Hour 1 with guest John Martin

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, October 11th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins opens his show by discussing the US Men's National Team's failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup and theorizes why America is not better at soccer on the global stage.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes John Martin in studio for his weekly appearance on the program to discuss Geoff's take on why the US isn't better at soccer, the Memphis Grizzlies, Tyler Harris' recruitment, and more.

Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses the Nationals' decision not to start Stephen Strasburg.


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W and offensive and an HU. The best Memphis. Didn't straits national contest he's rooted here. Good morning everybody today's careers and they grand keyword for the Geoff Calkins show is handout. The age ended the day you tax panda T 7881. Here in the next fifteen minutes here automatically entered for a chance to win 1000 dollars again that's panda. CAA NF DA to you 7881. Data and message rates may apply. You're next chance to win. Is that 11 AM when bent so golf gives you a big code word for the Jason and John Schiller again the word for the Jeff Hawkins showed today is handout he gained in the DNA. 7881. Of the luck ever on. ME SPN presents the commercial. Sports columnist and. Steel award winning Jeff cook. Calkins you know. 829 SO. ESPN. Dens on land. Unless you're one of those who happens to love the sport of. Particularly American. Has played by the United States of America on the shelf. Jeremiah is gonna come role in the near 925 or so we'll talk Kamal where things Chris Jenkins gonna join us. Tonight I wanna tell him good is that the game tonight to play the rockets. At that and it's four com David Tisdale laughed out loud. At the panic they lose Danica kingdom's concern. Over the the state of the grizzlies and it it'd if it were panic it would be a laugh out loud deal but it iso. The grizzlies are an actual caucus Harrington about that 1045. Rainy in goalie. Who is going to be color analyst on the on the Memphis. Navy game will be joining us. Green goalie has an arranged story. And that is a cop in Orlando. Also. Once played. And God's country in for the Buffalo Bills. Only briefly only briefly played for UMass played for the Buffalo Bills briefly kicked around a little bit in the NFL. The proverbial cup of coffee to get to pop in Orlando is still works as a captain Orlando. And and some cops who lied to a security he won't lights. Colin Memphis and navy so we'll talk to him about what he thinks that game about this interest in transition he made Ogilvy made talked a little bit about stuff. And today and in everything that's happening in the intersection. Between caps and football players so we'll talk there. Iranian goalie out about. All. Yeah. That other things we have to get to today just a bizarre story. Surroundings Stephen Strasburg. Who is. Not Willis Reed let's say that. And I'm not Michael Jordan let's say that. And a huge game between Cleveland and the Yankees also talked right Ferguson's father yesterday. Rather Ferguson's father called the University of Tennessee football program a dumpster fire. I asked them what prompted him to call university Tennessee. Programmer dumpster fire other than of course the fact it is a dumpster fire. And I will tell you what he said I have a column up right now over commercial appeal dot com about. The fat so all of those things to get to during the course. Of the show but the biggest story of course is what happened in US soccer last night when the US men's national team. Phil let's face. Lost to Trinidad and Tobago. And we thought about playing the Trinidad and Tobago won National Anthem. But but. Frame we can rub salt water above salt in the wound and failed to qualify for the World Cup in absolute. Humiliation. Four US soccer. It is you know it is. 330. Million Americans. One million Trinidad and Tobago once. That corrected him saying that correctly I was taken to date and at the vegan to bargains. Anyone of that so. We overwhelm them end. In people we overwhelm them in resource is indeed. The entire group to do is finish. Well in the top three in the group to get an automatic. Trip in and if you force. Then you play. A sort of play in game what do they may have against Australia and end this against the likes of and I'm and poster re supposed to reek. And Honduras and this is not your. Soccer powers and so it is by all accounts an incredible embarrassment that US soccer I will not be going to the world's top. And I have several possible. The first is who's really striking. The contrary. The contrast between the way some people think about this right. We have a clip. Yes that you have to tell tell tell twellman split Taylor Twellman ship slept. As he summarized what this meant for your cycles clinical. That's fire. Every single one. One of those players if he thinks that energy up for the rest of their lives because this is an utter embarrassment with the amount of money that is the Major League soccer and in this sport. You can't get a draw all of the top. Against Trinidad. Match you don't deserve it all the World Cup and introducing me. We can't beat Trinidad on a field that's why it. Yeah. Yeah this is the discussion that's being. It's remarkable to meet when I go this stupid thing right here at all worried people are in the west of the world. On a tall task here but we can't play Trinidad put water. It's the same side is Corpus Christi, Texas or Anaheim California. Figured out if the United States can't figure it out and note from. Has