Hour 1 with guest Gary Parrish (6/19/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, June 19th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins his show by discussing three developments that might impact the Grizzlies' draft selection and determines whether the developments are believable or not. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Gary Parrish to the show to discuss the Grizzlies' draft, Marvin Bagley, and more.

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Daisy award winning Jeff cook games and know Geoff Calkins show. And here. Now 829 SO. And ESP NS. Intends Emanuel. Car. Happy day because. The official team. Of the Geoff Calkins shall. How do. C Droid and Panama yesterday. Bringing out. It's gotten so bad that that people from other shows yeah I am yeah are claiming a a walking in. You know after our show and saying they had Belgium first yeah it's embarrassing honestly mean and then he had to do they grade school thing where you have to get in on and he got a guy that Jack you know like we know it. You know against it's it's on record exactly. It's weird though that everyone's trying to all of a sudden Edwards is clamoring. Is it's the perfect team to fall mob flick because they are Belgium in a French Fries slow top of that if you watch them play they are extremely talented. Like dream get through. They. The best way to explain it is we are hanging on by a thread when things are rolling we're good put out a little worried at all. Okay the most gifted team like a genius exact geniuses like right itself. This song is a Belgian and hurts. Belgium who knows. Today on the shelf. Gary Parrish who releases the dignity of not claiming he'd discovered Belgium and in. Is gonna join us. From New York City I believe there is on his way back he's a strategy is a big time guy and so he's been in New York filming he was letting views on the light box that's my dog would call last night that he was on last night they're gonna replay tonight if you missed and and black if you got a chance to look at Gary Parrish why wouldn't checked crate and Tom and so duke he's gonna join us in the next. Segment Chris Harrington of course. At 10 o'clock is going to drugs and read for Greg because. Listen. It is two days away is only two days away we've been talking about what did you first started talking about this draft November. What do they start with a 52 what would a good five and won't what was the what was the record at. It got off to a rollicking start or as it was a five and 16 and two start and then by the time. His skills fired at least I doubt that all of the argument of since the draft. When faced with a well I was like eleven or so today we got two days left and so is hurt them back. I am to the point on I just wanted to answer. I agree it is what's making it interesting is I do actually have some hope that Dodgers does fall. I do but I will unlimited and bad as yesterday I have lots of hope right to that have a last hope okay anyway we are cram an end. A lot of people who know a lot about the NBA today would TP. And they who's who's kudos so much we've been flown to New York to talk about it. With Chris Harry can. And with three to four grave all older despite well also have an update on the the young bullying at the NHL bullying and cyber bullying scale okay out there has been a fallout of this and I will tell you what happened at some point it's your call. The fiancee of one of the player yes was allegedly. Sending cyber bullying the wife of another. The best player in fact on the team and the best point one of the best five players in the NHL. And saying that he always fancy saying that he wished saying that she allegedly wished their baby daddy and their baby died. And anyway there's been some resolution of that sort of that and I will. I will tell you about that as well. Today. We have because it is two days. Before the draft. We have three. Rumors. Three. Theories of entry. Three things that we can either think. That's crazy. Or hook. And so bad that the two things that I will the good good good you have to weigh in on that's crazy OK all our. Maybe something to that. OK so the three out into the three different IRA and prosecute and and you can choose between that's crazy or. Ha. OK I know what I Zack well yeah out one of the most plugged in smartest. NBA followers in the universe and set on his podcast. That your Memphis Grizzlies your beloved Memphis Grizzlies. Have made calls. And Nate I think a lunch but lunch no don't know that about lunch. A doubt and I don't they have that planned ditch in Chandler Parsons and yeah but that's not what I'm talking about they had made calls about it. Co Y La. Cole why you let he said the grizzlies have made calls about Kauai Leonard as we know. Why Leonard does not wanna be in San Antonio any longer he's made that very clear. Preferred destination seems to be LA although that could be code for Memphis. We and and so the grizzlies have made calls actually I believe image calls. About coup while letter. So the question then becomes. Would you entertain this notion if you were a grizzlies management doesn't make sense to. Trade let's just say the number four pick in the draft. And Chandler Parsons. On the theory that you could do this aren't on the theory that that that. That San Antonio. Bomb would do so which is of course a lot of people say there's no prayer that San Antonio would send. Why Leonard took anywhere in the last. A mom and there's also blocks of packages out there that might be more appealing let's just pretend that pathetically. That. That