Hour 1 with guest John Martin

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, September 13th

Segment 1 -- Geoff opens the show by discussing two stories from Nashville that confirm his notion that it's not the city for him.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes John Martin into the studio to discuss Geoff's on-air fight with Gary Parrish from the 2008 National Championship Game, John's radio scrum with Paul Kuharsky, and John's weekend in Nashville.

Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses ESPN's latest rankings of the NBA's Top-100 players and the fact that no Grizzly beyond Mike Conley and Marc Gasol are included.


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Keep you from either the out red birds tonight. As they begin a championship series. All our QB from buying tickets from Memphis UCL a it's going to be Adobe did despite what it's like out right now. Is going to be a beautiful day Saturday Memphis UCLA. And I do think it would be nice to pack this place church said about sugar Dave Bush's film. There's going to be on one of those that I Bruce. Of course is one of those college football's. College football writers out there and among other things. Could he wrote meat market way back in the day on home on the homeless program we may ask him a little bit about what he thinks about almost the fundamental it. He also didn't look good quarterbacks and and the development of quarterbacks and it so happens the Josh Rosen. Is maybe the best college quarterback in the lamb and is coming to the liberty. Pole. Saturday Jeffrey Wright. Who is the best college quarterback in the land and I'd be bigger right now. Who else would you put in your top five. Rosen. Put Donald and I don't Dana. Also this is a certain cooler highs and drove it in a global as a college quarterback you've got to put it in there and I talked a pro prospects a wholesale Darnell. Arnold Arnold. He reminds me of I very rarely see him always make the right read but he always makes the right the row if you get what I'm saying like as in. He always places the ball perfectly back I think he has a hot arm I'm still not five. In college for shots out one red cap terrified because football does this Aleksandar night. Monday Acker and pay later Rosen wrote Arnold. Lamar and yeah and you gonna do at Washington Faulk. No no I would actually pried into burning or fall. Did you take Browning is yet okay yells initiate. You think she is top five already he's already got 900 yards nine touchdowns one pick we'll ask you stumped about this in the second hour of the show custodians gonna join us Diana won a title on our hands and ask him. And that is this the NBA. Our top hundred is being released by ESP and then gradually first three at 75 to hundred no we had fifty to seven stuff. Not a lot of grizzlies so far. And I think. Its interest in for a couple reasons. Let me ask you this did you like the greatest show up on the top ones in the top fifty I do not think age is likely he'll show in the motto he will not right. And I will tell you need to match up between fifty and hundred. It's just a guy. Is very important for this team very important for this to him. Obviously I think the free agent market share of that what he's just got. And and and and I thought if it says something about the grizzlies roster. Rule room how many players will be debated all you want of course that's what they do useless you know you want but how many players will be. There's a players will be in the top 100 we'll talk to Chris Harrington about that and more whatever you wrote about in his 90 wanna technology. Martin is gonna wander back in here all time was Alice joy in my weekly reunion John Martin we will bring him on the. In the very next segment well I get to any of that however. I did think on a drizzly. Miserable day like us as your slot him through that. It is refreshing to at least remind yourself. That you don't live in Nashville. It may be raining it may be miserable you may have issues and and and there may be certain. Things weighing you down. Put at least you don't live in Nashville. Because there are two stories on a national that I have to address. Won it it's about a homeless country singer. Named Gerald. Melton. Do we we don't have a little bit seems to me how little bit of don't know but not credible but Doug mountains work. It's. Okay. And. And. So he saw. Schools in the saga yeah principal. Is named Cheney and bush. Camilo did he crash and also OK okay hey there AKA Katy Blaine AKA AKA Katy lent we have a little better Katie Elaine also country singer because national. Blame it. Going forward so far in the. Not sure why. I see is what happened and won by a dozen outlets home. And Joseph not much you bombed our but I tell them Jerel gets his dog isn't a little as that's around confused his name is Gerald thank you. So around 3 AM on Saturday morning last month tell mountains trying to sleep as he often did on a sidewalk near Nashville's music grow. Notice the heart of the city's entertainment industry