Hour 1 with guest John Martin

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, March 14th

(00:00--23:13) Geoff Calkins opens the show by discussing the "Circus" atmosphere that surrounds the U of M's handling of the upcoming firing of Tubby Smith and attempt to hire Penny Hardaway.

(23:42--42:48) Geoff Calkins welcomes John Martin into the studio to discuss John's tweet from yesterday that captured the mood surrounding the U of M's administration's handling of the firing of Tubby Smith, whether the situation is an embarrassment, and more on Penny Mania.

(48:15--53:36) Geoff discusses a classic clip from Seinfeld that captures the situation with Memphis basketball currently.


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Golfers we need you to sign up now. Off the magnitude nine FM you get right to challenge. All 99. You can have done. National can't just take the mystery supply. Good morning everybody to today's cash attempt. Could not o'clock hour and just talk show is stage. Thanks stage as THE EE 71. Here next hour here automatically entered for a chance to win no 1000 dollars in that stage. As TJ GE. V 7081. Course that investors may have why next chance to win is right here in the Jeff Hawkins showed at 10 AM yet again. He caskets or the 9 o'clock hour on the Jeff Hawkins show is stage as he aids. GE. And ESP. He sports columnist. The award winning Geoff Calkins and then Geoff Calkins show. 829. ESP NS. You can zoom manual. Day 3. Of o'clock. That's where today and it'll blast that age. Your clocks. Now aren't finished. I tried yesterday marriage flourished going to be the past Gary. 2 o'clock. My dad and I believe. It is the last day. Clock. After they've had. Wanted every citizen rubber band. And AA is really haven't I have. You know the big man. So they're saying. Secret agent man and rural gala. He does not care if you're above seven feet short and Lynn thank thank the people who. As I wish I don't read your birthday laugh. Then an apparent ring of fire breaks out in some ball and stumbling around. Angry just to be at this particular circus I think the whole circus is crap. How relevant your ring of fire really Dell and and they're just outside of the top. Just outside of the Bangkok and the newest attraction just waited coming in. The. And Panamanian. Model land. Quite the show ladies and gentlemen and at least for the next hour here. So I think the word that was attached to our yesterday's. Going on more than any other. Was circuits if you had a dollar for every time the circus was. Set in connection with the university men's basketball program. You would have posted much raised the extra pass. You wouldn't have close to as much money studies have got to make him in a week. Just a money. I guess the money like a circus circus. What a circus and making a circus the daily circus circus circus circus of lower heard it was a circus and let me tell you what I ain't. Think about it. It's like an idea act like way and I haven't heard anyone with half without explaining. The lots of people who know the the meeting was postponed that report of the meeting was postponed the meeting will be taking place this morning to fire Tubby Smith etc. And then you hear all kinds of fear. About why. Am old and none of these literally none of these did none of the isn't it any there's no evidence. That your. One is it and sure. Power play by Toby didn't drop. One is. It didn't show up. For some strange reason why is Tom ball and showed up refused to fire out in stub out. One is like there's again no credence to anybody's. And then of course they're there pressure on a whole thing is why they hope that he meeting anyway like why me. Our meeting even if you needed a meeting. You could do a meeting on Skype. Another theory is by the way that they'd just all the media there because there was like. Every TV station. Out of course Marcia you not out our feature reporter from partial pillow come. Where they're bankers and we're not gonna do this in this circus atmosphere. So I'm anxious to know in the end I think we will know what the I think we will know have a sense of what happened ultimately I do believe this will come out. But what I would say about it is the spotless. On its face. We call it circus all we want everyone called circus Federer. It is of on its face. The mere fact that a meeting to fire a coach was pushed back for a day. Is that absolutely no consequence. Absolutely no counts. He was fired why does it matter if we every pointed out to clear and he's the candidate and about it again today. And Murfreesboro but it if if pennies the the going to be the successor. He can't take the job telmex week anyway. After he finishes primal they lose but an early and until he finishes his state championship run which would be Saturday. So. To clean out. The offices between Allen and a good fire and Friday. I literally does not matter when you fire him America been fired Sunday Monday Tuesday when that little matter doesn't look has absolutely no bearing on when he fired. Honestly it has more bearing. Perhaps