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Tuesday, May 15th

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For a chance to an agreement of nineteen on ESPN Socrates and he's had and she were for the 2 o'clock hour is new in. EW Texas right now 72881. Reaching a sort of bring him into that yes you know I'm another 1 at 3 o'clock for your but until then text the word new in EW. Seven to 81 pertains murdering him mansion and used him good luck. Your voice hey. Then there. The time I did days. Very hot. Tuesday afternoon Don Imus may fifteenth. In about four hours. And fifteen minutes we won't know. Well the Memphis Grizzlies will be select its. 2018. NBA draft. The draft lottery is tonight. We'll be out about all around the town with the grizzlies. I'll tell you where you can wash. And I'll tell you where will be. Going to be an interesting next. Handful of hours. Fresh prince guys. And a very respected journalist in my opinion Chris Manning says. Can save itself right with the number one day right I don't know we needed saving. Play. Yes NB a lot of things have to hear. Shouldn't be allowed posted about us today by the grizzlies. So they made a rundown of team needs right in the in the trap water. Have kept us on NBA live within their lot it's a video game every Twitter account. And they the lottery and like teen niece for everybody you know the sun to the point guard says. Yeah bulls need there's a lot Paulson is scheduled cruises in the air and it doesn't me allow says the girls everything everything. Let's go. What ever. People tend to forget that Mike Conley isn't dead. Is it they she's hurt there are any any probably could have come back if there was a reason to push telling me love but now you look. And that's the thing Dave this is the nature of being in a small market. This is how quickly it goes away I'll get in this year momentarily because that I'd I saw this yesterday and again I heard what Chris Alexander. Herb saw what he posted an. We'll just we'll talk about it here momentarily I each of their money through Friday it at this time on the isn't it at his right thumb on his very station. We bring you the Aircastle sag show. Originates out of place on account radio complex the studios by the freeway the Sunbelt rentals studio setup rentals studios and a job bigger small somebody Runnels and equipment for the mall 1800 no sweat. 1800 no sweat. Yet 10% off your first equipment rental with a Sunbelt rentals when you mention it this program we follow. Goalie. And we don't we follow. Geoff Calkins we immediately followed Jason and Jon we get you ready for the gators experience said of the captain's chair Idaho's Aircastle that. Other SATA that's the voice you just heard the visual program the one and only two K king. DeVon walker are you. I'm fantastic I'm doing great I forgot to ask you do this that that message you sent yesterday in the direct message will be out with the if you could pull that up with Chris managed complaining wonder what's happening I would appreciate that. So we can get into this coming up on today show Elliot Perry is in Chicago is going to be on that. T. Staged today. Who's going to be in the back they Chris Wallace Chris Wallace is in the back so Chris Wallace will nobody will not have today. Phone two did to let anybody know what will happen this is how that works. And this is now it's an all go down sell. We will get into that and you know it's it's it's one of those days where you just have to sit and wait and yet to think about all things going on but Elliott will join us from there we're gonna ring and upload three stories on the board. There's a monster documentary coming for all of those of you that are not only it's ninety's old head and gave fans. The great dynasties Chicago Bulls. I will tell you about that Orszag about a big suspension. In Major League Baseball. And a little bit later on I'll get into some my draft lottery day members. I was out quite disparaged by the fact that Chris Harrington did not remember. That I was actually hosting the draft lottery party in both 20072009. That he attended in the one in 2007. He said this morning he thought he was the only one. Inside the flying saucer that when the Milwaukee Bucks card came up at six now realize that it was over. When in fact on the microphone for us out of heard me I said. It's over because everybody cheered as it guys it's over we're picking fourth here. And then five came up and make it happen rapid fire areas marginal sports message because the bucks at the third worst record they dropped three spots that man. The second worst record had a dropped three spots that meant the worst record had dropped respondent as well. Basically the 45 the fourth fifth and sixth worst teams for the teams that won the lottery that you're male jumped three spots ahead but. I don't expect to remember everything there's other guys on LeBron James and he also didn't remember that I was there hosting a Buffalo Wild Wings on poplar which is now a four time. The year they got the number two pick and jumped in and did not get Blake Griffin but then when I am and daddy asked him I doubt they all those memories. Coming up at 3 o'clock James server from CBS sports gonna join us. At 325. And then. We'll wrap it up with. The headlines and that will close it out for this Tuesday afternoon edition now. Let's get first things first out