Hour 1 with guest Joe Mullinax (6/12/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, June 12th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins his show by discussing what his dream scenario, worst case scenario, and most-likely scenario are for the Grizzlies' draft. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Joe Mullinax of Grizzly Bear Blues to the show to discuss the Grizzlies' draft scenarios, the NBA Draft, and more.

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T official who. 929 FM ESPN presents Memphis is the biggest sports columnist. The award winning Geoff Calkins and no Geoff Calkins show. DC nine S. ESPN. In general Manuel. It's not. Yeah fans like home. Because there's that north calls. Yes I have. Two. It's a kind of cool. I guess yes to answer lighted you can have a IIII think some people have beloved giants don't you think that's true that there I guess. I think most people. Have war I mean they eulogy about that crazy uncle. At any of them and it's the beloved it yes. I should think that's true seems fair that seems like are already there and yeah I don't know I. Beloved uncle. All the more. I had an uncle more and an uncle speed. Boat and local law if that's what his brother's name wants. South exactly. His name was south. And there was north and that is a separate and related uncle speed. You like and one called north north was the best north had. Holy he had gotten it because he was in the foreign service and he was. I think in the Philippines and he got polio. And he was paralyzed from the waist down. But he was good jolly guy in the world. And he would drag himself down to about late and eat them afloat I got one of those matches there's air mattresses and swim. And then the other thing you did is that we were a family that just pared sailboats and canoes and like my parents fund motor boats were your blog cited bad for the environment your stuff. And of course was late cheating do that. I get the LP bought a respect and so yeah. He would he would rent. A speed boat and take it that water skin and whatever else and here's the but. Yes because at one point a horse was considered good transportation right. But this is this a two strike might that we we have a little putt putt on this little cabin where we will putt putt motor. And it gave out. And we are deciding whether what kind of motor to put on the back. And my dad decided that defied the five horsepower was scrubbed after much anyone to get to Syria or redshirt his blood. Running of the three cars plus we have three freaking horsepower at the kind of family we are tailor. I think I know is that because mine this is not. Apple play anything but literally two minutes before that it showed again. I got an email saying in my aquarium died and I am. Not broken up about it because land men who live long life she's 92. I hadn't seen her in a year and a half she lived in Oregon and she's my mom sister. But she was my. There are two points here. One is. One of my fears of life and we talked about it with Anthony board Dane and and everybody else is that. People have stuff everybody has stuff everybody has challenges. And my aunt Marion. Had a lot of live the life of of great. It is. In some way share she went to the University of Wisconsin she became the mid career she became a lawyer. A mom and she she was. Very successful on that she had four children. Kind of above but the but but there's that real sadness in her life. Because of the four children. Ramsey. Became the he was area. He became the keyboard player for the Pointer Sisters. Okay really talented musician rams and he's still alive and doing fine him out there aren't. I don't know you no longer goes on replace the Pointer Sisters even if the Pointer Sisters are still around. But he was a talented cattle whacked wacky and talented musician. Lucy Ambac. She moved to Germany married a German guy. And she ended up getting ovarian cancer and died of ovarian cancer so and Marion had a very. Loose. About ten years ago maybe. Elena. Went to Wellesley. And she became a on the street struck yet. I don't. And so she had great sadness about element. And then Indy. Her son. He was a star. Went I think Harvard Medical School Pomona College I don't know school Rhodes scholar. Mountain climber world class mountain climber and rice are always written about them as among requirements that are. And at a certain age in his life he was a very mercurial fellow. He took his father's shotgun. Got an Qaeda. One out to the middle of the ocean and shot himself. So they have four children. Ramsey still alive. Loose he's gone and he's gone Eleanor has struggled. She ended up her her husband was a football player of the universe Wisconsin Richard Lambert he died is an orthopedist she ended up marrying his orthopedic partner. And but the other thing about this is that she was unfit she was my favorite I think she was aunt. In that nine kids and so we had a pretty tough. Regimented. It was regimented let's just say that there was not a lot of wiggle room and mine and I wanna. Soft and sweetness and my family growing up that's just wasn't the way it watts there's a time for that. And she was this we want. Like she she I had an doubles tennis tournament mixed doubles title sperm while I was probably seven. And she is whatever forty something her what she was awesome tennis player. She just I couldn't play tennis she just. What made him love you know encouraged me and she was always she was my beloved band. And so I think it probably about age 92 she has passed away. And it made me think that we should appreciate the beloved answered like those people got mom and dad if you're lucky. And get your siblings who you mostly