Hour 1 with guest Nick Elam (4/2/2018)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, April 2nd
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins opens the show by discussing the state of the Memphis Grizzlies as the come down the closing stretch of the season before he and Jeffrey Wright power rank the five biggest sports event from a local interest perspective. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Nick Elam to the show to discuss the National Title Game, situational coaching in late-game basketball, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff can Jeffrey Wright rank in order of likelihood, which Memphis Grizzlies are most likely to return next season -- Marc Gasol, Tyreke Evans, JaMychal Green, J.B. Bickerstaff, and Chris Wallace.

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It's becoming a coach Rick Gosselin has a diminishing when my children and the husband says yeah. Sports columnist and. The award winning Jeff cook you. This and know Geoff Calkins show. 829 us. ESP yeah. I'm in the car. Nick you PH you've got a particularly erudite. That's all analyst coming up in the next segment its final four tonight as Michigan takes on their. Villanova. Right now. I don't know ales like gambling expert about this and open at six and a half which is the biggest spread the need for a the biggest the the biggest favorite part of Daytona international podium cents. Duke Butler in 2010. And a little books my understanding. Is that it actually risen to seven and a half points. Would you get that seven you got it at seven whom and where you butcher our money I'm on T nova. Team no doubt when they get poppy shot mode is the smallest scent so you know we thought the nick ill about secretary can get a join us. It was a for the man a lot of talent it was a particularly interest in weekend. In there. Grew his land. And and for those of you who've been weir US. It is drawing too and it. By this time. Next week. Mom. We'll have no war. Grizzlies home games all season we don't. But this time next week the home season will be over and so. Today I I am someone texted me and tweeting me and said Sosa with the grizzlies don't care. A bus and the priority is on next season other grizzlies giving away tickets to their home games BC's prime. And to that. I said I don't know like won the colts played Peyton Manning and his entire rookie season right. Did they give away tickets to sell their games because the priority was the next season what about when they played Curtis senior. To get injury luck well that that's a separate thing but I mean just like when any Major League Baseball team trade the better player at the deadline him. That in order to build for the future. Are they giving away their tickets to wrestle people acting like this is somehow weird or unique or a just the Memphis thing it's what teams do to build for the future. It happens you build for the future and no they don't give away their tickets. Because it's ism will be over by this time next week over the weekend. Am I had very mixed feelings about this guy but Atlanta. Some good and happy Atlanta beat Orlando just yeah yes so I was confused because I don't Billick we ever came with a really good determination of which side we wrought. I'll we'll we'll we'll get to them but I think I was on the side of I wish Orlando I'd beaten. The hawks because right now. We have Phoenix of nineteen Wednesday there in the pits in the bag. The grizzlies with 21. And then balked 'cause. Some the hawks one you can make a bit they're not playing to with Orlando you can make an argument. That they are in a position. The disease are now the Arab leaders are now alone in second threat rests against it for. Let's get instead some heroic efforts by the dozens of a week and we'll get to that as well. But the grip is that there alone the problem is is that. LC anyway that they stay ahead of the hawks. A look for the following reasons. They've got New Orleans. On the road that's fine they can lose them and god willing that I got to Sacramento Detroit games. And home and those are BM dangerously yes there's certainly gonna win one there is here following both of those and then. And then they've got two road games one at Minnesota one Oklahoma City. Out of even aware that the nice thing is there's this tight race in the last crack that may be settled below by the time we get bearable assume of those games meaning something. So there you go as you can lose those two but let's say the grizzlies will win the two home games Friday at Sacramento. And Sunday at Detroit. That gets them to 23 wins. Which. Passes the hawks in Orlando current both of them entice you with it out Orlando had simply gotten the win. Atlanta Orlando would 123 wins with the math and would create a little bit of more of a cushion and the pins are you aiming for. You say we're good at that we can. To get to are we conceding too so we don't cause now I'm I'm I'm I'm an emptying arsenal on several lucrative okay what do you want admiral but aren't. But you tell me this Atlanta has the following games Miami Miami Washington Boston Philadelphia. And Washington hospital of your your hope is that Philly but I mean realistically you're not there then those are all was. But all available for that there are they there statistic that they won't have a favorite in a single one