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Wednesday, May 16th

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Oh on the time as a cloudy overcast. Wednesday afternoon barbecue says it is here. So if you're one of the many teams out on some lead cars on the Mississippi River appreciates the two men. Hope you guys are enjoying friends and family night we will be out there tomorrow and Friday amateur is tense. And bouncing around. What are my favorite things about the Memphis. Summertime yes. We'll championship barbecue cook off. As their friend Montana things like. So what do people do like they do is roll out their barbecue Kos out there might get to a more details about there not more so Lawrence get and then just thrown out the old Weber. Get them back McCain's burden put on a slapper ads on there but. That's what makes it's special. What was that special on boards in LA last night oil as the feeling a lot of people had after. That envelope with the fourth pick was revealed in the grizzlies logo popped out. And hence that is where the grizzlies will be taking in this year's NBA draft come June we will dive head first into that obviously. And a whole lot more. I would like to thank Gary Parrish for absolutely. Saying everything in the last segment with Jason and Jon that I was prepared to say. All long hike literally dynamite. Did stops like please at any point please stop. What you're saying because it's just gonna sound like I'm quite literally record what you said in verbatim routed here. Because we're were on the exact same page but outside anyway. As you hear from from me now from Gary but I am 100% in agreement with a lot of things he said severe that Jason John you don't hear it. Again for me here momentarily each and every Monday through Friday it is very sad I was very station reading Aircastle I showed originates at the place like on radio complex. Where's mccombs studios by the freeway doses Sunbelt rentals studio Sunbelt rentals a job bigger small Sunbelt rentals has equipment for the ball. 1800 no sweat 1800 no sweat. In the 10% off your first equipment rental when you mention this program. We follow militant wing always follow Jeff Hawkins we immediately followed Jason and Jon. Who had signings delivered them you know I didn't I didn't play delicious meal from Fleming's from time to time. I enjoy Fleming's happy hour menu sitting at the bar great allied nation manual along with. The delicious food that they have available on happy hour in their full menu as well Fleming's is a a fine establishment I used to love. When Fleming's would cater our flights they for a maneuver catering the grizzlies flights yeah. As a really weird deal to have to I get that done and it's it's really hard. For restaurants to keep the quality when he cater for a flight like yes this on the Kazaa yes it was three look it we have to pre cook it. And you have to bring it pre cooked and and they have to cook it again in the book a flight so like it's it's always that it's a dice -- And and grizzlies hired a personal space figured it's easier to have a personal chef cook and all numbering and himself fit come out and self. But. Jason John of delicious bombings launched at them. And we gets ready for the Gary Parrish experienced mass start will be Entergy PGP still down. Living the life of luxury in Florida what I think it's the and letting teeing Atlantic ten or something here is yet. So to south. Right they're coming up on today's program has always on Wednesdays. The 3 o'clock our dominated by guest bill better from the sporting news and join us at 33 point five catapult from ESPN talking draft. Talking NBA playoffs we are going to tot draft with you will take your phone calls so get ready to 25 we will open up the phone lines already an output three on the board will discuss last night's. Boston victory in what that means for Cleveland there's also a new thing going around he. Around the Internet which. DeVon seemingly. Seemingly tested me on it and it was weird. Because I heard both. The first time I heard I heard someone they announcing Saturday and then subsequently every Hamas and battered the other that's weird and the first I heard I heard what you heard your second time and subsequently led to make the next ninety dungy played it back there. I heard Sam thanks so. Will be that it's of bizarre deal I don't know how that works I think someone's just go from what everybody. Getting everybody to play this and there's like somewhere laughing out loud. And everybody's. Stupidity so that is that is the rundown you can tweet us at Aircastle sign at DeVon underscore walker to. DeVon underscore what Johnny filers had 12100 so we got over 2000 yes. Yes I bet you people you know albeit a couple balls we close I can hold on to. Did you have over a thousand after the show yesterday you ordered as a show were all very luckily got 1000 yet so that was the goal to get to a thousand foot in the show also keep sending those viral tweets and it's getting. Your followers like you're our right Alice in Europe around 4047. Under and you want that little blue checked our Abu Czech partner and I was like that was like my I think I mean I think it probably edited so I'm isolate that because somewhere along the lines my phone number has been sold. I just got a bizarre phone call and this lady has called me like seventeen times. And left messages I ABC's so and so I am just inquiring if you have any property one Osama yet as I call random people that I don't know. And up front I really was tempted when she said that to be like yeah actually I'll sell my house in the condominium around downtown and I ran out just have so much sense but now. Here's the cost. Okay thank you by that's what I would have loved it and houses but I his Saturday plan as I know I don't know anyone so you have got your message is not interested thank you don't you don't it on again. I I was on I go to bed. I get about eight instead like my dad when he was living thought it was the most funny guy ever but when someone would call back and when people actually had telephones and their homes. And home owners home phones here and there's actually think of the phone book here. And people would like call people out of the phone book. And I did people in have cellphones we didn't have caller ID there so the falloff and what night. And dinner and my dad picks up the phone has Carl. And a person goes I is April there and he goes no wise is September and hung out. And how much you learn. A poll here just and he he waited till caddie made fun I don't know because it's not fun to the first made mistake. It's like to guided text me at it like sent me a FaceBook direct message stone texting on your full motor drive and only right now S stop it can be bumpy that got Bianca yeah. Almost think there silent my dad Michael. Bloom is Mike is such an eligible neither man hi I'm Tony right now my dad. Wasn't bizarre about fun my step mom was she waited till 1990. This and this is why we got an answer machine. 