Hour 1 with Guest Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, May 15th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the show by discussing a moment he experienced last night that involved agreeing with both Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley and explains the moment.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Gary Parrish to the show to discuss Gary's travel schedule, advice he would give to coaches about utilizing the media, an awesome Joey Dorsey/John Calipari story, the NBA Draft Lottery, the top prospects in the draft, Gary's "recruiting" tactics at BBQ Fest, and more.


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The live. ID FA ME SPN bruised. Commercial feels leave sports columnist. He's the award winning Jeff cook games and know Geoff Calkins show. And here. 929 FM RE SP and mess. Intensive manual. Something new car. Ring ring. But we got. So that was Michael we year old little what do what do we do you were you do on the day but never to this time. Number chip yes members to sign him under threat once again good if they once again every carriers levels in the whale Juan Puerto. Number three. We remember for the time yeah I got you know we know sound effects along. Theory number number three that's a jazz pieces so far. Number two. Numbers Graham for our third and final spin it to the real one. Wow well because yesterday we had too many high numbers I was I that was way too many. I wanna be one. Just yet I carry one because it would be fun to be one sure. But I really don't know where the with the best players like all people argue that me all the time about. Steve does an idiot because he didn't would put Martin badly in the top three and whatever else and I'm not argue with you because. I don't now. I'm also are you viewed his. It's stuff like Steve. Does it have a clue what he's looking right but I and I am not knocking on the gonna argue with the fan right Diana commitments also point whenever when memories Steve's an idiot Mike always gone out but I mean to be Barack a lot of things are nonsense is Tehran I just I'm not not are you appear I don't know is about you don't. Not a clue I think it's yet drain but I mean if he'd Ed that's the other thing what do also. This whole who -- there would you rather have bad grade or Don church I had no idea the idea I think. Think stocks its because he's for sure going to be in their water right. If you made it is that filter prisoners element did the consensus seems to be that dodge which is going to have aid. Very steady NBA career and Baddeley seems to be. They're jury announced. Right why he's so athletic he's gonna have a long there I think. Yeah so OK anyway I will be talking to get a finish about the lottery. In the next segment. We hope you have your lottery plans I'll be right about that commercial appeal. We'll be talking to withdrew with toot the GP about the lottery in an excitement. The center and of course is gonna jars and a 901 at 1001 as he does every day I'm sure we'll talk a little NBA. Where if he can of the sudden are we also have often Barbour who is managing partner strategic partners. And media. And managing partner of the Clearwater group basically has come on I'm talking about Bennett. Yes gamblers or gambling particularly in Mississippi is a rescue is all very very well related to Haley is oddly enough. He's really behave Haley Barbour yes so. So he ran Mitt Romney's well financial and well connected certainly you know tell us what should be able to live another is gonna happen Tennessee we yes there are about here in Tennessee about gambling. But Mississippi. All bets are wrong as they would say. And it is lovely in March its. Two things I heard recently. Two numbers I heard regarded as embraced. There was a study. That suggests. That. Non gamblers yeah. Non gamblers but people who classify themselves as NFL thing that your watch fifteen to sixteen NFL games a year. I can buy that read basically based they're watching her to all game you're watching a game a week. Maybe a week at a wedding Assange there but maybe and maybe attention earlier watching your team ever injured catcher in two game stretch without your budget a radio I should too. So your basic. Your average garden variety. NFL fan watches fifteen to sixteen games a season yes. Care to guess what that number is for your gambling. NFL fan. I'm going to say fifty. No doubt 45 to fifty yeah. 45 to figure basically watching it it's why game really windows why the league should be and in fact now only one is this integrity free. They want economy but it's why they should be making like are in in favor of the stuff because it absolutely drives viewership. The other inched in question for me honored. Bill Bradley Bill Bradley the guy who who it was his bill that was overrun yesterday about a way just from a strictly legal sense that I know people love a wanna breakdown thankfully yes. On the show collector and now look at the opinion. It was not overruled. But because congress can't outlaw gamble yeah it was outlaw rule it was overruled because congress can't tell states what they can and can't do it. In other words does the lawless specifically drafted to say state legislators can't not do this right right and so. That's what they said they said that was usurping the will power of the state legislature. If they simply pass a law saying you Cano and gambling united stay right. That would have been fine. But they couldn't that that's not what they did what they did was usurped the power of state legislatures and let the other pinpoint the Bill Bradley brought up was. He said there's nothing to prevent. Gambling on high school sports right now. Under this new regime guilty. Eight net not. A whole lot guilty guilty with you're online like a year a year ago that your there was a lot there were multiple gay high school games last year but had lines. Multiple football basketball while. Local football game that Canada local it was like remember that you like every week in the polite the the gay get mine was the core min vs modern day I'd a