Hour 1 with guest John Martin (5/1618)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, May 16th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins discusses the scene at the NBA Draft Lottery Watch Party at Railgarten and the mood of those in attendance and then discusses the likely players that the Grizzlies would select at No. 4.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes John Martin to the show to discuss the Draft Lottery, draft prospects, and more questions surrounding the Grizzlies.


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The official. National contest to. No secret supply. Pennies from head. OK okay now. Pennies from heaven thousand dollar winner of any chaos. Our seven till seven on weekdays on 929 event ESPN. Yeah. Good morning everybody. The spinning around in Kashmir for the just talk show right here the 9 o'clock hour is pack. Tag GAG. Tag THE seventy anyone here in the next hour automatically entered for a chance to win. Or found the important part make street text the word tag G-8 GQ seven Q8 8172881. You have one hour to get that code in for your chance to win the 1000 dollars or Stennis is great they apply. You're next chance to win is right here in the Jeff Hawkins show. At 10 o'clock when we start the second hour one more time packet text tag TA GT 72881. No need to nine FM ESPN presents Memphis is biggest sports columnist. It's the award winning Jeff cook can. In this and know Geoff Calkins show. 929 FM. ESP and. You can zoom manual. Call. The legs appreciate I appreciate that. I was Wednesday. Dad and because the last night turned to not turn out the way gave that anyway. One in Memphis. Our unit considers the mavs because the basketball team wanted we have. He compared to listen. Here's our sound that means that the Atlanta Hawks. Have moved into the top three votes. And the fourth pick in the 2008 seed NBA draft goes to. The Memphis Grizzlies. He's gonna suck. And. You can't. I might seem for thinking this song should be Saturn like it just a bad day I want to beat them the right thing at the half the songs. The melodies which are happy you can't you can't write this song in a major ability progression that benefits the packages is several line news. What good is going to say next I did it's wrong. What a big difference that's a good thing is that none of them this is a sad thing you're gonna like you glad picket. That's the sad thing you're gonna play when I was triple put the one you're gonna play right yes. That's definitely a benefit that one we'll go to the whole bit while we blew up and over again Arnold thing I. I didn't IR RR let's go to. That means that the Atlanta Hawks. Have moved into the top three votes. And the fourth pick in the 2008 seed NBA draft goes to. The Memphis Grizzlies. It's. Sad song yeah. Everybody does. It's. Everybody does. And I like. It is a very it's certain suns yeah it's actually don't think the suns don't go. There's only about. I room. I Liz Gelman we're gonna have a John Martin's gonna roll in here. I'm happy. That's because Wallis I talked to him last night okay about that in a minute. Talk to because surgeons recommend here then I wanna tell and we'll do that at proved that I won let's just say. And we will devote most the date of this particular. Future in the Memphis Grizzlies the lottery and all that I did talked to on Chris Wallace and he was. He was happy. He was really sounded very cheered I will say that he's got a very cheers. He said so I accomplished my main goal which was to not drop down in the fifth. As a gold go. Well there's only 5% chance that you gonna drop down an offense I think that's what I was a pretty modest one. But good to set. Goals of what he said. You believe this or not what he says we believe has won on the top or pick. We are still in the group of the first wave of elite field gave a wave of elite players that might in my spirit spins out of ever heard. And so. That was Chris Wallace and so he is happy. Or so abruptly that type of at least when I talked him and good players are available on bobbled. So a few things that I wanna say about this. Bush told the striking being at real goat how no one expected anything. It really is we have pin it's weird given that it's a franchise that has been to the play announcer for seven straight years. It is weird that everyone expects who works. Everyone didn't you read expect the worst when he signs you Mobutu didn't get the worst. You may have expected the worst from trademarks all the shouldn't get the worst. Maybe expect the words and trade Mike I'm limited and get the words he may have expected the worst. One they let Ronnie Brewer go inside Tony Allen study it and get the worst emitted there's a lot times you can look at this team has had a lot of I think. I think it's lottery and draft specific yes I'd odd 100% think it that's where it all stems from its lottery and draft specific we know what happens in the lottery as the eight and they've been of the lottery. And the fifth time that they have slit. Once they stayed meaningless Lee when they weren't the whenever 12100 drafted Ras idea Henry. And and and once a two times bait they rose wants to no avail to that and get to pick as the one the it went to the bird. As part of a go to sort of deal. And then to Denver and then actually what it we went to Detroit Detroit Detroit and then detonated up now declared America would pay attention. And and. And then once went enable them they can simply so I understand. SE walker element