but the for a 54 year old homeless man was disturbed by the smell of exhaust fumes and the sound of large. A loud music emanating from all white Porsche SUV. Nearby and met a national metro police had those feelings he asked the driver to move the Porsche. Prompting a shouting match primitive at some point not walked back to the area where have been trying to sleep he told police. And the driver a 26 year old woman named Katie Quackenbush. Allegedly stepped little Porsche. Fired two gunshots that hit him in the stomach police said she then got back and suvs and fled the area. Booked on attempted murder. How about that. Now in fairness to Imus Quackenbush. Her father who is UB stunned to find out a defense turning a will be stunned to find out a defense attorney. Says she was purely a victim. That that mr. Malcolm and let's be missed I can't imagine. That a homeless person approaching you in the Dark Knight. Unedited whatever can beat you can imagine that sure you can be a little intimidated by you could imagine that. You're probably not super comfortable he says that she got an archive Melton banged on the door she fired a warning shot because of course she did. Right he does and then the new experience for our allies that she gunned down in the game for life she flat. Well there are sitting down from this she's originally from Texas and that she. And that she corporate really cooperated. Whiff police according to him of bulls get a Quackenbush and the other woman in the bush counted the district attorney's office shortly after the encounter analyze agreed to cooperate fully with the investigation. The problem that. They didn't count it like she left. And they didn't and didn't contact anyone until the next week. And so what she'll OK you're in this deal. Duke comes that you. You fire a warning shot because you're from Texas. Right you you then that is judicious as is tradition yeah and fired to show is that there about a I used easing critical condition but he's not dead. You're fired two shots in the that'd take off. To shoot and if you didn't if you didn't shoot him in cold blood don't you then call the place yeah. Aside her whole story is convenient like pearl story is it that she gets off raising bond. Yeah I mean her dad to criminal defense attorney and the whole staff I'd like a chant of yeah okay that's one story. That's national in a nutshell right there if your line down behind a Porsche as you very good chance to be shot a stomach. Got to stay plugged it back blood for the goods yeah I seem to beta but then the other story. Is from the world of Sports Radio. Hillary it's just to hear that yet let me back. Some people think I'm occasionally hard on national or. That I have an axe to grind or that I'm jealous or that all whatever and I figured out or done that I had he or whatever house right. And can I I've almost. Now. I know the truth teller of a truth shall make you an end its Nashville is a beautiful city. If Mike is here to toot my kids and upload and a national I'll be perfectly happy it's a beautiful city with a robust economy a NFL team that. Got its basket the other these other Soledad but still looks good to be pretty good illustrator I felt and being very admirable hockey team and so. All of the only thing I don't like about national. Is Nash billions yes but not all of them not all of them. She asked nice problem just some. Light Keating Quackenbush for example OK this client. Kids that they think it's brick and terrorists somehow ended their whatever as an ISIS' entitled smug entitlement but I think it's captured admits that story. So what I see these appraiser and I mail my job so here's another one. Pulte our ski. Used to be with the Tennessee. Then he went to ESPN dot count and then he was late. And so event and left to make ends meet you also radio. In an effort and making he starts Paul Kanjorski dot com. Okay. As part of his livelihood. He is on with Blaine bishop former Pro Bowl safety. For the Tennessee Titans. Every morning he sorted showings there show the way I joined Gary Parrish show. At 5 o'clock every day he pops on and it caught in the morning Paul got rescue does is pick up all when he launched his web site. Key. Was written about by the national scene which is like him up as far. And they did a story about how in this world those of you you yeah of media. He's got to go out be year old Brandon Paul's little Brandon and I his story about. Well I just blame bishop Howard before Paul popped on. Was talking about today that it won't back when I wrote a blog the national scene didn't write about me it was sort of joking about that and so Paul comes off the radio. And again. I think you dropped pretty clear line between Katie Quackenbush and talk to her ski. And patrons with GeMS if I were while we're at it. He he's he. Well let's hear what happens he comes on and he takes issue with the fact the Blaine bishop four time Pro Bowl or. It is complaining that he didn't get or is laughing about the fact that he can also get the story in the national seed this