Hour 1 with guest Jason Smith

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, January 12th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins opens the show by asking people if they went to the grocery store last night to buy bread and milk in preparation of the snow day.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Jason Smith in studio to play a round of Family Feud against Jeffrey Wright for what the most popular items are bought before a storm before Geoff then discusses Jason's interview with Tom Bowen.


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Every working person. All. But here we are hold them for as you would fully expect. I am not one of these people by the way. Well my guy used. Who would short all add. At all you. Stupid southern actors who don't know how to drive and freak out and overreact this now. First of all I don't believe they're well some are but that's true of every region. Are stupid. Secondly. I think it's fully appropriate. Like when my kids go to laws I am proudly go to Lausanne when establishment. And and I am totally understand why schools closed I think you should be closed. There's a lot of ice up there there's a lot of guys out there and would Evan Calkins age 97. Short hole and laugh and everything else and be dismay they're ready one part of this us. Over this way there's no question and I didn't think about taking a picture of my backyard and say. And tweet it out from my northern friends so you can understand why we're all close. But it should matter is that the coral down here it's different for for practical reasons at eight. There's there's no salt on the road like there's the gathered normally this stuff would be. More could be cleaned out an idyllic. As secondly people on a drive and it. And so it's that it's a completely different scenario. Actually 100% died other walk and I also understand why everything closed up speaking of cardinals caravan. For the second straight year I believe metro it is indeed. For the second straight year the cardinals to ever feel bad for those folks are worried for the white walkers of major leaguers are all drum up some enthusiasm without a reference to that's a game burns thank you winter's coming so. So yeah so it's been closed I feel bad for all of all of you all who were planning to get out there and the also allowed to come. All you dollars negatives the FBI iron and draw their you do that folks are no longer I'm I'm I'm twenty years starts to kick him. Okay you EC and you won't make fun of us I noted that magic did this tossup where you stand on so when I'm at at the Southern California. I Southern California friends. What about. How pathetic their effort is to drive in the rain like eight. Is it the same idea I don't know I don't see I don't but none of this is pathetic little that's it's it's 'cause you're not used to it that's fine like I don't. I know like. I don't I don't you don't hold responsible personal I think it's good shaggy today Saito took its battery and I didn't get that and then beyond that I didn't realize that was good the southern equivalent I could there people and yeah their name and amber I didn't know that I have at a somber in the market itself is safe on FaceBook where raid last week. So so that's yet another I didn't know that thing out there and then but up North Hollywood babe good people of north and how to deal 103 degree heat know they had ninety degrees people think it's melting. People are melting idiot it's August insanely hot it's just simply what you're not used to. And so no I refuse to. Mock people for doing that now on Twitter today. I did see someone. Gonna Glenn months it was one of my Twitter Fowler played I know these people from the twittered he. He's he admitted he did go to the store to buy bread and milk and daughter. We sub tweeted Emmett said dad I'm so embarrassed that you went to the store to buy bread in myth. So. I do wonder about that is that a myth or is that re and so here is my question I'll fill it out and admit you know I. I like literally everyone may be bad to cover pulled over their heads I don't know of anyone out there. Here's my question and that will move on to sports no wants to address. Is. Did you go to the store more. To prepare. For a spot collapse 2018. And if so well. What do you have in your house now that you would not have a name like because of because of its like what did you go to. Yet I asked Jeff Martin if you go to the store what is the answer. Edited out of pocket 3772. The number about it if I developed a wanna know what if you went to the store if it was hell and what you got. I like what you decided you needed. To get too big to brace yourself to get through this debt. RT 537765353776. Joseph Barton. I asked him if he went to the store and you're exactly right. He said no he did not go to the store he further said that if you went to the store. Because of one inch of ice. You'll are mentally challenged. That's it download exits a judge has no problems making fun of people. He thinks you are mentally challenged. If you went to the store because of one inch. Of ice. So did you go to the store and what did you like what what what do you mean what do you get what do you mean because there's an Angel as the road. My buddy Charles. Said he went to the store. And he got hot chocolate. Well that makes that makes some sense to me you're confined to the house make it festive he got podshock. So I wanted to profile they've probably will get to sports but it's a different kind of a day here 535377. Fitch did you go to the store. Any of cell what do you all now that you did not old previously. Lazarus you're unhappy happy snowed out. Yeah outlook sub man let's switch to. I did not go to America work right now I did not go to the grocery store and pay at the absolutely pro yeah. Low around here Al border raid in this area. People around here. Go and buy this or