done now. That the team from Vegas this or what happens if you wanna bet on any us and Trisha brown. That's probably not gamble on day Abbott and Mississippi. How to Mississippi. Where you're gonna be unity and a Mississippi share what book. Are they gonna have gimme a Mississippi. A high profile Mississippi a school for poor so like if he'd play if he had south and all of Versailles is like oak grove. Rent okay fine and realignment in the misses I wouldn't go south. Wanna. ID C desire wanted to know would bother me letting it I think you'd be too difficult to subtle line I'll think they would I don't think they would do that I'm we will talk to. We'll talk Austin Barbour about this in the second hour so we got. Gary there's got to next percent to with a Hannah Montana one and then Austin Barbara on a world this is gonna go talk to him in the second hour. Before we do that however there was a basketball game played last night. And let's just hear this is one where I. I find myself. I'm. A chat in shock me pardon me of what are your all time low value and all the time yet. On the set the stupid it. And they seem to find common ground. Last night ground upon which I also stay here or chuck Shaq on Houston. And most. About it did you Smith and Charles Barkley didn't. What followed this little bloopers room to move through. It's I didn't I am I heard tonight issue should not be a time of depression and this is what the third time in the playoffs should such. I'm so depressed I think won't. When was when love. What Toronto was losing to Philadelphia yeah you get started because then why are you so depressed tonight. Anybody who into Iraq is gonna win again. A win this series isn't it your declaring this a sweeping it ruined yeah are burning the cardinals are going home commodities revenues one to browse through large enough you can and it loosened. You just see his game no truth America's can't beat him like I say I picked through wars in five and wanted to know. That I don't wanna game one opposes them. Well losers what was it's hard fought ovals low pay out picked doors of problems to be rewarded in three. That's not. Pick the warriors in three and taken orders it won the yeah they wanna last night in this is one of these situations where first tomorrow. I do actually. Give the Houston Rockets credit for in the face of the warriors. Ridiculous lineup. They didn't shrink they'd just say we're gonna go and Edward. We're just gonna concede to the wars they want out. And they try to build a team. And they tried to build a style. That would. How to warriors I think arguably did the best job of anyone that's tried to take them wanna feel like yeah I mean Cleveland beat them. I have one point given did beat the warriors but they. They that was Abdullah supporter that's on sale of all the they went out and they and they said we're gonna take a shot at this we're glad we're gonna get it's. Chris all we're gonna have this different style or should be pointers were gonna do everything else. And then what happens is. Is that lesson for the moment Kevin Durant join that team. I was equally depressed I was has depressed the Shaq and Barkley were last night because it was. BS. Total BS it was adding he. Second best player in the league. To a team that was already historically dominant it was stupid. It was stupid. It was gutless of Kevin Durant it was cheap and it was and it's actually. At this will put this let's bet from my choice and hopefully maybe it's not bad now that we had chances is because we're human. We try to talk herself and things right we watch things unfold and so whatever that be a Super Bowl matchup and look like it'll tolerable on paper yes Campbell say. Oh yeah I'll. Yeah I can see how does the eye can see other bills can beat the cowboys lose one or whatever what they've picked picked your book put a lopsided super ball. That actually was lopsided we'll start to try to. Talk ourselves into why this is going to be a good game it's natural. Or hell it's he'd talk yourself and why of traffic's going to be a good draft are quite Masha Allen is going to be a stud what Barton well. Why this is fixated like yeah quietly out why this is Nick Saban last year we can talk to try to talk yourself in any yeah. So here we are we talk or try to talk ourselves into the fact if Houston can give. That this is going to be an epic series and they usually defense this year yeah. And then the game starts and then you are reminded. That in the 28 playoff games. Since Kevin Durant joined this team. Cheaply. In our whole wing chasing. Garbage move yeah. If they are 25 and three in the player thanks Keith me. Since he joined that team they are 25. And three in the playoffs since he joined that team Ellison that though the rockets got that great start. Absolutely got off unbelievable start a James Harden ahead nine points in the first two minutes. Dream on lost his mind it was ridiculous. They're tied at the half. Things are going OK some percent basketball yet awesome for highly competitive all back and forth a lot of good offense and I mean I balls also. And men and fourth quarter happened in the third quarter happened in the third quarter from early caused by the third quarter was up they were up by seven after the end of the third. And end the lesson you can take staff Gilani to 1518. Points eight assists six rebounds. You can take why even on nine of eighteen for 28 points although many got a lot of open looks you right. A foot of Kevin Durant and get I've never denied his greatness I've never said he's not important to the clause immediately it was cheek. Fourteen point 737 points and the ironic thing is is that whereas Houston. Is famous for their rights are right Houston is the team. I so why so I'd analyzed are so hardened that a lot of damage eyes those last night Chris Paul much less it was much less good. Pulled over they don't Kevin Durant. Artists iso couscous used to switch everything that horrible defense of the horrible defensive performance last night. Houston switching everything so Kevin Durant. Is this has is ten of