Hour 1 with guest John Martin

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, July 12th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins returns from vacation and discusses five things that he learned during his time away from Memphis. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes John Martin to the studio to discuss John's vacation to the beach, Trae Young, Memphis Tiger expectations, and more.

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I DG nine FM ESPN presents that places biggest sports columnist. It's the award winning Geoff Calkins and then Geoff Calkins show. 829 NFL. ESP NS. In general manager. This actually say yeah. That's gotta be back in steady. Nothing you. Just to see your smiling face outside yeah. It as that they need I'm just so happy that you're back well I tell and I back today on me as show job mine's general Amir is supposed to be an area Seattle what happened I really had no idea what I am and I was gone for you must go on a little bit off the rails just coming in on a third day at a ones then. So everything's gone straight to hack. And I said that because I got an email response that I curse too much on the air. I don't really try to personally yes I changed if she double out the act. In there couldn't be in responsive. To that concern is that hole still considered power you know wave it it depends a new standard. Anyway so I just coming in here. Because everything's gone back and so organs and drama and excitement. Chris Hank a ski meet anyone off somewhere to a vacation but I know he's been back and he's gonna be back I get doctor Harrington at nine which not makes me extraordinarily happy so I'll do that we'll talk him. About grizzlies free agency similar at all that it's tough. And then we'll talk about other things as well some things I need to get off my chest about. But I discovered a my travels that I several categories of things some. Some while there have been different cat okay. Force. Hole number line net tolls. The blessings of this. City we have them. Is. Other any tolls starter Taurus Art Torres in the state of Tennessee we got poked holes I don't think. I don't think Goran in the state so told a kind of irritating does it stop me at Fisher on your pocket for change or whatever else but I think when they're really irritating. They're really irritating in Chicago and around Chicago. Where they have the so called. EZ pass or something like that right which you basically they just easily extract money. Out of your pocket as you go whizzing along the highway without stopping at the total book. I don't. But the real problem and that's that's eight X. Irritating enough because it means that they just basically randomly taking money out of your pocket as you drive along site. But if you don't have the easy pass someone who doesn't live in Chicago. You see a little. We don't seek hazardous driving along and you don't see the sign that says cash only overseer. And they basically send you off the highway. To a special lane for loser and and there's a back up 72 cars long of people trying to because they don't have easy passes. You are. And so you are all what did you what what you what you do so are now attuned to read and I now know driven up there enough that you. Get off the doubted the road and have to go into the slope persons one guy that's that. Fun but even worse is before. Previously I just got a little Long Island city's cash only signs whatever and then they million in the mail. They often double your finger in Tripoli because you didn't know you're yep break him a lot of again let me. So that's irritation number one yes. Holes pay cash was Cole told I'm OK with tolls we understand that some people paying for highways whatever and that Alec but the cash this whole phenomenon. Is any permissions. Phenomena we have pitcher also doing like 7580. Miles an hour and he went off for the day and never going to show only loan and evidence is simple along well it's Torres might as well be international super speedway is so out. That's 12. Number two blue. If you're auto wedding and you given talks. Know how to give a toast work on the toast. Don't just get up and blab. Either that or not that many get up and blobs at the winning that I went to. Think about what's your going to say at the probes. Don't just get up there and tell stories about the time the group path gas. It's inside or whatever not a great ones yet. Get up. First don't ramble on forever don't want here forever and get up. Have three things you wanna say one of them can be funny told can be funny one suite at the end. You're tying together with a little bit of a bulk is sit down the and yes it my full support knowledgeable and I'd I'd like it like. Think about your toast in advance a little bit I have other wedding advice otherwise oil played on the tennis what I hate that the the group of three people doing the toast I'm Linda. They never it never works like it's okay if they've coordinated if they're really but I'd never seen it pulled off successfully the only time well. Though that come from a different clubs like we have we haven't. And