where real garden and walked around and I'm asking people to expect and they say. A hundred what was. The worst thing possible. That's what they expected but people came anyway and one had a lucky corgi dog. And one had a one woman Morey lucky shirt and I know was a letter lucky shirt is set on the back this is my lucky shirt. I'm so I was able to tell that was a lucky shirt. And big prison and brought a flat brought a wrist band the James Posey had given to him the first year they made the playoffs that was. Ostensibly luck that is awesome and Ben. And so people were gathered in that they were braced I would say that's what we got the French as well braced don't people don't expect. Good things. And and then the thing unveils started and and there was Jerry West which is shocking to me that he would agree to go Leckey hateful lottery so much and he looks so so. Or any at too low clippers' pitch and stayed right where it was we got to eat Jerry West grimace and people booed him. That pfc Elliott Perry people cheered him. Oh we got to see a little penny. Which worked exactly as I said I yet we told you yesterday little penny would not work an early age noticeable but it was one of Memphis tour that was. Unbelievable look they bring a little penny with a Memphis pros Jersey on so so like everything we said about little penny. Acting as any of spy behind enemy lines to sabotage Orlando. 100% quarterly finished sixth that move was so insulting that I almost respected it is so anyway Sosa that that was fine. And then get this year that segment has jumped up many here in Atlanta jumped up and their Memphis is at full. So. What are we to make. The first thing I do not want to hear from mania but I have heard from thousands of is seeing. Their shows tanking. Doesn't. War isn't worth. Let dumping so especially considering who got the number one pick yes two things about this. First of all we needed over the CN. They didn't go into the season trying to win they went into the season trying to make the play once the season was complete unmitigated disaster. They went into why win meaningless games mode okay. By doing that. And they screwed it up a little bit because they've played to make a little bit too much to go a little bit too much. And because of that they finished behind the Sunday and guess who got the number one pick the team the tank but both the fact late. For the fourth straight year. That go to that's. I don't sub for the fourth straight year the double a so so so. So I don't tell me it doesn't work if you're telling me it doesn't work go to Phoenix until they haven't done more or the other duel well enough I guess. But then secondly it it didn't work. It would work to do what it was supposed to do which was eight hits your chances of getting a pack 12 or three parent. And then speed limit how far you could fall. Let's be honest for the longest time we could not imagine this is where a tussle. With Orlando. And Dallas among others for who was gonna finish lower right we didn't think they could possibly catch Orlando I'll be honest with you we didn't think they could possibly get Orlando. And Dallas is playing like utter crap out as the owner was openly talking about thinking yes and it closed because they got pinned them. Because these could only fall so far they felt the fourth. Dallas off the fifth. Orlando falls to six would you rather be fifth rather be 60. Gravity forward. Hate taking worked for the suns their number one you work to a limited extent for the grizzlies to the limit how far they could fall there's still pick apart. But I pick and fifth and acted in six. They're not taken seven or not they can they enacted in ninth all other bad teams but because they've managed to lose some games the picket at all yet. And that's better than fifth 67 date night. So does the BB. Judgement picking. Had a 50% chance. A little better than 50% chance of being in the top three. But the single most with that said this all along some people who believe the single most common landing spot most likely landing spot. 130%. Was four. Which is what ended up so. Area. Am I gonna be all sunshine and roses and tell you it's better than being one and two. It was interest thing just in terms of the focus of the draft. Of the conversation after words that's immediately what they talk about the just talk about one until to a 1122. And one wanted to. And that became the sort of focus and you would like to be. In a perfect world you live like the Ben in that number one or number two and instead it's gonna go to to other Western Conference teams. Phoenix Sacramento. And so Lodi young players look at badge which both have some good young players both are at a collection of them they yes that's it for a long time on the island gentlemen. This is the other thing like. One player never was gonna do that this this is the first of a bunch of good young players you're gonna need to get good. Or ordered to be build into the future. On and so you've got. Phoenix and Sacramento and it was talking about them because it's perceived to be a two person draft Aden and dodge which doctor today. So I would rather be one and I would rather be too. And I honestly and that's where the glamorous right there. And that's work to the extent that any of these things were gonna cost excitement or sell tickets I feel bad for the organization cause for his perceived as is his appointment. So it isn't that gonna have the same kind of buzz that one or two would. Com border two is like. But like right now as I say that their people out there screaming that they would be furious if you took passage over Bagley. That's why three would also be attractive because you know did you get a shot of Bagley. And yet you know you get a shot at badly so other people say it's a three person draft. It was interesting to me this year. Chris Wallace say. That he believes. He was thrilled they stated for 'cause after that it's a different group of players. 