1990. We opened a 99 we now have an answering machine I got my own fault line in my room before though back house. Had answered which in my similar do call back. I literally had a chance to be an extra in the movie made in America with. It dance and Whoopi Goldberg a body and mind you the person casting the extra and it was the graduation scene and like you watch his graduation Siemens will Smith and might. To a my buddies are like right behind Dave played great Arafat. At that time like making a 150 bucks a day it was a big deals 1990 period 150 bucks a lot of money here. 150 bucks today it be there all day. But literally you're just standing around in a movie set buff Fay which is like going to the greatest line of food you've ever seen in your life right here. And they and they basically put on a capping Galveston like for shots like two hours and dated for four days in a 600 dollars. And I was not home when he first called and we did have an answer each and he just I had elect. I had X I was gonna leaving a message but I had to call them back and my step mom was at home at the time it just didn't answer the phone. And I just like you don't you know we please get an answer MG announced government can enhance and and the message had some really I don't. We're not here right now if you have a message deleted by cyclone that's welcoming. Before we are going in the call back today younger. I cannot be like mine my step mom. But that's I digress. Let's just get it it obviously. We know the big topic of the day the NBA draft lottery occurred last night and the grizzlies ended up with a fourth overall pick for the fourth consecutive year. The team with the worst record. Got the number one overall pick that's of Phoenix Suns. The team with the third worst record the Atlanta Hawks. Now the third pick in the Sacramento Kings who. Had a better roster of young talent than some other teams and a pretty decent coaching staff as we know. I'm jumped up and got. That's not obviously what you want and I. As a company employee. I can reject the notion. That the front offices stoked about getting the number four pick they're excited to be able to add a young player and I'd get that and they put on a good face. But there's no possible way consolidate your more excited about getting number four when you are about getting number it's just impossible or two or even three. You're happy day you have an opportunity to pick somebody that you like and you're not picking fifth but that's what you were an if you truly are excited is as Gary said. And so little puzzled chicken bleaker if if if you you know if you don't wanna step up and put yourself in the cross hairs by making a selection. I don't know that this is the shop for you this is what it's about and you have. Have to take your chances and they have they've rolled the dice and some of them cracked out others have worked out beautifully they rolled the dice on Zach Randolph and worked out beautifully they rolled the dice on. Trading pal his own name and bringing Marc Gasol over they asked Powell about bringing him over after acquiring his rights. And Powell said he's ready to roll the dice there they got. Those were aces so was Tony Allen in rolled the dice and other guys and it didn't work and right now obviously people are. A little on edge about. The front office because of the lack of production from recent first round picks IE Jordan Adams due to injury wade Baldwin. Due date attitude and perceived. I wanna say a word I don't talk to Syria arrogance yeah yeah attitude air Hanson and you know love perceived. Basically. What he thought his game was in what he should be and what it really wasn't and the frustration level he subside from the let's I don't think that weighed Baldwin's not an NBA caliber player he years but he's got to learn how to play. NBA baskets and it just didn't click and it wasn't made the right system formed whatever it may be but it didn't work. Gerard Martin was going to be another first round pick it did not work but. Eight seemingly because we had heard he was party told hey look you are going to be the guy it's released. But well let's stay in training camp we'll give you a good look so other teams some might wanna be able to pick you up. Instead he played so well they've. Retain a spot on the team yet. So there's all that that negative that negative feeling and frustration towards a front office that. Paris. Really not in a lot of home runs lately with the draft but they did with Dylan Brooks seemingly. Getting. Get the best possible player they could when they swapped picks. To get into that. You don't. Top half of the second round when they went to the towards the top of the second round. That Ivan Rapp who looked very good I think what they did there was brilliant they had 32 round picks in eighteen and they had 32 round picks. In nineteen and you don't need 32 round picks in back to back years so you package a couple of them. And you get into the second round and 2017 and two guys they got. We're capable of it. But it immediately launch this and I swear I'm not line you know if I read one more moron. That tweets out. You think it'd take now I'm gonna puke because you're an idiot. And it's just sickening. How people have. Literally. No grasp on what they're talking about. But yet. A keyboard or your phone. And a social media platform. And you just like the fire these bombs and it is especially when it comes from people outside the market. Let me ask you people that think that this question right off the bat there what did you want him to do exactly Mike Conley went down. In November in fact. I can tell you that date if I'm that was against November 13. In Milwaukee. They lose to the box. I am in the back. Hallway between the coach's office in the locker room and Mike walks out of David fizz Dale's office on the road. And basically tells me they're shutting me down and I looked at night and down I said well that was months. Because