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The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, March 13th

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Tell us now no 17777444. I'll better. Lizard so if you want or need legal guidance and you what do we trust for the guys who will make you feel comfortable and speak your language given judgment excuse Kenya and Marty you can call one day or night at 5288888. Edge as kids came in morning they're on the web at least king dot com. Drew supply. Are really legitimate as the top of our sports game so there's your money madness viewers to a degree and contact the money list you work the next hour is audio text the word audio eighty. 7281. Particular phrase here tonight to not DS. Text audio. 007288. Warns her taste in Israel nice enough. In unless it comes to audio and audio as your keywords for this hour. Eight UT. IO text there right now just have to really he warned. First here's what address your nights are not as easy as being an exchange of gifts for your clocks. Good luck. Okay. Laced phone. You look at. The scenario here so much. I don't know very thoughtful and as a matter if it's. Good lord it's been around go home. Still going over our destitute wanna five last night the little rug as one points and oh my lord. Stewart described her. Yeah at home. While little gay area did and had that been pretty. It hasn't been Brady but it is what it is we'll talk about it and we'll talk about the impending had a meeting between the Tubby Smith. And the Memphis. President's office I guess the the administration do some resentment this administration office. Suppose we're gonna have salt for rural here 1 o'clock right here. Okay we can get an early. I'd like to think that they scheduled at around our program here. So they could listen. And then they could while Gary was on the nearly Gary Johnson Isabel is official he's out as the Olympic added. That does the national top guys to college basketball let's drop it during his show. School I appreciate that. Until that seat plus coach on but I sure hope we go into the embassy plaza in a money C or C minus. And I know like composed and religious studies I had never gone to a like Catholic school here I laughed I got a public school all my life until I want to high school and a talented. Basically had another. Like a brother school a Christmas of Dale's Allen Concord with big football program you know is historical. And I never. Read like the Bible through answers is out in California and I don't judge me from people here are Ocampo leave these guys. Cycle I got it the first question I got that weary from a what church do you notice. We didn't really goal to church in California best the first such as last year I get when I first moved here was like hey what's your name where you're from what do you do what church. But that was when everything you know I just climate people and neighborhoods that like adults. I don't you know your question your figured generations question out hey what's your name allegory go to school what's your Twitter exactly GAAP. What's your or you on the grammar you do instead you guys that are snappy and ready are you Graham and are you just Wheaton hit a did you all of it what are you what are your what are your social media to follow you up volume to review following a fall yeah exactly right back to you he's all right gimme fall back. IRA. But now so I I just had no clue I. And I was I didn't have great study and it's it's it's an eighth grade for me was just easy like we did all of our work and school. Insiders and ask and it went dead as a total site now but that's gonna happen today too and get a whole lot of things get too. Including NFL free agency including the grizzlies including the tigers. And the NCAA tournament gets under way. Tonight we've got a jam packed show for you so let's get right into each and every night through Friday at this very time on this very station we bring you the Aircastle I showed originates. Out of the palatial on account radio complex as we column. The studios about a three widows of the Sunbelt rentals studio Sunbelt rentals any job they are small Sunbelt rentals as equipment rentals for them all 1800. No sweat 1800 no sweat we follow bulletin window we follow Geoff Calkins we immediately follow. Jason and Jon we get you ready. For her. Early Gary Parrish experience and I'm cabs here Ivory Coast air cast that other side glass was to serve the producer of the program one and only. DJ DeVon and walker what's up. My job to this when the man you like to call McCain last night. And not a an insect all of its a good hander I didn't take me at half of the outcome with his amazing each trail mix of candy and popcorn out. I'm out. I'm out how many years you've been governing MBA when you're coming years at a government NBA. Wanting to. It's called seniority are you up to the table that I work yet if you bring a box of snacks I'm gonna take ample. I asked you go get me some odd until mid Atlantic. Just got it super. I thought your product yes I did I had I had like you fired Eminem's down at me from the table what you did make bullet which I was which I was glad I was not seen throwing at me like that. The bull militia's leaders. But then I say it and you throw gummy bear and I missed it I was so this point an SEE said do you want to bring you back some at bats and has said yes and having more. I mean just don't they better bring it what you had popcorn and an evidence I'm not a damn diet man and I'm Aubrey affiliate. I try to eat right inside eat right all day and those things looked odd and I am a big believer. When you go to the movies and I out I'll give Chelsea credit for this she topping this girl you makes that popcorn with either Reese's pieces are Eminem you guys some guys. Summarize it Thomas got a couple hours ago there was intense right so you brought up but like a little when those little snack trays that you get at the snack shack there cannot Jose an entire hot dog and with Eminem some popcorn. So I grab one a handful a year like. Would you take us and I think it's like a small handful I say you know what just for pop off my ticket. So I didn't I didn't I still left you over half of us aren't a Seward you don't yet don't tell me I took all of it I see don't over exaggerate the story. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna tell a dishonest that's all your glory here I will always be Ozzie yes absolutely. At looks to me holes did but it's still left you like three quarters of a tray or. I enjoy that too. Rick him with a name for Americans it's it's a very interesting combo of foods. I don't know like it's popcorn image Newman encore of popcorn popcorn it's going to be bears in the near the park. It's justice it's it smacked home runners snack snack slam dunk. I don't know what it is it's less and yet whatever extra. Attacker rat me out like I did slip on the Michael Wallace regrets that he made you go begin with me last night enjoy honesty toward violence are about this grizzlies. Eighteen game losing streak 240 fouling up put three on the board. Including NFL free agency. That has good common cousins with a new home Mandy former. Employer of or the quarterback that was formerly employed there also seemingly has an ounce will surprise because cousins got a pretty fat offer somewhere else he did. That's he's talked about all of that going on in the world of NFL football Charlie Leonard as the head coach of Houston high school basketball side deals also an assistant coach at LSU. For three years and director bass while operations gonna join us at death 3 o'clock. At 325 will go across the association will bode old looking at lucky San Antonio is now. Intent in the Western Conference welcome to the real world the NBA's San Antonio does not make the playoffs. And the clippers do not make the playoffs. The longest the second longest the third longest in the fourth longest consecutive playoff streaks will come to an end this year while. It's never a foregone conclusion you're gonna every beat going to be able to go back. But here's the thing San Antonio they get coli Leonard that supposedly this week of glad Leonard comes back. They may win like thirteen of their last fifteen and get to fifty wins again and make policies and so it's all right there formal talk about that we'll talk about. A lot of points last. A birthday party last night what's that was cuffed her thirties thirtieth birthday studio summit I'm not fair test of what is it go watch video what do they do you eat it you know he's a big got cornered as you clap or no he was exceeding Barbara careers in the states want you for performed in the background. Kurt okay steals against he called Dan do you think he'd literally like throws down part of I don't think so I don't know much about soprano is a great guy here's the thing that I've always had respect about Seth Curry. Because that generally is a very good friend of mine who calls warriors basketball games that I know Bob Charles while. Seth Curry is a superstar of the utmost ninety wrecked there superstars she generally don't do local. Post game a lot our biggest deal in our leaders know like if he had LeBron and I John-Michael the voice of the cavaliers doesn't get LeBron James Post game when he has a big ball. He has a national TV maybe he doesn't want a year writer Seth Curry got double the national post game and literally picked up the headset. With Tim Roy talking any SA Tim I just got done with him tedious Nina before I go to the back. And staff and stands like. Well yes to have if you don't mind worse if not I think David is like super down to earth there you know he's obviously had to curtail that a little bit from the way he was when he first started. But supposedly he's just like they had been in most easy going guide areas like it it makes him more likable. You have always said he is going to transcend the game for one big reason. You know carries and as well can you go on a gym and be LeBron James and dunk viciously at the rim always. We all should I think there but very few guys actually can only go out there you know what every guy in your urgent and you shoot the basketball dribble it and step back and shoot a three back. And I'll never here we are playing in it the little new game my playing with a bunch of friends my. And at the time there was an elementary school at this church Jimmy element schools now is kind of laughed and gone to Wear their middle school was whatever. That they can and that's him wrecked. So. All these kids came in. And you know what they were saying stay three shoot the three like curry shoot the three like Terry and Mike what a different world we are living in right now. So easily transcended against the united Nazi debate videos we could talk about that though Evan Turner had some things to say. And as well and that governor had apparently still on fans stay out of my idea Adams how'd they get in here DM dude. Don't you have to like follow somebody for them to get into your DM yes. So like I can't just go DM somebody like you could fall on insert some people when you all the mines have been construed team. But really at Intel and you follow that league you can DM idea. But it's it has a request on whether or not they can over the deal yeah I seen that been so it's it's so it's a request that just another request. If it's on Twitter you have to follow there you have to be a bottle and right yeah. To stay out of that this is just another class right there then I don't know you denied it ages you still get a reply or don't apply. When I mean what's odd about that later because turner and his. When it comes social media. I will discuss and around association I guess without dwellers before. Wrap it up with the with the headlines and then we will did you over to the Gary pairs experience but as we all know today is David Tubby Smith. Is supposedly going to. Watch. Are here that he is no longer the coach of the Memphis Tigers beat news of the time. Was tweet it out earlier by somebody outside of our market because everybody's kind of on Politico and let somebody else report on that but. Seemingly having it was at 4 o'clock it seems like a long wait for the day here. When I heard that I'd imagine. Tubby Smith would would be around lap or you know plus 11 o'clock lunchtime right get a dime move on. 4 o'clock the first thing I thought I was like what's clicked what are tubby and his wife wanted what are they. If you honestly know you're walking in. To a situation where you're going to lose your job are you already like packing. The Caribbean packing up or because you can't do nothing to stay in Memphis Rite Aid bought Rudy gays house I'm not mistaken out and and like Cologne or over by. Good over why. What is an awful walnut grove over there. Golf course or gas came in the name. Like colonial now it's not colonial or for he had an eye is someone wants weeded and to me it's that. Not gonna drive right final time I see people golf a man wanted when they tee off on AT and I'm always worried about guys snapple