'cause that's either just total spin which I think is most likely. Or in fact. They think there's a separation after four. And if they think there's a separation after four. I am here to tell you the Janet Jackson is the player that OPEC. Because. We're gonna acknowledge. That's huge aid they're clearly in the first group I. I'm gonna say I know save Bagley. I still think without knowing more about Michael borders back out and we're gonna learn a lot about back surgery oh yeah coming months. I started the study can clearly cited two. Its interest in Tiger Woods has had the surgery. Dwight Howard has had this surgery. I think Mario LeMieux has had the surgery. There are there are Mike Dunleavy has had the surgery. A time. Why it was a lesser player after the surgery if there's there's there's. There's a tigers now on bionic man had it on target now banning Manso. Mom. And Michael Porter a tiger we are going to become experts on this surgery. But I'm here to tell you right now that if I was to call this pick. I would say Jerry Jackson juniors but it's gonna suck. Both say that I'm not bringing them not let you bring people down. I'm not let you bring what I told you ought to take. Honestly at this point I talked myself either either reporter or honestly trade. And that's where I was last night I'm not saying it was a good place that's where I once. You were just going for sizzle. At that point I'm going for he's extremely underrated passer and he has unbelievable range and he's a pure shooter. Can I tell you about our newest like this does to inject the cement. Proceed do you doubt that it by the way doubt though might likely pick is Joseph Jackson no light whenever senator. And I know they like ginger yeah I mean a lot of people like your jacket effect. I know there are people it's funny I looked at I looked at mock drafts back to jump over it all about let's just go through a few of those eligible third so Gary. Has. The suns take an eight kings take him down church the hawks they could badly and because he's taking Porter junior. And land of ten whatever that is has eaten one. To the suns gunships to Bagley three Jerry Jackson delivers. ESPN. Has eaten lunch at Bagley Jackson to the good. SEC country as Don judge Eaton Bagley Jackson to the obviously it's. Sports Illustrated out of this one Democrat Sports Illustrated has eight and one. Dot huge to Jackson three and begged me to the grizzlies yeah. And on and NBA draft that Matt has eight and one Dutch it's too Bagley three. Jackson to the goods. Bleacher Report has eight and one gunships to Bagley three. Quarters vigorous. So this will all change as workouts unfolds and as. Workouts medical's everything else unfolds. But right now it's if it it's very clear. The consensus that most people think. Is Eitan. To the sun's passage to the king's I agree to the hawks and that leaves leaves the grizzlies whiff. Jackson. Porter junior if you wanted to Obama in the U man. If you wanted to window Carter in their unit. I have a hard time seeing him Obama. Given that he has many of the same strengths and weaknesses or perceived strengths and weaknesses of machine could be so I have a hard time seeing Obama. When dealt Carter. The second best duke player. OK when I actually watched him play if you're looking for readiness. When I watched him play against for example Kansas sure it was great. Yeah I actually thought all year I was really surprised he didn't get as much wealthier and could get a good twelve year pro out because every show us some players like us. Pretty politics habitation of their their boat the the when I was thug amid the John yesterday. He said it was light schedule one Howard to Chris Webber like don't Jimmy Joseph want Howard to Chris Webber I write this letter being badly. But other people said he's Al Horford. On the Florida team. On and on that he's the he's underrated second big on that Florida team and they compared to Al Horford went out our. But I think it's one of those do so and I think the likely scenario. Is. The back thing scary. And I think unless he checks out impeccably. I can't see it always we don't have a history of I general event articles so so. That's scary. I think the likely pick is Darren Jackson. Politically what's good about your. Okay. First of all he could easily be the best player mr. They're there is there is. Are they from a production standpoint and so does play the best he could be the best player of the week he could certainly be better than Bagley. He's he's he's he's more skilled offensively he shot 40% from Torrey. And he's a vastly better defensive player he is a really good rebounder. He is a tremendous shot blocker. Five point seven blocks per forty minutes. Compared Obama who for example is a monster and is considered a great shot blocker he had four point eight blocked Ford is a great shot blocker. He's considered he was he was big ten's defensive player of the year. My Yang. Not only defend the rim he can go out and switch and guard on the perimeter he's that quick he's got a 74 wingspan. But he