Hour 1 with guest Gary Parrish

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, November 14th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins discusses his theory that the Grizzlies' struggles fall on the shoulders of Marc Gasol and Mike Conley and whether this criticism is fair.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Gary Parrish of CBS Sports to the program to discuss the Champions Classic, the state of college basketball, the Memphis Tiger basketball program, and more.


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Sports columnist and the award winning Jeff cook here. Geoff Calkins show. 829 SO. ESPN. Com. This is whether you're worried about the Memphis. Right now. If you look at the stand. After that electric start the day. They are now in their last seven games two and far. In their last seven games. They are. Tied for the eight. And final playoff spot. With the Portland trailblazers. And behind them. IV. Oklahoma City Thunder. Just. A game back. The Utah Jazz. Game I have back. And the LA clippers. Two games back among the teams behind them so they are one of their their they're clinging to this point again. Crazy early whatever else they just went on a road trip is what they are right now after their electric start their tide for eight. And the teams behind them include a Oklahoma City. Utah. And the clippers. All of whom were perceived to be. Good James who could very well track them down. Worse if you look at the last ten games of the eight playoff teams right now. In the west. The grizzlies are the only one of those eight that has a losing record in the last ten. So the others are all boys and along. And the grizzlies in their last ten our foreign six again two and five in their last seven. We'll be talking about that today on the show we're gonna have gay because join us in the next thing that he's in Chicago the champions classic. Is tonight it is amazing what a niche sport particularly when your team local team sucks. It's amazing what a niche sport college basketball has become the kind of aware of it like it is a bit but tonight in you got. Massive games tonight with Kansas playing Kentucky and duke. Playing Michigan State do dummies. Lou now I would much for the preferred degenerate special like at 930 tossed a boat and its opponents are you do you parity billion pound bass. Just to Scotland and he's got these big ones is not on but it does get federal help so whatever I can understand why you're confused. They are that starts tonight the some two huge college basketball games. Tight in the niche world that is college as well Aussie or Memphis Tigers. Play tonight they played Little Rock at FedEx Forum. So we will talk to Gary about all of those things coach K won his thousandth game act duke. Different of the thousands game majority done what a thousandth game at duke so we can ask him of that and anyone on our terms of yesterday again. On unbelievable and Jason Smith went in on derby so am I the only Tubby Smith defender on this whole station I'm pierce so yeah so. We'll talk to GP about that and more at. Later on in this hour content it's gonna join us now what kind of want to talk dozens of other stuff with him and then then at 1025 or so it's been meanie. Who is set covers college football for the athletic used to be aware of coaching search dot com and so I don't know if you know but a if your background is in coaching search dot com. It would strike me that irrelevant to the discussion of this week so men who understands coaching searches. Is someone that we need to talk to Kristin Haynie will do that at 1025. Or sub and I said the Memphis Grizzlies. I played last night and they locked feels a long time doesn't have to put products. It does Jeff when did we last played highland last played highlights after the clippers Saturday night when Utley. So that was a week ago Monday correct and more than a week since we've been able to play group highlights tracked. And it also pled not bigger part we play and after the Portland we did IMF report. And they're so even just right around a week so in fairness. What may have bit off on this. Road trip. I'm game. Go chipped by the mid to places. We said. We take 200 we did and they weren't backed two and three indeed and so. I'm not gonna just. Throw myself off the of the big river crossing. Because they went to a three on a road trip that I where we basically said if they go too afraid it would be fun and that's supposed to win at Milwaukee bank. That's better not favorable sign it and that's supposed to win at Milwaukee mile favorite last night and added a little last night. They were not supposed to would be able to be beat the clippers. Mom. But they did. Their best most elusive lakers but they did they're not supposed to be and but pay. So things kind of even out two or three whatever. But last night was interesting for a variety. Of reasons first the ball particularly in the first half just a wildly entertaining game as. Milwaukee is us. Milwaukee has all these incredibly long athletes one after another after another and both teams are getting up and down the floor degree is. Had a double digit lead and then at the end of the second quarter. Milwaukee one and a seven to run to cut the lead. About a half an and that spilled over into the third quarter which was a disaster for the grizzlies where they only scored. Twelve points in the third quarter indeed after scoring 65 points in the first half. They only scored 38 points. In the second half. 65. To 38. Was the drop off their and I of those 38. Twenty of them. We're by Tariq. Twenty of the 38 from a tie wreak. And so the first story of the game was Tyreke Evans who was tremendous again. Henrik freak they were calling him last night on television broadcast. And and I thought that was appropriate point seven points including fourteen in the fourth quarter he was a what he does incredibly efficiently he also has. Also sets