Hour 1 with guest Jonah Jordan (8/13/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, August 13th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the show by discussing Tiger Woods' epic Sunday and discusses sports figures that American sports fans want to watch. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Jonah Jordan to the show to discuss Tiger football camp, Tiger basketball recruiting, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses the Maryland football story and football culture.

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Call in and around great guy great. Is that the purpose. Dollar now. School love veterans. School started school. Today I think pretty much now everybody is in school so buckle down. Take care your studies. And have fun there and let her talk you know people don't understand I would do and ideally. As actually that is actually. True lot of get to today. Including my own selves specialists. Career Denver. And arable get to that. I was out at the Memphis fan day. On Saturday men's football fan day on Saturday and give you a report from. That also Julie Jordan is going to be joining us. In the next segment talk about that and that's that's our recruiting is why I guess I can hasn't done given that this hasn't had a chance to jasmine on the Memphis Grizzlies basketball schedule he'll be with us straight up at 10 o'clock also compelling if they sign in his contract. Today. So we can ask him about that. I honestly was there it is a strikingly. Busy. Timer right now there's all the stuff. That is going on at the University of Maryland where they have put their head coach on leave for. Eight toxic environment football environment including. Bullying. So we have met to talk about and then yesterday was really a given that there was. No football. It was great exports is lost today it was a it was a day like it's sports provided. For a lot of reasons depending on your and your particular flavor. If you are a MLS fan. Wayne Rooney do you see this go yet well hustled us the past grass yes asks yeah yeah Wayne Rooney then I. Quality that Ottawa Wayne Iran for opening. Playing for DC united of course we all know that all you people know that little planted the united. Come back he makes that tackle items DCU burning teasing me TC makes a tackle. And I mean 96 minute. Becomes basically comes back those you honest in the lingo the way I'd move. He comes back he just didn't apply or any other team Orlando. Is is is in your head down the field and Wayne Rooney just comes out just steele's problems takes it from just as you have that bond taking the ball blew it. Running and catching them takes it and Bakley otherwise he is just about. But again if it on a similarly altered when when you understand that I'd be embraced the skater got a month under cross the fifty made it. As many votes the ball never breaks stride though it doesn't replace reload and I'd like you boot the ball. Curly haired kitty corner. From just this side of the fifty down all the way down the goal line on the other side whereas whereas shall marry his teammate up a coast to. His name has made. I hesitant. Demo 32. It was fantastic. Was a fantastic was unbelievable yes some labels of the is that it happened that the bombing in sports stumble and it keeps providing us with great exciting moments. Then there's the cubs game. Cubs. Trailing. Three zip to the next thing. Down after Max Scherzer just literally broke their souls true two outs mean. Two strikes me. David Brody who was formerly a eighteenth round draft and you only there really because Andrea good spring and all that what that. He comes up to out. Cruise strike. Down three zip. Walk off Grand Slam. The second walk off Grand Slam in history. Down three up and in the ninth. And I'm the first with two there is never literally never happened before. In the entire history of the highest in baseball what we saw that I'd never down to your last strike. In the ninth down from walk off Grand Slam down 30. So literally it I've never seen them before you. I use in even guys older moment and I'm considerably older than you would have seen that before and then the very elegant. It was totally deserved Alley and fantastic that Michael will bonds Matt otherwise but 'cause yes and may ninth in their ten plays top ten. And he said if that were the Yankees or Red Sox. It would have been we they minority commission to thirty for thirty about a new deal do you think do you sense that heavy anti cut by this there at the worldwide leader. No if anything I think for the most in the nationally there's certainly while we should be in the tank for the cubs and everybody's there to console they're paid their. The third biggest market in the country being there or in general fairly likable group of players and they've won a World Series the last two years now I've. So so that happened. So and then of course we had something we really have never. Had a long time. British was one. This beautiful night here full time your. It was indeed. It was tiger absolutely. Being sensational. Shoots 64. Which is. His best final round ever in a major. 