been involved because of Iceland and other area that's all that's why isn't Corpus Christi, Texas I have to repeat decades that's another. You're saying how can we know afternoon sound. So slow clap so what struck me is this. Is it for some people. It's was a look like. Brad Carson to weeded out sort of so marquis well there's one hour in my life gone and I won't ever get back right. For some people this was just day slight amusement. That they didn't make. And then for some people. Hold totally devastated but there are lots of them Americans who care about soccer. Are absolutely devastated about this and actually. I don't. Wanna be a guy who is just laughing at the devastation of vote like that I get like they are absolutely devastated about this. And but it is it's a weird to. It's sort of a weird disconnect between those who are just using this as they opportunity to sort of make light fun of US soccer. And the people who care profoundly because there are people who. Like this was a devastating. Night last night for life a lot of people what people are 0%. But I would bet fifteen British Detroit percent of people who are listening at any given moment it was that do much for the rest of the and Obama and and so so that's 01. Observed that was really striking and then if you were one of the people who just sort of lightly making fun of the whole thing. The people who were devastated on Twitter like got furious at you and and think you're a moron. And I really angry. Actually I did it because it's brilliant it's truly important to them. And they think it's more broadly important 11. Second point. I did see some people saying this is the worst. An international sports embarrassment ever by the United States. All due respect writing poems. We aren't good at soccer. We are supposed to be good at basketball well we don't win the gold medal in basketball. In the at the Olympics and we send our best. As has happened in this century. Is a much bigger embarrassment that not. Qualifying. In in one of our sports that we are not best that. Clearly yeah this was a huge embarrassment for soccer which is supposed to be beyond this. Which is supposed to whip which is supposed to take the next step of one you can you compete against the elite rather than it sort of take it for granted they're gonna make the World Cup. But this is not the biggest international sports embarrassment. By the United States. Ever not even close. Unfair to think we will still watch the World Cup with a World Cup comes rolling around no will be as much fondly one of the US team to pull for and that is too bad. But like the World Cup is fun and I find that every year people do they get around their parties that whatever I do think. We will still the world will watch the World Cup double file to lose money on this. Absolutely they will lose some money on this because that happened but I. Don't think it means that we will pay no attention to World Cup to the World Cup I do think it means that it is a lost opportunity. In terms of boosting American soccer because there's nothing if you like a nine year old kid. Or twelve year old kid there's nothing like watching your team and your heroes compete on that level. To sort of inspire you to be better and the growth of the sport and all of that huge opportunity lost. And then you can go on and on about arguing in these are arguments I am not equipped to have about. Whether it was Clinton's fault or whether it's the organization's fault or whether it was Arenas fault or whether it was the fact that Cameron wasn't playing orwellian. Those things those arguments that I tried to engage in them. I would be out wildly out of my depth and so I won't knock. It seems like it was a ball looks it was good to have politics the result. The result. He could not be otherwise. But but I'm not I can't I can't pick apart why. The larger question now. We hear all the time. All these kids now play soccer in America all of these kids now play soccer in America why aren't we better everywhere you looked at certain could be families are Bollinger didn't. Probably suckered globally supper when their four years old set amount on the old soccer pitch that's that we do now we send our kids who sign kids up for sucker sucker sucker sucker sucker sucker it's going to support America is going to when we hit that all the time why can't we better. I would offer two weeks and is. Growing as fast as you think it is. According to the Aspen institute of sports total participation for kids age six through twelve from 2011 to 2016. Baseball down nine and a half percent. Football down 6%. Hockey up 23%. I think baseball the idea while you sit down and hold down seven point 9%. Soccer. Quite a percent. Wool. He thinks that list is incredible so number one basketball down more than four all. Basketball down seven point 9% football down six point 4% exactly right tacky is a boom. It's 'cause there wasn't much life and put so it's growing for the small plane that that's what he's a soccer ball so well this isn't much. Quite the booming sport that we that we figured it's. It it it. Yeah there's a lot of kids out there playing soccer but it's not become overwhelmingly. The sport of choice in America. In in get this is your kids who enrolled in programs right this is kids who are best registered soccer players benefit one. The second point and I think that you really think this gets to the crux of it. Soccer in America. Is a sport played by middle class white kids. Or middle class or upper middle class white kids now that is changing. As immigration patterns change in this country and mostly it's one of the reason there's hope for soccer in this country. But I am a large when we