Al all of its bread and milk today that it they're gonna be no end of irked. Do you got nothing you got nothing you did not go to the store. Absolutely and I'll go later today because I had no problem driving in this it's ridiculous if people not a driver man thank you has. As I appreciate it he is he's he's a southerner and he's dismissive he's mocking I'm not knocking 353776. Of the 5770. Did you go to the store. And if so what did you get we go to Jason Jason nearer. I don't opponent a good. Oh a Diego restore. But I was too scared clear air with keeps. I had to go to work this morning and all these backlog for the truck driver in the spotlight and then they canceled it. So now I'm common back towards fifty county from out meant or what what he's sitting in the truck tablet it's what do you do. Our loved building engineer and don't make it department they. The defendant these days our company makes senate seat figuring. So I went out there that stopped everything and Bennett said they would run and drug so they we decided to cancel large amount headed back home tomorrow with key. At C appeared whisky well OK I can have their NF thank you I appreciate it. Not bread milk but beer and whiskey for Jason found these are 37765253776. Did you go to the store. If so what did you get penny Iran. Did not additional work. I eat out you know walker right now but did go to Mo. Can reassure. Just more red it is she shell UK Leonard saw her daughter to the Treasury's. As a global triggered the actual. She bought all the a lot of dollars worth of groceries at the convenience store. Says she bit back. Law that's kind of sound. That's canister had thank you very much I appreciated that. Yeah now don't ever do that found. For these 7765. In fact I'm impressed by how many people are working by the way so far everybody who's well then. Is working. It's good to hear from Hank dorm lake and Daria. Or Toro dear I'm good what did you get did you go to the storm. Well I've just got back from store all give us a report. Not to many people out on the road now. It's it's slippery but I figure some cream of chicken sort of project and girls club squares like to have big pot of chicken and a mr. Of all that's nice to gland that's earlier barrier I appreciate your beer chicken it's chicken chicken soup and kick all the devil than. Chicken ball and great object concerns should consider good don't hurt. That's a figure good latest that is not a thank you can't appreciate it seems like the Geoff called it shows that you food groups are beer. Ball all that was that was that was so far we've got. Your dollar stupid yes you're stupid about things from a convenience store a hundred dollars for the groceries and was premature or. Beer. Whiskey. And to get bumped chicken chicken stuffed for a like comfort comfort stuff we go to George himself David George did you go to the store. He got an open door now is not that it started in a news. If I don't get snowed eight and I AM yeah. What about what do it but to yield and very. Right abandoned abandoned people joke about milk sandwiches are or how all the yeah. My real question how often did these people drink milk in real life the less you have kid is. Everything. They don't really drink now Jeffrey was the last I minute lesson out. I think I'd chocolate milk like. There months ago I would have Gibson's yeah I don't like glue Tivoli if you really I cannot tell you like that that seemed like how long I thank you very much appreciate it. I. Yeah yeah I'm on my way to work out grab you sing it grabbed my weight back. Out I probably. Went up PW Ukraine Jake and but also an ingredient welcome them to if you don't like it. We got a finger on him we got a trend thank you very much the official storm meal. Hank someone like is chicken and dumplings is the appropriate. Coy of snow meal project roughly 7765. To 3776. We go to. Andrew pandered did you go to the store. I'm not sure I did not actually jet got work. People are saying this is so damn impressively hardest working community in the universe that's great. What do you think you'd ever. Yeah I'd I'd planned on the short later just to get from Reggie and great fill up feel like chicken and I'm going to bid but it. I just can't think critical good season to lead a champion that's pretty good yes. Thank you that idea I. I think I just wanted to tell you that I'm originally from San Diego. But I love you dad I appreciate everything you do you got the number one you know since Jimmy drives there and enjoy their injured his arraignment and really can I I can. There. Very much appreciate I'd prefer 770 if he's ball would the but the good classic. Grilled cheese it is staple and that's that's I can see right out what with. Chicken and dumplings updates after 776. So far. Everybody's working. Nobody has gone to the store. Except again. Pierre whiskey. Chicken and dumplings others do everything better stand grilled cheese. And tomato soup this is a makes a lot like it's picking you up the best part like this sort of some real talk yes this is some mythical little milk and bread thing real sports the junior Enron that you junior year on. JR vehicle that is thought OK let's get. I want to go to Google worked out yeah I haven't. Declared. A radio. Get who appeared buck. Beer and vodka. And that beer I'm only ordinary I had to get up there or thirty you work it speaks what do you know quote of the anomaly chose and and I yell work and a US 430 dissects. Yeah I don't know Lohan went to work issue I won't put it or third quarter. And you're on the job to their. VA and mugger origami is true that you can be important to dump although doubts. Fantastic. Yeah thank you very much prepared in fairness the right you do we have three chicken and then so far yeah this. We have discovered the official. Comfort food of a slowdown. To you know please I want my problem begin and how to make it and dumplings which