Hour 1 with guest Jason Smith

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, December 8th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins his Friday show by discussing whether the Grizzlies or the Tigers are more likely to make the postseason first.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Chris Herrington in studio to discuss the question that Geoff explored in the first segment and to discuss the realities facing the Tiger basketball program.

Segment 3 -- Geoff asks listeners to make the best case for either the Grizzlies' or the Tigers' making the postseason first.


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Yeah. I need to nine. And he has. Commercial. Sports columnist at. The award winning Jeff co. Geoff Calkins show. 829 essay. ESPN. Again a man. Right and you. The show. That's how Lee will join us talk about ST no he's not bet nobody actually. No Baird Shelley. No cause troubles they know god also Ray Kelly I was gonna I was gonna be talking about the united guys remembered so this is a small wind isn't this this is small. Small pick. I didn't realize theater tele. 'cause there's all kinds coaching talk about but we have more playmakers Harrington will join us and 901 at 1001. Is pick and pop that is. I'll. My. Already talked about up already about a big weekend in grizzlies basketball and what's so far what we've seen so far from JB ebitda plus. I have a Liberty Bowl. T shirt to give a whack there's rumors that the Liberty Bowl. Reports that it is almost sold out already the entire liberty I'll just. The Memphis Tigers allotment requested more not just the Iowa State a lot and most people are crazy by whoever they're going to be here big time. But that the entire Liberty Bowl is approaching a sellout you do not have your tickets make sure you get. Them soon and again at some point the show I have a Liberty Bowl teacher that I will give a left handed out a picture. Of that. Yesterday let's see Jerry Pruitt was introduced. As the new head football coach of the University of Tennessee pollen Jeter's and I thought it was good I thought it was good piece hard nosed he wants to run the ball and take back the line of scrimmage and be aggressive and if you want to do all those things I'm almost four what you need to do all those things. Well anyone who has never had a going to be aggressive Internet company press cameras but I'm all for all of those things the thing that stuck out however. Was this. He sent. Much like his current despite his boss currently in Alabama. He says that word I. I. Here is Jimmy Pruitt. Using and sends the word I. And I'm excited about the first weekend that we have to get our student athletes in here. Okay now here's Nick Saban. Using the war in a sentence you all maybe taking the week off. Hi this week. Let's hear the indelible we've done is because we wanted to see how closely matched these war. It's an inch think things like where does I ate comfort do you say I. Yeah on union is is it in a sentence. Arianna I now oh would you really say that you said the first what he's all right where we don't. Right and that's not right it's what you just said was not I balmy it's a matter of whether I'm trying to not sound southern. Well let up but naturally would you say I I've it's like let's get to learn they use it comfortably in a sense again god. You're talking we are we were not. We were not affected today all right. How often do you use. It's it's a filler it's like I know what it is I'm asking you out I it's a fellow but I don't use that they'll. So I'm asking how often use a never really think about what filler they use YouTube use you get a course of the day you say I yes. Because I know I what percentage amount in sight. I would guess a large portion. Really yeah it's the weird thing about it is is that Nick Saban is is is. Where's he's from Ohio. West Virginia is what West Virginia you're right he grew up on West Virginia West Virginia is the south. It's the southerners yes the country as it's your country is here is B let's go with it let's see how close the match it is here's the Jimmy grew. Here's the knicks save our our. The pro tie the state of our stated. I throw tied. Was like better and you don't think they take community each came by there I honestly yes I did. I just I'm personally I'm. I'm going to side with Jeremy Pruitt Jerry prove its heels he sounds more yeah is definitely yeah for some of them than mcsame. I love the way that he does any he says what's. He likes he really does stuff off. If you I have not heard everybody steps this program yes and he's got my program got but I thought I had to bet he's also a worshipping thing got. We worship yes that's for my all time favorites like the alternate southern ism at this morning and we're gonna let you did in DC that abortion is any doesn't matter to any Fort Washington Washington DC worsened in state. But my Deere symbol of a grandmother rest in peace but yes she was a war sheet and. I didn't I've said many a time that I had. I think you all is. Effective health. Like there is no room there is no northern. Combination that is as effective as there's Don Norman substitute you guy. I is like stupid I don't think you guys is all all of like I admit it it's it's terrible. I will occasionally says so I use and a fully incorporated you all and to my lexicon. Eight. Do not do I eat. And just to them and they know how to say it really appropriately it sounds weird on respect that. I will safe accent but as you sound stupid one I'd I'd I'd realize it's like a bridge too far for me it's not. Authentic it's not you can't really believe they're. This book get from buffalo is saying fix it just doesn't doesn't doesn't work on me. So. Say anyway congratulations to you TI and. And we'll be talking about that