think about soccer in this country here's what it is. It's minivans saying your kid up for travel teams these things cost. Thousands of dollars to get your it is a sport of privileged white kids in America and let me ask you this. What the hell are privileged white kids in America good ever comes to sports. Practically nothing punting. Hunting their bread they take ten they tend to be very effective deep tempers yes I bought if you leave your sport on in there. Hands of upper middle class or middle class white kids in America. Why large you aren't going to be good at that support all this. Here's the cap via. It's a sport that all over the world. Is only played by middle and upper class kids or that you can do OK so for example. Example for exact swimming in swimming you need to pull you need whatever it by and large. There's not. Poor kids in Cameroon. Who are more slamming. Because that you do you need you look at the whole unit so we're good at that failing at the 25 meter pool of the fifty go quite double but the white middle class kids in America are good at swimming. But it shouldn't be sucked tennis now like we believe we've loved that man out of middle that's why give them we suck it tennis. Snowboarding. Again like you know what it's just out there naturally. Snowboarding with a board and poor kids across the way so because we're competing against other news people of privilege and there's more of us and we are more. What are important but that's a snowboarding and out by asking orbit and pretty good it Alpine skiing moguls Mobil's when he brought back. Again deep snapping it was very good deeds then don't. The but warned. Good X here's the real problem. The United States. It is not a democratic sports soccer. And the rest of the world. Is. The damn thing so it is just bizarre like. Sucker should be like basketball. All you need is some grass and a ball hell have the places in the world you don't even need the ball. You just take yet take take something that vaguely resembles a ball and kick it around. Right and SK then what what the hell and you're playing from bond Dunst. And you develop skills and your play because it's fun and and here. It is not something that just people do. That's basketball the people do what they have. Have a look back they got a basketball rim that's one pretty good impart to you about what we're pretty good it's an incredibly democratic sport basketball. And so we tend to be good that. And honestly the poor kids in America who might be more driven who might be what it's like they can participate. But basically in soccer now soccer. 2000 dollars for the traveling squad please make it 4000 dollars for the challenge while and by the way have every weekend freak so you can go one on on torture and tourism whatever dole dopey someone's parents. Either it's a single parent or worked two jobs are getting after they could never possibly discipline participate and travel team. And recently sock is we've taken this ultimately Democrat export. That isn't that good for the rest of the world and we turned it into a sport. Of privilege and so yes we stink get at because we're sending a middle class who. Privileged white kids to do it. If that is true like what are we go to you as you pointed out before the show. Baseball yes. We do have some baseball players but let's be honest the rest the world mostly doesn't play baseball it's a very our hemisphere and and I think yeah it's very much our hemisphere another hour. You know we we don't we go through short stocks got a lot like like they do some places or you know whatever but but there but yes it's load. There's not a debate there's little they people who holidays so it would deal of against it were were have a smaller pool ball we do. Middle class white kids are pretty good baseball yes. Eight. In this country we've basically sorted out they. They don't have to compete against poor kids just for kids in this country don't get to play baseball. It is also sport of privileged by march there's there's there's RBI programs or whatever so in this country. White middle class baseball players don't have to compete. Against yet they easily could not happen and he's only professional baseball and so so so watered them out and so they there's less competition so better at that. So that's true and then you what do you think offensive lineman. If you look by and large across the NFL and most but a good representative sample probably half. Let's say like it's an overwhelming majority but I mean right it's not you don't sit there and go I cannot believe this well shackles why not take great athletic gifts. Two different sort anyway right by say white book football player you're gonna get and automatically center you're gonna guess if what you're against left tackle. If he can't if I say not special let's. The floor tell me that's not the problem is that what little problems political problems yet that we read. Is the system we have for developing players that is not the system they have for developing players. Anywhere else in the world therefore that is why relative to oil wealth. Relative to our population. Relative to everything else we energy plus the fact that all you think is a boom sport. It's not as boom and as you think. I am yeah. Those are my thoughts John Barnes gonna join us next Jeff Duncan. Germany Tina and tennis yeah. Here's a fact. Fifteen million men in the US will experience erect tile dysfunction. 