Hour 1 with guest Evan Daniels (8/20/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, August 20th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the show by discussing the biggest news of the weekend that the No. 1 and No. 4 recruits from the 2020 signing class announced that their first official visits will be to the University of Memphis. Geoff then discusses a column that criticized the hiring of Penny Hardaway. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Evan Daniels of 247 Sports and FS1 to the show to discuss the recruiting of Penny Hardaway's program, James Wiseman, D.J. Jeffries, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses two big sporting events from the weekend, one involving Jeffrey and another involving Geoff.

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Teach you award winning Geoff Calkins from the daily event here. Jeff Hawkins show. 829 us. ESP NN. Intensive manual. Car. Let me guess the. Populated into the weekend. Unscathed IE. IE I went out there and I ran 505 K over the weekend. I'll tell you about that later Jeffrey had a big yard game last over the weekend. He Aaron. You're able to call bush play Jeffrey that meter on the sports. For the sports and no not the first time also really yeah there's a home run at Pepperdine. In the month. Junior. In my junior debt there was it was I count big time catch like or another another big time catch they'll also make. So like I cannot I cannot wait to see now unfortunately the did not actually have your call the irritate the and you correct they had I had Debian CT fives. They had there were. Basically they're highlight from their threat and wrecked so. But nice that that nice that it made it but we're gonna hear. These these mauled to look at you know does that as a play by play guy never you never know so Wilson we will figure out later on in the show if Jeffrey. Only they US in the movies call the NMU mass. And the movies if if Jefferies call lived up to the moment lower fascinating things over the weekend including. Sacks at Ohio State seal that well yeah no sacks Ohio State. Gizmos and sent I guess that's his column to the football office. This story is taking place details all the time Todd story has taken a tawdry turn. I Nick Saban had a colorful quote over the weekend said that he knew he never disappoints in every disappoints. Laws and roll to another football and it. A 28 in a row without tying the state record for wins and around and break it. I had a couple of weeks consulates to not have a great weekend Anthony Miller did have a great weekend there was a a story out about. Anonymous quotes moon overrated and underrated coaches. That it was created in time of the year was fabulous honestly so we have a whole lot of things to get to. The the big news of the weekend. Came. Saturday. Land Jalen grain and RJ Hampton. The number one and number of four players in the class of 2020. Basketball players were talking about here. I come. RJ and is quite dark. Jalen to remain number one player and country is a shooting guard. Obviously unbelievably. Fabulous players. Well today. Pay decided to announce where they would be taking their first official visit. And this is what it's out of do we have the appropriate react crowd reaction on the elderly out of their first there's those that. This is the tournament says standing together a first visit first visible as it is gonna be too. Memphis yeah. 2019. Courses he Wiseman extravaganza. And now we've gone already moved out of 2020 we're gonna have. Two people talking to us today about this Evan Daniels who is the 247 sports. Basketball recruiting analyst and thus one college basketball insider he's gonna join us in the next segment tell us what this means. And and then John Jordan is gonna join us in the second hour he is the he covers the University of Memphis for the daily meant to him again go to Daly mentioned dot com putting your email address mommy get fired up to be sure to have. Everything. From that. That new source. Bam he's gonna drugs such an hour both talk about. What this means for the University of Memphis but also he was at the the football scrimmage. Over the weekend and it appears there's some growing clarity. Hello I'll be honest I never thought there's a whole lot of murkiness about the Memphis quarterback situation. And so you'll talk to us about that as. Well they will be out of these two players will be. Visiting September 13 and fourteenth against human brain and RJ Hampton you can argue. It's awfully early for an official visit. Animal brain wouldn't you rather be collapsed. They get pot but it wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't she rather be the the wouldn't you rather be the last the the first. I typically. Yes you wouldn't you you'd typically rather be the last. Although I've started to notice that. Sometimes kid starting to take off. Well and and a course record in the new rules you get five between August 1 and Andy engineer or five between the end your junior year in October 15. And then five to enact photographer into college eligibility so I've said it doesn't mean that there are coming to the University of Memphis. But their first. Their first official visit