shot basically a 103 pointers chucked it would report is a game and and shot 39 point six from three. And and he's only one of the youngest players in the draft. He has a he's perceived to have a significant. Upside. Clearly as a defense player may be a multiple. All defensive team player going forward he's got a great motor his dad played in the NBA. And and he's got developing offensive skills. Nick ward at Michigan State played with a back the basket insulated to didn't they didn't play him fare so we don't really know what that looks like. So that's what would be the good about them like that is their lead is is that not all good. All that's how it felt like a modern NBA best of what really good defensive player really literally that's at three really got well he's got that because he's. He's bigger than your excel he's got really if he hopefully we've Ebenezer is he's athletic big. Who can switch out and play defense puppy on both ends of the court with a developing offensive game he's young and unlike he's got a motor. I that's the other thing if you're gonna get better you want someone who has a motor. The bad thing about. There's a subtle about. He's not gonna be. No one thinks he's got to the fit into this come on and make the playoffs that's your thing he's perceived as a project. 'cause he's young because he's a developing gout I come and help you right away defensively and give you some minutes and whatever else what he is not. Listen the guy for if you just wanted to pop right back into the playoffs statute was that dude. That's it was doctor Ali there's much question about that. Ready to go plug him in a small forward and so he doesn't fit the let's get right back into the playoffs scenario as well as dancers or badly it doesn't seem to me. I neither man would come and he can do what he can do right. So that's that. The second thing that's bad is bad. He's a lot of what degree is Callahan. Let them look at how much different had lesser players but if you compare his stats. Two. Do you Andres that's. I just solace a slinky blue just tweet is send. Out per forty minutes like he did that the forty minute breakdown and Michigan State chair Jackson was twenty points per game and eleven rebounds fiance Davis was sixteen points with twelve rebounds. Right no he was good he was a better version of the entry Davis but. Very similar long. Shot blocker but all the things you heard about the they raw young developing the ad that. And yet it is is incredibly disappointing. Now Joseph Jackson was better than god created us and let's be clear. Everyone says he has a motor which makes a huge difference but for just go to Davis you've got to Michael grain. You've got the OK Davis you've got Ivan wrap. I've read is also a you know is what you're young that whatever promising yeah. For your loaded there. But it doesn't position only does not fit particularly when we have these kind of players on this team. On and so that's the other reason and then thirdly it's just back and excited about it it's just not going to like it's not. Yet Bagley and excited people. At least it off of off the job you get out of the bag is gonna excited people. You get down huge the B some people mad but that's can excite people you get. And so. And so that's. That those the bad things with them the lead I'd just appears likely the pet if if quarter is a revelation of pork out yet and as medically cleared a minute there's some knocks. Pre surgery deport some people buddies soft so people but he didn't share the ball particularly some people thought he didn't have a law like. They're right there are some shirt but incredibly skilled offensively. And maybe the best player in the draft perceived to be coming in to lose especially in college. So I can see it. I can see when Nell Carter on the let's get a guy who needs and I would surprise people the bad well. And went out Carter receipt prisoners released by the but I know they're light and X I'll be surprised if that's. A you investor I'm with you monarchs. You but your train young. Your joy and or one of work I'm you want explosive off my dealer Michael Porter is. If he would've stayed healthy would've gotten the opportunity get him at four but if he checks out even remotely close enough. Take that guy like you're gonna get a I don't think he can be even remotely close enough I think if you have to be if you are a 100% persuaded. And my god will pride get off abuse sort of disarmed them and wanted to sit back to Europe a 100% persuaded Michael Porter then take him and don't you or your explanation doctor expert surgeon arm pace I've read read it honestly and we will would get your own I would get that break. John Barnes can come in and his and I'm sure all of a very sunny. Analyses of all of this we'll do that next to strengthen the nine I want analysts have gone to show 99 FM is. This is their firefighter rescue of Gloria firehouse subs you know every gay firehouse subs and they've piled there's subs how I would freshly sliced meats and melted cheese. 