cornyn in my window. But most guys that can play out there it is it's a war a lot of people told me they'd look real would really. Literally learned how to play the game and it's right there off road Stratton is not chick song now. It's a Memphis public course and it's actually really you should remember when they re did it at a soccer player was of I enjoyed it. Actually played that day with my believes is now at that ESPN when he was still here there as a local reporter anyway. I mean are you packing your stuff are you just getting wrecked I I would think OK just me personally. You got nine and a half million dollars coming your way over the next six years I know if you still wanna coach gave rally at your age on those other things. Part of me think of the united said jackpot. For six years I'm not work it comes at one point five million dollars a foot in my wanted to go. What do you wanna go for the next three weeks has were taken first class seats and we're going somewhere. And we're just getting the hell out of here what ms. blow over and Soviet iGoogle somewhere from month. I'd go to Barbados go to you don't. Belize go somewhere warm tropical that's what you like to do a beach whatever you like to go to Europe. Do what everyone did go have a good time get away from all this madness. Let this blow over let the NBA season and have the NBA draft lottery and let everybody be focused on the grizzlies draft pick let the tigers go do whatever they're gonna do when they do it. And then he's got quietly sneak back into town pack stuff up to move on right if so. At that I wouldn't. Many reasons I don't know maybe like you say he's part of the about where he's doing for this for status away Callaway okay Galilee garden can act. And yeah that is at the office today he was seen walking at 10:30 am this and walk you. Motorola says EH with a rookie phasing out blow up damn animal rookie a's are right on food and a great. You know he's got to get that Steve man I still to this day when I have great Napier on the show one night yelled 25 years been. One Thaddeus plus an adult leader of the voice the kings on TV or radio host's racial exact amount I cut my teeth that in on us and how many comical to watch you wanna car this week. I still I see you wash my car it I have you do that there is who caught all summer there. Rewarded it's called me warmer may go to gets colder out this guy. Of tickets away to a tough ticket to the doctor heard him ladies and gentlemen I'd Galloway. I'd say it can go golfing what are they gonna be fire him for missing a meeting Galloway golf is very average of Kelly thanks guys. I it is Galloway and I totally forgot I had to get outplayed outweigh again once it's warmer there. I just have promised so easy for me go out play. To go out and play quail ridge is nobody Brian Alexander's out there and I dropped my son off like literally a half miles to get. From quail yeah I dropped him off at 8 o'clock east and escalate I go over there date and I can tee off on the back nine by myself and I'm. I'm an out of that joint and an hour and a half. Here at home I'm just not 39 is that on I get my wireless speaker I put on my golf cart let's go play not old Saddam don't people don't people wrong doing there's a Giuliani backed their own I'd beat the guys that teed off first. From making the turn. And so Michael played the back now. So I'm ahead of everybody like I am the first got to go on the back nine during the day. It it kind of makes the guys that are doing the maintenance man because they're trying to set goals that the and here I come chest and I would how do you get over yourself. Besides if I'm Tubby Smith. Point being. I had some cities at Yost out a packet out and I'm going my eye on the owners' meeting. Let me get out walk and -- let me know let me let me hear what they had to say and if it is indeed what everybody says then it is what it is and I'm go. And I'm out of town for month of Manama to go find another gate. Now some people are saying I was hurt listening yesterday with Cary. If you say in it was Suggs we lived there maybe he doesn't really want that or maybe it was this morning that he doesn't really want the high point job here he's not really look at the high points out that he wants Georgia but they just offer that that Marla. But these are not you know super intrigue on taking the job it is Obama monitor. I don't know I mean again when you're making one point five million dollars for six years. And you probably not gonna pull that salary from a non power five school or higher. If you really wanna coach getting go coach Wright you can do that. But you don't if it's more about the perfect fit. I'd be in no rush to figure out what I'm Dolan but he's got to find somewhere that fits what he does what he does. It is coach's way do things his way. And doesn't want in putter you know doesn't wanna bounce around and do that they're glad handed the shaken hands and kissing babies that things he didn't do here and connected. That a fan base he wants to just peek. WSJ notes and leave me alone let me coach my team let me get under the tournament won't will be fine right here. And it's you know after all these years of coaching five at bats I wanna be but this wasn't the right situation. For you. You're recruiting class numbers are not collect your camp pom numbers are immaculate and the fans here expect a more. What you got out of your players was more than impressive yeah there's no two ways about that there's no way you can tell me that those players are not better players. Today than they were the beginning of the season and that that is not a direct result of Tubby Smith being a very very good basketball coach. But he didn't understand what it meant to the people Memphis he didn't understand what he needed to do to be successful here in Memphis in their eyes. If you want 21 games in your attendance is an all time while some market she went 21 games you're going to be selling out every single game that's not the way it is here they wanna see you Tom payment they wanna see you get. High level recruits from this area first. Not all of them but some of them they wanna see you. Winning games against good teams and look I mean just it is what it is what you wanna believe that can bomb numbers Gary throws out or not. Those are facts those are facts of their wins are they still stacked up 21 wins they didn't get an NIT bid. And every place he's been in is thirty years may determine he's not gonna get that opportunity here he's gonna have to is going to