of the late and we've program at Aircastle side. At DeVon underscore locker. Too they're they're alive and duke seven underscore locker to how many followers Yuxi now word and not sixty. Although what I'm asking you people if you're not following Devin walker one why not because that's silly to. If you are not this he's a great follow because he doesn't post a lot and I like you Hillary does pose a lot of really good information things he finds diseases. Passing him and this is why I'd I'd wanted him as my producer of the program. We gotta get into a 1002. Before the end of the show I would like to see DeVon Walker's Twitter followers. At 8000 we have 960 that means forty of you out there listening right now. Through Twitter and to be able who just said you don't have forty people listening so good lung cancer. Cells and your Touche search out that the authorities said. Also of the data Sami texting apparently on my phone was driving inside so I took it took the time to send me a direct message that said stop texting and driving. I wasn't actually texting sir I was sending an email to a very important meeting just letting them know I was going to be ten minutes late or they occasionally. So we're gonna offer them. I don't like Downey the moral please go there like I for the most part really don't do it but I've gotten caught like literally twice this week doing some kids collecting only. One idea media would have rolled down his window and started like yelling at me and I'm disliked it who are you stop. When it honey I had just give it a neighbor is worth of free advice to go let's go. Nobody wants your steer it you're advice exactly. Literally keep yourself like I get it we shouldn't be texting and driving but I'd tell you can honestly tell me you've literally never done it never once done it. And don't say oh would never done it baloney. That's like the kid did studies never you know snuck up and about him by himself there. And said no I've never done that to yank out of underdogs he's a liar yes. And so are you if you say you never once in your life texted and driven or emailed and driven or answer a phone call without a Bluetooth don't lie. I see some of your callers could. You don't have Bluetooth in your car and you don't have a head piece on. IC people of cars would Bluetooth that I know they got an and a. Still I'm no longer. Know hey you know it's a great problem solver. Air parts. Of learning amazing how some to agree. Clark timeouts. When I got my air apology made fun of I didn't know what did not Elwood made funny for deer in the trash can. You asked me if they were any good in ice it we mean are they any good I had to dig into a trash castle park in street. To save that charging pot a million illegal but not on my no I didn't know that actually girls I wouldn't adult in America let's let's all of your. WW go to religion know that they were any good on Denver saw them I you know I I'd seen him around our our team and abides by the way they're fed they're were good investment in test date. Clean quality sound great phone calls. I really noticed him when I because I was such as they complain Marmara Seattle's stay now. Aside finisher goes through a like intense pregame work out there with them any easier in move in move. Never lost so I thought those are pretty good product anyway. Please get Devin to 1000 followers of where we're going with that I'd sell. That's the rundown here's where you can watch. Two nights festivities. With people from the command says the grizzlies I and that's camera more. Will be acts. Rail guard tonight rail garden tonight. We will be there are starting at. 6 o'clock I'll probably be their couple minutes after six terribly him all the heavy lifting and I'll be on an iPhone as well she's very very good as we are now on. Is said that microphone now I view if you are out east. You can. Head over to where. He Buffalo Wild Wings is. Addicts. Hacks cross and Winchester I've got to get the email up. For the rest of the locations as well you can also find it find them all on that grizzlies dot com there's one more locally where my forgetting. Are there going a local Lee. You listen cult we shooter. I wrestled there's one there's sports bars in Jackson. And there's a place in Nashville. As well so will get those notes here and we will go ahead and gives you. All the locations plays nationalism Jackson has three locally and I know that too that I brought not matter at real garden and add Buffalo Wild Wings on hacks and Winchester. I wanna say hey I'll look it up I'll get it up you could go again or either you'll look at liberal not react I've I'll get it but. Here's the thing yet the sound yes I do please play the sound. If you what do Chris Manning. X. The future of the net this franchise might be it state government this folks hate when I talk about this subject. But look they've got an owner that lives out of market they've got a team with a lease on an arena that gets a little bit weaker as we get the twenty twice and yes. We have the city of Seattle. I hope they're in the Pacific northwest that wants an NBA team back. You can't avoid that conversation so unless the grizzlies become relevant again and you'll way to do that to get a blue chip town they can build around. They could be in danger may be a (%expletive) Six years down the line of potentially losing that franchise so the stakes are