eight of hostages in a close together and and we had thirty nieces and nephews and they get it close together and so we've. But if the only an easier up there with the other two is that your each too scared to your toaster and your own yes and it then they hit it if it's because. It works and you have something to say together and you don't wanna have three separate people tell alls and start I don't mind that as a group. But if it's really only because you're all too giggly and afraid to stand up there by yourself. And don't let the video work out figure out yeah the work the toast in advance now I have some more controversial wedding advice. That I'm I'm it's not. But that. Well afraid to get there. Now people are roller rats but the truth is instead of a rehearsal dinner. Extradition right you have rehearsal dinner the night before the weddings on Arab whatever and I am a member of let's airwaves on Saturday is your uterus gonna try to net share. Instead of the rehearsal that just the market sources coffin special. You have a square and it's. He's me don't really not like the eye like an eighth grade and Jim costs like that. But what happens as you used YouTube kegs of beer keg and either sold in the south barbecue notion of all fried chicken crap like that right. And it gives it's pretty simple food. And and then you invite. Everybody does little rehearsal dinner. You really it's just those intimate group gets invited to sing every out of town deficits sensitivity because if you'd expect expects its exact affect your body out of town guests. And then just sit there hotel room doing whatever so if you have of square dance you get it right everybody from out of town and even some in town or see about a hundred people. Or whatever and then the advantage of the square dance is if people do it and they should do it if they're actually more willing to go to the 18 grade when they're rolling their eyes and and and pretending they're sick so there left and right because there's beer involved now now. Yes and and you mean everybody from the other it mixes peopled by definition and you meet people day early from the other out yeah. Typically go to a wedding. One side stays we'll once I once that is the other this actually creates a grand mixer or an event. We have such a strong caucus credits traditionally wedding famine. That it. I'm very typically if the groom is in charge the rehearsal dinner they get to make it a sport entity when you you'd think so yes I had a square dance for sure of one item I'd. It's such a strong tradition there we have even when the bride is the cost. We have forced her defenses have. Upon the groom spam we know better we yes you will have a square dance you'll like it and pay for us and we've done that yes that's my more controversial bit of wedding advice. But. But you're Frida ignored if you. That that part but but the the toast is a 100%. Is a 100% you gotta you gotta do better people. Number three cap. Number three. You'll have no idea how good Memphis. Oh I'd have liked a lot of a lot of people have no idea how great emphasis I have just spent. Time and I know would say the Cleveland. Ohio is going to be better than Memphis although honestly. We've I'm like I'm not gonna I'm not gonna disparage Cleveland I don't San Francisco which. Alex Evans has gone to Chicago I went to northern Michigan northern missions god country it's different place but then there's cardiac and then and then Memphis. And I was so happy to get back in Memphis and not just because of the polls San Francisco is. The worst. Stunningly beautiful idea if you as you stand there and look at the Golden Gate Bridge yeah it is stunningly. Beautiful. That's about it. And that's where it ends it and that's where it ends there are too many people the places weight to what a way way too expensive. I happen to have a niece who. It's wildly successful. Yeah she may make like it is weird when my nieces and nephews are so much more successful and rich I honestly then than for example yours truly. Makes I will tell you like it really it's that she she she she makes I'd probably more than a million dollars a year. I think though isn't quite an apartment could fit into life and death for heaven's sakes it has a beautiful view of the but at her apartment could go to my Dan. I've literally spent I know our circling and firemen looking for a place to park yes. And it is final and it's just. I did finally find Juan you know Chicago. I had that. Park and it was as parking on the street. I had to go back every three hours and give it another like fifteen. Yeah not not not. Three quarters of like an idea of how is another twelve dollars a little tight credit card to get me another three hour me. Like these it's insanity. You come back the Memphis and things are just easier here there is essentially no traffic. People are nice I MI but I understand if you live in grip in and in. Crushing poverty anyway that's no fun and I'm not saying that everyone in Memphis was the greatest wife in the world. Because we had issues clearly issues of of poverty and everything else and if you're impoverished in Chicago