this was is a deal with San Antonio would accept. Would you ship the number of fort Pitt and Chandler Parsons for Kauai Leonard keeping in mind. The quiet Leonard. Yeah no control of Horry goes right now because you under contract but at the end of this year he will be a free agent and he also. We don't really know she's gotten out of debt cracks. But well it's unclear he missed obviously nearly all of last year with the injury. And so we could be injured and he could walk after a year. Would you. Contemplate. Trading co Y Leonard I acquiring quite Leonard he got quiet. He got Mike. You got marked man he got Dylan Brooks thank you got a way sell then you might have Tyreke coming back here. Make a run. And give my another crisper give the Celtics that draft pick that would almost surely in that circumstance provided people prevalence healthy did pick in the twenties. And then. The future will bring with the future will bring. Would you account important now I would not from a indeed it gate what does he get it I guess he gets you close your stated goal for this year too stupid to most ridiculous thing in the world like why in the world. Teams with one with. The freeagent. I'm on a pending free agent due to a one year left on his contract. Teams could get rid of those guys before they walk for nothing they don't quite acquired him. And so while I'm not doubting that the calls. On the grand scheme of that's crazy. To close. I think we'll go with actress. Yes yes yes it clearly crazy there's there's simply no possible reason. While the grisly would do that I mean that would be the bloodiest it would be it would be the bloody thing in the world you've got all what do you think of the talent available for. And you may be the point where you shuttles and all of them. Which is a great place to be ready to UT's editor at you've come cheap and under control for. Five years. It's just Salinas yourself so. That's in that's crazy okay. Secondly I don't. Yesterday I talked myself and to the idea. That look at Don church might fall to the grizzlies are four. And the theory there was that Sacramento is gonna take Bagley a lot of people think Sacramento might take badly. And then Atlanta. You just don't hear much about townships in Atlanta. So Atlanta is either going Jerry Jackson. Other ground trio. And they're not take advantage in which case. They're not to choose a number four for the grizzlies this temple mount. All life is happy all is it. I says that there is this his theory number two in theory number two. Is that in fact Sacramento is going to pick him and this is based on social media evidence. Ha you're gonna have to follow me look at. All we know we hear of all all the time the Sacramento area cinched in Sacramento is an interest in Sacramento is an interest in Sacramento resident in an inch engine is an interest. But Friday night. The son of the kings owner and posted an image to his integrate and it was a picture of he's there. Whiff. Without. OK okay. Now the photo is not a recent vote of its seems to Durbin a photo that was taken. Early June and that means that day. War it was they were over in Europe talking with that's it which is not at all surprising guy. But it didn't. Posted at. Friday before the draft why oppose a two week old photo. Friday. Before the track. Isn't that a little odd. I mean to me I. I IE I don't think it's that big of a stretch to look at social media and think that they're close here's more. The owner. Also in this picture and he is making that painless simple you know that I think the civil. The what is it with the thumb and then in the paint it where we have we're sure he's ironically do it when I went California okay exactly how. So. Silent so it's addicting bodily into dads out at at the dictates that it. In the photo. The owner is due to hang I don't that it now in in in the since that photo has been post. John chick himself. Has started it there's not that bad little things that emotion as OK I know you can't quite. He has started to use it. Everywhere in his social media. He used it on Sunday. When he. Comment on an Indy unanswered grim post. From. He used it. Another one. Up again on Sunday. And then he has three different times on Sunday apparently has used the the hang loose thing solo. Let me ask you this there plus the for want of how many fingers are being held up and hang loose symbol. The thumb of all how. Many fingers are being paid finders and thumbs how many did you served used. Other only to show what number pick to Sacramento have that would be the second pick in the draft are right so. We've got all the sudden the son of the owner post a photo out in which the whip that sits in which the all photo but a photo and on the last in which Dutch which is joining hang loose side. And that matches the owners who build himself was doing things and all of a sudden down to just do that answer Graham everywhere all over its social media and by the way. It involves two different digits and at the number two pick in the draft and so I ask you. That's crazy. Are tough. Car. You're on holiday I could see it. Now live that's crazy now. IA I mean I'm not willing to go so far to say the hang loose with the two coral it's the second pit two rounds I think that that's that's. Crate and let it. If we're ever did go over strategy to make our case I for an odd that may lead until you drop what explains you Disney does the fact that the photo goes up on Friday by the fact that he is the fact of the photo goes up in the fact that it's being used. Pretty frequently by Dodgers didn't. This doesn't