your head whether you're an offense or defense supplier. It's got to be gotten out of the game. And we got to find a way to do that and I think ultimately that's the message spiritual rules sentence. And you know hopefully we can go a little ways work doing that but it could take a lot of treating over few years to get distorted early on. And finally. Played through the franchise for which you played for for many years TERRELL OWENS had his own private hall of fame ceremony. What did you make it a. There was. You know as soon very keel thing to do. I think that whole frame the professional football. They're pro football fan. It is kind of the ultimate fraternity. And you only get out there warms. You only have a chance to get him delicate ones. And you got a hell of a stage. Once you're up there. And he missed Titanic opportunity true speaker. Say whatever you really want to say it occurs. I'll be honest I am I had no clue. The context of what he said it Chattanooga because he wasn't cam and I really didn't care want to welcome Dan. Randy really appreciate your honest thoughts thank you very much. Drones. From CBS. It's. He doesn't exactly hold activity. Now it's got to refreshing because he's in a position where. He covers college football yes. It got discuss football and so people who covered college football often rule will hurt oh well let's put this big to square. TV people national TV people. Who cover college football will often mince words on this there's no one out there who covers what college football who thinks this is an inning out of him disgraceful. And blue bats whether it's Dan Wetzel had forty or. General Kim or you look clay Travis why anyone occur at literally there's unanimity. This is is. But TV people sometimes. I'm going to get coaches that's the that that wouldn't coaches. The problem is is that. Isn't. This just America ladies and gentlemen that's what's happening here. College football has the money. The money is pouring in and there's no oversight that's the bigger issue there's no there's nothing there's there's there's nothing at all but it's also added this is no different than. Then who has the money in any political deal it's just it's it's we talk about and yeah it's just like this should be the course always gonna happen because college football has the money and because. Secrecy generates among do you think if save for instance say it's Ajax and one of the assistant coaches on hue Jackson staff. Was accused of all of these things. To see Jackson have a job. Know how balascak. And he's not huge action the question is Belichick took Belichick and adaptable and up to questions I think Pete Carroll in. To me it seems like. Pete Carroll would be like the dollar discount on the way down some usher did you tell I think it's that that I'm talking about a gold plated coach I don't know there's there's one the only Goldman because right now I'm NFL. Go dogs are right about that would be fired at us now of course not you're not when Mike Tomlin as the owner. I don't know but. My problem again is on the way down. Actually don't know who would be fired for this I don't think those guys would be fired list the NFL doesn't have the ability to fire people in a child doesn't have the ability to fire people they have the ability. To suspend people on that I I don't know what the rules are for. The for the NFL and spending people there here's the real problem is that. I'm. We demand. Actually demand the people do the right line. That was then they went we demand that they went and I demand that they weren't and arm and so there are some things that are so Hingis. And I think domestic abuse is one of them that there are lines and across state Jeffery Simmons for example if I'm Jeffery Simmons great great football player. Coming out of high school he was in a video shown slowdown won't. I don't. And Mississippi State Turco took a chance on him. Admitted him whenever. And he is now if you look at any any draft board he is a Arafat first are bona fide first round. Total stuff. There's not a Mississippi State then and I don't. And I think our listeners they've sent. There's not a disinterested and that's not that happy that they did it took a shot at Jeff Simmons period of two of my best friends are like one of my buddies. Oil buddies quick on Spurrier. Not many. I don't know he's. The attendance has been dropping out. At Mississippi State no but I I do this story the grave necessity is old and more there's three Mississippi State fans perhaps not and and and now it's funny some people as a symbol of how that you explain Tubby Smith you guys mute smashed a dismissed for quota would do and at the right wide meaning. No right. To smash Tubby Smith for Duluth yes for not winning and recruiting and I'd level here. What I want. There is the is what everybody demands. I want winning. I want. High level recruit any I want success you know excitement Ottawa media accessibility. Ha I want all of that positive PRI. And I wanted to throw line yet unknown target. But it doesn't excludes look listen. I don't care heated debate