I knew the complications that would arise from Mike Conley being sat down. They went into this season trying to win. They started with their best start in franchise history an old by the way became like the first team in fifty years. To beat. Two teams. It had 56 or more wins in the Western Conference finals are now yeah that had 56 or more wins in the previous season. In the first four games and and they beat Houston twice. And then you. Took the injury bug again. And I get a look. Everybody is at wolf they did not do this city that all right cool let's. We re examine what you're talking about they didn't have to you shut Marcus all down on the second matter back to backs. Okay when did that occur. When they were already pretty much not been mathematically eliminated but clearly out of the playoff picture exact right. Coated traded Tyreke he didn't have to like. Take him out of lay it low light up for a week before the trade yeah I actually did if you're gonna try to trade him like everybody thought you should. Because he was on a one year deal you had to keep him healthy if he goes out and turns an ankle you have nothing. It's turned out they had nothing because they held out for a deal that they didn't get and the trade deadline came and went you still had Tyreke Evans. And subsequently later on. It's down anyway yeah I didn't agree with that nor would I ever. Have agreed with the notion that. You're going to get a first round pick for Tyreke Evans about maybe eight highly protected first round pick here. But not I'm not likely longer again because it's too valuable pick the people who is just too valuable. Because of the way salaries are structured it's becoming a younger man's game. In that one outlet a schism and wants salaries they can allow them to sign the big name players were put on other younger talented players on their days of the veterans. And a hang on and hang on collect paychecks are kind of grow and slam and I. So with that notion in their old people that think we tank. What else would you have done. You have incredible inexperience at the most important position in your game. Or you have a guy coming off of not playing. NBA basketball for eighteen months that's the point guard positions they didn't have a lot of depth there. You have a roster littered with second round picks an undrafted guys in fact the grizzlies became the first team in almost a decade. To play in a game without a single first round draft pick seeing the floor. Let me repeat that they played an entire NBA basketball and Tony racing entry in the 20s1718. Season. And literally not one person that played that game that laced up a pair of sneakers for the grizzlies and saw action in the game was a first round pick. That hasn't happened in a decade. And that wasn't. By choice if that was where their roster was him. They have signed a guy. It'd been a first round pick out of Sacramento on the a lot of people are excited about he didn't work out the way they wanted it sealed in this first year. They signed another guy gave them a low money deal because he had that injury problems. He had been a former rookie of the year and he played terrific and when he was healthy. And that's second unit was healthy. And you add a second unit of Chalmers Evans Parsons. And Brandan Wright this league. They were killed one and but guys got hurt. And Chandler still battling that knee problem and you wanna knock him for that that's fine. That Timmy is not tanking tanking is taking your best players. And saying hey look. It's game six feet you're done here. You're done. Sit down and we're just gonna word is gonna ride this out there you had to figure out what happened so if you wanna disagree with me and say old a tank was still window. Because how can you justify starting this guy this guy this guy on that that we can debate that all day long. But for then those of you that say oh how the tank work now you picked fourth it perfectly and number one day. You just dropped two spots. And for those of you that think taking a stupid. The last four years the team with the worst record in the league has gotten one DeVon walker. Done number one overall pick. So actually. It does work. Somebody just beats you by a gay had been doing it is an it was a game that you beat them in Memphis they changed that complexion move. No NBA player also ever goes out and tries to lose no he just may not have the horses to run operational by the way. Of all the teams that work quote unquote tanking. All when you have seven teams that are in that category. They're all picking top seven right now by the way. They all have to play each other they're going to find wins. Phoenix committed to youth. Trying to see what they have who can stick. Who can't. The grizzlies trying to find out what young players need to be here when they do get healthy. They can help them try to get back to where they wanna be which is contending for playoff position which honestly. I think may still be a year away because of how good the west is. And because of the fact that instead of picking first or second you're now taking fourth but maybe hopefully I'm wrong. The Atlanta Hawks literally traded away all of their best players from. Literally traded away all of their best players or let them walk and said we are going with young guys we are going to see. What John Scott the hundred Embry CNN Schroeder she's and the light skinned you. What we played emanate preceding image Georgia Tech they're new PR director said. It is going to be a very very long year for us and we know you're the world K with that were breaking it down I'm going to build it back up in a different model perfect. They knew that. Dallas. Hanging on Dirk Nowitzki letting him ride through it trying to break it down build it back up as well. Pickens at. Orlando was the one they kind of perplexed me. Because I couldn't figure out why it didn't work they seemingly had a nice mix of talent they had a good coaches Frank Vogel but it didn't work. It didn't work. So all these people inner city taking doesn't work yes it does. It works beautifully and it works perfectly it's not a perfect system. And when I say perfectly it works for exactly what you wanted to do but if you're gonna tell me that picking fourth and be in status picking second means that thinking didn't work. OK so he should want eight more games and picked. Ninth exactly and which puzzles listen would you rather like senator ninth let's batter because in the top five I think there are