love. Right there and then there's the greater constellation of family. Yeah and and it in this community a lot of people are raised by the greater constellation family whether it's a grandmother or aunt or whatever up. But I do think that that. Those other folks. Aunts and uncles. They can feel him and that's what M ended for me she filled in with some of the encouragement and softness. And Billy young kid needed. And so I don't celebrate all the beloved dance out there. Because I know we all have them. And and I don't know the be taken for granted but they a blessing that we often don't. I think I. And after that on the show today. They're said about the line of Joseph mill Joseph Mullen axis gonna. Join us in the next segment he is of course. Say manager SB nation's grizzly bear blues we'll talk to him could be heavy Chris Draft that's the start where we start. To crank up it doesn't it feel like it's going to be an earnest now yeah honestly with the flooding yeah I've even noticed slight. I'm getting more questions about so it looks like more drive that's got. In our beds at volley on a week and a couple days away. Third games are over. And so we're gonna start fleshing this out yeah actually think at some point we might get someone from the from the three cities ahead of the grizzlies. And and get maybe won't will pick one day and we'll get some of Arizona. At some of Sacramento. And some are from Atlanta. And then mobile will figure out what they're Dolan and then metal tiles will be doesn't know yet on. Rock salt so some job Wallace is gonna join us in the next segment Chris Herrington thrilled sofa nobody is back he is gonna join us again. At 1001. And then. My favorite Polynesian and our wrestler Samoa Joseph. It's sumo would joke and is gonna join us WWE smackdown why. At FedEx Forum tonight at 7 o'clock what do think Simone Joseph weights like 280. To me he's a big man will just be put it right I showered this morning yeah because I know one like this is that he's spread likes to come in here and take a picture a ha. Of of of and so while they'll be a picture of me and Samoa Joseph only dole secret what are both huge dog guys. Really yup he likes dog huge he's huge like our resident got yeah. We'll talk to my make make him make him make a note that dogs. Samoa job big dog act big dog guy and a huge really I was being about Samoa Joseph voted sauce and he hasn't worked himself up he's had is that they from like eight career he has he has been through like things I've. He started in. Alternate pro wrestling. In ultimate pro wrestling he was told of the enemy met with Brian Pritchard and Jim Ross are they famous people Bruce to Richard and Jim Ross and they told me didn't have a future in. Ultimate pro wrestler Eddie Lewis grizzard has the biggest podcasts in all of wrestling and Jim Ross is. Consider to be the greatest announcer in the very well they didn't have a future attack. And then he goes to pro wrestling 01 which is like in Japan. And he wrestles there for awhile. And then the ended up wanting him to do something. Extraordinarily gimmicky and he said if he's got integrity I'm not doing that Lulu and all that's yeah. Then he does ring of honor don't worry was a monster ring of honor I think and then he does Betty leave that for the independent circle. They need as total nonstop action wrestling RP. That's gone. They it's been re branded impact beyond the original version yes he did that and head to head was both a champion and like an incredible winning streak yes there. And then only after all of that and does he go to W dot be a dozen fifteen. Innings and now become a hugely popular dude. Yes I would say he's. He's probably one of the top five most. I'd popular current guys worked himself up we love him because he's lasso him on the silver platter he's so good at his job will allow them. His job being armed he has come a ban today if you will and he's awesome on the might. What should we got a Mike right yes exactly so I will have him in the second hour so that's a lot of Joseph Mullen acts. Chris Harrington and of course Samoa Joseph. But today I'm gonna tell you the grizzlies are gonna draft. And I'm gonna tell you. I'm gonna tell you this. I'm teaching him in my between now when it comes but today everything that they're good draft today and its highest in wake of all the news. That happened yesterday. Okay the news yesterday. Was as follows. First of all. Jerry Jackson. Junior. Had a quote unquote monster worked out the and the guns Josh hello monster work out I love monster run about a month or gun in my life but he had a monster work out mussina asks for the Phoenix Suns. According to agent Moore addressed you know. After the cynical type you'd studied. How would anyone know. Again right you'd say how would anyone know the media is that in there and the other teams on in there right. And so Phoenix. That are gonna draft them. So who is saying he had a monster work out just it's our favorite time of the year it's looks great season right so he had a monster work out he may well have had a monster work out. We don't know we don't know he had a monster work that it is weird these NBA draft workouts as much as you may mock. The NFL pro today is. Those suckers are on TV just like we would want to one NFL that yes we can only the broad sell wind for example what's his name from LSU the quarterback. Zach met her all the bad guy when number one. From LSU coach JaMarcus Russell George Russell JaMarcus Russell when he is a monster perk and worked out right. When he goes from a hundred yards of his and he has acquitted he did have a minds we at least can see the monster worked exactly right we can see the monster work out. When