ladies gentlemen was alive. Radio. It's. Okay. It's. Twenty years. Okay. My answer. It's. Easier. Anything you can get a clean. Since it's. CNN. Yeah. Or. Okay. Easy. Can't they read about. Sprint. Yeah. Nash billions man where to begin Nash billions. The idea that you would. Listen I'm someone who wants to pause might might temper. Our Gary and I got to Gary Parrish and I got into a legendary fight on the air where we both running hinged that makes both of us cringe to this day. So I totally get how in the moment. You can loser on radio forget that your on radio. These two very clearly forgot that they were on radio. But the idea it fits into the whole theme they're just measuring their d.s against each other whose greater and the idea that. Scheme is goal after Blaine bishop four time Pro Bowl safety. Who is one of the truly beloved titans of all time and saying who were you. Just because a lot of that he just bizarre to me I don't know if you know this Jeff but Paul. Is a Rutgers prep hall of Famer is Blaine bishop directors prep poll there in what sport. Just says all cameras by. So. National man just be glad you look for us where we all get along. 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Jason John every single day from eleven until two. Let's say. You're gonna have played bishop on your airwaves of course we are you're gonna have you really got to be Asia Africa on line your airwaves did you. Did you tell me you're gonna you want to talk to him about our ski. Well I don't think I needed to and I think he pretty much knows if he's gonna be doing a radio hit between Darren yeah like it's gonna come up and so yeah like I thought we I think we do a talk time that we do we're talking. We must and one look I don't. Now I think it's true. How many years do we do radio the other. We did. Three years meant three good years did we ever. Blow up at each. I don't think on the hair not think we mostly with the opposite way we mostly just cried together. I describe it yeah. Yeah I'll think we have now hello I'm Jessica we had some heated arguments that the mean but not nothing really that many walk out of the studio. Okay when you are. Pronouncing words and you maybe feel bad that that's true that would be well. I'll vote blame this you know yeah I would try to say something US have a Jimmy as you. Analyze my my fundamental take away from this whole thing. I started to destroy the woman the Nashville and who sharp almost personal and took off and her Porsche you very. And then I went straight triple car ski attacking us towards a full time for and I just think Nashville. Makes you feel it's it's does something to you does it just obviously does something it isn't in it it confuses you would this feeling of super. Jerry already it does I was there for two days this week and you sort of feel superior I was I was like after like this is you know tetanus shot. Dell does get a diskette Saddam Janet I was there for rob was saying I got every it was actually finally we went down nice city really good time you know what you notice. First of all about Nashville if you don't know. Lots of women. But very attractive women though and glad I had mound ready when you know my wedding ring connect look. Kudos of rapid and a lot less attractive but because there are attractive women know that means. Now lots of and bullies. F blazing you know. I don't know what an in out skinny jeans all on leather jackets like aspiring country music singers. Rose as the worst. Really the wire you think fits the profile absolutely fits the profile OK when you break down this deal between polka husky. And Blaine bishop. How do you analyze what they're both big petty. Is that where you think they're both wrong I mean yeah I think that I think they both like. I think they both would kind of silly right pop Archie looks silly every day that this is not new for him but I like. Like blade is sort of like he's joking about it though with high. I don't know like I was joking about being touted sic about hey why not any coverage like that's that's farm. Really mad at the national remained did not do a story on him when he started a blog that he looked small I agree but. That would be new for blame. Brett that's not new for ball. But that's what Paul does. Like we had him on the show. And I and I and I'm glad we had him on the show. Because it was a great moment it was a great equity analyst show we thought I'd you don't permit I don't remember what they listen in broad. At the studio were like thirty minute what happened where does all of that report about what occurred at what OUN Paul we're going back and how about oh yeah no I live on the head I didn't hear it I feel like if I didn't hit by her eyesight and tweet afterwards something about. You guys got to protect your boy because you don't wanna kill online radio that's telling all bets let Paul tweeted after what we did me he's like and Gary are similar to you guys the two boys like he's like he's like Chandler Parsons. Who think she got the better of an exchange when clearly