Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 2: Live from Tyler Harris Recruiting Announcement

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, April 13th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright welcomes Geoff Calkins live from Cordova High School to set the stage for Tyler Harris' recruitment announcement and they even welcome a Memphis Sports Media legend to the show to discuss the event.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey turns the show over to the live stream of the Tyler Harris announcement.

Segment 3 -- Jeffrey welcomes Geoff Calkins back to the show to offer his final thought of the announcement before Jeffrey and Brad close the show discussing the significance of Tyler Harris' announcement. 


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Filling in for Jeff Jeff joins us back on the line he's live at quarter of high school Jeff what is seen looking like right now. This is crazy see some crazies. Out there embodiment sure that you wanna like canyon purposeful. Sent. Yeah because it's gonna take forever this is a sort of every signing day. You know our program son think yeah let me immediately. Ordered them. Study at 10 AME. Posting of the colors with C Cordoba junior ROTC. Says. The national and little or soft spikes sharp straight this debt the welcome. From Laura power. Then let a political occasion by coach Gordon heard. That opening remarks by George church gaels. That it declarations gosh commitment by Tyler Eric and that coach art. By coach Jerry scale we are not gonna have an actual answer here. Hill I'm gonna call it says sorry it's nice and cook a there are at a college 1023. It's maybe 1033. We got an answer Rihanna we got colors we got. Two jets opening arch. We got it all it literally entire school isn't here so. I don't know if you may wanna get Chris Jericho not edible combat educated here like this is. It is got to be it's gonna be a marathon not a sprint let's just put it that way it is going to be okay. Other terrorist extravaganza. The very shortly I will be standing up but why can't go my heart. And you put a posting of the colors and the National Anthem. Lie Egypt Turkey day and by show ever date I could bring you were given you a lot of the National Anthem. Sort of Allen but to credit goes to the absurdity of the describe I didn't really bad at all like ease. The entire full school assembly. Music great the entire assembly is here yet they grade high school play Friday the radars slash. This is luck with all due respect it's such implies. This is but it's it. Edited the ancient it's a great debt draw the high I don't mean I don't think it would be great if there are scrambling to be great day which you just like. It is great it is the entire auditorium. Is. Going up where where literally a terrible you 100% go look like a school of public got what you're school. Then you've got those. I do. They went on forever ever ever writes it's no. That the saint there's free. There's be there's that the table a pot Hitler there yes there at the table whether. Cordoba high school all the bull. People called that a thing draped over her dead. Two Trotter is right behind you yet there at the university America's tapped. To Tyler Perry is out there at Baylor Matt. And where. This scoundrel that went over to the left at this stage. I walk over regular tour I guess. There's another table of Al big picture and awards are we happy. I was. It's we have acute stroke it was 2070 alternative keep a look while I explore we have a chill you to record of high school basketball arbor that Tyler has spoke to doctor point. X districts fortunate AAA alternative deep black. National press 2002 does it to go but do you critique. Mr. basketball trophy got to credit president joked yeah. The throughout her. Through retired lieutenant thing. There are 1234. August 677. Or plaques. Up here and then I. And into framed photos. It is quite the occasion. It felt like hey that they're pretty good at taking the right. Maximizing the use of the table to get public there's that the tight squeeze. It is oh yes they get reviewed every into the table and and it is only out of workers and any other further clues as to whether any ago. So okay so I didn't we didn't weeding deducting you know you're in the assembly so. Jason Jason gave us a couple of big updates. Oh what clues so number one. Billy ration linger will be cooking out wings for the event a while and Jason Jason says he's you know he does go conspiracy theory god that he doesn't think one tiger one former tiger be cooking up wings for Baylor bear her. I think that makes sense that would be good for the event. I'll be out here there's a wings at the events that were. That was that was as beat this Arctic Circle and look at what else if there's so approachable and down here. And bigger look at what he plays cook up wearing sporting event. Well that baby ducks. So I may be may be like there's going to be maybe it's out of your program but maybe there's a processional. After words or maybe there's a reception afterwards in the there'll be wings there perhaps. Maybe as a candidate and other globe. The other clue. Hang on so we had we've only just decided to go apparently tray Draper had posted something about Memphis but he and do not see it it may have been remark I'm sort of the other clues just the fact that Jones there. Yeah John Jordan's so. They eat it is big deal is that with with Billy rich in being there if he put on the Baylor had that be healed turns heel turn. Actually I like that belly up but my utility to actually hear that I don't that was that was my impression of a no secret put a lot of people here are a little while they're just estimate put Jarvis unpaid garbage but I'm sorry for a minute. There's ever look at those required for drivers