still players it can be a game changer or. And the 111213. Spots tenth eleventh while thirteen spots you're getting a guy. Maybe you get lucky and get a game changer more than likely you're just getting a rotation guy more than like you're getting a guy that's a rotation guy he can regard. But doesn't have the potential the other guys because if he did yes very get fat liar liar on ponds your top five top six top seven before eleventh or twelfth there. So it is what it is and it was just funny to me here that. And here guys go all looted that looted military court for that he doesn't. Those people are just so they rue -- bother me it's so amazing. How everybody concern expert once it's all said and done. The simple fact of the matter is this. They had an awful sees him they lost their point arc. They are in the most competitive. Western Conference we have seen. In a very long time I yes there have been years re needed fifty wins and Western Conference to get into the playoffs. But the ninth and tenth and eleventh teams. Weren't really threatening that so it was really an eighteen race this year it was a 91011. Team race to get into the post season. An old by the way the lakers got better and all by the way Denver was not and right on that door came right down to the wire a 46 win team. The generally do not get at 46 months. QB brownies the sales on his coach target numbers always 44 generally every year 44 wins will get to into the postseason this year out this year and not this year. It was. One of those things that happens in the NBA especially in a very competitive Western Conference when you lose your catalyst. Your engine big guy that drives your team it's very hard to stay afloat. I get it. I'm actually angry at those people I just think it's silly. I think it's shortsighted. I think it's one of those OC I told you so why didn't you tell me anything fact you're still wrong about it. We've gone through this as Gary said we've talked through this multiple times. You see what you have. You don't go out and lay down and let the team beats you a 180 than nothing you let your young guys play and take their lumps you know tank once upon a time. The 1990 Atlanta Braves Johnny tanked. It took a bunch of young pitchers by the names of John Smoltz Tom Glavine and Steve Avery and sent them out and they got their brains beaten and seven and 174. Point eight ERA. All of them like losing records on a double digit side in what they came rounded the next year after they learned how to get Major League hitters out. And learned the hard way wholesalers or aren't they won the western division of the western division once the World Series loss to Minnesota Twins in 1991. They went from worst to first because they went developed young talent. If that's tanking. Then I honestly have no idea. What developing young players as your says that's not tanking sometimes you have to see who is capable of playing on your team and who is not. Yeah positives you take a step back to move forward now. And his team desperately needs young talent so now you're going to get it. And even if they take. Jared Jackson or Marvin Bagley falls to them we all assume that you Henrique and look at Don sits are gonna go 12 but stranger things have happened. If they roll the dice and it's Michael Porter so be it. So be it but there's no way you can't tell you can tell me. That what happened this year was just a colossal. Mistake for how they handled it. Is I don't believe that. I think they had to see the guys. That are capable of staying with them I think they had to get them game experience and I think they had to put some guys basically on blast and say here's your chance. Some of them responded some of them did Woolsey. You give me your thoughts next 53537765353776. Are you disappointed in the fourth pick with the fourth pick who would be your selection. And please. I'm just gonna ask all of you this stop sending me tweets about can we trade the fourth pick to the Celtics for Jalen brown. The Pentagon. The answers now. I'd get somebody hey is there anyway we can buy package out. Before this is not an easy on major Davis and send them to Boston there and I'll give us Jalen brown Smart to get people now. There's no way you can do that why not. Because they love Jalen brown exactly. And the reasons why they love Jalen brown or everything you saw last night in the playoff game he blew right past LeBron James at one point I was standing still he attacked the rim is three point shooting is better. And only can't traded for Jason Tatum thinks they know they can't trade him for Terry euros a year and no we can't trade him for any of their young talent it's not gonna happen. Couldn't possibly make us a deal with the fourth pick included that's possible but she better get a good deal. The funny won't funnies what are her was to repackaged or the pick Chandler Parsons and Dionte for a while and as far as possible. Are there or go all personal look crazy here if you. You do that you better have ironclad guarantee. They've coli wondered is going to resigning with your franchise if he's not vineyard is doing it for a year that's just a huge gamble where you just gave way. Potentially young player here's the thing. We say this about. If it were me I'll be honest with badly policy got to pick your notes who has about it I don't know they. If he does you gotta take if it were me. I'd roll the dice aren't everything I have heard about Michael Porter junior is that if the back is right. This guy was was going to be a top three pick top two pick topped one pick whatever. But you better get the information on his back and if there is any question whatsoever as Gary said these young guy probably no thanks. And maybe you did it go Jerry Jackson and you have to wait a year. Or a year and a half but if you have to wait a year year and a half for Janet Jackson Tennessee might have to wait a year for Michael Porter junior. Cool a lady if Michael Porter junior because you know who did that a couple years ago. The Philadelphia 76ers. And it said it's a commander way against our senate taken. Jabari Parker in Milwaukee don't think that Minnesota or Milwaukee would love to have joy on beat and they're starting lineup right now through satellite even though it took him two years to get there. We'll talk about a 53537765353776. We'll take your phone calls that's nice and out of MES and office. Mets finished celebrating all month and enjoying everything that makes this city special we just welcome the whole world in our backyard cookout but now it's time for us to guerrilla implement the so original so we're kicking off grilling season. Wood Memorial Day weekend this is Gary Parrish. Telling you nothing sets you up to the perfect party like a fresh. Can't cut state. 