thirteen on iso play is ten of thirteen ten of thirteen and when he is. In and I saw they just bid that they've it's Kevin Durant camera he's a brilliant player and he's not LeBron so we're not talking about bottom as much as LeBron and he's not. He's got the shiny new Boston Celtics or don't talk about emotionally as much. But he's just an awesome player is is the second best player in the league I mean Anthony day of that he's he's certainly a married. One of the top three players and like yeah he's unbelievably great to us. I thought was so it is depressing last night. The fact that when you read stepped curry stout on my staff wasn't special liking I think he's battering thing but he was nothing special clay it was nothing special. And the game was over a dozen relative it was the rules of blowout loss and it was a blowout win on the road well. And the other two the other 2000 residents funny because after the game and Tony said we can live during. Which was sort of an odd thing to side but his lines other point was I think this party's true. Is. They got absolutely. Blasted. On. A fast break points on eighteen different. Eighteen to three on fast break points they lost Houston on points off turnovers seventeen than non. She's eight but the warriors are in addition to being the more explosive team that the better defensive team and a more complete team. The warriors had. 54. Points. On an uncontested looks which is the second most that they had this entire. Post season they had eight open threes. And they were in their open looks they work 23. Of 31. On fair open looks they open looks after open look after open launched by contrast. Houston 35 points or. So a bit more explosive game. They're the better defensive team. Until I hate to say it they get old. They come apart at the seams by for some chemistry thing which doesn't seem to be about happening. War stuff blows out an ankle. Which I'm not actually wishing for but maybe eventually all the contracts they're gonna eventually had to take financially it's going to be an issue. I think after next journey be a problem it's like the only like it's it's and it's getting worse on it's getting worse because. There's eaten like maybe next year the Celtics with Ty re back. And Hayward back are you pulled out lied about it it's not like they're original point to are talking ourselves into it yes the truth of the matter is ladies and gentlemen. One Kevin Durant joined this team. We've pronounced the NBA. The suspense in the NBA can be effectively over. Until something happens. And that is absolutely what has happened. Is is and and chuck likes him and three what average pay I think you confused and still might get a game right used to help pelicans got a name the three games they lost by the way. After Cleveland when they were already up three step. Right then they lost one of the pelicans and lost one of the spores otherwise 25. And three. In the playoffs since September you're gonna watched the east if you want you can watch the rest the series if you want. But it is like the NBA generally since Kevin Durant joined this team is academic. To get that break your parish is going to join us next to blockage or 99 FM news. Hot weather is finally on the way and James Davis is loaded with perfect performance fabrics and shorts pants and even casual sport goes for when you're headed took part in the white does a one game in your normal golf attire this is Gary Parrish had a ton about James Davis the year stores amazing. Well look at your man doesn't right now. 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Get your tickets today at saint Jude classic dot com. Now he can kind of six when he knew he had an espn.com. It's. It's you know it's. EST yeah yeah yeah. Until you joined now by Gary there's your first post to be very rare show. 46 every thing. Goal today national college basketball come with CBS sports that come multi Emmy winning purse to television personality and rising star in the field of media theology. He joins me a GPU. I ordered good morning you are awry you're headed to all kinds of places you I gather you will. As you do and ending for the lottery are you going to be doing anything for CBS for the lottery is a big bigger. No I'm actually I'm I'm going to Naples Florida it's totally lottery are unrelated. I think Atlantic chance spring meetings are there at the what we drop this Ritz Carlton. And so. I have been asked by the Atlantic ten. To come down and speak to their coach is on Wednesday morning church or out you know it media in the year 2018. Social media. You know just don't go. You don't want should they do what you they do not do. How promote the leak without looking like yourself promoting. I adjusted Europe and orbit a seminar there just speak to them on Wednesday morning. And it's like back home late Wednesday so. I'm a slider today. And then I will be at a dinner tonight quit. Eight Jim Weber coached they've been go to their athletic directors. And then I will celebrate what she be at some point probably at the table are to be mad let alone and watched a lottery game and hope that there. The ping pong ball down the right way to Memphis could be the pick first overall. What are you thinking about Wilson medical what do you tell coaches about. About media what do you tell. The first thing is that. You know Atlantic and not the Big Ten and and everybody understands that but it doesn't mean you don't have stories that are worked out so be Smart about. What's happening within your program. You know don't be afraid to to reach out every Democrat to beat BR reps saying you gotta give me everything they're close there's such Campo will meet that cover this order a national level major networks. You know whoever you like monster pick of the best job with it. You know I I've heard somebody say they're Gary there's always writes about Oakland. Oakland University. Twitter I don't always write about Oakland but I can sometimes quite awesome stories not also because I wrote them but also just that the Turks the material. I'm about Oakland. So what about all