like. OK not now they're two theories here one is could it be coincidence the show on two inches all the sudden and using this analogy I don't buy that we're not paid to believe in Quincy I don't buy that it's a coincidence that he's on the sword during. So it could either be. Guys it's just having fun anathema people bank. Exceeded that he does that nearly as a boy it's you did that he's trolling ha ha ha ha or it is a or it is. He secretly knows that he's being drafted and he is trying to have. Ford and embracing embracing. The culture of Sacramento. Now for those that don't know separately and has a good deeds not exactly surfer count out. Sadr and so as more likely inch closer totally cash than you would still it was the owner of the debt so that would be. He could be sort of singling back to the owner and I'm with you are. I'm down that's going to be fun and that's what I'm bats and I say that as someone who used to make fun of his California friends that we do. Engler is not ironically occasional white odds now it is addicting what are the odds that you believe you'll you'll at least say this is com. What are the odds do you now believe on the basis of this evidence alone do you believe that Sacramento is taking down church. 7%. Well. I thought that all along. I usually what happens is. Consistently. Up until recently which is more like a smokescreen season. Consistently kept hearing heard the air to clear cut best players in this draft. And I just keep thinking that they'll take one of them exact. Okay. I so so there number one. Was profiler why Leonard they're gone tomorrow mass graves to the grizzlies have crazy on. Number to do was that done GH. Is flirting by way of the Shaq got symbol with not a shocker that's a different one. With. Is flirting with the Sacramento Kings such good Sacramento will pick him. Yes but then the other theory. Is that. He may well go for me. And it won't be decide bee Sacramento and it won't pay to Atlanta and this is from a our old friend the most plugged an NBR expert Asia what are ST here's what he said. More serious and teams who want to move up start to make better offers and and really try to measure. What clear they want and how high they have to go to get them. But Sacramento to Atlanta at three at Memphis before they're taking a lot of calls right now teams like the clippers. Denver at fourteen would like to get up. And Dallas at five they're asking themselves can we stay at five to get broken down church or do we have to move up. To get the player because that is the guy they had targeted with a map. It's. All right so. Vote says Dallas has targeted Don church. At five and the theory had been honestly that they like Joseph Jackson. But gorgeous tell us that they want five that they want dodge it's I can't believe gorgeous and it that they want Dodgers. Okay so then disable the where is Dallas going to get. Don church and obviously it's Atlanta has taken him and get them cry so. That would fly in the face theory too but they can't they can all believe in either event. Hardly believe the Dallas can get up to two. Possibly depending on what they're gonna give but can they get up to do. I doubt Dallas can get up to but there's Atlanta at three. If Dallas knows that Memphis wants down chipped it. Which has already done Atlanta almost which it seems like beg. Like Memphis will pay out yes if he's therefore it's almost feels like that very grizzlies can't wait tell us is the floor for doctors she's not fallen passed the house right yeah we know that so. But let's say they say I we gotta get up ahead and do the grizzlies. Take him to make sure we get down church and so they call Atlanta. Atlanta is said to like try young. Ranked. If you're Atlanta. You'll figure particularly worried. That train young is gonna go afforded the girls it's not when the the grizzlies have a should be point guard in my time line. It's sort of hard to believe that the grizzlies would take picture young. You could worry that the grizzlies would trade with someone who would take trade young because you would know if Atlanta was doing messed. That. Atlanta was trading down would Dallas in hopes of getting train young at five and so whoever likes trek young. Whoever it is lower in the draft who likes stray young. Then says oh we gotta get up ahead of now Atlanta at five we've got a trade deficit for Atlanta could be scared of that thing scared about that sale at a restaurant a picture young. Indeed I would recommend to Atlanta. That if they really loved very young taped trail ya but I can absolutely see a scenario whereby Atlanta says you know what fine. Will get extra we'll just move down to slots will lead Dallas jump ahead of us we'll Doug Dell's job ahead of Memphis and take down chipped. All right so on this theory that Dallas the theory is the Dallas likes that church. And is trying to jump ahead of Memphis to get him. Are you putting that and say that's crazy or ha. But nine and a half clearly a hot right. Okay we began this show. Would you saying you're more and more confident. The Dodgers might be there for. I told you yesterday I was starting to feel confident to dodge it would be there for but now for various reasons. I am losing faith. Those are reasons our. Maybe Sacramento. As the shock a symbol of peaks and at two. Shut Barbara Bush a wreck or Dallas jumps ahead of Memphis to take him at three. For those two theories both of which in my book qualify as home not as that's crazy. I think there's a pretty good chance the dodge ridge. As you pointed out given that he was the second boat the that it