that. When. I don't able Edgewater has a crappy work out. We can see the crappy work out yes these guys it's just. Someone tell us that they had a month to work out and by the way the work out it's still just don't work out it's not a gamer in the house it's just to work out it's it's worse. As bad as the NFL ones are. This stuff works agreed completely because. It's day as Mick does as devoid of meaning in some ways because they're they're playing against air or whatever. And then being no one seemed the yes. Be that as it may he may well have had a monster work out. Agent further says that this means the grizzlies. And not just the grizzlies. But all the about a bunch other teams including Sacramento Atlantic and the grizzlies will all be getting furious action. As other players tried to trade up. To get judge Jackson junior. How about that at some time ago. Is this better than your version of how Michael Porter could work could just be a lot it's another version of it well. This is all stipulating that I agent Jackson junior I don't you do I hate on him running nasty towards idol. So that the other news and this is news that I will be complete I think I can say that's the Chris Harrington knew as he was sitting here yesterday because he told me. On that one they'll Carter was in yesterday for a secret work out. It was off the record he was not allowed to say that he was in here for a secret work out but I will tell you that whatever publication. Wherever Chris Herrington ends up whatever top secret publication consent and ends up you'll wanna read that. Because he knew yesterday as I was sitting here talking to him that window Carter was in here for a secret word you know before. Anyone else knew it and he wasn't here for a secret work out it is the only seeker work out why why seeker. I guess they don't want secured at that they've been revealed later. I guess they didn't want it getting out there were killed when a court but the questions why. Why do why do we care and I will say parenthetically. That in terms of drumming up excitement for the distressed. Bruises are doing a great job. Now let's say there are suited to chat and let compared the Phoenix thing when I thought that all the panel on monster workouts and whatever the mediums out there everywhere and at what I understand they have a different. Approach now. But they are doing a great job of considering they don't have a lot to sell one thing they say have to sell us this draft you would think they would be out there everywhere talking about everything. But there you go on so. So why don't Carter and that would suggest. The one they'll Carter scenario let Y one Nell Carter you don't take him at four nobody thinks he's taken before. It could be that they do anyway. That happens Celtics to tear the ground higher than anyone about the Celtics yet they tell Dillon band so it's possible that day. Liken higher than you think. I think the more likely scenario and it fits with the Adrian what's rescue thing is people are gonna be desperate to get out and get some of these players. And that means the grizzlies may be a position to trade. Down. OK. Okay. So. We're now that I go over patent would all of this in mind. I am also the Michael Porter junior while guys out there he had one work out he's having another work out later this week. I believe worked out for Arizona he's gonna work out for. Atlanta later this week he's not gonna work out for anyone else. Jerry Jackson junior worked out for Phoenix he's gonna work out for Atlanta later this week we hear that Atlanta is getting all these dudes where Memphis at least so far isn't. But. So here's my question for you okay. What is the your dream scenario. What is your nightmare scenario. And what is your prediction. In terms of who will be a grizzly at the end of the night dream scenario is Dodgers falls to four. Well let me press you on that. Is he really a dream if he's on the floor she's not that athletic. I'm still. I have two deals on the athletic thing like. Is either most like it does he look like he's running on a trampoline are jumping on a trampoline no but I do think people are discounting he's big. He's generally 69. At eighteen and half nineteen years old were every handling skills exploit and Smart. I just. To me like. Yeah criticism always comes down to the question of who can you guard leaking guard four positions some. Is concerned about that oak dreams and Arab countries falls to four and I think it dodges falls to four I think all the people that would have been a lukewarm at best on him to even. Negative towards them I think it big guy and if you get him for I think he creates a situation where it's like okay uncle that. OK so the second one is. Nightmare. I grieve with your premise that if you have the fourth overall pick you are less likely to ensure that you draft me. Difference maker a franchise player. The farther back you get sent to me nightmare scenarios. Laying back. Freddie Mac universe. Is trading back to seven and getting Wendell Carter. What does it is in fact the bulls trade though where your getting what is that is that I think simple template for yeah star air. Still. You don't think Hayward at the same player at seven that we would get it for. And so they're forward and an extra first round pick. And 22 bites at the animal care. Don't care don't care of him nightmare is trading back. And and what's your dream scenario. You get what you're likely who's your prediction. I think at this point the more you read it seems like. Look it can actually fall before. So your prediction has Luka because don't you think is this a game I think. It appears Eitan is going to Phoenix. Can we say that that seems to be seems highly