high and in Memphis. I don't think that dad's is as baskets. By the way the third location is Maria's cantina. At Marie is cantina tonight even get AM Afrique so. For the first fifty tables were in grizzlies are hustled here. Bud and Bud Light buckets specials at rail Garten. And out Buffalo Wild Wings specials are unknown as of now doesn't start Buffalo Wild Wings BLJ. Remain arena is Emery is cantina myself and camera. Will be at Rio marry young and in Nashville tonight if you're listening. Via that it is at the mainstay in Nashville on main street so their there's a location. I have a lot of respect for Christmas I really do and I see where he's coming from what he's basically saying is hey look. This franchise's lease which allowed them to not be very good. For a stretch and really have zero threat of moving and allow them three build it. Gets weaker and weaker as we move forward what they can ill afford is to become what does happen to the Sacramento Kings as we all know the Sacramento Kings were. A stone's throw away from moving to Seattle. The league has talked about expansion here's what I know about that Seattle doesn't want eighteen to move there they want an expansion team. They want expansion team so they can get their name back they can get their records back. And the thunder can beat a thunder and the Supersonics can go back to being the Supersonics the problem was Seattle is there is no arena. They cannot revamp Key Arena enough. To make it a viable moneymaking venture or any team wants to move there or be placed there. That's just the bottom line but they continue to pour money into an antiquated outdated downtown Seattle arena. That won the day at the Sonics are playing there was hair there. And that terrible on the fact that you had bad sight lines terrible affected. They didn't have cool things like sweets and like. They had sweet spot light sweet levels in and clubs and places where you could really drive revenue up. With hired outlook every. Arena has concession stands and every arena has. In all areas you can go into that seem cool but the ones that have all the bells and whistles of the ones that make their teams more money this is the bottom line. The problem is thinking about a couple of other markets let's say Vegas for example. Vegas is riding high right now and hockey team that's in the Western Conference finals last night. Took a game on the road now comes home and if they win the next two games at home they are one win away from going the Stanley Cup finals in the first year of existence do you baby and you know what it's become. A hockey town if they are also going to get the raiders there within the next two years. And they will have to professional sports teams for eight market it's bigger than people realize but is still driven by the tourism dollar. It would be hard pressed to see if the NBA truly woodwork when hockey is going on as well do you have enough people that would be willing to buy a ticket to an NBA game there and again. Would Vegas just like their own team what they like somebody else's that's a problem that you're running into. So while I do agree with Chris maxis premise that the grizzlies really mean to have this one. Out of apartment and they do because the few times that they've had. A pick three or higher it is rarely worked out. I guess I'm a little sore when that Drew Gooden and we get even go through our area you really want to hear but I also don't think you're in dire straits because I do think you have enough. Of a base where you can. Be exciting again very very quickly. Even if it takes two or three years to get out of some contracts to re load with younger players and hopefully get some guys. In the places you need them. Well what does that require. It requires one getting the right pick this year and if you don't make the playoffs getting the right pick next year for every you're taking if it's not trade if it's not given way to Boston. In that trade that sent them. A protected picked if so if you're inside a date I think you keep it in your outside of a social content for the playoffs and don't get there. Chris that the bears got right or you're or if you get to the playoffs the picked on that's fine. You also need some of the young guys that have not shown that development you would like to either showed about when you like her find a way to get something for them. Dionte Davis players like that they need to step up and take their games to another level he needy young players that have showed you something to continue to improve Dylan Brooks garden route. Players along those lines you've got to get. A better base of talent they cannot solely be a bunch of second round draft picks and undrafted free agents. The grizzlies roster was littered with. That's fine because it worked for a while. But now you've hit that wall and now you've either got to break through that wall. And reload was some more talent and may take a year to duke but that means you have to use your first round picks and high second round picks. Very wisely. And it means you have to manage your money. Very wisely as well meaning you can't just throw money at someone because you think. That's the only guy we can really get let's overpay him and let's make sure her take some let's take a risk on a guy with some injury history I Eli Chandler Parsons. I don't have a problem taking risks but when they