did you make it an apple and yes our. I actually sneaky domestic occupy recent run of 765353776. Nate did you go to the store and I'm gonna only assume you've got chicken and dumplings. I did not get to the store. I did not eat chicken doubling the number eight in the streak of people who are out work expect. A boom. And so I have gone to the store before previous snowstorms yeah. And I won't do it anymore because I would now prefer to go to Wal-Mart on Christmas ease their reports no day. Well I've heard like it's such as zoom. And I'm not work. And the real question is has there ever been a storm. Where you have said. Damn I wish I have if only I had gone to the store I would have blank like when we have the straight line winds and stuff like we had some bad times. But I don't think the bread and milk what a savior there really. You know. Oh I know I'm glad. My family called native Chicago and so we just would he kill every once noted in the border guards. Here's what makes sense thank you appreciate it 5353776. Did you go to the store. And if so what did you get we go to markets markets your own. Unlike did not do the story but I am currently on my wanted to flare now it doesn't sit in those groups were damaged by. I assist you tracking could be secret question how would you get bread and milk amid the threat let me put it quite so this is to make it stand which is an and then you get like Turkey Issaquah. Well well well look I think we all agree the bread and milk is stupid what does anyone really as you've won a one does anyone really drink milk. You can use it to make stuff I guess and kids drink now hear. And then the bread. I don't know like a flat I'd get some coffee and bagel I guess the idea is you're buying perishables. You're buying things that would spoil. So like has bred to do is still no number no that's you go buy canned food I. That's I think what given the stove but that's like the idea when we're hitting a candidate particularly as a good idea and I guess some reps when some brings when binding for us thank him. 53537. Shares of fixed RV factories have double take a couple more honest spoke a trend has clearly emerged. From our calls I'm glad we've done this we go to I I cure on. Yeah right back out it is right now I become I guess some poker Europe. Get to go out how to. But lost. Well actually out. Because I was making great change behavior may be in. Be it but got played so something as trivial it placed. Questioning pretty shaky or. Yes yes I do answer the Yankee boy so good. I get out. Well of course but you hearing various bit. You look at yankees. Are. Actually pictures. Well. I cars off the road in the north. Or are also other drivers. Yeah. Overall southern drivers is exactly right now. Now this idea that all northerners are African Mario Andretti of snow is a little bit silly till I will say. There is a fundamental and there is a fundamental just knowing basically how to deal with. Driving on snow and ice in which is essentially don't brake light light. Then maybe southerners understand that or pump the brakes looked very very lightly touched the breaks several times lightly because if you slam on the brakes you'll go to a 360 term. But I present and even you as a southerner know that I can affect current program. Well it really eat it if I had a oil dri. I would not be Cohen riding out power. Doubt cartel park or. Because bullet drought are gonna be a lot witty you gotta stop to help the pet bet bet I bet pretty quick. I can smell it I just decided to call out yankees because. Others they've they babe. They're they're smug about how well they can drive and yet all you see is all these people on the side of the road and it was a big snowstorm I hate I can make a fine point thank you very much. I we go to. We go to. I measure up and Gary here I'm good or even an updated and every right now you are on pizza delivery. Absolutely delighted added a federal study this is fantastic what time I did my tummy for whom you delivered. I Domino's Pizza so tops. But I can doodle you'll do 24 hours a day delivering. Yeah we actually called our downtown location at 3 AM during the week. And 4 AM on the weekend. So why are you making what tennis it's 920. People our Internet out of AMQ. Open and I NN. And will today be an incredibly busy guys from Dallas. I believe it will be eroded DAS what do you what do you delivered right now probably ties. Yes warranty data weighing 120 absurd I think I hope they take you well I'm just awareness of the later that I appreciate it. 3537765353776. Misty your arm. I'd air I have to say I went to encourage restored yesterday after school drop off and get it only needed aid and read email I have all children. But the most important thing I think you need inflows storm it will take. Our. Toilet paper if certainly if you're low you don't need extra toilet paper do you know. Now I don't need X. I'm not panic about it's not OK but when you haven't yet and family and you're going to allow people here we can make it through this Saturday. That's true they're not they're dead or missing at home instead of at school so does that. Late so definitely not they're currently not reading my children today I have to do it so toilet and god Brad. And and and milk. And now. And I would out of thin anyway am pornographic or any way okay student that they act and while they were supposed. Says that sorry a young children were eight to make sure they're quiet for a while inside getting on your. And what what is any of you made things at the milk bags or the the Brad yet what are you gonna do those things. We can't think they eat can't thank you are counted I mean hardball lake at scrabble like progress is easily drink milk. I really miss Jia made a lot of sense I appreciate it thank you miss he's talking real that's that's like I had someone who has a family there and you need bread milk. Eggs. Toilet paper for