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Name is Joey bad at your. I didn't name the last two as is our money songs. That's an old. It's a blow plays out yourself yeah that's. So dad says Chris says is why don't anyone and I aids united side about Ron's Hillary sweeter the attitude towards its implement these machines and Ron's not employed by the team. And so Ron can and chairs opinion how are you want because Ron kids weed out last night I. Odds in the tank grounds. And Memphis great blockers to block things aren't watching us are hardly talk magazine I'm here at the time. That's fine. I don't beavers rough idea Alaron sign it bronze entitled to his opinion I don't agree with his opinion one bit. Again and again I don't think date to meet tell me where it is tanking to see which are young players are doing tell me what they should have done differently. And what they did. I'm OK they donated played Brandon played Brandan Wright more if you aren't letting him go he was unhappy. No one likes a losing. You want to. San Marcus all out there every single night and risk of injury when you're so far of the playoffs doesn't matter give and I think. We're told picked. NN he didn't see it that many games that's. You took Tyreke Evans out for a week a week before hand because you thought you're gonna make a deal before the trade deadline and the when you didn't you Brownback. And am I got down two or later. More than likely that conversation went like this. Hey. What are you wanna do well I've pretty much on everything I can show this year. There's really not much more benefits for me going out there and why risk getting injured when I'm gonna go into a lucrative offseason so. Uncle is where we're at affectionate Clark. Let me see what I have in my hands. And it's an as far as Ron's attitude towards him run again not employed by the team. Employed by a newspaper to cover the team he is the beat writer. Please find a phased in of like it has been I don't claim beat writers and I've seen over my years that are way harsher on teams that Iran is on the risks. So I don't people get really fired up about that and that's fine. Ressa tells says is that doubtful in college basketball that terrible or as it makes that big of a difference in the first the fourth pick for the grizzlies I don't know that it's. That terrible I just think that there are. The number one number you guys I think a lot of people think Dion greatness going to be a really. Good player for many years to come possible multiple time all star they think will get down sage is going to be. A really really good player they're all very young as well people think Marvin Bagley could be a really good player just as defensive liabilities. And then you get into is chaired Jackson going to develop he's much better defense lead him badly but not as skilled offensively. But it was just one year and he's also very young. I think porter's gonna be very good I think they're gonna be guys that are picked in the fifth 67 friends that are going to be go. I think summit seven could you know possibly get. It's very young or you know when dale Carter and they could be a guided that. Really could help the franchise will say we shall see you talk about the fact that you emphasize the word it instead of be would you say so be it. It's a day below. He's just added it is it's a thoughts on under is number of foreign Ben Macklin parts of the jazz number eight Rodney hood out riding hoods free agent. So I don't think you you do bouncing clean and as a big fan of is maybe a fresh start doesn't get in the money year's lineup well I think as. My like the one year left on IBM's cheaper contract is that Iran has I'm pretty sure Rodney hood. Is that going to be a free agent at the end of this I am pretty sure imbalances so I will double check that but we will look at a let's get the phone my size they've had 3776. 5353776. Are you angry about the four are you cool at the floor and at four who would you like to see them go with. Gilbert your first up what's up killer. And are they true I'm not surprised in Vietnam for the united in wishing NBA. Draft lottery assist in the kitchen with the although those may just blows lead in this country that is ridiculous and yet the number two best chance of being the number to create. And he flattens a lot of government could be years ago you were I think that you might go database. I think that you will be down weed their world Vietnam War the grizzlies are big bowl site. It looked like the worst part was given the market basically all of another war that it. It's not a worse than now that now the worse than they had like a 5% chance or precision and I got a job all weekend absolutely you hope it's good to listen a lot of courage. Why is crazy and Allen's daylight just ended so putting that I'll tell you exact. Beat out say exactly why. It it it's because. Back in the day if you wanna talk about tanking there was a year where Hakeem Olajuwon was the clear cut number one pick coming out of the university Houston. And it was it was a no brainer it was a lot you want and that was it right. Area and Ralph Sampson was a year before and teams just the date they basically tanked so what are they tried to do was keep the integrity in the game by saying hey look. If you lose this many games are not even guaranteed doce or you're better off just trying to get better. But even so teams understand that I lowly at least have a better chance. You know of of getting there if we play you either thing in the NBA is this. And Jerry Sloan said this once that uses line on the show many many times he said throughout issue you can't win the Kentucky Derby riding a jackass. You're not gonna take a donkey out into a thoroughbred race and when you're just not any in the NBA you need talent to run on the race if you don't have the talent. You got much young guys you got to figure out what you're going to do with them like Phoenix did this year. All right so let's play Devin Booker and dragon Bender and Josh Jackson and Alex land and all of these first round picks we've accumulated. And see what they can do and when they can't win games because there is something to it and it's the most bizarre thing I've