people walk like. He had some nice dishes last night so. Place employs fourteen to the fourth quarter he was eleven of sixteen. And three or four from three once again hidden from deep into the rim and absolute monster and after the goes these went down. He willed them back into it basically by himself. In the fourth quarter in fact was 739 left in the game. He's scored the last. To bagel up 9489. And they you're like okay this is cool this is good. He didn't pick another shot performance. Oddly they've been made substitutions at that point they took out arm in Chandler Parsons who was doing a commendable job defensively I was in my once again he's. Is Gordon youngest is just unbelievable like. Com. And that the nice thing is the bar has been so low mood for Chandler Parsons. That I now enjoy him on the court it's a good life lesson for the kids out there much hyped I do enjoy it when he's on the court and so I was so so Chris got 9489. And then. It's marks less than three air it's Brooks scored a law saying it. AA it's Mike listen a jumper it's ass listen if they create is Smart get the shot blocked like. While we had everything operate here what the hell happened. And so part of you does wonder if like what was that about. He them by the time he scored again. They had gone they were down they had gone from up 9489. Kenny shot the ball again. They had gone from up by 84892. Down. 97103. He then made a layup to make it 99 to one. But so. Good for Tyreke thank god for time I want a monster he's been. Between me he until Brooks. Just to master strokes by the front office. Well also a master stroke at least apparently. At this moment. We're not gonna we're not gonna definitively weigh in on this but less of a master stroke and maximum. Yes he is showing hopefully at best it is rust. We're gonna say he's rocks yes that's what we're wrong we're just gonna say the company water and working his way back pain. Because in twelve minutes well actually there was a brilliant two minute stretch where he had three straight turnovers and two flops. Lose three straight turnovers and two fouls in two in a two minute period. Over the full twelve minutes appearance by a mr. Ben medical more that was all he did he had three turnovers. Two fouls. And zeros. Everything else so he with EU he was either a non factor. Or a negative factor during his appearance there he was that be the Della Brooks is really good category. The Tyreke Evans is really good category. A bad Mac Lamar is and they got OB trustee Kenneth. If it or taking the Chandler Parsons approach she's had a Smart nice and low for yeah I didn't but the problem is that we have to wait till next year for him to be even mediocre and so I'm not gonna go what so. So and so you wondered about the some of the wisdom of the execution. Down the stretch I'm but the biggest problem and let's not avoided any longer. We've really been avoiding but the biggest problem is Mike. And the second biggest problem is mark and those are related. I think also because it's there's been at the starting lineup itself has been crappy or as a starting lineup in crappy purely because they've been crappy and I hate to say it. I think the happiness of the starting lineup. Has been more because of Mike and marched deficiencies. Then the deficiencies of the players around and we cannot blame inter Harrison any longer much as I would love to. For the struggles. Of Mike and mark. Mike is more obvious. And Mike has been more flagrant. In his ineffectiveness. LaMarcus have been very good either and let's just take a look at these last few games. Last night. Mike once scoreless in the second half. He was two of twelve from the field to a seven for three. Seven points. It is only got total line I think he shot two free throws took that's the other thing he was at least earlier in the season when he was struggling from the field. He was getting to the one he shot two free throws us. Two of twelve to seven from 37. Points and two free. The previous game against Houston 4111. Of three. Twelve. The game before that against. Portland. He was six of fifteen. Eddie mr. first five shots to a four from three. He did have two good games before they was pretty good to against the lakers and the clippers any sat out the Orlando. The game before that against Charlotte he was four of eighteen. 07 from 316. Points. The game before that he was four of ten. A low of three. Eight points. So that is Mike. What he's been up to lately for the year he's shooting 38%. He's shooting 31% from three. And he has let has been let's be honest shadow of himself. Mark has gotten less attention. For his struggles but the struggles have been real last night particularly defensively he was totally out at a maybe it's because he was trying to help so much going on us and everybody else. Janet Hanson was just doing whatever he wanted the job what because mark wasn't paying any attention to him. Down the stretch to defensively was. Was not locked him either. But let's just go through march numbers Milwaukee. Six of 141 of four from 316. Points Houston six of 150315. Points. Portland five of 141. Of four. Sixteen points the lakers six and 182. Of 915. Points he was good against the clippers in Orlando. Before that though Charlotte for a fifteen. To evade from 310. Points Houston won today. From the field O of two from three. Six points he is shooting 43%. For the year and 32%. From three. But if you look back get. The only good games that. Mike has had in the last seven. Where the lakers and clippers. The only good games that Marcus had of the last seven. Where there clippers in Orlando. No surprise them. That they did the best game the grizzlies have had of late. Was that clippers game when they were both good. I that's the only game in the last seven when you had a good mark and good luck in the grizzlies led mostly wire to wire that right. Every other game either they've both been bad in fact most of them they've