don't pan out. When you Bristol lot you know it's like dabble around yeah. Small markets when they have had incredible runs and then fall off. Immediately go into the they're in panic mode. Status amongst the national media why. Because for a time Sacramento Kings for the hottest team in the league for a time the Utah Jazz one of the most storied franchises of the late eighties and all through the nineties once to NBA finals. And had arguably the greatest point guard power forward combination running the pick and roll in the history of the game. To the point where the point guard is the all time leader. In assists in the NBA and the power forward is the second all time leading scorer in NBA history. They ran a clinic for years and Salt Lake City with the mailman and John Stockton. But they also filled the pieces around them. When those guys left they had one good run with Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer. But Deron Williams forced Jerry Sloan to really think about whether or not he really wanted to coach today's player anymore Carlos Boozer went elsewhere before he knew it jazz were not good anymore. And they had to go back in do it through the draft so they traded Deron Williams they acquire draft picks and they gave up on a star. Before it was clearly time to do it and they pulled the trigger. Believe it or not it's similar in Boston but there are big markets we always think you can sign somebody there but they jettison their aging stars. At the right time to get traffic's when they still had something to give eighteen and they still had some trade value have to be willing to do that. But the reason small markets get forgotten is because. Utah all the sudden it was off the NBA radar they're not assign a big name free agent. Sacramento all the sudden off the NBA radar they're not gonna sign a big time free agent. Teams that are in those market sizes tend to when they fall off have a very difficult time signing impact players in free agency. Teams like the knicks teams like the lakers teams like the clippers don't necessarily have a hard time doing that when they are out of relevancy because of where their located. The teams outside those areas. They do you have to be relevant you have to have a culture of winning so I get the notion of what he's saying. If you don't get it out of the hole out of the park with a home run you can't go get. Top tier talent if you're in that market size. So whereas I don't agree with Chris managed emitted in dire straits may need their number one pick to save the franchise. I do agree with the notion that they got to hit on this back. They've got to make this pick work for them. As best as possible it may not even be a guy it's a perennial all star but if by chance of UN doubled the fourth pick. And you are less selecting between. Marvin Bagley. Or. Michael Porter junior or Jerry Jackson junior one of those 31 of them would obviously be god let's say back at least not. You're selecting between Michael Porter junior and Jerry Jackson junior you better get it right here. If you've got three and Aikman doesn't drop the boarding got Bagley Porter. And the other the rest of the cast characters you better get it right if you get to and the decisions made for you of Dodgers goes one or eight and goes one. You better hope that the guys to go three and four are better than he had he goes number two. If you go one you've got to really get it right. So think about it for yourself would you rather them have the decision made for them or would you rather them make that decision you can tweet that answered to me. At Aircastle. Or act Devin underscore locker. We'll give you some more draft. Lottery memories and we'll run through what the grizzlies draft history as bad as everybody else has been doing but the top tier has not been kind of the grizzlies at times they've moved up. It is actually backfired on them a lot of people point you may remember I hear you moved up and got number two you're the sixth worst record only. And you took faith she used to be. Due to Venice expect that your somebody would remove daddy and you know seven that. It probably would've gotten staff carried. Home. Bad memories. To tough pill to swallow puts behind this man that again here's the other thing I say that. If my aunt had a package should be my uncle and she'd be standing out there you can talk about ifs all you want the bottom line is. You have to put all that stuff behind you start tonight negative. Connotation to it has to be put behind it as well. You wipe the slate clean yes I know the history yes I know people saying or why do we even want to draft pick we screwed up every year you have to go win. With blind faith to be honest skepticism is okay but truthfully blind faith has where he should be act. And it it backfires. That would probably either the the final straw that breaks the camel's back when you talk about some restructuring of some positions up in the front office they know that as well. Will socked Elliot Perry and sixties in Chicago he's gonna represent the grizzlies are on the stage we'll find out how he's doing out there and shut down next 99 and ME SMS. Messaging data rich and apply please do not just to drive insurance to buy troubled corporate banking and written by national union fire insurance company of Pittsburgh PA for a complete description of the coverage limitations and exclusions troubled or dot com this episode describe actual events misused for illustrative purposes only. 