likely save the most like okay now the more and more you read and getting could be smokescreen season. But it seems that Marvin back please go to Sacramento. More and more people think that that's gonna happen. I don't know old lateral what it is and at that point. Atlanta doesn't have a great need for a look. Well I'm looking at a ESPN recent mock draft. And that is exactly how they have that. Playing out they have beaten one. They have. I agree to them. They have. Jerry Jackson. Three. And they have Luka for. I think mine are very similar to yours my. My dream scenario is that the defaults to four because then people won't complain about it for he's a perfect fit he's out. He he may well be the the want them one of the very best players in this draft he's also fit for the grizzlies. I'm he's a fit in a whole lot of ways he's a fit. Both in terms of position all these and is a fit in terms of it's approached the game honestly fits in with Mike and mark him. So that's my dreams is that Google falls to heal als might play off. My nightmare scenario is. Trading back and drafting Mattel bridges. The heck are you gonna get a what what are you gonna get that what what this team lacks in Michael Green superb. Stunning. To dominant talent will we realize and leave wins in this league is dominant. Talent and if you're trading purported seven. You're just and and you say listen we we can get the hey if the players so awesome whoever it is you think you can get at seven. If that player so awesome who's to say some of blood taken amended in that in the in 55 or six. So I just don't think you risk. I want you to have a conviction on a player who's gonna be a star. And I there Ford if you have that strong conviction that they're gonna be a star why would you possibly risk going from four to seven having someone else slip in and take that Blair. And it also suggests to me if that happens that I'm. Edit the very least you're not that enthused about any of these players which is kind of a nightmare to tell you why I don't love that right it means then they're all okay. And then being. You're her. You're given some wealthy opportunity to take the lead better player which is how the the draft is the fun. So unless you get something truly extraordinary like if you're getting by all means. By some miracle you somehow figure a way to get your kickback from Boston in exchange for movement afford seven. Then do it owes you put that idea out there may be in the that's impossible but there's something some something truly. Holy truck. Get past that. Then do my nightmares and I think they're going to end up acquiring. Trading for. Not treating four. Falling in their lap. Marvin back. And they only question is is is it the only difference that you and I have is which one of these players is gonna slip Lugo or bad. But I think they are in fact going to get the good or bad I don't it. It's possible that the Jerry Jackson thing is a total smokescreen. By won't. Cities in the pot you know that he's doing so an agent of favor. Put it actually fits what Jerry Jackson it is he did it's an incredibly long incredibly athletic. Good shooter who you could actually imagine having a monster work out right. He's eat everything you want everything you want in net in the modern India agreed and so I can absolutely see someone. One of the teams ahead of them falling in love them or someone trading up to all moment. The only the only caveat there is is that it may be it may be that people I love them. MLB a love them so they trade up with the grizzlies to get them they'll still get past two and three but I think he's go to Atlanta. That's what I think adding Jerry Jackson is going to Atlanta. So then it just the question of what's Sacramento doing. Order Sacramento trading out and I don't I just don't believe the Dodgers is gonna all. I think people are gonna end up looking at Bagley and look at that is deficiencies. Defensively. Basketball IQ. Sense of where he is on the court. They're gonna ignore the fact that he put up huge numbers and that Marvin Bagley is gonna fall to the grizzlies. And he will be the pick at number four and Memphis will rejoice. And we will see how it happens. My man our production. Is Marvin Bagley your prediction is we'll conduct church yes and the other thing we've Trimmer or Luka. He has not been put on the NBA nutritional program. So hope book come quicker rushers and in bigger stronger and bigger story started to. He started to yes I mean or so so you believe they're gonna get down church. I believe they're gonna get badly Joseph ball elections coming up next we'll ask him who he believes they're gonna get just thought it showed that he can and other means. Men in the area have been working with the Memphis men's clinic to treat there PG for a over four years. Now area men have experienced stellar results from wave therapy. The state of the art treatment that uses a man soaring healing agents to help make EDR thing of the. 