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Is enough pride is hurt feelings for you in two tickets for the mid south wedding show for the price of wine get yours and get my perks dot com. Boy who want to. Job I know. Mississippi. Wanna be updated version for the cubs. Yes this is Mason makes it may SE I think that Saddam time and disaster welcome back. It is that. I'm in the week the reunion portion of this we gonna ask you just a bad English only do you think. Well I just basically think white people that it's Chad sport. That's why people are better I've never figure some passion on an issue before I mean it's true that's all points out I don't know some termites out. That most of our sports talk show hosts a white. Kids. Who grew up put money and that's why sports archer and I know I'm glad I don't have to compete against Hungary. You know motivated. Kids sports talk show kids like that. Oh you are you Uga Uga got a dirt poor yeah I mean I think our war. I mean a guys is dirtier yeah you can't hungry I'll tell you I'll tell you you can tell me visitor for my mom made 30000 dollars a year that's pretty poor. And she didn't get any child support she got no help from any other source and ship to raise two kids. That's yeah now that's why you yeah lights. Yeah like Jack you're you're you're grinder man yeah like my momma momma to go into light mountains of credit card debt to add them to raise us. You know and so. I I think we were I that I got your money you can tell from permanent I Agha Obama Lotta credit because like she never did you feel like someone points out on on weapons that a Patrick almost most of the team yesterday was not mentioned 19 a fourteen pleasures they were minorities and the tenth Dempsey broker dirt poor. That's exactly the point actually. Is that are the great number. Of Americans out there playing soccer when you think soccer it's minivans and travel teams of whatever meets paper write it. They don't give us. Yes and they'll tell us anything. It's if you're lamenting that they're just aren't enough white people on the US team now. And he's held that we expect. We what do we expect when we leave this sport what they bluntly let me make this sport a rich person's sport that I can't have access to unless you've got money to pay for one thing for you in the you have to be rich put youth basketball. I will say it's not it's not a it's not an accessible sport it's not my area accessible even as even as an adult. Is like white guilt I play Rihanna and say yeah Kevin did you said white guilt or the way you're in the white guilt white guilt like I heard it. That is why they helped get a picks if support just everybody. What yes to say that America is they had a thirty million to 33 and thirty million of us. Only if if if if if it's not accessible to most those 330 million that players like a match. This. Amass as they get a lot of that the popular thing to ask on on the heels of an embarrassing loss like that is all what if our best athletes played soccer. Let what do we took our best athletes today and we MEI and with under. I got a better question yeah what if our best athletes as youths were steered to soccer. What if O'Dell Beckham junior instead of football and basketball was steered to soccer same for Julio Jones. He then reload Beckham was 10 yet Beckham was part of that the national youth program but for the same. I mean what comes down to as you can't get rich and data plans on his hands would be a waste plants I mean. A solid so when they don't the it and the like but what are we trying to reach miners are trying to improve USA yeah that's everybody's saying don't. To take them if you don't need to take a few elite stars and say why don't why aren't they steered towards that you just want it to be a sport that is open to everybody and so. Maybe you're not gay couples and LeBron James 686 million out of 68 mountain genome. Athletic monster but may be your hey a six foot. Athletic monster and then you can play soccer but instead you just put you ask well Chris Hawkins won our midfielder man could he ever ranked. Not every athlete would stick with soccer the double what it. What if everybody had bagged a bit an equal chance to you know in and you sort of disarmed where your best suited for. I think. Tucker I even thought for most promote that it was surprised by the numbers that I offered early on that's youth soccer is actually. Down in number. How Derek. It was what it was way way way down total participation for kids six and twelve from 2011 2016. Baseball down 9% basketball down 7% football down 6% which you wouldn't know that's kind of shocking there always there for example only 6%. Hockey 23% as the start that'll Obama. Soccer down 22% yeah it is a. I think because everybody played soccer grown up like yeah I'll play soccer going out what gives some needed you know your pairs made you play soccer. You know there you were on Saturday or some Roland let it play soccer you know and I don't know I mean he had the bashing guards and you know things like that but when your kid it's not that. It's not that it's not as expensive but but then you get very quickly sir travel team you have to is. And don't you think if you want a travel team is soccer. It's very different and wanna play you basketball terms of money to put it Estonia bright ST these two was this is is sticking in his car and buying a sandwich if you wanna play a U and that's or elitist or you or. This is certainly but and and but in if you wanna do that sucker the other. Put up 4000 dollars to polish or whoever out nights at it is it is a financial burden it is for sure I think that's the big key I think it's why we stink. I thought I mean soccer's not popular here relegate to get it it's gotten like it's gotten better what you find here is striking there bill the disconnect between. The people who are devastated just the people who are devastated I really devastated and I don't want to be the