both been bad or at least one of them has been bad. And as bad as a consequence. They are in those last seven games. Two of this is a simple problem. Mark and might have to be excellent for this team. And Mike has been. Not even it. And mark has been. Not himself. Nom whether that's against some of this is relayed its and a related because so much of what they do they have done together over the years. And so I really think it starts with Mike and it starts with my. And I went over the standings before they are right now tied for eight. Despite their sterling start. In the Western Conference they're tied for eighth. With teams behind them. In Oklahoma City. In Utah and in the clippers who you think might well be able to track them down and I will tell you this if you don't get this a better bet a better performance. A better version of Mike. This year those teams will track them and they will finish out of the playoffs and they sterling brilliant start will be a distant memory. So the question then becomes what you did. And that is purely a medical question. Does sitting him for a week. Does sitting him for two weeks. Does that. Will that produce healthy. Mike who zips around we might it is bass is also right Mike at his best last year was unbelievable. And and you need some version. That my city say okay we'll find like they did so now one game actually came back and had a nice game. But it's an overweight you sit him down for two weeks what does that bite you if you do. What is the cost if you do some. The problem is is that Mario Chalmers. Hasn't been great either. He was offensively the best he's been in a long time last night. He was he shot three or 41 or two from gate he got to allow any seminary for more any of fourteen points. Etc. But he also 6005 general. So even Mario on his best day is. Is. Iraq let's just sat. And then you can play Tyreke on the ball. Give him minutes at point guard. And that might work it will certainly. Change the way. That the ball moves will say that. But I think you're to the point where. It is worth. It Guinness is there is this is also weighing in on a medical and I. Friday's are good citizens that as this and Jeff you moron. And that is our course in the Timor because just you moron that's not gonna do anything this is not the kind of injury were sitting him two weeks would do anything that's stupid and so that may be the answer. It just feels to me that whatever they're doing right now is not work it's getting worse and worse and worse Mike is not even. Again previously was Mike willing himself to the foul line and now let's not Mike willing himself to the phone he was shooting three pointers last night that had not a prayer there greater Harrison vintage three pointers. Of going in and so. It is. To be raped reached crisis stage again road trip to a three on the road trip perfectly fine to play the pacers here Wednesday. And and maybe though an Alley Beagle on the road until after Thanksgiving. So I have a chance to do get right. But. It feels to me life. They're not going to be able to survive with Mike playing like this they will be. Tenth in the Western Conference if Mike plays like students are doing that. The one thing I will. And is that the grisly strength of schedule currently right now is third in the India and wrecked and the one advantages Oklahoma City whose weighed down there and you tell who's also weighed down there they had significantly. Easier strength of schedules thus far the public that is that this not hard games would have cost the grisly stuff like that minutes from strength of schedule works if your team that beats. If if you go look at his schedule and say and we put a lot of tough teams we are cupcakes coming up that would work if it'll loosen it and cupcakes. Given that this team loses the cupcakes who knows if that works in their favor on that but. Yes they have played a stiff listen they've they've played. A bunch of really tough games at home. And then they wanna approach erode and the and it's not easy whatever other out and so. There are clearly positives. Dele Brooks was good again last night. Chandler Parsons a real ballplayer. Tyreke has been unbelievable. Really more than you ever possibly could've imagined. And so there are positives but all started with a stipulation that mark and Mike would do what they did last year again. And then that they would be fine bullets they're not doing what they did last year. In the end they're not gonna be a playoff game or something approximating what they did last year they won't be a playoff game. And so is it just an ad isn't just a few games is that whatever look you keep waiting and waiting and waiting. Just really good game that my cat was the opener. As less like awesome game he had. And beyond that it's been clutch kindly second half made some shots Ambien file throws or else just being completely ineffective like he was last night. I don't why doesn't mean to do I don't I just tried his best. But he doesn't hurt as something asked that something has to give land further your point about his last good game being the opener. It was so good that remember and it all the questions post game. Or about other factors other than Mike in the net one point David is still got a question about I was great and he's like. How great is it that is now have been writing to talk about expected assumed. And it's the last time it's been assumed. I Peter heads and ask that question he said. We've been we've been Mike was awesome we've been ten minutes in this press counts no one's even asked about my how awesome is that that he's reached a point to be taken for granted. While things for granted anymore I want I got back. We'll take a break come back our GP next to Jeff Hawkins and NET nine FM has been. Fast Internet is only the beginning. 