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Hayes so not able to make it down to DC for the parade but I'm watching it on television I'm excited about that and as I mentioned earlier on Twitter I can't begin to tell you what a career achievement it is for me of the blogger to be on the same show as my namesake Samoa Joseph. Yeah I hope and for making that happen for me yeah. Yes sir I was lol lol very carefully allowed under very carefully planned. This stuff. Okay. If it feels like. Tell me things are heating up a little bit maybe it's just interest because the game is the games are. The games are. Wrapped up and so now we can fully focused on some places free agency. But here's the draft but then yesterday we get the report of Jerry Jackson junior having a what a monster work out. With Phoenix and I we know the grizzlies had window Carter and then. If you look at those two things that suggests we'll may be trade down is the way to go how are you sizing things up right now. Well Hud then you're right that interest especially in the draft has really been that Adam. Fever pitch access for the last couple weeks but for awhile. In terms of site traffic over driven their blue dot com bubble collapse last month Libor over double what we were last year now remember last year we get out. But first round pick you know Dylan Brooks and and that would be eventual. And result of the draft but. What when you look at. Where we're at in Memphis and you look at. A report coming out of places like Phoenix and Chicago. But the Michael Porter junior hype machine is similar to the Jarrett Jack good one you know everybody talks about look at dark suits it is hype machine. Well whatever you see these reports whenever you see these Twitter upstate or whatever might be ivory tweeted this side was secular rule than what club head on my Twitter. Timeline. Somebody anytime you see a report like that you wanna think who benefits more from this information being out there who would. Give back into may and you know this better than me Jeff who would benefit. From getting back out to a reporter and having it be put out there for the public to take in for hash tag on ten. As you go out and into the draft it about jockeying positioning right now you know won't agents are trying to do their very best. To get their player it is tired we can't get the higher your selected with the rookie salary scale. The more money you make them more likely you are to get you know better incentives are to get a better second deal. There's a lot of money on the line and so whatever you CD turn to post you you take two of the greatest fault that we ideal. You watch the eight. He look at that if you do your research and try to figure out how they fit in your own eyes as opposed to what a report Michael. A letter of your quick right there because if you eat if you look at that who always benefiting by this report to Jim Jackson junior had a monster work out. I don't really think it's the suns to they're just gonna stay put so I don't think sons are much benefiting. Jerry Jackson junior obviously benefits because if you he wants to create as much buzz as possible. But the other teams that benefit interestingly enough. I think our. Are the teams in 234. It's those teams that are basically saying so so this could come could've come from Jerry Jackson junior's camp. Order could've come from some opposing teams can't it what it is basically saying that if you want this this prototypical. Future of the NBA five if you're gonna have to come up and deal with us and get him so could be a signal that Sacramento's trade to try to trade out. Or that Atlantis try to trade out or that Memphis is trying to trade out it could be that for example the Sacramento. Really knows that Atlanta wants him right. And so there either trying to tell Atlanta they've got to come up and and swap together and what they're trying to tell someone else you've got to get ahead of Atlanta and again. I think those of the two scenarios is there. It's also possible of course in different markets work out but even men who wants out that he had a monster workout is it is tired those sort of two broad categories. Of folks who would want out that he is amounts to work out. I think so and I think that you make a fair point there that at at the end of it all he played very well benefit the Griswold the most that I write about that. Over at blog today. You use. But then you get to Sacramento where things get a little bit more at stake you know the things so. Made interest in collections in the past but there's no guarantee that they kind of stay on the straight and narrow this time around blue dodge it's a bargain Bagley. And you couldn't foresee a scenario I think it's unlikely but you could see somebody try to trade up to Jackson to. You have great young going to Atlanta for work out the hawks so Hough somehow. Get that hype machine going there for a young representation. I'm not get into Atlanta at three but now you're looking at a spot were meant to be sitting there we're both blue to dark huge and Marvin Bagley. And Michael Porter shooter. All along the border for that they're the real chance where you could die at any age somebody maybe than somebody who really like Don gage are really like badly. It is willing to give up multiple first round picks. Or 21 round picks and it soon brown white foam ball. Something like that. We're yet to be ironic this happened the ball it. But you could see a scenario becoming more realistic than maybe it won't work then that could trade back. I think that probably you know. Feel lucky. It all on the table and I think it's more on the table that maybe we realize it's I didn't think they like our ports are aired what he's doing their due diligence that they did like him. I think Jared Jackson junior has redeeming quality. On the roster. Whether you wanna argue that person's need vs best talent available let's look separate conversation. But there's no denying that Jackson in the clean it. Stick with fifteen as to what money out of there and require they look like they're trying to win now and we their rockers thought that such. So being hit or what all of those factors considered it all comes down to how the guys in front of the team to the front. Make their selections and it goes back we're talking now beginning here it comes down to how successful the ice machines are all those. It's just it's the whole. The fit is interesting to