more in later in the show but that what I want to bring up today. The main topic today. Is I was thinking about the big weekend ahead of the Memphis Grizzlies who play a whole back to back. With. This week and it is it is the thanks for the raptors and an Oklahoma City. Is only the fourteenth home back to back in the history. Of the Memphis Grizzlies and then they have a mean not one coming up soon with Atlanta Boston December 15 and sixteenth. So if this fact about that was that we know about the struggles they started out five and one they've lost fifteen of eighteen since then. They are since Mike went out they are won an election. Last year when Mike was out they were eight and five. They are O and seven. Against. Teams from the east. Toronto happens to be a team from the east so do all kinds like. Troublesome things. To consider here but they've got this two big games at FedEx Forum home back to back. Ed let's pondering that and then. And then the Memphis Tigers. Play something called Bryant tomorrow at noon so in fact there's a FedEx Forum doubleheader tomorrow as you're gonna have. Though the rare tiger agree is double header. And so so was contemplating 'cause I was lamenting it's funny the bear Shelly is not here because I was literally this morning lamenting the end of football. That's that the NN FL happily. But the end of college football baby got that that you sadly that we're going into the weekend here without college football so this exact same thing to my brother on. Monday night ago do you realize how depressing Saturday is like Saturday's one bowl but I low key and I love the army navy game. But that is such a depressing day now and it's just not the end of it the end of our Saturday isn't coming wait so long to get to them and it is the end of them. And so. And I only had itself into the coaching searches like have been fun. Like it's it's all ended and so now we turn out civil liberty balls that we turn to basketball. And there has not been in a long time and a basketball season in Memphis. It is as depressing as this one. There there there have been other years when the grizzlies and tigers have both missed the post season which appears to be the case. Which wearable happened this year so that would happen of the season ended today neither one would be in the post season so I'm contemplating it's rather dreary. Memphis basketball season that we are about to turn our full attention to now that football is over. And the following question occurred to me. They calls on this later on in the show may be where we would have had Derek Sally we will take calls us but the question is as follows. Which team. Will be in the post season. First or next which will be who will be next in the post season and I post season. I am not including the N I T thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. The Memphis Grizzlies gonna be the next team in the post season what they returned to the playoffs. First. Will the Memphis Tigers return to the NCAA. Tournament. First. And I don't think it's an easy question. I'll make the case for both teams out that ask you for your opinion and then I will give mine. The case for the grizzlies. Making the post season first. Is. They still could make of this I give the I give the tigers no chance of making it this year the grizzlies. There is some doubt make in the argument are okay here there is some chance the grizzly vet that we businesswoman and Mike comes back. The west as a runaway from mom they could still squeak in this year. 42 wins could conceivably make the eight wreck so. Chris Harrington comes in here every day he doesn't rule them out yet he hasn't ruled out. So they conceivably make it this. If they don't make it this year. The goal is to be back next year. Yeah I miss the playoffs this year you get a lottery pick you get an impact young guy market Micah back healthy. Dylan Brooks is a year to. AZ Gemma Parsons is continuing there to improve after his return from injury. Get to Davis is better looking young Q and all of Coby simmons' wife they're gonna have some young players who are better but this impact. Impact hopefully impact rookie market my caffeine I would love it here. And then who knows. And as for the Memphis Tigers this is the argument in favor because his make it Memphis Tigers. I can't tell you why a bit about an NCAA tournament because they're not gonna make it this year. Whether they keep tubby or fire probably the best chance honestly I make it next year is probably keeping tubby. Hoping yet regret transferred to hoping these freshman played better. Continue to get better and maybe year three they would sneak in. I don't see that happening. And then if they don't then they clearly would fire tubby at that point and so then you're starting over with someone else. It's they're not gonna make it the first year. Could they conceivably make it their second year conceivably. And so. That's the art. That did that they really have two shots this year and next year before the bill before the tigers literally have any shot at all. A guy. Here's why the argument on favor of in favor because of of the of the tigers make into the post season first. The grizzlies are gonna make it this year you can say whatever you want that it's theoretically possible but they ain't. And then yes everything could come together perfectly. Next year they can have this great offseason they get hit on their draft pick and they could be back in the playoffs next year. But what are the odds of that that's a pretty I'd like even if you draft. The probably be drafted 9101112. Not 1234. That's probably not gonna play B a player who just steps in and is an impact rookie immediately. And market might will be a year older. And so that I can make the playoffs next year and after that it's