Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- March 21, 2019 with Eric Hasseltine, Byran Kalbrosky, and Jonah Jordan

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, March 21st
Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright opens the show discussing the Grizzlies win over Houston on Wednesday night at FedExForum before welcoming Eric Hasseltine to the show to discuss Eric's thoughts on the game and the upcoming road game against Orlando. 

Segment 2 -- Bryan Kalbrosky joins the show to discuss the NCAA Tournament, Ja Morant and Zion Williamson, the NBA playoff race, and more.

Segment 3 -- Jeffrey and Connor discuss trouble in paradise for Johnny Manziel, the NCAA tournament, and more during Ring It Up, and Put Three on the Board.

Segment 4 -- Jonah Jordan joins the show to discuss his horrible NFL take from the Geoff Calkins Show, Tiger basketball, Tiger football, and more.

Segment 5 -- Jeffrey and Connor discuss an absurd graphic from the NCAA Tournament.

Segment 6 -- Jeffrey and Connor close the show discussing The Headlines.