of those get bicycle and. And so it's you could easily imagine them losing them all yes and I don't see the grizzlies losing gum ball. I'm with you. A lady yet because secularism in which case you can catch the hawk an hour and and and so whatever Orlando. Has the knicks. Doubts. Charlotte. Travel walking Washington. Dallas' level again you're one game you're one win ahead of Atlanta of the hawks early and Casey had. Orlando as the knicks Dallas Charlotte. Toronto Milwaukee and doubt and not Washington I definitely dallas' one a mole. And then more really knicks. Yeah Dallas is the most notable amount of minutes at home heavily correct and so then you have X possible Charlotte possible I suppose. Dallas I feel most comfortable way they've got Portland but then they've got out of Orlando. I think in that one I will be rooting for Orlando. Because Dallas and also has Detroit. And in Philly and and here's the clincher Phoenix yes so I don't. The work of what he did of course finish my hit. Maybe the reverse they may have clinched at the end and they may then be finally trying to win it looks like that the damn this thing if Phoenix would have clinched last placed by the end. And so they say fine let's go ahead and try to win. And they go ahead and and made and may. And it beet down what I still thinks more impressive than what Phoenix it was Phoenix sat there and said hey grizzlies were even getting give you a three game cushion. We're gonna spot if three wins in mattered because it didn't matter threw it up but I will say the grizzlies over the weekend. They did good work last night just astonishing more of them what they did what they did Friday. Was. Maybe the most flagrant. Previously throughout the course of this season we had been talking about how to grizzlies. And a tank being or they just. Doing what any sensible team ranked due to develop its young place. I assume there's it and say it'll say de de bay they have been playing the young players more they've been resting mark on back to backs they've been. But all within the realm of even if even if there was no incentive to finish last even if if they I'd the lottery odds were a 100% flat there was moved everyone got one thing volleyball. You would spill. Rest marking the second half back yet you woods still play the young players more you woods like there are lots of things they've done. You would still do. Just in the interest of developing play correct one thing you would not do. Is when mark eleven of twelve from the field good. Scored 28 points through three courtroom in a four point game. You would not. Put him on the bench for the entire fourth or I don't know chuck but we saw we need to see out of Beirut that we weren't we selling is C east day continuing to show great strides in the twilight of his career. Now the good things he does not take if the tank tanked tanking. It we have seen in most of you missed it completely goes who will house have to pull out of twelve that makes him so bad let. At twelve point eight points and he did not play a minute in the fourth quarter that is being most flagrant. People who are pro tank then get mad at that. There are people who are approach I couldn't get mad at that that is what I wanted them to do all along they like. And seven half and then last night. They didn't play too Michael Green. They didn't play Anderson who sounds like he's out for awhile Tyreke is obviously gone walkabout hopefully for the rest of the year so we don't know about. Teddy put the rail genius actor genius last night was. Not. Was march on Brooks is on me yeah that is not a penned. And he scored of course 21 points in his first game of the disease which was a tragic victory. And then 24 points. And a loss. And so they could not have any of that so Marshal on Brooks on a ten day comes down with a sword me. So. So that was really. Elevate that score he's got to be a soft you gotta be tough on the mean yeah gotta be tough economy so any of the disease find themselves and mercifully. It is coming to an end as the grizzlies they play at Owens on Wednesday. But and the last two home games Friday's Sacramento. And Sunday Detroit and Cerro. And so that is it they'll give the shirt off their back and resumes Sunday. In their game against her then bring in Iowa on blog about. This week which is that some would say that is going to be lighter week in sports we've sort of football sadly long long behind solar you can see it karma from the corner. Four balls behind the that I we get angry at the NAFTA and on basketball. Is is over tonight yeah. Out of women's basketball college best woman's cut women's college basketball ended in dramatic fashion portals listened to stay moments on this state. They lost now place and route in the finals. In dramatic fashion I've seen yesterday. Of course you're dead and so. You can argue that it is sort of a a quieter week right shirt. But I think it's actually got some intrigue to here are the here are the attitude of the big event this week wrestle mania. Is. And Melky fifth. Or not that thick MOK fifty and wrestle mania the big events this week Brett but beyond that. In terms of the things we will be watching from a Memphis sports or active. Utah wrote this from a sportswriter and respect correct you tell me right when he caddies are. Final four. Championship game tonight that. The suspense