heaven's sakes well papers say and snow brilliant brilliant idea that well if yes but. I normally like you have a closet with six X paroles voted ball was floated audio. It would yeah actually its neighbor well it begs the data or lack of golf and time and did you go to the star. No I did not go through this call but I am I here it would AAA driver morale hit PP. All alone is kind. We have a couple of heroes here today one guys deliver pizza and now I had done so what have you encountered anti. Heavy catalog bill and soon. Every. Article I'm here till Cowell melt about these air attacks and they say they might wanna buy a better. Yeah. So in these you don't you don't see it on and you you can't pull people off like you don't have a tow truck you're you're a yeah. Delight they're going to be a dark car you don't actually hit yeah about a week ago. As you know. I just like. Idea. Yeah. I have triple a debate apparently there I've triple ID to pull out my columns it was one IE. We called daddy. I don't know what was that my my car would not start and so I called targeted at. A yeah I don't know it was Anton people love them Dick he did say that he listens to the issued to the station all day long. And cement on he was he was a nice dude and he got charged that so they are. We appreciate it thank you very much. Bring the by the chicken and dumplings only comeback brings you to play what will orchards we'll let you. Or pizza any of that of lament about cases that we'll join us a content and later on in the show Jeff Hawkins shell out ninety Jimenez and his. Earlier than I love selling home I'm Sheldon Rosen guard and we're both bookmarks and score freely yeah. We sell homes in the river in Germantown and everywhere in between and shelled and don't forget we sell in all different price range and on the way yeah. 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Serious fine dining in a casual atmosphere with today's first the 40% off did you go to guitarist of police and Suzanne restaurant in downtown Memphis is yours and give my her stuff off. Pentagon that's. 16 PM on the W says that 9209 espn.com. C isn't. Yeah. All the official show love chicken and dumplings. Chicken and dumplings that's surprising Jeffrey. It did but it did actually makes sense like when you when you think about it again that's a good like cold weather like winter. Like if I think of light. Still light snow slides and whatnot like that kind of image I feel like it when sitting around a table eating chicken and dumplings. I'm joined now. By Jason Smith. Jason is looks essentially like he is about to come in compete in the I give her half court where did you hard to dogs chase and in order to get here. Other run outside Saddam out. Coming from Mali. And Tom is the I was listening New Orleans is. The eager. He's one of ski cap. Jacket actually indoors now he's appropriately dressed. There's less missile hit a winner Jack Iran that it is that Shortslef Susie didn't need anything anymore I mean all of his jacket when he headed down and gloves when he handed down believes. That's also it's there and listen mama. Monger for some chicken and dumb ones right I don't know this you know family feud actually. If you'd actually. Did this wants. Him the category was named something people apply to prepare for a big storm. I answered Jason we're gonna play right now let's do family feud with you would name. Live yeah. Boy hey hey big. Storm effect we're gonna blow you play you can do the whole passing thing red zone but it doesn't have family barely got now mind you. I'm gonna I'm getting there are five things on here I'm gonna take it's not necessarily. Snow there okay. Thing in February and try to prepare for big start of this event that was gonna start. Jason name something people five to prepare for a big storm though more answer bread you're welcome. Is not one of the things we have buffeted about Arab world thinks don't earlier this is where you'll. If it's right here I have an influx of non Muslim did you ever write that is it and it's ridiculous that it was not on the go blue. Jeffrey name something people vibe to prepare for a big storm and milk. Got one home. I'm only gonna let us know from April 8 2015. Version of the family feud. Activists and their family. Were hot start. Name to something and I don't chicken dumplings haircut would not name something people buyer to prepare for big storm. Oh man. I scrapers from the go different directions. It's been done out minutes is all all right I'm gonna go bottled water. Water. Yes it is not all the lord baby. I would is that they hurricanes unavailable there's a there's always another final score or get restarted accumulate a ferry and it. Okay that link checking that out you go into thinking they found the names on the Stanley then people five. To prepare for a big storm paper towels. Other thrift failures of bill don't know how he's got the reactors once he gets three x.s and active field but the whole thing about it warm that's happened a few words. That what we're doing a different version I want a total score who gets these things were back to listen to the they're a city outside just one outcome of the war activist Libby was trying to get out against all war. Back to the my family something people by. Prepare for big storm good lord. Oh water's gone red storm milk bone he says don't be kicked in Dublin's on the go with tomato soup at the latest. Sun eggs. In the crap that they surveyed in May now something of this yeah well I guess you know the problem I think survey says it's my brother cell problem. Those are names some things okay I'll play it. The only one of the other three things before things like. Only one of them. Is. Something you eat. Three of them salt. Hello I'm a hard lately. It's Ed Ed Ed and I will tell you that none of these are specific to snuff vulnerable. Jeffrey toilet paper. I'm on my hair out right now