or impoverished and San Francisco. Also not great but for your basic. Middle class. Life in Memphis. It is just. It's wonderful it is wonderful and you come back here and it is such a breath of fresh air oddly enough I was reading today. A story. They came up and the story is this is by pure coincidence it is. What cities are over and where you should live in step yes okay. Did you see this story I did not you have my full attention what cities are over and where you should live and set instead. Over the number one city that's over number one line in there Francisco. And where you should. Is Oakland argued for example this is why it's over. As long as it has its sweeping views of San Francisco by Ameren count except as dole never really be over for sag but as the most expensive place in the country in a city increasingly becoming an industry known. Don't protect it's lost a big chunk of the care to the mated unique destination. Look no further than giants games where once upon a time guys six Beers deep. Talk about based on the bleachers Nigel over your discussions of crypto currency and IPOs over twelve dollar craft Beers. In a hundred dollar box seats so. Still has got an upscale where landmark Dodd buyers seem to close every month replaced by a cocktail barred usual are serving twenty dollar drinks and move on tonight. Apple agree it's a big garnish of pretension. That despite all the money the city still hasn't done much about it's rampant homelessness problem which seems to be the number one observation of every visitor after they return hall. A guy has spent such a lovely and so that San Francisco. Now here's my favorite category though what city is over and where to go instead of cash. Nashville is over. Phrase. It's why it's. Was once a fun place to go and catch up and coming country stars. Now it's a place to catch the latest up and coming penis that's as of seemingly hosts every single bachelorette party in America. How literally a guy. Euphemism for the guys that inhabit the city but I don't think really what it's out with subpoenas now. It's like girl's room on the bachelorette party that it's literally like it got its name just male genitalia on in the format that what's the point of women that. Hey. Hi. My client it. But CAA I don't know like guy what you learned penis had a near his job. And they would like it's like one politically what they'll think it's Correia. Saline. Just Jeffrey now it's a place to get flat latest W coming penis as it seeming us every single bachelor party in America every damn weekend. There's not to say throngs of women wearing shorts black boots and matching black. I can't even say this thing cut tops. Is dobbs isn't necessarily as a hash tag that a military thank passes and I'll. Odd thing. It's just a bus full of them might not be everybody's cup of whiskey. In an influx of tourists now means you'll wait it out for hot chicken and Eddie b.s and possibly until 2022. Obtained secret entry. Sure you can still catch live better loud music. Watching Sunday ticket at a sports bar here than in any club the most major cities. But shall also be doing an extra people rooting for every team but the titans and probably another bachelorette party. Where to go instead. Memphis Tennessee. Often it's the same neon and live music you all. Find in Nashville minus the invasion of pre nuptials Beale street is still tourist he made no mistake but the blues clubs here still feel gritty and real. And if you sit down about a slow night you'll likely find yourself next to amend your lifer who can tell you stories about the city you wouldn't believe. Go to the right place and the food here is every bit as good as music cities with the advent of cajun spots like the second line and upscale Italian like Catherine Mary's drawing national attention. Plus it's got bracelet which is way better than the Hollywood. Great how about that yeah. My point is we're minute rice the whole time Memphis is you all should appreciate it and and you and it's it's a you have to go away. In order to not appreciate it. Okay fourth and I observed while I was number four and nobody left. The commercial appeal. As well like I look I'd I'm am like you logon every single day to see what's happening in the world. And someone else has left of the commercial appeal. Which let's be honest was sort of fan to begin with corporate really golf to me honestly Obama is today. There's a story on Phil stupid board good for Phil yeah as the Borg who's getting most certainly is. Lovely story until student board who's going in to the hall of fame who's going into the sportswriters hall of fame. Tight during some very ceremony at Cumberland university and Lebanon. Phills who could board. Is and was. The quintessential pro. Like she never wanted the story to be about him. He is quiet. He does not a coach who he covered. The did not respect him. And have a totally risk they understood he was doing his job. And and he cared about the at each company university announced more than anything else a lot of lean years at University of Memphis football. He covered all of the universe in Nazi covered it