that is the conclusion. Of the grizzlies taking season in particularly those two games yes the again this weekend big one against Sacramento and Detroit and we've got Anthony Miller. And Riley Ferguson's pro day. Tomorrow. And so we finally get to see. Anthony Miller run. He did not run the Croat halves he had a broken bone in his foot. And that has I heard someone over the weekend just rave said they had said they had Anthony Miller as the second best one of these draft gurus second best receiver on his board. For. That would owed have a board. A to have other ordered. But the health issues that he got that brand name Eleanor. I'm you've got penny hires are gonna have to be this week we're gonna hear about the petty otters. I mixing some national with some local right. And then we've got the masters. With tiger. And every other young player at all what other young like Leno was every single big name is in form right. So. Here you go final four. The tanking suspense. The pro day. Penny hires emerge. And the masters and that's not even counting. The two big ones I'm OK fifty write any and wrestle mania. OK so I'll do your how rank than me I'm gonna predict your rank okay okay this is a Wii units according to your own personal level of interest. That's I was gonna ask you is this they said are we doing as a met this it would I think of what it will do it as as a as them the Memphis popular affect as an in terms of that this interest or. Where were were yet in terms of Memphis interest okay. I think. Well if it really happens. I think in terms of Memphis interests. I think. Penny hires are number one flat as some once it. I think in terms of Memphis interest. Even though people are we areas hell of and I am deeply conscious. I mean it's wonderful that have cut the radio anymore ya think Israel against obsolete we don't have to complete we don't have to talk about. Tubby the neighborhood you live you love me in my wonderful guy Lou like Gary how impressed are your dad yeah I'm here on another year or is he classy as a team good enough credit go to my brother nice to you don't that's done. I still think. I still think tank he needs to that I Rory rain mine and that's exactly as it is okay. Then I think. Of the next three which is. Penny higher and which is our pro day final four master masters and final for me I actually think masters is the great. But that's her differ and then I put. Final four as. For. And pro day even other will be great interest yes pro day. As I've I think the masters listen it's Monday it's a little bit like the Olympics threat is that until it gets here right you don't but what if tiger is in contention. It isn't is it the world's suddenly seemed like Dalton thanks to say yes. So I'm Anne Haney here there everywhere the masters is gonna in America at the end of this week. And if if that plays out and I know that all the other great young players are playing well too. They don't matter in terms of this if tiger is not in contention it Womack. But if tiger is in contention that is number three over the weekend it'll be just enormous. Final four. It has been eight. Incredible. NCAA tournament went and got a very good at almost every element like when you each say I'd like to have. This I'd like that that I like it if you got to begin attorney basically checked off every box that you would like half you know Cinderella if it upsets great great fashion idol moments you John governor Lou yes you'd like literally everything that you compile currently want. In a tournament. And then you get to the end and I think it's disappointing. He thought it happens like that way almost every year. Yeah well I mean may be led to go to even laughter Caroline North Carolina wasn't disappointed noble like even ushered in sagging North Carolina which was that was competitive game but he just was aid. It was the whole timers like. Mean. Yeah that was more me in this one I mean tiger you I don't know about other heroes and crew was insane yet. Yet so maybe I don't call with the anticipation was like for about one of the anticipation. Was like there's a but this one you've got. A Villanova team that people. Love and most likely pretty much been the most consistent team all year and then just went bananas over the weekend direct warning. Kansas and you've got a Michigan team. Which is. Hasn't beaten anybody basically to get where they've gotten but has been very impressive doing it I guess it thoroughly got the we got the proverbial clash of styles in the three point shooting Villanova Wildcats and the and quickly rounded the counter version of the media ground and pound right 333 yards and a cloud of dust Michigan Wolverines. Both brand names I don't know why it seems less. Compelling to me but it does it's still a national championship game now. That there is weird though is Michigan is still brand I'm with you it just that it feels like it does not have the same. Maybe I mean I'll be I'll be glued to it it'll be it'll be but this does not look like for instance it's still light. I get it we have the gift of hindsight because we know how to game ended bit. I'd there's definitely not the fanfare around nova North Carolina there's not paper tonight that there was around nova North Carolina again. Obviously Carolina portion of bore. Thanks I think 1% that's. That ragtag exciting team is Villanova exciting