ever heard is it sounded so stupid of me for so long. You have to learn how to win in the NBA. Yeah I mean yeah you have to learn how to win in the NBA and it's like. Why should you have to learn how to win a basketball game because they're just moments of games where young players make critical mistakes were veteran players don't. And if you don't have a team that you can attractive free agency when you're building it was young guys. It takes time there was a reason why the LA clippers for year after year after year after year. Were just hot garbage even the fact that they had multiple first round picks they missed on first round picks it wasn't until. They were able to make that trade to get Chris Paul that brought them all together you need to write bits and even in today's position as basketball so. Went to what you said about the draft. Because here's a thing in the other sports in baseball. There's nine positions and you know but I essentially there's multiple positions and there's multiple rounds of the draft you can take a guy in the sixtieth around and he might make it to the hall of fame. Mike Piazza so you never know football you have two sides of the ball so really it doesn't behoove you one way or the other that a draft lottery system because. You couldn't you could be the fifth worst team in the NFL. And you can still get the exact guy you want because you need a linebacker in the first fourteen unity quarterbacks are offensive linemen so that's why it happens there hockey's gone to a draft lottery tuna. And there's a franchise type player now lottery this yourself. When it's a little bit different they only plan with a five position sport like based or like basketball or hockey six positions and hockey without goalie. It's different it's just a from the football baseball that what. Yes so you know I'm cool with the level portrait that is you know. I think that you wish you know that they do some tweaking would basically beside dying art Obama well look. I think Google didn't look Bob worsens enough we'll get the number two pretty well so those little local probable come out. I knew I told you. I a lot of able loves in my face killer all right violent Rodney battle riding hood is indeed a going to be a restricted free agent he's up for a qualifying offer from the tab so you couldn't make it trader must it was a sign and trade. For him and I think Ronnie wood's going to test the market to see what he can get. Let's get to Erich Erich you're next what's up. I think a big difference between what happened last season's patsy were received before that. Well as markets thought he was also received before that but the sheet and you feel good. But there and play his numbers go down as people would say that this may be because their age but I think it's just because the defense is kept out collapsing on him. And a thing that you keep in our four tick and get another guy can contribute and work with him and I think if they can get mark felt numbers back up I think they can be good. Well there are a part of that amount let's be honest about it part of that is he plays better when my comments on the floor. There's a reason tiger eyes. There's a reason there's the saying he makes guys around him bad of them done better Mike Conley and he's players around him better. He makes Marcus saw battered because you have to pay attention and I am not knocking Andrew Harrison or Mario Chalmers. But if I'm if I'm scheming defense on the opposite side against the grizzlies. And my comedies out there I'm not saying yet go under the stream take away the drive. And let him shoot from the outside he wants to chuck it let him jump and they'll they'll burn you for three. There's no way about that so you've got to figure out a way to fight through the screen or high you're gonna switch or how you're gonna rotate defensively when you don't have the same respect for the guy with the ball in his hands. 80% of the time it changes what the other guys on the floor capable of doing so. We'll see we'll see what a healthy Mike Conley could change looking like this and I think they will keep before picking up they keep the forfeit if they get a guy. That they can put the ball a bucket that to me is what you're looked you're looking for right now and that's through one of the reasons why would roll the dice probably. I'm Michael Porter but that's just me Keith thanks for the phone call appreciate about. The problem let's get. Do. So. They'll appear next lets up. What are very. Gone gone that the lead night. You don't want any one could say someone keep a more old school wanted you or I wanted us to dropped to floor. And the reason deals really just being honest I just really wanted to stay away from the could county and I don't like. I still like if you got did not want to eight is is already pretty must decide it for you. Dave you should probably be eighteen because that's who most people think is the best player all or even aid boy you can use it. So to trade bell. To you know a real floor is still get a good player amber and go bad but it for. He's more likely going to be up to table it so being. Between mart and basically and amok reported so you look at that delight. Barring sales is June. You know I think if Michael quarters or years probably going to be the most talented play in a draft and keep it. Would that created the need now which is the scoring at lady. Winning the seat able Michael Martin's. Obviously. I think that we landed in of this but we do something. Did we need and hopefully. It'll all work out will it will be able to draft. Quarter and and he will be ever. Serb contribute and be built. Amity of let's and I don't know that. What what way what did you just like what he does not on the item on the what are you don't. I would develop I had a who literally. Would love to see Michael Porter NA grizzlies Jersey I'm not anti Janet Jackson you know I think. He may take a year to develop these young guys get good defensive skills any rebounds the ball while I was impressed with them. But when you when I hear the words pure scorer at 610. Sign me up as long as his back clears it as long as there's not a doctor you're camping goes yellow I don't know that I would go down this path. And I'm not yeah I'm onboard with it I think you can absolutely choose between those two I think Bagley will be gone I think the consensus is right now and granite. A lot can happen in the next six weeks we are six weeks tomorrow from the NBA draft in six