be able is still. Play that card were ever he goes. I just don't know not based on what you see based on what you had based on what the talent level is that you can honestly sit there and go. Derek tournament team next year they're on May be. Borderline like march in Ottawa tied like their possibly a borderline tournament team next year if everything breaks absolutely the right way. You can afford to lose money game that lets you can't afford to lose the money and again like I said the other day if it's unfortunate but this is a situation where the dollars and cents outweighed the wins and losses are NASA bottom line so I mean I if this is indeed the end game. I wish nothing but the best for tubby Smith goes out there would still think this station are people here have an axe to grind if you haven't listened this program. And and heard me say I got nothing against tubby Smith and the only criticism I have of him was not knowing the landscape of the market that she took the job and mean John cal Perry. Gary brought this up on a show yesterday when John cal Perry left asked him what would you somebody asking what would you tell the next coach is a win. This city hugs you. Hug it back. It will give you love love it back. And if you can honestly sit there and tell me do you think Tubby Smith if not hundreds city back in how does bear hug gave the proverbial harder than metaphorical hog. Back. Then I'd love for you show me where the examples are and I'm not mad at tubby for that that's who he is but that's what this city means that when you don't do that. And you disconnect with the city you end up in the situation. You or he gave us dishonor their effort that the church or. You know we'll both sides shorter road it is yeah. Giddy like a man wants I don't really wanna see you there good to see anyway again it's been a guy you see in the bar that you like. Well I really wants odds that I don't hate the guy. But I really wants not so I just don't want to sit here drink a beer drink whatever drank it just go away from him any kind of quietly slide out tolerate the kind of that. He goes to church were yet. Back at the half hearted I got to do this it's not even a bro hug its its side like arm around slap on the other shoulder there. It's like I don't know at OK it's like is sick since. Eighth grade utility and keep your distance from the girl bug right there. Some are but that's so is there and that's and that's. Partially where the administration. Made a big mistake. They didn't realize that it is they didn't realize that's who he was that's on them they're his faults in this. To go around I understand what they were doing in terms of when you base and look at it. Com. When you basic and look at it. That you were trying to get a guide it's a great x.s and those guys and they did. But they got a guy that does things the way he does them coming off a guy that despite the fact he wasn't a great x.s and o.s cat was always out in the public. Was out there pounding the recruiting trail and even when he was at his lowest point or people want to run out of town he still was out the public. Not maybe as much but he still was out. And so you went from one of polar opposite to the other what you need to find his hybrid of the two if at all possible. We'll find out we'll talk about grizzlies dating game losing streak next Michael Wallace joins us it's analysts Tuesday comes your way right after this on Aircastle pension knighted him out of MES payments. Bring your little earlier than expected but don't worry James Davis is already loaded with all new sports shirts abide pocket paid sort of perfect for the officer just pop around town this is Gary Parrish and I've been tell yet. 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What's his publicist said he'd been sick for a while though cause that's been reported as of yet so. One of the first artists on the bad boy label her child films when you served very tightly biggie obviously. You know it comes out 21 years after 21 years forty's. After that he passed away while it. Dad come on man. I don't know man of probably. Drops and Craig Mac in his stereo on today our next guest Michael Wallace. Annals Tuesday let's do. It's time for prayer is an analyst Tuesday now on the Eric Cassell tonight. Or elite inner workings of the grizzlies on there. And ship radio all night 829 FM am ESPN. So is bridges. On that badly label back in the day man and these are people that got forty six's goes way way too young guy he's. Couple times there and did you he had talked to him several times man and you know can always wonder what happened to some of those early bad boy artists man because the locks tight Baghdad that was a group that got away from the label an incredible Mac was one that sick but I also did you come and and then about Craig Mac left the label a couple of years after that so rest in peace great match when you do know you go get that kind of history from the brother right here but that's a that's my will I'll try to. I know what is that's why I brought it up I would imagine you have to play with a lot of money in just there's no but I got the money live the rest of my life on the I don't know. That matters businesses there. That music business is when you think guys are Rolen sometimes they really don't have as much money as you sick and sometimes they're trying to live that life like they are. As wealthy as you would think they are and they're really not and I've heard from multiple guys in the industry that just like. It goes fast and might when they and now with today. Where you you just don't sell records like he used to it's all about two hours as lazy all these all bands back on tour. Because they can't make anything if they make a new albums with his go sell out Arenas doing all their hits they've played all their lives on spans like a summer job every every day of our lives. And we get paid handsomely for it mentally ill take your pick of it whether it's R&B rock and roll and rap whatever guys that you haven't heard of a long time was an eye on that there's doughnuts or bat man's going until yet they want some cash that they need to stockpile that bankroll a little bit there. Oh yes no question and you know it's it's especially now it's. Guys are coming into the game a lot more lucrative they were back here back did you had to do some police for problems before you saw. Some some real money you know the mayor so I got to come in right now you know right off the bat but I thought that was one that was yeah I zepa. Utley coming out of respect to bass guitar game but there's no way that. Anything today any artist to date is as good as they were back in the eighties and then if they have invited to meet you know that we talked about that twenty console released. Well I've gone I've seen eye brows in straight out of town and twenty times by now because I grew and I grew up with hiding those CDs front and cassette tapes from my parents because they aren't exactly down below that. But CNN story an and obviously it's for a movie so we want you wondered just how spot on that as. But man I can't believe Jerry Allen didn't take a right hook from ice cube at some point in his life because seemingly like you said. They were all told me this is Alice played the first couple albums you don't do much it's NIC is like they screw that gimme my money. 