person to like. Make fun of because it'll kill the son let's be risk of a sudden next hour when the World Cup going on the US is part of it is much. It will not be much fun it won't be good for soccer you're gonna you gonna it would come come June you're gonna be like damn I was no one else in the World Cup side and doesn't talk about the streak is seven. Right cinema World Cup's yet thank you know whilst streak as. The grizzlies. This streak is in the playoffs not quite the same thing but yeah bodies have been pretty much kind of the same thing always your savings your what I want to tell him is if it's good is that is calling. I'm asking you is is is it isn't coming to an end. You yesterday were like comedy incredibly down now now Davis is just heard about this later and he laughed and laughed the laugh he says they're killing us already. And we'll. At your skepticism over this team. Is skeptical of this game yeah Barry. But you're crazy you're not. You know I asked Sony Ericsson's prediction today and in the bigger pop which with a big 42 and forty and I forgot how much are pretty good 43 wins but I feel worse and worse about that would every pre season game. If you put up if I make you put up a hundred dollars. That they would make the blow ups guy at what point if I I think you would under Ozzie put upon about which you don't. Says one out of 200 and you gave hundred back in another hundred would you do if they if they make glass when I put up a hundred to one another under it. Now get what I said that's put up a hundred. You get that hundred back plus 200 if they make the playoffs would you. If I went 200 idea that you did you do it applied to that I mean you make it worth my while. Now a 500 you'd probably do it right pleasure when 500 yeah yeah yeah I'd do it. But only there's like something like but it's hard for you today only if it did it what good is if you're even I would not now you want that for Sacramento and 500. Would never I don't pigment is is in the same I don't category of Sacramento I think they I think they're exactly where we tell they are there's. It's there's three spots for sixteen what's interesting is to see how. How how ugly it is now the chief turned on Chandler Parsons and it's like the flip side of law because you're the person who loved him the most did. And now when that turn and I still the most hurt we can see how ugly it has become hurt people hurt easily you do for haute. Every showed trashing Chandler I do not trash him I do not trash him. But it is it is imperative. For us to be honest about this team is imperative for us to be. On us and our sets and our valuation about this team and I don't understand how you can feel any in any way optimistic of their role now James and his as a starting three on opening day. How can you possibly be out what she's got guys. No to yes there are you sure you went to zip it looks like Jim Parsons might welcome off the bench Brevin. Said he didn't think so yesterday come on our show he said that. He still thinks that if the don't want them to going to games warm honestly they won't wash on down bring my best for that reason but it's very clearly a one of the options Clinton is to start an S and to my goal. And bring Parsons off the bench at the four and so you went through and tried to determine if there are other. Bench and what you surprised by how many bench players actually do make a boatload of money well. It's just the summer of 4016 man. Like that summer was stress disorder related terms of contracts Evan Turner was one of them he made seventy million last year. Allen Crabbe can of the bench lesser he'll start this year but he didn't make eighteen and have come off the bench last year. Yeah I mean meet in SAS sixteen million. Its the worst definitely none worse none close to worse. Taylor makes at least six million dollars more than the highest papers there. Yeah that's rough. Thank our white aren't there and I it is yeah it's it's it's rough once again middle class white kid. Welcome to welcome back to that. Welcomes back to my white guilt I would argue that the okay when are you bring intolerance on the show to commit to universal mentally I wish it was today because we needed. But I don't know there's a rumor that other parents is gonna commit to the University of Memphis. On the Jason and Jon show yeah that yeah. Opening I didn't hear from you know I know I heard it from the straits because I have my I have my ear to the ground. Out in the streets and people told me you know what Tyler is gonna commit it's gonna be on Jason and Jeff. What's the current plan. Today is Wednesday day Wednesday you know. Well is tomorrow's Thursday as the day after them and they ride aid and advanced to Saturday so we want to be coronation coming out and would love. Oh yeah we'd love so what are you had a mom what is it what's the status of negotiations. I mean we're pushing for man will push them or break if you listen we love yet. We want to do it on our show you know we love you already had it not be on the mound got to be coming on tomorrow hopefully I mean that's I. So this is the plan to this. Play tubby like some of the best of clips from last year when you've just taken him. I'll who believe lead tubby knows play playlist for tubby tubby and take buddy any count any response listen we will give tubby and opportunities sound off. Tubby knows he would ask him hard questions yeah we're asking hard questions are questions. I. I. How much better he's going to be without those canceled a lot of losses on the team again as you there was gas can that was a bad like the voice of the tiger tries there. So. Where where things stand talent. You know. We'll tell you the confidence