literally can't go anywhere. Scanning their together the first missile official visit will be to the University of Memphis and it is. It's staggering out there was some some. Less promising news or CJ walker who Memphis had been an arm. Our early but then blew up. And he releases top five and Memphis was not one of the top five Arizona LSU Florida Barnum and the U. Where those. Two CJ walker did not include Memphis on his top five but the number one number one in. It. The number one. Player in the country and this is a player who was not. In Memphis kid James lies with one thing he plays in Memphis. Memphis is in on the number one player in the country. Who is not. Who is not. I repeat who is not from a Memphis. That goes to show how much they're getting a kind of what brought to mind honestly listen. I. I love Mike the course. Mike accorsi when this happened wrote a column that was not particularly flattering about this move. To get rid of tubby Smith and Tony are an ad penny earned. I made love Jay guerrillas. Jed Phyllis. Wrote. Tweeted. Said. Things were unflattering about the University of Memphis. And the wake of the decision to get. Are rid of every Smith and bad Penny Hardaway. And I really liked that Ford who was one of the best. Cover your best chronicler of college football and basketball. Who is. Out there. Really like path forward. But we all have our good days and our bread. You can go find a column by me. And famously moon and wish I said the Zach Randolph column was a mistake and you're just motivating him. I was just motivating me and I think that that by the same token. I think that pat forty on May on March 14 2018. Wrote a column that was our clearly motivate them. To Penny Hardaway and just for fun. In the wake of this latest news. I thought I would beat. With Tubby Smith out of Memphis. Hiring Penny Hardaway. Would likely be a costly mistake. Apparently intent and compounding the basketball hiring errors. Memphis is prepared to throw the ultimate hometown. Hill man. This was forced out Wednesday at great cost after an ill conceived through your tenure heading our way appears. To be next as coach from Memphis Tigers it will be a fascinating and quite possibly full widely gambit I wanna America's bedrock basketball school. It would be an extra bit of simultaneously filed by the experience plaques and Ginobili tuck it inside the parochial summer box. What does it tell I don't analyze and have his legend and native. Son who has had isn't your Jersey retirement is going to stand out NBA player when he is an all star and Olympic gold medals or injuries the delta through earlier this century. The celebrity isn't just a shelf life. President during make the shoe line and a memorable commercials there's about public version of himself. Can he coach a high level basketball team. None of the above biographical details suggests that. And none of the below. Either. Art always coaching expense consists of his current dominant run at Memphis is has glory puts a lot of overwhelming division one talent for. Summit town's called for the team penny a U outfit out of his tangled including liver cancers were ruled ineligible early this year and Tennessee secondary school association but since. Played after temporary restraining order for the life. There are two it would bring out ladies firepower for the university less than two miles away that would be the start rebuilding for. Just once in the 1990s. Seeing again the next couple recruiting classes will be hard core. It was not exactly being forced out scheme the competition and at the women's coach might be proven so users don't Sampson which doesn't read Marshall. Cincinnati's been thrown maybe you do that if the need arises. Remember this from entering into the supreme. Oh idea. Hardaway higher with the Memphis again overreacting to the weakness of the the last coach. It didn't like. Smith was targeted actions just pass there video that you're the man you're crazy says is an amount up and out of uncorked triumphs. Probably was the wise and efficient type would upgrade the actual coaching acumen champions popular young past black. Etc. and etc. Etc. Penny would have been a style that has the big boosters of alarms feel warm inside. College sports fans absolutely love the idea behind one of their own even at a sport with the greatest coach of all time routinely had an outsider. There were no overt ties between John Wooden UCL in my chest good incidents until I made up about talking about nine Indiana our community that you saw. Only ten of the sixteen coaches were kind of CW general personnel matters and by then got head coaching experience I'll prefer something out away. Beginning of this boosters. Bombs would fill empty seats at FedEx format that matters. But if the product on the floor resembles that of the other alarms who were former NBA stars would no coaching experience I Drexler Houston. The smallest and John Patrick Ewing and charge on the seats were empty. Again the short term bringing Penny Hardaway would be a feel good and made you look hire the latter of which seems the modus operandi. A university president and David Brown. Now we get the part about how much he has all the Anthony had away