some Tubby Smith who is allegedly going after other jobs. Might have some more during a party that turns the university and I don't care. You can't. No. And make any difference at all. And in terms of the circus aspect of this they said oh well. It it you should care because cocoa make Memphis look baton. Of all let let us look bad if petting her always goes like this is truly a a story that most people the mean here about. I am if you are a close basketball watcher and a close follower of national basketball media types on Twitter well then yes you heard about it that. They say it makes the larger university looked bad day in L whatever. If pennies the right guy that will go away so fast it will make no difference what so ever. None at all. Zero. If he's the right guy and if he wins and if he gets big time recruits and all that it who caters. Truly who cares. Much ado about nothing. The only way that it matters. Is if it happened. And I do think there's some danger this it at the points to dysfunction in larger athletic. If the reason that it happened. Was dysfunction in the larger athletic department. If the fact that the university put itself in this position. Means that something is wrong and I do think. Let's be since the departure of RC Johnson. There are many things that have gone right. Almost everything in connection with the football program has gone right. You can argue that the secret nest and they weirdness. Over the indoor practice facility has not gone quite. But the football program is clearly better off than it once was. There's no question about that. The general operations. Of the day to day operations of the athletic department. It's a more professional outfits more efficiently run. All of those things it anyone would say that's true one of the things for example the meeting the other day that talked about was. Dot. Tom Bowen was sort of glanced over at but he said we had to clean up the trade stuff that we are doing under RC Pelosi we just do lots of stuff for trophy he'd give away stuff if you you know. Motives law I had that's fair whatever cars. He was big on trade. And edit the and it is not always for the better overnight usually to the benefit of the university but university needs cash trade. So what ever this is a more professional outfit in that regard but there are times when you like what the hell is this athletic department doing. The contract that they gave Josh pastor was certainly one of those times. The John cal Perry. Let's bring him back to celebrate him and announced that on Twitter one day and then let's let's take back the invitation the next day. That's certainly was not elegantly done. And then mess. It's just like. Yeah I need to do it's it didn't mean that. You didn't need to have immediate. And scrutiny to the process. So what does that suggest. Amid suggests a level of of something other than most efficient decision. And then thirdly. I don't know if what happened was the product of any kind of excuse them between David tried to. And Tom Bowen. No idea. But I think most people will tell you that there it is a schism between David Wright and combo and that there was before this decision about tubby. And that I suggest I would maintain that this decision about tubby has only exacerbated. Tumble in light likes country. And likes what he brings to the program. Likes his professionalism likes his stability lights is all of that. And then if you talk to Tom Bowen out. Why people aren't in the stands he says things like the games or 8 o'clock or games or Tuesdays or whatever else. Now I think. I think on the subject of Tubby Smith. If we are saying just for purposes of argument the Tom Bowen thinks he should stay and David red thinks he should go. Adding David Wright has a much broader argument. But this isn't itself is not necessarily. Good for the University of Memphis and let's be out if that's if they really don't get along and like each other. Tumbled usually. We know he's tried to get jobs. Countless times before. At and and so we should just like capital late. If he doesn't like working for this administration. Is so much this is speculation at this point. But. A fundamental point is that the date the date delay. Is nothing to be worried about in and of itself like nothing to be worried about way overblown. Who cares. If the meeting is Wednesday instead of Tuesday. The only reason it matters at all is if it's suggests and that way it might well. Something is amiss in the operations of the athletic department. In the end the same decision will be reached. Tubby will be out. Penny will almost certainly be and and this success or failure of Penny Hardaway is what will shape this decision and how it is ultimately. Percy. It is sort of weird I was thinking about it today. There is something about that the bad the bad upon that I. Appropriated and tweeted. Is why this Memphis always have to do things the hard way. Yes it's terrible pond and I apologize for. But you're so Smart. So yeah F and Smart it is it is true. That there is a small history. Or at least the considerable