266. Which is his lowest 72 hole total. Ever. In a major. Birdies fifteen. To pull within one crowds weren't absolutely like this was the full. Tiger. Experience. I don't think we've seen this will we saw yesterday. I can't Iraq I cannot remember anything like that idea except except the part. It's right there. Yeah what the old me. It would show on the swoosh and and then I would drop as the dinners for and Bridgestone and I had good a couple of others that couple others that that lipped out. And I honestly. They got to hand it Brooks Capcom who. After after tiger birdies fifteen to pull within one right yes. Call all he does. It is it is step up. And hit a thirty. Basically a 334 yard drive. And then a approach shot ten feet from the pin and a birdie. Putts on fifteen and on sixteen. He hits 406 feet. And that's Canada. Q did not wilt in the slights he earned every bit of that. 'cause it would have been easier melt because what we saw yesterday. Was extraordinary it was. Absolutely. Brilliant stuff and I am now coming around one after the British we argued over. Whether he would win another and you said yes and I said now another another major blow. But. Given that he. Played as an anti hate to say that he shot a 64. What is Gary Woodland said 64 he made it look easy given that he plays is quote unquote badly as he did it. He did not hit a fairway in the front nine. Over seven it was over seven although he was five of fourteen dealers he was over seven is because there were two par threes. Right here a little bit out of an overnight he could he could not at all hit the ball. He couldn't put the pair on the fairway like he just could not get involved fairway and then of course across the many and where I need an eagle on. But given that he quota didn't play that well he shoots 64. I now think a number fifteen could well be. Could well be in reached he's playing fabulously and a year ago. A year ago he had early resumed playing yet he has now gone from. He is up 47. He's 127. In the rankings points in the FedEx Cup rankings he is a shoo in for the Ryder Cup team at this point. Barring further injury or something crazy he should be in Memphis next summer. It was just awesome I take it you had fun. I did I do think though we have a serious problem and I think that it is up to us is sports fans because there's just. This is like this should be one of the greatest comeback stories ever and they're just aren't that many like truly awesome amazing stories out there. We as a community need to put our best minds together and figure out what the heck is wrong with the driver because when you look at is numbers this year. He is fourth. Instructs game with his irons he's at night in the this buddy this is the world. This is that meant just like oh intern admits this is in the world. Nine around the greens he was thirtieth in putting which is not like he's all like he's more of a clutch putter than it is like an amazing potter yet. Tied on myself yes. And eleven. From teetering. He is 127. In the world that's simple problem in the car is get down the whole offseason figuring out basically to figure out of them came well. I hope so because if you go back and look at essentially every tournament that he had a chance to win this year if you start at the Honda the driver Coston the Valspar the driver cost him. You look at. The players I'll give it to Webb Simpson Webb Simpson just took it from them but the Arnold Palmer. The driver he he hit hit a driver so bad when he had to live. Question of the driver Costas yesterday out of percent yes and the British Open. So that we could just figure that out this and look how many things like penny let's talk about pending and ma why wouldn't we were talking about apparently. It's yes there's still some question the penny each person until the first look honestly is now answered so many. And with with tiger he has a year ago he could pick up a club. It isn't it is that last year we legitimately. I didn't think he's ever played it. I was gonna be a load. Capital Grozny this airman or go to ceremony there and now he's and so he's figured everything else but the driver he forgot to driver. Here's the thing so and by the way rub we don't have Sunday ratings yet I can't imagine what they are Saturday ratings were up oh. 50%. You know set 54%. Saturday ratings were up 54% and that brings me. To this topic which is the big league get a ranking of the top. Ten athletes that Americans will drop everything to go watch on TV cat. And I will tell you. I think it's a crap less I guess I'm hoping you can do better I. O'Dell Beckham is ten. That's waiting I'm fine popular Nolan is people will Marcia it's fair people will marvel at a catch bio Bedell Beckham no one turns on a TV to watch owed about him later no one. As a carrier except for the people in the bedroom family. Again no one has ever said. Kind of O'Dell's on he's a guy like I billowed