going to be rebuilding without mark and Mike and they can be years before you make the playoffs. Meanwhile the Memphis Tigers. Here's what's gonna happen. They're gonna really sucked this year they're gonna fire tubby after this year they're not gonna make it next year 'cause that's going to be the first year of a new coach. But they will make it very easy I mean you go just get. Get some good players you can turn around cal basketball very quickly and they could make it as soon as. Not this year not next year but that next. And they beat the odds are that the grizzlies will not make it. Either this year or next. So that would be the argument for the tigers I'll tell you what I actually think. But first I'll ask you what you think I'm was gonna be in the post season next. I'm going with the grizzlies I will take my chances I'll take our percentage chances with this year and next year I still believe let's take this year when you believe in this here. Nobody your percentage chances this year I would say. Twenty. Point percentage and that Memphis Tigers this year here got next year. I would think it's closer to fifty or 60% for the grizzlies Oden Mike mark and a here's your stipulating that they're gonna in my Tamar. I think it seems more than likely they're still gonna Mike and mark it's it's a 7030 that don't have Mike I'm sure you're stipulating that help on the part of my concern. And then you think we'll be back in the playoffs next to the health in my I think the I think that's my percentage best chance because also with tiger's. Mom. The administration that hired Tony says still place. I'm not convinced that they're gonna go out and make this next great higher than everyone else's well I. Am I actually don't think they have to make a great honor you just don't have it average are just on have to make an incompetent. Chair leg literally everybody who except for tubby. Well and Freddie Mac and it allows them whatever but the tech tick tick tick that now make the term. But basically everybody else that as and so you don't have to be damned genius to ever you just have to lead to do the job. So you think grizzlies will be the next team in the policies yes. I actually think. Again I think it's close. I think the tigers will be in the post. Because I don't believe because they're gonna make it this year. I absolutely think he does he's best shot. Is next year. For all the reasons you just set you get mark back. Mark decides not to ask for a trade where they'll trademark which I believe the current plan Mike is back and healthy. When you got the two of them they're still gonna be good enough to carry the team they will have a draft pick nav. Who knows what they'd likely will not have Tyreke at that point. But that would be their best shot next year. But I don't think you can. Given that. There's a lot of moving parts there first it's it's that mark hasn't mastered trade I think is likely. Secondly as the market might stay healthy open where the hell will. Like where we're why we stipulating them to getting older every year so we're gonna say OK now this year that I could just one of them got hurt. They're gonna be older next year I the odds are one of may well be hurt. As I said Tyreke is gonna be gone who knows if they'll be able to replace him with a player who is as effective and whatever player they draft. I'm not someone like says they're draft history guys suck so they're affordable always look forever and ever down but they got the pick of someone who is. Really help you carry you into the playoffs. In your first year is pretty slim. And so I don't think you're gonna make it this year I'd add that. My life on it other Gilligan at this year. I don't think they're making it next year and then after that. Then you really and a full rebuild and then you can get into. All long long long stretch of rebuild you just look what's happened in the league right now the timberwolves have not been to the playoffs for third. Team gears thirteen years and he said well and they're not even notice it particularly dysfunctional franchise. They had had some bad drafting in there there's no question about Matt. They skipped staff twice they could. Four point its fourth hand and pick point guards. In I think they've done some bad drafting but they're not particularly known as dysfunctional franchise the kings aren't they got out of players for eleven years. The suns out of the playoffs for seven years the sixers out of the playoffs for five years once you're bad it can take five or six years. To get. To get back. And so. I don't think the grizzlies in honestly I don't think that is are gonna be back in the playoffs. For. Not this year not next. Knock the next. Not the next few if everything goes right. May be the next. And by then. Tubby will be fired. The Memphis Tigers will have recruited added at a decent level. And they may not be a three seed but they'll squeak back in America the third team to get in in the American athletic conference I think they are more likely to get an if you look at. History by the way. It it's sort of interesting. The tigers have had more long stretches. Well. Since the tigers since the business have been in Memphis. The longest they have been without making the playoffs is forty years. And that was from its funny to think of ourselves as long suffering grizzlies fans they really didn't like they were good originally but then they made it three years and around then they went four years. Without making the playoffs that's from seven to ten. And then. This group arrived the record for arrived and and they have been in the playoffs ever since the Memphis Tigers for all the all the historically how great. They went from 97 to 2002 that's six years. Six years they went without Macon determinant. And 7681. They went