Hour 1 with guest Gary Parrish

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, March 13th

(00:00--25:30) Geoff Calkins opens the show by answering the eight most frequently asked questions that he is asked about the Memphis Tigers' head coaching position about not only Tubby Smith but also Penny Hardaway.

(33:12--60:00) Geoff welcomes Gary Parrish to the show, and Geoff asks Gary the tough questions that are frequently asked online of Gary before they then discuss the NCAA Tournament. 


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National contest in the mystery supply. GM to six. That's right good morning everybody the day's best news for the Jeff Hawkins showed during the 9 o'clock hour is seeker. That's the word seeker SEC. RT TSE. CR ETT 781. Here in the next hour here on match an injured for a chance to win all 1000 dollars again that is secret. To a seventy created one data mysteries may apply version exchange went right here. It's been 10 o'clock hour on the Jeff Hawkins shows right here in 99 at ten ESPN one more time here cash codes. For the 9 o'clock hour the Jeff Hawkins showed today is secret. Text secret. SEC. Or ET. He's seventy to 81 block. Nine FM ESPN presents. Heels lead sports columnist. It's the award winning Jeff cook here. In this and know Geoff Calkins show. 929 FM. ESPN. News. Something new car and in brown Ringo Ringo. Yet the steps and that is spell check and as we wait to treat treatment. And a cello as we wait. Your approach to management. Later on this hour and mark Jim not now is gonna join us in the second. Album talk about all sorts of things we'll be mentioning NCAA tournament for example the NFL's drank up we now know Tiger Woods is back Tiger Woods is fact we have mentioned Matt a there's a lot of stuff we haven't gotten do. Because of everything that we had to talk about but we may get to some of that burning of the force. The day and the Memphis Grizzlies have lost eighteen Iran to stop myself from Twitter battle. With people about the whole tanking and again what effort you know I can get so mad about it. You would give soul man about it and here it's funny like the arguments are fine so. Impossible. Like. Am. When I hit it it. The latest the latest the latest and misses from from Jen is fantastic but she says yes we're losing it all costs per chance at a chance. And putting the decision the hands of someone with a dismal track record it's all good baby. Well and that's not a point they're losing because their pet. That's why they're losing let's start there and they're losing because their bat. It's only your attitude toward the losing that matters here. My optimistic glass half full attitude yet towards losing which is time I'm again which is time I try to always be glass and ball. Is shaped my bad my desire to have a better players. I'm never guaranteed that lottery picks produce. Franchise changing players I only know that over time. Higher picks have a better chance. Of produced at a lower price there no matter who is picking and no matter weather today a genius is picking or a more honest picking the higher pick it is. Better and literally nobody says it's all good baby but literally nobody says it's all good baby so. I get an argument people. And Tom but I think it's really stems from the fact that those people who are. Just think this is the worst thing in the world and I by the way I also think the losing is the worst thing in the world. An and in a vacuum I don't want him to lose. There really really match and I'm not mad I'm at I'm at peace I'm at peace without end and truly it's funny because. Our our Gannett over lords from Nashville. At one point last week is that write a column about the losing streak like. And dubious to John. Great guys well and instead I celebrate that. That's fine I feel bad for the players sure I do most of whom won't be grizzlies next year Marcus saw I think honestly has shown throughout this. Eight has been stunningly awesome yeah. More cries some more awesome everytime I hear from him that interview that he didn't run Telerate about finding peace in about having kids and but just would like this kids get impatient. It was just eat them and we are seeing a growth. In mark to solve it is is just. Really fun to watch and so. Now I said as the president mark Oman and miserable as a resident mark homer even I've been surprised nice place. He's been fantastic. But okay enough about that. The way I deal that'll be us in this problem because those people still watching. Right I don't ask me how much of the game I watched last night Amish again you buy dot com. Not a single man alive still I have to still watch some of them are not as Chicago won as I didn't worry about last like last night was in the pack rat. Chicago coming up by a whale pair about that once and as you point out. This of this is what started at all because occasionally I hear people say listen I want them died at the highest lottery pick ever. But. But boy be nice that the women. And I'm like those two things are inconsistent. If you're just some of the people who want them to win because you're like that wired always want to know when I understand. But if you're someone who us extensively embraces. Though the though the upside of losing here glass half full approach the optimist that I liked saying here. That and you can't say I embrace it but I'd like them to win. Because the note it's that the those are mutually exclusive mutually exclusive because the battle at the bottom is way too tight for eighteen straight losses. And Phoenix is right on or else is one. One billion actually won fit into the gaming at the grisly everything else they lose so there's no there's no refer. Forever as a or any like okay enough that today is the day. Today I will tell you is the debt. But the way we're gonna address this is I'm a delegate questions about it all the time. I'm gonna have Jeffrey standing yet for the people who write in tweet me etc. And he will passage monthly bills certainly lovely emails