history. Of Memphis not being great at firings. Maybe it's because nobody's graded firings we know that. Tennessee and Phillip Fulmer work group wasn't rated firings do you have any other awkward firings and helped LSU tried to fire at Mello smiles. And couldn't play that was a hell of an awkward fire and like firings can't be awkward. And so maybe Memphis isn't unique. And yet when I think about where this one ranks. There are three off the top of my head. Memphis firing salute hot dog stand and anyone yet okay sit well I don't know. I don't know I actually think hot dog stand me. Is overrated okay circuits. As as the other person that is always set. They they deny me. Let's in the fact that it's picking on us lifeboat and on and become that narrative means they screwed up right that the people allowed to be framed as I dodged. The how to expand story is is that quote unquote Larry finch was fired about dogs. If it was not fired Anaheim Ducks he was told face to face he would not be coming back. And in retrospect. It is just weird like Larry finch was out the year before had gone to the NCAA tournament and a year before that I believe it on the sweet sixteen. So. But he'd lost players who and get players and wasn't it Tony Harris court records so he was fired. What happened at the hot dog stand was that before he went in and did a little. I still love the university kind of press conference. They needed him to actually signing. The termination papers which the two sides had been going back and forth on and negotiate. They just hadn't signed the media. And so they wanted did so before the press the little press event they said hey Larry would you sign this and he went over to a concession stand put the paper down inside there still not elegantly done flashy things. The real problem with the hot dog stand thing is that it allowed people say he was fired Anaheim Ducks fan you're not fired and I Tatarstan. But I will put that in my top three probably put that too because of the way it's been framed. On number three. An and that may be others to rubble have been here 22 years like a never ending August that they had out of the Larry Larry Porter firing on armor ring awkward about that the RC's Johnson firing I'm an awkward about that. Rick sheer firing I don't know and I remember anything. Awkward about that but the other ones that I think would rank would be. Did Tony west five and with our feet. Fall rain now some of that there's nothing at all weird about that because everything you said mr. everything he said was true. You don't give the floor to a fired coach to say okay and the Reyes scored a third better coach. It's up to it well there and so he can blast the university. Would be like a bit like having a press conference for Rickie a bit Ricky left. Holding forth to that right to Verizon weird about it. Unfairness it's like Tommie also at stuff like Tommy was out. Under vocal on it looks like he was silent about his feelings at that point oh that's right yeah we knew he was better and so you say and that. All I care is laid out black stuff publicly right. That was really nice and poorly done at a critical that number three wherever I call. Larry finch number two. And then the biggest mess in the firing. Simply because of the circumstances. Was that you know what Douglas. Firing with tic price where in the middle of the night we learned that he'd been having an affair with Charlotte Douglas. And it was this mysterious. Whatever. And then actually AC Wharton subs we get a press conference represented. Nick Price that was just a scandalous scandals firing out of that the university did anything wrong in the way they handled it. It's still bitter about your embassy Silva earlier Bradley was WR AG following her in the parking lot mode. I I still had them like that seen in my head after Google her agency would have happened but chipped it. She seemed to have a a bakery of some talk in Atlanta called. Cupid bakery or something like that cupid being personally I'm the father works you know are. Hager recoup Cubans pantry to know what Douglas I if I assume this is the same one not. In Atlanta. Cupid. Pantry shelf on Twitter. Chef. Chenault douglas' handed pantry. I'm oh good right now look at cupid pantry C cupid it's CU PI DF's. Cupid pantry. See if it still tweeting actively tweeting it's an alana. Our chef Cuba's energy shift you know what Douglas show well at all she did is you don't. As a student she had an affair like it's she was the Monica Lewinsky of this of this deal. Check shaft you know Douglas has been in the professional culinary industry. For over ten years so the last is formally trained at the culinary institute American Hyde park New York she started looking long before she had a license to drive. As a teen she spent her Summers cooking dinner for her family while mother. Actually EY. Then again it's okay sir Cuba's pantries last. Official tweet comes from the tenth of October in 2016. Maybe didn't make it after graduated from the University of Memphis this is her with a degree in finance she landed