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Monday, March 12th

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Now it's time you're 99 guests in the money madness cure for the next hour his voice to text voice and 78. Here's your money madness where does our t.'s board DO. Exports are now 70s881. Particular great tonight tonight yeah. 73 days mourns its purchase of immigrants are 1990. Religious war theater club much. Radio. Good time and days. Monday afternoon in March he NCAA tournament field is set. Tiger athletic department as a meeting with the man who is still. There head basketball coach. And grizzlies is still yet to taste victory. Since the month of January. Aren't you gotta give a streak going he might as well do an unspectacular fashion. Yeah and they did just that Saturday night yeah I. But we press side. As we always do here in the. City of Memphis so we press on to get you ready for the Gary Parrish experience here. Coming up at 4 o'clock each and every night through Friday at his very tab on this very station we bring you Aircastle type showed originates out of the palatial Entercom radio complex. The studios by the freeway the Sunbelt rentals studios. At those projects coming up to clean up that yard Nady got a tree stump you gotta get out. Maybe got branches off I got a huge branch I got fallen off and I don't have a chainsaw I don't wanna hand saw that sucker. I'm Matthew Osi the good people Sunbelt rentals. S and abroad since I got their first reaction was well I know I don't you have any idea how to use it. Like their freedom a chop up like my. Part of my body. Cuba does not out of use intentional or well you don't like it hasn't here there's a few guys that have in the past they usually make or movies out of them is exactly what I had one at one point I gave I gave it to some because I literally had no use for it and I was and I knew he did he had like a big. Plot of land with his house and he would constantly have trees falling in songs like he's like. Do you can borrow this doesn't he you can have it and they get I don't know why we fanatic anyway Sunbelt rentals 1800 elsewhere 1800 no sweat. 10% off your first equipment rental when you mention at this. Add we follow goalie can window we follow Geoff Calkins we immediately follow. Jason and Jon we get you ready for the gay affairs experience sitting in the the captain's chair I am your host Aircastle and other set of last resort program one and only Devin walker what's up how do we get. There was there was fantastic as her relaxing and I did watch Major League vessels and how to address that so our own. I don't know. I was gonna watch it. I was doing and I don't wanna hear I was going to watch a lot of Netflix and I'm not Tom Dooley is not on its Arnott is not on Netflix on their books I don't read a really got it and I don't wanna do illegal things don't know inaudible when do illegal things what anomalous legal slate and. It out. Now I don't know that you don't wanna do illegal everybody wants to do illegal things nobody wants to get caught doing exactly I don't wanna get caught illegally streaming so why does everybody wants to do something illegal it's a if you speed you're doing something elite archer or I'm pretty much everybody out there wants to do illegal things except to call watching a legally stream movies. So that's why I'm not only estrogen cable jail. I was at it I had a cable these revenue he said the cable boxes here I added buys like AD scramblers. Really yes world I I I admit right here on live radio. I want still cable for two years we played the basic fee fairly plugged in artist rambler. And eight it was great for everything except for the one thing most people wanna be scrambled right what is the newly movies. Right. Are you so here's the problem to nudie movies on our table this handler are. When they when they came on the lord black and white and the sound was this them. We didn't submit one of my best friends shared a house would two Brothers. The younger brother was at a weigh more together than the older brother Iraq. Older brother was a guy that would certainly and he was even though he was the older brother that's who he was younger nuts and we all work same restaurant and the old brother kind of became a manager and thought that that was like his. Golden ticket like he was always looking for this get rich quick stuff so anyway. We used to tease him all the time. Because the phone bill would come and there's like 1800 talk to girls and Saito right I know what we made it I know what do little. What are you two ONN of the brother ago I had no idea like yeah figured so any time. His brother would be lights and TV and we'd be at home we all had TVs in our rooms to lakeside my Sagan matter without a cell undergoes here. Edit their we'd be in a played PGA golfer some of them on the the original always is just horribly awful now compared to tiger was. But we go sneak up behind the couch and you couldn't you couldn't tell we were coming to let you be what did you reads welcome. Look. Like he was always sure hope you goods and don't look too bad mainly because it's just tormented as Oregon girl that's bad about it. You bring it on yourself at the ma'am we're. Bring it on yourself and cannot compel your part of the phone though that you clearly did. Master at anyway bring a movie for gadgets and why yet you yes I will get that for you let's give you a rundown of what's happened today. We've already gotten into what's gone on over the weekend obviously the NCAA tournament set. The tigers falling to Cincinnati in the semis after a brilliant first half of basketball and grizzlies got whooped up on pretty good over the weekend. So we will get into all that Archie not a from the commercial appeal tigers beat writer to join us to 25 or Hillary get up. Put three on aborted you 45 obviously we'll talk about the NCAA bracket. Tiger