responsibly he covered it thoroughly he covered it. Not even not chase collects like that wasn't his deal he didn't try to make the fanciest headlined a sucked in the most whenever he he was about showing up doing the job. Writing it covering it telling the story. Total 100%. Pro. And for that reason he should be and is rightfully going into the sports writers hall of fame. All right whatever. You know the story omits that he's like salt of the earth did what does. All the fact that he was told to hand in his. And they have an advantage. There are hall of Famer hand in your back to business a little bit like Toronto. Oh and because we like click eight more are we laid out Phil student boy argued in favor of other people so we can run the paper out of Nashville home. I am totally ignored and I'd missed a a 100% depart woods says that oh yes those stupid boy there was a football fame or might have been a footnote there there's a net was laid off. But anyone I didn't quite. That's like. That's great for fell and it's appropriate for fell. And there are journalists all over the country who met the same fate it's no reflection. On fed. It's a reflection on the organization that said dilemma. So there's that. And then. I've won worst. Reluctant to tell us. So the same time the patch things happening in Thailand granite guessing rescue which was a unbelievably heartening great story. And led the whole world was watching that story and that the kids emerged safely. Was. I felt like a small miracle. And and you feel awful for the one seal who died in the process. But a whole bunch of kids burnings emergency if while that was happening. So our whole family as well there's nine case. But my. Elder sister won my older sisters. Was smashed over underdog and ruptured Gracie Allen Seattle meniscus etc. it's couldn't go Cushman flock. Guy that set my cancers. Now 98 and 93 and they couldn't flawed there's too much about current winning sentences yet. So she arranged. My sister arranged for. My parents on the Saturday of the wedding minimums missing. To go have a little adventure. And they got a family friend to drive out of this restaurant without him. The country outside of Buffalo, New York. And and so they picked up my sister and my parents. And as they were driving. A little girl on a mini bike. Was. Like a motorcycles and motorcycle and dirt bike yeah connect demo Petr are was. Or careen around and whatnot and fun. And she came flying up out of the ditch next to the road up. And hit their car. And didn't. And so you have three doctors in the sky once an NBA wants 93. My sister's got a leg dragging her life out. Lined the pitch with just eleven year old girl. Palm. And there was nothing. Nobody's fault. But it was its been a hard time for. Everybody. I mean obviously the girl's family does homework like just like that you know where you're one day you're. You're sending your girl are often not many but I have fun be careful. And the next moment your life is destroyed in room forever. And it just does it just feels like your life would be ruined forever. And so as this wonderful. Rescue is unfolding with these. Kids in Thailand. This other thing was happening and involve. My family. End time. It's just been hard ish I'll be honest it's been hard and I wasn't I was at eleven. But it's been hard to shake. And the truth is is that my parents would trade it Bedford just sit in the backseat they're not but they would in a minute when you're 98. You would give up your life yes for that little girl who you don't know so she could have her life. And Wilma. And the whole thing it just enter in my wanna like we just went around the suspect free all you don't know her I didn't know her we didn't let things tragedies. Of Andrea was looking out. The story. Just so she could read the newspaper story about it and she thought it happened in Michigan because we mission right didn't it didn't. But as she was Google and to look the for the story outside of buffalo it Michigan she found two or three other stores to sell like people might. On any TV you're whatever some type of out or somehow had outdoor motor rise after seeing. And you just like I am so thankful that I had you're able to have vacations and come home and have everybody alive and well and whether it's. In on what every what every you're doing much of family wedding a discussion they're letting some back. So it's it was a really. It was a lovely vacation but it had to Pall cast over it as you would expect. And it just made you like I'm and I got two kids in Chicago and I just it just about all the time it's that whole. Give ticklish. But people talk about. The decision to have kids is the decision to have your to have your heart. Tom walking around outside your body. And that is absolutely true and I've never been more sort of cognizant of it that I that I am right now we're gonna. Stop with a serious stuff gonna come back and doctor John Martin. Next after that this Terrence and we'll talk races with him stuff to show NET nine FM is. You're tickets to the 21 annual big Brothers big sisters sports goaltending issue gala tonight Tony Dixon. 