five years without make amateur so it's it's possible. Dictate to miss the turn red for a whole bunch years were already up for the Memphis Tigers two year. For this is easier for. The last two years or Josh first year tubby this is your form. But my suspicion is for all the hammering the the Memphis Tigers get here. And they do and I think much of it is deserved. My suspicion is the Memphis Tigers will be back in the NCAA tournament before the Memphis Grizzlies are back in the class or talked to Jason Smith. About that more later on I'll get your calls on that top will be out AMF this Liberty Bowl T shirt to give a way because Terry does get addressed to talk is that I don't want to add that no one there. After that stuff blockage and anything NF and his. Gary perish from Gary Perry show weekdays from four to six or 99 of them ESPN and you know the holiday season is here. 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You've been Carson ever since you heard Marc Gasol and Tyreke Evans curves yeah so what happened was Jeff what happened ones. I have this very handsome to show your shirt Scherer. A strong. At this very handsome Liberty Bowl sure I'm sure you give a lack yes it was given to me at the press conference a guy I. And so I'm gonna give it why and and I like to twit or tweet out before the game but the show begins. A who's who merely shown us you know what I forgot to take a picture of the short that's so I took a picture of the shirt. And as the music was playing. Look at the look at that little screaming about why this is my further excuse to see my screen. Oh it's worse in my own world cracked up we have mice and incredibly Spezza I. Online yet so as the music. Was playing I I typed them here's the short and then you told us on the radio and you reluctant to go to our Twitter picture of ago basically said don't listen to what we always fights that go look what we all went to go on this issue hurts. Yes it sure what do we go to Google I. Only. Gotten tired after a shark. I left out the car here's how it says he hands. There's it's. As. And there are am lot of gratitude totally unaware. I can't even go back and see what the comments are a mess like you and I and at age shedding. Buried here absolutely. A way to get that everyone's agreed to be yet to. The best you gotta leave that it had everything we did it that you take it down we don't get the daily. I took it we would have for I didn't you know. Live. What's up. I can't possibly and think about there is start who are so well one. Yeah so I asked the following question I want to get here things you talk a little bit your show yesterday about the following question. To begin the show him. Which of the two proposal. But. It's not over but Altman's and meaningfully the regular season and get the Liberty Bowl look forward to get comfortable plastic I look forward I'll let. Well here we are. We can no longer avoid the fact know that there is that there are two pretty bad basketball teams in our city here. Come the end and not let the plan all the games just three home games this weekend in Memphis there's the does it play about the back. Against. Ron Ron Arnold Satan and the tigers play. Bryant. Bryant and they already want and I'd go look so Bryant. And so I asked the question of what contemplated the doom and gloom that is before us every question. Which one of these programs will be back in the meaningful post season don't count any NI TM. First. Tim what's okay and I don't want the short right on it and most of came down on the fact that it I think the tigers will be back in the postseason for some reason is. Grizzlies have some shocked to this year for but I'll. I don't think it's dwindling dwindling she owns yeah I don't think we'll be in this year hundreds of arguments on behalf of the grizzlies is. They'll keep locked he won't ask portray him. Tell real load this summer with the lottery pick John Marin where they'll come right back next year that. They'll be in the playoffs mark will be healthy Michael be helping each other Parsons will be out below it did a good young player. You'd be back to the playoffs next year and by the way you can then give your traffic that you will Boston you know the 23 pick at that point there could be done with that knocked down and onward to go. That's the argument on why the grizzlies. Would be the next because after that I think it could very shaky for the grizzlies for so but the I think the odds of that happening next year. Are well under 50% because as we're stipulate that mark doesn't ask for trade rush I don't actually think you will but were will worsen. That is the they're not not gonna do that they are organized and keep everything in character beer stipulating. That that. There that they that they get a good draft pick and dram uses it well right which is not a given and that rings were talking there will be some and that it could it is like where they picked Saudi Henry exactly. So we've played a lottery pick everybody our chance of missing bay so yes you do get a Saudi Henry is that if any if you're picking the seventh or something that I'll step in and necessarily on a certain area team. You're gonna have lost Tyreke in the meantime here don't yet have that there. And why we assume good health on the part of mark and Mike next year on don't have a this year and share the questions I think the odds are less than 50% that they make the play out. Next year and then after that. That is gathered truly get older truly and so into it and I. I'd markets last year yeah whatever so I think it really is then rebuilding. Could take four years like last time they were out it took for the forty year before they were they got back in with the course for her so. I think we could be looking at it period right now six years. Roughly