team is the quote unquote. Mid major it is scary and went out and a and a nod if you had Loyola church that would be that it would be holy crap I went David Goliath could cause it is looked like with six minutes to go there might Weller. Right and then they turned the ball over like four straight times and you know gone. And that was that your your money on an issue in yet. So what was your mind goes penny hires one. Tanking the end of the tanking to the end because he's home season. Masters three in the final 44. Indy pro Daryn although I'm intrigued particularly I think Randy Miller whose chance but he's the one guy I don't know it Riley firms no matter what he could do. He can't elevate himself into the second thing that's very fair I think Anthony Miller he runs a good number if he runs a good number hat answers all the health questions it's that Iraq. He can become a second round pec agreed based on his broad. So the only thing I flipped I had penny staff one. Into taking too. And then I had final 43 masters or in the Purdy I went out and when we decide what the final four masters which I think he could make yard and I. Busy day today we got to our Chris Harrington the nylon panel on we'll talk to him about of course all of this isn't stuff welcome back we'll talk a little bit. Of tonight's championship game and the final four with nick alum. Ph.D. This is you've gone very erudite for us today. One of the things that it's funny bit that Dickie V said over the weekend was issued issued changed the the NCAA three point line. That it's perverted game that is just too easy. In this the NBA. Are they say that they've they've that this is this it's not exactly the first time this has been center but it does. I I does have a point I celery is at about eighteen feet the fact that Memphis has. Basically existed without shooters yes in this era yes it's a letter back to Kentucky. Exist without shooters in this area. Is lunacy yes absolute lunacy back we'll talk a little basketball on the search of opportunity Humana from his. Internet providers from a small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers faster speeds feeds across our network. We offer more complete reliability was up to eight hours of four G wireless network back. To keep your business connect. Not so much we offered 35 points features that businesses care about is solutions that grow with your business so you never miss a call. AT&T no way clearly contests this news. Call 1805016000. To get 75 megabit Internet on our deep speed now. 4995. For. 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The Michigan Wolverines should be seen that plays then you look at the scam. Well I tell you what it the three point shooting par I definitely agree liquor Villanova and it what at least the games go and move into those larger. Stadium not really been basketball Arenas or stadiums. But eight times you see the outside shooting suffer. Because of the depth perception issues but that that does not seem to bother Villanova at all. On Saturday night until they're able to shoot anything like they did. And in tonight's game ban. They're looking pretty good. Dick I tell over the weekend and this is the first person who's ever set it. He said that in college basketball the three point line should be extended that it is. It's too easy. Agree disagree. Or saying even now and talk that's why even the NBA is that. And especially Barrymore in the Houston Rockets. They they exceed it. Really midrange jumper been raised two point your course of the least. At the lowest rate of return on under she's like if if she can't get a shot. That is basically a lay up or one Blake shot and two point range that otherwise you should be taking all your shot that requires. So now tell me now some people might like that some people ball shall mean I would say you don't wanna let the game get to four out of balance. And so I think you need to try to find that right balance where the return on a three point shot. Maybe isn't so much better than it is worth two point shot site I think there is America thinking about expanding metric aren't. One of the things you've given a lot of thought to is why the endings. Basketball games so they can be unbelievably dramatic witness the women's final four over the weekend which was incredibly intense and dramatic. They can also trudged to the end. And you have come up with a different. Way that basketball games should and Colby yield ending explain what is wrong with the way college basketball does that now and how you would fix it. Well Ford is what's wrong let me also reiterate what he says there's a lot it's right I mean you do get some great finishes and so I think we can have the best of both worlds what you lamenting concept we didn't keep an enhanced all the things that are really cool about late game play. And we can eliminate and alleviate what's not cool. Both are about what's not call. When we wind up being give to a certain point. We often see that this style of play become very warped and start to deteriorate. That's your leading and then you start playing very passive style going into the stall offense. If you're trailing in your defense you have to child stopped the clock can handle waste free points. If you your offense and you're trailing at the torso desperate Opel shots so now or combination of factors