will love a nasty ones at the end it was literally someone in Orleans. Did you see the sign yet fires have got pits there was a fire Jeff Hawkins signed it it. Right it is good to be it's been a long time not since the Geoff Calkins is an idiot he will sign at FedEx Forum. And it was weird 'cause those people like cow bells are pal. I look how people you're huge calpers all gonna pop people's I didn't understand that and I'm we made peace subs we met those people that I think god Germantown Qantas and English. Whatever we made peace you bury the hatchet. But now there's another fire Geoff Calkins. Campaign getting cranked up it doesn't have a lot of followers. As far as I can tell but there's some. And now you have a leader because they got the billboard and everything added up though they've made they've decided her time to notice her eyes and it said fired Jeff. Hawkins so but the burning quest means that I am being asked. About. The Memphis Tigers in their situation fire. Number line now. Well tubby be fired today Jeff Tubby Smith will be fired yes it'll be this afternoon it will not be this morning. The meeting marked him out a reported yesterday. Has been scheduled. There is nobody in the universe connected with tubby etc. who has not acknowledged this does not understand this. Tubby Smith will be let go. To debt absolutely what's next a so that brings up the next question you mentioned that timeframe and when will they be hired or jumping on me sometimes I'm so good answer your questions that I answer them certain. Are not met this morning. Not lunchtime. It will be this afternoon it could even be late afternoon it could even be stretching and early evening dinner time. Like that that's when I go to the earliest would be early bird special that are tied Koresh had to sometime between four and seven a you'll know Celek and we don't know if so between four and never. Right exactly sometime sometime between. Four and seven it is not being done with the dispatch and the efficiency with which Rex Tillerson has been fired into next Ellison fired. Eight my blood and apparently by Twitter and that's entirely true would be the president did not call and let him know names being fired I don't know if the president will be in on this one or not. But Rex Tillerson. Good to get out last Rex Tillerson he he was hired before and he will be fired after end. Unlike Rex Tillerson will get a check for 31000 dollars a week. Month or a month dog Goodell about a week oh yeah OK yeah it's a week 31000 all week for the next six years. The median income in Memphis or a family I think. In the city of Memphis is like 37000. Dollars so close to the median income. Of a family in Memphis. Are each week a yearlong income each week for the next six. Years that I go ahead jumper had no answer another question question and answer that question three will there be a press conference to discuss this matter. I find that to be bearing interest. My prediction. Is now. But I'm I don't know. I think the category they're two way. Press release. That's the chicken sway you really believe that I can and it's I'm waited on EE UEU. Is gonna suggest. There are people pop up and say well. The university made a mistake that everybody knows universe may think that's a big secret computer to a when you read page after two years to going to my boards about million dollars. It doesn't have to be said over and over and over that it was a mistake really was a mistake but I think there's something to be said for our. Actually facing the music. And furthermore if you do a press conference and then you're left answered every question when the next coach is introduced. Just go ahead. Have a quintessential press conference of your your typical Oscar press conference. Say we've let told tubby we are going to here's who's gonna be in the search committee. We are going to have a full search we will not comment on this again which is what we typically do. Until. Until. We have made hi thank you very much we hope you respect the process boom boom boom will take some questions. The Russians will not be. Will will be a little difficult but I do think you get some credit for standing up and taking them because it's. Ten might that help the late afternoon I believe he will be fired. It doesn't seem like there will be a press conference to debt and so press release today I would think and hope W post comments about that might interfere when my plans because I was gonna go up and watch Penny Hardaway is east team. In the state playoffs tomorrow they play at one I believe. But so. But my own little secret bat. Unfortunately. Is I think that will not be a press couples. Wells and experts. So the next question is who is driving the ship the University of Memphis oh I believe that. Present red. I believe as I said yesterday the finances are driving the ship. That's what ultimately is drive shipped the cold reality is striving ship but I think president Rudd is driving the ship. I think bill Lori is driving the ship. I think those are the two most significant people in all of this. That it is David Rudd and bill Laurie bill Lori because he has become re engage and that's a good thing. In the Memphis athletic department because he spent ten million dollars to help them build practice facility because he might have good players and that that practice slowly so I think he's. Slightly and more engaged than he used to be and they may be some money that needs to be a doled out here. And he has some. And and David rod. Again I'm just I'm just my guess. Because he sees that this is a crisis financial crisis that doesn't just. But the athletic department but does what we said yesterday when he athletic department is losing money big time big late. Bomb then they have to draw on general student fund a general funds and student fees and everything else. And so I think it is it is I think he is likely involve. Because he is sick of it does not want to get any deeper into the public coffers to support an athletic department