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Loan related to even know if there's at all you just how very extensive collection of minds my he had he had a collection of music where people and act until it. That's duke it out a lot of the zoo but I have this. Through with its classes. You might like. Listless the other when I got and that that I really like. And I and I and I wanna make sure I get at CS title right breeze through. This. All. I 100 intense street they're heard them yet another across across on ancestry Bobby Womack. My notify your point them yeah you. It was as guardians and Alonzo Lewis delivers is that quality stuff. Signs. Yeah. Game. Tonight. The man who will be on stage tonight. In Chicago who went to Giordano was last night and as a fact in I'm jealous because I love Giordano as I could stay there all day. My partner on the radio broadcast his name is Elliott Perry we come Sox make him today's UN today the best in sports. On 92 the ES. You guys know Eliot. There it's. Slack now allies it. Is that won't I won't level when that beautiful well. I'm not are not hard at all how's the team last year elect our kitchen with a great your car or sending their felt. Yeah I really enjoyed the teacher. Yet as you always go do your own thing Omar Chicago you've got like people the you know up there in ninety your own thing you've probably hang. I know Michael is someone that I don't know about let. As are all wishing there hey I love you very exciting artists steal some gallery talk like chart they are politically. Greatly black eyed guy out of there and Karen yes I guess you get channel. You know reaction to let coordination issue in grandmother enjoy necessarily in you know Gary. Before you got looks now yet before we get into that how is he how is he enjoying the trip because is great stop me. Yeah he's having a tremendous kinda enemy gets darker and it Chicago. You know just experiencing different gained a mean we can't garish. Today we walk around Michigan avenue today get Chad hanging out. You be a little shocking new child. They rendition dornin Caroline we are not always fit Eric and he did you know. Well what we started to do its. You don't expose kids aren't you wanna have a keeper he keep a quality education and yet are we we are really highlighting great grief stripper. But from another school would have an interest door and check it out indicating cute but we want to expose them. And give them may give them make the experience but it also encourage them to return to what may turn out. May get a phenomenal young kid and grandmother you usually it's incredible how we'd we just had a really good act. Let me ask you this. Looking at what's gonna happen tonight and they talk you about you who being. Interviewed like when they go around of the border they gonna. Are they gonna get some coverage for the fact that Courtney is there does that mean my son did they just go representing the Sacramento Kings Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson. CN you look at it sounds weird but like you've got a story to tell and I don't need to hear I I don't need to hear that they've the guy from Cleveland's. Son nick whatever ever again like great awesome you came and Mikey one to number one takes beat it. Things get out of here I want are they gonna let you get some expanded to discuss what's going on. Yeah there and they'll have a cup which. Got a ways to our colonial being in the crowd are we talking you stand this morning. You know export Gloria -- grandmother named Angel you know everything about our truck you know they hope hopefully they have an opportunity to get a chance to talk about eight. You know what when they can't you know you'll see why we. We fall in love with this young man. So tell me how this all goes down Chris Wallace will be in the room with the S security team of Ernst and young if I'm not mistaken. I Zagat is running it they they run they they make this election. Do they do it in a number sequence or are there 1000 ping pong balls in their do you know how it actually breaks out. Or not sure. How did actually break down I know quit while the B index plummeted after everything he's done I know they will require him away. So that you think accounts and then you know this come out in go or go in order quote. You know. Yes they are they do it. They like take their phones you can't talk to anybody and they literally it's as Jeff said it is like no point. Like when it doesn't go your way so let's say if your Phoenix tonight and end. And you're you're not picking number one right. We're not gonna say taken for a does that mean the grizzlies and you're picking five so that's not that I say your Phoenix and you're not picking number one right. I would say dad liked it you know that going in and you know right off the bat so your your just kind of waiting for a bomb to drop. It's you know is about this topic you can't say anything about it. It's almost it's almost like rule so the people that are in that room so like basically. Goal Big Brother style no connection outside world for about two hours and knowing the results are ardea. Yeah I mean that that would be trouble anybody you know that you know know the results. I'll know what's going to happen. But you can't say anything