Woods with. The monster weekend except he came up one stroke short but I think it does show that he is back to playing highly competitive golf. He'll never dominate the weighted once before and I'll get into that later but. You know what will dominate. On Saturdays and Sundays over baseball golf tournaments where Tiger Woods is relevant yet. As evident by the ratings as we can DJ Jefferies. Is going to make his decision that we'll talk about that Jason Smith. Joins us at 3 o'clock and then at 345. Will probably open up the phone lines. We could go across the association but. I'm hearing a lot of talk and so I wanna hear people's in a we've really open up the phone minds as last week because this story about Tubby Smith hits home for all of us. Because we're all here we all care and. I mean like I've read things. Via social media platforms. About. Our station my colleagues meet anybody involved in this and what we think that about the coaching. Situation itself and an about the play and all of these things like there was this morning one cost that stood out to me because I was listening to Jeff as I was driving in. To do grizzlies game day live at the arena. And I was like while you know if you put any in a room NN you know how's he gonna out recruit. John cal Perry might chefs here Roy Williams he's he's not gonna go out recruit. Duke or. North Carolina and and and Jeff was basically I'm not sure what your point is that nobody saying that he had asked you put it all it's getting outside the city of Memphis like what's he gonna do it's it. Okay yeah out understood. That's not where Memphis is as a program right now. Inside I couldn't quite tell us what Geoffrey Canada elaborates that hey he's basically saying. You know he doesn't have the the credentials that these other guys have been. Then it's it's you know you're in if people think that because it's Penny Hardaway and all the sudden get national recruits they might want things almost I am guessing that's what the point was. Wherever he is this for whatever reason. Eddie gran and I always believe this whole heartedly. The talk that you hear. Is literally about 5%. Of what the actual public seemingly you right. The best way to panelists and I got a message from a guy on FaceBook. Said hey listen unlike some here colleagues. I really appreciate that you keep it real I really appreciate that you've not like going on out. Our hunt and I don't think chased and John or Gary or or Jeff and Ashley got on a hard to get rid of Tubby Smith because I think in the and we would all of loved one thing. The tigers to be what Houston was this year right exactly exciting and good and in that tournament. Winning a lot of games. And a fun game to watch Calvin Sampson did that with the Houston cougars we would have loved Tubby Smith to do that here. Everybody would have loved to seen we will Tubby Smith was 25 wins any American athletic conference championship final game. Going right down to the wire. And Yang you don't win but you you're in the dance right. Or even if that's not what was reality. An exciting brand of basketball with the coach it was connected to the community that understood what needed to happen to move forward right. If there were thirteen thousand people and I can of the games we've I said this on Friday will we be having this discussion would not be not at not one bit right. So seemingly that is the problem and the only thing I ever really felt. Tubby Smith needed to be criticized for was. Being so set in his ways that he didn't understand what he was getting himself into to which he even admitted to which I will give him credit you can only. Cork try to correct your mistake after mistake is made seeming like so once you make the mistake. You can't go back and get an a do over got what did you have got to get we don't we don't get to restart time. So seemingly after figured out he tried harder. But the problem is in this city and I think you would agree with me. Fan base is pretty on forgiving if we come and you don't assimilate and are right away. Or you don't give them a reason to have the love you right away. You can you can lose people want to. Heard although term question on you if you write like you said they don't if you don't come in just cantata connect the fan base because a crazy how crazy the mavs fan base is. If you're talking negligent they were found reasons to turn around. You know and that's exactly what seemingly happen with the grizzlies when they first got here they connected with Anderson got in and they did things in the community because they had to because you know what the the notion about the grid as was. Before it even got here in all of the all people literally said to me as we don't mean the NBA you know because all they will break. Our guys that go to strip clubs. They'd do drugs. And that will just come into our city spent one night and leave and I said okay. I get it keep you look at these guys it's basically young twenty plus millionaires. And there was obviously some racial connotation and it if Syria since an Afghan American dissent for the most part that you think they're not gonna really do anything. Let me ask you question aside I'd diffuse Israelis are asking questions. You think those guys have to eat dinner and lunch and breakfast yeah. Really Tony. RL team will get little more teams get a if the team gives it don't you think the team just as a magic food wander they wait well wait around in the air and a buff Fay shows up. I'll pay for right. You think the hotels are free. Well don't be at an NBA front Null in NBA rape and offer any tells rooms are taken up to what's your tax dollars off right. Amazed as you think you're just sick and in their rooms all night long. Auto bloated just goes to close now now that Gerald. Untrue and I go to bed I go to clubs but they like out all right here. A lot of hum it's kind of changed a