greatness it up. Let alone. Of course are welcome on Demi exceeds eighty five's the voice. Of high school sleds and all all men and this kids growing up is of course Jarvis Greer Jarvis good day sir at. I don't Derek. There really got to know what you and so. Now we got Brad Carson behind the glass to Jarvis you you Martin Jarvis he's been an autograph Donnelly Arian champion you've been covering Memphis high school sports. Where does this seem rank fur from high school announced that the EC for dollars. Upward Tyler parent. Close all lit it up there I was in Yemen Libya auditorium building up now all it's there. Comedy and deep seeded than. We got it of course yes sorry go to yet he had called hey look they're all two hat for Tyler hair they'll let the movie dead that I didn't. They'll want to add that they've been won had they were. Now not the they didn't hit anything but pilot aired the right candidate and the live the right side of the. They. That's good if he. Yeah. Yes it did all the applause please broker. Right now it they. Did you hear it could be I have seen a bunch and out there you look the one Penny Hardaway look. Absolutely all this change would be gone with me at the click credit pretty much indeed gone. But that was creepy and Elliott Perry when he died that look up we'll be scenic trip will. Could be done with tiger. There's another call on the way back all the late backed Richard Matt Cooke left that met at the north that. Oh that bring a few more panel out at hand down that's not and a quick. Now look at all the protecting them bulk of them are pretty cool Baylor with a different Baylor at the bit be on at the Olympic Baylor crowd. Prior in another. Tiger at that has. The logo on it looked tiger spelled out. They still keeping the tiger had. On your right hand. All right hand or but I got out there I got out dateline politically now that it got to the part we at night at a and they can have a shot here in Munich but he made it. Here's his legendary coverage this is this is good stuff there. But did you not bet that you know that the tiger had done the right the court Cordoba outlook there green and why. Green black light bill Baylor color in golden light. If that Opel gubernatorial little Baylor Kirk kind of blend in with Cordoba. Color. Let me know that that need to be doing those killed find out. And yet the little it all the media is represented of course get local dealer near you got all the TV they didn't you get yup that'll walker here. Clinic board that it bit down a door eat here. Yet everybody here is difficult he had marked the model corporate right here the right neck between the guard technical yet know. A couple of they could get caucus today at my program. Okay yeah if I hadn't done pretty Cesar I don't. I don't wanna keep bird being generous here for Canada he told you about the dramatic second half development. Yes. Yes so what does so I think the I think the most it if you really wanna go full Sherlock Holmes on this. The fact of the that this hats on the right hand side and the left into. I don't know I mean I guess Tyler's got to get crossover. But that's kind of tough when you're sitting down. Now Andy there's been other rumors that it may be meant to go to we go to the waiting period. Yeah. I've heard other rumors like this out of her film up there. There is other intelligent that it could possibly be but we don't know like at that picture the drama continued. The open that tiger had at sleeping tigers saw the B Taylor had wondered. What has this sort of what what has beat you on it yeah and then the other says dealer across the rock hall in multi colors I would want to put a lot of the far right there and out of our I would not put my head I'll be out there. It's got to destructive path the one that it went to EU or the one with Baylor and the U wants final look at date like going to be. Our universe should be like whatever correct the one that says Baylor isn't. These. They have a slightly permanent colors. That you want that. I would not wanna put that out of I had ice it I think it's well I'd call that right now the effort now while it's a base. Because they've obviously gotten us that must. That must mean that you would be one ever so willing to put both those tire hats and had. I would look stupid but I would do that yes the you're sad I don't know what rabid about adolescence. Had a look a little. OK so it was boast a better chance yeah. I might get our predictions tend to be real it is clearly premature yes this will be 1040 got a lot of well quite a prediction. Attendance 47 the basketball he is. So they're they're lining up at the hallway to the road there's stairs and I we come in and out of the editorial. And they're sort of they're off to the right at our command there are 123 or Arctic eight. There's a lot of unlucky but there's thirteen shares. This Friday the thirteenth. There's third event announced Friday that I didn't hello thank you Brad Arianna is so unnecessary producers for now. There's thirteen shares upon the up on that create I think that's going to be for the basketball players. And there about command. But it is go I don't think I've worried about the court of what you get on launch I've replaced it's there's. All these children as it is going to be out by lunch time it might question a perfect every other violence. I thought he really should make an up swing for the entire Cordoba. School but coach this could drag well into a large create a lot straighter I explosive start but it'll have a great doesn't it we got. So as someone who has attended court of elementary not courtroom high school I can tell you. There once feared it started around 1050 so yeah yeah right. Did you guys gotta gotta look out the exhibit gallery and you go out what I don't wait. One take a break. Come back problem I wanna do their take a break come back America event or you will. I think there was nothing happening I thought the a couple of Arctic blast at an Atlanta with more on my. How do you wanna record that this. I tell you what let's take a break yeah a bullet that traveled look at video I can guarantee the next order they're they're good break we will look they got an answer. Here come the basketball keep filing it. A big break your bubble that got doubled to proceed with a extravaganza. 