800 preparing getting out include giving not going to be. And then when he added added Tammy just at a baseball bats was office and he's an article. This will just take it out a you to get out of the paid that you Ole. May the paid you owe me is an explanation of how to held a we get to eighteen straight losses. Oh man I wish I could explain that means is she told me last night on our broadcast. Of the game it's gonna culmination of several different things that a good loser how the way. And they frankly master losing in every way a match allows is looking at some numbers right now. You know this is the longest losing streak in the NBA. So just one and 1526 came and indexes opened this season oh and eighteen and you didn't know this when it's the longest losing streak about Western Conference team. In twenty years so I mean we've reached historic proportions at this point. And let's say last week I really don't agree you don't want to Kuwait when they could've won that game at Chicago and how they get a chance to succeed the border again just comment home and I think it and I think it is frankly I think it is Thursday but I suggest anything that's where they are Chicago. Yeah I you know that was one and again it's. Com and it's one of those situations where. It is such a double edged sword for a coach. Because this is what happened in the Brooklyn game and this is where David says dale you know and and Marcus all really did the relationship. Hit that you know the the it'd already seemingly at the breaking point this is where everybody points here. But that was the game was starters wanted it done the bench came in they got the grizzlies back within five of the nets. And says let him run. And I said Ozzie YouTube play guys fourteen consecutive minutes they don't play but you know eighteen minutes a night. That's hard I mean they're gonna run out of gas is just no two ways about it. You know what no matter what you do if you are doing something completely dead you're used to running in four minutes sprints or five minutes prince and Alice on your run of three times is on. It's exactly need to mean what happened a car McGregor and and the Floyd Mayweather fight. Governor editor reviews and fight and five minute rounds but it never fought more. Then essentially yet very few five around five minute rounds right so 25 minutes of fight you get amended attempt to round of that fight. An eleventh round where now he's in the 33 minutes of fighting. I know how great physical condition your rent you're still going to be tired and you're gonna be susceptible to taking a mass weapon which is exactly what he was about do. And that's it matter voided obscenities and we knew as we got later in a flight. We're gonna find openings and that's what happens when you. Are constantly sounding near the team had to run going when you're trying to find income nations now you got fresh legs you know because like eight to give it a minute. Give it to meant to be patient you'll find your spots you'll find your openings. And it's the hardest thing for coast to decide to take the guys out and got me back in the game and put the guys back in there who seemingly stunk it up bad enough to put us down by wanting. Now we have a chance get back in MMI better guys or do I let those guys right now see they can late comeback. I am always in favor of putting the fresh legs in and telling the guys guys that you've got us back and you did everything you were supposed to do there's no more you can do for me right now. Take a breather because of fighting age in two minutes of these guys going there's stink it up again nominees backed out there but you gotta get some rest other than timeouts in my opinion you write I think they. In Chicago that was slipped away from them because of that and it's a tough spot and I can't fall JB for dornin in Chicago on I couldn't fall David says different on against Brooklyn. But I just don't agree with that strategy. On the outside looking in for one reason I think guys Wear out and I think you gotta you gotta try to go as fresh legs even if you're frustrated as hell with them. Deanna and I think those two instances although they've they look at very very similar in terms how it played out. Amounting to a different motivations and those two I think obviously as you pointed to is still wanted to prove a point and you know anything to get a little bit too hard and ended up. Playing a role. And ultimately cost him his job when he came Thomas and mark their message. But I think would say B was trying to do to a different extent would just finish young guys a little bit of a message because the guys that won't support going that run. And we were talking about it to this extent because they play the same team again. I'm a couple of days but I can go to bed Michael Moore is an and the Dionte Davidson told the guys that walk around thinking that they should be playing more than they play you know they've got the chance to play and and when you have a full court around there. To do its debut was like okay go ahead play goalies in addition got a right now this is the reason why you need to listen and and I thought that it you know while it was a noble way to approach to finish that game I think it also cost some of the veterans who have kids. Got cautioned Michael Michael green is double double streak that would combat stress as he's been playing. The all star break will be here because Marcus all the testing you don't win and I saw Marcus talk about. We know this season the multiple when you can do to win. Go get a win now the grizzlies losing streak is recent historical portions of their major sports in announcing the action move all the reasons we've moved twelve approaching in the