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Good defense is an old. Very very committed and that those debit default dove for it and prosper good round any kind of what I bought and try. Kind of sucks. Canada. Can't sit here and targeted does kind of stuck. And I appreciate your effort my cat they would support you know. Yep he was Russell Westbrook picked for the number four pick in the draft Jesse was so vague I it's sad that's case closed for some jobs and we'll support. I got a big contract. But he talks. Drew Gooden was fourth and very useful previous experience with dragon Bender was forced. Not nick hasn't really gone out so I mean I have bigger off so. I don't know I don't big laughs I was a good I've could and got a good night now they may think differently. BI and I they've they've made big difference. This theory that your you'd you run behind me. That you think they wanted to be lower because it takes the pressure off them is complete Ed cannot be currently got a lot of pressure armed. If the pressures to win and be good and it did have a crappy player doesn't help them. They may have big they could do nothing they're getting it cracked player for. You believe our army Kabul say the key word I'd be more obvious Chris Wells was legitimately Cherie yeah I will tell you I talked to him. On the phone Brett and he was it wasn't it may well have been spin. But it was. A key sound like yeah some are happy and sound and happy there. So maybe they wanted Jerry Jackson all along in this will provide them cover to do exactly. Do you believe that you have an acting you know eating Gary that are in Asia yesterday. And it was yesterday is that mark but we'll take. Back there are decks if you zeroed. OK well let's listen this is lice and home address drive Jerry Jackson went at four he will likely be the best player available. Right without without without really much debate yes so he will be the best player available for. And the grizzlies war happened have been they will be able to draft quote unquote best player available and felony. Let me go to Twitter. Just from a but he was in my life together elements that Clooney. Watched highlight reel of JJJ on YouTube first doubles and fouling a guided ST element barely getting above the rim for a dump. Which is all buddy did in the real dunk either trade out of the four or roll the dice and Porter bombard yup yet okay. Steven. JJJ I know he averaged 116. He makes mark look like a rebounding god he looks lost counseling on. Just saw. Go to JJ jet. And then Thomas White when Jeff says Jackson will be the pick. And he is a picture you will lose this what's the title seven rooms if that's it's too carefully done and are looking sad. He's like needs reasonable thing no no please no no no. And now we have Saluki blue of course would previously treated for forty minutes at. Michigan State Joseph Jackson 2011. Dionte Davis sixteen. And twelve yeah okay so even more Stephen judge did a dude Jackson will be a disaster in the NBA he is no drive. No basketball IQ second coming. Of swift. The mature young people also want the grizzlies to draft Michael Porter junior who they have not seen one time. That's how ridiculous this is right like I know you can read about Michael Porter and and the reviews are good they can I I've talked to people last night who loved him. That's what you love them. But he didn't I mean haven't remedies that every bad leg that's what you're talking about here so. I don't think and I we actually talking to the last night. I am scarred by beyoncé Davids as well. The last Michigan State big man they drafted same thing rim protect their runs right for as long as the young guy that they got was. I'd but disappointing they certainly I think I think port personality. Matters. A I also think that JJJ. His game is different bin beyoncé davis' they play the same position yes they blocked shots they rebound. JJ jays game is more expansive Candiotti Davis's was the Michigan State shot a 103 pointers and made it harder for got worse and that that's the whole thing. Like he actually steps out and shoots the ball and can do that. And there's some question about usage because they had absolutely other bigs he wasn't yeah so so so Jerry Jackson junior is far more skill offensively of India are they Davis and a better job laden and edited as what's in Michigan State. Let's be honest. Isn't this the better player at every one hasn't as a consensus top five player correct there's no one would be ended Davis is the consensus was an outlet at the top ten pick 151020. Okay and why are tense when I remember that lightly data given its so when he fell people like. Yeah we're gonna do it's it's kind of flailing most times guys slide. It most times guys live for a reason I'm tired night and largest in Slattery is noted. That adds that he was the first runner up so if she was so bombed so you were depressed when it happened yeah I mean I was I was like damn. OK is there any chance are looking at mock drafts for Canada yet. Most people have eaten to the suns even though they hired a Dutch just yet. Mom. They have into the sun's out. They have done sheets to McCain's. And then there are precious few. There have TJ Jiang were like an arm and a merit to Atlanta there and I really falling to the business of 40 yeah you're buying and now. I don't think bad he gets about a hawks. They may need. Productive bigs and I think JJJ. As cozy as he's going he's gonna be a project what is that the development like he doesn't fit into this with pop for a second of the night doesn't Portland me I mean again he does it now the question is is he as good or an upgrade over drug agree. What you would hope that he is ultimately you'd you'd be depressed as hell if he weren't ultimately better than to Michael Green ones about next year. No he does not I don't think the presence of chairman Jackson junior would liberate you. To trade to Micah green one right away because he's not he's our community as we