yeah clearly god definitely wanna fed head didn't look someone else's hmmm let's necessarily god what are you limited Sabin has against. That's what are safe and on schedule and what does anyone as the Lola. If we have a guest on what I bet there's a bit they know some here what is usually produce more of Twitter verse like Twitter is. Usually I must modular right now currently making fun of me for wearing pink popped collars and having a squeaky voice Alexi Johnston says I literally tuned in to hear you make fun of us and not mad just to support it. I'm alcohol is one of the gases well that's well we'll. And that is our callers and then redirect Gideon is the answers ladies and gentlemen we are. Batteries. Canned food. Flashlights. And those I think. But the pressure of being on a game show it's easy to my people on the game show blood pressure is. Elsa eight and you felt I'm not when I want to write or record you're trying to talk I would you know yelling at him when I don't want Abbas and then they'll tell us it was the option quarterback that was just like digger the ball usually I hit it it's it's pigeon that was off can't believe he said has got the clout. And so the than the one that I didn't wouldn't have expected you need to get. Is Sam backs. Because that's a different kind the right path assault though I got the details of that guess holds the little woman around where we ought to think what we don't it's funny as this to be right here we could think sandbags. Speak the sandbags you had combo and on yesterday and well yeah. That was the number and put it without ever the left leg and Villa later on bell and today I'm just getting to a sharp. Stuff and some of the things. He asked one is you asked him but congratulations by the way is a news interview I one of them was how do you measure. What do you think of the progress of the basketball program this recent. The whole program is making the right progress and right steps certainly the last. Two weeks we've seen some great great nuances and adjustments and are in their offense in the Michael perks are great game on Saturday and Tuesday's game and things are going well and and I believe in my coach Doug Smith. And I believe them when we brought to these materials and bring together a program continue to build and I'm very pleased that we're making progress and the in the classroom with a high GPA ever in the men's basketball program. Dormant in progress and in this sort of worked our conference she's never home don't debate for ten and one and home. And as I was saying you know basketball this season book on the campaign that's no longer so we do we campaign battle so long season of thirty to 32 to 34 games and so I'm kind of I'm in the mischievous she's in the caucuses started not excited about this very engaged couple. He knows enough. He knows they've got to start taking right steps. We said that you know the last two weeks are put term for a moment that he's seen improvement but it. What's really these last two games. Among I could go back to the sense that it will revenue. Levels remain there wasn't a good argument that they threw in their last two games. Hum and edit they would mean at the time eight. But he agrees to the interview on Thursday a mean look you're. Maybe you looked at the games that you know what. Albeit by do the interview with a merriment it would come off two wins that's a that's a different dynamic than a five game losing streak in him coming on so he is only like I. He says funny works like. Nuances that debate in the day he's he's said he's in where the midst of the Dayton or whatever it's a ceasefire eight. He talks and such charging me this sort of stuff in I've never heard that people balls campaign and bass walls season it was for some of her about one that was to not exactly sure what that means. I think really means is is that. Every win lost matters in football where is it doesn't ask okay I'm tired you do you're sort of evaluate it all on Friday was the problem isn't at all what's really happening on accord promises everything else right is never the real problem is is that I thought I was just reading it again today. In a visit us in March United's mailbag today and just don't I know it's true like everybody knows the true but to think that he has not gotten a single local recruit and he's been here. In a 23 recruiting seasons there for a three recruiting a and there are not completely done two and a half right. And not a single kid from Memphis that's just saw it myself Stossel let myself that this is gonna work when they hired that was does that we'll have it that was it an article should look. And coach month. Wrestling before I'm so. What's he gonna say in terms of the I'd leave my coaches I don't believe my coach though you have to. During their two midway through dinner to you have to so here's how you measure success. Continued to continue to play well continue to be great ambassadors for the city. Your mind mart knew what a great young kid and that was my game yet the other night. Jermareo Tommy and present from his concussion which is great news he's a wonderful young men who are great ambassadors for our city they're great kids in the community they do great things off at all. Off court and we wanted to do you have that you can showcase these guys and and have some great games and and great games and get some great road games it's a great programs. Thoughts. Will be too much stress on the positive. And that of course that's what you do when you're in that position right through president humorous if you're the leader of of an athletic department you're going to stress the positive in bad times I think. People fought. There should have been a little more knowledge of this is not what we acknowledgment is the word that we're we're not where we wanna be. We're taking steps you don't but the but the but the bold faced on were taken steps to