positions in corporate finance with top employers. In Atlanta. It wasn't until she spent seven years as successful opening upwardly mobile corporate financed through this year fed traders beds or spreadsheets. For a special. I just couldn't bear now in fairness she says spell that BA RE spending even more of my days in the cubicle reviewing numbers. That's kind of like me and all have very similar story. Sales so. HR I put that number one now there may be some I'm missing weird ones from Memphis Tigers days papacy so hagee look although. Well obligations about a of the fact that gene Bartow. Left for Illinois yes I think was literally because they refuse to pay him to match his pace of Murphy refused right to give him the race that he wanted to or he would have stayed like that's botched so just the water here along with the sewage has been pumping the water you may each of the water we don't do firings. Wet I still think the gold's. Gainer though is the Atlanta Braves firing Freddy Gonzales which happened while I'll I'll so he's getting ready to get the teen charter after they just lost a bunch of games in a row. And he gets a message on his cellphone from delta are it is either I can email alert or is the cellphone alert from delta saying that his client content that is why it's like even those little right adult I guess it wasn't for the Braves from delta it's pretty good. I've got and then obviously it again what what were the circumstances because so they got. Beat at Arizona State. And then he flew back and then we're tired of the tarmac yes they fired him on the tarmac at LA axed a fifth that he had a as somebody's floated out of LA acts like that's kind of the worst nightmares demonstrated LAX so anyway. This will happen today and it'll all be behind us and we don't have to worry about it and it's really in truth. I understand there's a hundred it's not that big a deal. Almost doesn't have been a bit or 2 o'clock in my John Mark will join us coming up next this this news could very well break during. The radio show. About animal which I'm not just opportunity cnnfn is there. Internet providers from a small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast speeds feeds across our network. AT&T. We offer more complete reliability was cut to eight hours of four G wireless network path to keep your business connect. Eighteen feet. We offered 35 points features that businesses care about him. Low prices at programs. It's. It's an. Marlins won that rocket ship when it. All that. Ride was a tweet yesterday John and I commend you at the time that this news broke that the news wasn't breaking. You who you use your your master of we're told you what she did. Tubby about the baby well it should keep baby in no way if it's during these moments that I really believe about memo death threat. And the people of different guests like heart surgeons like right away and they saved they can slice someone opened and make him. Grab that left ventricle and and and and make him and one image and so it up a little credit for that and that is if that that is great for them okay. And then. Other people. Are building. Safer automobiles so there's that many less fatalities. And a lot of other people are working on the next generation of chips and change our lives through. Through computing the power of more more powerful computer yes. Lots of people do different things and a different skills. But you or your best when you win yeah. These type of moments another big men this war stories right now that are funny inherently. And sell you know what I figured well. If if if Tubby Smith not going to be able to make the meeting today. I'm gonna and I'm gonna have some fun was it. And god we did I I I twelve because I because a lot of work as well hasn't explained notably if it doesn't work as well has to be explained here S. The you're guys that it. Creative genius takes latest process got stiff at an end to I'm trying to do that I was I was I was thinking you know what that the mental image I had of this was tubby just hiding for. I just he's dumping you kidding firemen I might yet if you can't find me ahead as a player is like the white bronco as tough as this potentially to he's avoiding these guys like they're for a five star recruits exactly it's a good bet if a little bit like. In my mind and half white bronco had hide and seek you know and that is a tight thin in the gift. Search bar hiding. And and one of the first one this is this is blatant and I'll look at genius it as a mark it down and one of the first what became of that adorable baby. It's just kind of watch Lennon. What she sees the road cores and they'd turn and had imagined tigers routed development really well well. That there was from and we come and now all turns the corner as you weren't a diaper. I'm sure he's wearing a nod is the only word of the little I don't think getting anyone else. Doubt is local well. Wheels of what do you think that they be saw around the corner in real life. The people noted we take that picture noted that moment would be yes two