make. The outcome of games too predictable very often worked hard to overcome even very slim deficits. And so. The idea is in all the until we see other efforts to manipulate o'clock. And about as well maybe he has got rid of the clock for the last part of the game you wouldn't see that you could see wolf real basketball. During that final stretch. So if you think about OK we're gonna play most of the game what a clock and play the final part about it and figure out when you show up o'clock in the what do you play to. Different leagues and level of play the Bay Area until college basketball team the best place to shut off the clock will be at the four minute mark of the second half. And then you played with target score that sequel to the leading teams or or seven. So when I know that's a lot and and a short time they're good as an example. Let's say the scores 65 to six peak when you get to that or minute mark of the second half. Okay organs shut out the clock and played 72. Because that 65 or seven. Our comeback from the from the media timeout it's 65 to 64 point bursting the 72 wins. And the idea is that that final stretch. No game clock. You're leading there's no advantage to stalling at the key player certainly. If you're trailing. And your defense you don't happen in the way three point at the foul line to get to play your preferred defense and when you're not bench you can what your preferred offense and because of that he could exceed. Or more late comebacks and more satisfying ending and you know that somebody is gonna win the game of the solution that met. Which is what we look to see and so we give even more memorable game in the movements. All due respect. Every sport has this fundamental problem is that if a team has they'd leave it. Whether it's football where they're grinding that that won't where there that in the end there they're playing prevent defense and their run the ball and whatever. You get a lead and then. And people will criticize how you do it or whether you do it effectively. Or use use use that on the lead in one way shape or form for baseball you might give up one run because you don't wanna give up. The three run homer or whatever you might concede. For hockey you're playing defensively you're icing the puck at the end just from Roy you know you're you're you're sitting back derisive about defensively. It is the nature of sports that if you or up in the end. There is this period where the damn game you know is coming to then and you just try to do what you do in order the hang on. And so if we're going to change basketball like it it is not the prettiest. It's not the prettiest any info ball. It's not pretty fitting in baseball it's not a pretty much maybe more so on baseball's not a pretty setting in hockey it's not literally pick your sport. When your hang on the it is not necessarily going to be the prettiest spending but it is sort of the nature of what we do in sports is a good I mean it. It is there is an end and I wanna be leading a BM same thing with soccer is kick the damn ball well the end of the field look at old Alec. Isn't that just the nature of it that that that that that the that the pretty mess at the end isn't going to be the same as the pretty this throughout. And we accept that because there's a different kind of attention attention is can maintain line despite all these tactics that are thrown in at the end. So I love this question is my favorite favorite question because yeah you that we just like he said he sees. Some of these unsatisfying. Strategies at the end of football hockey soccer games but the thing yes you can't. The sort of back this is the solution only basketball can take advantage you can't. You could never I get to a certain part of a double soccer game and say all right well we're gonna play next goal wins Sergio actually do a little close. All sorts of us doubles variation. But in basketball but you got enough scoring scoring that out of rapidly enough. You can realistically play that would target score. So yeah that's that's one cool thing about it is that. All these other sports or use the clock could not could not do something like this basketball because there is enough scoring you can basically you scoring in place of the clock. For the last part of the game. You could do it in football you could say listen falcons you may be up in the Super Bowl but you need you need ten more points to win this game like you could shut it off the spotlight so this is all wildly I mean with all due respect actually get them novel theory. It is never in a million years going to happen except that has happened and certainly is that right. Has anyone implemented that's. Yet he's been implemented after the basketball tournament open honest PDT site that we handled them broadcast on ESPN. I see from our quarterbacks all can you see former NBA players are players who were successful or not in my local college that's more international leagues. So they implemented this last summer for the preliminary rounds. Also gave it its its name Evelyn and main. And I met all those primary gains and look great and what all the grated like this it's like wild for the class or again what we're seeing real basketball. And and so score and an actress stadium course and I'm more confident than ever that it will continue to live on and it'll take awhile for reaching