out. He's is why why he's out there yes you can watch is on your phone you can watch the free highlight the three catches that he happens to make you crazy get you can watch you don't need to watch him all game long. If you do you'll be watching. All of a lot of pain didn't absolutely decimated. So a gets that's ten. I'm scratching him receiving come up with alternatives to that expert says he's awful violence OK number nine Floyd Mayweather. How leave him on that you want it. He is only because is he if there are many Americans who watch up everything to watch him. Yes and he is essentially in a sport where he gets paid based on the number of people don't watch he gets people to count immigrant. OK I'll go with them to their eyes same company so it doesn't need a team behind Mayweather. I don't know he's more of a pure attraction in some way it's okay. Attraction. Someone now I don't know how to iron out of his name only got way more money on how to buy it isn't continued the last. These Americans will drop everything okay go watch. Seven is Aaron Rodgers. Same thing and I love Sarah you'd people watch him more than Beckham yes it's good. Even that I don't think they go drop and and and you watch and Roger little more than they would drop any to watch drew praise anyone that was just a quarterback he's awesome quarterback incredible quarterback but knowledge is almighty god. Ed Rogers is on yes it's not most watched entertainment. I hate to say at. No reason out if they watched either of the NFL a vast number she wants the package that would Aaron Rodgers as Aaron Rodgers now. Six a Renaldo and fight his message and both of those are now. There there's 10% of Americans out there who care about soccer and they will. We America does not stop and rush to watch and follow on message all I ask you this. What percentage of people do you definitely people who do and and The Herald this global. Absolutely they but I get the pump what percentage of Americans keeping a mess he's first thing. I'll bet it's less than ten yes. In the we're gonna call him hey and now people can Americans do not eight minutes ago that's not a commentary on messy or relying on the feminine and I was in the back in the list America does not or with a World Cup rated. Over the world conference with a great. They were great so strongly pretty good. Pretty they were brought by so I'm not putting met Erika is a stop to watch Messi Ronaldo it's just it's not it's I hate to say it lays down a guy. So the truth that is what we've what were we can put kind of McGregor and slow down 44% from. From Tony fourteen out the difference in week fourteen as America was NN I understand that but but I don't think messy or Ronaldo play for America. Correct. Guys I just since this is not a valid list that a guy then. They're top. Top four. I would I will agree I will disagree with the order but I will agree Ford is LeBron. Three is tiger. Too is Tom Brady. And one is stuff Currie. I think they all belong on the list. I later I got my order. They go curry. Brady. Tiger. The brown. I'd go. In terms of and everybody was saying this is your I just think you're you're watching an individual. I'm saying. Tiger in a major. Playing well is number one that's the one thing that America all go watch him. Maybe if you wanna give me LeBron. That's too. Still love. No it's easier to fully or wants to know they do you know otherwise your staff two years ago three years ago they were they went and turned on watched that they watched the warriors. And they will watch eight. Highlights of staff hitting nine threes and a quarter yes. But I don't think America stops and I mean they do I. I'd put him on this list but I'm not put my head I'm. Important step ahead of tiger LeBron are you step curry played in a Web.Com. Tour of okay sure that the scope would they possibly golf. Right they did trump to watch him play golf I mean I do important homilies really well and the other ones he's definitely by the other two. And and then Brady is. I've put Brady. He isn't one of the NFL players who you stop to watch what will Brady did I it's what will Brady do here. I agree but I've always wondered if it's more of what all the pat stick. I know that's what he's fourth yes okay so now what we have here is a list it is are you with tiger than the Braude Wanda LeBron I'm tired I'm tired of the LeBron. OK but those are clearly the top two yes and staff. Yes okay and now. There's Brady is four yes now and then we get we're gonna put McGregor. Are gonna put Mayweather. On the list yes come follow that. Okay. Now another screw with us a little bit. Who else what other individuals there is no Barry Bonds we used to stop and watch Barry Bonds at bats. We used to stop and watch McGwire at bats we used to stop and watch Sosa. Or SuSE. As they like to say New England at bats so sort. At bats we used to stop a much there's no hockey player of the qualifies. Obviously numbing Crosby's. Arguing one of the greatest moment I and kind of regretted any Jerry David