little bit wool I don't know I just read the stories you read stories about one or two guys that you hear make the news so before you rush to judgment. Let him can let it get much so with the grizzlies did that that they tubby seemingly did not on the first got here was everything they could connect with community community. Outreach program you are trying to help kids but even that. Is is how fragile can be. Even that. They disconnected with the city this year that they've basically fire sold the whole team. Took in money. On contracts. And trade so they took teams contracts because you couldn't like the lakers the year the grizzlies acquired a guy name Chris mad mad at Texas for her. Right here Chris mammals a solid player for a couple years 23 years is a big but injuries were Justine grit like just done right now. But you can't just wave. Are you that are huge retake the Catholic is no way to know once the sun and he's hurt you can trade him. In what you do is you paid a team. To take so you have Chris Mihm and we say okay we'll send you a conditional second round pick for Chris Lemmon cash. I you know what you do and as you give me the money to pay Chris member of the 20% of the contract were gonna have to stay on at the time. 80% covered by insurance don't violate a conditional second round pick your probably never gotten so we're basically giving you a roster spot for nothing. And we're dumping like some others are we get a salary tax break whatever maybe. So people get critical about that because he didn't feel like the grizzlies were committed to putting a product on the court. That was going to help win now they were still making all of the strides in the community still doing things like the grizzlies house still doing all the read to achieve and all the things that made their community investment department a specialist this. Ball in the winds were coming people were still turning on it literally took the order coming out saying hey. Three years give me three years I mean they're jokes ran rampant. They literally trade Ford today flexibility in cap space again. Awesome took what position they play they don't great way to run a franchise right here and you're asking us to spend money on tickets and I heard at all. I heard off and then they rolled the dice and I got let's be announced they rolled the dice and got lucky it is Zach Randolph could play. But nobody wanted to pick up that contract. And they flip Darko Milicic for Quentin Richardson which turned in to Zach Randolph because nobody else is going to pick up that contract. Well clippers didn't need to because they just selected first overall to Blake Griffin. On top of that they went and got a guy next your name Tony Allen but it just got done guarding Kobe Bryant the final so then you add your kind of quote unquote glue guy with a couple young players. And boom the three year window. In two close even and that first year. That first year the playoff run it took a pretty special run in February to prove that this team was. Going to be where they work in and they make the playoffs. And I promise you this right now. Had Shane Battier not hit that three in game one and add the grizzlies not one game one although would have been exciting. It would have been nowhere near the atmosphere was or game three. Point of all this to be is a very very fragile. When you break it on your first step. Into the into the fray it's hard to repair that. And that's the only thing I could have been critical about Tony Smith about was like didn't understand. The mentality of the city when it comes to specialty didn't understand the fans love for the fact you can stay in the city and recruit and get kids that grew up here. The play for your team didn't seemingly get it sauls set in his ways after so many years of coaching I don't as solid play on that. But sometimes yep think outside the box and he didn't. And any and the fans were the ones who voted with their checkbook so in the end the athletic department was left. No choice now they're the people out there that are innocent they're ago but tubby can do this the tubby can do that look at the 21 wins and look at all the facts. That happened he he had Cincinnati on the ropes yet. This roster that is supposedly so terrible so off on all these experts as anyone 21 games and that's I say that you know what that shows me exactly what I told you on this program. Over already have and SA today he's going to be our program later. And coaches ass off he can get the most out of anything he can take. Two star player and and turn him into a viable. Division one rotation player as well as anybody I've seen. And I don't always get it wrapped up in these two stars three stars who you know. When you're talking about the top prospects top prospects of top prospect there's a reason why the top prospects generally land in the first round of the NBA draft. And unless an injury sides like a guy on the sidelines and act like Terry Giles. Or like a guy like cliff Alexander's just not quite what he thought B it's very rare. Most notably like we knew about Marvin Bagley and Gary Guyton and Michael Porter junior coming in this season and guess where they're going to be come June. But not a baseball cap of an NBA team to make it a lot of money playing professional basketball if. But the facts of the facts all you have to do is look at developmental players that tubby had. But sometimes unfortunately in this business ecology bass was I said last week. Dollars and cents outweigh wins and losses. And when you're talking about paying a guy top ten money which was the big gripe about Josh pastor or pay at a top ten money any kid coach. Okay we take act out their money and seemingly the recruiting isn't there either. As someone said and as a caller he doesn't check all the boxes are just petty check all the boxes. Hard to say because you never close to that level their