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Oh Ryan federal credit union it's just like to make its banks have lower loan rates. Better checking accounts in didn't charge crazy fees visit O'Brien SCU dot com. And ready to nine FM succeeding AM on the debt limit as a 929 espn.com. This is. Already know. CN. It's. Joined now by Democrats are just a show from Portia Simpson they hear 929 at them if any as the national. College basketball columnist for CBS sports dot com and Emmy winning television personality rising star in the field of media are out he. The personal. Personal biographer of Ron bell he joins me down JT how are you. Yeah it happened at rundown we die he is he is he's still talking and I happened with the investigation to run now. I mean it is it sparked investigations. Obviously Michael Crawford was cleared. Sure I'm Georgia Tech no is it internally investigating. The situation and I don't think the stories over early to attack. I don't think. Last week will be the last time you've ever heard. The name Ron bell or. The I don't think my initial story will be the last time you have a real story to have any Rondo and. Well that's very intriguing. What do you believe will be the implications of all of this in the end for just pastor. Honestly don't know. You know I guess I quick saw including from Rhonda why what is it going to mean for jobs ultimately I'm. It's obviously not go dead at their best case scenario has his reputation tarnished because of do you think Rahm Belgrade he or not to lump this all about to say it 100% true. Somebody. Only just absurd to slide to many many times have a close friend a part of this family a part of this program. Was undeniably. Committing NCAA violations and by providing impermissible benefit. To. A Georgia Tech players like if you hurt dole so desperate to was providing impermissible benefits a cable players are you wanted to. It the least I can shift key to best friend somebody who might signal for forty years and who would he called the fairway. What's it like putty into little benefit to duke players you'll be what you're right yeah well might be good now. Deal probably didn't know. You wouldn't you would immediately connect it console. It's not his reputation Olympic caliber took to the allegations like. What you just take charge of antimatter output and put anybody over the name added it's like oh well that's that's serious stuff. And to read when you combine it with the the fact rhymes got a whole bunch of text messages in an email I don't think. Backed up that story that Josh has supporters are cutting out there. It it could lead to a sudden now are great don't. I'm not predicting that he you're not gonna finish this evening Georgia Tech coach but. If if Georgia can make a move on him it would not shock me. It would shock and predicting it I can tell you right to that a million times and I don't know they control of what Georgia Tech. Tom will do toward a ticket not obligated to have to change coaches. Com I'm not even sure that I would change those coaches judicial to declare blood is there evidence. That that I think if you wanted to talk paper called you probably could yeah I think I think it. That probably can't there's there's not any so called smoking gun not that I've seen. Get like there's not an email to just press are saying Iran really appreciate your time of my ticket for Josh 200 that was a huge helped select the that doesn't exist apart right I haven't seen it at least. But there are a lot of circumstantial evidence that. That they suggest Ron knows what played more than a make A wish foundation project in an acting that's the way to just sabotage his supporters it's. Just can't remember what. You can have tried to claim I doubt but if the guy who struggled a judge was just showing compassion to. Two the FAA and letting him be a part of the program because it gave him a politician like. And perhaps that was the motivation I have never been dismissed that. But that's not where did it started and ended with it would rob bell you know if they're they're they're countless tech batch of emails between the two. Are routed everybody you feel OK hey man I really like cabbage around hey man just wanted to make sure you're in good spirits. It did you know they're talking about basketball. Gosh that. That that probably shouldn't be talked about between I head coach and and if somebody who's not an employee of Georgia Tech basketball program. Is it. Isn't a little if I don't mean this it. It's just weird juxtaposition you and I both think the NCAA rules are insane right right. These weird them to be like it but there are other rules but here it is but it's it's it's. Plane tickets and it's. Like we think they should be paid but the rules of the rules and so therefore. I mean you just said it's serious stuff and it is serious stuff under the rules it's also ridiculous and. I agree completely like I hate the world I wish the world didn't exist even that's not what it is and I wish they would change little. Titans have wished they would eliminate the role like I I don't think that players should be restricted. Exactly should be restricted to what they can take to get access to. I wished that it athletes should also work. Were able to accept. There chemical market value whatever that might be. Like Marvin Bagley at duke it would literally do millions of dollars for somebody like a volleyball player meant that it might not be intact almost certainly wouldn't be anything more than. Scholarship in the cost to get that second and then they'll be the million different people in between those two extremes. But like you have that don't the rules are the rules and feel like like I told you last week you are typically you get a story like this. And your colleagues in the text messages are. Re tweet it and they're like great job great reporting a while been just tremendous great job that you like you take some satisfaction and that's. There is no choice in in this story I don't I don't I've got a hold of this story I don't like this story. There's nothing satisfying