those highest level of play. But. I think. You know to see another semi pro league Serb men and women under International League to a testing ground. I think the idea cannot continue throwing the ball we have seen other. We eliminate the clock from over time BA BA has done it NBA summer league does that they get rid of the clock effort for double overtime. I think there's going one step further on the menu clock from the last or regulation play. Isn't so. Perfect your finger first at first glance it seems like kind of a gimmick but then I want to think about it it's it's less gimmicky than what we see it in the games now. What. What. It in terms of the way this tournament has played out. One of the points you made is that. We we glory in buzzer beaters and we have had a bunch Miette Michigan Houston as well obviously loyal as about a involve themselves. And yet the truth of the matter is at the end of games. Teams stink like that that they're terrible at the end of games. All right so. You know for me out they get it what it does look like in another sport it would be like seeing Mike Trout step up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth and then Matt. The back left handed and it's like well I guess that's cool to get bit but I think I'd rather just see America's best and actually break down the number I've looked at this over. Thousands of gains what is happening. The last possession of the fourth quarter second half for overtime. When the game leader tiger that they that the offense has been three point oh the other team and oddly neat points per possession plummets to about. Zero point two points per possession. And normally we're used to seeing peace or about all of global one point per possession and so it turned that most important. It's possession of the game and turning it almost until blooper reel. So I think that also there's little bit unsatisfying because the team that's on defense it's bailed out. Where the deep pocket during those that it looked before them. Well you're awfully nice to join us it is the Elon ending and it is being deployed in various places and if that ever comes to pass. We will certainly credit you with being the genius who came up with a I appreciate it thank you very much. That is a nick deal. With a way to fix basketball. Which I will never ever ever ever. With ever ever ever ever ever happen. I think that's price fair or should it honestly I hate to say that I'd ai is an element. Time is part of the deal grab a certain amount of time in which you're supposed to win the game and at the end it. You do things to sixty minutes of football double and he only got a few of the you don't want but at the end yet you do things to hang low and end. And we can we can yank our hair out there is nothing. That. All the strategies deal all of the end do you not Ireland do you play prevent defense do you not played prevent defense do you like all of those trained. We drive ourselves crazy with whether they worker don't warm weather usually use change. Should that yeah that should do them a and yet. I think I hate to say that. 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Who is likely to be back aren't. Next year and who is likely not to be back next year OK and here I'd be here. We're good we're gonna do ranking him here are the the other some that we we don't need to include your like we could argue whether. Marcia Brooks is going to be to share right like he came any scored 2124. He's twice denying that he shows some ability to score. You want him back. He's not sufficiently consequential Don that put him judge and a contract a bright wrong differently Douglas plays are obviously it seems to me there's no reason that enter Harrison won't be back clearly agree I Dylan Brooks is going to be back. If you can go through the roster a lot are going to be back but there's a lot for one reason or another both on the staff or. On the roster who there are. Okay so we're include an identifiable question of that bout it's not just a little some were not allowed back from injuries were not precluding Mike Conley threat will definitely be back. Willie to back injury how far back whatever I'm not you know beware including. That. And we're and 'cause I talked about pair last week amount including a which I think it's a he will likely be back but it's a. Likely be back there's really no way to know correct my understanding is he. Intends to buy them to buy the team but there's really no way to got so here other than the individuals that I would like you to consider and then we will discuss at. JB Becker staff at will both do we will both do should and will dot. Chris Wallace. Mark shawl. Tyreke. And Jim Michael bring. OK. Let's go pick the least likely of those. To be back I think the least why. We of those to be back is. Jamie Baker's. What's your argument argument is just that I think. I think it will be interim tag and I'll think that there will be the argument that even though. I don't think it's necessary reflection on his job performance there'll be the argument that we wanna go get something more permanent. It's funny because when there's a whenever there's an inter room. A lot whenever like. There was not around Tony Barone me a a brow brow well to bring him out but when Johnny Jones was that interim coach. At at and that's from a dozen tigers there