nobody stops nobody stops to watch him. How about Serena that was in my first guess usual were always saying with Serena I don't. I don't feel like I don't I don't models at a I don't need this in Canada I think it's to match. Make sure that matters what America stops and watches. By and large. Is teams right so. America if I could had. Here's the truth. America stopped and watched John name ends up. Yes once upon a time yes the stuff the much done and is already we're gonna bet they'd settle Bosnia. Yes there's a reason why ESPN is covering the BC FL this year get a bad game too by the way. We thought it would crept doubled six yards per attempt he was much better on games they're. So so so yes so giant Intel was some amazed that the watch. It would stop and watch it they several watch Alabama football. Don't they stop and watch Alabama football I mean how close are we adding an and you can't stop watch the Dallas Cowboys. That's clearly to this apple watch the Dallas Cowboys how close are we adding to baker to this list. Now we should you you are you stop and why they vary Johnny football in college for the same thing. I come from a phenomenon thing our markets around our says once Michael Phelps Michael Phelps just. Else was there yesterday about the way we stopped and watched him at the Olympics yeah that's a little I think that's. Yeah I think that's that adding that the different thing I don't think you can put. On JJ watt. Well we don't stop watch it and why bluster is I think we stop and watch the cowboys you stop and watch. Do we stop and watch Russell Westbrook. I would argue that there should be more NBA players on useless I would agree with you just because the NBA is such a you stop watch I think people stop. And watch KD nearly as much as they quote unquote stop and watch staff that's more fun to watch yes the NBA's kind of eight individuals more smashes his mast itself. An eighteen sport I think that's exactly right. I don't think there's many who America stuff so washed up they what type if you wanna add some of the less you can you cannot tweet me at. Jeff GO FF underscore Calkins. Or Jeffrey at Jay Wright 99 is gay right 99. ESP. And that. My point is this. There's nominee well we just eviscerated their last and I'm not even sure Brady. Belongs on it I think tiger LeBron. And staff. Belong on. I don't know wool if you wanted to go and includes common greater in Floyd Mayweather somewhere. But I don't think there's many others and so to have a day like yesterday when people stop. And watch. This guy. You're the most marketable. Athletes from. The Nielsen ratings as in light that I kind of the people like the people that would tell you okay these are people of move the needles are bankable box office stars so obviously there's one name not included in this because the most recent data is from 2017. And that person was on the sidelines with a back injury. So tiger not on the list. Serena number one and 83. Venus Williams at number two people do at seven Nash it's a niche and then LeBron. Brought serene. It down there with camera Gregory Maine it and if Floyd Mayweather if you want. LeBron was number three at 76 this and stunned me Eli Manning is tied with LeBron James in the years ahead of Tom Brady. I love you but people I actually he's much better than people say but I guess our stuff Currie is right behind Brady at 75. Air Rogers at 75. Danica Patrick was at 75. Dollar Earnhardt junior was at 73 engine watch that real people stopped and watched yes thank. But there's not many and so to have the opportunity to stop and watch tiger yesterday America stopped. And watched that. A lot of love in stopped and watched the Memphis. Open practice Saturday. I was there are gonna Jordan was there we'll talk about that and more will we come back its rocket showed 99 FM is. Did your small business Internet provider promise a lot let's hear you really delivers Comcast business if you do expedient or play other providers. We offer more complete reliability which of the six hours or four G wireless network. The other is no way we let calls from any of your devices appear to. Then not so much from Comcast business Smart office lets you keep an eye on your business from anywhere others. 1805016000. To get 75 megabit Internet from Comcast business for 4995. Per month for two years when you. 