people that are pushing back because of that. But if enough Jenner if enough is it excitement generated it's worth the risk. For the athletic department to roll the dice that he can't. And if it doesn't work yes she'll be right back in the same position yes she'll have to go back to the drawing board. But it college basketball going back to the drawing board doesn't such as far back it doesn't pros. So Penny Hardaway didn't work out a fan's kind of soured on it that all right we made a mistake. And we need to get somebody else and here you make the movie you make the change yet there be some push back there'd be some negative feedback from some fan base but if the fan base really saw that it wasn't working. And you went out got a coach like at Steve Forbes or something along those lines then that you know can't coach that you know can recruit that is done multiple times. And brought him many air at a reasonable rate. He could turn around in a hurry if it didn't work but if it does work. It was well worth the risk it was well worth. The opportunity and unfortunately a hall of fame coach loses his job a process. But this is a don't feel sorry for me type business because you know what as for all the people that are citadel Tommy got a raw deal Saudi gotta run its I was going to take. Out he's going to get paid. I hope they don't do marred the two did. All can and all this week and yet there's no chance costs. There's just there's no investigation gets out he's clean and that's why you run a clean program you don't wanna get fired lose all that money exactly that's what Gary tells a story famously about Buzz Williams going in. To his assistant Sam. Look I love all you guys to death and I want you go get any play you possibly can without breaking rules which you break the rules and you cost me. Millions of dollars on my contract as you did some against the rules there you don't find my foot interior and real quick. And I don't blame them one bit form because that's his livelihood. We'll see out plays out Marti not reported that Tubby Smith is meeting with the athletic department tomorrow. So by this that tomorrow we may have a decision we may know more about what's going almost doctor about that next night and on an Emmy as in the. 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On ninety you know. ES. Mark. It's been a wild two weeks our user. Not bad not bad guy was. We're waiting for ready for the offseason but it looks like there's not gonna be an off season this year permanent respectable. Now multiple voters not the it's it's a meeting scheduled tomorrow for Tubby Smith then the athletic department view. You put that article up. Just I guess gut reaction your expectations does. He walked out of there are still employed or does he walk out of there with a six year paycheck to pay off a nine point five million dollar balance. Why would pay out first of all. I'm purposely put university administrators. In that story because. I don't really think. The athletic department has much to do with this decision if if you can't argue I don't know combo and Marc coma those guys. Hoping they've really added saying that any good. I can just tell you their top Davis the staff members I've spoken to. Are preparing idea. He will not be the head coach after that meeting I'm tomorrow it really OPEC yeah it doesn't. It doesn't seem like there's any way around it anymore and when no one seemingly denying it and I do feel like and I I know ensemble inferred. The lord. I'm going on thirty years now. I don't think it ease. I don't think he's wanted just kind of go yeah you know orders you know we're we're gonna has got he's got some he's he wants to ride things out because. If this was his choice he wants to try to make it work but when the university president said. Yeah OX. And why do not match up when it's coming up to dollars and cents and that outweighs wins and losses were making a move right now to generate some. Some cash if if that's indeed what happens. Do you feel like this is simply a money grabber to dig dare they really just feeling like the program is is is puck sputtering to lol. Where they've got to give it the the prefer real defibrillator charge. Hey I don't think it you know I I think they probably want the on court product to be a little better. In other wanted to make and you turn it there you know they've they've believed they might have to be any of the year but. I don't think obviously it could be gonna be fired for going 21 and thirteen and finishing trip and made C. He's gonna be fired for the fact that. You know they can't have another year. Where they have the lowest attendance in 48 years right and they can't have another year we're donations go down. You know I've seen you know they can I think it just. They've decided that the amount of money they have to pay cut need to leave. Is black and the money they won't make. I have been in new coaching here and kind of hopefully reenergize them standing connecting. Even though they seem showed. You know. Probably yeah I argued significant signs of improvement toward the end of the year they won seven of their last nine. You could. Still LA and really excited the fan base and so. To expect the attendant could go up next year. Probably would have been foolish. On the and so you've decided that an administrator back. You know you can't go through another year like that financially. I think that's why you're seeing what we're seeing right now by. You know I don't I personally don't treat beyond core products are not you know. Up to this standard that I think a lot of Memphis basketball fans would like Kirk for the program traditionally. Packed. I don't really think noncore product has much to do with good position. So this as simply did do it the fact that there wasn't seemingly a connection between the coach and a fan base among the fan base voted with their wallets. The