was. There's often a rallying around a person in charge they're a good person. They bring stability. To handle himself typically would in there and that by definition in a difficult it is difficult spot. They don't tend to be because they're difficult spot they tend to act with decorum and everything else their. And so there tends to be a rallying around. The the if some of the she's got a pure sympathy. I guess I hear an end and I sense that from a lot of the fans that with. David picker staff you say. Cash is that an Hart's body seems like a good guy. He comes from out great basketball fan I'm Elaine he's handling himself with a real dignity. The team plays hard they play sufficiently hard that they dealt. That they've they've they've that tankers they've given they've bothered right and he's done a really good job with young kid like the young players like even when they had that. The no show in Charlotte he gets around the turn right around Phillip Brooks is as god is sort of hit it a little bit of a rotten and then he's back again. It. Links Sheldon is starting to show progress. I think you can make an argument. The good against it would become and how can he do that how can you bring about how can you try to sell this team right. With JB bicker staff who just presided over this horrific. Whatever you think of that. Made in your hairs and battered and horrific. Its record I could just how do you sell crack howdy literally how do you sell them. I'm. And so I think that's the biggest problem with bringing him back the biggest reason to bring him back is particularly if with the ownership instability. Kelli legally be able to get them higher and if you plan on bringing back mark mark likes them. I think it's kind of I don't think he's the least likely my argument my I would put him yeah our guard us and my argument does make the presumption that. By that point more pair her palms are our apparel the ownership question will be done. Well the only way it will be done. Is if we know that Perry is gonna by 18 o'clock which will be in the next week again two or three weeks we'll find this out. Then it doesn't have to be some transaction that your subsequently waiting for some transfer of power so that he can go ahead and make a decision. And he can hire a coach and people will know who the owner will be a Federer. If there is a transition of power double happen until the end of the summer. And so that's how the hell can you hire anyone that that at that point doppler. You'd almost have to bring him back. Right and then yes he goes who the hell would you be a liar so I don't think he is my least likely that he would be low on my list and I understand everything you say. I think my least likely to be back Ari. Tyreke. I think it's fair I was whenever it and I they're. Not rolling out because fair or not there are two things that stick with Perry. He's never played on a winner. Right yet and and people perceive him too well three things really. He's he's he's perceived to be a nun winning selfish player. He's perceive this than not he's perceived to be eight injured player. I and many perceive that being. I don't know like there's. Off the court whatever just not like he comes with fair comes up the perception of baggage and you're still out there. It comes with the perception of bagged whether or not it's murdered on is debatable though some clearly not like he's very well at least she's at least. Until until this mysterious. Injury family problems there and wail and and knocking dollars a year in anticipation what are they trying to always felt like yes he's proven durable. I think he's been a good team guy there's no thought that he's been a bad team got in the in the right role coming off the bench. But what you're basically saying is that not a single soul is getting. Well first you carrying a KB quotable but liking it here right and I don't think there's. A whole lot of evidence that one way or another that he was happy with the way this went he might have been happier being traded at the deadline or that he's been so. And then even more importantly you're just betting no one is gonna offer him more than midlevel correct. Orszag or that aid a winning team a team that has a bad church I got more solid chance of winning offers the exact same deal. Right that's true too. Took two things could have correct some go for more money. Or a better it's more stable organization cut off from the same money and either way he might take it and it'll me where. Zach Randolph just got two years point four million chances that I think some of gonna give that Tyreke so I think technique at the least likely to be back. I'll join you. In saying. JB is the second least like after the about it. Then I think I get to. Chris Wallace yes. Paris sold the team ain't no way he's back like no way no how fired tomorrow. So that it yesterday so that's a 40% chance right there that yes on. And then if he comes back if he is heading to have a look even with care how the hell do you bring him back. So I forget like you can tell you want the draft picks the traffic to grab everyone's bad about them like the brunt Hillary wrote a piece over the weekend. Ripping him for wade Baldwin and I've always been reluctant to where rip him for wade Baldwin because look who was picked after wade ball when it tell me who should bet there's no one