at an entirely coach lives dies and get a lot of attention rekindled a lot of nostalgia might also be penalized. And powerful and latest no line of men who were very wrong ones in the. So great. It's possible. It's possible that in three years. Pat was an event pat will be able to look back and say he got it right. I'm it's possible because. And it might appeal to coach. It's possible because. You know Evernote as would any coaching staff that could be NCAA troubles. It who notes we'll all be overwhelming who knows what the future may bring many overwhelming. Evidence suggests that most kind of pitches they get hired define exactly so Indiana. IE I do think. The truth of the matter is is the headline astronomy column he's he re put in some could of this would have might be the wrong choice for the jobs etc. Again Canada's tremendous and otherwise pat also by the way today rank in terms of the play football players he would most like to watch college football. This is number four. Glimpses on Tony collar. Allow. People like to say boat vets and globally as the Memphis G hot no no no he has no anti Memphis Jihad under any. Circumstances. This was the comment here's the point this was the comment. Whether it was Jed pillows or Mike accorsi. All are had forty or whatever else this was like a Dennis Walcott was not a fan either I this was the common reaction. The people who by and large were supportive of this Tyler. And if there were people outside of the University of Memphis who were supporter of the higher share their work Bentley and a mind. I don't remember a whole lot from outside the city for people who work. Supportive of the higher. Were people inside the city. And maybe it's because were fan boys. But maybe it's because. I think. I think every experience with uh oh. Tubby Smith would suggest we're not. But maybe it's because. They we understood the desk rage desperate straits but the program had reached. And that is simply was. Was. At a position that this not just something had to be done but this was the thing that I had to be done you know. What more to the point. I do think that it's possible that. And it it's realistic to say that the people inside the city had a better sense of who planning our way is and his determination to do this job. And and again. Until these dudes sign. That is both true of the class of 2019 and had class of 2001. All of us celebrating its great. But until they sign there will be some nervousness I'll be nervous about it and I think others will be. Oh my god you would wake up on a Saturday morning. And you see the number one and number four players in the country deciding to visit the University of Memphis. Com. And you do realize it is a new day and the city of Memphis that was quite something else there will be here. In September all right we're gonna take a break. We've got Evan Daniels talked about I tell us about what this means from the national perspective. Coming back since Jeff Hawkins showed. Did you Nana furnace. 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We are gonna be taking our first visits to analysts at all together now. Memphis. At the city had this lead shorts should the city of episode rejoiced. Yeah a lot I mean anytime you can get your top five plays and did you can't pitch. There's reason to regain some one of the same boat that you are urged people get a key on campus are for an official visit you have pictures. And it could consult him in good position on the suitors are unique. Connection to jail and green was so Mitchell are having coached that age Eugene in the spring costs are her obviously that's sort of the connection Lejeune bringing in. I think what make it's his glove who's seen. They've made themselves relevant and Mercury again all across the board and it obviously James slides in with a big name but. Little pull it out there and green and arguing and invoked. A top five to ten players and point one mean but look familiar reasons of it. Yeah we'll let Glenn. When there was some question in terms of when that Memphis was put to give the staff whether there was some delay in putting together the staff so he could continue to work. Some with Jalen green I don't know if that was I don't know if that was part of it or not toll first if you can. What kind of player break and we let them down forming tell me about Jalen green and tell me about urging him to. It Jane green it's a tremendous exactly form exposing chief takes like five. Jane dad gets playing in summer out there's eighteen he played a lot of them all the change and he did a good catcher I don't think he's a point guard. Unbelievable civil guard to compel a couple that our roles. I think he had the potential to be very good on the bald underneath a little lateral quickness. Because of it its speed and link to an athletic ability. But offensively you'd get it. And he's tremendous in transition and imagine you are saying. Immediately big splash and get into the back gig and echinacea. I think an area that he's really improved. It is shooting he didn't shoot great great. All right at the USA basketball trials he shot the ball pretty well from day inspection. I think that the area for improvement that's really gonna need to