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And Otis Sanford and of course Jonah and Jordan thumb on Twitter at Jonah and Jordan he joins me out just how you. Our readers are good so I was out Saturday you were out there Saturday adding. It was hot. Saturday I think I was struck by the crowd big crowd Saturday. My levels pulled by the crowd Saturday. And I think noticeable me I'll say it was mostly better turn out the last. You're even it was a pretty good little saint and second. Oh absolutely again I share was probably won't be 200. So are significantly more than that this year and eternal or this year walking out there are huge on DDT. Equipped oh aren't. Before I think he. Army people before all over the place is almost all I ever see her gear the car seat as. You haven't really seen that support from in this current economy a auto show hopeful. Toward candidates editor to have this year you eat a small small sample split yuck. And it is nice that it works out what might or do everyday is certainly were like page he has excited people are excited about it a culture. Okay now that the negative Nelly because I would never wanna be accused of being met a couple things a couple things on ask about that some people are worried about. One is no doubt Anderson bill Patrick Taylor though Tony Pollard. I did talk to Tony Polly's mother 'cause I lover. And well there it'll fired Tony pollard's Barbeque place down there near our Graceland. So they're closed for. Just a few days but the be open again and you go to tell me Pollard special which should absolutely do. But he said he'd be fine. She said I don't know I don't know that she should be giving up full she's actually giving up full health reports for the team but she said not to worry. Are you not worried about Henderson general Pollard. Now and our innate attraction for growth for pearl or on our debate they've been an agreement commentators he just loves her. As usual route you can but there are bleeding wouldn't tell you can't. But gained little out there but. It's more precautionary. Jerrold stroke stroke spread particularly. Educate our governor is banged up a machine learning he's logged in and they relive goal a situation like that you don't. The situation where he did eat up. And it Tony as I beat you at BID or commercially but. I don't blame him for keeping them those guys out I don't think it. You don't joke in things should be more action may be with those guys out there are well I hope that the right now there are looking at example one her skirt. Now oval tire that is. I was not a 100%. Dazzled by the quarterback. I thought Brady wife had a pretty iffy Deng allowed Brady wife of buddy in pretty iffy day and continues to struggle with the dean crawl. Matt and I just didn't think in general. Meet quarterbacking wall lose some. Yeah wasn't what we've come to expect over the last several years but only once Saturday but still what do you think. I had been at this is part of what I age back to happen and yet it did show that Oprah. For some people that did their real competition they'd have more or they get a. It always better Saturday David look I wasn't great but he was battered and ready Saturday. Absolutely and I I just think this shows people hey they are pretty it was a shock to pretty light the difference are our good friend Kirk good. Good. Or had a relationship with our well I I think they're gonna get adopted it as personnel or on chatter that was David or Elliot you're extra towards. I really think that. People need to slow down Argentina or drop someone. How could agree one inch or twenty or anything. Privileged about not at least as I've heard so what she. At what they are more of a better that you just shocked that Jerry Jones moved the ball and on the field were pretty light shortly after Sargent. Our. So I will. Next Saturday at another asserted a scrimmage yet goes back. Good your light. How are all I've got. I thought that Jack military a pulpit to disable auto holds great date they were retro recorder Russia but they ever really done in the past. That this team has needed to do period goes duke crews come on strong it's all. At baker are to be darker and it burned by that article you're eighteen or so. For those guys. Appreciate Morgan on the Arctic OT who had a date at. Six to reach a practice are always there are key instead on the football field. And then there is of course corporal regrets any recorder or a top. He's shown pressure these great guard went to better coordinate seeks. But the yet you'll wind up. Keep Harry Schmidt are Jacoby frigid all those guys were actually very good. And I think it did they want to eat them to be worded it quite one of the better in a keynote got a key you have her continued developing. Under TJ rushing. You know what impresses me. Sean that's he's gonna be incredible. And did he someone that really has. The price in the. Pass catching tight end. This this spring when Brady YE has connected beat big shot I certainly they are ordering a aren't out there at the there's our chemistry between the two of them. Because I urged you to open when he gets open he can just it all and it's something that some guys that keep trying to struggle with sometimes. And I think he's gonna happen mark Kersey. Yeah and he had the big guys he would he was good in the championship game and I think he's picking up where you left out. The other thing that struck me is this we know the Merrill story is out there about a quote unquote toxic football culture. About bullying. We know that DJ Durkin has been. Put on leave. As Maryland investigates. This toxic culture. And at the university. We know that one player died announced this sort of I'm