administration said hey look that that's a pretty powerful vote right there and as I said when I'm having this discussion if if they're 21 and what ever they thirteen. And have thirteen thousand people showing up every night they just don't that's just not the reality. I don't know I think it it don't know point out is I mean it. Tubby Smith has never not take an eighteen into the NCAA tournament in his third year so to say you know I like you know. If you're not judging by history that some people are skeptical green tower being hit third year it never not taken a team to DNC turn that spoke. Irritated are the team was going to be better than sheer. And baggage you know I think administration decided that. You know had decided that they they can't go on and be out again like I should practice with. You know he had not been told anything. Definitive. You know tubby has not. Met with the president at least as far as dine out or even really spoken to a more representatives. As of this morning so. I wouldn't say it I guess that don't make it seemed like extracting them weigh in and I know the people who are. Who work for that program are you know preparing for that. Parts in out of joining us here on the program you've been around the players what it how they reacted to this or have they reacted to it seemingly he had. And I'm kind of an adversarial relationship with one of his young players and David nickel Barry we saw them arguing on a regular basis but that's nothing to meet its ads that big a deal that. It happens to coaches and players votes I don't know what shot cal Perry. Who scream his players up and down still to this day so. Sometimes personalities clash like that's what's been the reaction from the players inducted. You know really it was a little strange down in Orlando connecting while they were playing those few days like. It was a really good distraction like they were you know they were trying to just ignore all the support. And just focused on playing but you can cal. After that Cincinnati law he walked in there probably about. Twenty minutes after the game and there's so they had kind of unwind it from the law and let it out and you could just help from their answers that. You know they were thinking about what neck and they don't really know what next you know could they were all well you know whether they like how to be or not. And I you can promote and most of them like Caribbean would have you know come back and played for him next year. They also know that like but the new staff. You know who knows what could happen to a next. So I think they'd tried they tried their best to ignore it and and didn't really talk about it that much you know we gal I'd ask them questions about it made it it got coaching and Kremer and bonds that come to goodness and you know Mike parks would say you know not really our control it Greek. They just wanna play they really thought they were burger truck they've really thought they had a shot at winning the ADT championship. And I think that's what they were thinking about. So I'm Chris you know I don't have a good sense of what the players truly think about there. But I would venture to get the 'cause most of them were brought here by Tubby Smith. That you know they would wanna play for him next year fumbled at the same time. You know they're here to play division one basketball I think a place for collapse heard it right coach and you know I think it should. It's just a matter of they realize this now they. It it might be elected that some of them are Hal college athletics truly work. Where you know you you may be the star of the show on the court but. Truly the power is not your hand clinic. Down to it. You know in the border so discreet. Let's just say. The move that everybody expects to make happens your best estimate in a night. How much in your estimation pressure does that put on a guy like Penny Hardaway or is this say. Hey Dick there's no pressure he just candidate that he'd he'd just hit the jackpot of what he wanted to do the fans are going to be behind them the building's going to be packed. Opening night there's gonna be 15161000. People to show the support for these kids some of them that haven't seen that before he maybe gets a recruiter to win here. As as it happens before the before the season start next year. Does it put a lot of pressure on an in your opinion or does it just got to leave it hey we know he's got an experienced coaching get a good staff work through that. Get players and eventually you'll win. Could there be some pressure Ralph don't think any one because he's. And alarmed because he's you know I'm a native son of he'll he'll get a little more of a great period in Covey got in too because I do think right off the bat you're probably gonna eat them. Some big recruiting when they're just recruit. Earth so are speaking don't bring income guys. The impact even that first year's pay they get they say don't do quite as well as you could say they have a similar record. Two this year next here I think he'll be a little more forgiveness from the expanded. Because. They're gonna be he'd beat recruit either coming in or just come and I think that. That was part of the problem. With how BP would now I'm not saying it would. The wrong thing to do you like he rebuilding year is way they hate the way would not a way Memphis can you really want to make whether it would whether it was right or wrong you know whether tubby was greater the cancer right. It didn't match and I think what Annie will likely do it you become the head coach. Will match more Rick White men could stand to walk again whether they're right or wrong I'm not sure the right thing. Over time penny wolf feel if he's not. Six sacked or he won't feel the same player that I've been feeling right now from this band aid. And I actually think the most pressure is going to be on the administration