Gergen prepared Kirk is currently ranked number one in 2001 not yet produced to accomplish and what. Ivan Mobley and Anthony Edwards but it. Sheets had a case. To be the boss playing that 125 it's one MBD in game. RU seventeen World Cup already turned the ball game and the look on that any seventeen teams use a lot of familiarity. Between those assume. Are tremendous scorer. Good side for the position long. Solid equity position did you get wired. So slow to get buckets he can create staged. We can pull up to consider who dozens. Well he can really really sort of lost Lawson all eat together that's ranked in the top ten and that's what it's 1 o'clock send. A lot of upside potential. Who's in on these two a cool who'd you expected the the top contenders for Jalen grain and who do you expect to be the top contenders for RJ camp than a thousand early. He had got 5% early. Eight. Cancer are pretty deeply involved we're would turn green very recruited them pretty heavily you know do it I impede. Where. Most ancient history off acorn acorn in name only a couple months the most popular for 20/20 console be the first class. We're at the girl girl. A and gene green told me in this grain. Are you he had a possibility that's what he was on there so I I think it per month if you can't get the wrong way and not on its schools were. Growing act and may be at our. But I'm okay he he told me in July regain that and so Barry and says what are being recruited him. So I know that there are simply wants school Kentucky equal or beat factor as well. So dogging it and it's a who's who list I think that it's way too early commuter serve you know we're screwed our schools are exterior favorites. He residing in Texas with a lot of schools in that area a better beyond them and there are as well so all the AJ Schable. What what is the significance of getting the first bit is it a good thing or is it not a good thing a lot of time and elapsed between the first visit. And the time when they actually make their decision. Well it depends. On exactly where you saw it also you know depend on the conflict are are these two. In a hurry to make a decision I would. My guess would be they're not obviously not gonna make it a college choice for so long long time. Meaning that they don't go back and let us. But I do think it isn't significant change in getting the exact they can't risk edit it allows our games are really first crack. And it actually needs. These two what an official visitor like. And I'm giving them their sales pitch or. Technique. I can get it you don't care that either of these kids of this type and caliber and they want to conduct in September of your New Year's you don't say now. Part of Evan Daniels from 247 sports. Past or recruiting ads they FS one cup apple insider and host of the sidelines podcast on Twitter. At Evan Daniels is some of this going to be. It's obviously great to be as deeply involved as Memphis is on his many of these high level here it's. There's some of that com a little bit of a a cascading. They ultimately need the science. Once face if if they get James Weisman does that therefore become easier. To get Cahill and green or RJ that that they would play together because presumably James wasn't good B one year. I will only be here one year. In the end it does Memphis need to stud getting some of the high level guys in order to get the other high level guys. Well I think they've they've birdie kind of changed recruiting perception. I get where you're going with this and I don't necessarily disagree because I think if you. If you're Penny Hardaway and you've already got and scholar gas you've gotten down. A point guard that you coached the senate to Coach Brown the dangers some good things some good players right but if you if you get a player the caliber of gains why didn't. I think it changes the true even further. And other teams look at it failed may have. James why isn't the guy the guy worked Bruntlett of those old clothes outplayed them you sixteen years they've got will be better. He's gone America as well maybe I need to take a deeper look and maybe I need to give them a strong chance to yeah I mean I think. Any time that you're able to get an elite players can help you the other players and I act if we're gonna pull off so we think that that would help change. Are there to even further and I said this well or. On other Memphis radio shows but what is full deal with with any event this is fascinating to me. I think it's maybe the most fascinating soaring college basketball. Our class I'm really curious to see how all this goes because they have put themselves in position. With some of the nation's best. Now can not in the quotes saying you know I don't think or write or change cloud meaning. Obviously don't want to. Part of that again. I got coaches James Watt and in the kid still in the city that all or part of that against south countered that the critics accepted this whole. This full field and this and and Canadian Mike Miller and at least guy that sits back and eight Rick watched. When you say it's fascinating is it is it surprising. And what was it like what's it like sort of be an out there and watching this thing unfold. What are you married