that they're trying to get into Oakland. Try to play Oakland. Actually shook our country in the NCAA it will develop or could have a standardized tests look like eight years earlier I won't bat and it led to the computer where it will oversee their decision over another story about the NCAA how local basketball player are pointing that. Stottlemyre Rachel. I didn't know that there aren't that revenue would name until I got a phone call great camp grew after years of building a relationship. Which really cost region. If you got a good story. It could tell it the right way. And so he region document and on the job to pay if it's a story that work you do. And sometimes Russian now. I think Zach Greg is probably tweet. Oh or may not but look I'm a quick story and so if I don't reach out because you've got thirteen scholarship player in your local. If your college your story anyway but it pure bad particularly when you're recruiting after the Napoli that ought to come on let's just say not my neighborhood. If peace ever coached or and then like if you try to truly brought into your program. Don't be afraid to try to share those stories are all appreciate you all call to let pitched not the other way around. I also like there's a tractor risk you'll be good. You don't your general for debt from outside of the palace art has been the story teller after all one year. At a more simple that article by the historic college basketball one year still mortally want to part had a story of college that's port St. Joe yet. We're gonna start the speed and focus usually. On the Kentucky's in the dukes of the escalating college basketball could originate from anywhere. And don't think pitcher limited anyway are being an elected school are articulate it better that. And how and where it's fun at those. It's com it's still lob I don't mean it even lets be honest even even the way that. For example. Ran baker we talk about Camelot the volt because he was just perfect at the way he tells the media like about perfect but he got. Is it and it's so much more constructive than the opposite right it's just so you'd have a relationship you'll realize you commit. Media people have told our human beings you can manipulate them you know I mean. To the best PR people do right. I do wonder actually though like the John cal Perry. Who was shot at Memphis who was opened the GM. You come and talk to him when he's on the exercise bike everyone's in the jam total access to anything all the time. He's not like got a Kentucky any can't be like them to Kentucky obviously at some luck. Does it matter at all if you're at Kentucky or Alabama. Or. If you're nick Sabin or this letter all can you just bother at all or is there still a right way and a wrong way. I think it matters less. But if that have been there can touch your being an Alabama it's being all but being all about Alabama. I don't really do think Qaeda you're all like let's show you the ball like you know I mean I know my. We're friendly when we see each other IP ticket on the Baltimore. I think I chair. Mikey the beetle one just expect that to me randomly on Wednesday night like me you know he's got all. You actually just yet do keep that need to have relationships were the media like it UN backed. I don't think it's very important and it's tricky talking about this because what are we gonna back again. It is expected that relation with everything I mean it's meat can somebody. You need to have people on your side and honestly I got my I might tell couples that the stories which are cal Perry being what apple charging it wouldn't get a conduct what he did that the record dark. But at Memphis. I could talk the job board after every practice I want it any assistance whatever I want at any of the players whenever I want to call player of ourselves well it was part. Nobody cared about Indy bank wouldn't practically every day. And what you find out is cuter if your doctor walker each of Smart about it. You have more control over me when you let me get back close it you do if you push real whack. Because there was one time in practice at a much on the story now but Joey Dorsey got kicked out got kicked out of practice. I do like Georgia and don't work out and look at somebody like you always be there was just. What what are your editors are not explicitly did it again and they're great color practice. They are not starting tomorrow night game tomorrow nonstop. We lost him. In the midst of the Joey Dorsey story. We will endeavor to get Gary Bennett of child and your back now a whole lot so he's not certain amounts are left the story out and it doesn't remember a guy guy. And so my old rule was always to record everything they could be slightly controversial like go to at least go ask John about. All recognize that he might say don't do that are ready not an on this particular date that these are reading about you. And I said but like if you are gonna start tomorrow. If he's not starting and the people sit quietly starting it my all you can ask me. Hey what do you like doing what starting him in the summer Kelly welcome to the what you get impractical to order the order you want that I got a dog is okay well I'll just say that. Obviously Joyce didn't delegate arbitrator decided. Not a deadlock they would end their record I just decided that could go to our starting at an allergic to live your your completely out of I says but like job like I thought oh my child to lie I heard a report that he figured could open a bit to recover until. If I can tell you what to report. Obviously don't like what are you are. But I can post record for the recipe that you know you can do your job however we wanna do it but I can do my job however I wanna do you expect what you wanna do. And then you just played the pro photographer out of their practice for the rest of the less than a year over something that's not that serious. Like you got a torn ACL I just said John I've got a reported and you couldn't do whatever you gotta do but I'll get it didn't seem to be expecting stranger. And so I did not reported. I would a lot of