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We are streaming at the Tyler Harris announced and as you just heard the end of the National Anthem the colors. Have been presented. DeVon walker has is on the scene forests he is streaming the event so. We're gonna ditch attempt it's on FaceBook live right now spirit of full disclosure. The strain is not good now I mean like it's buffer being is not good bye to be was cellphone. And I and if you'd think with Cordova high school being underneath the power lines and taking it's a pretty decent reception service out there but. Someone who's still out there I can safely say I'm not eke eke out. So we are we're attempting to bring that to you. Found it also appears that the entire world DeVon is gonna be so happy right now do you realize. Death and that essentially lives at first social media presence. And ever could go to DeVon right now so this is like the greatest day of DeVon blight. So we're going to do so right now on the video they the folks who did the National Anthem have a step deciding Cordoba high school in the auditorium they have the green and white Cordoba high school on the table cloth. There are needed for people at the table is dead though the live video stream has been in erupted it says broadcasts have been pause it's because there's so many people trying to join. But essentially Tyler's in the middle looks like these folks around inside and out represented another representative. If a female was up there on stage as well. That is deceased. It was an area. I'm now we have an M seats in the left the stage issue is welcoming the people's since they just finished the National Anthem little by offering. And again the live video is being served it's this is it's hard at these high schools as we're not dealing with alive. Tie. None of the attacks can't DeVon installments of bad connection right now possible try to figure out. So that is the scene again it Tyler Harris is set to commit over at quarter of high school again we will. Attempt to get it's either either Tyler and hello I've a doubt we're gonna get Tyler on the phone afterwards we were going to attempt to get. Either Devin let me see if I can get what I phone here all but we're we're attended to that but again it is Tyler Harris day again we are. Moments away from Tyler's making his decision again if you haven't if he's not been whether it's setting the stage on the table more importantly. Tyler is right handed in on his right hand side according to driver's career according to Doug walker. On the right hand side is his tiger hat and on the left hand side. Is the Baylor had so we car officially at the point where we are reading into whether or not the location. The hat on a table is going to give us some type of indication. Of whether or not. Tellers will be a tent exhorted a Wii and tries to begin today stories you know ride you're gonna scrap the video dug up so I Devin again here by phone. What we do that once they also though right now program is brought to about five people at so called call. Is looking at the corner of poplar and Ridgeway spraying it. Is almost done we have got some are right around the corner and I know I for one. I I I know we always joke about how hot it gets here in the mid the summer but I'm so sick and tired of being called consistently hear that I am I'm ready for summer. And the great thing about it is calls ready for summer too because they got all the options out. On store right now machine check out the fantastic selections from Kim a large cannot say enough good things about them love their short collection. As well as much much more locals looking at the corner of poplar and Ridgeway regalia shopping center locally and and and we operate with eighteen Nicky nine we now welcome on. Live from Cordova high school Deborah walker had been. Set the scene for a man were we looking at. All right now right now the turmoil has worn on and off. Haven't you put these cool little golf parlor. And he. Under the evidence ceremony here but there are a little bit about how how how how much you miss the community cause me to court over editors are very intricate disclosure. So we are now in the opening comments portion. Of the program as Jeff has told us there was a bowl and earlier so this is will be the opening comments. Devin right well our expert out right now where where you've where you waning we've been most people here's seeing some pretty tough by the tigers. Do you put any stock into the fact that the tiger had is on the right. Yes or told her that right and it. And no because quoted Graham and from wall multi indication that you're going to be parliamentary. Vote and actual record. I've got totals are war has hit a nice connection here on Facebook's army tried this unintended and one day you you won a state by artist or we'll keep you on standby here to human puts on hold DeVon. Okay I DeVon and LSU -- thing there we're gonna put John Holt for a second where all of the speed. Words I. Honors. And it's. And he. The north murders on state. Even par. Okay. Let me. Our. Hey man. Okay. I'll. You're. I know. And okay. I. And you can. When you. Thank. A okay. Okay. She. Pretty. And again. There. I am here. And. Any. Iron. And good good equipment and okay. Euros into the Jeff Hawkins show right here on 99 at them ESPN. For those just joining