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Now dad and John your sight for sore eyes I appreciate that he didn't shave. Job if a minister it's out. Goatee of some type. Not welcomed at the Jerry Lawler. Or you know from from the seventies and eighties it's the Jerry Lawler an extra. Okay it's it looks very much Richard chin strap that's what it is it looks very I didn't I was kind of Baird. I've got the it takes a certain. Person to be able to appreciate. It shouldn't be your. I have you're not one of them have some important questions and having spent now some time at the beach but you did. Are you come around in my way of and impeach wasted time overrated. Not a great ways pandemic well the argument. It's used all my argument was the beaches dom more argument was the beach is great. A we'll tell you this I will be completely candid with Bridget got it to death than orca. You go and just I never know where to go. Is people play also all these places to go to. Rosemary or they got let's as cease if I I only have a vision in my mind of what they possibly. Are smaller. Watercolors. Is that like word. Jim Carrey did that movie's beside it close on that they're inside there right around again and somebody to death that is basically just mini golf courses everywhere to work think about what figured there's a lot of mini golf and and clam shacks. That I don't like chain is okay. Crab shed a lot of shame that there's the crab trap and their act our age days in the bag porridge there's now way to backcourt that guarantees that you guys in the mud there birdies we went to what does hairy tease the restaurant OK so he shared place but the point is I don't want a delay this any further disappoint as you're coming around in my way of thinking what are you not gonna Lima. I I did not enjoy it would be. I. Why would you it's hot. And I called it sick and he tied it at. You get sand in your sued the ocean insulting and got a nasty to red lake it's scary there's sharks and there's. There's there's there's just those little cloudy things worth all the sting you judge Johnson shell fish does those things you have to say the same drill a love of snorkeling I don't know why you would possibly go Y digital Adobe did this four pars the ball is a couple of things oh my goodness -- out there it was we where do we keep a real on the show. Before we left out are we went must of my wife you'll with our a couple other out of friends of ours prison -- -- and before we left with them we have I think we all big dinners used here in town and sand apparently asked me if I wanted to share. For the beach. And apparently I said no I thought according to Sam. And apparently I said now were you drinking and of course I'm. And we get to the beach which I believe that from San we can't that we get to the beach everybody each and every year how good their share. And they get in this little you know. Midget chair that is to two inches off of the same and armchair to they have they had nice cheers they had the ones that lay out. Chris had one of the basic alarm should they get that share left and your carport that was supposed to go with the Yuba because you said I want a chair they gotten a chair when now they win bought chairs. And they apparently just but they are told my wife you have to save me from myself sometimes when you have to know that I'm not gonna just sit in the same end. At the beach. She didn't she's gotta buy that share just on like that in. The back I was asked that isn't out rough that is a rough thing to expect of your spouse I don't think it's fair if I literally asked you directly what you want. To get a direct answer and say I know better and ridiculous mileage outside she should notary and had asked to begin with Shaquille doesn't she ever at any price is she is bought it doesn't sit in chairs are being anonymous on post sits in the sand. It's awful that he gets in your phone is my point exactly you stand on the we'd Chara Centrino and felt like elevated their apparel like drones and I had no understand what they and so hello this so the chair dilemma really pissed me off the start it's a bar they are I'm damned chair pissed off all I mr. Yeah you're we have as it was you're doing your house but it is this last year you were in is in California and I was in Florida are on different were sparked the world are so. Then my wife says you know what I don't have it yeah I you don't have a chair I'll take my exact. Thus you took it a hell of a birthday. Then I saw sit in the chairs harassed in the sand as a war she said the midget literally yep she said she said the mid tier and arrested her chair. And they did they fall than in the sand. And then she come and I'm like how broad its share and then she comes over to the car updates and out I'll get Italian outfit that she's she's a hero and all this is the other way so far and they asked you what you wanted to do. You said what what she did exactly the instructor when you then they got mad anyway she then gave up per share data in that you then broke her share up and then she says she's rushing to fix things up in the ground you know motionless