practice to rest here and I'd like to authorities start the next what should judges started I felt that my portrait atletico de hoop and because John had so close there every day. He could actually control. What I didn't pick up right on some level or perhaps. And honestly think I can. I'll write your speech Florian but. Like obviously the the opposite example that I'd like who's going that well in nature there is getting killed anyway because for performance I mean in the end performance matters. But tubby didn't have a single friend in the media and already penny as a Brazilian friends think he's got good. B yeah actually got a bag like China. And everybody got to do it like it the team went out to execute jar could always say an instate obviously. Gary looked at our practice he saw everything what we're working. Jerry did I tell this whichever detection. It you yet you are you don't look every actor like that matter of fact I watched him. Instruct women delegates don't let it go so you can't beat writer L auto waves if you're the message you were to your sand belt they don't let the you wanna be your enemy like typically you'll be uttered the other one would be eager to know what do every day. So allow me and if you can't ebony Beagle voyage to your friend base. And then from an NN you can keep the sort of all could you got a couple of Jeff I would actually encourage every culture and our market where their corporate matters. Try to have your beat writer on your side and try to have 10 radio voice mattered careers one on your shot. Because of the opposite of what I'm explaining what absolutely to at least let them get back. Tubby get it staff. Picked up yet know and I'm not particularly our plans were clearly not what we were. In the lead in person and our respect them as a coach but I would see that all worried water back. I was gonna say something about Tubby Smith in the neck and chalk board but you expect. Whereas which October instead of like if I say he has all right this. Stan Brock was gonna come out tomorrow and maybe John will you I don't at the deal with some. A quick topic spat at about to meet everybody there were no questions acacia more ballot only Smart but he kept for coach. So what are. Savvy at me a medium Saudi coach yes. A more immediate said he coached where they're. Had good relationships city or had his assistants kept good relationships with city. Vernon tiger here IE biting dog that program and explain it accurately and truthfully but still negatively from every aspect. And not one time did I get a phone call from anybody on that staff trying to say GPG come sit down what it. We got to try to live to see our side of bank or try to explain it to you are bad we got to explain to what we're up to can't pay there's another side it never did I get their own cult that's in saint. Electric I went on the radio tomorrow in Memphis. And in fact on the program and a Memphis is bad I backed them about a program that meant that. Jon Scheyer would call me tomorrow. If they GP. Know what you look like well at all they have never been better I think that's a mistake I think if you are are all go to market where the poker matters. Not having a relationship with the media in some way at least some pointers Arctic and it is can it can be a killer I really don't think. I don't know ultimately they had a money problem. But they would wait for them to survive. For a church year but would dictate came time where they needed allies they had no way out light among the big money boosters and they had no ally in the media. What company had no relationship with them protect you mean you look for you and I don't matter at all. He didn't expect a big money Oprah who do letter he had no relation to put their leader and call them. Come on all acting encouragement of people they can pick up the only call this person just never edit and I think that that was a big contributor to have only getting two years or not. The lesson by the wind it applies to some well anything else that I got on here today and banged on FedEx and I wouldn't have hurt or banged on the mayor and I you know. Whatever it says. Aid consistently. You would ultimately hear from them that's what good well run organization did and that's why they have PR staff that's why they pay so much for PR etc. etc. so. Okay on board 2 AM organization. That actually does. Aggressive he's. Jewelry check out like in those circumstances the grizzlies do reach out a lottery tonight the B in the lottery tonight Elliot Perry is going to be. Up on stage Chris man X said the future of the franchise. Is it state. Of the interesting things the phenomenon though with this lottery is. Fit that. It's very clearly you want to win one good movie it choices you win one like I egged very clearly wanted to win one. But there are a bunch of grizzlies fans. Would be happier. It's plug and savvy. Fans who thought about this who would be. Happier if they get three. Then if they get two or one. Because they don't all may Memphis taken you under eaten and they don't want Memphis they can move the Dodgers they want maybe Memphis to take. Mother badly and I don't think he's gonna take him what are so does this suggest anyway. Their wallets fond of Weirton. It's completely clear actually liked it it would be awful to finish 23 or four. Well I'll put it all of that is superior or by the way I am not certain the grisly. It kicking dirt would take Marvin Bakley you know statement Dodgers welcome or I could see they can Darren Jackson instead. I'm Steve Tyler yes I wanna ask you about this too right Steve Keller and yesterday. And he said other three players in this draft as it all really a course that I knew they were they were a word dodge ridge and they were beaten and then of course the third one was badly. And he's and and and and and now Michael Porter junior. He's the third one in the draft. What it's it's it's it's funny because I accuracy yes fortunate last night. And you're the producer won't hit you with a couple topics like hey if we wanna talk John there has you know what would you say