technically didn't go your paper need to catch getting back here at. Great. I elect Sophia I mean you're talking about some of these teams that. Have a chance and end but an outside chance you're not worried about a polite when you're talking about Dallas. Atlanta and Memphis. Chicago. Phoenix so those are teams and actually have a pretty legitimate shot when you're talking about Detroit. You know all late char led these teams that won more games the clippers who have the last against the nuggets forward that's not you know that's not a big deal yard now when you do you know pretty much go on and that that's how it's going to be. Who else is gonna be up on stage with you do you know. Yeah they are given the lack of approval it will have been. Probable target secretive and I needed that they don't kill you a lot of sorry integration. They didn't say they let you collegiate credentials look we haven't even gotten to this is yet car that we get them. Colin nick our self. And then keep the weight of that the parties are shall. First really big secretive we have many of the Golan will we have meaning you do. You won't think about I don't suspect actually want. I diet I've actually gotten it. The every team's red Jami Gertz. And that did you I don't think that's Jami Gertz reactors and and that's Jamie because that is as cherished. For the Atlanta Hawks rich Gotham who is the president the Celtics Mitch Kupchak. Who is now president of basketball operations for the hornets Michael Reinsdorf the as CEO and president of the Chicago Bulls. Nick Gilbert because he's won like three times some of it go away nick over a month I doubt it. Michael Finley your voice Finley got a B on the what more can you don't I don't know who owns totally understands at violate this is the great thing when LA it's working. Elliott knows every bit like former NBA player so Eliot. Is friends with the very good friends of Michael Finley from days in Phoenix so I can't sit toggle Michael Finley who by the way it was an absolutely. Certified bonafide. Gray is killer for years. And could about a cooler he had not Michael Finley you'll learn tomorrow Marie Milwaukee. Yeah yeah well that's your rookie he turned out to be a pretty good ones that you did and have a good job yeah Jamal Murray for the Denver Nuggets Detroit Pistons are gonna be represented by Luke canard. Jerry West is going to be next year it'll. Elliott Perry Scott Perry the general manager of the New York Knicks no relation to you I'm assuming. Jab well now president of basketball operations for the magic Elton Brand gonna be on there. Who is the general manager of the Delaware blue coats for the Philadelphia 76ers. Who would have to give the pick up. If let's see it's it the Celtics won a lottery lesser trades in both teams are ressam lottery Tuesday. Pago plaza lakers all their first face either possibility depending on work also. I philly's gonna be there Josh Jackson will represent Phoenix in the end fox or represent Sacramento. So there you go. So get some young lions obviously got some bats. I don't I wanna knowledge you Brandon Finley. Could take on a three on three game. Fox Jack's inning canard of fox Jackson and Jim Palmer. You know what Eric actually stuck in mention it but I did not make you contrition can let. No absolutely not mean. Oh young got chill out. I understand. How imperative do you feel like it is it to make this draft pick a home run we hear things on the national media we talked about Chris manic saying. You know this is a franchise saving picked. For the grizzlies if they get it right it's not a could be you know one that sets them into a tailspin they could lead to. A lot of problems are part of this and and you're part of the ownership group. I think that's a little premature to think that if you don't get the number one overall selection that this franchise is in some sort of jeopardy. Yeah I don't you know put ads that much created to return giving the number one peak are usually you want to double take but I think you know he's being. The top four side you know on the back my. You don't restarted the number one number to a number period and we think that there's really good players they trapped between them all we had a lot of complications about. They got in the draft I still feel like. You know obviously getting it right but also you know developing no doubt you know guys. Eight you know opportunity Tutu to make mistakes you can quote look at air conditioning to grow look at the quickly what can you be the next two or three years. I'll end and what decade you know Alicia different aspects in motion can turn those are. Creating a winning culture we didn't audio file of the alleged. What 67 years I would with the court Ford died in a diet think arguing that he pitched a part of that. Are held when he had as they're really good in our DNA stroke related accident and you think you know we occur gathered JB big stack at Salem. You've been around this long enough if by chance it's it's something that takes more than just one year to get back you're sitting in this position. Your philosophy I'm asking you speak for front office but what are you believe him do you believe then take the best fit or take the most talented player. And then worry about that later it seems like in today's day and age with position most basketball. It's more about stockpiling talent than about