but 'cause they hired pending our being hired Covey. Coup eight it's pretty clear now it was not degraded day. There are now forcing tubby out much earlier than they probably planned. And what tubby wanted there and they're going to be taking a risk on a coach who had never coached at the college level. And yet Chinese. And different credentials than your typical straight from high school way you can't beat out star player becoming head coach. But it still nonetheless their risk. And so it if it doesn't work out and you don't stabilize your finances long term. I think people need to take you know. There's going to be an immediate need to be a lot of scrutiny on how the administration is operated because. You know I'm not sure you make it seems very strange how things have played out here where it doesn't feel like the athletic department. As much control over the top buyers if that make any sense that you're. Now makes it done it really does it because when you feel like the the president of the university can step in and do this it really does. I think it's gonna raise some eyebrows for some people as well and you know hopefully they can get it all on the same page and a basketball can get back to where it's been in the past and football can continue. On the upward trend should be interesting markets a wild time enjoyed a nine offseason I know they didn't get the NIT bid that they had. Hope for now I think for tiger fans that's it it just feels like too long since. It'd gotten to experience post season basketball hopefully that'll come to and very very shortly always appreciate your time a man and keep up the great work. There are prepared I march in out of right there from the commercial appeal it does vague question. I'd what does it look like a light. How does the dynamic now between the athletic department the administration. You know it doesn't change the heat because he all yet I mean in all honesty if if if they can set in like. As I don't know I mean I. We all have bosses tumbles bosses universe present the universe presence as you know. Dude we don't we got to move on him no matter how bad we've all had bosses probably fight for people in L I did. I had a boss fight for me wants only job I got fired from. Our boss fight for. Because what I did really wasn't that bad but it was just right after we had said don't do something similar to this and I could tell me I Dow's Bartz and and instead of charging my friends for like before price I charge them for the smaller drinking gave them a large drink. On Saturday I was working in a dear Colin says charger for a leader in charge them for a third believe there instead of charging him for the premium minor charge them for house lasso charged him and give it to him. I say no that the manager standing like right behind me when I did it. And simple literacy skills will talk about this after a move and so that was the general manager my direct manager said listen to it brings people end. He's one of the best parts and as we have he's on top but he never complains he's always on time is always will stay late she's had yet. But the own earth and I discussed it and we had just talked about people given only free drinks I don't think he does. But he under charge Franzen is right after we had talked and we're gonna make an example and he's like I did everything I cut off warrior and he was mad. He was mad but you know I screwed up right there so. In this situation it's not the same because it's a totally different dynamic but I'm saying I've had a boss iphones are. When you have a boss fighting for you. The screw up again comes from not wins and losses which is generally what you're judged by. If you're Tubby Smith it's come from exactly what mark you know just said. He had a disconnect with the fan base because he came in and did it his own way which I never have a problem guy doing his own way. But Noll who you're doing it your own way for. Right Knowles the market this market likes isn't Minneapolis. It isn't lob. It. You know all. Lexington Kentucky where they that's all they have any game and that's you know he won a national titles and had carte Blanche yeah but even in Athens Georgia. In Athens or any game in Atlanta Georgia boys in Atlanta Georgia. Which is you know Athens is right by there. How relevant do you think Georgia basketball almost total pull Georgia a Georgia Tech basketball or not he has not engage Georgia Tech fastball had a Georgia basketball via Georgia football. It probably goes in this pecking order. Or affable falcons where you Georgia football. Maybe the Atlanta Braves at that point so. Well they used to not a carrier but at that at one point even and they had trouble Celtics. George tech football you know they they they drop pretty well. George tech basketball. And then maybe Georgia basketball and the elaboration or some if boxer in their culture is somewhere. Don't know hawks game and they suck. I have pretty Barack. I heard it we had a pre season game yes Atlantic grants species must also has always on the falcons are playing at same time there were 47 people there felt like. Including me. And the players. Now literally it was an eagle actually gave away hundreds and thousands of tickets to kids like. They could never pop possibly go pop you don't like. Impoverished kids and keep you know especially they in so they just try to paper the building because they knew no one was my ticket that day. And everybody's in it that it's a promise or season tickets are bought by corporations but Coca-Cola buys big stock of talk season tickets and a lot of times it just go on uses part of a deal some former Irish and but the point being. He's never been in a situation. Like this where the city. Is. Intertwined with the university basketball team the way Memphis is with touch. And even though he's like they're the reports that he called just masterly called John cal