very good question you know and and I don't know. Doesn't turn into a gaffe. What took you would give because it's just such a beautiful area and let someone posted this somehow added stabilizer it was on YouTube or FaceBook is on a mega points on video there's only that yeah. And I and it just became you know what it became and I well. I'm thankful for the Internet and I'm thankful for Stephen do you have any kind of video and even talking. If you have any kind of video clip you can turn it there's a chip creating web sites and you take what they videos of people dead or other people can can probably other he's probably other people grabbed the video Jennifer gets gets its gift it's Africa I'm Jeff. I thought so. I am now. While I did bring the business ten. Mountain. And while I have been here 22 year option. Well I did write a best selling book. On the best way years and sports in Memphis yes and while I have been an award winning. Columnist for the commercial yes and while I am a perennial winner of the best of mets' best columnist in Memphis. It in the in the Memphis fire death and whereas I do have an award winning while the popular radio program yes. I am not an actual graduate of the University of Memphis correct that's right as you. And 01 for a little flaw as a graduate of the University of Memphis. Do you find this to be personally embarrassing. I mean so you have to tell you had the can't take myself out of it you know because it's like. How am a radio host and so I think this is amazing. I find this to. The best thing ever. That they could not get on the same page about his dead meeting whether it was bone and run well there was tubby not showing up whatever the case may have been a guy find that so great because it's going to get me through it another three hour radio. But as as a as a University of Memphis alone. It looks dysfunctional. You know it appears dysfunctional. And is it embarrassing I don't know if it's embarrassing. What's more embarrassing. Frankly is the fact that the pizzazz and made the post season four years with more embarrassing is that it's an instead of 48 year low more embarrassing is that. Memphis is losing its national cash day by the day that's what's more embarrassing then this meeting next. You and I both know why the meeting ended about happening league we have standards up you know I don't look at their their people not the whole thing. It down their people who are at odds involved in this decision and yeah it didn't happen because of the boat rides ism. Do you think the boat Redskins them is a fundamental but how does that play out how does that mean the meeting but were able we can have a score you have if you ask them what Brad you work for Brad. Right in the end. Brad tells you what to do Devin breadth of a fire you are about firing golf and what do that I refused to fire you. You know the Hulk you really do believe is the you believe in the the it could let logic theories. Around there you'll leave the Rhett wanted ball on the fire tubby and bones shuttle fired tubby one that's ultimately why broke down on a percent. I did see it look at the timing of look at look at time that's true with all due respect. Shouldn't but shouldn't shouldn't vote to fund I think that that should be taken root of the matter is that. Would think if if your bowl. Is that the growth of the spotlight squarely on rush does it does what I imagine as a president he probably does not want at least in in this around who are right in this ball and run. If if this is if this is if this if this if we have what we're saying is the way it really has that both the white people rubber nun who's right okay well so. I think both of these guys have. Different interests in and I mean like I think reds interest are protecting the university of like making sure that everything is running smoothly and that he's not bleeding money. Whereas Boeing and is the bottom normally among a dozen but he also is is concerned about reputation. You know of himself of his programs because he may one day have to hire somebody to work here. He may when they apply for other jobs we are no he has he's gonna have to deal apparently exactly or whoever it could be. You know what I would say it's it's all of this thing got opinions inched in this job because it would be very difficult for rivers to find a credible candidate to succeed Tubby Smith given their parents have no that's the good thing. Coming do a pain and cavs trying to circus yet if it doesn't care torn sort exactly won't put penny off the job. Well lots of respectable candidates who would have put him off the John Underwood to put off Steve Forbes right belated thank it but it can't bring you you were trying to get Tom crane LA and all of a bill this I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna be analysts are so okay it's. Does it just looks dysfunctional which it sort of it as well as an ally and they should dumb. Additionally then I agree they got I think clearly a ball and can't get all of David rather write it right Elliot and pebble no doubt equally