stockpiling. The puzzle pieces the exact right way. Yeah I bet you heard Mexico. I got a cup call that they needed to different people have different philosophies and he leaked out about the right Sheikh. You know you may take a guy a little bit tired and you want to take and Gary are we need to take big act. But if you kicks you'll be a good good example of that he had been dealt. Detroit not wanting to draft. Carmelo Anthony you know Carmelo Anthony and because they can't take concrete community and they do they get what attract a cock and so but. I'll look like Jack impala and the yet again it always look out he's not moved peak with the Braun curt no leader Khaled. You can you Ali Kamel in I think velocity change enacting. You know game plans change it but we have cap you can always make it make enough I can work. Yes and I think that that's a great way to put it because you go back to that trap for the grizzlies actually had. That number two pick but had to give its it's its choice and they were so hard about this today on not caught in this show Jarrett the look on Jerry west's case. When they opened it and it was number two is just like. Stu Jackson you blind Getty blank and you know I just on my. We'll literally are looking at Carmelo Anthony or quick burnout next to Shane Battier and how this all. And we could roll forward and we got to give it away because your dumb ass straightens her Otis Thorpe putting a name wanna be there. What are you doing like you could see this fire coming out of his ears at that point and it laid literally Detroit said what. And Denver here thank you. Only let history arrests are not all all of saying there the rest is is indeed history. Have you seen any of the young guys I mean I don't wanna get your comments and I am how do you like this year's class in the top five. That's not ops he lost yeah I think if you don't you guys are actually you know and play. Everything you can concert are already at their parent or not the name of virtue of thousands of I haven't seen him play that much. Of your job I feel a little. Pay both you know remarkably talented cage. Acting begged to play other or are kicked aren't. And you know our league in Ricci mark portage or mutilate our current income or. You know where your backhand mom's special player are you smile or a monster. Yeah it's only eighteen nations. While I won't someway got angry at you know what eight. You know ignition of big media crush aren't there have been hectic. Two while I accept the position that you're predicting do you see still whatever can be stock the more power. And you know you don't want to be hurt like you're talking about it would collectively we're we're would be the pocket because you don't feel like we get our way. I'll try to get the right peak he incurred in. The experience our young Garrett got Max here are guilty Martin mark you know both physically and mentally are going to continue to embark. OK physically and mentally we're all about here and I know JB you create. I'm a good coach and play and ending the only guy that I treat patients. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun what did you bring with you glad to bring some luck if anything. I told them what will go boom or you can go along soccer and emblem that I'm shocked when they look like well. A low ball old school black. India a shocker and I don't compare them while impaired or why are found is it in magic in the share compared with a black hair is so. Pro Tibet. I'm a man bring us some luck. And who weren't you know just. Just enjoyed it's out I hope they get so much good time on the Courtney Love story and it'll give did Jerry last little elbow to the shoulder for us. A well yeah if I didn't always fighting every week you know obviously. HL according to come with a knee you know confidently going to be how libel we do in the community architectural report. There aren't just about you know the number one people he is about people and we hope that we are we can get from knowledge out out. Knowing that we feel like we're betting clash garner all the court. Are stuck in a lot of traffic not mandated by the NBA shall not Griffin. Here goal lead to a cheap become all the little things that go there but the now because we call pour into Latin community which was. All the programs that we support and actually I didn't program every run mentoring it can't afford on a all of that so. And if we we we hope people. I had to mentor me if nothing else by we really want these galactic. A different gotten more than just went a law that in the community. You get Mandela pairing proud Italian partner and a friend go get us and you're one heck. I don't think he got into I don't eat too much pizza now. I mean I'll boot it actually was you can do you name actually need to go eat more you're not. Usually I'm curious JD I always make up a self conscious Elliott. Q did they formulate. Yeah I now I don't neither cute face Norris went all the ways they're right on the floor a little weary yeah yeah I now thanks mark goods. I. I body begun. All right. There the hours 45 minutes from now gets under way about four hours exactly from now we will know we will Knoll. What happens. And that NBA draft lottery when we come back. Wearing an output three onboard. Great news coming out of ESPN. On a documentary that's coming in 2019. Robinson Cano is in big trouble. A whole lot more we'll bring it up what they're more nice nice and out of MES in Memphis. Let's finish celebrating all month and enjoying everything that makes a city special we just welcome the whole world and our backyard cookout but now it's time for us to grill the Memphis originals to work kicking off grilling season. Wood Memorial Day weekend this is Gary perished. Telling you nothing sets you up to the perfect party like a fresh. 