right well what about it is funny like so so. There was a lot of when not what I was made. And I use the pad forty count as an example this morning but the truth matter his personal I've read a lot of skeptical columns but a lot of things I love pat. But it wasn't just that it was Jay bill was skeptical of pat was skeptical might accorsi was skeptical and Evelyn just went instantly to the Clyde Drexler example. And threw it out and said. Reaching for the salaam this stuff never works. You know like that. And then you started to realize and I thinks they think some folks in this city started to realize that he's got. It's a different deal than that. Because yes first well he's more iconic really get a bigger name and a bigger reputation even though he didn't have the career necessarily decode Clyde Drexler had. He was more iconic than Clyde Drexler but he also had his roots so deeply embedded. An account and in big grassroots basketball that if he didn't have all the are kind of stuff. He would be seen as a guy who worked his way from the bottom like he he is a different kind of a cat than anyone who has come before and so. I think for a lot of people and I'm not at all lumping you in there they just assumed he'd be Clyde Drexler kind of artillery and he's not very clearly. Yeah I I agree with I agree with your assessment. I think it's a completely different situation. All you mentioned to be tired there's obviously deep ties in the area there's deep ties with. A significant hey you program in the area now. To use to aid program from near here for the additional note might go to the sap. Your they usually are deep and I'm not surprised that they've had are hurting success. Today I bet that was expected. I think if there is so there was going to be a reason to. The beach. Hurt for someone to be skeptical that he bet Kate never coached. College walking before. Blood from a recruiting standpoint. I I think I expected him to have to look out I was that bad the USA basketball. Developmental camp last year. And the way that at the cage to gravitate towards gravitated towards saying what was obvious. I remember him pull them. You don't point guard inside. And coaching a model at if you can't then then we're talking about the best players in the country and then there. Our agent bought on early in particular and actually ask whether we about it you'd like you why wouldn't I. It it all syndicate and Oakland you know of Madonna her so much except in the NBA so he has he has that type of clout. So I'm I'm not surprised by that by eight by the returns to this point no certainly not. When you say there is reason for. Not skepticism by at least that to withhold judgment on his ability it to coach a game. How important do you think. I will look recruits be watching if that was this year and how this year go news. Will they could have an impact and how central would be there ultimately has success in recruiting will liberal people be watching carefully to see. Okay this is great he walks in and he's Penny Hardaway and all of this stuff. I wanna watch this unfold before I sign on the dotted line because I know what Bill Self can do it Kansas. Yeah I mean I'm an artist I certainly think to a degree and illiquid. We're in an age where are your current allotment until now and Adobe Ross I I wasn't by any means. On. What sort of took it pretty particularly make Obama look or be a great columns back core I. We I just don't know that we don't yet obviously gets that that high level. Clearly. Very Smart basketball mind I don't think it's you have the type of success on the court. If you don't date if you don't have that in your. But I am just curious to see how at all all and now the pitch your question I mean I think yeah beat people okay. Very close attention to it. The other thing is you can Mercury standpoint. When you are involved. With this many guys. Gonna get you're gonna get one on. The third ball in a lot of guys they're gonna get something we're gonna get one legally bet. One of the guys and are gonna get CJ walker apparently he really the bay he would notice a list of five Memphis not among them. That was disappointing to Memphis I think they were. And on him. Reasonably early I guess relatively speaking but he just blew up and now what do you expect lab procedure walk. Actually we'll have a better feel that situation ball at a couple are the magic of the pot and that is where I'm. I know we narrowed that list you're gonna take some visits. He did have a really good summer we're probably gonna get an up into the air pocket you're six Q we get there rankings. Here in this week could not our top two or send a bomb went off. Totally getting on on Wednesday. But I that the utility got to know none of five and no kind of serious here. Talking to Evan Daniels from 247 sports. And then finally in terms of the other names where are you right now on. TJ Jefferies where are you on James Weisman at what what what's your is there current prediction on those two or what are your thoughts. Slow DJ Jefferies I think whatever way in which he backed off that close to Kentucky I think everyone just assumed it would issue an urban. And don't overall I think men which is in good shape