about writing things that. About somebody's of that that you ultimately like to. And that you've known for a long long time. Tested going to. Did you know that tarnish the reputation and networks is going to cost them millions of dollars. At fox. But my job is also. I'm a reporter the only reason I got the job that I have and make the money I make it because of our ability to get people to talk to me. Who you know who who otherwise wouldn't impossibly shouldn't. Come. Got a real great I thought the only reason I have the job but it is among the reasons I've got the job. And when I'm presented with the evidence I presented with my options are dark art are pretty clear like the story. Bad report the story or. Or ignored the story ignoring the story simply is not an option see because it's. The candidate should do that but he. Mean I think it's pretty clear that point Rondell played every text message save every bit. Like having to put out putter characters ignored the story I can't. It there are people listening right now who think of four years of High Court cover for just sat there. Now I think for years I told the fans you shouldn't take NCAA tournament appearances for granted because that is something and keep it. And even if it doesn't result in week sixteen early April final four it. You know it's the only good thing relative to their normal history of Memphis basketball not the dark period tremendous task to block. I think a lot of programs that right now I it suggests that I was right. Those last two years like I call that state to state like there is no denying that the program turned under question. It there's no denying I thought it was a good thing from Memphis to Georgia Tech hired him away. Carol. It would tell people who they cover productive test for years. So if find out whatever political social media evidence that he permitted me a story on guys faster but I ignored it. Like that's that's game set match for me and that's typically you have is. Com is either I don't want our you have but among the thing you have a reputation as I can not risk Rondell burning me frankly the way people just passer. But you gotta do this story didn't and here we are and it's not fun and how do I don't. Wake up every day quality skilled reporting on the story that went to every day. Bearish period like thinking about how this might win an award somewhere of course there are some time retreats. If I could I'd much rather be doing a story about Somalia I don't know so well. A lot account basketball gets so I ask you about tubby in and and Eminem's program in just a minute and recruiting in the future and all that. But before I do that. Some. Huge games tonight it isn't this thing won a niche sport college basketball has become you can't get bigger than Kansas Kentucky U commission and state. And like I'm only was only dimly aware of it before it started referring to the show today. It's just sort of warehouse. Basketball is and yet these are massive gains with a massive stars you've got my arm back in miles bridge is gone against each other for example and end in the first day. There's tremendous OK okay it left empty victory tonight would be the night college basketball star Nadia will start on a Thursday night was. In the reigning Super Bowl champion again another marquee team like that's what college basketball should do instead. They not typically start on a the Friday night. Well people are used to watch you combat or cut back out of it more on Friday night. So it's not a normal night of the week at least with the NFL on the first day you are used to watching Thursday night NFL football they can't build games. You'll have Friday night football game does not mean that it according to outside of the Ivy League normally. And so you sort of keep overnight or people aren't used to watching college basketball and then. By the time anybody we settled Saturday morning. You can't get it on the other football quite Ayers sole O like it to your going to start concede it makes economic Tuesday. Actually start what did you give I think it'll be a week earlier. Ted Knight is the unofficial launch a college basketball. An attribute that to get it back and I think 2011. And it just terrific. You a bit and technical write programs the program never dipped. I believe this is true tonight inside the United Center here in Chicago. You have a double header featuring four active base but toward holding coaches. John cal Perry. Bill Self Tom Izzo in March showed he can not believe that perhaps for coaches who won a national title since. Tom beatle likely number one overall pick of the 2018 NBA draft Marvin Bagley from duke. The leading candidate for national player of the year in college basketball march of Bridget Michigan State. It is it's a fun night eight. Actually that sometime that day I've been doing that quick so long that it becomes a job I don't get excited about going to retain a little jet just assume watched on television. I don't like low. Going to a back. Arena anymore. But I don't looking forward to it it should be off an inside a building and you've got four big part in basketball programs for all big coaches of NBA draft pick all over the court national player of the year candidate all over the court we should be great. When you mention these they've they've picked the right programs they never did what they pick these you know we ask that. They picked him back in 2010 and they get to be committed before school they play each other every year. It is a it is the champion I think it every year it's always or ever it's always before they rotate the plight of different here. And they don't quote me on this but like this on the basic permit it here at duke Michigan State. Keep this Kentucky. Derby candidates duke took. Kentucky Michigan State year after that the other one to let them play yet play you know play for the first out and then they rotate it back for a so if a three year