fix it. We recognize it's not where it needs to be the one little more than Hannah here out of the post you guys have they ever find the tail has worn at home without any good really great home wins come on give me a break. That that's I think where people got to look frustrated. I'll say this for Tom when he talks about GPA ambassadors etc. and people fans are roll their eyes because that's not what they're paying money to go see a I do believe that he's sincere all right there's good there is it that he really does. Take on the responsibility. All those things that that. Sports talk doesn't care about and that which is does he I really do think he'd any cares about quality us players and I I think that call abortive. And that's why get so it ranged whatever was last spring when we weren't talking about the track star who was doing whatever it was. Is this he really did I give him credit for that he really is wired. To care about those things tells a lot about rifles and if they counselor but. But nobody else cares wrecked. And you'd like your athletic director yes you control it in there which like to recognize that look. Right now we're government on recruiting this is the combo set a record. The vessel program did our expectations are to be a very very competitive highly competitive touching my listen we know that. Our investors are sort of come on Monday so we just openly just got an error December. You know we're we're moving forward in our coaches in his second season and we have all this excitement and we do have made a lot as president run and I have said we've made a lot of investments in the men's basketball program good. Continue to great tradition that is not as tiger basketball that's very very important to me and that will always be important. And so we know what needs to be done work on and try to get better every day. That was it right there. There was that acknowledgment because just one little moreover that's rugged I give him credit for you acknowledge its army realized if the recruit announced. This unacceptably off the rails right and yet he's. I have to be you could hear his voice they are frauds they have to be frustrated with what they've done to book to pull together that money to build that practice facility everything they've poured into it. But it's the reality it is not an Alley and outlook stable the next topic that we agree we have an in the recruiting is the thing that's the one yup so for the next topic was Jason I believe asked him about how what is his standard for a fair value when I'm. Those and what year do you do it yeah. Our progress in the in in programs whether you to have one rifle coach at ball smokers that I don't coach that football coach to tell you begin to build a program to do you remember when. When do I begin in our second season cause when they actually struggled he was 3:9 and not a morning that you wanted to target chip consensus that was me and they wanna target chip from TCU in the in his book editors so. I understand the passion I loved the passionate people Memphis I get it but the progress as it takes time to really put your program and Florida and so I believe. You've got to continue to get better and show progress we are showing progress we're showing some great. Steps that I believe and continue to build and I'm gonna put not much faith and we'll have a great. The second half of the season in New York to. And have a again high expectations for your stream high expectations for your forehead and higher expectations for your buck. Where I'm not this is this is about building a culture chip in just a devout. Being highly competitive so that that that's in really. Long haul it sounds like time. Pretty coaches were familiar because it's been quickly it's given a fair opportunity to build a program. What. School on the Becker listen listen that again this is this is a name was pronounced on the second to last question who have is it a go low. On the trouble well. What will will will evaluate. I think about. Don't hold. The ship in the roster now. Not better talent. In Ireland and I wondered pains with this with this roster yeah I mean look Jim Martin's been great I perks are great last two games that it is in terms of progress. That is all you can point to right now those two I mean you know the team the last two wins the game has to look as Paulson Tulane we're talking what about progress in recruiting. You know what about what what do progress in the community and look up I think. Again that's a dishonor or show them. A year tubby was just out. You know at Tyler Myers is there army's historic each night he you text in time and now I mean all he he's here he's heard it and he's recognized. I got a you don't let's play the single women that clip. It's always what every time you make a coaching are you you wouldn't he point guard for sure though we knew what course of I was gonna. Be able to build upon whenever we are coach you you wanna make sure that everybody's moving towards. Being better being more successful graduating more. Being better human beings mixing in the community and being very competitive. He's very competitive amateurs to Napoli these are student athletes or amateur athletes and their their development always takes time into the higher revenue programs. You need to be patient with the development of a student athletes. And it came time to learn. It's taken health exam prostate the target Salmonella usually have LSU Texas time frame thanks and we'll wait out and so that's the frustration as you popular you could be there with a love it's it's why the thing that he said about. Just in Puente. Paid almost one in fired just went there the kid from San Diego Tom. Which no mother was there was free piano like that's when Canada that's when they didn't want a better question they want a bench actually lynch and take care and play play Jennifer and let everybody loved. And was