that he will commit. Period to the university Memphis wanna of 101200. I would say right now probably 75. All these happening fine because why has done what the other 2425. I was eight. But why have you why hasn't he committed yet. You know I can you got what you did to visit you've you've visited Iowa State what is to hold what's so that's that's just my sanitation as well he's gonna commit to the immigration Memphis. Level of confidence that will be on the Jason and John Shattuck. I would say you know I probably freight cares is a man of his word. Oh he's given you his word he said listen we're trying to Russia or try to go to Asia. Now try and what's even mean. Give it a try you'll do it on the show what you know what it possibly could happen OK Jeff there's so many different. People tugging at you when you commit what if what a police report comes a time owners is hey everyone and make a video for you would command a video that looks like it. Heard that the other. The first thing I heard was that he was gonna do it via a video yeah and then the second thing always heard was that no no no he's gonna do with Jason and Jon I listen you can do about. You know. I don't care I was into the video that come on Jason oil and development can come on our show and then do the video. Or Barry even get them back then it was kind of the suspense is that part of video yet they don't like this are so many people who who follow how Todd hairs that probably don't listen to our show. You've gone announcement. I'll be there you will be amount spent and what he expects into the I don't know I really have no idea it's been a long time since I've been America's madness like I forget sort of in the muscle as a gesture didn't have didn't pass when I went to he he had that little sort of Ricky date did you watered down thing where it was now I want any part of that there was that at odds of it won't need it won't be that thing that was of them nighttime midnight it was a seven it was a sell. Play day one was the latter problem. Was Robert Berger gross wells which is the woman also was dancing was that the last big one I was I was or Roth on assets via. As for the Red Cross gets a little while Obama didn't know late 2011 he had like a seizure and then he came subsequently came before the name they have they've had to fly you got in from Little Rock. To save the day. It was a big deal might amaze ever cross and you've got to. Or Holy See are hard Memphis is okay and probably much cheaper so what. Gaddis no matter what the Kwan and whatnot over quarry expected. In terms of a ten and stop you why. I'm just asking him I don't know 3000. Karen. I think that what you want me to say that no I didn't want to say anything I'm just asking the hard questions. I'll say less people attendance that it costs to play a full season of soccer. Which is we don't know what it costs really I just made up those numbers. So. Brit doesn't sound right 4000 maybe I mean what did that Thursday night you gotta pay to get it and there's out of Putnam. You know there's not there's just not a kind of organic excited about that the best seller and I'm not trying to be so that's why. Now about pointed might destroy them over time it's you know I'm just we it is what it is similar you got your gun cocked right now I do not have my gun cocked. That's. Vaguely. You know whenever. Okay let's go with the last question before you go. Riley Ferguson. Is dead down for certain said the University of Tennessee is a dumpster fire death on. And this blew up as it wouldn't write cherry became headlines all over the south Riley Ferguson's father Don Ferguson. Says UT is a dumpster. I talked to him and he said that he. It was Saturday nine. His wife had gone to bed that's always a bad sign by the way do not what's your wife is gone to bed stay off to a Ers or FaceBook is at work but he said he is not on Twitter because he don't like to cause a commotion. He doesn't do. Doesn't do. FaceBook politics or religion because he doesn't want to cause a commotion. But he wandered into his garage and he saw that UT stuff and you just occurred and now somewhere else took the best decision of Riley's life as he went to the University of Memphis and after the dumpster to do and I left or not is another dumpster fire attempts. And that's what you put on FaceBook he says he didn't have any clue. I've come up I don't know if you read our support Obama camp or just G life of underscore caucus here okay that's. And didn't have a clue that it would blow up but then Monday. Starts it and his daughter and stepdaughter both called and said dad what did you do and it's everywhere. Dumb. How. How naive was he to think that it would not blow up when you call it a dumpster full. And do you like he mostly feels bad for Riley. But he faces I should've done I should just left that the Memphis was great par additional left of the dumpster fire red say something about should called campfire but. He's not yet right it's really good idea fire and I enter so I'll believe Lizzie that he didn't know and me dumb. Diebler get it it does not good as it right here if you think if your kid if you're it's not good for Riley to do this this would be like mark Nichols. You know when he when Dawson transferred to Virginia. Taken a budget because let me Amar I may have been it Billy can they get a picture of balled his Memphis memorabilia in his garage and put him on paper and say man I'm the add on not a bad use of grant program. Look at look at what's happened and now I did that yeah yeah of course he's naive like at the Internet at Olympic got updated you don't bother of a kid who. Fifty bands would kill to have and there's program right now the