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That's what they'll do Fauria at sleep easy twice and a ninety Kirby what road corner pretty wet in summer slate daisies. Proud sponsor. The Aircastle Diageo let's ringing up a trip aboard these sand to bring you the Syria. Is ready PGA. We now 82 nines every castles does hours driving around this morning. I was. Incredibly pleased to find out. That there is a ten part. Michael Jordan documented our documentary coming. To Netflix. It is called the last dance it is going to chronicle. The 9798. Season for the Chicago Bulls. It is basically. The last year that Michael Jordan was with the Chicago bulls and it has been approved and given a goal by Michael Jordan. And there's about from according to what they said on ESPN this morning I'm going to window of theirs about. 500 hours worth of footage that they have yeah and I can't wait of course it's directed by Jason higher. Who also direct the under the giant documentary there which is great. I will feature interviews would Jordan in key figures from the bulls magical run as well as dozens of other. Luminaries from basketball border from Boyd a one penalty on hole even on that team. The jockey series will drop from a 500 plus hours of previously unreleased footage. And they'll be talking about that you're able for 12019. You can get your first taste of it already online argument. I have a question a question so me quite why so first of water. Because Michael Jordan endorsed is are we gonna get to re overall mark majora we're gonna get there. I'm so I'm trying to so she use a childhood friend rob what do you know all of the Michael Jordan as smoke cigars. Gambling include I want pet market and interviews I don't want to I'm trying to some issues mark Woodward. There's really you only approves things and make him look good light now. Yeah so what the real stuff I am just an Italian. I don't think you're gonna get that I think you're gonna get there is. I don't think he he tries to hawk shoes anymore like he doesn't do a lot of interviews he's got her clothes that he's becoming a more. Trailing a citizen I grew are so he's becoming a more mythical figure than any ideas because of his legend and people at psalm and right now is becoming the all that's gone. We you'd never saw the great Michael Jordan play. And that's one thing Kobe has a real. What's that affect their personality wants coach we seems like more insightful person in Jordan Jordan seems like what he sees a mythical figure. But like I don't think I'll wanna hang Oman Jordan topic conversation. I you know what I don't know about that it was so I don't know about that and here's why I don't know about that because. I think Michael's incredibly insightful icing Michael is now incredibly price. Okay he's got this wave your game and I think you know what that so he became obvious he became part on so does one draw attention away from his. You remember when he played Gerald Henderson like one on one it's. Expected Gerald Anderson ones like it was all anybody was talking about there. And he realized. In today's day and age of Michael Jordan says them. But CoBiz active like act as Ramsey show we have TV showed as a bronze active on social media Curry's ex actor months social media. KD is active on social media and a burner accountants on social needs membership here that is not anything they'd. Michael wants part of I don't think you're I think he had his run I think the fact is you know there's all the questions looming around him and people even to this day question. Like what really. Was there really some ulterior motives for the death of his father wasn't gambling debt gone wrong and people were asking these quite tackles and of course I want answered I think about it. I think about it I think you also part of I think you'll love to talk about the run of bad as I was told they once said about that group. They literally at one point said this is like of a summer league DOS. We're going in there is like the top team and some early and there's like nobody has any chance but it's a bad summer league around the rest of us here. And they said about the NBA beat while they went 72 intent. I'll bring in the lawyers and that go on 73 and I'm debating when it's been intimidated I don't need to get their blue the 31 lead and that was what the legacy will be. They were so good. They were so good they are a mythical team. Just like the Golden State lawyers are going to end up being a mythical team this group which stays together what's it looks like it will I think it's awesome I can't wait and let me go I die I don't think he has the hawk issues I didn't say this. Most Jordan three retro is dropped on Saturday I forgot that they were dropping identified there like that. The third threes with a red yeah I forgot they're calling it not MVP like that. They heard that armament or some some sort of a good offense all the fans in addition this weekend right here dot.