advised academy Verne like that was it was like they was the only one he was the leader of the free piano man. Movement whatever about it later this year is that what they face that the town of our own right and I was not overly the second it was not a step forward it was a step back and there are some dissension but no one said five. No one said five that's just silly. And one I was taking the worst program in America perhaps dozens what I thought we hit a bullet went back and a football program and trying to turn which is a bigger enterprise and turning around a basketball program. I what's next. So the next could. It is Jason's question was about the lease agreement and renegotiating nevertheless. This was the answer that we got on the way. Sure it will depart at first and foremost that they were trying to do is really revamp our nonconference schedule this is the last year than recited the golf and plastic and one game and in Madison Square Garden this re back at our place it's so worth the coming out of work in the I'm very excited to do announced soon. I'm sure in the coming we produce some great great power plus home and home games we've got to put it on play. Put on paper put contracts so. I feel really good about got to feel good about the fact that we can turn nonconference schedule. Competitive and bring in the kind of programs that people want to come see us play gets compete against. I think double also an opportunity I also think this conference is getting better I was I was an accomplished meetings the last two days in Atlanta. The Cincinnati eighty of course is sitting in front of the best teams in the country right now the Wichita State guys are started climbing and you start to see the American Catholic conference you know in the non conference schedule 180% their own games but again we're ten and wanted to home and so I think it you know we're we're providing a great atmosphere inning and a great effort these young men put on the uniform that says that is represented the City University tiger nation. And everybody. It did that kind of affiliated with us and they play hard and they play together and they wanna win and so I think those are really good attributes right now from that you have to start seeing. Some increased attendance and you can increase support. Fine I get that he didn't want to answer the biggest thing I love to renegotiate a losing their lives no incentive on the grisly Serena why police to go and literally must either and but that other part we know too is what two years if you're below the 6000 to prepare them the right to bootstrap. At. Brett I haven't read so what what would that what so that's what they're not because they're not drawing enough getting the money released that they brought a lot of you know way Sony freaky to get. I thought we did confirm. Yesterday. I said this on a Twitter told me that. New hope hope hope hope hope church of. You away free tickets and me and we did hear from yes and so on my my parents. I'm dad's an elder there in my mom's been a deacon I don't know purchase inside schools as we get the inside scoop bitch. So I hope members and regular attendees can pick them up. Then being tickets. At the hole and I hope table in the lobby of the forum where asking faults let us know thirty you can game yes. To let us know they're coming by responding to or mr. Graham announcement in the comments section. Or on the FaceBook page comments section British trying to guestimate in number for the university so people used to make. Fun of football program for about how took about five dollar program tickets right there there were five dollar per brackets yet here they're giving away tickets for front. I'm so and in corpus and they're they're they're feeling is is that the problem is the schedule. And I will tell you the problem is not scheduled schedule is a secondary problem. Just a bad schedules to interview everybody said let's go to the federal contract I'd say they have bats schedules of Havana that ever hold the conferences and at the better schedule now we got which I say you got which us state knee at Cincinnati and yet like. So conference is actually better now than it was certainly that was for per when when John was here so. Here's here's the deal with Tom right there and in because this is is somewhat of a defense of him under is broader fix football it's full Boca. He's done and the best years ever in football right he is not a basketball guy he does not know basketball's wills does Obama think that's why you saw. When things were going okay. He blocked in Josh pastor forever right because the APRs you're right if you're as good the academia is good and Tom can just focus. On football right you've got bass we'll take care and Shirley Johnston takes a and that's not a a stock. Pay really close attention like it needed to fast or it's W Farley to Josh out here. You think you're darn right I'm right because you're going away from the guy who couldn't coach when iron x.s and l.'s got to the hall of Famer in coach is tail off to sit on fertile recruiting ground. And you know what Jeff. It should be working quite frankly. Tony's a good enough coach they're quite frankly should be working you should have a staff undertone that's working his tail off that's not the dynamic and that unfortunately this doesn't work. But I still all the speak it goes back to you right. Think they'll point you make about. Tom is at its Pepsi right if it's not to get the practice facility built quite a half million dollars like. Doesn't he deserve great evil and I want to get credit for what's what's that ride for a ferocious tired or what it appears and I think and apple say that the priority. Good basketball suffering because of priorities football I don't really believe that either because basketball still and they invest they Jessie they have good but I do think that that. How is such a good football