rose as some bad losing streak it's it's really really bad. But now you talk of a mile over the course of 45 seasons in twenty years and now you've become you know sort of the the butt of the joke that this team doesn't need right now when he comes back so they need to clear out there trying to win now when you get a chance because you just never know when other teams to roll them out as well. Not I think that the problem with the schedule the way it shakes shakes out is ice against god a common and they've they've they had also played for other than one thing. They wanna get their young guys that are there in a position where they know if they draft Merrill lottery date. They don't necessarily need everything would obviously love the number one pick. But they're not as in dire need of young talent is teams they made the trade to gate they got their exact Levine and Chris Dunn. Who come off an injury for Levine done getting an opportunity to play Larry market and who's terrific I think. You add another young PC can be MO Obama Aiken BA. Art Collins sex and it can be what every you know another guy upfront if you're not the top or whatever you find. A Wendell Carter junior whatever whoever the players wherever it may be some but they're gonna play because it's fried that. Denver's fight for playoff spot. Brooklyn in we'll see but they're at home and you never like to lose at home Philly playoff team Charlotte. We'll see that's in there those are the world sees. Lakers they're playing better Minnesota plan for playoffs Portland playoffs Utah playoffs Portland playoffs pelicans playoffs mean here I go down the list. The only games I see analysts would not playoff contending teams. Dead you know second Els playing young guys so that's that's a struggle. Ed Zack and Zach convinced coming back one more time and in Detroit who by that that'll probably be out of it. Dude daring a lot of hope on the schedule remain in the era massacre at the last fifteen games it's not like I'm going to go. There's the night this can end and it's may be the one time he can do it. Is Chicago what homer may be sacked in Detroit the last two home games of the year Arnett who way to Ames played on the road I'm not given a lot of stock into it. Do you just depressing that I was already put. Come that you created the Google is pictured but this truly is reality and you know the grizzlies remain alone seen in the league yet to win on the road and Tony Tony I mean think about it to a win win marsh now we're midway through march and they're the only team in the league has yet to live outside their home arena this calendar year and you're right let me if you can't count Chicago is a win. When they're absolutely trying to lose confidence means that the league has reached out to a six. How tanking and misses his block those who dreams we all doubled Dallas they lost by 34. And his Chicago which got the memo from the league last week about playing. Lopes and holiday and you know you lost those seem to be so you know what. Look no team in the league is as bad as an eighteen game losing streak you usually look up to win one that's why that happened around here but about not an odd looking to establish an enemy out here who you because you know that I'm gonna play. Another thing that's like at a bottom line now though is that missile would do these guys want to do. You know it's just about individual product saw Marcus on a practice today and got a few more credit used in the span of throughout this process he was the last guy on the court. Shooting around where a Dylan broke an extreme views which are made on the two rookies. You know he still wants to show that because that these practices means something so you know he's doing that you know doing both had a phenomenal scheduled 656 games. You know you're seeing some strides in some breakthroughs in some encouraging moments from your rookie point guards tumble out there but that's about it. In on these kind of books and the most they can build or. And here's what I'll say to that I didn't catch up but I heard Geoff Calkins this morning say what it shows you that. The roster that the grizzlies one in the season trying to win in the roster you put around your key players. Just wasn't. Nearly good enough to get it done now to key players it's it's different because the rotations or browse talking to somebody about this last night back at it assignments impasse that television was the bucks. When you add our roster an in with the opening week starters in and what did you Michael went down even if he puts Michael in their but you had Mike. Anderson and his plan off the ball using his length user besides trying to you know just help defensively on the two guard and if he moves the ball gives it gets in he has good. Knack for getting fouled and get into the life. Danielle James NS was spot not been shooting good shot at one point I thought James Estes tees off on everything you size and what my shooting lesson from three year from suing us from two and a select 56%. From three estimates 47% less pretty good lesson that pretty good as damn guys that you're taking good shots in the flow of the offense he goes out and keep that opposite yet you do. And manner that we're gonna look at surrounds his third on the role and mark was leading the way and it you have a second unit coming in with Mario. Only counting on to play like fifteenth to eighteen minutes which is perfect coming off that Achilles injury. Tyreke with the ball in his hands and scorn upon. Chandler plan yelled the minutes restriction but getting solid minutes dawn Brooks getting solid minutes Brandon Wright getting summits when he brought to Michael back. You have your Ellen there and you like. How did that all goes so far so fast and it's 11 position is point guard when your lead point guard goes down now you're counting on a guy who hadn't played in eighteen months. To be a starter he can't do it just physically ready wasn't capable and it's nothing against. Mario Chalmers it's the nature of an Achilles injury act that position at that age enter Harrison. For all the improvements these men I think we all would agree he's not an NBA point guard. He's a combo guard he's not a guy that can run your offense and gets you into the sets you need to get into for whatever reason this is not his game. And now you're counting on. Two guys one it's on a ten day and one it's on a two way. Bro that's like going to a football game with a guy and hasn't played it hasn't played quarterback since high school it's not. Going