on the court and saying it's a she comes behind me she -- be back out. And the the bit thing breaks again and I'm so upset at this point I take this lounge chair. Out of misses aren't we got hurt I take is lounge chair and I just hurl. Twenty feet away the beach we'll do this to you are telling people stay away. They're everybody was very upset with meted out through the chair about the other challenge and a bag justified to throw that there was little saga. We're Utah and hit anyone running up a lot luckily it was a good throw it could hit somebody but it denied any I have is that it that all might have been proud I was told oh no question out of the hole. Thing. Well the next night. I was not a very good vacation lower leg out that's the the real pain in the ass because the back. This shocking isn't it up there in the next okay yes the next day. If you surgery and pretty early there you do ya and until we had done that and then this and she's here in the Iran and baking in the sun drunk guy or whatever it was laden line in the sand it was time to go eat. At the back porch we've been very Monday and in armed and and looking good now feeling that I'm airlines yeah like I'm a mountains and a non durable like the sun make you irritable. And so we go to the back porch he's totally proven that I know not percent Ghana and we got to the back porch. And if an hour long way. Don't ever do that and it's like there's no way I'm waiting and our perfect. For Prez for Sodexo food but they wanted to wait it out Linux and it's probably sets without without numbered they wanted to wait an hour at this at this at this place Endesa. But they're dead they're like you know what we don't have we don't be in our efforts they would you go to the bar. And you in our value doesn't seats you can sit there of course so we go out there are three seats. Mr. Scherer is the theme and on the one they get left without a care. That's the whole fate all week long I was the one that got left out of the house of boot overpriced and mediocre is now the blue blood exactly how I think the best the ladies and gentlemen this is pretty much does the name of that show as far as I can tell. Frustration irritation irritability. Not enough shares to many people I know it has been my idea was mediocre destiny might be a great there's an accident at all of course having never had a well you guys guys gave you good bit of this or yeah this is exactly what I anticipated. Again again and this absurd does is a good place for somebody in some person out there who loves seafood. Right in your head in the sand and into your kids to be arrested embryos have a good time. I I usually that is they had been the best time they could hardly have given their company. The end of the company they heard about my favorite place in death and I'm not exactly get input John on the tourism board. For our death is exactly telling us the highlights now and Jeff Graham this is destiny is not my spot is is not it it is not. Yeah to be a veteran of that area around exterior on a young global it will get we'll get the expert there was a little bit our poll of the Condo couldn't go there I did you see the group. What not and see it but we were we were told you don't get closed. Now we it didn't the next morning we were back to a pool would have close we called they said there was fecal matter and in the pool. That's come around a lot of them did not invent all right in the pool couldn't swim considered. It's a down conference comedy chairman. That's great got the sports. Because we've been chomping at the bit to get on to sports are you ready to take back everything mean you've set a monetary young. New oh nice he's evident nice bounce back you'll ready to cross them off five today one. Day to day Jerry. And it to a victory arms too short not athletic enough and audits yeah. We'll lovers. Its. First game yeah. Tank. And then you take away the trillions for seven plus that is going to say next that it's wrong. What do you think I mean I think you're thinking about before formally started. In on my my my opinions are not bail out there if they don't. From the wind they don't know and and on and on now I with a win the boy you you don't like the deal Richard Richard put your finger in your mouth yeah hold it up and the parents he would when the wind is. Pro and precisely precisely none not what I believe such a young. It's still the same I believe Allen on draft night before some early would regardless of what happened instantly. I think that when he goes up against in real NBA players and not. You know to MBA players were every 109 NBA players on a summer league team. That he won't he won't he will not be all star Jeff but that's what I'm telling you will not be an all star will be overmatched yes OK you still big on Janet Jackson. I liked your Jackson I mean clearly he is not between nine point outburst that we saw. But through I do think that would in these games he has shown every element of why the grizzlies drafted him. Which is all you can really hope for if he doesn't look. Like he's confused because in the clueless out there should look one