sparked the whole thing. But this is a point that and demo won't commit this and how. Yeah yeah. That. When football practices are closed. As they are so many places you kind of got no idea what's going on actually gets a double talk briefly afterwards and I was gonna ask him about. Does he started off he said listen we coach the quarterbacks hard that's what he started I sent and they do coached the quarterbacks hard. But listen every single practice of Michael Morales is open to you and the media generally. And so if there was some sort of crazy ass bullying and whatever depriving them of water or like. You would CNET and it's sort of it is as Dan put it sunlight is the best disinfectant. It's yeah in the way you know that nothing like this is going on at the university of program is key you can see what's your all. Is that nothing like this is going on at the University of Memphis program it's really fairly striking given the secret way that so many people conduct a practices. It'd be really difficult credit and I mean they are or. There reread that I don't think I've ever been out here go. They just crossed a line because you know I don't think they viewed it as we're out here. I hate that legislating that are that they've stepped up our rate Boehner. Does I don't want to help keep that in duty very hard for them so. I mean do you salute being an historic attitude I doubt it because of the way they treated them no way to push in the way. He felt he couldn't stop. Rich Internet as we don't actually know why that kid and we don't really know what happened there at the ESPN's story then. Had an it's an inch and question because I suspect a lot of old school football play football players people played high school whatever. They read that story they sort of shrug. Because the story was stuff like. The strength coach about a used to be a list of state. He would throw things at people throw small objects and people he gets furious he's thrown around weights strapped right or they make a guy. Get up and eating candy bar in front of everyone while other people will listen because he wasn't making weight so they were humiliated the met one guy who. And there was a lot of devices but you read that story tonight. That's what coaching football slot that's what do you mean they they would think that was funny getting a guiding you can't be about making a guy eating candy bar. It's just not acceptable than it is just kind of the football coaching culture is weird to the extent that humiliation for example. Is built in then. Is that need to be if I don't I don't get a sense like I think Mike ravel coaches. Tough he's hard but do you ever see him humiliating people. Oh no I mean I use decomposition did you doctors are in a row likes already I don't workers talked to around you are well built. He encourages you eat. He'd consider like Spain having this guy isn't out here distribute surely truly mean their moment pretty you talk these guys but. You under he only ever see anyone out there are nearly eight. Like it it's just a ridiculous. It's ridiculous talking to each other Jordan from the daily to have him go to Daily Mail CN. Dot com and ending your putting your email address and we election are you go about getting the publication. Once it gets fired up OK before I let you go. I did last you about the Memphis basketball recruiting news over the weekend. It was some sort of interest and they have offered they did extend offers over the weekend is that not true. Yet yet they at age and an offer to a four star guard or you put yell at. He played only being on a you to eat as you Martin junior they've reached an 88 or are they quick Oakland soldiers. They got a good look at those guys to impeach him I think they are. They offer Kenya's Martin junior backed candidate I waited for possibly. Going to. Equal portal page and Mikey he'll look at me and everybody does go to what are you went really well. So. I think his senses and we're also watch are clearly they're they're they're gonna be there they're gonna be a factor for every kid they and that offer such early eighties she heard outlook as. They have target out there like. Jeffrey they have CJ walker all these forward and they're looking and now they find a car prospect Jake Jake Long wall. Also are committed to Mississippi state of where we yen on he had been a target for awhile and I think they try to back cult but this morning. Arm to call other posted on Kirk FaceBook page that they will be. You beat each admitting from it should be state because. It wasn't really his choice it was more her choice which joy a step back into the decision was very interesting problem. As the wild story take a long committed missy state over the weekend and now has reopened the compact they're so and he'd obviously been a Memphis target. You think Memphis is still involved there or has it gotten to wacky. Have ditch the I'm not rupture right now that the there's an intercede situation room janitors or they had the ability to. All I didn't where for