Perry and you've got to know you've got to know what you're walking into. You just do. It's one thing if you walk into places like a great the Minnesota gold gulch only in NCAA tournaments week we'll support him great also. Data gophers didn't get ninety bit whatever away from Mexico for Iraqis and the frozen four and you know the vikings are king in the end though wilder up north and then the twins and you know we got all these other things that's I know we deal whatever Ty he's as great coach. I we will or for that that's not that's not what it is here on the and so that's the only thing I feel like the you can fairly really criticize the man forsee didn't know what he was getting into. Amassing meanwhile Martina just said. And it variant distinct tomorrow when we correct the airwaves tomorrow may we may have the answer. We may have the answer reiterate a couple of three on the board next we're gonna talk. About the NCAA tournament field we're gonna talk about DJ Jefferies and we're gonna talk about. An icon. Back in the spotlight once again and he is professional sports organization could not be happier. Dare wrongs he'd as someone once said. What are Paul Prudhomme the cajun chef you don't know ball for illness that you know under a look him up. They used to do. These did you senator last it's about a music a shaft music from the queasy and I was like I do their own anti. While kind of like oh what's his name as your coach. Yes and let him and are drunk guy so it's a seventy or round took some plays its gates to. Anyway let's let's rain up available when we get back to slated to have any estimates. And AM 8 AM 9 AM 10 AM 11 AM twelve noon 1 PM 2 PM until 4 PM and those. 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And I ask everybody every week is no radio that's my favorite songs they need bounce around like I don't know like I'm. They don't go why is he loves it otherwise move. Don't love it's that's allowed oh and then it's gone by I've done that it is so I hope you. My god you take what you frank how big that is a couple of may got out powerful alone Bob is bode opposition on the day today. This is that it is found that it did. Probably not get in there about. This is China's Gambino. 2000. I was Gambino you know Charles Gambino is another Gambino Crime Family in fact it's funny that you bring that up. Donald Glover okay. You heard the shortly and yes. He's good he's good god executive producer OK so yeah that's just really that I was being numb in watching that this summer you definitely should add another joins us soil was last night it. Side note total. Some History Channel has great shows. Like the mafia shows like it is true story once fastened and one on ones Bassett is the most because I spent a lot of time in Boston has been the story Whitey Bulger you. Food Johnny Depp. Played him in a movie and it's guide basically as they said last night. Law survived the gang war that she's ten lost it he started basically. On by killing the wrong guy. Yeah he killed he was trying to kill the other gang's leader and shot his brother and said who had nothing to do with it which which they said. You know the rule this street was you don't kill innocent people. As such is ignites this war. If him. And it's just basically how he'd somehow manipulated people Lana he'd spent time and out of jazz is doubles I'm reading my books by Machiavelli and I might learn how to play people off one another and eventually becomes like the most notorious gangster. Like running the Boston underworld while even though like the Italians who run the north and which is why I love because it died for the bears amazing or away. Very powerful that he liked the Irish outnumbered them and he just kind of took it all together and galvanize the Irish enter the first time in history. And it was any was like became second in command any became command but one of the things that the reason I was. They do about it was. In the story tell it it's like they ran the pinball racquet in my house the pinball that pinball machine just be illegal all over the country like Ruth yeah I have silly action. As I guess people gambled on and they were seen as like this. This like you gave all of paint pumped it untenable here. You and I play heads up for ten bucks to Meredith and the high school among yeah there's points involved it's no different the gambling on BP Belize gamble on video games all the time. I see that as a yes I've got people every wood bat like. A die like we were kids so like kids would that like dollars five dollars on Pacman on later when video games first and a lot of video arcades. Were shut down for drugs and gambling because that was what was going. I get weekends at like 89 years old were trying to like option may Kansas we could get the next quarter to stake in the machine you can hear hey I'll get a loan to carry so we're gonna buy is listening you want to work to care if you know other than a gambling in the drugs and maybe prostitution these are kids you know who love arcades or parents because their kids or somewhere to go job more Diego is it's five bucks get out of my hair. Bob Dulles off Detroit is used to be about one quarter Longoria then I was out money games if you are good at a game there was a wrestling game that I was written like I set the record for that and it Sacramento video arcade like it I just destroyed the record by its stone for a long time. I played I think for hour and a half one quarter. One corner house in order for game. I know this is like give pedantic contests and like OK so I win the contest but like. I'd big big guys at random place that know me other than as if it becomes an error an element here and make some guy that worked there. It's like second somehow he miraculously beat my score was so much impossible. There's no way. Yeah now it was fun anyway. Let's write up a threat what. He sent to bring you