as much as we like athletics. The mission of this urban university is considerably more important than fielding an entertaining football or basketball team and so. I think he's involved. Not just because he's entered sports although he is but don't because he sees the financial crisis as a threat. To be brought a university so that's who I would suggest would be in Bob a question me up too so now we are up to a number six. That's T Jeff are we sure that the next coach is going to be turning. Oh yeah stated there although I believe the next coach will be pen and ID indeed I think that the the I think that that. That to the extent that finances are driving less. The decision to get rid of Tony finances are also driving the decision to hire Tony. Because he's the only one who who who privy to provide that. That absolute. Instant influx of money and interest and so yes I think for that reason and and furthermore if you want pending. It would have been leaked to people because it's been any gonna gonna gonna gonna all's anyone been talking about so if it were not pending. I believe some with the yellow stop the penny talk we don't we've got to happen so yes I absolutely do believe it will be panning. The only way it's not panning it seems to me. Is fifth. I'm not suggesting it's. But I've said all along I think due diligence has to be done on Penn. He's not a proven commodity. You know the standard background checks it's on and every coach and ever and whatever else like. I do think all that needs to be done and as long as that start and comes through when they're convinced that he can. Beat a guy. And I believe it will be Tammy so. I'm I'm I'm I would say I'm 99%. Sure. 99.9. 99. That. That tubby will be fired today. I would say I'm 98. 95%. Certain that penny will be the replacement more certain of the firing but I am of the replacement but I think both seem. Inevitable. At this. So number seven who penny is indeed hired and Larry Brown would be added to this staff. Would you rip Memphis for hiring Larry Brown. I love it and I'll tell you why. Winning matters. Well no it's not just could've gone full like just full renegade just went to keep it just full renegade here right. But I'll play this and maybe it's maybe it's our fault. I really have never ripped. I've never ripped high and maybe maybe I should maybe there are people who I would. But I've. The closest person I came to ripping a higher honestly John. No was was sadly was was Lionel Hollins and it wasn't because I ripped a higher the only game a year and a half contract on a city if you have cut if you have faith in my Ohio. It felt like they were just going cheap right and so if you have faith in the final highlands. Give him more than a year and a half contract but don't don't just cheaper out he. But I didn't I didn't rip Larry Porter I didn't rip Tommy west I didn't rip. Dave Jaeger I didn't rip. David his bill I didn't ripped Tubby Smith I didn't I didn't rip. Tip price I didn't rip Josh I didn't rip I don't I. But as I again I try to be optimistic it goes back to the glass half full people who people miscarriage and he still battles sometimes. I really am ultimate optimist actually. The truth of the matter is. Yeah. I'm a sap. And I want people to sixty New York campy and I'm trying to yes so I I root for people I've heard for things to work out and so. I ate my instinct is that to rip hires it's to give people the chance and then if they don't. Work out then to weigh in and say. It's not working out. I got beyond that like it's funny like you go back and I was seen as that adversary of John cal Perry's. You remember when he hired Milt Wagner a deal lots of people said that's awful cynical idea is to get it to do want. I wrote a column saying I'm all for. I said hey even if milk what Wagner didn't have a son named to one you might want among staff former great. A little more hold great kind of look like a Ku will be what every he can bring bring about the sun it's not an embarrassing high here. I'm now we knew we did it for the sun M there was nothing illegal about that I I applauded. Well Larry Brown it's a little trickier. Because of the NCAA sanctions I literally three schools on with the bid they were where he left on NCAA sanctions now. The most recent one. At SMU. The situation was there was someone on staff who was doing papers write for a start. And that was the that was the do you believe the time that Larry Brown delivered to wheel to close basketball now Denise is he responsible ultimately responsible yes who is ultimately responsible for that. In this role Larry Brown would be. The plus of Larry Brown is she is. Awesome basketball. And did ask that you like look how well they played a demolished Memphis and for a coach like for some of my penny. To have a a guy would that kind of XML acumen. I think could be a great thing. And what the hell you know like get like you mean that kind of expertise. Around Penney also need some administrative expertise around penny. But so. So that's the poor us. But among us it seems to me is. Hey the reaction not a penny will only be positive. The reaction hired a penny and Larry Brown will be Memphis is Memphis and again read that will make people believe renegade Memphis is back. And furthermore. I think the NCAA which will be involved in the same way that right now we have heard. That just because of LSU's were recruiting successes they RD quote unquote taking a look. At LSU. I think the hiring of penny and and if he gets some if you successful in getting some recruits I think that will bring. NCAA scrutiny rafter back anyway. But what penny I'm Larry. Like NCAA is gonna like that they're gonna get a time share here and I'd they're gonna set up and there are going to be after you and you have to know that. And so that would and scare me a little bit. If they hired Larry for that Reeves just. Why bring invite an even higher level of criticism and scrutiny is it worth the payoff of having. And a bloody genius sex or no coach on staff. I