good thing now. The good thing that the thing that that he has going for his first Collins apologized. Either read my column for the count we gently percolate flavors yeah undefeated kid let's get a ball. He's not saying anything that Tennessee fans disagree with our own shot like they all agree with him as if he was calling it like if a dumpster fire at the tar like. When I went. When Austin Nichols left it was formally yet really a dumpster fire I don't understand biting and they were Redman had a Austin and also also three years later yeah like right yeah and so that's the yeah yeah. I thought over the everybody pays them Tennessee fans are just using it as little bit latest piece to piece of evidence that we got to get puts the hell out. Really mad at them they're just using it as additional fuel Alexa I don't I don't think he had any reason to take it down I mean it's how you felt I mean he was clearly a Tennessee fan and and and run it through seven touchdowns for the University of Memphis over the weekend yeah. It's easy to enjoy it you know I'm proud you can I do. Many touchdowns for the University of Memphis Friday. UT quarterbacks have thrown. All. Year. Long. And now they have their own corner and Jim Gorman he's about to leave the door is about to leave. And it's it is nice talks like any recognize that the next so the next Sunday's quarterback on the start so yeah he'll go somewhere else will be go to play. Yeah just like me to get I don't know apparently made the giver was going to be good when he left Tennessee now the future my bus pulled the doubles. Now what about this election very good. Definitely definitely you don't even as these are the. Yes he had one of my favorite stat lines ever he played the Florida game one year he was like two of seven for negative four yards and two picks he was off. Awful just awful but you leave that dumpster fire you never know what can happen your career you should go to Michigan Tennessee distillate. I thank you John appreciate stop nobody got today. Today getting on the show now wish he had Baird Jones deliberately by the same Loftus. And who runs the brass door right. Who is gonna get us in breakdown of the Irish accent and so that'll be fun daily plus the wind up and I'm going to present to him you're my theory that it's played by middle class white kids and were bad and everything is another one by the way they were good. Like right. We're good it would avoid court that's good that's we're good at the sports. Where your only committing worry only basically participating. Against the other middle class like it. Snowboarding. Swimming. Golf. Quarterback why people are good at playing football. I'm gonna let you had not had they only some positions. Deep snapper really awesome to have their punter kicker punter deep snapper we got a lot on those positions. Quarterback it is true quarterback quarterback Heidi and linebacker. Pretty good linebacker Arrigo com wide receivers make it come back. There's some of our receivers is almost here yeah let you could win a tournament yet that I didn't know and I don't Iannetta meant that gets you about this how about Christian McCaffery the other way to shift toward its first touchdown last week. How about the exact exact guys sitter for the for the Detroit Lions. I mean I don't know what what you can play football. Bright bigfoot which is not as we have not done or not the whole league and not exclusive or non white middle class kids not just. As I attribute that there's tons of white people in the NFL. That that mr. yes and we don't we don't claim to him we do not competing interests world either. Good luck with your wife gill man it's not white guilt I'd want the sport to be accessible to all that's all I just want soccer to be accessible are all so we can kick ass in soccer like we do. And basketball also all of sent. If either by death unappreciated. What we come back it is a it is a bizarre situation with the Washington Nationals. I'm just a a one of the one of the all time scrubs then. Just not a gamer we have a perfect example of not a gamer you'll talk about that next to say that Roland in here and at 1001. And I know one at 1001 and after that. Rainy in goalie who is both a cap and is going to be calling beat Memphis navy games that all that moisture content shown that he can and Anthony has been. Just show the end zone or camp he's number one sports station broadcast the region SE CD. 929 espn.com and WM SS. Was worsening. 99 FM RE SPN there. Paul is in full force you can feel it this morning and it your wardrobe is still the summer wardrobe because of the warm days that we've had to. I've got like to recommend that you got a group called to do so chipper right here for the Geoff Calkins chair right here on 9189. FM EST you know I'd say about Dylan place that I get my clothes here in Memphis. 