got. What was the subject you're going back and forth on. And what happens abroad because remember he weighed in on Zach Randolph Jersey be retired right back and I took great offense to that we'll. Let's also take it take a step back. It was the summer. Edited content. And so I felt like you know what I'll I'll be passionate about this outbreak mr. Brodie ought to go Adam over his. Uninformed opinion about Zach Randolph and what he's meant the Memphis what I did not know is that like. He's totally OK with being an informed. That he admits it. I usually tell you okay with and say hey I don't watch the NBA I don't know about a but I does that weigh in on it like I'm not used to that. I'm used to a lot of educator for people around his radio station he's also a certified brawler and its way does in ID he he baits you into it and tried to get me on. To debate national Memphis right well that's just not there yet all he can really do apparently if you subscribe DePaul guard you Docomo you're gonna get is like ten reasons they Memphis because that's all these Williams and in doing. It's taken a dump on Memphis yes I want Rodham on. A Radovan addicted to defend his indefensible position about that Randolph and because he does that watch the NBA because he knows nothing about it he admits that. Woolley is nothing so returns the admit this verse Nashville which I was not prepared to debate but what I've read that the guys that love you love like a Kansas decimated like egg didn't give it made it's and it's stale as well. He loves the dump I'm not paying five dollars and that's why isn't there grabbing your website if that's a little bit again that's why in the end. Your Oakland Raiders and what does all of Bennett what is moment your producer he's thrown but then and thrown in the national. That's the that's that's what bringing out that he's latest how many gigs well he's not done he's got to Nashville fan you know he just root for the tide that I give him a pass that there they you can separate the two. I'm glad you raiders want out so with a guy. This story the other. Here's a deal about a pull cars he has been asked. Not to join rickety we showed today as well today that Iraq it was a yesterday yesterday yesterday's -- back yesterday was asked not to show on the radio show maybe they'll make nice today. Who knows they may nicer in my view. I am not above. Getting into scrap on the radio and then there was the legendary script that I had to carry that I don't wanna start you have this Jeffrey don't start at the beginning start. You'd three minutes and can be desperate attitude that the Beckett because what you're doing is the had been genius radio I think we'll close. I'll be honest I was a name like we were out this is bachelor days when I was known to occur around us mend. We were out late. And so I this is the morning of the national championship game and I had this stupid idea. Of playing some inspiration most likely do it our arena you don't like cannot. It's not over till I say it's only and in yeah and that and the deal from them the movie by brave Arianna. That kind of style firm or around secrecy Wednesday it was beaches you lost me there but they'll resume with and it was totally corn ball. And Gary to his credit. Called it out as being corn ball of wanted to stop tournament. And and made a stop doing now Gary. Had not prepared at all I at least have said what the hell and gonna do a mystery national debt so Gary enough to put agent Gary gets irritated stop playing at your residence and as a table over there's no one around were and and so Gary says stoppage to stop planet as a player than whatever and it devolved from there. Did you just get a sense that pick up like three minutes and. I got an old if any vehicle that looks like what's OK QPTL number does that not for a six pack tax just born 9617. Who is right on this by the line is Gary Miller. Establish what I'm trying to finish saying that. Although it's going to be there all three cliche I'm cliche to address it on the radio up and you're supposed to be smarter than that and I could play and now you're not in the stupid Braveheart clip Braveheart could spent hats it's cliche it's moving it's cliche. I don't know if you will Houston we have a problem little last year with Oakley yeah. No I didn't there was a headline you know I don't write headlines it's quite safe and Bill Maher now it's moving your client wants you to another time now. It also it. Yeah. That's exactly my children you have this whole you're you're better than the people who like the tigers you've got to the people who are moved by the tiger you were unmoved by the tight you. All look at your cynical you don't say well. They play great artists Clinton not at all a global I don't know ideology every in the early early radar again he's had never really hired a woman who village. Then there have been doing look at your daddy that's just a silly stuff is old. The good old chicks there is all that's that's scary because that's okay right there at ground zero Jay-Z veteran