to work or you heard that he remembered an NFL game where the where the vikings signed the kid at a Kansas State that it Bennett Tampa Bay. Effort as a big kid had a big arm signed him from Monday Night Football game. After like his first pass he got his brains beaten them because we had no idea how to run an offense and it's just impostor Josh something that is Josh. Once a Josh Freeman was his name oh yeah yes right right guy red rock and it wasn't through any fault of his own. He may have had a all kinds talent but you give him three days to prepare for an NFL football game for Janet. It's just it's not here it's an impossible position to lose your best player out. And not have somebody. Really talented waiting in the wings and they thought they had addressed that by drafting wade Baldwin and that one that didn't work. You were in big big trouble. That's that cluster I look at it. Not on you right here they have and I think at the end of the day all of those things are true of me that tells you how long they've already used this season has been. For the grizzlies play good now we have to. The point now where an extra truck you know a month from today to see you will be over Wimbledon and it will be the buildup in terms of the nicest seen draft lottery and this is being told the way they are you gonna go into the lottery with the most playing pong balls and a chance to draft a guy image that there's probably five or sixty before it drops off and two guys that basically to help Alter your franchise moving forward so I think is bad as it feels right now once you get past this next month in these final games. You start to look at these prospects you can go into this NCAA tournament that starts this week and really keep our. Arnold some of these guys that are going to be playing and let that carry you let those pilots carry you into next season into the woods via the draft lottery and InterDigital lottery after that the draft after that and then. You know you turn around hopefully you know everything I've heard this week is up my colleagues is progressing in his in his recovery he's already off to school results from. Two crutches he would want crutch then he's off to both questions just didn't walk around without the walking boot he's progressing so that's a good sign right there and did you just want you know no one else to get hurt let mark finish this thing out. Without anything he needs to go into some of the repair body lies entirely different way you resigning him and you restarted and you go back to disciplinary you you paid it. At the beginning of the season when the grizzlies were Franklin's father 174. And they would have number one ranked team on a lot of people's power pole before so. About rumble well I hope Mike Conley burns the scooter and then finds went up on in two. I encourage him to get himself ready so. I don't yeah he's he's got to be the it's it shows everybody has some recently that you know oh what about Communists and I don't question why the grizzlies played in thirty million dollars. You see those who consider whether you are without him a 00 without merit seeds you don't think it's worth it when you see ticket sales. And attendance just drop in a little bit not and mouth and through no fault of their outlook. The ticket. Departments worked in their tails off. But you know how this city is it is what it is and that they're still getting more people now that I expected grizzlies has done a wonderful job. But yeah I mean like it's hard to the sellout a team that's lost eighteen straight right just as. Boehner on the night out with Mike Conley and they are those tickets were a lot easier to sell. And there you don't have that translates into a lot of revenue you're going yet he was worth every penny of it and that's just the way let's have a look at our. I'm a man here's something to pick up your day. You're cooking goes in my freezer from the hundreds that I got after I don't concentrate on you it looks good man payments Mildred triple chocolate chip order he made. Salary. Even mean a lot of what's needed right now because we both try to get this condition that they rise for the summer but hey this is going to be my last Blair's handles cookies in your freezer. Specifically attacked again to the police have. Promise you I'm watching what I'm Eaton is and what I mean by watching mommy I'm watching myself so evident in my mouth and I can't. I think I have a candy last night. But I appreciate you guys are CU on Thursday. Are our friends they're gonna check out all his work on Grande city media Michael Wallace go to grizzlies that count. Check out grinds idiots and strange city meeting you can follow on act my my check at my mindset. Weren't you up puts a three. On the board next will read your tweets as well that can wrap up our number one right at this here castles and showed a huge amount of MES in Memphis. Vieira castle tonight show. There's chances at the top of every hour weekdays lose and 6 AM 7 AM 0:8 PM 9 PM 10 AM 11 AM twelve noon 1 PM 2 PM 3-D S 40 am and those final and it's fun. Eight and 99 FM ESPN that. That's what can be unpredictable from extreme cold severe storms and tornado winds of perhaps it's time to go ahead. And put David Morse roofing in your follow my name's Gary pair shot here reminded that your rules suffered some damage due to unpredictable weather. 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Fresh face daily. Get one free. Parties. The voice of the grizzlies and the air castles and you know look. I from the Sunbelt rentals CEOs where I guess you can. And there's this unfold live on 929 FM RI PS PN now. I.'s evidence is time we like to do little thing we call ringing out put three on the boards and it. Besides you really need the hurry up 3-D. We know each night staring Kessel in. First or a Adam B and have now free agents starting this. On and the big name of course out there is did you like that Kirk cousins are gone. July tech Kirk cousins is now going to be a member Tom apparently. Minnesota Vikings ESPN gives bill B plus. Kirk cousins by and intends three year 84 million dollar deal that is fully airing T that's the best part about it let me repeat that. I can't remember a quarterback ever send fully guaranteed deal you know why quarterbacks have 260 pound freakish athletes that Rhonda. Add them at full speed trying to break them in half a three years 84 million. It maps are quick DeVon walker how many million per year is backed. You programs spot is that senator. Tones of on 20/20 eight I close. One day close. 