dismayed they do now let's. Only if they do that. Gumbo yeah they got as well a lot of what he's done best anybody around the country that has any familiarity with the situation I mean there won't be good about it every point four hours. These these guys do not work well together Campbell is the national calmest was most concerned with the same guys ordered out and I appreciate that yeah you know. Yeah he's so I don't like that the relationship I don't read his deal I don't think this is a Holler for example he just we did this and this is my. My larger part what he when he actually tweet was. Balcony of any faith and an administration where the president and AD are on the same page. I just about anything and can't exude an orderly firing will be able to put a solid infrastructure around someone who has never coached in college that does sound like our athletics are -- I was stands that was danced weed out eight and this is my life and a I don't care firemen Tuesday once makes their districts. The idea that this is some. Whatever because he was fired on matters oh yeah they've got a stupid right. But it is true if it points to a larger dysfunction in the athletic department correct and if it is really messed up a spillover. From some feud between Boeing and run. If that's what was behind him that is not a healthy sign for the athletic part does not I think Dan is correct. To meet. Again I have my how come ready to. Ready to post the moment of the we've already written it's like the New York Times obituary in the minority got a guy obviously done and one of the points that I make in terms of penny. Which I really believe is true. Is the most important thing for penny is to have confidence. It to have Smart. People around him. And 8 AM and penny have that self awareness and humility to listen to those Smart people you're right yeah. And so if it's an ash over there in every way Newton. Then it makes it harder for penny to succeed. It does in on I think derided the anatomy and and and that comes with you know compliance that comes with his assistant coaches rookies have somebody on staff we can really deferred to help them guide him through it. He needs stability. You know what he needs he needs some stability in some it is that he doesn't need to be stepping into a situation that's you know already. You know wobbly. And you know if it would that what you believe has learned that. Depth and then you believe this will blow. Yeah I will have all of three hours to read the that'll blow over a hundred no Tony called it a record for eleven before a. Who's got the call this time of Karbala Harris yes that's another dollar in undisclosed location is I don't. Go the where is Tubby Smith they can't fire me they can't find me. What is the find out what's that where's Waldo where's Waldo where's totally aware birdie I made that we're in here remember where you were obviously when OJ was in the white bronco Riley was late today as I was in the marlins' press box or the beer at Florida Marlins this is almost like that. It's a sign told the senate. Right who said it who wasn't who said that as walker and custodians of these your standards he just instruct your father ran around blame him by the way like that other things like I wanna help women and why don't need a good I want. The a bigger problem for you. Just right to release are right the release for you this does remind me of cal Perry where they were like one day announced they're out of cal Perry makes these wheels profound impact. Took that the invitation like. 10 you mean the dinner kit honoring the dinner yes stuff together that's a little different. Nobody in terms of the level of just what the hell I craziness as well and again you know what was behind that to. I don't know what was if you do know there are money guys are way that to happen and I don't know. What I have been told was mine that I don't believe. What what I was told was behind that was. There were some money people who wanted cal Perry on him and the administration knew it wasn't gonna go right. But they had to do it anyway and accept the backlash in order to prove to the money people but it wasn't gonna go. That's how it was sold to I don't buy Google dud of the of the latter part of that I don't buy. I don't I think they just didn't I think they just didn't understand how. Baddeley was gonna go I think you think you can the president does decide he's gone they're gone our cal Perry you know hiding money people want whatever else. But I don't think they'd I don't think that there was a just decision to me is that. The people who who claimed it. Knew there was going to be below back I thought the blow back. This way I'll showed them my people that we can our tigers some trial balloon a sort of side do you guys Rihanna did this you just why you don't you don't need to try that out you need a publicly embarrass yourself yeah actor no doubt you've got to play our best athletic. And I share this guy bears this by the I think she yeah exactly yeah so I don't really believe the whole look how Smart we were