us right now we are in the middle of the pilot Harris announcement as high school head coach has been giving you a state of the union apparently have Tyler hairs. We are still waiting Tyler's on the stage that. We've not quite gotten to the announcement again we're very close we are going. That's what she says. We will of course keep it. Right here. You will have the and Tyler Tyler Harris announced that brilliant for those just joining us we are listening to you sort of a point guard Tyler harris' for recruitment announcement. Expected she's between Baylor and Memphis. And I. Yeah. Okay. She's far. 8300. All of us. And Ali again. Title here is walking up to this stage now Jeffrey and accepting a retired at number one Jersey. We're done by high school my friend what are your what are your thoughts on this and I have friends texting me they're like I what did you guys talk to Mike low his people wanna hear it but I know this entire biography right now we know everything about Tyler is I think my favorite was. I think that there was his coach saying whether or not score 1000 or 2000 points all of us not accepting anything less than a 1009 at the bar set where young man's. Still not a violated just do it again I haven't made the announcement yet you'll love to be here on 99 when this announcement so. For those that are out there just joining us we are covering the story are running the Tyler Harris recruiting announcement he's going to make his decision she's tremendous and Baylor. Again we have had quite the ceremony thus far we had a National Anthem here all timer with with the colors presented by the RTC's those done right. If he doesn't go to Memphis is as wind I. Get an answer in the radius isn't going to be one of the biggest deal turns seems like he now 400 dollars for. Recognizes family. Yeah. Didn't create. But yeah. They think you Bubba. It's. It's in my. I live here both. Into a movie news is that it's bravely and the beavers beat. OK so. While they have it took about a bunch of Mets. Roughly three months ago. There is if this was getting neither Alex slovaks north Tyler hairs that predict your legs. After 875. Day recruitment and als and ceremony. Balladares has selected the University of Memphis he will sign a letter of intent. And the tigers will be getting both Alex Lomax and Tyler pairs. We got a Cuomo. Down drag out if you're ready we'll be right back after this the Jeff Flock to shed more. Here. Tyler. One of the messages. From them and and. Or device who's time there Harris junior league so imagine Penny Hardaway as a University of Memphis thank you for coming home Tyler with 929 FM ES. PN that you've been lied to us by two by Washington politicians in the Wall Street propaganda machine type any magazine bestselling author bread kitchen and if you're over 55 with an IRA or 41 K I want to do your free copy of my new book wells day on Wall Street because according to time magazine Wall Street's for a one case of failed millions of Americans after losing 35% my IRA in the crash years ago I said he now. 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To make an appointment and take advantage of our 99 dollar office visit special. Just 99 dollars to meet with a licensed physicians and all males laughed that made them Memphis men's clinic the leading provider of ED treatment in the area. The Memphis men's clinic 9014430304. Improve your performance improve your life Tyler. No comment. Thanks the we're device who's time there Harris junior Alex Lomax in Penny Hardaway as a University of Memphis thank you for coming home. Tyler with 929 FM ESPN. That's right you have heard the news we're back on the Jeff Hawkins show we welcome live from port of high school Jeff hawkins' job. Dollars is just committed to Memphis. What does this say about any waterways program what does this say about the recruitment process. Well first welcome back fidelity a minute now what does suck that. The media after a Republican goes wild about how much as critical the street we had the ovation. When he. Committed. Was. OK usually like it's it's. Scherer. A lot of people here it is wild. It's all about spotlight edited out but obviously it's a huge day. Apparently it represent that he can daddy get. I just want but both point guards and metal plated one group. You know what it's got plot are you look look you know so competitive deal to do this his arm up and out and I thought our Canada also argued throughout. Geoff Calkins live from Cordova high school again if you're just joining us. Tyler Harris has committed to the University of Memphis he selects them over Baylor it was aid. It was an interesting turn of events because as many have pointed out. A month ago. The tires were not getting either Alex Lomax or Tyler Harris now they are getting both and as Jeff just pointed out there. Unlike without slow Max where. They are always been essentially involved in the young man's license he was probably eleven ya may if not if not younger. There was though. Deep personal connection. Two Tyler Harris he did play a season for for team penny but Maurice usually had been playing for teams that yet. There were there was not the connection. I think he'd try to start to see that the tea leaves turning now when he saw when Memphis brought in. The two lane document Cunningham had brought him in and then. He announced that he wasn't going to Memphis lot of people thought that that meant that. Perhaps maybe he was choosing to whatever Memphis and Annette K so guess pennies not gonna get a mall. You know first thing I thought I saw that was will they. They know a little something that we don't know about who they are getting. Tyler Perry's just committed to Memphis if you're just joining us at I I think it. Not to speak like I am I'm a preacher bringing the city of Memphis together and