does Shakespeare is old. I don't jam take care John kill Eli let's talk about the game you want when we John John. Yeah nation and Elena turns it was Gary instead of going with the thing Jerry just have to be difficult now you're just a typical man yes if I like that I. You interrupted the thing in the middle of you al-Qaeda that every listener out there was glad that I. Every listener out there was glad that I. That I in Iraq few actually the now there's the silence. Live radio but because you've got you got mad you pick your tips that I only like especially on a balcony while at the river walk you should see this. You that angry that I had erupted in a rug that they acknowledged eligible for a what did that angry. Just a clip from the movie the quality. Under. The war. Can't play and. What happened. At the into the club. At the end but that's all I got menu look I even have that. Thank you John Volek. Jen was right about the cliche part of that a guy Garrett as well right about the shape part of our but the problem is Gary was totally am prepared. And only did this crap on some right you can't you can't duplicate younger they're not just and I don't know alternative daylight at least one of us is trying to get through this day and general Bud Black. But he was right leg around my element of the day and actually hit the latest now it is is not impossible. To lose your temper. Online radio like I mean jays got it through like two weeks ago over Matt Stafford I got so upset by the way I want to bring us up if you. You've got a note on Matt Stafford because you were saying Matt Stafford is now one of the ten best quarterbacks in the NFL Europe. What I talked about a child I can mania and I try to talk sense into it later and and and we go through it and I say let's list the ten best quarterbacks in the NFL. And you I swear to god when we have this discussion the words these words in Saudi became the local players are better of the quarterbacks are better than Matt Stafford. These words came any amount. Kirk cousins. Yeah Kirk I take that bet no. He's a marriage horrible thing happened on pins six. Hey that's possible he came back and I think I know I know all I'd say he's just putting it what did you say yeah he's going to be an MVP then end and Russell Wilson and you're on a miracle is also the lesson if you don't give me Russell whispered her curtains and furniture art has a better pick six to lose on Sunday. There while you're behind and it's an Eli you know I mean we know there are some guys did an image and I ain't. Don't think that. Eli is better at this point commenced effort do you really. I think it's I think a lot he's God's very close to let these guys very tossup but where you actually angry. Jason. I don't I get mad sometimes when when they dislike totally dismiss my idea. They were they don't even like consider what our elected respect they got this weather but the Blaine bishop and hear this I didn't write about my mother had the right in my blog but I I didn't feel like they were both I feel like sometimes what they do man what they both do is they sometimes. Would just not even given an idea of a mile concerning bid at a Jason will you feel ganged up on that well. I thought about being gained a wise choice sometimes they will not give my idea consideration because it came from me like for example mets' staff about it. I. That if you have an exit yes. The president is yes I was out yesterday you all decided who should replace Tony Allen yes there were voice we have well he is a very important job in this and it goes on here airports yeah material that commercial goes port comments yeah I think we did you reach the Franken thing was ridiculous. Why Boca she's not she's from here to benchmark PC PU that find out what admission into Jackie's not really Olympian and I she'd left. When she was two or something like that are so. We do on our show you claim you if you aggravated allegedly barely counts if fewer border in Memphis and memorial final minutes here. Our our finalist and a BMI Conley Jerry Lawler DeAngelo Williams and Karen before one. Pity pity me they're going to be Atlanta public. Com because he's in Nashville and we decided collectively it doesn't live dvd that'll be easy enough. And I think Jason is right when he says this I mean I think you know I've even had a conversation. Justin Timberlake claims Memphis when it's convenient for him who. And another what do you out there that that's gonna make upset but the head. Everywhere and a solid way that goes on late word that he wears the shirt all the cannot Wear the hat everywhere anyway. He wears a bunch what do you grizzlies game so he wears when he's on national TV where's. What I thought he's got done with tiger that have. I don't I don't track which isn't certain Jemima Justin Timberlake sightings. But I see him in the damn hands and he's authorities warning before so I just think President Clinton doesn't rat like he used to. Ever since he's gone Hollywood's do you think this is another example on national and in your