period each team will play. Each team. And it just so happens that because of the way the rotation fell out and he kept the weight yeah eight people sick right. I do gonna have number one duke against number two Michigan State it's a rare number one vs number two matchup. But actually the second time in the past three years I believe that the chicken classic has presented. A number one vs number two indie pic here so far so tonight makes seven plus added up in the seventy or so far. They're never not been a top three teams involved with. The terror is. I I think every year all fourteen to ten the top fifteen may be indicated he would try to pick up. That for programs that basically guarantee you're gonna have high level basketball team on display that you that you can't do much better than us. Which of these four. Rank them in their likelihood of getting into the idea of making the final four this here. I guess I'd have to go to duplicate that duke number one but it's different true whether it's duke or Kentucky. It's like a duke started four freshman plus great talent Kentucky's starting five freshmen. No team in the history of basketball has ever won a national championship what they. Primaries starting lineup before freshman obviously attack by the mission went back to back title game but did win a national title. It was done what were asking due to do that he's ever done or acting Kentucky to do. California that if nobody ever recruited like duke is recruiting site here yet. Out of deep hole and probably can't do this if it affected most likely because Kansas is a lot like North Carolina last year in the sense that they are talented. And all of you have talked to Graham the senior and Steve Pagliuca senior. That Gerald kick from Memphis is that it would junior. Homily Newman in the estate transfers to redshirt sophomore but be a basically a junior. So they they got older guys were although super super talented so. Go cables to Michigan State three different probably. The most of at least one of the most talented teams time they'll ever had. You know that led by miles bridges leading candidate for national player of the year. And then I think Kentucky you're waking before they have to be laughed politika Google we are Kentucky team yes they are you had a number two we could go to America behind duke. But there's not an obvious lottery pick on the roster to Kevin Knox could be competent diablo could be. PGA Washington could be like last year this time you're like happily market. Lottery pick the air pocket of lottery pick him up bio. Might be a lottery pick in a 320 particular to. I don't know that they have a public on this thing so it's part DeWitt put pressure and wind AA only you don't have lottery pick freshman. Q if you got three lottery picks gay illegal to witness what Johns typically done a Kentucky. But in this year for whatever reason he got some good just like star died but they're not obvious. You talked can pick he would have been eighty divas on this roster John Wall DeMarcus Cousins are not on the roster and so. I think it could be a little bit of a struggle for Kentucky now it's all relative I mean they're still going to be a tough 118 year old that would assume. But like I do think that even where I have the right to the pre season which was six. It looked a little hard to two games to take a struggle against inferior opponents opportunities but the good news regarding that. I think he needed to do. It's at these guys that if they're not lottery picks guaranteed to point it nicely out there today. That you knew back them up with a another top two recruiting class. Featuring like some obvious lottery to want it done guide and now you've got a team of sophomores and cute like you know you complemented by high level freshman and that's the type of team you go Eagles try to you know go thirty into wicked look like that. Marvin Bagley is has been sensational you said he didn't sensational. Why should watch marlin bag it. Meanwhile like if you wanna see you know who we're probably gonna have a name called first next June in the NBA draft at that time. He has gone back to back double doubles I think he went 25 and ten in the opener point four and ten in the second game. The first duke freshman ever. Totally don't. Back to back double doubles the first two games to think about sort of person who played at duke at the podium to get Lamar back we just did. He scored more points. I guess it's 49 innings first contained in any duke freshman in history and the first two games. Have to take all the depression like he did nobody have a dog carrier ring. Personally learn not to. Jolly old. Crane hit you name nobody nobody got a double quarterback we just did and keep in mind he should be high school senior right now. And he's dominating college basketball and so. I thought he would be impacts all right from the jump you know there's a difference sometimes between a great prospect of a great player. In order a great player might be I don't know to our agreement came just can't be cold and at Notre Dame. A great college player of a great prospect is well not necessarily. These delegates gave what he would at Kentucky but what do you great player no doubt really. That's Magid a great prospect and a great player of it that's been obvious strategic I suspect we'll be obviously impact. Coach K won his thousandth game at duke PRD won a thousand game. Because the previous coaching before he got to duke and over your podcast you discussed. If if that would happen again I I kind of agreed that you seemed unlikely it'll happen again discuss. The money is so big that hey the pressures are higher and be ready you lesson plans to correct you know me you know what the house in a year ago at 72 million dollars in the bank. Of the coaches who are coaching men out. They have obviously 1000 just doesn't count so right that's one of the the big time coaches who were coaching now. Who think's