weeks. It could go from eight wins a slam dunk to go to Phoenix and be the anchor in the middle. To hey look they've got Luka downs this is coach serving national coach and they're gonna take him one and put him at the point when Devin Booker and Josh Jackson. And dragon Bender and I gonna play positions basketball and get it up and down lower as possible if that happens the honoree and goes number two if the artery Eitan. Is taken number one is down to go to Sacramento or do they go badly as they wanna score in the front court. Ask you. A little bit and mud mud stained might deign we're looking at all the prospects. About Pete they all are going to light in the pop out out for I think there all points should be. Contributing player that we knew would sit there when you look at the side in the steal Porter are distinct days. If if if everything gets paid out he build wind guy who can beat. So what started double muscles tight balance. I was eight and could be too I think I think there's a cup winner Phil I appreciate it got to study gets more and affords us the error thanks but Coco I'd have. Let's get to. Let's get to Thomas Thomas you're next what's up. Are you got married on. Doing great. I do really. Early data drifted need to be careful what resources but I like the report that I'm totally content within a particular note. But the Dodgers. We got married less floor they'll be gone or or the other you can. Michael ware junior or your rejection here when the Detroit but I think it's going to be Drake held. How come to the draft and I think. This did you do you regret to juggle your bad. I'm not saying I'm the bullpen did bad on this thing hopefully he'll absolutely considered a knows what to do. They're the kind of the former dirt and failed foreign protectors. Someone who can still. Someone's pocket when I'm not looking or some alert just can't really did you. And they stretched for our stance viable recruit someone can spread the floor. At. You have to really good source of food you know if you don't want a child with me the last thing. If I really enjoy you then you have a hand in fact call again you guys do a great job I enjoy your work. Thank you very much I appreciate that's not as they go about. It yet led if you can get it. Want they're gonna fill one of those roles for sure I mean eight. I don't know yes we need to rim protector of the game's changed real protection right now certainly helps on dribble drives here but when he had teams chalk up forty threes tonight in a it's more like how can you cover the perimeter walls are down to you guys can score it. Eddie gaskins scored keep up with that. Daniel your next what's out. Look what being allies about how well a lot of the last night umpire never allowed the Manitoba are becoming obsolete NBA. Like you know if you leave you can't complain because of the how odd number of other of the poll to let your body you pretty much an obsolete in product. And to me the trap is really you know about the ingredients and what you can do little later. Couldn't do it to me that look into your boy the provision of basketball that you have a dominant club player it's pretty much better. Can't match up you can't get another shot up and I have more way of comedy robotic heart and wouldn't let body guy apparently began the sit and they can't get the pain to win a Lugo doubled it even don't have a cohesive unit. I have to beat it lets you gonna Soledad it will spell out what market do we got to do pretty much picked my process will not even the best way and I believe that nobody got the folding the black. Yeah that that that's true got to listen you've got the four and the 32 and when those picks you have got to. Essentially. Find a way to YouTube app. Add players they can help your team you found two guys in the second round last year let's not sleep on that 32 pick there could be a lot of guys in there and you find a backup point guard. With more of an NBA style game and what you feel like you have right now or are you content with what he saw the development of Andrew Harrison towards the end of the season. They'll have to make that this decision if they wanna go a different or are different route. And get more again pace and space guys. There should be some guys down there you go with Saddam paid even chads or do you go with a grace and Allen if he's on the board they're there are guys that can flat out shoot the basketball. Down there I love. Javon Carter from West Virginia I think he's eased off. He defends and if you can give me that guy in the in the 32 bag I would have probable that either so it looked they're two players are gonna pull out of this they need to be contributors because you need to upgrade. Your overall talent on the roster. Bottom line so here's my thing about it as much I love Michael Porter reynolds' little bit of a project. If you honestly in that front office think there is a better player you take the guy out who fits the best that you think is going to be deep bass player I don't care he's the best player. October 1 I'm talking about that is going to be the best player over the next three to four years if you think Jerry Jackson for Jackson that. Man take M and ride with it if it doesn't happen then don't be surprise some people are gone for you to not be in that front office about anymore that's what it is business. Ha I if ever I look at look at Bob I have my I'm out there about a first round that was straight great glove didn't dominate it. A player there we won't say it's got the ball. Which are the loser whose roster would you rather have on those two teams whose roster would you rather have. Men aren't what I saying. I don't know he's not looking. I'm giving you two rosters you know the game of NBA basketball you look at these two rosters if you tell me you want Cleveland's roster I'll happily take Boston's. And I am going to win here's why I've got more depth. That was a forty point triple double on they lost by double digits because he's now aren't already doing hard until now aren't good they're not getting the same help you have to have balanced the things people forget about both Boston angles they are this you know are littered all over both of their rosters. Guys who can pass guys who can see the floor. And make the extra pass to other guys they don't care if they miss a shot is are gonna find open shots because they're great passers and they're willing passers in that. Is a big big deal that's a big deal I had run creek RI yeah I got