think it's arguable. And because I think it's arguable. I would not rip now. And then lastly Jeff. Kids today think of Annie are what I mean they even know. What do they know and they know all of them what do you think of it well that's fun. You should ask him because MoneyGram foods. Has for the last ten years. Done an essay contest a Penny Hardaway why he is a great role model essay contest. And I happen. Because I'm one hell of a investigative reporter yes I happen. If there ever sent gotten no credit Brad would steam either I have that combining them and merging into one. I happen to have gotten my hands on the winning entries. To the Penny Hardaway. Is a great role model. Is a great role model essay contest. And I think right now just so you will find out. What the kids of Memphis and all of them think your Penny Hardaway and I'll give you some samples can we have some music star weekend. This is from. Carolina Mora and Barton. I during the 199495. Season them Orlando Magic with at the top of their game of the franchise record of 57 games ahead of the pack. With a six foot seven young man who's been on the team for just one season averaging twenty point nine point seven point two assists four point four rebounds one point seven steals per game. With a field goal percentage of fifth 51% a free throw percentage of 76%. The following years that same player would want accumulate thirteen seasons worth of stats as well as you've countless amounts of work that Imus for success on the court. Former point guard for the university men's basketball team and pretty Penny Hardaway has been defined by sets of numbers as whole life. Behind the legendary four time NBA all star however is a proud man in whose courage in the face of adversity and strong devotion to his family and faith and community. Take him MVP on and off. After that infamous 1994 season tragedy struck early career in 1986. Started suffering from a series of ongoing knee injuries and never fully recovered even through six surgeries however continue to play. Hit at the opinions of others are his injuries stop on this lack of self pity and unwavering commitment to treat I've always greatly admired. This past month I suffered from minor local damage was not able to do but I love musical theater not being able to make. Other people smile the beauty of theater as heartbreaking for me penny story of how we survived with injuries and motivated me. To not give up my passion and gave me the strength to realize that if you wanna do something for the rest of your life. All it takes. It is perseverance. And faith. Cheney trip here is from. Louis where they love it up and Ian Lewis bird. As well. Topic of the second pair. Of their highways career and play basketball at this time in basketball was not actually help. Hardly mean the personal decision to help his friend Desmond meriwether boat from middle school boys basketball team. While meriwether was battling cancer finally stepped in decided to help by taking over the team with this he was able to start influencing young boys lives. I really pushed down and made them better physically and mentally and drove them to several state tied. His motto for them was don't use the enters the city as an excuse to fail. You can overcome your circumstances. Always dream date in his drive to make it seem great until it was able to help. Meriweather live out his dreams and watch his team grove middle school for winning state titles. Meriweather past and we stayed the team to watch the finish up high school it was time effort and money to these children finish out what he. And meriwether. Had started. Security around this is this is a good is what young people all over Memphis. Think. Penny Hardaway I've kind of and hey ladies and gentlemen people tell it. Kids at Memphis know that Penny Hardaway is a great American another great American UK will join us while we come back just talked to John NET Nana from his. 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And film a big blockbuster gets a mini review yes good wow in local news it's like national news only smaller. All right thanks for listening now go put some mini in your morning with the chicken you love for breakfast she plays chicken minis until 10:30 AM. As fast 688 M. It is ES. Shallow. Trying to navigate parish is parish is so different shelf port six. Every single day here in 99 at I'm ESPN national college basketball calmest for CBS sports dot com multiple Emmy winning. Personnel rising star in the field of meteor our. GPU. Amara you can yeah ask Gil had questions any okay ensuring. You feel responsible. For the firing of Tubby Smith. No I feel like a script or the partner don't respect. If you looked like Ehrlich a budget do you feel anyway. No I mean art I feel like I write. Whatever voice I have to explain the issue. That are. Eat he would get that that's around the university about a basketball program and explain her. Peter or solid eleven months. Why this day was likely I honestly didn't think they would pull the trigger after two years but I've been exploiting for eleven months while it probably should. To its final two weeks ago neither of us thoughts are gonna happen my we're just kind of really reconciled. Another yet rent. Yeah I mean at once they went on the porch gave when he streaky but no it lacks substance even according to the two to Tubby Smith. I get up that that would be their excuse. To trick himself that the thinking. We're better at the kids are true being we're gonna come back next year beating into which hurt the team none of that what ever going to be true it was all like stupid. But I could see how it. Already wanted to not have to do pit you could commit yourself. That. You do need to do this and that's what I thought would actually happen but then it would weaken ago. I started to hear different and on last Tuesday night I wrote what I wrote which looked at the university of up to put seriously considering. Hiring Tubby Smith after two years and so now you know here