gonna be the first to bail they time. Coach K. Cal Perry. Role playing. Bob Huggins. Like how long are we get that horrible what these guys gonna go away. I would think if I were listing those guys probably Roy in and out I don't first and so mortar for health reasons. Feel like royal hasn't. I think would feel better today that a result of a long time but did he eat that's what he put he told me. It looked that way just like Dick. I've ever been around him maybe three years ago and the veterans cause I think defendant then displayed in. And he'd look back and Nike he told me. It like after the first time ever discreetly and sit down during practices like can't care director I can't stand up the whole pot. And he would have reconstructive surgery humble needs replacement surgery I think on both knees. But he looked really bad like I thought at that time if he doesn't go another two years that won't surprise you at all. Complementing it better now but still like he is someone who titled health concerns and that hugs. Yeah market you know it's history is it's well documented liking he's so lucky to be allotted. And I don't think that to be mean but he he does it take care of himself the way that that might scare you with the taking care of yourself. Tom I don't know that is habits and have changed much since that heart attack and so. It's scary for me like I like it's a lot and I have time I'm scared I'm gonna wake up one day and and to get your body type I'm gonna practice and we tied it up. Right struck people like that. PER I wish like that I should be clear I should take better care myself but I do right. But I really I I would love it if if he can keep this site. Could write a story talking about how he's changed all of these things that. Did he contributed to where he was that a few years ago that there's no evidence that's true. Amenable prettier but like exactly hold them in Roy would probably leave you today. Before. Any any of those other guys start for a variety of different reader with Kate obviously gold and you know the seventies but like he doesn't look Katie doesn't founded he doesn't act. He still recruiting technique absolute highest level of the sport recruiting better. It is separately if he ever recruited in the history of his career. A homicide I don't think he ended and fight for him like he coached at 7772. That wouldn't surprise me I don't think cal anywhere close to walking away. And and I'm just got a commitment from his. Young bonus on that there. He's like an ounce of that yeah that's I think. This coach at least four more years after that what we can can we can go just for you put aside and and I suspect he'll probably do it because he is somebody also who is older but he doesn't look at tape doesn't sound at age either he's a I think this is kind of true I don't say that to be joking around here the much younger wife Betty at younger children I think sometimes those things can keep you. From growing. Kolb this quickly if somebody else your age height and so I don't think if you like going to be done at the end of the year this year which is remarkable that all whites still operating at high level. And then finally the university America dancing night for the universe Memphis is two things will happen one is they play. Arkansas Little Rock at FedEx Forum presumably they will win that game Bob and also Robert Woodard who is a player who they targeted will commit tonight. And will not commit to the university Memphis will commit to listen to state. By all accounts I heard you talking about the state of the Memphis program yesterday on your show. It is. Let's on the court it was a disaster against Alabama. It would have been a disaster to lose to Alabama but that particular version of Alabama reduced as they were playing a walk on meaningful minutes. It was pretty ugly and recruiting they've got one dude. I kind of ran over and that's it. You've been saying it all along. Things are not good various people will say to me hey it's the way these guys to come together. Am. Thoughts. Like competitive like most of the reaction. After a Friday night's game and what the way recruiting going was like oh OK in I don't mean to Portland that specifically but essentially locate the tablet vs right. I've got like I could tell you this is that this is where you actually people. Simple often let the market all to transport and replaced them with a nothing of substance. I've been telling people this is we're headed. And it's going to be that and so now here we are it to the extent that anybody would counter argue that they did well you know we just didn't make shocked against Alabama. We're talking about it publicly that you didn't show up but it is he playing a basketball game going one for eleven from three point regularly downloaded dementia. That's because I suck at the default. I'm not gonna make shots knuckle it. It's the problem with Memphis beat Alabama what that meant to be shy or that in a member or heard it what like you know they're playing together for the first time. Okay but a good way to get to the problem is that they don't know we each other. But they're not call it that. You can't win at the high major level with duke products into sub 115 freshman. Team that nobody that I. I didn't go around to did didn't actual junior college tournaments all these guys whose contents of federal gonna come TrueCrypt to get one of anyone gains cut the final one that wins at the level Memphis is supposed to win and tick tick rule I don't junior college players and so what big depression and what I found out pretty quickly it does not exist. Nobody wins with just these types of players at the level meant it was supposed to win at the level you're supposed to achieve. When your head coaches is earning a paycheck a three million dollars of year. Do you go okay well educated well what these guys what what what from the white flag. Nothing other according to route they got