without because we've been in the playoffs starting this makes instant a gun there what does that let's take a Memphis Tigers. Memphis Tigers to things that you'll play out either to. What the fire to be at the end of this year come in which case. The bring in someone else that person's academic paper document this year. If they fire to be at the end of the this year that person is not gonna make the NCAA tournament the next year clearly because they breed as you lose players they get here or whatever I think the next year they possibly could very well be him because Memphis is a quick extra security best you can guess everyone. College players turn over all the time you're not competing with the goal of the warriors are to keep Iran as far as we're also frustrates so so NN the very least under that plan. In forty years we'll be back in the in the tournament two years three and the other thing that can happen is. They keep tubby. It was if there's some small chance that because maybe to goes appreciate yours or tourism or some small chance the next year or. If not if he doesn't make it then they fire him then right. And then it's the same thing them may be in year two. So still four or five year arm is art form five years earlier in the Mets are the only question is is really it comes down to depths to me. Do you think it does is relate to glass give anonymously this year do you think it is a late last next year and applied to bet. I could see it both ways but about I'd say no so therefore I think the Memphis Tigers as bad as they are right now. Will be back in the NCAA tournament before the grizzlies are back in the clubhouse. Great question number one and when your first basket as I was didn't hear I said. This is these. Chris Wright cause it just on that. Let's go with the John what we've got what work on the job Marin bland hum let's keep them all healthy you keep you know you keep him in the fold you've got to draft pick to go with. Mark my concern. In that you could you could maybe not convince yourself but you could have a debate over whether they can make a reasonable shot that was it but the way here's the deal. And the way you lay it out it is right. Mark in my king didn't better. OK they're getting older are definitely and we've more help seeing them we've seen them at their best levels Mike last year ended the year and in the playoffs and we hope we can get to that but I don't think he's got another gear over that and I don't think I think mark is what he is at this point. So even with their own Jeff and I'm we made the point yesterday. We know with Gasol right now without might. Your bottom of the barrel the NBA your average in 91 points last ten games my expense 1110 of them way out of your average in 91 ports that's worse than Sacramento on the bulls offensively. Add Mike to that how much better does it make you yes mark's going to be better one might expect yes Mike's gonna have some scorn. But how much better are you are you automatically playoff team I don't think these guys. We love them. And evidence of better you know put that we love these we love the contributions I don't think they're good enough anymore at this point occur to carry the kind of roster you have right now. OK I think if you could. Tell me that they're gonna pay play 78 games or seventy firing and sure but next year they will be 33 and 31 in this styles as they work and just. In this league I don't look a rally in common you're coming out of my way he's young yet untitled lawyers think it because there has going to have to BA change whether it's now. Which you're pairs has been all over for the longest and we've got to come over his side. Do it in two instead of three or story. One way or the other you and I both know with the way this thing's going it's gonna happen there what you've got to change you've got the opportunity for the quick fix. Let the grizzlies are not a quote. The only way you quick fix that is with John's point and you hope the draft pick is great you hope everybody's healthy they place an eight games that works and that. Coach. And I've coached in the coming here blow to fix this pretty quick analysis device saw like you're quite that is outside Memphis that is the second part of that I wanted to tiger which is this. On let's pretend. That they do make a change after this year or whatever or after next year where I wonder what there either you do. Com. I'm saying that they'll be able to turn it around within two years because the next coach will be able to recruit at a higher levels hoped I'd be the case this year and I've been down but yeah. But let me ask you let's. If they don't hire Penny Hardaway. And I don't think they will. The first all late and I'm not sure whether Ramirez tubby but if whatever they do. I have a hard time of literally never had a conversation with anyone in the administration about some I'm just projecting what I think come. I don't think. That today. An administration that hired tubby would want to hire. Penny. Because they they like the hall of fame. Us you know do the right way about same penny per cent but. Am I I think I don't think they would hire Fannie. If they don't hi penny if they just go get Maine year whatever Kirsch who's going to be. Is that coach going to be able to recruit. Any east players or is Marta the issue here come that it's tough like that Kenny wants the job. Kenny doesn't get the job or any players ever coming to Memphis no matter who the coaches. Yes yes penny is not that heady. So where if there's a good situation over there right. He Intel analysts say that you can't go to Memphis how I look at it as a blind man could see right now targets or go to Memphis did he say you've got to go. Which he could when things are rolled right you got to get over there a wife