that got the ticket graphics ready and you already. You know took to roll over my answer like you know that they don't have a player B roll just ready to go when I say it may but they wanna try to know what I'm saying the court. So we said who they could be a steal in the strapped. And I could Michael Porter junior and here's why what he's probably gonna go outside of the top five. Because we haven't seen him play great year and he's coming off of back surgery. Or if they needed medical staff rushed for a particular team. Says. You're just like with Joseph OMB. At one point wouldn't be like the oval port just outweigh the risk of Catholic Joseph what would be would have gone number one and that correct Intel. That was the consensus in January and think what could help and so we didn't go to war and the sixers just figure oh what a ticket any employer for two years. But he's clearly the best player from that draft. And I could see that they were Michael orders well he's such stuck around six and productive let's say it. It's a guy who might have gone number one. If you want to have back surgery and our doctors are telling us that the back surgery is like not an issue at all let's just take it. And that you had the best player the trap I can achieve that absolutely I don't think Steven is to all there I would not allow police to Michael tortured Burt. But if you talk talk to me a year ago. I'm not a college I think Michael origin or more. Well wouldn't issue a look at the guys compliment but let's say you're the grizzlies and you you're dropped to fourth or fifth. Right don't you at that point and let's just say it goes it goes the first three are in fact. Eitan Don Jewish and Bagley. So then there yeah you got 45. You're in there are some. And so that's Jerry Jackson and it's. And as Michael Porter junior. And it's. What the young country young men Wendell Carter whatever elected those guys right don't showed that link like. Just take a microscope to Michael Porter junior and does that mean he's gonna evidently do the come mind right. He's got to be here for work outs if you're persuaded. And I understand the skepticism to everything that more skeptical about this franchise in the draft history at the medical history. Like at that point. He's a small forward he's explosive. Like like I don't know we need could easily be the best player minister of. That's an area are taking first second or third. I'll probably end up with with badly eight or not right whichever one's fault. I don't look dodges as much as some the people who look dodges love them but. I don't think yeah I think he ought group. I mean I don't think he's going to be bad. Like there's some guys who could beat big production were just bad I don't think dodged them back I don't know go to great but I don't think there's anyway he gonna be bat. But you don't want a biopic export. And it should not my Mac my in my class shelves right now budget that we're talking here are able to talk myself into. If dot equipment cannot picture for. And I go okay we get three guys that would really like what you say they're not high on back because I don't know what they all I know at least one person of that project is not. I don't know the rest but I I've talked a handful of people regard and I don't want Burton just doesn't exactly in the top she. It got to translate to the NBA a I'm but I can go that they like Jerry Jackson and I know that they like starchy too and I know that everybody like they summed career. So let's just say that Dole's career all the board and on the grisly that I just don't look back. I can actually double double to Michael Porter if my doctor signed off on it because. You could spirit he's really been walking to a press convert and say we just got the top prospect that draft with the fourth pick in the track. And I know that thought with a marker showed what Parker actually your social it. We gather all of these players for several years not just the past year. And Michael Porter projection as the highest ceiling. Other guys who were available to us that bubble or. And that's what we took it the problem of course is that the immediate push back here at all by consequently I got to count our good and talks somebody who ever played and here. Particular tick tick sticking to replace Gerald. Years you know I don't like you can't let that you just can't let our god are you cannot. You can I. I care if your doctor safe and our nation and our mission for the next question is. OK but this is important doctors say it's a nonissue if the gripping doctors say a nonissue and equipment doctor that I know that they've changed. But they don't have the best track record and so it's six. I think you have to really really believed that it. Because you'd be shutting herself ought. To just get crucified by that subset of fans who already think you're idiots like I don't care about that either it. If Michael poitier and it said they expect. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars evaluating. This draft class facing them in person they literally travel the world. If that board you're picking him Michael Porter junior is the best person available to you according to your pick or UK can you explain that an annual to ask. Two months later what she's done got a people love every day the new look Smart every once Smart whether anyone who don't know was the doctors and could have been an actual I think the orthopedic I'll be out at the same. And they could've just said we were willing to take the risk that we don't know really exactly what happened digger that said listen we see this we don't laugh but but yes. Ever let it let escape without. Was that. I know what you look at Chandler Parsons who fit a 100% in like the white body look like per ticket not without whereas. But my understanding is that whatever or some other franchises doctors whatever. Call them concern. Getting back called the greatly doctored the same Mo could do the same level of concern. Are so out but I yes I think you'll agree if if if you're persuaded. You hire who we hire and if they're