we are think you're an iron agreement on some. Neither of us can imagine. That'll happen at some point later that. OK the other thing you hear is that you have been on a Jihad against Tubby Smith from the moment he was hired. True. No it's just a lie I mean I I'd say I don't people say that I don't mean that that the idea that people say that it'll lots do you have. When did you get. I've had perfect gimmicky. With the law the law and when I honestly when it. Can we expect I would ever critical of Tubby Smith. It here at the exact time line yeah it is but and everything I tweak everything right everything I say it document Catholic so I really wanted to do a research project could you can't be wrong if you wanna prove. Iran through all the way out but sure someone wants to go out there and I. You know those people who will now take a couple of minutes ago I. Are comparable with the story out expect that you of course you rampant according to Gary cares when he would hire. I thought it was a mistake. I that is not what I would have done that his gut that there were picked up fifty people I would hired as a Tubby Smith. And then I and I quickly after making that initial court quickly say that our spirit that scenario under which works and hear the scenario. Tubby Smith is now a university good basketball coach and he will be able to recruit. At the university MM pistol away basically any cultured up over cricket universe get Merck in a peek at universe commitment level prospect. People can be able to coax them because. Or whatever. The issue hockey might have on the recruiting trail he can undeniably cool to basketball to. So he kept it took a total worker to coach them and then yeah maybe that the work. So I try to be popular there I couldn't roll something like suggesting that okay open the plays out in really. But the game two of the game the win for the win they weren't equal it but I don't you know would like your blood began to. Put call call me back up. When he emote a cute little off. I thought that was the state. Yet there was a there was Arnold tension about what was gonna happen there's like a weeklong event that like stared out member of that. Right that would but then and kill them off and at least publicly said. He was co with the demotion. Could he was making I think slightly more money or at least similar money and it. My point what I would not have demoted him what if he's OK whip Dick. I think in the senate instead head maybe tubby like you did it Manny he he. He eight win win like he kept on stuff gonna be really happy I think that's what the message was there. That was all purpose by if people really happy if you really OK well subsequently probably want to. He wasn't OK with it which goes back to my initial point I would never demoted. But but to be except I change my Q there it would. Hey if Cuba law that happy. Then I guess it works well but what we found out was that what we would thought would be true was true he wasn't happy hoping you left. And he took his kids with them and so what that means at the demotion of Q a law that cost you your two best players and that when the law to the left. That was spent and honestly I don't remember that covered exactly but mark Cahill left in the saint hardcore and without the without Tubby Smith. You know actively trying to re recruit him to campus again I had lunch with Marco cropper he told me that you talked Tubby Smith that day of the final game. And in the day he told him it was trying to sort. That hit. There was no like tubby wanted to call mark oh into a ball that they take. We need to stay Europe Memphis kid. We know we can be a grad trade expert but it's your home there was no we recruit and mark a call to UG mow the father YouTube that players which cost you two best player. Don't even try to recruit more to corporate campus that meet your three best players or call. And that means you prosecute top eight scores and that is when I became critically what that from day one it was from. What what April of last year when he when he lost six of the topic score ever replace them which Coke product and so want to teach freshman I immediately started saying. A handful of banks. AB on the core product is going to be bad this is going to be one of the worst could not be worked back method basketball teams up my lifetime. By the way that's true I had attended to going to be the worst of my like tar. That's true. And it it it was true last April. Beijing July August September October people kept argue with me I get some folks out tweeting at me like oh you do that you would be back. And you do it you know if you knew that this could connect bin 00 that the optics topic score how Smart you know we'll look at who would like arguing with. If everybody was onboard with what I was senator who would argue that. Everybody sees it now can that's right in front of the but the idea that everybody was just an agreement with me last people what I was saying he expects and think I did yesterday last April. That's not true people argue with me and the idea that I start that debate over with a higher also not true it started. When it lost six the topic scores because they were doing their job properly. And replaced him which you co product someone to beat freshman that. That absolutely led to everything that happened this season in Atlanta what's gonna happen later to. Yeah it's funny if you say everybody sees it out every muscle doesn't the amount I get emails all the times and teams good like that that it looked evidently select. Abby does as if he would. God Chris Byrne and it protects me three times a week talk about not tax. I'm talking about like you're you're white you're a guy who they are going to thinking and broke Tubby Smith. Like I like what. How the main story from Memphis. People all the old problem. And there'd be like if I don't think the purpose can look bad that's your thing go climbing another team ranked around remembered there. It did something bad that people ought to be a part