say these projects eighteen is already stepped in and play big minutes he's not and you're trying to get back in the playoffs. And so you would to me. You would keep. To Michael Green and maybe at the trade deadline or whatever you see what you see where you are dead and then you trade them. But if the goal is to get back in the playoffs I don't think you accomplished that by a plug him. Now that and I had by the boards and our clocks right now Michael Porter junior. If healthy and staying. Yeah it's right end afraid you can write a biker Greg and Michael Porter junior as a starter. If you've been guaranteed me practically the Tyreke is coming back out there and so you've got did that I see in my colleague Fareed is coming back now of course which is going to blow yet another hole on this plan. Stupid that was such a stupid well like I mean they're going to looks so silly. When Tyreke Evans does not reside here in Memphis. And Melissa will be good at that shot you know we did it take a shot at the players I don't try and I don't care so much they didn't get the two twos that they could have gotten forum. My whole big deal was. Bringing him back heard tank. And weirdly enough I think got around it mostly ate rat he's still one of the couple games they would tell you more than one. You certainly want anyone. And yeah so we'll literally goes it was like this precious two or three game that maybe go to the deadly finish exactly one game behind Phoenix. They did get initiatives and in Phoenix and implement a month that yes they did so as a costly because that you know there was as a cause freeway it was a costly W so it was that when that minute that went in Minnesota late in the year doesn't trials and doesn't go. I was on a Minnesota didn't win a part of that win I mean in value out but I mean. It's idea I'd you're right I do put that on Minnesota. I don't feel like Atlanta would have it I feel like Atlanta or Phoenix when even been in that right that's that's how that's. Remember when they won games and and are even of maybe you're have a conversation on your show do you want to grizzlies to win one for morale no. I don't. Want them to win again opera and you're already idiot if you want that what do you say to those people who were saying you idiot that's what I say today about those people police say the best. People who are waking up today and saying hot. The tank and more people are saying on my FaceBook feed their stand out there saying. I love the karma that comes with. A team intensely trying to lose and then you get screwed in the tech in that tank in the tank didn't work muscular are I'm not none not trying to borrow a page Gary's book. Those who followed suit with them throughout so that's a all right because. Phoenix tank and meditate Sacramento tanked our offer them back right so and I am in what sense would it have made. To say you know what. Where troop router franchise that ain't what would you rather be picking right now behind Orlando and Dallas yet you wanna do the ninth pick what the guy what they what valor and honor their big tonight. Want Kevin not Shea Joseph Alexander. You know they know players are either. So I mean. You gotta top four picks and it's limited the floor literary you can drop the big hogs did not bounce your way they'd never do right. They've never day. They don't seem to they don't seem to. OK so. But it used think that it still whatever's waited their top three are gonna go the tougher ones we have a way to Todd now with the order may be different right but that led to heart what we believe will really be in consideration. If third on. Dodge ridge Eitan Bagley. Gone I mean I've what do you believe is the group that they will look at I think it's gonna be won a few players and he is going to be. JJJ and it's gonna be by the border I think those that you don't think Wendell Carter's going to be can they be but added that be a massive breach of four. I don't think Bombay is gonna be considered another bout will be not seriously indicated guards tree on Ethel and also it's actually not. Ceilings one or two players yet. A David I think their draft pick comes down in my ward junior at his back and if they if he wow that workouts. And their deck junior and I if if you ask me today to put my mortgage on it I would say dated it. How you feel a draft. Of the foot that live there they NBA draft the Memphis Grizzlies solo. Q and you are I mean I'm pretty good at talking myself in the things. I had to do got a lot my life. So I could talk myself into it you know I I need him to be an upgrade over by the green back. I needed to be that fast. Some developing him and in in two years let we look at them you might get they get serves no purpose you're gonna develop them and you're gonna have a team that has. You know two years three years I know Mike Omar. Game Jerry Jackson junior and scared still Brooks. And Anderson. And that's not a spur that sounds pretty apocalyptic thrill of it sounds kind of apocalypse seems like a team that you need to blow up. Let that that that that voids and blown out well at that point where you've given away your your you at that point hopefully. It. Let let's just take its top eight protected correct in the midst top six protected even if as they finished. What ever give it give Boston a ninth pick next year yet Garrett that we bet painful death because they appeared done. Then you're done and then the next year if you stink you know you get the first peck. And then let's hurts the man haven't