except for the folks and to. Does not look good in the post but that's about what they drafted him now they do not reckoned to be a post man the jet in the stretch out. Or chairman being shot blocker and that's what he's shown so far so. I mean I like how active exactly at my age he's eight years old now. I liked the fact that all these NBA legends have got to put their arms around them you know they're really trying to bring along. Yeah a lot of people rooting for him succeed that I like that I definitely like that. James wise men lot of recruitment on loan yeah a lot of recruiting going on around or couldn't go yeah he had a good game let Fannie and stubborn Kerry apparently he widening gap would. Widen the gap deck is burned areas kind of considered I got an honest to me the number two guy and James Wiseman appears it is not very close it appears it is not very close. How closely are you following the goings on at peach jam and what do you make of right now. Where you bet and he goes armed. Eminem are as of today I would pick out just because of headstart they got. That's that's the only is it just because they had stud they got there and I were there for years I don't is just because etc. there for if your hair I think just because Kentucky Kentucky in Johnstown. But I think I think of all things were equal penny could have overcome that. He still may I don't had been in there for years an idiot is it for years to recruit him like an up front about this before. James Wiseman cease penny as a high school coach. Because that's all he's ever known him after an AU coach that's out that's how we see them icu is a squeak produced exactly. Perception is that not that I see produced per screen senator and a very different title shot into one of us that are very different very different event he's a problem yes but. Used when you see somebody is something it's very hard to see there was something else as you know out. And so I think the biggest challenge for the penny is to give James wise and to believe but he is he is and can be more. In just his high school and AU coach. Judge Joseph Perry has already been talk to him about coming in for a year and won the NBA after year for for again two years now. He's never kind of conversations and understand like penny can point to what he's done and Mike Miller and former coach of the year because you're all those things on us right yep. But John can point to a player after player after player after player after player. Who has done. Exactly what James wise and wants to do yet. Go to Kentucky. Be a top five pack. And he's got a track record of it I mean this is true right I mean whereas penny can't he can't get it it's not anybody's fault he doesn't have a track record of it. Right yes and a dual and its Iraqi can possibly but you could poke holes that if you try easily and you could say what player did Jon got very put in the first round but what are headed there anyway. At the same for you you're gonna be a top five pick when you go to Memphis with a good Timbuktu doesn't matter. And intelligent to say and if they wanted to come here and you know you well what do you know how I coats. You obviously like how aiko is not a better pay to play for me back or. You know I happen to be the coach when you transferred OK so you pick Kentucky. As of today I've picked and how disappointing will that maybe if there's there's and I've been able to compare won't it will be disappointing but it will not be days of like it will not be. Crushing. Right battle I don't think they got because again nobody even Bob and it was going to be coats Oprah so. Right now your current predictions. You yelled at me about this before because I've said penny does they'll have to prove that he can get yeah. The leaked help from outside of Memphis well we hope he wealthy wealthy well. But he's got to he's going to get your tour want action is trying to laughter that they tutor wasn't gonna happen. I think you will the outcome that million after Memphis man I'll now I thought I did it happen to like in August or at an evaluation periods of there are you think that'll be the first one fall I think there will be the first one of overlooking the only one in that category of relief probably. Probably because I mean I think you know they're gonna try to match you hurt and out there and they're gonna get a visit with Matthew hurt. And he's going to be you know nit is going to be on his top five there in one of those have ideals. But in the end it's going to be hard to get a new nominee Elena gonna get Chandler lost their correct. It's not it's not clear how serious they're pursuing general Austin. Is this chasm between that family and university. Oh yes there's isn't between that and in fact even in panic I don't know as it was penny but definitely university. That's where it up there's no question about it and fewer than Ellis of in other Beckett Tom Bowen is still there. I think that makes a huge difference I think that makes it very difficult. Who Welles is going to be in this recruiting class well the end you've got Malcolm vineyards. You've got turned and Watford they