will be gone and I and my path my optimism of yesterday. Let's turn to the pessimism of today and it may well turn and optimism again by tomorrow but it is now pessimism that he will be available let's say. For me it's there's still optimism because I went from thinking about six weeks ago that there was no chance. And so now I actually do you think that there is a chance what does she assemble I know put ice how Lance I had no says six this is the difference. Seems like for him no hope you're a little hope Y and so you still clinging to the little hope. That cleans the little hope I believed interest it. Which of those is more scary to get it pretty let's assume we are down to two person you want grizzlies down just for sure which of those is more. Worrisome to you Sacramento and the shock a symbol. Or Dallas aggressive Dallas trying to get out shark tank Dallas trying to get ahead of the grizzlies to get down to Sacramento because. At the end of the day Dallas is still gonna have to make a package. Out Dallas forgot to put together and and I have to persuade Atlanta they're not gonna get the player they want to act. I think you're exactly right and I think that's the moral worry someone might. It is as we can say I'll jump ahead but it's that those things are not as easy to do is you as you would think like there have been examples obviously. We saw meg Kevin Love OJ Mayo Danielle like we see players flop Merck occasionally you see teams. Moving around at the top of a draft. But not as often as you would think. Mostly teams to say you know why. It's gonna take a yes and we sought a court we did feel last year well with Boston or Philadelphia but mostly pledges they we just figured out and so. I think that it's I agree with you as crazy as that it's six silly shocking thing may sound. I don't totally discount I went to break two days in New York he's gonna join us next opportunity to ask them as. I'm always losing my reading glasses and luckily I always know where I can find them at readers dot com. Well there's always a great selection of quality reading glasses at an affordable price. And now only you can save up to 40% if exclusive offer. Just enter the coupon code. Check out. Readers dot com makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for its powers from one point zero to seven point zero. Including reading glasses that are hard to find in stores like tonight locals so and readers and computer readers. Our leaders dot com you can choose from hundreds of popular styles and colors were under twenty dollars. 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Work still think she's also a national college basketball comes CBS sports. Dot com multiple Emmy winning cult television personality resins downfield Armenia LD man who's on his way from New York City. Back to his blog I'll Memphis Tennessee keep seeing it. Well. I am it's as simple part of a sudden all the way the hotel got out denied although that's like. The size. Of its back is that every part but it but it night. All I beg your bag of bad policy that must be the only person. May be on the planet who break basketball team all right simple art every. But Thursday morning which has by normal routine so I would. Yesterday I had and still here at the moment. Do league NBA perhaps shows that aired last night I think will re air tonight. And tomorrow night to be a sports network and sort out all at LaGuardia is altered we take off perfectly and land all right I'll be back to your map is about the net. I wanna get to the draft in a moment before I do though what are your thoughts on the Nike contract that Memphis has signed. It seemed lol relative. The other numbers that I am well aware of or read about in so. I guess that yesterday. Wooden barrels talk what Matt start I'm sure that they got Errol deal more complicated that I can make it out on radio. By. It'd it'd seem low considering that at the very least. The word meant they've been before you know method and the brand and the idea that. Meant it would have been inferior. Apparel deal. 27 the other school that that I've read about. It's confusing to me I get I don't know that ever a great explanation or. That's exactly why am on this on this I I think that the University of Memphis. In the way that they have turned around the basketball program the excitement for the basketball program. The way they have generated more money and ticket sales more money contributions. More excitement all of that. I think they've shown great judgment and indeed it. It. Sort of eight out of must purge the little strong what you listened they knew they were gonna be criticized what they did around tubby and they also knew that there was admitting. It was admitting a mistake around tubby which is not easy for people to do and so. I applaud them for all those things that I'm reluctant to her hair amok in a referendum for best. And yet it does seem. Curious it'll ever or that they sold deflating I guess the think that my gosh you've got a smaller deal this year than you did in 2008. At a time and Kenny are ways that coach. Right thumb. But Eric correct or are wrong my understanding is that they feel repay any. Yes ultimately it was December the deals decider yet no way and that way it's so weird lost opportunity yet. Right yeah right. You know that's been at the best are clearly you know I don't know about it art bottom that you could see it from from from where tubby took the program. And I don't expect what an ideal. And you know adult football program is. It now respectable. And a compilation. And on the ride. The truth is