blood appropriation their. It is an unfortunate thing about us and it is it just thought I would have totally it has inevitably WW bishop who eleven Tony about Blaine bishop 1125. We will get his side you have LaDainian tell residents what Attila putting on Tomlinson we have cam white woman 1 o'clock because Bruno Mars as she warming only familiar FedEx Forum is Brent Graham RS have their pairs SharePoint without you know mr. ladies and gentlemen is there anything else you know. I have to do term that it is John Martin 99 FM ESPN. What we come back the top hundred. Are being released. By. Top hundred NBA players according to ESPN. I will explain how the grizzlies play into this list and why it's a little bit concerning its just doctor showed that he can FM has been. Thanks for the memories only. This is a magnitude nine SO MES. CNN hi this is Barry Sanders the law firm of Portland Cordelia. We had a good football player didn't protect me from the trials and tribulations all Minnesota to. 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I think you Alley Robert when dealers today only September 15 and sixteenth four locations but don't go online for this one its in store only. If you can hear the call. They don't miss like. Did it feel. Fast food that comes flash floods were fast. His face says it took just thirty to twelve racers Friday big record Saturday seventeenth floor Sunday as. Click the club midsized restaurant and a big year. That's. So X 88 on the Dell. In 929 or espn.com. Steve. And shallow recession can adjust and the next. Segment we'll talk to him about an NBA stuff and more on the Bruce felt. There's gonna join us we'll talk to him about Josh Rosen and the world of college quarterbacks just throws and of course maybe the best quarterback in the country. Certainly the best arm. Among the best arms in the country best armed talent. As they say in the country we'll talk to Bruce about Josh Rosen and more into the second out. But what would that I wanted to. What it to go over this NBA hundred. Coming out of the hundred best. Basketball players in the NB right corner and you look at books according to seal look at the and number 800 number 100 is Ryan Ayers. Number 99. As old and stated as he is Manu Ginobili. Number nine B Dion Waiters number 97. Kind of sad. Dirk Nowitzki. Number 96 Denish report. Anyway continues you scroll down you scroll down you scroll down start to see players who actually once upon a time. Were grizzlies or could've been grizzlies James Johnson. At number at at number a number 93. Riding hood and it does put a little bit of perspective in terms of the grizzlies fans who go nuts over the loss of Rodney birdies at number 92. Not that high but he's a number 92. And so on that and so forth and they released them. 45 at a time. So you have a 1751. Marco folds by the way at 86 how to feel about rookies being included in this list that was my first thought is that. We really put a guy that we've never seen on the floor on how do you know that he's he's whatever he wasn't what I just say he was 86 and then Ben Simmons is 84 right we haven't seen any of I'm a big production. And then and then De'Angelo Russell's 83 Bo wouldn't you take if you're just. Forget about production would needed false right now over what you know about the Angela Russell yes I would absolutely so if it's if if the potential full should be had a Russell. And that's if its production. And full should be on the list entry so. Every list is flawed but they got AA Bergman a row and and Lou Williams are all from Powell comes in at AD. Etc. etc. etc. I don't think there's anyone else on this list on the top. On the first 25. The degree is that the grizzlies. Should happen to any aren't. 51 through 76. Made the beer maybe it would be a grizzly and there's not a grizzly. In the in that when he finally got Dennis Smith junior games see you're deal if you do all the rookies here. You got. Oh Jeff Teague is at seventy for me and we just scroll down and scroll down Michael Kidd Gilchrist is at 71. I'm losing my feared you have. Oh here yards I don't know if there's any former. Patty Mills who's killed it goes before a 67 Nicholas Batum because desperately wanted a one point. Is 66. Carmelo Anthony sixty. For how you feel about that. That seems about right where Carmelo is to me like I'm I'm okay would like Carmelo right now and he's a third scoring option and that's kind of about where being they have him. Behind Alonso ball at 63. Again how do you know that Alonso ball compared to Brent Simmons can part of march of false why right now it is weird. Mark shuffle was the consensus number one pick in the draft right. Yeah he's in the eighties. And lots of balsa 63 why because of a summer league all I'm looking at right now looking at the club on the ball about Iran and native. I'm just looking and it says Alonso and there's a headline that says wants are or Carmelo solidly they're embracing some debate. As the ice should it do you think they're in they're pitching that's just embracing but creating celebrate I just and debate ideas that they weren't union Avery Bradley a he keeps stroll and keep looking for grizzlies don't see any grizzlies Harrison bonds to the content is afraid signed as a free agent last year at 58. Malcolm broaden the footage after the in the second in the due to really badly pitted after that 56. And then that takes us through the top. 51 players. They just released. They just released. 