yes like in the in the realm a mistake by who could see what Canadian realistically patent that has not been would have been is the second round pick and a lot of text. Dwyane Wade Baldwin. I can't beat him up. What it all the was the wrong answer. But I can't beat them up toward the wrong answer when there was no writings are based on based on what the first round prospects were at that point so. So why are so so eBay you can go ahead and you could make excuses for all the jacket she did say machine wasn't his that was like I easily you could say. What's his name from UCLA wasn't Ornette Jordan Adams wasn't his that was Hala jurors if you want although that I'm not I'm not entirely sure that's true. You can say that way ball when there was an Olympic after neither really you go throw that you go through all the draft picks. And come up with. Excuses why they blow every single freaking first round draft a guy. But. What's the excuse for grandma from. David system. And that can't be bigger idiot you're the general manager and manager you want because Chad Gloucester. Arianna I never got the sense that it was over his my dead body. And what's the excuse for Chandler Parsons. We thought that's me and then just like you got to have you just got to make the change. I mean I the reason why I don't have him above the other two. Is because I view him largely kind of has like Younis blew it carries bulletproof I think he's this IDs spokesman. I think he's the one they trot in front of the media to could they need these are good that I mean I agree it. But someone's got up on that sword and he's the one negative thing they need eight but at the point they need a credible basketball going forward they need a credible basketball spokesperson. And he's not bad either I agree with you I'm just saying it appears. If if he's made it this far I see no reason to think why he can't do it again. I think all three of those. Those who won whom. A Beagle I'd love to have every answer of course right outbid in Pakistan from cabinet stick I can talk myself into it. I I think in the end there's more. Affection for him that he is actually produced earned right. But it it it's this dynamic of what I'd be fine if they brought him back unless you're all right I'll likely it would mark whenever I don't think coaching coaching in Dallas are on this team are great but let's be honest about bad. And and has and if the Fed be five losses the one who most deserves to go. Of that based on tracker now we get to others. A them that the of the last two our mock yes. Well here you go. If it's not terra I think he's more likely to go but that would not be by trade deadline to Bruno I mean that would not be by the draft. That wouldn't happen correct it it Kaplan will own it and so they wouldn't be able to negotiate that trade. I think the only way marks on his mark wants to be gone and I think. I really going to be fascinating like for him to be planted on the bench as he was. To the fourth quarter of a great game he was having eleven out of twelve he might just be so mad if I think he's misguided I think he should understand the big picture. He died it might just be so misguided they says the hell that I want to. The only reason why don't think that's going to occur is because I think I think of that we're going to happen it would have already happened. Because now there's kind of light at the end of the tunnel you've made it through the darkness that now he's maybe later what it but the way out what happened was before the trade debt correct. And then it that big that taking this is really unfolded. After the trade deadline the bid the most profound taking missed and that's what philosophically. Bothers them. And so. I think there's a chance. That between the time when we sat down let him around a conference table and he talked about wanted to be in Memphis yeah and the end of the season he's been a pro I think there's a chance. That that live is gonna come off. And we are gonna hear. Unadulterated. Truth for Marcus all. At the end of this season and Evelyn who wanted to be traded it really the whole this whole thing is fascinating and then lastly if you put him on the left yes. Is I didn't initially have among us is to my yes what's your theory because. Jim Michaels on aid in what would be considered a very team friendly deal. He only has one year left you'd be very much a trade option especially for a team that was looking for. You know some for help off the bench a guy they can go out of spot starter got he could be a very. He could be an interesting piece for a lot of contending teams and with that contract being so friendly. Thank you very much I can trade bait. To me it depends on the draft. If they get. Don pitch then I don't believe they trade grand docket she is the wing that you need. Hey I think you're in a target is the most apt to be able to step in imply. With mark with Mike may be with Tyreke. Whatever you want then you think you're going back to the playoffs next year you need to Michael who's played better arrives in the second F sees the need of the first you need him down the stretch. And so you've got you keep them. Etc. if on the other hand you get Bagley for example. Venue say we need some help with the wing can we flipped to Michael I think you have a point. 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