giving telling you he's right you go with them to extend the date that someone doesn't like. Bagley. I don't know if you wanna speak for this particular person but why. They say that yes she's incredibly productive at duke but that would simply because. He had NN he's a better athlete than literally everybody who caught it. Quicker off the street it'll literally everybody who guard them and they've played just as hard as anybody in the country. And soul. People that have those same advantages in the NBA. You'll be a superior athlete everybody played more he might actually be a quicker jumper. Let this thing may not be better and most can we don't know yet. Now he might be better the vote but that he doesn't have great obvious position. He's not picking up the claim a spot although like stream on restarts are are critical eye and sometimes yeah what does that mean and he's not a natural or because. They say he doesn't have a natural shouldn't scope to which I say he shot better than they are great from the report rate this year. You could make that shot. Election Day but he made it a year ago and I think you'll make it better or you're a battle he makes are like well I have less concerned about back. Well I just explained you if they're concerned and also this. Kept literally play zone because of him. Like it he could not. If you are part of position without even have a position on the offensive and your migraine can guard any position that's like having that position pretty darn any position. They have position does he can't go any position. Yeah but like you can't guard at nineteen typically can't coordinate 22 record at the time I think people forget about the one and done guys who have been in the it totally tell it's from the age of 1415. Is that they never had the latter category. Canseco why can't we get better at least and you. You beat Dick Durbin who beat taller than good nobody ever had to learn how to who would interact you'd do it certainly got our campus didn't like. To attract some power couple much about how to play the getting their turn about quite a plan. Three other freshman of the current lineup so I wouldn't ever go back to earn. We somebody's a freshman what I done guy inability to guard it all if the physical tools or they're. Like if you torture under signed 800 shocked if that's going to UK card that's probability that we can't guard me NBA as well. If you are slope. If you blacked lateral quickness. Yes don't think upon. Mark about relax no physical attribute at all it's like my guard and they think it may be local low basketball IQ. But when you talk big empty shell like eight film poster that's what I've talked to people coming to basketball player to compete like that you. Why don't they if they they they don't sound so bright for the that we doesn't come across that way at all when shuttle I believe. I'd like to compete totally bought about it Sam on want to look that up on. Well I'm still a believer Barbara Bagley and I still think that our government are accurate I would take your social office. He knew he said that you all like that's huge as much as the people who love concerts love bash. It's interesting that that everyone thinks the grizzlies love them because. I know for a fact that Chris Wallace had never seen him in person or at least this year this year maybe previous years. But he never waiting go to Europe and tell. After the season was over like you left on a Sunday whatever many went to Europe so it's very possible they love them. But it's it's an interesting thing that they did you know here they either party decide Dunham if they love him but to the extent that people love. Have you talked to people who've seen it with their own eyes who love them. And if so walk. What got the voting. It is why he's seen him many times on all night and Jonathan doesn't even think. I shouldn't say that I don't think Jonathan but like delicate time we're Jonathan didn't think the picture beat anybody other than look down at the track. He thought it was water all of that people would say target happily ate little Bakley. To take dark you know what I'm about to declare. A great night Jeter I think he's dummy here eighteen you'll let you know what 1819 year old. You know dominating. You only eat better feel would call me. End and then it's color. Still incredibly. Incredibly skilled could make wall yeah yeah like all the stuff they know the question what to repeat the athletic enough to him. Like OK you can bet there each year because like. Palatial a couple of things click a couple of things over there that look like all star level saw pretty technical access rights. So my bet they'd go to bullet point that people always use when they're talking about our future is he doing things in that Lee. But no other player you'd each. Has ever done in that elite. Now it's good that is true. Got to acknowledge that none of the great American of and you eat now. Oh OK I don't think I'm Natalie at that age but nobody's ever thought Cole. What you got Marvin back vehemently to the page. What do you veto it saying that nobody pathetic that predominately. What but Gary eight in the Natalee. Wouldn't call it a panel that eighteen year old and at least I got a whole bunch of Americans who could don't think partly. And Adelaide I was an Adelaide he didn't do those things at that age smelly. Yeah yeah I thought I would blow buddy can go to any added that there that don't respect. Quickly you're okay conversational. You know if you don't like and I just recommended. It is funny you don't agree who is not a great athlete. Who is a great player in the NB yet I can think of some historically I've got to. Michael I mean Larry Bird wasn't Magic Johnson in his own way was we was not an explosive athlete. Magic Johnson wasn't Larry Bird weather but right now I'm sure there's some badly for them out like he landed Steve Nash wasn't. I just like Klay Thompson yeah. He's a great sugar. It's a scale they think that may be I mean to people them thinks that was a great athlete and then they all too slight to knock it out. At