given that other thing you know does her you know the lottery changes negotiated. The lottery changes and it is another you could have a better chance of jumping up for exclusive jump up you get to keep the pick in next shared the emphasis will be finished bottom for. Because he finished the bottom three all the bottom third all have our 12 and three on the exact same chance getting a one picture. There's no dividend yet to come baited when he pointed out. With some point tapping into and then you really my sock. And then and then you really made any dead ahead Q&A possible number I know it's very loving that brigadier Ed as a franchise they are and a very hard spot here. You know I mean I know they'll say that their guy to get the were picked. Out of rather had a second pick. You know let me. Let's let's rank in terms of the mistakes or that the body the most. Machine could be wrong Chandler Parsons in treating this number one pick we're talking tomorrow right here for Jeff Greene yeah. Ben -- more yeah. And Jordan Adams. Tests was the name of a wrote in a car. Tony wrote yep yeah. Weather says those were radio okay so. And Michael Moore was there a studio that evidently not only state with the B yeah I mean that's all that's number one as a whole famers and everything else bows down to that Evelyn. Even Gemma Parsons contract yet but I think it's close to I think tell Parsons is to however it. Under I always forgive them though for this because you're excited. I was excited because I thought you know it is guys healthy right now did you not commit 94 million dollars and 42 I'm probably not. Right probably not but that's how you got them and if he's healthy. We're not talking about this today but fortunately he's never healthy and that's why we are the sad thing is is that Jeff Green tech. Could turn if it of what's going on how it turns out could be the third most. Devastating thing that that finish date there may well be. Especially if we can then pick on any given night the tenth pick in a crappy draft there won't be that much but if you end up. If you end up given him the second pick him you know and addressed the right yeah I think about go like how long legged worth thirty games and an exe. Right and their does not in the heart. It is saying it just hasn't happened was negative. If they're thirty games in the next season yeah they're not in the hunt and they have to think. Which means trading margin of shoes. Which have been mainstream mark can you keep mark and Mike. Mean keep keep you pretty unclear where did you kiss remark and then also keep Mike. I don't know if you do that irony of your trademark you probably should trade my two. Let's go ahead and unload everybody I mean logic loud you hold my Costa people were so mad though about the tenth this year like last night I was when I was a real garden. I'd go up to people and I armed guards are too sure if they get anything other than low with a second I'm gonna be cellmate that yes. And as it was it like the odds are they're not going to be first or second. And they were she's taken over. And she said because we sat through all those games well that's and and that's one season of misery I thought I had multiple seasons of misery I honestly I have friends who did not renewed. Who who were who were on the way to being in BP's right which is a certain number of years Internet. You know armed it is an exciting I'll say this that the other years into your friends. That in just take. That Roz they try to be good I roster what they trust us to be good they have what they wanted to the last question is. I'm where do you come down on the I now that it's for depth trade picked. I don't know what you're getting back. I don't know what your what the value there would be I think you have to considered it continue to rotational player. Arm maybe that thing around that you have has some value to 32 overall and you throw that in if you get a rotational player. Back out if they have lots of holes frankly and get it done. All they want totally against this. By definition. Anyone who treat your rotation player. Is not trading you're a star they're just not edited it out there keep it correct OK let's he's as good they're treating you a B plus play yeah. At best made any minus player do you post player do you play or whatever the plane there's no way that exchange for the number four picture and Jackson you're getting. A stock yet. In the NBA you win with stocks. I'm not telling you the Jim Jackson is definitely gonna be a star until the best way to. Guest star. Is to take a swing of the draft whether it's Michael Porter junior. Or some way or the swing would be Michael Porter junior that would be the swing. That would be booked in for the stop his swing is not Jerry Jackson junior because I feel like honestly maybe I'm wrong and I feel like you see Unionists or are not. Are hard to say that. I did wrong when you look at the comparable last night who was the comparable foreign Shareef Abdur-Rahim the star made one all star game. Pretty good fired a solid player yes like we take that right now right yeah I'll say it to fight of the prisoners or was I give you that you take it right. Probably. Probably with your take jury found your dad yes he is that Fisher retired yet arrest absolutely got there but that's just there was one compares. There are so dumb videos are zero point of 4000 Stony Brook. Jeff he had zero points before finally gets an entertaining I don't know if yeah definitely an Astros at some