every from my perspective. End up all it's hard to break a rule. V light national wave gay you know like you're waking state outside the power. Even if you're break the bit about what they fired their first round pick quarterback. The only resonate in your market earlier in Turkey a country they don't care in big country don't care act what country they don't care they keep the country they don't care excel it would have just been. Initially I didn't market well Ed I've done an unbelievable thing about football program. You create it could get started seemed registered nationally which I think. Which what are we also hinder your ability that took to get what these met the apparel. Guilt even though that the old boys. It's something it's never been in my lifetime which is. It's something to get excited about something that the group or something to get aren't. Eight it's really mostly a local story. That any I get that they've they're talking about Memphis football anywhere else that back. Yeah you actually even wonder about global their 160 million dollar deal. We think about which just staggering when you think an emphasis is getting you know two million dollars a year. 22 point 25 million dollars a year we'll get ten million dollars a year. I mean yeah they're they're bitter battle that they've got to reputable football program. It eight BC football program at the power of five football program there's a Arab. For dads who have. To a play off to a national championship they've had a Heisman Trophy winner and their basketball is in big big big oriental work Lowell always recognize or. Certainly throughout. The United States but I would I get around the world as well I think all of that played into it but I beat the market aspect of it. Is that they have they beat the affiliation as opposed to 88 B affiliation and that's a matter of fate. And Gary Parrish 46 today I might see your NAE Europe B your still in New York you've been in New York. Any of the new and unique perspective of viewing the grizzlies draft and issues from inside Memphis and also from. Then beyond. The other folks up there the year talking to etc. General perception of what's going on in Memphis. Old nobody outside of Memphis in basketball circles is nearly op Ed optimistic about the grizzlies as. And Robert pear seem to be about it greatly for May be a die hard greatly speed and ticket holder lit because right now might beat. You know I had Robert pear was quoted. Get within the past week. Saying that you expect to Wikipedia entry. I guide that you get fighting India person I respect greatly to do that I mean even when. A yard game weathered a agreeable scrap of York John dingle ball we are stacked local or Chris manic. Anybody leader covered the draft poorly or BA BA currently our national level. Yoga I read something about secular which you BA writer wrote it buddy it it being. That being become an opinion out better that the device you know they that may be greatly need to do right now it beyond its quick. Markets on Mike Conley about what's in store you know BR about the rebuilt. And yet people inside the order you don't think there about because everything else so they're clear disconnect there between. What big Ripley's believe it bear reality. And what other B eight people outside of the market leader of the group react. Now there was I mean I saw yesterday that that your old friend Matt Moore who used to be there at CBS sports I've come basically said. He thinks he would he would trade Mike for a pick in the teens he would trade mark for a pick in the twenties. Mac and he would get on with it like that that basically and and and you have a top eight protected pick this coming year. Andy just he'd it's time to get all of that and it's obviously not the plan indeed. Weirdly enough what do they have mentioned earlier was Zach Lowe has said that the grizzlies have placed calls about Kauai Leonard. And Zach Lowe is not a guy who just make stuff fall now it it's almost impossible to imagine that happening. But. Is there any circumstance under which you would endorse that why Leonard at a possibly injured why Leonard for a year. In exchange for. Out of that he's got to get me free agent after this year he's not just an extension. In exchange for the number four pick and Gemma Parsons. Now I have what do any thing I would do any renal and that's why would be a red all. For that if anything did involve a number four pick I mean when you Thursday night at an opportunity to elect their. Or have an opportunity to add theoretically a Marvin Bagley or look at sarge it's Dora. You know of Mohammed or combo or re young or whoever did you like. And they're gonna have control of that player essentially for five years if you want it. That's what I'd walk rather than one year of a wide Leonard who may or may not be injured. Who may or may not beat this core people who might just decide he's not playing because like he did it this fact these are what and if so what are. So you can you don't believe in the Western Conference semifinals. The Golden State Warriors go to Houston Rockets at the LA lakers. Now and then watch it Hispanic lobby go go draft mode all body become because of player of the year three year like updates on. It is 8088 dead and by the way that whole land to the extent that it would be a player. I think it would be irresponsible but like what color plan for the sacred conversation it up go. Rely yet aren't. Mike and mark being healthy for maximum right when you're quite littered. You're talking about in general re riddled Mike Conley staying healthy