to figure that one out ferried back. But there you go let us young woman today do you. Let's let's is gonna happen let's presume it's gonna happen MM yeah you'll have been in the next two out yet again he did. Yes I do at about noon I think I would get excited I'm just guessing now like look at you know that a guy like the Jason del he's got to get. You know Heidi Collins Jason tell he's got to get do so by noon. I think it's it will happen. An and I think they'll they'll hire. Penny out is the widow like for example. We did a piece out this year and so why's there. You really edited NTS you'll always noted covered it yeah I don't you think that Pete camels go step by dig up everything he can on pending. I think the only thing that that means cutting back hired is a something emerges about Penn right otherwise. And that would be a real usher can you imagine this fire and tubby gone through this thing and then then something comes up that you can't hire a penny. If the F. That would be. The most I just I you know I I love pace so much and good on that I'm just not willing we'll show you what would you be in favor of Larry Brown being hard. I mean I would you know. Now com. That would be dependent upon I think what I'm worried about the pace that does is he gonna have guys on that staff. Who work hard whose life it is. To recruit to promote a little about when I'm hello but he would not recruit now I was a short sale like like you know. You can't just hire your NBA friendly Guinea ideal staff of people who are. Are you let me give you names you'll meet pissing people off as well as always avidly doctor Val lit Ali somebody but I'll give you a type I got some pause on some. Categories of speeds we would consider for life so how about. Larry Brown slash Paul Hewitt I don't think you need both you know one of those too light or red coat on or the up at success so Paul Hewitt or Larry Brown. You know a young. Preferably black. May and the end who's doing an assistant coaching job somewhere. Well that's Tony Matlock well that's Jordan Mendes seeing Tony got so young as a lazy I guess you're right he's at it but I think young would be probable Bob I'm not like beholden to. Right but it Jordan in C a Tony Matlock you know somebody like that right to understand Memphis that's been in Memphis. Preferably played him at best whatever. In other Mike Miller type what makes sense you know Mike Miller's BC got to me using the buses that's the court. Well he's already basically at every Memphis event already. In us I don't know if he just had to decide if you would wanna do it full time and you know. Be away from family but I think. Might we grinder who the guy if you got if you got Mike Miller I don't think he's not right if he got Mike Miller and Larry Brown as two year three assistants. I think is why was Mike Miller grinder is going to be out there. Grinding you Urquhart I don't know I felt like they had an answer your question and ideologues have found that out but I do think you know if Mike is committed to it he kind of is your bridge Reich is pity it's not going to be you know penny is is pinning so I do think his staff act as more of a buffer between the community and the program I think Mike would sort of be that may oral type. Tell Mike to do a lot of the rotary clubs and stuff is absolutely. No question about it that would be that would be good right he could. You're right to but that is one of the things depending on degree. McKinney will be good media when it's all right you'll get better with the media than tubby for example right but it gives a better quote again I don't wanna be talking every Rotary Club but I god people like you need to kind of a Mike on that staff or you know Ryan Miller would be good too you know Ryan Miller's it TCU he was at Memphis is that -- here with an animal out. Or griner definitely grinder without a doubt I mean those type of guy you need water to griner on that staff for. So OK and then the last question is I'm. Of all the big time major jobs that will be offered tubby now. I'm 'cause of he's one under his been his death in coach and as we know he killed there Memphis exact and stone like an unbelievable job is almost within the target guiding in ninth place team to fifth place in an incredible turn Iran and everybody got better America. Really one of the great coaching jobs. Of our. Of our decade of the packet of our of our time. So given that which of the major high major coaching jobs that are available I was surprised to see that almost denial that it might Georgia. Didn't wait on evidently. That shocked me I'm not as he wanted to and did you. You know you see Kelly fired their coach in football in order to clear the way out for Chip Kelly so I don't know do you see. Carolina doing Matt opera. Hack saws I think there'd be pies they're no get rid Arroyo play to make way for tubby obvious writes I would say though what. Who knows who hopeless right now why do wondered if you don't if if by duke is that enough coach K. In Alameda when he are all totally underwhelmed this year and