Marla Martin I indeed. If he sees something good over there he's out pity that he's not he's gonna say no don't go don't go for me what let the next guy get fired he's not edit right. Now there's no way so if if he sees you don't think you're weighs in over there and these kids aren't going to Memphis right now is just Kenny wants to be fired and is once the job. Is he telling kids. Don't go so I can get it and then when I get it you can come all I doubt that it is their hope that could happen. Probably. So and so is it talked about open look at date but probably talked about it. Well it'd be like a coach you being over there may not come play for you I get out a transfer over which Allstate. That year conflict you've coached the way I don't with a but I don't think it's it's something we are after right now or are you don't think you know consciously doing. So I'll bet it's some made they do base and that'll put a put to put a wrap on this terms of that question that I asked you are now on the on on team. Memphis Tigers won because I articles weigh in next to right. Because you can fix that quickly 'cause it can be fixed quickly may look at India I want easier down in the NBM as I said timberwolves thirteen years. Kings eleven dollar and eleven my goodness son's seven yeah. As a dark time six or so I've. So okay I'm yesterday you were had a very important topic you talked about on your show and there was some. Really vile language directed food tubby and this that whatever to Memphis basketball that's as you decided whether to. How did you see it but what was where where to pop up a gritty down and human. So I am so much that we emailed to you you should sit out the organ Toby. Because you're stern is just what this all of it and let's example let's examine that question first do you believe that the criticism of tubby that has come from this station. Contributes to the vial language and all that I don't. I think we're Smart people are on the station that. Enough to know that. Smart and and and failure. It'll go after like right now we're trying to you to be fired for not trying to stir up the masses it them angry. So we'll come on you don't use language like cats don't Coleman and you don't unite you know for example like clay Travis gives out. That's cellphones that athletic director exact into that no we did not now keep in mind. You have to look at yourself on these things to the day before in my frustration. And in my you know emotion about where things are. I'll I'll also be an old man will not the same thing but. But along those lines that were let ourselves get so pumped up this thing so toxic that we all kind of ball into the the barrel level we don't want do that. But this thing play out I don't. When you've been the kind the one that's kind of been look it's going to happen it's gonna happen. What do I need to say and it's starting to do it or not. Probably not it will come right I well we always see the product let's begin Kennedy speaks for itself we think we know what's gonna administration's gonna have to do some I mean it's inevitable now do you consider now but it's pretty freaked out obvious that's a lockout I like your approach at this point they're. It's going to be what it's going to be very have to make the decision this year next year president look like it's gonna get better anytime soon. But she'll think that we contribute toward took a mean no matter and we safe they are we tell people the re. Let's hope John and I do that's what you're doing what bears is doing okay are some people don't wanna hear so then in terms of making the decision to to call attention to us. Someone argued. That. One guy. Sam hateful things about tubby right. Policy lawless Somalia like the politic intention to it. Makes Memphis fan base look bad it's not representative of any thing it's just one lunatic I'm just gonna make the argument here. One lunatic megaphone you have ever utter the word right there which is a very highly and come down on your side of that but I think that is the question you have to doubts right or is it. Do you do this once one hateful. Whatever vile human who did this so. Well here's here's the deal we're doing a lot of radio I don't know whether posts are not so we did it. And afterwards our regretted it. And yes we should not oppose it because listened listened while I've already read it on the air and here's the point I was thing about this as more and think about graffiti. It about a few put that in word on a school right it's gonna be up there what's the first thing you're gonna do. You have take it down. And a lot of keyboard the argument yesterday was from a lot of people including Jarvis there was keep it up. And I understand that argument so people see it's the truth Jason you and that's what you're about that's what we're all about as journalists as radio guys truth right. Keep it up so they see it but the other thing is look at that graffiti how long indicate that they have five kept it on a on Twitter it's up forever just like graffiti. We'll know what it clearly now that you wanna put EMS for example don't wanna see if forever if yes if for example. Below someone. Puts a swastika. On. A Jewish school lets just say rather. Here's two things that happen. One. Summit takes a picture of it yet it's reported the newspaper because it's news. And it shows what happens well then it's hateful and then secondly the people who run the school of course naked down because it. It's about Italy did foul limit should be read whatever but. So. Both of those things are true I don't know what's the writer the wrong answer on that but look what we know is it was awful and we hope to heck do you finish represented at. Or the boy the woman that did it what you think it's represented no it's wonderful now. Is