say about them it's not something you'd like they're they're they're ranked right around town should. In week or stay. Like you pick out some pretty good unit Weaver state. If you go RPI and that it can bomb they're still but. Like even bigger. Matter I like art and we can we go they're connected they're one and having at the top they even want to grow the market topic where it doesn't matter to me. Iconic top eight year locked door to the truth. Because what do. When you work when you're forming an argument about something. If you. Take effect don't know why some people lie I don't lie. But I will take the fact that take them however we and the best way to get my arc about you know that's what the leading it. I mean it's like Joseph whipped the big joke kept leaking out whip the number one recruiting class and Marek. About out. To everything wait complain that argument that it technically true. But he is also the leading but I don't blame him for tweeting that I would joke with complete joke and I couldn't sign a top 7 o'clock Kiet top 100 got probably the buyback. So I got the east and the facts. It the best way to make that argument. But you can tear open and say epithet because they signed a million people and the way that one recruiting service value for Corey Carter. It all the quantity over quality so. That that it really have a good recruiting class even if one recruit soccer liked it but number one class in the AAC. Com but but but but what it comes to 17 Burke the top radio whatever it. Can cut them and market where you walk a line wherever you want there's no way to pick at after all beat and that meant to escalate. And and and and look in and and make it look like you could beat by cart prop eight because it makes sense it makes them very obvious point. But I don't think I'll have all the what what can pump subscription. If you could never go ball looked up and wherever you want to draw the line draw more get the same basic picture. You can't make an argument that this team is good and out literally the fact that tubby could not. Not that that could not even make a straight faced argument that they deserve to be in the NIT suggests the team is not good the team is not that. If you are out there trying to face the Memphis basketball team what are back what you're saying at that a team that couldn't sniping in 91 and back. Quit what what it's been what you've done it's forgotten your University of Memphis basketball player he's acting like any Carolina player directly elect a southern miss fans. Think you're Memphis basketball clip an opt to go back court nominee to. I know that got past or what inspired. After four straight into the tournament appearances but meant that staying warm man. After four straight and dutifully turned prepared to state that we are going to determine what you're good enough we wanna go to sweet sixteen is somebody who was mad about that. How could be OK with not even sniffed in the united just out of my. It was about you know I was mad about that. His arm. Are they GA magazine than bad judgment in the belly is the league can't Joshua went straight tournaments yeah. Tweeting copied magic about a team that it. Mitt beat and I see Eddie White Sox perhaps prior to the middle or you're in public or Barack get that mark. So OK I don't I'm asking hard questions. You don't feel like your response to the firing a you haven't been on the G hide from day one. Hit a record. On real life. Meaty. I do felt like I don't know when you have a regular show they have listeners. All right that you can't lift it appears that I did exactly the most radio show kept no listeners are numbered every mark. Mostly you just have no listeners but who have listeners and I have listeners. We have social media part of well I do think that we can we probably made it easier. For the University of Memphis to two to pull the trigger on this because. On a very sort of level. I think you'll find number part of the telkom Yahoo!'s board on a certain level firing a coach who went 21 games went to the semifinals of the conference tournament. In this sector here in Clinton. On the very surface level and most people follow it up on the very surface level. But it went on and whoever else. Can get below the surface and provide the detail and and I don't mean to whip out but educate people who otherwise would know. Like figures don't understand. People work riding around in vehicle with into the radio they're not actually digging into that number they don't actually understand recording. If you can use whatever. Platform you have. To explain. To the casual fan take this as bad your white expect here's why it's not gonna get better. Then I do think whether or switch your column my radio show with each. We are capable. Oh of making it easier for the University of Memphis to sell our I don't think. Debt is the world that we probably plate but it's not it's not it's and it's not. If it is not rooted in life is rooted in facts if we were out they're lying about what's going on the Memphis basketball. Then acting we'd be doing a disservice to everybody but I've set or you know again since last April. Even when I wrote the column last April they'll find me something are written or sit it on true. Won't be applied to everything after that been true every argument made a good record track. It took some people longer I get a putt attacks back on them. You know but I'm not apologize we're seeing at last April and hammering that home every time I felt captured hammered at all. For the for the people who are grateful that we made it easier. Where should people semi Humphries stakes on here do you think the office our homes where where do you think we should America. That web wherever they were shares the other 5093 for a setup that is the other had questioned during. Because you did just concede that as some with a voice you have some influence over some things. Do you feel like I asked a lot of questions. That that you influenced the because a lot this is driven