because I think you're gonna hear a lot of that down because Tyler Harris coming to Memphis I think it's a huge deal and I recognize it's not James wise men or some. Sigh hi hi hi hi hi eight super early. But it means all locked to the city I went to that FedEx saint Jude announcement yesterday which was one of the biggest sports announcements we've had in some time because it's a Major League sporting event and it's gonna. It's going to be a big deal. But the truth of the matter is everybody at that press conference was talking about Tyler Harris and I think it speaks to how huge hoops is here I think when you saw Mike Miller go to a Penny Hardaway staff what it Siegel he's the biggest guy and he's writing and Adidas program a Nike is who penny is with and I think it's a small thing but those two working together. And Mike Miller you know and other programs. You know. Whatever team you played four and a view I think it's cool I also thought it was important for Alex moments I. I don't think you can overstate how huge it is that Alex and Lomax was excessive was mature enough to realize. The opportunity for him in his city by getting in on this early. Whether it's pictures after the state you know when they're going to state and they're going through you know the states and see stuff when they were playing each other court building east. I'm getting pictures with him and coach a coach Hardaway chilly up at the event showing up at the event. You know every. On Twitter or social media I think that's it's super impressive to see an eighteen year old who realizes look man like I can do something special beyond meat. As a guard on this team and by the way just from a tactical perspective I think there's no reason why you can't have. Tyler at the one and Alice at the two tactically I mean it makes perfect sense in his parish is set on his show. In college you just need talent you need to step scoring you need scoring and these two cats on Memphis is squad is huge and you know so I'm super happy and more importantly I'm happy that's Scott Drew that's gallon. That's down like this gallon discount rolled rooted not get the player he wanted out of Memphis and during this time that makes me incredibly excited. Yeah I mean I don't want to overstate it too much because at the end of the day. Tyler Harris is not you know this isn't this isn't a top 25 K this is not five star kids are 150 player like the truth is. This is a kid that. That the university Memphis identified. Under the previous regime that they want it may be they identified that they wanted to earlier. And they are making any progress now and I don't I don't think tubby was gonna get an MR I realized that he went back that way and was working to try to get Tyler but the truth of the matter is I mean penny went into double overtime to get this thing done there's a question to me that's what the larger point is. Fur fur. While the dared it was starting to develop that Memphis kids don't wanna go to Memphis Jeff has talked about it ad nauseam that he just doesn't think fundamentally that's true. And I think you just all that entire reaction right and if you're if you're James Wiseman now or you're on top global prospect. In your in Memphis and you'd watch what's about to happen today on this radio station in the reaction around town want whether it's social media or and that high school auditorium. And you're you're witnessing how ridiculous the reaction is today's. And this can be hard to not be a part of that party another thing I think is helpful for Tyler is. You don't. We'll say Doug Fletcher won the clocks three months right and at that point it was almost like Tyler airs your boss Tyler here's your bus tires or bust and it's so it was going to play in my opinion this type of pressure on Tyler hairs that. Really was on deserve it was on it was almost because of. It was an emotional situation. It was gonna put him in a situation that he probably could live up to expectations. Now right outs Lomax now with the fact that. He's got Penny Hardaway was all bringing the energy bringing excitement. It's gonna put these expectations on how on Tyler nurse to come into the program and be some sort of savior now though it puts him now in a position that he's. Best suited for success you've got a true point guard out slow Macs now you can go be score and INS and don't you put him in Jeremiah on the wings sure I'd my god I completely understand when what is head coach made the remarks that. You know for those that say is not a true point guard I think that's BS but. The truth is he's more suited to be a score is it too I guess many many can't play the one shirt and bits and even the larger position is that. Alex Lomax is a great ball distributor of selects his great guide it's gonna get you in position to get. Quality looks quality shots now you're now you're in position team. Do what you do best which is filled up. And so to me I think that's what's that's what's important overall course Jason and Jon we'll have all. Of the leg reaction. All the comments on bond fund at Memphis one fine day get Tyler shares will be aim of this tiger he's sort of a point guard and now. Just moments ago that he indeed. Will be a Memphis tiger. Jason Dunning have all of the thoughts all the comments all the reactions by thanks Jeff Hawkins I think Jason Smith for joining us during the program. My thanks to all of you for sticking around right here the Jeff Hawkins show. I think to Brad Carson of keep you know who. Keep it all running now I am I played real talent Jason Johnson and next. Knowing that Memphis. And and and. Nobody's this time there Harris junior Alex Lomax and Penny Hardaway as a University of Memphis thank you for coming home. Either with 929 FM ESPN it's. As the official. 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