it represented of the toxicity level admit this when things go bad yes because there are other guys on the other folks other other is to grant comments that saved hundreds of DOS. So it's the same kind of nastiness. Just just there's and then they use it and there's so much so if there's there's the other thing is. There's a very fine line. Unfortunately in a lot of communities. And I've concluded between. Nastiness. And racial list in extra like for example. I was on my next door act today right and there has been a spate of people following. Following UPS or FedEx trucks. To people's door sort of paid leave this believe the guessing off within. A minute it's the season to give us drive up to take all of that stuff they empted about a CMD backs Aaron love street somewhere else sees it. Let's pathetic and sad that literally you can have something delivered to your door that is. It is in raging it's pathetic the sad or some of it all around proposing is Jerry Johnson asked him from Warsaw moment yet let you know another lesson Jimmy added he's back in town because he had surgery earnest you know and as well handgun but he's good he's in good spirits I'm. But he. But then the other thing saws immediately. All of this thug this thug back thug you know these thugs these like there that dubbed the response on my next story. Is almost as depressing because the reality of what's happening right it is the is the I just vitriol. Have they were leaving it up when you read it eat your mad. And when you're mad. If you're you're angry you're fired back and sometimes. In firing back we can be. Just as bad and that's what you guys are working. Just thank you very much appreciated hey try to be careful when you're twittered that you can one wrong month goodness you won the wrong move and and you can between profanity to the university. The photo was 5853776535377. Takes you tell me who is in the playoffs next the Memphis tigers of the Memphis Grizzlies. Whoever makes what I consider to be the net. Not the most whoever makes the best the most eloquent case what I'm not whether I agree with you are not will get this handsome nervous Liberty Bowl. Shorter. Short. I think about the 7765 to about 3776. Who is going to be post season the meaningful post season next. Tiger's or does that thickest and children's stuff Garvin chairman of Unita Colombia's. That was a sports station 99 FF ESPN he's never seen so much. Tigers and the cardinals have holes SEC in the NBA might premises. It's no Jason and Jon daisy Eric Cassell tonight show. It's that is a sports station pentagon. Yes he had. Wake up we can treat you the type of person who gives 125%. Chest because it feels right. It's not easy didn't you two no complaints this you know something maybe your current position in your career is that we supposed to be impressed the bonus. It's kind of be your own a master's in business administration from street university can get some calls as we need to beat. State university will bring success coaching. And 100 points only five years of no. Do you bring their grids and determination. You bringing you can together we'll get slammed. Strange universe has two campuses right here in Memphis and strayer university we're here to help UT TP pushing forward with classes on campus and online. Visit the Thousand Oaks campus at 2620000. Oaks boulevard where the Shelby campuses 72 semifinal at the informs parkway. Or go to strayer dot edu certified to operate a show. To help explain how fast it is domain Bob Evans original mash potatoes here are a few things to do while their microwave and one good your FaceBook friends sorry I'm Brenda 26 minute that scared ribs three meditate now must day. Because what Bob Evans original mashed potatoes you'd say get from the fridge and microwave it for six minutes. Rich I'll make taste that really fast to make find Bob Evans and the refrigerated section of your grocery store its farm fresh goodness fast. It's really gets going right now it's cold and taken. Some 25% off for the next 25% off. Come on let's consoles are 1144 east. Like hearing kicked it I just 7499. 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I don't want an eight game losing. And today. So if you want or need legal guidance and you wanna do what trustworthy guys who will make you don't comparable and speak your language can't judge what excuse Kenya and Marty you can call one day or night at 5288888. That's as gives king in morning they're on the web excuse king dot com. Enjoy USDA prime steaks with today's first deal through dealer guitarist of does he chop house were only thirty books and locations in downtown Germantown south haven announcement he wasn't in my first outcome. CN that. It's. He is when you watch much of the Memphis basketball teams is going to be in the post season. Neck. We ago we start whereas if Ryan in Germantown Reiner on. Yes I needed Greg who's going to be next. You know what I'm gonna agree with beyoncé is going to be the tigers. Obviously vigorously try and ally I don't see any shot they are making it out this year they had. A lot of theoretical for next year you got it under draft big obviously illusion Tyreke Evans and quite quite talk about. Who's being in the second best player on the theme this year. You got app market mark LP first seventy plus games he's even have a chance. And I think that's fate and get a guy how bad this year probably not be right now we're not a doubt about it this season so hopefully. But yet nobody here quick takes tigers it's marked its and Coca recruit classes and as they can do the chart commitment buildup but they're so I'm critics say Tiger Woods. Thank you around appreciated. Jeff let you listen into the eighth. I Wilson is a mini onion and needed help judge daughter and I'm gonna move on who's gonna get sure I understand your answer in questions to. What I answered poster -- 537765253776. We get a. Don't pollute is yet to be your tires just because. They. They have already you're out there mania all they have to do this particular. The very near term it can bail I'll have to win two games. You know they were into every area. Aren't radically. 