the. According shot maker purple power. You know that's a fact of being a good shooter like. They're Big Bang it like step at a great shot creator and the words certainly can't. And look at it and I think a lot more budget is is if you know more of point forward type thing. And end step is like everybody does what steps if they want. It was great Grassley and I believe that. Yeah that's my yet either you like that that the Arctic is seeing if you watch him and I knowledgeable who watched goal which looked you gained in the highlights. Eat is is very good at creating space. And then making shots. And what he's very good at creating space and making shots in that leak. If that Tibet octopus would guarantee. Of being able to create space and and in there and make shots. And be okay. Maybe but but I about a hundred sort of that I can't I think he's the safest it in the correct. And I've been at any good solid play right I don't think there's anyway look at doctors if they don't location fourteen. Many many years and I won't I won't rule out the idea they have been the best player from this draft. But I think there are certain players were higher Zealand's. We're beyond creating got a undeniably higher ceiling and I think to circle back around I think Michael Porter junior is helping. Might have a higher soon as well. While we have talked buddy Matt Harrington has said he just thinks. From the beginning he's thought they just the best player in this draft the most skilled most explode like the best combination of skills. Is eight. You buy that. I look I hit it on TV but especially in person and nobody else look like him. You just built a different way like if you could you go you know you're all that stuff available go to earlier Danica and this past year or just look at the court. And I had and if you heard nothing about basketball like if I can tell your brother who doesn't watch basketball all or your girlfriend at a watch basketball at all. And just say hey listen there's one guy on here on this court British special talent. Go with. Just by looking at you can tell who it is the shoulder. Just feel exactly like you want a basketball player to beat bill earned a super skilled in his body is particularly just. He's like if you're trying to build a basketball player who you looked before I get it I'm not one of those sometime its popular to have these strong opinions let's. The guys at eight socks or I don't know exactly start I think that we've done. I hope they take sucks and I understand that there's a scenario where. You look up in three years ago or why did you ever question the aggregate. I mean he was technically unlike anybody else and now here hit in the NBA being typically overwhelming what did you not see. Any was not an incredibly productive there's gonna do this equity. Credibly productive letters on. I guess I would say that go back over the incredibly productive at duke. And in some weight even more so productive and certainly a better team and certainly for a better week. But. There are some type horse people say. You know if this guy over this guy. And there's you know there's no way that it could be any other way. I'm telling you I don't exactly over eight. But I understand why somebody else what to move over over back. And I think it's also important though for these conversations go on the day at the lottery in advance of the draft. Every single year. And then Donovan Mitchell happened. That we don't know. But if we don't know what we're talking about where or making good educated guesses based on observation. By a if anybody thought Jason Tait it was kicked all of this last year. The picture for a network quite kept up. Marco. In other would have just taken I mean they're you know they were their favorite winter. But what I think it's just incredible time. You know everybody thought part of it looked out of the Mitchell literally anybody in the leak at mountain top by to take him. Nobody know people might go a guess and some people are better guessing and others didn't change seems to be best that our bishop has not. Pull through this stuff and that's simple. And so that's why her album to be myself some wiggle room because. Literally every draft there's going to be somebody who are asserting who looked like a ball as somebody who look like adjust to whatever guys. Turkoglu something special but haven't ever hear that it'll happen this year as well. Last question totally related to this it is barbecue fast week she viewed you would you have you ever been on a team you go to did you do you join teams do go down there and then here's the other thing. I know you have this weird thing about eight million fingers or whatever food you eat. Like where you'll want ribs and and and barbecue and barbecue sandwich isn't your lucky I never heard. I don't we just cannot Turkey. I never never know where you stand on ribs and Barbeque. I Labarca low risk might find my what you're saying is that I can't put my hands in the morning. I can do it now so like if I have a plate of bacon in the morning REI agent with a sport. I cannot touch. Like chips and beer in the morning America to work normally. Eating chips at the morning but I can't touch back now at light I can touch all of but like idiot who ripped the morning I can't touch them. There would add new content lenses change. It's not like it except a time it's just fielded and what are your card all right okay go touched Oprah. I can't I can Bechtel child. You know biscuits I I I really struggle like yeah. Of the rare times about how. Like good morning like ever so we could call it really get partners. But it's difficult for baker I don't know what to eat like at the McDonald's like well like I don't go with a burrito wrapped it could protection appeals ledge. Luke I actually like sort of still have a lot of it wrapped. I'd feel like ribs you're like grabs you'll likely here as long as afternoon and burn faster given on a team. Our honorary member vote or what she's told put a year's slight you know people just like that and the yeah I can assure Beckett all the past.