by attendance you feel like you influence the attendants helped drive down on the attendance this year which helped. Which is part of the reason the tubby is quite. No and I would say it this way. I don't believe I have the power to make people sit on season tickets. You know like if you wanna like go into a basketball game we pick up at it like something other than what it. It really is just looking at it it how to implement spindle and being that we wanted to spend our Sunday afternoon. Like you know if people wanna go to the ball on Friday night go remote. You know if you wanna stay home like Netflix don't watch Catholics don't matter to me and different they would look at basketball. I cook and saying whatever it was I was saying and it meant that basketball has military recruiting class. And I'd seen on its way to the into the tournament you know there have been 1213 14151000. People in that build. The ultimate problem with mint and basketball is the product on the court. And and and and and the lack of hope. Connected to it off the court like I told you yesterday when we're pocket there's two things that that make college athletic work. You'd have a great on the field or on the court product or you have hope. You you have something that it represented hope that that great on the field or on the core product is on the way. I meant as basketball under Tubby Smith has had neither at no point did you ever have either yet you never had a good product on the court. And you never had a recruiting class that represented hope. People Walpole and ultimately if they do end up replacing him with a within Hardaway. I can't know like yet the on the core product ever be what it ought to be old city I hope so but I don't know. But but and he represents hope. He give this. I'm Memphis fans something to believe and and right now that's that more than anything what meant to stand in the. Yeah I was critical of especially critical of John all of this should matter is way overblown how critical it was a job but anyway I was occasionally intermittently critical of John disciplinary stuff. And I'll pay it didn't keep anyone from going moved to the building. Apart at the perfect example. Better go to Iowa caucus on radio when when when John was the coach you have a column and got what coach. And if the bill every time I look at it that simply a fact. Like you really couldn't figure out a way to keep doing it actually wrote a column I'm telling people should lead. Text. Also if what's his name plate if I did it just have Jeremy play if only I know what they wanted me ask. Yet when you and wanna it would collect for extra nearly got what I remember you. You are either illegal they say yeah. Doubt if it was if you put a great product of a court there in a column in the world or radio host the world and keep people and recruit people know. The problem the problem at the product is not about anything you'd better act. I last hard question I have couple other tells us what things are wanna ask you do you believe the tubby has sabotaged I mean that Teddy penny has Teva has sabotaged Tubby Smith. He believes that if I want to me I would have. Music. Basically. Turning to your critics get the other night. The attorneys go to W wild day in about a set them that let you already knew like it is what it is. YE you know I don't think is wrong. You know I feel like at a wrong about it but coach or no our ability of people that stupid I expect that are undeniably walk. But the idea that recruiting Memphis is more difficult than it otherwise would be because any control on a player if he wants to job. That their rings true to me now I would say that. But doesn't. You know. The president of Penny Hardaway. Didn't make that meant that staff focused on Alex Lomax ignore Tyler area. Like they pay at settlement role. And then they go recruit Tyler Eric and McCain get that done or hair clipper she couldn't get going high school. So can be IKEA that. He can't get method player become a Penny Hardaway just on a prospect that not true they can't get members player has their ineffective that's their job. What do I think that I don't particularly what's hurting them. But what can we helping now. I'd be surprised to Kenny would helping them because I don't know let's play I had no radio show and I wanna keep your radio show. And it chipper was calling me like trying to help that they hate. Piano you know Jay bill. Couldn't help but did you still intact. And Libya and you know gentlemen I give a number of Chittagong. What sector job I need help to be better your out. And so like I think you like an all or you know when you want the help we like it it's huge human nature. And not help somebody be successful at a job. That they should already had eighty or in the that we were to get it. It hurt him could not be successful. Like it again and I don't want it because pinning. But if I were pretty Hardaway and I want the replica and I all I actually got a left arm cut. Kiki should have gotten it last time. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to help. The person who got the job instead of me succeed I think that's pretty normal behavior it in the why they expect that specific quote from the attorney. Seemed seemed at least partly true to me. Well hell like. Democrats don't care group helped Republicans won that president president Donna outnumbered ready to donate or whatever it's it was Barack Obama takes office. They say are one goal is that like Camby unsuccessful and vice Versa like they you don't help you know you do not help the anywhere got. Now it if it could it be it exactly right and so idiotic and match. That make complete sense to me when I read that quote I was like oh okay. But I would say this is also underlined why they're gonna do what they're gonna do later today at least in part because it more conceding. We can't recruit locally because a Penny Hardaway. Then they and you also can't recruit nationally to scrap built village to do bet. Been more than what we do