league like he knows football he breathes football it's a good coach knows is bad coach or whatever so he can make. If he equivalent of Josh past there have been offered that kind of a deal. When Josh pastor was offered that kind of deal by USC or Warner alerting USC right religiously. Tom knows enough about football. He wouldn't they given that just he was at Josh. If you've just been a football coaches and I'll go find some oil because he knows exactly what he's doing in football because it's soccer and in basketball he's like. We'll get these guys book of Joshua reputation he's recruited me where old Croatian. He doesn't live it it's not and a lot of Satan care as much can I think he cares about rifle I think he cares about whatever it's the details of what do you know if you know lol well he knows what makes a great well yeah oh wired into football track and he's not wired and a basketball. This do we have any of the removal of a must put. Well all on the football question I mean John base the last of the generally be a football school anything possible. Fortunately entire program and what I can what I think is fascinating is that all it all in all of division winner BS is his decision goes taking. Four lead that it does every September oh eventually ended January like Monday in the national championship than the men's basketball is also premier opportunity program so comfortable. You know we're we're we're about all the there is no problem mentally how. It's kind of attribute that I've got as many content and not just in question. And Mike Michael Campbell becomes. Tremendous. Tremendously successful. But first and foremost maybe we do wish these programs. Is our student athletes and their GPA in their graduation from the University of Memphis. That is priority one for what I have to do wind here and the second part of that is recruit the right men and women and having the right opportunities come together. Then and so I don't I don't wanna distinguished and say that yeah. I don't know as far as subtle it is for. This is actually the writings the right answer is is that. Now football's not a priority badly they're all overall priorities are all right and different. But this is where you said it's it's more clear play litigant is what the hell is going on in the background it sounds like there's some. It's the entire program and what I can what I think is fascinating is that all it will all end all individual and if BS's is that you those taking. Four lead that it does every September only actually introduced in January like Monday in the national championship then the men's basketball is also premier opportunity program so. Although. No word no word about Obama. Us. How old's life is furious because I've got as many continents questions about like Michael Gambill become. Tremendous tremendously successful. But the. It says you know it is that someone was clearly I mean what I would speculate. Is someone was sitting in the office with him riding out answers and sliding them to him as he filibustered. Etc. That you think that's true. On that question sounded like it cause you couldn't hear any running before and what was seemed clear was that. On speakerphone because you can hear the pins so clearly. There on the death it's like on the good things two that's not almost always right you're absolutely right they want this I didn't go to Tacoma. Right for effort I get a good read on the president it was time you have to two if you have someone helping your answers is because you wanna get the right answer is it's what they say the thing the right things. To create. Momentum and blunt criticism and help people. Feel good about the program may also go laughter about Tom basketball coach who are to have all your ducks a lot of you have all your details. Thomas got thousands of all I do that on his own basketball money Lola while Rebecca was so valuable for him. Well or any other food that I messed and then yeah I hate to say this is what that he'd set it. It's instinct I think it has to do with. The station. And myths is that there's perception. That this station is critical of the basketball program absolutely. And the fish let's be clear and honest about it is critical basketball program Lou. And so if he were doing an interview with whatever just leave you know liquid TV channel 50. I don't think he'd get. But here. It's like oh the enemy in there is when I don't consider most of all an enemy at dumbo ride and an end at all. But I think they perceive that the station has been hyper critical of the basketball program. And I I just rejected. I I we have been critical. But I'd rather leave an excessive. Likud or not I know that's what they felt over there in previous film up to this fall what I also know they're now. They recognize that you know. The station by two now has been off a critical of those killed and Marianne I'm Jeff. The whole Lotta people answer. So go public listening tease me tonight you know aren't and I get us out of another as they don't they get chicken and dumplings. And their listen to Syria's oil when we when he came on some on our ratings and how lowered wounds it's not housed gospel and he started up a single entity that you can go on the other on the other. You know other places. If I'm being heard right. That's that's just it's a nice guys earlier talked to friends I mean no you wanna talk to friends if you want to solve your fan base just lets us right now. They weren't you know practices related you want you gotta come here and that's what you recognize that's why I agreed to the interview you gotta come here targets all present the world for that but I want they want heck was going on there right. Yeah I'm I'm gonna appreciate you staying bottled up I appreciate you making your way here Jason is still Wear the ski capita income is still where and I'll lessons. 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