I don't think the issue that I think Mississippi State is very much a real player. In that occurred at our mid term boast. James why I mean I don't think anything's changed. I reiterate between Memphis in Kentucky. You know people go back to made it crystal ball there the Kentucky or Penny Hardaway. Got the job then that I hadn't ever change that. Part of it is that don't. I I definitely keep about the inside joke and I don't have. New information let me make that makes me feel the need to change it but that doesn't mean that I think Kentucky's getting back to accept. I think it. He political at the UK and. What do you think in terms of new information the fact that he decided to stay at east. You know what this world is like behind the scenes. Do you think there was any. Tussle as to his. Whether he would stay at least they're not as part of this and would that be the kind of thing that might have. Moved you or at least got you thinking about changing the can crystal ball prediction. Yeah I mean are all incredible picture when I feel like I have a good idea that we're gonna give. It that make sense it is saying admitted to Don Frederick members. They're out of Iowa I'm not I'm not over thinking that aspect of it eight. And being in that city. Obviously the relationship and work or you'll be all without program is a significant advantage. I looked at being done for conducting. It was all. And now. It's not. Evan you're really as the Jonas lug your stuff and I really do appreciate it thanks for the insight. But it revenue hundred that is Evan. Daniels had Jeffrey. You filed rooting for a long time. To me there are few things that are inching in what he says yeah and one is. It's just to have an hurting get to hear again that was done for Kentucky announced on Donald does I think shows the impact the other thing you said. When you're in on this many guys you're going to get some of them. You're going to get like he's not going to. He's not gonna strike that he's going to. No he may or may not get Jalen during he may or may not get RJ Hampton on air may not get PJ Jeffers he may or may not get James wise. He may airmen I think trend in Watford humanity got nonetheless yet but he is going to get some of them I do tend to believe. It's. It's it's not. It's not a light NBA players. Where they want a clustered together. And I do think that when you I do think these. So there are a lot of factors the recruiting of nothing do with a much steadier than you think so or than they are exactly CDs you may think. Com. So it's not as simple as I do think though that I'm. And I dominoes to fall and when one falls others fall harmlessly I think I think. I'm. Carla Harris. When when when Alex Lomax committed I think it made it more. Oddly enough more likely for Tyler let's not and you would have thought it might have been just the opposite. But there's a certain momentum created and there's a certain momentum created inside the city one that happened I want to be a part of this. And I think that happens at the national level as well I want to be a part of this and I do think Memphis needs. Some big names to ultimately commit. It's great now it's cool to visit Memphis that's cool to talk about Memphis not schooled include maps and your top spot. I wanted to be cool to actually commit to Memphis and I do think that. How this season grows. Will have some impact on some of these players I'd you don't want to be apparent fire when it starts. And because in the end your shoes and you are you choose between. Memphis and Kansas will you know it's gonna happen against the downloaded twelve is there. Images of the members and Kentucky when you know it's gonna happen at Kentucky. Other national the national championship because they only do their favor in the negatives but they're gonna play well negative when a lot of games. You whereas you don't know what's gonna happen in Memphis and so I do think that has. Something. To do that when you see this many names involved do you assume he'll get some. Yes and I think it's descent I mean I just look at it like browse coronal mess and at first errands like well on almost had their name in the hat for. And there are lots of kids that work on each year are there are lots of Blair lots of top. In a five star top 25 top forty type players they didn't get that but they were announced in like the final list dating get on. But they did get three or four. And I I just find like it's it's a batting average thing when you're in the game might. As long as you keep taking swings and most of these swing they have if you get most of these kids that they're in on they already have more or less a personal connection. From someone on the staff for the kids there's some type there's there's some type of they're not just like randomly going yet. The number one player like they're going at players that they have connections with and so I just think at a law of averages suggest. When you consider how many guys and I'm response are the averages suggests you're gonna win at least one or two of. Did you see otherwise that the touchdown speaking of year old almost situation do you see that the touchdown club. Is having Hugh freeze there to kind of touched on club. I