market already injury kept staying healthy ankle why Leonard been injured staying healthy. But what are the odds of that honestly so that it would work out. Oh wait that you would hope that it will work out there probably important pick up three I don't have a yes I laugh go the last thing that those three guys all albeit a very dark. I mean I'm just spent all you have no idea what it wants but I bet it's not at all been sold no absolutely not like what I read that. And you're exactly right back we'll have somebody just makes me doubt I'd hole I was hoping he. We can't make you they're interested in being a thirteen to facilitate something for a strike. Or to get out here in the contract or whatever but just delegate deal that clip of fort pick. Or what about it what you're caught letter no no no no no that would be a awfully short sighted and in my opinion down. But Matt Moore to really guess there was mote mostly I'd rather Memphis go full on margin call and go into the draft trade Conley for a mid teens peck. Trade to solve for an 1830 tech trade Parsons and Ford moved back slightly. You only get one chance before the fire sale leverage. Hurts you. The reaction if they did that there's no chance they're gonna do that what would the reaction if they did that. It would be bad in the market that was this another thing where there's a disconnect between. Could that be a bit got it you're in the market and the reality. Or they're perceived reality outside of the market the Mac eight total league. Dom. Our field idea. Or a lot of feet that met more throughout according to a Smart basketball people. But I bet indicates for a year now. Read it relates to the grizzly bear bit Smart basketball people outside the market for years saying what you're so. Holding the thing together like you're not accomplishing anything congratulations you're the seventh speech you're you're gonna lose the fight game theory that route wore blue but if the market. Bet that they were both considered accomplishments and so I think. To the extent that did the conversation we didn't predict conversation. Or. The group editor try to beat good first alternate fate can beat good. Even if there's an undeniable feeling on on what that year and that means bad. No we get back in Arab move might Barack. Picked that probably turned and bit not vague and move marked for a big bad. Probably turned into nothing to start a complete and total rebuild I don't think the faith based and the stomach for that I've I've. I'm not in favor I guess I'm sort of try to protect eagle here. I've got a paper going all lit all but now move before pick Burkle why letter let's pull out my Markey co Y. And try to beat up. All right Peter Cook or speed of the west but I am also not in favor of just what the whole thing out a delegate whip total rebuild like what that does. They're being guide you probably shortly markets although walked here got a few more years but might. You've got to Wear your generous contract he got a portrait now I dictate they get on the Forte. They get respectable again next speed it. And then it whatever young talent you might have in the franchise. Starts to becomes something bad might get mark get on the wrong side of of their career bet I'd be an unlikely scenario. But that things could be a quiet and it's a player that I think given what you take everything into consideration. Including. And that the market and at the stand they've I think that's sensible course. Your latest mock draft you have Don church for the grizzlies is that true that your latest trivia at a later on since the latest. Now believe that the latest what are but it'll probably abated some oil in the next 24 hours. They kept the same bed as much as. Our order that are obsolete but what I see it mode it does there are Smart people. Will cover the draft or living. Like it did in 088. To nothing else for a letter I guess they don't wake up everyday breaking basketball they have been. Try to get solid bet on bet they covered it BA draft. Twelve but beer who think Luka is actually going to all of or tricky. I don't think secretly they're going to pass on average soldier look at argued guy. Regrets because you have appeared laid out a draft. It looked like you might be able to get it with the sake but always with the draft there's a lot of information there's a lot of misinformation. And I still feel certain that the only thing you can reliably count on right now is that the ivory eight is gonna be the first state. On Thursday night which again to circle back is why I really weird to be entertaining. Things for the fourth pick right now like outlets and anybody for any better about 88 but until I know who would actually available or Angela not. Are not pull the trigger on on any sort of deal that involved that pick because let's say. You're somebody like me that you love more than Bagley what you just don't think you're gonna be available for. What if you look up ought. Thursday night eightieth year because BR create look at dark suits and Jarrett Jack or big you'd be crazy to have moved the fourth pick. Yeah and it bands of that moment so even if you're seriously considering whatever you seriously consider it. It would be reckless so I agree to any thing before it. Before you know what a brand had a bit three Sacramento debit to. All of Bagley doesn't appear health fault I admire and a nine hour drive with my son back from Chicago. He hates Marvin Bagley he says it can't pass and this is true like not only getting young guard. He kept on Pak us oil what do you like and there it fits into this