landscape. Yet that Ed doesn't do that good that way and be successful. And it actually it is election admitted because the navy they have different standards where they disprove a Canadian they have different standards. And haven't thank heaven Leopold. They like holy Andre is that story yesterday that Gary told about the mid major coach. That was so I'm thankful that will review will we go about we take a break I told the tremendous mid major coach with a story about a mid major coach. And prominence of the Memphis basketball we'll talk about that we get back consensual dress William Beck also packed holiday we'll just hit it breaks your heart Germany Canada from his. Don't miss I continues to. On sensitive life. Friday night September 28 at 6 PM. Okay. The rain is just. Boy knows it Joseph. Your vehicle is a reflection. Complete innovative. I was I was like six. Didn't get any safer. And more dynamic floor. My destiny and I got a nice and I think crime I. Did your small business Internet provider promise a lot let's hear you really delivers Comcast business gives you gigs beaded work for other providers. We offer more complete reliability which of the six hours a four G wireless network. 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Operate out of fear yet. Today and that's why I said mark what miners are from and that's why they say things like. It's gonna take us a few years and it turned around him. Or is that I love it's why they say it's why his schedule. Weak schedules. It's why they would never say. That the it's why they say they would never say they have to make the NCAA tournament they're gonna win a national championship. Or that they're gonna have a top whatever recruiting class. Or because they don't wanna do anything to raise anyone's expectations ever meet and they don't wanna make anything harder for them so they wanna stack wins. Against easy opponents basically as easy as they can get away west. And they wanted to keep expeditions as low for as long as they can and then. And then they'll survive filed for jobless schedules schedule which anything about it schedules go to Kendra about it so. And just like completely he does not operate out of out of fear he operates out of the absolute conviction that he's gonna get this done. And an absolute conviction about what Memphis basketball should be. That it should look like. Exactly what it looked like when he was here. That that's where it comes from its pick the period where he was here. And that's is all while while while they look like that that's what it should look like it should look like huge crowds that you look like. Franks following us on the road of should look like. Not number one players in the country like I was when he says deciding to go to the University of Memphis and loving it it should look like on the NCAA tournament should look like. Having a chance to have to go deep in the NCAA term that's what Memphis each basket as it just says that he just spits it. And he doesn't care if it's raising expectations. Wants to raise expectations because it they expeditions have been too low for too long. And so it's really remarkable. To watch him do this but in the course talking about this Gary told the story about a mid major coach who was thrilled. That penny had gotten the job. And he wasn't thrilled. Because. He was happy for the university Memphis or is happy for penny or any reason at all. He was thrilled because he was tired of a crew did the errors in Memphis for at mid major players. Scoble when. You have what are you this of those blood ever bloody it's. Well I don't care what are they have I admire you zinni he's gonna junior college gym. Recruiting mid level players and there's university labs that none of those illegal what in the world. If it would be like CNN a Bartlett is the hole on the wall bar in Memphis right when you like you're you're trying to you're trying to make up some conversation. And Leonardo DiCaprio certainly on you. To be an Al away. Maybe it bit. Us this is likely apply ever country this is. Might territory here this is what I'm just hoping against hope you don't care about these web and you don't get this is this is for pot what do you. The super models out there for you to pursue. Am sure another islander right at forty supporting the wrong place for you to me. And so literally Memphis was recruiting against mid level players and they I was thrilled that he would no longer have to beat out mid level players. For recruits there was absolutely for. It is it's it says that all men it says at all. About where we work OK Chris Jenkins and Jeremy next Olympic break back c'mon is Jeff Carter dramatic in an effort is there. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and they address today tell you the best and he's one Bartlett. Only on fast then this is a sports station. But metrostars and threatened from Maryland told us you love. You she got with the adjustable days and as you can see for yourself what customers like regular reading about our deals. 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