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He's my hard to have John pentagon. Radio show I was are we putting my stuff to stop by a couple things from Twitter. PJ says it is in fact 3000 dollars a year to play channels are does that sound right you gently at sounds about right through that allows you to play travel soccer. And then someone else at six. How calm. Let's if I have this exactly right. Let's see if I have this exactly right. From Donald park the same privileged white girls are dominating soccer is it because there's no money and it. Now it's the 'cause the rest of the world doesn't play I mean all credit to the US national women's soccer team. Which is not nearly the embarrassment for the men's nationals optimism does routinely that disqualified overlooked ups bull wins them. But it is absolutely true. That the rest of the world. Does not give its. Girl slash women and opportunities for us and supports the way that the US the us there we are ahead of the world because we give more opportunity. For women to play sports and more support from women play sports and so. But no you're not competing. Against the rest of the world by the men's art but 'cause. I've honestly. Discriminatory practices across the rest world. And then that's it that's all I got on soccer we can revisit it later a maybe and the GP sure. In the meantime. Bizarre story. In the in Chicago where. The next and cubs will be playing. And you would expect that in this big game this this this this win or go home game for the nets. It's Stephen Strasburg would be pitching wouldn't you expect it to bring 100 which Stephen Strasburg after the all star break since the all star break. ERA a point 86. At get which is very good dominated his first performance in these playoffs. Mom and his ERA for the season. Four point five till tanner Roark who will be playing his and he. For the season four point 67 which is lower 2.5 two or four point 67 2.5 two exactly. You would want Stephen Strasburg to be taken the ball take the mound and went on to the neck. That's right. Yes that's what you want Hernandez sent back it's weird yesterday it's my kids get girls and Mike and Mike on the way in and they were talking. To. They were talking to. It was the Astros manager. Compared to what may ask Berlin and the insane gas burner Verlander she wanted to go even Verlander said yes and Mike and Mike said it will. Do you ever ask a player that question and they say no like that it's kind of a dumb question I ask because of what player. Asked if they can do it. Ever says no. They all say yes. And the Astros manager said yet they also yes the way you know is that by how they say yes. You know you have to be able to read how they say yes because any real athlete would say yes. So here you come up is Stephen Strasburg. Who rule well or some reports that he just said no. He is feeling under the weather that's fixed explanation the dusty. Baker gave as to why he will not be starting because he is feeling under the weather. Because of mold. In Chicago yet and so he's feeling under the weather. This city were Michael Jordan did what he did. And you've got Stephen Strasburg sand. Or at least the good that the organization covering for him or whatever else saying he is under the weather. And so he can't go meanwhile. You would think OK the guy is like if it is set if he's really liked. If he's got a temperature modern six. And he is on his deathbed. Well you can understand it you could only do what you can do it right you don't even you know you're a hero up just in lose a game because you're deathly ill. If that was the case you would think hey they would give details right. He's deathly ill he's got a 106 temperature were pumping fluids into him we have to Russia to the out last night. He was a double gestured back and playing catch. A double parked. Is cool back at levels looks horrible and Stephanie yes I think that's fares he looks horrible and us and and that's also looked pretty bad like that day like if you aren't going to make stay in the hotel if you truly. Aren't going to cover for yourself and cover for him. Don't happen out there idly playing catch. When you and say he's a Smart but he's under the weather and so he's not gonna pitch it's like yeah have you ever seen. Summer is just under the weather in this sort of circumstances. Not take the ball and like it's it's the opposite of what we expect it. It makes you wonder if he didn't say anything until after the game got rained out yesterday. Right that's possible he has a reputation for being a primadonna in this he wants everything perfect. Before he. Before he pitches this worked out fine. Like you could have. In the end they do have to win two games so you get after it a war win this one and then you can have Stephen Strasburg. Pitch and and and do what he does and then you can and beat the cubs and could well be fun. But right now. This does not look particularly good for that organization completely period 00 and in the game. Indians. Yankee yanks. What do you want. I'm all on the Cleveland trainer right now like it to me like benefiting that I want the only reason I would. I'm all the picture yes I'd root level always root for. Cleveland vs New York in any little early and anything. I will root for Cleveland vs New York a root for underdogs cities over the wealthiest and cities in the world that have everything and our. Whatever the only reason honestly is Girardi liked to get him off talked are going to be the only silver lining if the Yankees won this one it would be to get Girardi a former Tibet bone headed play maybe shouldn't be without. I just feel bad for people. Yeah I just think that even if it and it doesn't work out new Yorker Girardi is solid he's not Italy and honesty no he certainly will land on his feet. So hard to believe that sabathia is pitching and then that in this game. But it should be a fun night of baseball goes into his role then. We'll talk to him about his 9010. Yeah I know about to address and a we will not talk about a Snyder what is the pick and pop up double talk to him about that and more it's just talk and show nineteen and a funniest via. A lot here over here in my prologue you are they just not being thank Farley most of you know this is university of Memphis Tigers football fans we couldn't be more excited about this season is this your tired he could be the best answer yes it's a decent speed man's views as he cruise Russell called fundamentally thought were good full court about lucky Floyd Patterson and his great Ricky ray.