awhile there I'd really like the summer I think our guys are pretty early on I don't know. How hard it don't lately considering the other option that they had. Our but it was related interest student because he arranged kind of what they're look at port we've brought people all you guys to choose. Making a he would bring position versatility and that somebody they also look or so that I. It's just a waiting out of the way speaker and that it is all recruitment could have settled. Okay and then last question some of tweeted this at you with Kenyon Martin's. I'm just pursuing Kenyon Martin Memphis pursuing what you tell us. The question was what they're gonna Alon they have all these other folks who they are. Pursuing a make clearly don't have. That many scholarships there Marty pursuing. Watford MTJ and wise men and CJ and on the line so why all of a sudden these other two. What's your explanation. So ability to explain it what to expect Jeter's two years ago thirty minutes. Kirk's recruiting class got her guys yet forced our show. Mom they wrote this category shockingly good news reports are or are there early and having other targets such and they are they get on. As a certain those unit and didn't get there it's George. When you have no other targets in the middle of the guys you want. Incarnate grossed sings great for ripping you off towards they don't even more when you find out that you're ready to reset everything NG. I don't think anyone that happened I think he wants to okay it on this on this guy I don't have Didi go laughter. I admit audit. BS and so this week I think it's just a building relationships. Eagle or relations across center virtual pin. He would also been about as stable guys okay. I need to give. TJ because an Acela DJ or vice Versa so you don't wanna be called hippies don't wanna check out what had. I honestly don't want to call put it down. And have to go okay he couldn't you corroborate their corrections or rattled. Because you don't have enough relationships or enough targets to punish this double. Thank you John appreciate it. That is John Jordan from the daily mentioned again Damon in downtown put your email the go information. Snatched you. Need. We think break we'll be back in a month just garbage and anything NF amusement. This fortune Mozart he. It's you. I could go. Sports they had. What's all the commotion about her just and you can see you must you know on these. 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Doesn't call the single penny to half the amount figure out what's going on Norman calling calling on his way could be valued. Paul already missed your five or 187655418765. On the left for gamers group. That count this in just a matter of saw sold out show. Fried venison that some believe gives you guys in his work well me just to get some on YouTube go go go look up stuff. He writes. I guess she's extensively Kong country singer he's a singer songwriter. Has a lot about recovery. And it is great stuff I do want to briefly we have Chris Harrington the next segment. After that. I'm gonna talk we need talk a little bit about a couple things happen over the weekend including. Yeah we do we got it or have you really have to do is just facts. We'll do that yeah. But packed lunch including specialists is really rough outing. And the debut of all mrs. Yet another little mascara well biomass that we will get all eyes immigration raid has its traditional as is traditional ideal that briefly on more on the Merrill's situation DJ Durkin. As dirt and has penned. Has been put on relief. I think the odds. If I work if I were. Bedding and Ohio State has a new head coach got a whether Merrill has a new head coach. I am more sure than Maryland avenue head coach and our state and we'll have a new head coach and it's because. Damon Evans is the AD. And when he put him on leave he said the following things. Is that we take the allegations seriously hurt is not consistent with the culture of NASA says. We must do better. You'll be hearing from me as our work continues to rebuild a culture of respect our football program. Does that sound like he's kind of concluded that. They don't do well now and they don't have respect than a football program yes to me it seems like he lets get says he's felt like I just didn't it made it's over yes we must do better it felt like there was paperwork to do now you will be hearing from me as I work continues to rebuild. The culture of respect in our football. Program now the bullying obviously. The kid was tragically. Die. Jordan McNair. Yeah he evidently heatstroke. And there's an investigation into what happened. How they responded why they rule how he was work to such an extent that he got heatstroke. Did they called the the ambulance quickly enough all the little investigation and all of them but then apart from. ESP ended a story basically saying there's a culture of bullying and they quoted. Several players and a former assistant. Former assistant anonymously. I will must champ who's the coach South