whole does he have a sense of how to play basketball thing either great. Unbelievably. As the gifts or whatever but you talked about it before scouts say. And it just court awareness on open and honestly and you look at it like he cannot pass. You've got a book basketball player. I doubt it no I don't think anybody ever suggested otherwise. And and it'd be worse that it would be via the pick and he would beat the next day like both type but got it we can't yet. Can't do everything guys. Yeah they're they're they're more rare then but I think most people realize. And so you can nitpick or anybody can nitpick any prospect in the strapped I'd get that was fate it. When you're talking about a 611 at least. I need a league level athlete NL lead global jumper. Who shot 40% from three point range rebounded at a a high level. A score at a high level. Scored O realm of Bram. Getting other people's shots you can all locked away he can get out in transition he could also break up the score on your own. Wait you have reached the point where you don't ever that your great passer I think you're over again I'd I think jet. Focus on how all of the media at B often think these are. And in 08 and truck that boat being bigger threat to the NBA than any. One of the safest pick in the draft because there's no way an act. Of pit level. Who played a part of the plate and it is still revered and served like you can make an open shot or put the all the oracle fight. It a lot of big so a guy get well right. A bit bigger but wait are going to be good slash really well the question is can he be equal rate and that come down the basketball instincts stop. Some court awareness stuff and I end up back. Unwilling to acknowledge. That that might think that prevents them from being great just like Erik think that there are maybe per bit BR 38 or look at targetable bar or anybody else that trip from being great but. That the somebody who has been. Widely regarded as the best basketball prospect at age fifteen was 1415 years old and have never. If the wind it never done anything but completely overwhelm. Everybody played against on any court at any guard. I called out believing that until I got real reason not to. Our last questions. Our on on the dance your stuff there are two different. I'm sort of yesterday I talked myself into the idea that he might fall dozens and I was thrilled by that prospect now. Two things one is what coaches said that Dallas has identified them as the team there as the player they want and honestly. Atlanta once tray young there's no chance of Memphis is taken tray down so why if your if your Atlanta. I mean I think there's very little chance if your Atlanta you could easily do it tells the flip with Atlanta Golub get down surged ahead of the grizzlies I know done that's one issue. Such an issue it is it is funny there's this theory out there. It it. That does son of the owner in Sacramento. Posted a picture. In which she's ripped down she edged its from a few weeks ago and he's doing the hang ten sign right. And since then if you looked at that she's done she's just social media he told an intense I got the thing pat him OG everywhere. So there there are those who say you know what. This points to Sacramento taken down just now that is crazy conspiracy social media theory. But you can't actually for both of those reasons not to wait to get stunning neither of them. You shouldn't be okay. All these reports about. Sacramento doesn't like about right or what's over the past must go back about it instead of a lead and have. Well it's counterproductive first Sacramento. Actually. Well like mate back no beer sourced it because you want white. That there are regulated that club stuck its. If you give it to a lot bit you would take Connecticut people out there you would still want people that they edged up there because hey you wanna come together. Big big like let's talk birds that we could do so we open up Pittsburgh portrait of the people at the rarely overwhelm us. Reports that the bridge right picking Beckett does the does that look a guy that everybody got a lot of people they should goes Beckett. Never made sense to me and that's why I don't almost every day. I'd bet on it on three different television show yesterday on my show on this show art art get anywhere talked about the strap. We adult can get. They edit and get base thought. That they information we're getting from from various sources including people we truck. But after I create an addict and everybody guessing right now or edit it's why I don't pretend. And Oprah Jordan could be available for IQB get. A scenario where doctor did I could be had an aerial work Bakley. I am but I could also easily envision. You know Thursday night unfolding here and there all the board eight and doctor is back with 123. And some order at oh wait we will eight. Quiet this is why I don't spend a lot of our targeted at salute sabathia BA draft there's good information out there. But I think even more than that there's been a lot of bad information because. A lot of the information they get out. Doug and actually make sense if you think about who would be pretty give that information. And at the end now but it makes it out why would they want better out there peek at it counter reproductive. Credit to their own goals and the Sacramento not liking dark star which what they were real thing for the past I've. We never make it to me because it would not expect spurred you to let anybody know that. Thank JP I'll talk to you later safe travels. 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