saw it was that it appears it through Europe now he's he may be targeted just merger but I guess he has come into the touchdown club. Memphis if you want to get involved touchdown club you. Can look com membership 300 bucks if paid by check 330 if paid online at. WW dot TC Memphis dot com the lineup is Tony Barnhart on August 27. Hugh freeze which I think essentially Toshiba and the fact that he is getting him and getting out. And I think let's just get yeah so so we gotta get out right and then how about this addition to the touchdown club tech this famous football coach. September 17 and heard. While the. You know look at who could forget says great Isa laughable things that directly and lets them read MS and around them they are now president of the tomorrow night. Do we just a quick shout out to the touchdown club. That's a brilliant just let that that's a brilliant pick it right in that lineup he got them you got all in college football followed by Jeffrey. Like. That's also. And then Penny Hardaway that's awesome as an athlete affable coach he got David Johnson is Tennessee wide receivers coach not get my head coach this year has managed and you're getting at Joseph Moore had missed the beastie miss and state head coach to be good to log all this up as a coordinator. And then the Honda Audi out as the Liberty Bowl atrocious coach and about artist liberty also and I thought it was hilarious I brought Obama because they Hugh freeze appearing to be a touchdown club penny out of line on which fits our general. Think I'd see you sit and Els won that. And you know assess. Crack on the wall in the walk. You know as the floor sloping just a little bit. Except that set the foundation problem ladies and gentlemen I view the foundation problem you could have a serious problem. Media attention they're gamers block companies with sentiments of the south from other than a decade. Relievers group they handle foundation repair. Crawl space repair basement while all like all the big stuff foundation repair cost is a bit based on a lot of proves roofing company level. The base does is goes to the guts the very foundation. Of your house. After those columns 54187655418765. And they will send an expert to look at your home. No cost. At all and outside the situation to be an estimate at that point. You can decide exactly what she wanted to have one secret project that's my name Jeff Hawkins you'll get an additional fifty dollars off if not for whatever reasons yeah. No facts or custom gun hopefully we'll literally will not 'cause you're gonna have the guts the foundation the very foundation. Of your house checked out no downside in college could be a big downside to waiting caller gamers good 5418765541. It's on six continents and it's great yeah and on the web at redeem his group back on element comeback we've got to. Really gripping bits of audio and I need you to hear one. Jefferies call of the of out of a play that made the top ten and ESPN's top ten plays of the week. And to. I'm moment of triumph. This is live raw audio from the weekend. And later on the show joining Jordan is gonna join us he was at Memphis Tigers scrimmage and he will have more say. On all of this basketball recruiting news as well just to show that he cnnfn is they have. Continues to. Unscented life. December 28 at 6 PM. And ESPN. Good academy sports and outdoors is going to college football kickoff on Saturday August 25. From 11 AM to 3 PM their messes location located at 7926. G a cousin plays at wolf chased enjoyed those samples from BN HR gold. Hi deals on tailgating items plus gift cards for the first fifty customers supporting their college colors and more coming college football hall of Famer Johnny Roland from twelve to 1 PM academy sports and outdoors. 7926. G 'cause the place at the chase for all college football fans for less come see you Saturday. 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Aunt at the thirty yard line starting eleven news thing I was raised just gonna kind of forced on out in yesterday's attack conservative. And US puts for your seniors to one side of the field and an isolated. Maurice to. The other races Hampton. He's very sentimental memories Hamptons resent and is a four star. He is exhaust bats he's eased. Look he's the best player in the US but I've seen one better Mike and in your time yes rep yes I've never seen a batter them are okay. And so what did he do. So catch its third eleven and that seller shy. Quarterback quarterback just kind of its third on his is all right I got what I want Maurice just kind of chunk it out. It's a little bit under thrown and the safety kind of rolled over with the quarterback. Reese goes over the top of the corner who appeared to be taller than he was. Goes up and basically just kind of one hand brings it down. Paul like homes it brings it down over the top of both defenders. Some help maintain his balance going to the ground squirt out scorched. And it is ESPN's sports senator correct top ten. Plight so now we're gonna see how army and Jeffrey Wright the voice of the owls. Called that what we third and eleven for the Al's backed up at their own thirty yard line Shia in the gun trips to the near side. Straight back