12 games of women have term. It takes 12 games when the cats and miniature bed while it looked to us. Don't complain they. Are up to date can be used to own. They can beat Cincinnati in making these oh you are. We don't know that we don't know who's going to be and then we don't know what we call it the role what they are but there. We don't know what to brackets look what I. We'll be okay output and I district where you look at the way it in the NBA. And you look at their local basically. I mean they're excited wherever easier. And easier portion during the great crucial thank you appreciate it. We goad to move. Korean Lakeland corps is making a post season next. There are here doing. I would say definitely. Grizzlies. Without a doubt. Apparently now on him I think we're. Worked for games out of the eight seed. And then with the tigers I mean we really don't know what we're gonna have. I was the tigers this season definitely thank you and I mean I was in the did you see them struggling against. No name. Other teams. And that turvy as you know. Willingness to try to recruit. And get any good players here so I think it's going to be down for the targets for awhile yeah. Do you think when you think the prison will now expect it to the playoffs. I'm not count them out this year and I actually when we give my bed. Then mark does have to play better. And so we did Mike Beck and you don't always get my bag but I'm not count those out this year I think we can make a push it below seat. Maybe they just seven I'm I'm not count those out this year because I think some of those things will fall. You know like the lakers so Phoenix. In the clippers would have Griffin. And I'm not really town into Minnesota. With some of those things I think Wu. Or following him will be fighting for that blast. Not count themselves. Thank you card to share. We go to. Moves. Stephen Carter Steve yeah. Who's making the next. But there's a lot of variables in this hypothetical. I'm assuming that are better aware only talent in public art it. Now and I am yeah all in the name of post season yes. Well. Out the logged almost correct the way it is more difficult. And they basically bush in the west you only have to be adopted percentile. During the playoff spot where an agency you're gonna have been about not only proper that child could only about retreat to make it. Thought they pick out a level the playing field as far as story there about the visit our culture. You have a gentleman a charter boat program wanted to be repaired. Eight recruit on the earth but it became a bit about ballot. In the draft though is not likely that either have they are larger flow of talent they'll without serve without a and out they did with bill ownership. Question double layered problem would more likely that we get a change at the head coach they let the tiger. Before we get to change at the general manager position at the privilege so. Where they called it dead. Again those are a lot of variables. But it's more likely that you can do it well it. Into the tigers quicker you can at the group was though if or likely that the tiger related to the boat bigger the orbiter. Thanks Dave I appreciate it I think Steve leader in the clubhouse. A twisty broken down we will we'll see if Daniel can pull this one out. Danielle who is a more likely to make the post season first. How are you sir. Great I've got to be retired I'm glad to recruit not something that it's a reason that I have a little they would challenge the more productive week is going to be a tribute to. Culture it's going to difficult times. The other talent NA Li which is the NCAA. Where's Cinderella like this all the current portion of the relatives exceed our college basketball which put him until it. Awkward period talent. You can look at that left vacant for gamma we're prepared at all and it kind of like a decent shot at him org or need to. Damp a Coke bottle motoring you know he's a couple of tight games. Stepped out look at stick and it got to leave it to look forward to get belt got their confidence they can make it into a kick for around a game of basketball is critically if you look into the business. Kurt everything we make bad business decisions and they built around the inside out presence which is down not because. Do I have to rebuild. And more importantly. How they get beat up situation has really is a kind of a local player more have been educated and more that's probably a bit because they're always up and oil affect the program back look at a lot of had to record it expected but when you look at the education they're learning the culture media they have to look at basketball situation I'll all of our Powell on a clearly don't we. AM thank you really gotta have David Daniel has put and is that is voting tigers. An Xbox columnist Tom Tonya. I intend to have our year. Lou on the plane. And I sincerely. I'd say at out of right now we don't know if the tires were gonna make it orbit their alleged the potion or they can't I don't think I was very arch. This season and I'm gonna make a source or at all. Who I know right now. I will say that's. Good literally listen to what this frustrating yes I understand it completely because I've played that 1% there's that. That doesn't mean they'll change it right said that not me involved and they're not like the poster that first session or this year. It's a long ways it's a long long way it's just it's time you think. There.