the next game that game set match and it also. Beaten perhaps something that pushes the university of members toward hiring couldn't Hardaway because if it were operating under the impression. If you're your previous coach could recruit meant that because the penny. Well then it because any want the job what radical change you can talk to somebody else. So recording team penny will be difficult it seemed like with any coach other than getting Hardaway which is again among the return to Michael in that direction. Gay couple real quick things on college basketball Jenny looks like Kermit Davis Gomez is that right and what effect. I'd be shocked at the back Kermit Davis stole maps and accent to me Erica I think there's two people I would look at it a little less than the one people the mortgage current David. And either of them I think would would would be able to do that job firmer it is the more established head coach probably. No interest in that he'd been hit told longer. Or is the more accomplished or Kruger. But. A couple talking to people around ailment program they want. They want somebody who has already shown consistently. He can he can match wits if you will with the SEC coaches encourage her cricketer track record George model. He's been offered. And it actually go hand in hand with what at these schools have been do you know whether it. All we're going out getting Bruce Pearl Mississippi State going out and getting to and how land like B schools have. Just people are getting reforms you know these schools have felt some success. By. Hiring guys who have all done it before I got. Big big left and that obviously to accept multiple final fours. Go to the national championship game he still probably get your goal which is thicker but nobody believed because you don't look fifteen. And obviously it's helped propel him in recent years. I'm guilty to great staff around him because part of it to help all of a lot state was in the latter years he had trouble recruiting. I can't recruit Ohio State. Where can you recruit army was actually my same argument about Rick Barnes like we can't recruit detectors at the end which. I can work recruit to Tennessee and bodily had a crude oil the currency. But he still managed to get together and SEC champion and so. I think if the FTC become a little bit of a copycat league. And what European tour to go up higher you know somebody that fits the description of a what can we hired. Of of of what mr. B state hired and that somebody who's done it in a power art lead at a high level I would hope that he can come replicate that secure a market. Rick Pitino wants back in will someone hire him if so who. It would be at the mid major level I get don't give power side were. What specifically at how our president and athletic director risking their jobs like a chip or. Top church just like one of the most successful and accomplished and all gift and how the whole athletic director for America. And he gap higher. Why did he get fired strictly Africa these stood by Rick Pitino one too many times and so can bring Rick onto your campus and he woke up a wimp because people really good like. I think you could argue. He's the best or at least on the very short list of best outback or coaches ever. I'm if he never left for the NBA and just data can't go Trevor he would be. Either ahead Mike you guessed it or right there with my in terms of total wins were career. What. But that the Dell cited if anything goes wrong. You're gonna pay port like you it'll cost you your job if I were predator athletic director I'm just not will it much and I like personally like like we're looking out. I would not be willing to risk my job to higher were to. Skirt. No I mean like I had a little I think they got a five or do I always think they got group every Beckett Jon thinks he. On it a whole operating co operating at a higher level the sport at that particular Turkey making eight million dollars a year he still thinks like the World Cup to get him. Like he did he's got a built up beautiful wife or children. It's Smart and accomplished daughter like it like it basically it. But it didn't. Like dark cal Perry has like. You know jackpot. And yet he's still think the whole world up to get everything into quick tournament like security topic get a I think if it would or or does realize that the key here. Speaking at least CBS employee. Therein nothing better pursuit yet that book and talking to be in the in public terminal at along the pop. Like which you whatever the best television window we did seek yet put him in. Like it could be they run Keller to the network into the NCAA could not have Kentucky around as long as possible. But the idea that there will be some conspiracy that well Kentucky. I'm just silly because. If you wanna screw people like screw the small school the mid major Kentucky bought the morale at her like a big international ginger in every year. That is great business and so. The issue I can understand these little rant when he was at Memphis but they basically just make no sense when he checked our. Dirty. I think he had a moment where he just like. If you believe Duluth is like he does think and immediately Google got what I can do. Etiquette clearly likes kicking your butt out and that way in the ATP tournament it like the current macro basketball move the scripting. If not that they're that they're not natural basketball boot. I think he had these moments where. It ease easy you don't hit three increased action group. Pressure or his reaction to certain moment is to do the things that we've all seen in slow motion I don't know actively out their current people. Bought for one reason or another he had these moments where. Yeah it makes you question like is is everything okay with them because those are things voters go to happen in a basketball court and it gets to be MBA. And start that up to some I have handled it pretty quickly. Judy thank you very much. Luckily this in the other other theory at 5 o'clock. We're a little.