18 point eight million a year now there have been reports that he was going to sign potentially. In Phoenix Arizona. For. Around I think it was a five year hundred and 35 million dollar deal something along those lines and most of it was going to be guaranteed it's a great deal for costs as three years no matter what he gets 84 million dollars. He never plays another down of NFL football after three years from now. He's good for the rest of his life right but these guys are different breed as well they'd air over competitive. He's just signed with Minnesota it puts Minnesota in a position with bad defense. To be very good I don't know for such a significant upgrade from case keen on the waking him played last year. That case keep him as a whole the way case Keenan played. Last year isn't different at all this sudden. Changes. Minnesota from what they were to what they will be next year yes cousins a little bit better. You're also gonna get Dauman took back but I thought they did a great job. Holding in all holding over for that with let's ABS Marie and your mechanic they've got to grow eight. Rotation of offensive players and they really use them to the rest between Adam even the fund aids Kyle Rudolph. They've got a good team they protect their quarterback their defense gets after you they are certainly one of the favorites in the NFC. I think whether they had signed cousins or not but they get the guy that they want which who. News. Case keen am Sam Bradford. For other teams Sam Bradford apparently is going to meet. Inside of Arizona duke is the rumor out there and he's cute and apparently is going to go to Denver so what does this do for the NFL trampled not a whole lot really you know I. Is that the browns are still the browsers got off to shun guys are so you're pretty sure they did get what Tyrod Taylor. If so you're pretty sure they're still gonna draft the quarterbacking thing on her for. I hear all these arguments owes us no one radio host that sat there and gave me every explanation as to why they should draft the guy and a warning is a if you got three girls out there that you wanna date. And you get to pick which are gonna let your buddies pick the other two before you get to the third you're gonna get what's left over are you really got to be happy and I went and it. OK so what if all three of them are exactly the same a match seemingly want these guys are. And they're all gonna help they're all gonna make your like better one way or another. I just look at this I think cinquanta Barkley is a phenomenal talent at the running back position. I know about taking running backs high it generally does not work but it is seemingly has worked. In recent years Ezekiel Elliot he Canada's national post and issued that warning letter for Medicare issue that what because what you find are players like Alvin Tamara. That strapped it later in the in the draft him and the kid at a Kansas City I've this year that it was from Toledo. They Fremont yet Fremont that is fantastic but he got his is opportunity because of an injury so there are running backs out there. Sometimes when you know you know. If you're gonna take say Kwan Barkley at one. And you you're not sure if the giants are gonna take quarterback but even if they do find you're not sure what's gonna happen at three if they think quarterback great five still got. Sam Arnold Josh rose or Josh Allen out of all them or baker mayfield. Two of them are probably going to be left on the board right out of them are going to be left on the board get to pick one of the two of them. So here's the thing. If you're comfortable with the any of them as your. Next future quarterback to go alongside these guys Tyrod Taylor since it plays this year out. Now takes a marked its adherents who see how this all plays itself out moving forward but NFL free agency is off and running and like when a guy like Paul Richardson that one could hear and see evidence eight years and forty million dollars or five years and forty million dollars. Ought to be put on your whole life is going on Woolsey. How any of these moves affect. Moving. Forward so them all move onto the NCAA tournament gets under way tonight playing games. Long island university at a Brooklyn against Radford Radford and minutes on and forever. Ally you Brooklyn I've driven right past and on the way the Barclays senator I got a sample for ally you recruit as I've seen a CNET facility. From the outside looking. I don't have a dog around the fight are written for LULU Brooklyn cause government's commitment on their roster nature and they get them I at the unit be it looks like it's right now part of Brooklyn to be kind of cool to play there you would think he would get some fun crowds there. Just because Brooklyn people love sports and love going to sporting events. The Barclays center is right their second game of an idea is saint Bonaventure and UCLA. The bodies come in 25 and seven a couple of years ago they were on the worst teams in division once they've really turned things around UCLA this year. I comes in with a record of what is it. That's 23 and eleven are 21 and a lot of hard for me to re deck is my eyes are going mound very poorly these days 21 and eleven on eleven adds it was an angle of the light UCLA. It is favored in that one but you know who knows it it's. I think UCLA probably should win that game but don't chew away with the Atlantic ten has become it's become a very very strong conference and so playing in the Atlantic ten. Is no joke both of those games tonight you can catch on true TV and finally wrapping it up here. For the ring it up put thriller David Wright said. Tim Tebow is the most famous person in baseball right now. And you asked me does baseball have a star problem when baseball. Does not have. A player in their league. That is active. It's on the top 100 most wrecked recognizable athletes around the world yes they have a star problems and part of the reason is. That for all the Major League Baseball has done they don't do a great job marketing their stars they really don't they tried to with Chris Bryant. And in Anthony Rizzo with the cubs with the success that they had they had their. That ball out of the Brazil campaign that they were like try to get people out there and had Eddie better command. There was kind of a play awful what they once did with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine chicks dig the long ball type thing put. The bottom line with baseball is as much I love it in attendance is still good because people.