slow games in the middle in the early part of his season tonight with the tigers domain and any added ninth. It's a real problem is that Janet Jackson's started slow. He got better as the season went on yet and many are horrible term data and the question is is to give a horrible tournament because he's never done it. Or Burk Karros is or goes to experienced guys whatever else deployment that kind of thing also that the grizzlies have a flight. They barred they tried to draft this guy and I've been rapidly guided rap they got the add on their Davis they've got. I'm did it I did it man I you gotta you gotta hit one eventually. It's the border or. JJ Jackson I mean I think that's that's what they're really just comes down the locals importer. You'd figure the medical check out they like literally the workouts. Now action I think electorate more I think they need Porter of more than they need very benefit I mean that they they need a wing badly when who could fill it up. Yes. My swing worth it. Although it's worth it wasn't worth on into the Parsons. Exactly that this is the outlook that lets it if that's swing doesn't this doesn't cost you 95 million dollars swing is a beyond the swing is your fourth round packets it's your words your best that's that you had in ages and ages and ages debuts if he doesn't play this is only worth that they are says that it works I mean I don't that I that is worth that. Now can I understand you swinging yes does it make it worth it no. This I guess that's his how is it any different thing because you completely changed my opinion on drafting quarterbacks I used to think that if you don't like it for getting a look at your boy is this information here. The swing. How about the logic of the swing depends on what the doctors tell you current swing is not worth that if the doctors tell you listen. There is a 90% chance. He won't play two years in this league. And at fifty purse and a and a 60% chance he will never be a very effective play what if that it's not worth it if it is the swing is listen. This surgery is more more common yeah we think the odds are better than 54 he that he is gonna be. Absolutely a 100%. Their course of his career dappled ensure that this would lead on it in the world imagine that. Yeah that's what might be worth it yes that is going to be worth it now what do the doctors tell the grizzlies on Chandler we don't know the answer that's funny because Gary and I kind of slightly disagree on this jury. Says his information is is that the grizzlies were not is via because these doctors were not. Did not find the things that the Portland doctors found. We don't know the answer to this that's his information. My information is that the grizzlies doctors. We're not really persuaded. More like they're being kind of hung out dry like that they've been there and nobody out they drag the degree reachable whatever hey I don't really we don't really know like. I played it read I read regularly they didn't they didn't say don't take him. Did not take well right admitted early but they didn't say I'd say absolutely do not playing well played and they did not take so we don't know what yet but in the end. Well there's two things that there's the question is what do they think about my reporter Judith as a basketball player. I know that there Chris Wallace went and saw him. After he resumed playing and Chris Wallace was in the stands to watch impersonal yeah amid applause okay play all the way. After you saw playing if you want to watch him personally. You order a press well but he was like that decision and by the DA and then they had already made their team was sad it's funny I was reading about about what happened afterwards when he came back and yes. He can absolutely be excused for being. Rusty Dara and for being not very good and explosive had a force the issue a little bit to put that was good to me the other the other. The criticisms war is that even though. He was rusty which we can explain. He was a total ball down any wanted to be a superstar he always wanted to prove that he's OK in any over he Sheehy who did you did weak way too much he didn't look to get his players involved and he basically. Yeah he got in the way of winning he didn't just sort of fitting and right and that the retirement through gate but that it's a little larger questions about his person. LDL and it makes other players better and whether you or whether he just wants to be as. Oh yeah it's got to be Jerry Jackson junior. It is it is I mean I've Gary and I think China nine. Are coming together on Janet Jackson junior not necessarily as a style but as the likely that yeah they got to think that's going to be the thing I'm not endorsing the pay everything that's going to be a bit. I think it's going to be the pack I think it's so directly and today on the show we are going to have timid man from ESP and the mayor will join us at 1 o'clock they'll let us the mayor of Memphis Jim Strickland. And then there once when he five we're gonna have Gary perished himself Jerry depression self with a mock draft our thanks man. I see a welcome back Chris Harrington is going to join us 901 at 1001 later out of the show. We will get your thoughts on what transpired. Last night I can feel the excitement building for Jerry Jackson junior all across the city. It's all a captain of that excitement after we talked to Chris will get your thoughts on that stuff doctor should I do to benefit is there. 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