looking to pass he's gonna fire looking for hit this ball is up in the air and Marie saint finished my ability great fit tackle. Every sketchy at this forties across the twenty they Ted. The five. Touched down Els a seventy yard catch and throw however there is a flag. Back at the US sixteen hour now the officials speaking of plot thickens. OK so here's what strikes me if you listen this again when you're very precise like you are. You're very official and very professional you gotta like I know exactly. What happened. The level of excitement like you must have seen him do this a million times because. You didn't like to almighty god what I've checked out walk means well let's just also by the way there's not. There's not a lot of ambient sound noise to create big you do it you can't get them the fans around you yes so the problem the problem when we have home broadcast though. We have a gorgeous press box it's the best high school press box or seeing a we have an actual C deck. Were up top you've got to sealed up we've got a great angle the problem is though we don't have humor put a crowd liked. And so. Like road games I can always just have a crowd like that like in my favorite crowd would have been part of what else there I get out of obscurity. Stadium crowd would help. We third eleven for the Al's backed up at their own thirty yard line Shia in the gun trips to the near side. Straight back looking to pass he's gonna fire looking for hit this ball is up in the air and Marie saint finished undoubtedly. The wanted the kid. Put down and I called yeah ours. There are however there is things are lacking in on it back at the even US sixteen armor now the officials picking it up. We'll see what the official call is now it lays it back down. At the 22 yard line is stopping play we'll see what the call is. He is asking for the only you're totally right there Jeffrey come back whether you put me right there. Nicely done. I Jeffrey and then I went out and ran me five K meet. And this is so out holy rosary does a great deal where today have what they call Angel program where they have. Kids who have. Autism are on the spectrum who MA makes him when they've put oil other kids and and not only does it. I'm at a bunch of parents came out sort of appears and monarch and her eyes and talked about. What what having those Angel kids means. The class. In terms of increasing empathy for the other kids that air for the neural typical kids that it gives them a whole sense of of empathy and changes the way they've been to the world into the world and honestly I when did this five K 'cause two reasons one is. Rob Fisher's friend of mine and he is he supports it and so therefore. I support it and there are a lot of grizzly people out there. And then secondly. Because if you run a five K. It makes me wanna not stop running like whatever I'd run. The main thing I wanna do it every single step is. Stop yes right yes actually running always were so I just want to stop when severe at a five K feel kind of like an idiot the reason I ever do a five K now is so I won't stop. Running but. There was this and this is literally the perhaps the island of my sporting life this is rob Fisher. Announcing the winners. In a certain age territory. Yeah. I want my age category. The bad news is the age category is 55 to sixty ladies and gentlemen and here's how it works. You get out there you run and a line. You see a dude with a knee brace. Or really gray hair and you said a minute display that man and you'd pick off. And then yeah I had do you see another man with a knee brace limp little odd and he said I'm gonna get that dude and yet pick and pop one bottle once yeah. Particularly if he's some of our Butler what they're hearing aid and you say I'm gonna pick him up and down made no one after another after an out there. Attack that 740 doubt I ever 740 that's not terrible they're out of that I was chasing down all these old caesar's. Later it is true like any time I saw it this was not their slump there's some punches that are on the road racer kitten. And then you gets its final re just really like this ice whenever we hear this was not this was a wonderful cause we knew he was not didn't feel like like one of the most. And so therefore the republic that not that many users there and I was able. Identifying. And and bring them down real elevated one by one by one of my favorite moment of that clip is win that rob announces your name and he sounded almost surprised. The fact that act a bit. Shaq is absolutely shocked. Yeah what we come back. We're going to be joined by Jonah Jordan was also sacks in college football ladies and gentlemen that's accountable for that though I gotta tell you. Sleep easy matches is actually has the disease matches and furniture by Michael. Zeller. New Year's start needing good night's sleep right you need a we all that you need a good night's sleep you know what a five day go what if I've got any day. Good night sleep and that's what a good night's sleep is that a beautiful mattress. And the other way to get it is a pay 58% less. Then you would at a typical store they disease has all your beautiful matches so I comfort sort of perfect sleeper Simmons beauty rest all of.