me analyzed and anti fifth. And an an an I will say that of course Chris Perry can also impact that. That basically thinks she picked the best player and yet he's anti Obama because it's such a bad at. But he also why it's not just a fit with mark. It's a fit in the modern NBA did it it doesn't he doesn't love there are so if if fishing all this plays out yesterday I was listening gays and John as I was. Driving away from the studio. And Jason was making the argument on the on behalf of Michael Porter junior saying this front office needs. A home run it doesn't need a single it needs a home run he needs to get a star. And it's worth that. To take the swing at Michael Porter junior because he's the home run and what it reminded me of was the exact same conversation was had. In the OJ Mayo Kevin Love a year where we said. Guess they really got it they don't need this adequate decent career. Plot long term NBA player like Kevin Love. They need the home run in the home run is OJ Mayo so take a swing at the bell was the motivation for that we need that they need to stop. And so its interest thing about it is is that not only is that logic sort of have I heard the logic. Before. It all presupposes we know who's gonna be this dark it's it's highly possible. Jerry Jackson is a bigger star than Michael Porter if we we did. To me it all comes down to who's gonna be the stuff I'd like pick that dude who's gonna be the stud. And Ed that the problem with. Kevin Love OJ Mayo thing. Was they didn't know was gonna be the star I don't take for granted that Michael Porter junior is gonna be the star Jerry Jackson isn't going to be the star DO. I don't know all about I don't take that for granted. That's why there's people that make a lot more money will mean at least to spend the time to try to make that decision that educated and such an educated manner as possible. But all educated guesswork you know you do all the work that's been all this time. No it's not like the browns took into account all the years ago thinking oh god this guy's not gonna pan out inert JaMarcus Russell with oak. You know they're dead dog with NFL examples of the NBA you know Kwame Brown or. You know Greg Oden you know all of these four clinching a beat at all these to pay. That have been made over the years it's not like there had been scouting department doing the best I consider factors come into that ownership making their choices. And things of that nature. But you you look at the most likely scenario include indirect for you see Eitan being taken at one I'd still in doubt I'll just goes to I think a lot of noise around back. I think you could be bad legal three Atlanta go to the best player on the board I could definitely Jack of being in that mix as well. Let's say those delete all the way it's been assumed they would all law. It including their coordinator Jerry Jackson. Do you dance numbers lob. You know I know there's lots of folks that are huge sale did you indexing your your skills that there's lots of folks that are available Michael Cogent and what he could be. But it's a war that is the scenario that plays out aren't nervous because. Jerry Jackson junior you could really argue that back we dominated ECC eighteen dominated the act well the close of the year. You know they they weren't physically better have dominated those. Higher levels applies. Jarrett Jack and generically 21 minutes a game that you can argue without troubling. You can show you the power forty numbers let. That's double poke recorded alchemy on the ballot like MB did it. All that and that's all well and good but between that you comment though not seen him as a guy that you content on. It could mean that it raises some red flag that make me nervous while playing I wouldn't take him because. Makes you caught the on the plus side you have the Michael portal junior health concerns. You know Coca look at it Wallace said. Yesterday that a Leakey a lot as you know their confirmation of that. Church steps are greatly draft pick guys close. Oh but it is something that is back. Played out to me it makes leading back even more likely hurt you more acceptable if not likely but more acceptable in my line of thinking. Wouldn't it went to get past those three to be a lot more questions rise up. In terms of the value. You know do you take a guy who might be your best talent in Jackson but you know spike mark and to a much lesser extent Chandler. There window is closing how how much does Jackson helped with that window being opened. If there at the window to know more to her head injury concern. Let me ask you this so the first of all I think the odds that have of it falling be the way we have sort of feared a bit. Are becoming increasingly shaky that. There's a reasonable chance that it's not gonna be Eitan Don church Bagley and some more I think it's I think it's fifty at least 5050. That it will not be that that may be Atlanta will think Jackson that someone else tomorrow yeah or someone else will they trade up they'll love bomb or that who knows Atlanta might take trait like yeah like. Itself there is a 50% chance. That it won't love all the way that we had been predicting it will fall. And therefore either dodge ridge or Bagley will be there at four. But you'd be without that there's at least. And that's I think the most likely of those is Atlanta taking Jackson instead of that I think Bakley makes the most sense being there or. And that's why I have predicted the bag it will be destroys the floor for that precise reason okay but let's just pretend that it happens that why there you are at four. Don't you then. There is a must be at that point a player you like bats I don't know who it is but there is a player you