it to one more side but I'll get the audition on. Let's get you was up all night. When police got slowed her own I is that right old Omar Omar Omar. What is quite seriously do you have waxing your ears over there. Legally yeah rock base its its US sponsorship with a Q tips and like get those suckers clean up all night yeah Omar track. I'm okay Craig itself yeah ON AL. OJR I ON AI Kenya's. It looked even listen into amigos like cranked up the tent too long I don't know Omar. I'm all right Matt how are you what that is or. They had a what I wanted to handle OK Didier. Yeah so ever ever have recruited for the fourth stage yeah Ivan Ivan left and right fielder coming out it all the anti tank used. And saying you know a year not a real fan if you ever root for your team to lose. And they they they can have this is evidence of that and I'm. I really don't think so you know you look at that scene now you look at this particular rationalization and they're full of young guys who knew people. They have they have filtered through the world where due process is. Any any great team ever. Has had to go through a process I. So. IE when you said he is that right there any great team has had to build it up. Let's let's take you Beckett who is the best team right now over the last five years in the NBA. Gholston or they enjoy that same process go look at how long they went on a playoff they won almost two decades of making the playoffs. One time and that was the years and eight seed they upset Dallas you know what they did they drafted they drafted they drafted they missed on some. But they hit on curry they hit on Thompson they missed on that day you don't but you know what they did they took a player that they had that they hit on in the second round Monta Ellis who had a good reputation. A first round pick in FK you know and I said all right Milwaukee will ship in these guys because we're gonna open it up to develop Thompson and curry and we may take our lumps this year. But they'll want to send Jason Richardson they traded him for opportunities to get other players as well they were willing to make those moves and then all of a sudden. Dream on green falls in their laps in the second round he fits in perfectly once David Lee gets hurt but they've gone out and gotten David Lee. And Allison there's David waiting on our right we just put this green CNN. And that was where the genius of Steve Kirk amen. They David you know I know you're the incumbent starter. But this kid's exactly what we need right now so you're gonna come off the bench and then next year will well movie somewhere we might be able to get more time they warn us. Oh yeah and well guys I wanted to do what they needed people to. They. If you like it had people are gonna go to this process yet especially we've actually continue to take on. When once we get a great hit a great group of young guys need you to have a bright future ahead of us we started looking whether the Celtics are we look forward to lawyers. Those people I don't want to hear that a lot of skin color. What is that thing I don't think it's a tank of on anyway I think they literally had to figure out. Which young guys could stay in which young guys could and that was the bottom line so that's laugh laugh when I hear that all that tag nonsense because what were you going to do. You weren't getting get guys to all the sudden just magically get healed and healthy. He's certainly are gonna push guys in the bad situations. When the script was written on this season you had to see what everybody has ended decades. Exactly and the other thing about sport right exactly that's per eight that's exactly Reggie rather a fourth is a thing about Boston what we have to remember. They fleeced Brooke what happens for a lot of first round picks. And they made a lot of trades but they they made the commitment to say look if we have an asset we can get a first round pick for multiple first round picks. We have to accept the fact that maybe we trade him a year before we really want to you but in the long run it's gonna benefit us a lot of teams are gonna start. Trying to do that but other teams are gonna be a little hazards and after what happened Brooklyn. Omar thanks and I appreciate it. Did you guys we ran way long so we're gonna take a double break here it goes out the are you gonna do its cash coat gonna come back in time to build better appreciate you guys. Hanging on the phone lines one fly guys as I want whatever number Daniel has to call and he has the bat phone. He spells regular old 3537 near Mayo is gazillion I think he's fellas get on speed down so many or somebody owns that click click. A zinger that I appreciate guess Colin listen. I have yet to really hear somebody else I mean I did hear one guys say it's a rigged it's a rigged again and why would you rig for Phoenix to go one in Sacramento the goats do. And Atlanta to go three those are not dal cal franchises if it was rigged. New York would be taking first. New York needs a guy right now because their guy Chris outsourcing is isn't walking through that door any time before January for that ballclub. And if he does he's not only the same. Unicorn he was right off the bat and probably not going to be the same unicorn he once was until next season the 20192020. C.s and cell. I have yet to hear people really complain about the floor the question as who goes there and what's. And at that position and in a really to be determined by the teams in front of you. So we'll know more when we hear rumblings and who's gonna do what and you know who knows maybe Phoenix goes. Into Atlanta answers say. Send us you know a future first round pick in twenty Swanee. And we'll swap picks this year and then we get it you know second next year and have a future first protected top three or top four whatever it may be. Who knows if that happens or not because maybe in the end. Phoenix looks at it says we really want Marvin Bagley anyway and we know we can get an a three and we know Atlanta would love to move up and and take the Andre perfect. They needed as well that's there's going to be a lot of banter and a lot of talk I don't know that the grizzlies have that kind of power with the fourth pick but. We shall see we get six weeks to to talk about it here all the should be the goal line should be a blast will take a break when we come back Red Sox with a great build better from the sporting his next. Patty united MES in the office. 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