one commitment about sub 300 player. Other that according to the Ryder other school just decided I didn't want but ultimately he signed with the Memphis. That's on the guy that they call their primary target all along our format tonight they're gonna miss some Robert Woodard. K get a commitment from Tyler Perry. Like I hear this all the time like even job market like look like tiger is a must get. It ain't it cool to. He does she even borderline top quantity contract. Like what what type of error is going to fix a frigate which CNET and hit it LSU two years ago you didn't instrument of surrounding what crap you're still cracked up. Washington last year you take more kill fought a Democrat could go oh crap. What type it gonna take heed consent and he kept all the poor guy couldn't fix crap out of Tyler gonna fix what you look right now. And there are six feet six. Programs America 66 different schools to have at least one commitment to make top 150 player according to 24 sevenths sports in the class of 2008 teams. Yet duke Kentucky can't decide on the list was placed in northern Iowa's buffalo Georgia speak of Saint Louis Milwaukee and south Alabama. That is the row and played a tentative deal on the class of 2000. Speaking. If he wrote the current 2017. And zero on the class of 2016. So Puerto Rico beat its recruiting classes and they didn't have it yet to enroll a daunting goal. Top 150 prospect. According to play for certain sports recruiting service attack activist that's unacceptable and it'd it and that is the reason. You're looking at a program right now that. Just a loss to Alabama team that it until late in the day people and what's missing for the top seven players just want to double digit government report. We didn't want to part spot if they took some people a little longer to noted that time but at least everybody knows that now. It brings the question. What can be done and you and I both now. That they like Tubby Smith at the University of Memphis or they at least. Say they like Tubby Smith at the university Memphis they like his integrity like the fact that they are worrying about the they basically thought things were our show under Josh disorganized. Whatever chaotic but an hour we want to describe it. He clearly had the Olympics or the impact of what we can all agree on that. And so they can't yeah. And yet they couldn't they can't like this I bet they won't like what they see tonight. From the crowd. At FedEx Forum. I can't believe I just wondered. Is there any circumstance. Under which you think this could be cubbies last year beyond poor health by Todd. So Laura wood oral now I don't know I I don't for a fact I don't want to do that if they would look for any reason not to do back to. Tom hey it's it's awfully like they're very create it it it would cost a lot of money. I'm 08 like I didn't think they'd like talking like he's elect I think it all the time he's a gentleman placate it is that it he saved. Well respected hall of fame caliber coach what do you do to that you do not contradict each other to be committed an unbelievable career. These are also has done an unbelievably bad job at the university of emphasis but it didn't do that contradict each other I believe all of them. So I know they don't walk too to make a move on him life. I think that you could rationalize it by saying okay. Feel particularly if there's recruiting class goes the way it looks like it's going. We just talked in the 201718. Season attendance hit bout of modern era low keyed in ticket sales were at a moderate Arab low. The missile that payment to grizzlies are supposed to get you can reach a certain number. And you've got no recruits on the way to make it better what are we doing. And then and then you combine that with the fact that. You know there are. Don't reach consensus. Class of 201945. Prospects in the Memphis area right now all of whom played for. Either in the summer or in high school. To achieve your most famous. After all along. Who is coaching cycle basketball right now. Do you relate getting always been more effective recruiting that you type the golden Tubby Smith had been recruiting the University of Memphis. Actually even jokes. All right what it would if they choose if you could just like make the switch you get all those guys tubby I don't do any. I'm a City Hall was immediately get a recommitment from James Weidman. The camera also end up from DJ Jeffrey and you would have been number recruiting class in America or at least like right there with duke and Kentucky. Like but you have to do that after this season. Cut although guys are probably going to commit early so mark. And sign in November of 2018. If you wait what do you a three dimensional all of them if you do after you're too young to have to get all of them. And I know some people are probably going to gab would those guys really go to. Command center. Came to light in what that you type school in Norway. Don't think implement this company Arlen but of course he would like to I don't think they wanna do that but could you rationalize a pretty easily I mean I'd I think I did it. Thanks very much we will allow tucked near later on tonight SC against Mets elements while welcome mat. Later on today but you'll be on his show you do or show you'll be on your own show at five. And I don't show the match to get totally. Thank you in my town and you act that is Gary Peshawar does take a break Chris Harrington is gonna talk to us next about the grizzlies and other matters into the 901 at. No one after that it's the movie on the coaching searches. Which are now underway it's just got to Germany cnnfn has been. Shirley Henderson county's number one sports station broadcasting the region 680. 929 espn.com and W. And ESPN. Show you this. I was losing. And 89 FM ESPN. Partnerships can be a wonderful thing together people can achieve things they never could alone. 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