like best. How far are you willing to trade back in order to not get that player made the player is Michael Porter junior. May the players Jerry Jackson made the players train young may be the player is. A blend L Carter may be I don't know who that player is but there is still at that point. You're gonna have rank in your boredom there's a player you like best well let's just take that player unless unless. As you stipulate you're given some crazy package of future first round draft text but floor. Let's just say Chicago's would you take Chicago's two picks in exchange for that want to. No I think it further I would go back to Orlando and the reason I say that is. In my choice. You know I would solidarity. Week or so well I believed I believed in Michael portal June like he does in terms of it keep healthy keep the home run but I think you can get in the six. Because I believe. Dallack really warned. There and Jackson junior I think when he got middle class so that long term alongside that is there. I think that they don't necessarily want to win right at the heart is like Memphis says publicly they want to get back in the playoffs. I think Dallas could maybe be the team that could want Jarrett Jack you can possibly slip or part with them. I think that if you decide to go back and fickle the magic I don't know magically can quarter given your art and they portray young people over there on the board. I think they warn young could be their point guard does help the heat and Orlando and try to keep scoring guard there for them. I would go back to six because I think once you get seven or so. Open yourself up somebody possibly can Porter junior and I would feel better about six or seven Michael ordered your mirror that or Michael orgy of the H one. On this possible with somebody all the love in between now and then it's our all the health concern it almost completely eradicated. And he didn't need even move up to to doubt that a possibility. It Sacramento really get hold on a six foot eleven guy you can handle the basketball and school audible on the employees could get you there in the modern NBA obviously. Those health concerns really have to be answered. And I don't think you're going to peacefully. Yeah what portal is capable of health wise it's not like he's going to get any planes five on five to these are link or contact drill. You're not seeing the whole scope of queries that is recovery. So I guess if you trade back you get to pick for the Orlando you get you know maybe a future urged a couple of seconds. That's sort of thing. And you still are able to get Porter junior. I would feel more comfortable that Al Bagley on the border or I think I take back I don't think I even met around with that I think I make their picks but. But come down it's actually reporter I think I'm willing to explore trading back or cramps or five. And seeing what I can get because you're so comfortable with one of those two guys maybe just wanna try to get some extra value elections. In that scenario let's just say a trade to six. Who is Orlando trading up to get. I would argue trading young I think for young could be someone they were try to go up and get their good links there. They need a point guard scoring guard. Young to be that guy won't especial if he's in the next six or eight. It's possible that a label might be doing that just to try to get somebody to break up the free trying to make people think that they actually might want. Troy young there in Atlanta on so I think it would be young potential for a lot. See I ever. I'm not sure that Orlando thinks young we'll go ahead of them might get in other words if if Memphis just stays put at four. They're not taking them and Dallas is you don't have taken them so I don't know there's much incentive for magically for the magic to up and take him but in that scenario you'd have young. Going at 42 Orlando you have Jerry Jackson junior going. I have five the Dallas and then you would have the grizzlies being able to take Michael Porter junior at seven your ideal scenario is a little bit. Discounted Michael Porter junior with extra assets is that at or or is your deal. Would be. Well my ideal scenario will be Dodgers following before that that's my idea if that you bet I would be neat to actually set a watch party in a week it's all on. Which would be very impressive for me to do but I would be very excited at sergeant bell badly would you fight it for as well. I would explorer being willing to try to move out of the ticket book the schedule board. But I also would be okay I'd prefer order if she's healthy and has proven it can be understanding that. It's likely it won't be cool recruit them. I would go Porter over Jarrett Jack and unit. But that's what got me here today. You know that stuff that you hit. Porter junior could go to war without him. There is medical not only check out and any questions you might help wise. Beyond ball I think didn't they make a huge red flag and he can't draft but this is proving that. All we hear is true you know Chris Wallace going to be with his own eyes for a second time what order should do if you check out health wise which again secretly don't have. Great history where in recent times. Then I would say you gotta go Porter can. OK last questioning and talking to Joseph wall next from busy bear grizzly bear blues on Twitter at Joseph Mullen next. Rank that the top five players believe they now that he's gone. The top five players with the grizzlies might take. In order of season ticket sales in order excitement. Who could they draft who will create the most excitement. Down to five of the likely scenario. Interest I would probably put Michael Porter junior want I think he is a