31. Through fifty. If you look at this yeah I just I just saw longer where where you have put aside what you know share. Where do you think mark would rank and where do you think Michael right. I think mark will rank somewhere around fifteen. I think Michael ranks somewhere around 25. Finkel. I think they'll both be in the hi team being low and now I'll be surprised what I'm about to look now from fifty to thirty. I don't I think go a little last year Mike would have been in that range but given here that he had yes I don't expect to see his name pop up here. In the 31 to fifty. I think once upon a time it would it fifties Patrick Beverley. I'm George Hill Ricky Rubio who I think you dramatically now under rated broadly but underrated around the league I think he actually is of it turned out to be. A very good player Stephen Adams 46. We have. We keep we keep going and some Whiteside who is in good is camp aren't they let go at 41. Al Horford who somewhat betrayed straight up from mark. That's a non starter has always been a non starter is it forty. Jae Crowder. I just tell the courses are 38. I'm looking for any grizzlies here any grizzlies here any grizzlies here Isiah Thomas is a thirty. Three Jo Ellan beat interestingly at 32. I don't know where you put them obviously if he's. If he's healthy he's top twenty if he's not healthy he's the issue he should rank. So and then CJ McCollum. Is 31 so is the bull market might occur in the top thirty clearly as they should that you would have expected that. It also means that the grizzlies do not have another player in the top hundred. To not have another player in the top hundred. And therein lies the problem we talked about the emotional blow of losing Tony and the emotional blow of losing that. And that I listened adjacent and down you say they're talking about it the Jason about the need to turn the page I need to develop other dunes. And my contention is always been this. Good reason that other dude haven't developed for the grizzlies is not. That Tony Allen was taken their minutes. It's that they have never found any other day it's. And so here we have to Michael Green who wants a massive contract about the way I'm hearing more and more likely that he's just gonna sign a one year tender. He's just just under one year qualifying offer. Because the agent. Has never backed off one and crazy numbers. And so. That is probably. What it's gonna happen. But you Michael Green. Whoever won sitting thinks this superstar never went ripped aviator for not playing and blab blab blab. Is just a guy. He's just a guy. And they go out and sign a bunch of players. That McLemore. Tyreke Evans. Chandler Parsons obviously. Branded right. None of them appear on this list none of them appear on this let's go it's just one last. Well I think it's telling. Just by dint of man. Every team to be your average team should have. 3.3. Players on more in this top honor right basically is that if you just dividing them all equally if you have. Three and a fraction players on your team in the top hundred because they're very clearly gonna have to. And they acquired a long time ago and they don't have anyone else on the top hundred. You can make an argument. That some of the grizzlies. Should have been in the top if you make an argument for a grizzly. It is not Marco might. Be in the top hundred. Politically obviously Chandler Parsons is top hundred I don't think you're ever gonna I'll say this I don't believe Chandler Parsons will ever be on this list. I agree that. I think he's I think I think health is issue a diva or going to make the argument out make the argument for Tyreke. For Tyreke yes I think that's how it is there anyone else who you could possibly make the argument. For. You can't make interchange MS now. Can make you per Troy you can't make any character he can't make it for Troy. You can't make it for Mario Chalmers. You can't make it for bread right in the you can't make it for tarmac for more you can make it that he might become a top 100 player you can't make it for Wayne seldom. You can't. Literally the only play and the only players you could even argue about and again you're arguing with. Who's always with all over the bottom ten. You are good Ryan Anderson and mother Janelle do I believe that Tyreke Evans could be better than Manu Ginobili yes absolutely. That this feted asked. Manu Ginobili that Tyreke could be better than him. Yes I did. But given that he's met and missed as many games as he's missed the last two years. I don't think it's unfair to leave him off a list of top hundred players who was the third escalate. Double the third grizzly. But we