doesn't make the final four with Marvin Bakley you know I just all the kids resonate and you look at the and you look at at the top of the ninth to the fifth right. Now it looks like almost like worst to first it's like I mean first of middle of your duke it's like okay we we we were weaknesses they prefer to think in every year we always do that anything profane don't we won over Cheever again geese what Ayers and what doesn't sway and oh yeah about it. And he's he's. Probably like use the deal is money to do stuff whenever I mean we need we need a guy that's gonna do it a different way. Yeah you know so I'll. I cleaner I would say honestly I like you like everything is positive future I mean this is you know depends if if if if Mikey says he doesn't advance part of internment. I think they can make it just uses their own weight and they pulled the trigger MLB the opportunity I I don't know strength of the work that he did hear it meant they could hire Saul. Just go for the next two dash tubby 2.0 did exactly. Thank you John. We will talk to you another time but it'll be on your show tomorrow. 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O'Brien federal credit union redefining banking real for several checking auctions designed to fix your lifestyle. Visit O'Brien isn't dot com to find out more. 29 FMC CD yeah on the dilemma that's. And 209 espn.com. So it's. Homeless in the second hour at some point Jason Cole's gonna talk of trying to start but everything. That and in the NFL yesterday continues to happen today honestly so we will talk Jason Cole next on this on the studies that show two things that we have not touched on. One is that marching now don't and his story uncovered. That. This is essentially a David Rhode production which I think we knew. And the David Wright had been thinking about or talking about. Firing tubby. Not sits a lot of people say South Florida right well pinpoint the South Florida laws may offer 24. But did indeed it was after the east Carolina low cost the loss to east Carolina. I'm out of the game if you were Paul where tubby said that his players need psychological help. That since then David Wright has been working on this and he's been working on this in concert with the people on the executive committee. That does not suggest that Tom Bowen has been a big. Part of this process I and I did I don't believe he has said at the NCAA about about the NCAA InBev and NCAA returned for a long time. At the American athletic conference tournament. Tom Bowen was. Conspicuous by his absence he was there. But he was hiding in the awards hiding out once it's it feels like one way or another. He was hiding in the sweets I'm not wanting to talk. About this so it was. It was evidently according to Jim not story. Doctor ride dealing with Alan ground. And bread Marten. I think Cato Johnson. Is part of that group as well. But it was that's sort of where this when it began it began with the east Carolina deal and how it is then. Unfold. And so that's the story it was included as part of mark Jim out those tales that again we wait for that news see what happens. If this meeting takes place today. I think most of us honestly at this point are ready to move on with this stage of the proceedings. And get to the next stage of the proceedings. I'm as you pointed out. It was reminiscent to many. He signed filled episode where George to stanza in order to not be fired. Died he's avoiding a debt and I he's avoiding getting broken up way. Envoy getting broke right up where he does not answer the phone does that ring he does not answer alone in order to not get broken up with. This is either with us Woodward and about to play is either George Costanza. Or Tubby Smith I can go where cheered us. I. George pick up when you screening for Allison. Thank you so coffee shop non cash you know as I know that's unsecured who who. Another called eminent and other machine get it by. George are you there. She picks to good message I know you're avoiding me at the outpost please call me a got to talk to you. I'm Alison. Addition out of home. College who tried to get the office yeah anyway but different isn't really look at photo the ball. Do the roof of it's done it just call your back call your back at the house recede as she's a word it's just to buy at all. They and the man is genius and it is that kind of genius that is been captured by your athletic department. Ladies know I Tubby Smith we don't know if it's probably by Tubby Smith. The same the same genius which used to guide this basketball program for two. Years I wouldn't take a break moment to educate a small break on this. Topic unless of course who's breaks out. And we'll talk NFL after that we'll get back to you and your calls jump up and show I'm just another weird day that he can Femi has been a. This is Memphis is sports station covering the Penny Hardaway still. This Memphis. Internet providers from the small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast it's across our network. AT&T does. 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