Carolina. Gives a journalism lesson and said that. Anonymous sources are BS. And and it and had a spirited defense of DJ Durkin with whom he's worked in the past. I will I will say anonymous sources can be abused. There's no question that's true easy go to anonymous sources it's also true to many the most important stories in this country's history. Have and are only possible because of anonymous sources. Watergate among them. Literally would not happened but for an anonymous source so anonymous sources are not either by their very essence not credible. Do you think actually the point that Will Muschamp made were. Valid where you'll always find unhappy football players on the team I don't you believe that's true yes you'll always find. Players who could announce he takes shots at coaches yes and a former staffers as well you might be able to find them so one of the things I was reading is a piece. Today about how you judge anonymous sources right. And one is. Do you trust the report might have it proven to be trustworthy in the past. Two is. I these. How many of these twelve people or one person right right is there multiple anonymous sources or is there one and out source. Goes into. Another is this is it a prediction or is it something that happened. Anonymous sources say so and so will be. I'd be really wary of the prediction anonymous source correct. And the the what is that the level of specificity of the source is it. Some of the knowledge of the situation is a very day if it's a department of just whatever and athletic department official. That's more specific. Right. Look also at the denials. Of the dial specific and cough or the denials. Kind of vague and wishy washy. So you go in and you and unable say there aren't like that point that there will always be players who. Who will be. Discontent at I eight. I I believe. To meet interesting thing is this. Is the story that was written by ES TN. Mentions various incidents. That I think what percentage of our readers if they were told that. A players wore. The boat the strength and conditioning coach through facts. Right and it didn't say hit people yes you just said for three things light weights through lightweight yet I. And they forced to guide to get out. Who wasn't making weight and eating candy bar in front of the team. And they were basic all of that he'll. Right yeah that none of the war forced to guy to run around in a hundred degrees for two hours without water like right nothing was like back. Or through waves at a player or hit someone and broken femur by throwing away get a player and nothing like. I honestly think. That most people if you read these allegations. Would think. Well yeah. That's what coaching like in football. Muscles we saw video idol but I don't think it should be like that and football but it is weird to me let other answer that. I still love my son is running cross country back. Too why think they make they would think about if let's say one of the guys was not have was carrying a little extra weight on the would think about making any big candy bar in front of the team. And no model would they would they throw weights. No goal like cold but football is this. Physical vicious sport and so they are trying to almost. There's that there's that navy's there's a navy seal video going around right there of say about of a former ad. And and they very clearly. In this navy seal what do we have one of the stories he tells is about. Hey good and these mud flats. And they put him in the mud flats and your submerged. In mud and the mud is. 38 degree mud a guy and they stuck in the there overnight. A pattern freebies and they say. If five of you quit the rest you can get out of them all need this five year court and the rest you go to and get out of the mud. Right. And and so one guy is the graduation speech this animals can talk about that one guy start singing. And then everyone else starts singing. And they get furious at him for saying. But that is physical. Bullying and torture right yes well we will we acknowledge that in the military. You have to do that don't think it's almost like in the military and has since their rules it's and so why because you'll be subjected to exactly. I don't it's almost a training because. Our initial arm and by the unfair to the feeling is is that is that in for those who would defend it they would say in football. You have to do that because it is physically tough. And you have to be physically. I think 60%. Of the people out there if they read this story woods a med. Met that we weren't sure men who read this story particularly if they played high school football yeah I would say so a lot I don't I don't think it has to be like that. I think you and I am I don't know exactly everything goes on a Memphis football program. I think you can coach somewhat hard. Yeah all of them. And also not humiliate. Them. Cutting and eat the candy bar from a someone that's humiliating. X using humiliation. To prove your point I don't think you have to do that. Put it is.