certainly know that they're who stuck now that top ten studs and the warriors have. All the wars that the world will have to ran in the top ten of the stuff in the top ten while playing Andre none of the top ten will they have play the top ten. Maybe not in a lot of claim the top ten. The other thing he'll be in the top ten and then. Other different from that they're different they're unfair then there are fair. For those dudes who are in the top towards the busy have we'll have to between ten and twenty and then the nobody else. It's probable that the Siebel and Tony things really have. Hasn't Dan. Yes there was always gonna be an emotional blow to turn the page force can be emotional blow. Turn the page does everything that they've Tony stood for and everything the text at four and everything that man and evidently abroad and everything they've all they've done for the community. And always they've entertain entertained us. And everything else and you can turn the page. But you could only turn the page and believe me I speak from experience. You can only turn the page successfully. When there is another group of players coming in new. To carry on you can't turn the page. Again I'm speaking from experience from Jim Kelly. When you're turning the page. EJ Manuel. And Todd Collins. And and and and and and just the wrestler like crap that they had for the last twenty years frank right. If frank Reich really was part of that he was just Kelly's backup he was never really. He was never really the starter Doug Johnson air. It Rob Johnson rod got Rob Johnson nick pardoned what's his name from Tulane that guy with a big. Closer AP Los men would you like you just worry that these guys are. You turn the page from patent what you guys Andrew Luck right. You can turn the page. You can my brother did act yes exactly for robot adapt you can not turn the page from. Jim Kelly the Todd Collins. Who brought you don't you remember with an issue that we're headed and and that's the real problem I think if you were who is right now. You're starting an NBA team can't. You can't have markets so there's nobody on the roster aren't you can't have mark or money. But you can take any other grizzly. Taken Tyreke. That's sad yes. And did you hear the hesitation like them so they're going on the grudgingly I'm taking Tyreke. Who I'll I'll listen to any argument you want to make. But I'd to meet Tyreke is the safest option when Tyreke plays near sixty games Tyreke averages basically fifteen and set. Read. No I think it's Tyreke I think pretend it you'll hoped. Well you put those you hope that the third best position trailer parks or rent adding that he hoped the third as grisly as. I don't believe the third Chris goes through Brazil will be chairman Parsons and you hope that next year at that that this time when they come up with a list of the hundred best players. That. Potentially. Who could be on from the grizzlies potentially who could be on the do the same as next year. Mark by the way mark looked really good this looked really good Euro basket like he looks he's ever tremendous summer. So. Physically and so on and off for so mark beyond. And Mike will be on hand. I think you can hope. That. Tyreke will be on it yes. I think you can hope to keep things really work out and it's unlikely. The ban medical horizontal. And compile that. He's just got it and they asked about a globally this Dion Waiters is on the idea think big Mac or can be is Candiotti right yeah just got a better now. So so he you can hope that he could be on it early there's anyway the Mario Chalmers at this stage of his career is going to be on early due to hold that. Idaho freighter Harrison tried Daniels to limited James Ellis is never gonna be on it. Are the rookies ever gonna there are any of the kids ever going to be on. Navy I have been around. I don't programs can be until Brooks actually I think has potential. And might. It might some day. And might someday be honored but. That's the problem. I mean I guess if you're saying hope it the affidavits you can hope the DR today shirt on right if you hope the Brenda Wright would be back on. If you base hope is the actual term the hope is that Chandler Parsons becomes a top fifty player. You and I just. Realize I don't believe you well right but that is it took Michael you could imagine a world where to Michael who cracked the top hundred you could imagine a world whichever country. Trap that we can imagine a world were tired Equant and you can imagine a world. We're back America more award. Cracked the top honor yes. I think all of that and all the some of those things have to come true. For the visit to be decent this year I wanna go back we'll talk about it Chris Harrington the 901 antenna one after that Bruce Feldman is gonna join us. Talk about college quarterbacks just got to show many in NFL history let's interest rate would you rather pay on your credit card debt 16% or less than six the answer is obvious late stream because of light streamed. 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