the yeah three FDA. Now 82 nice staring castles and Jared has said what happened here music whatever is playing as horrible. So really exhibit of him just Don reading into what are we are hated man. 90 Ryan and I don't want real men set up he's been tweeting a lot lately mark says something that I. Something's wrong I totally agree with Tom Maloney is we put on the hot seat. His fastball decision making has been brutal that's why he has been told keep quiet because the fans don't wanna hear anymore PS. Listen when he got here I know that they told we got basketball though she worry about it when he made his decision by. But he is completely change the football program perspective so I get it I understand people are frustrated and I understand basketball. Rules the roost here couple other ones Michael says who's the best picking your opinion for the reasons they get the number one pick. I don't know if I can get in trouble his economic team employee. I'm not a front office but I I'll I'll reserve that for when I see everybody. Everybody declare. For the NBA draft if it's all the cast of characters we expected to be I would say. I would be very blue if they didn't select one dabble of a player column displays in North Carolina when the Carter. In East London all I wouldn't I wouldn't necessarily not dole wild over another guy that plays for a team I like to call the acts. There it's in the desert some of the south last Oscar and a but there and they're playing they're the planet conference named after an ocean. Who can't figure how many teams are on the conference. The fact that speaker setup the it's embarrassing by the way being from that area and also. John Sweden's that are never 2000 able to restrain him Mike Miller got a lot of bright Arnold adds liberals are OJ Mayo Marko Jaric who had three years when he debate. Chris Wallace saying it was GM ruin the grizzlies future. This drama that and I and I replied job losses and they. Exile without it was a great move here because you get OJ Mayo who everybody thought it was going to be an all star and you unloaded. The contract of Brian Cardinal who seemingly was not going to play for you anymore ever. And you got Marko Jaric who could play backup point guard which is what she thought although Mike Miller was a nice piece of the puzzle. And Canon law was unproven the people weren't sure what tell them I was going to be. The problem was when he rolled the dice catalog become better became a better player than OJ Mayo OJ Mayo didn't pan out the way it was Marko Jaric never really got in the right side with. With the coaching staffs whether it was mark driver Tony Orlando Hollins and it didn't really work out so I I don't think it ruined the future of the grizzlies because. Again. The mood that seemed like the right move to make it it might make it look different but there it is I will ring and put him aboard now wanna get those sort of message in their. Yeah NCAA bracket has been. Released. People are not happy with the selection show I don't plan on why has looked like a bad seventies karate movie with the S sound off. And also it's just didn't. It just didn't play like the back and forth between Greg Gumbel and Ernie Johnson and I love Ernie Johnson and Greg Gumbel both I think they're both incredibly talented. That's just a tough sell I I go back to the old way it was. But there were teams that didn't make it teams that gave Dick by tell this to say. It's the only annoyed him reunites him right I have no math skills but once someone explain this to make. How little work. Took Oklahoma State considered hold to that it. And Oklahoma in the 200 what Oklahoma loses eleven of their last fifteen games they did we wouldn't. Even in your 2018. On the world would. And on top of it Oklahoma State. Beats them twice not once twice. Oklahoma State beats Kansas twice Oklahoma State beats West Virginia out was good. Oklahoma State beats Florida State I see no logic they can give you all the talk they want about her only what they did early fourteen a true. There is no way in a world. That Oklahoma State if Oklahoma isn't Oklahoma State had to be in the tournament I think it's a disgrace and it's an embarrassment and humiliation. To look there's sort of it's about. I really tell you the truth it frustrates the hell. Well rant done Dickey gave except to get the wrong fight to pick right there because the one that should have been picked. Stood in the fact well because when USC is twelve and six in the conference and 23 and eleven overall and I get that Arizona State. Beat Kansas early and I get that they beat Xavier early. You know what they didn't do a lot of bill in conference play when they were the ninth seed in the pac twelve now. When they played USC. They beat USC. Eighty to 78 I get it USC wants the conference tournament title. Game. You played them once you lost by two or you lost them by two overall. This whole. Not in conference all these other things they lost to Oklahoma team that was wrong time by two they lost to Texas saying am I guess that they didn't win the the nonconference games other people thought they should but they dominated in their conference compared Arizona State who did not Arizona State and Oklahoma were to there and Syracuse were three that I went. Wow where Middle Tennessee State USC and Notre Dame or wants or what while Oklahoma State I did not think about because I knew I felt like they were going to have a down year they over achieve. But nonetheless there's a lot of questions today. Especially coming out of Murphy's burrow especially coming out of South Bend, Indiana where they lost their best player supposedly they were going to take that into consideration. And when Bonzi Colson came back Notre Dame just looked like a different team. And for USC Arizona State had a remarkable run beginning of the affecting got themselves in the top five in the rankings.