marketable star I didn't into the star quality to end. As Jason as you mentioned Erica mentioned as well ability to score is false sense of acting and I think Korda would you want. I wouldn't Dodgers do I think you consult on the young Europeans are you know kind of serum would mark. Sort of thing I think docket will be the second one at least for me I've got to go badly hurt. I think Baddeley the twenty and and you know. More athletic Zach Randolph type of guy that's possible and that's likely what he can do I go back leaked early. I'd probably gorging on Jack and four and then. Maybe except go trade young for arbitrary young provided forgettable score. He's not gonna continental flight review of Najaf just go about marketability. I'd like to train young four and then Jarrett Jack and art. I think I'm going in terms of excitement. Bagley want I think Bagley would excite more people than anyone else Porter to. Judge shoots three. Trade young for. And then Jerry Jackson off. It had I think we're close I'm. Uninteresting to apply Bagley would be. More than quarter I guess. Those close I think those are close people like the sort of mystery that is Porter and that he's Kevin Durant junior what are else but they also like the big numbers the bag is put up and they live without the risk. I think they're both big names big number guys. Popular. Players. And and I just think. But I think I I think those two are very clearly the top two in terms of excitement and then there's a significant drop off to dodge it's at three. At least from from Ottawa Senators think there's not a lot of dungeons enthusiasm. From my listeners and from people I talked to. About dash it's a three and van and train young would just be fun because he's gimmicky and he shoots in my dad yet he's got a great fit. But he would create well lately staff. And then and then and then Ozzie put to rest some of them in a pile Jerry Jackson junior when doll Carter whoever it is a bomb bomb I don't think any of those who treat any more or less excitement Elwood feel like. Projects and and and it doesn't mean that and in it in. And apparently seem planned summer league that would all change. But I think that's in in terms of in terms of that I think that's how that would play out I we I think break Joseph thank you very much you're awfully nice to join us. And will perhaps start to get before after the draft thanks. I absolutely would be happy to do they try it out. Okay thanks. What do you. Make of that question and I just faster. I heard you because of eighty break it down this way I think if you if you present and it. And the president of the fourth pick they select Marvin Bagley the third and then you had an audio clip of the grizzlies select Michael Porter junior I still think the bigger. I think the bigger pop would be. Back at the. Yeah that's my cents devil to get you real quick before you think bright. Did you see the TV numbers on the NBA finals. I DN marketed they were trash pennant. Like it's against it's amazing what he. It is amazing what that would ESPN. Tried to do tried to spin in terms of the numbers like. Various people have been telling me all along that this Kevin Durant thing is not a problem for the NBA because people just love superstars look at the ratings were the ratings were good ratings. And I understand it's a problem for the NBA. At the very least in markets like Memphis and mark whatever and it turns out it's a problem general. In order to make this look good. The beat the it if Guillen had to say that these are up I think 10% from ABC's historical standard inning just. Like where he'll look at last year and the year before it right earlier converge at historical standard. And then they said and up. What ever percent from the last week. Says they're they're they're picking they're cherry in order to get them to get numbers that went up correct they had the cherry pick. Numbers from the from that they did that really are sort of irrelevant they were basically taking a stronger numbers. Andrea and and the truth of the matter is in terms of last year and the year before any of reform. Dramatically down. In terms of last year and the ever for any of four dramatically. Damn. And so anyone who tells you that this Korea. Stuff is good for the NBA. Is the other aspect of it is our rivers you're if it was kneel on and couple weeks ago or last week. They all three games three possible games a finals. Oh there's no. Question played in addition to the fact that the that the ratings for the actual. Finals were not great. What were were severely diminished they also had. Purify so they got hit on on on in two places but so don't let anyone tell you that. The everything is just hunky dory and see if I can get the membership that everything is just hunky dory for the NBA because the numbers were. Down. Considerably. And I'm going to go and see if I can drag these up for you very quickly. Amidst all of a Dennis Rodman. Stuff that's out there Dennis Rodman bringing peace of course to our area. I'm 2015 there were nineteen point nine million viewers. In six and it they have six games this is average per game. You've got to those two those 5201620. Point two million viewers out went seven games. 2017. There are twenty point four million average viewers a game that went five games. 201817. Point 65 million viewers and just four games so when a year. They went from 2420. Point four million viewers a game for five games. And the before Tony point two million game for seven games the this year seventeen point 65 million viewers for just four games. It was a disaster. It was a disaster. For the NBI Kevin Durant no he does not help. 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