were at. Traced Jackson Davis's game he's as they're not now as I write it's name Wiseman. They're after and they build good about him. So I mean what happens usually is you go to visa valuation period you come away with a whole new sort of you have your guy's going to prioritize but you come away it was sort of secondary. You know secondary a secondary batch in case one or two falls through. And and what did you learn about that what do we make of the because those who ask you about it of the power rankings that had Memphis as eat in the American athletic. And I mean I do think it's I think it's silly. And I and I honestly think it's. I think it's studies I've hit it I think it's Tug yeah that we as he pointed out he had them what what them last night. In a nine yen nine fair system the horse power and has focused in essence it is so it's a power ranking it's not his order of which they finish and according to and Hamas what is the difference but ceded power rankings like India to play if you're ranking. Because where he finished in the standings is the penalty play. This is not about schedule. Right so did the power rating it they should still aren't there are you disregarded because they deserve and usually when listening to an effort to I'm using is the Al east peace relatives put this fifth. I don't know I finally got it's even finishing at a government that's crazy but eight. In the bottom quieter with the east Carolina and and and to blame loud out here that behind with us they lost everybody. Caddie here man it got me down near Wichita State. You can't put them behind with stuff. So not a good I was a little this respectful and it if they if they beat duke is eight it will be at that he'll be that would be a disaster absolutely. Is not going to be a good league next year they finished fourth and go to in nineteen. Take you'll take it tolerable I mean it's not fun I deal but you you can forgive it like specially if you got. He got some boom on the way my with who. We have and should we have a big show Arabia have Thaddeus Young in studio. Yes that young and really had the I'd be dead but a nice career isn't the best player go out of Memphis. In terms of like statistics and pennies pretty good yeah he's OK but I'm in terms of like more most points that's bad. That is scored more points in the NBA than any other player from a listener that's my understanding. Real answer and in studio infinite Anderson gonna go Saturday he has little bit of announced that he won't debate. And then you you because all their muscle about it Nevada had it really coast and some. We're going to about where we're here I don't know nobody keep counts penny as a player he coaxed while the towards what we had a gun and another I'm. Now I'm back in town I won't turn that dot if you look closely. You can still see some Sandinistas say worst thing ever and I've told people that I've told people that it is the worst thing ever the be stay away go to lakes ladies and you know next time. Next time maybe a river or all right mountain I like tropical like I like I love Mexico I love you wireless because you could be in those little. Played those things that. Those beds that they had out there yeah leg we could send you weren't the beach even when you're on the beach you can close your eyes items if you were not on the beach it's the legislation is why it's the same thing they plan. It's like lint fairy. People say hey that's a want an enemy and a plan and and social programs. Just gruesome social Gaza the worst thing will be your hand and now they take a fulcrum with their innards in it and everything and just Friday. Athletic loses it shall and then you bite it like it had like a squirting chewing gum and guts go squirting in Europe it's the worst I'm not I had I had. Where there are some rush hour is like he's seen in years something in that was included on a and you've never seen any more confused my entire life the entire tab with all everything isn't every dollar attire Kravis complete. Pope well. And now at the delicacy John you know and a better as well so you had people tell me about it plant the same. And plants greatness not soccer it's awful makes me wanna throw up a Mason and and each of you had eggplant parmesan he can you tell us they plan. And he has a point if the best thing you can say about it is that you can't tell that they plan. Have ever done who got what you actually enjoy it should get exact don't do that and if the N at the beach the best thing about the beach is that you can't. That that like could you really those were those ads you getting tired of the beach. Don't quote will be to the first Gallo tell you this until it can win my wife and I have children every vacation and we take it on the front and really preached a multi artist now. Now it will be all inclusive. Look at you it comes down to the hold Destin think it's the same thing right with you and and the lake it's. If that's liquid you grow up doing so Ron don't turn out on the defending it bouncing like it's nostalgia thing like ever and guys like that is true. 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