Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 2 with guests John Martin, Cameron Wolfe, and Sam Perkins

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, January 12th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright begins the second hour of the program by welcoming John Martin to the show to discuss Jeffrey's theory about the origin of the"Fire Jason and John" shirt, John's interview with David and Natasha Fizdale, the Grizzlies, and more.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes ESPN's Cameron Wolfe to the show to discuss the Tennessee Titans' Divisional playoff matchup with the New England Patriots.

Segment 3 -- Jeffrey welcomes 17-year NBA veteran, national champion, and Olympic Gold Medal winner, Sam Perkins, to the show to discuss Sam's honoring by the National Civil Rights Museum, Sam's career, the state of basketball today, and more.


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Oh yeah actually a matter of fact. I didn't give right now tried the product in Hawaii it. Well like that they'll enjoy it now get out of it after a word you know 00 well I'll I'll partake in some of the great snow activities we went over the word. Okay we're we're gonna get into your interview with data in the toss of that is still in just a moment but I want to start here. How is the investigation into the the source of the fire Jason and Jon T shirt going to let me ask anybody I'm awoke. You won't all the what yell you're thinking what this new big able to start organized by Jason Martell. I'm not saying it was or wasn't on this animal look I got questions. It would be pretty. Pretty junior but what if that would be carried up I'm just saying you know it was a little slow on Thursday you know that's good OxyContin content out of it. Now you know it that way they go we'll confident on. We believe we will in Atlanta may yet play on the investigation the other. We didn't and put it out what are our sort of a put the bad things out of everybody goes yeah. It about you know do or do certain ones that would quite ordered my men never been late opportune three rounds of golf that anybody. All the tips they could lead the discovery of not been as of yet so he still out there that are just so out there. Whom yeah if they figure no no updates are. No no updates. I didn't when you look like yeah we'll play it aren't we could have been among that we did but. I assure you. If we were gonna put somebody up who thought alike that it would have said something other than fired it into our. I mean maybe it was just perfect for animal lover now I guess we have never never never did make white guy you know I got a crime podcast about it yeah like material or. Atlanta monster all that are highly recommend the kind of like it. Like capital what are the dirty outburst or serial very very good I guess they'll put out if maybe the subject up of many high podcast that you sort. Yeah I mean it's it's the ultimate. One day. At FedEx Forum on live television broadcast a shirt. Was the source of great great discussion got to treat your voice on that. Yeah they got a number of people like when you're gonna get to be a very popular podcast. Absolutely John Martin Jason and Jon joining us here on the program John big big week for the show this week. Lots of great guests whether it be that combo interview and even today Sean Salisbury and no one's heard that it was terrific today Sean Salisbury for all the football fans out there but. Course one of the the biggest interviews of the week was with David and Natasha does dale and last year way because hats off to you because very doggedly you made sure to make an interview happen and if it was terrific but for you. What did you find to be the most interesting if it was a revelation or you know there was just something that you found some Lehman news noteworthy. I mean I couldn't let nothing have clearly newsworthy like I could save the fact that they've got dumped dead. It would be better Miller Palin but I can yeah of course you're gonna say no because it developed. Pretty hatred Ripley's believe it didn't acknowledge that they'd ideally want to look at NBA unity will look at NBA get let yourself and I don't know what have weekly. I think the thing about it is that I always have admired. It is just the way to sort of always thinks about the question little rattled him you know you have the deployed give your garden party at their you know I had them. For his side you know all on the market all sort of break up split I'd be more to quietly let you know how about side. It out of ice pick a side here about hammered about me when we get along with a you don't like or dislike it's about. You know hearing the team pulled championship and at the group because like I would no longer the guy they could do best. They thought they had to make it I opened the door for appropriately. CN most guarded by his reputation. You know look you know we'll permit label like coach joked yeah I did I appreciate that about it or it could be very honest and open any word yesterday. Stadium and John Mark of course of Jason and Jon. The program that immediately. Leads into this of course very Cheri don't here weekdays eleven to two. Ask you this because of what I found interesting about the interview was. The fact that David is still comedy almost explicitly went out of his way to discuss the possibility of when he get back into coaching and he was even willing to be a lead assistant that it's a surprise you. About it's I mean he's beautiful out coached there. There's no way gonna do are you bite that made another familiar that that you know like your Mike Brown took the job. I I think that the prime spot and don't say you know or republic that you know money when it got to get back. At at the head coach you're very cannot imagine and and that could be a prime you know. Spot where they're the W I applaud coach in LA and he got fired up there. You know muck and into effect repeat it and you know what it would achieve that you don't what are what biting him. Choice or not. It didn't have a lot. Around it what you got past market saw like how he'd like to know due to injury so. He's a proud guy that he feels like Serbia had joked somewhere you don't quite get it worst. You know he needed it lately he believed that but yet while all of the pride at all because it hit my view of what you got and he took himself. You know in the NBA coaching and he should go that way our. Hang with me here but let's go hypotheticals is you know both like to do hypotheticals. It's like normally doesn't get hurt. The grizzlies are right now. I think they're in a big third act where we thought they'd be which is fighting force that in and eight now. Do I think. Yeah but look back up there would be it would be fighting. But that that I I think there would be right there with the pelicans. That try to every dollar that they would be looking like they. You know maybe you can. Maybe not through underestimated he would be valued and important. You know Mike tiger beat good data pointed out we're trying to water but I think later slot or more some more so than the last New York. Even less equipped to handle that but like that so I would say you know given the way that we glad I'm really at full strength. I get that spurred the playoff. It be that you're right there that they would they would be on track to be a play out if I think. Do you think without the loss of Mike Conley do you think that the relationship between. Davis Tisdale and mark assault would have soured to the point which I change had to be made. Well no because I don't think there would have been a dramatic losing streak I don't think there would have been you know losses piling up on the wood there had been frustration yeah I'm sure but it. You know it's harder to sift through and it. If the gipper when your little bit like they were. It out and though it might in the old from day one. You know I don't think they have that sort of bully or I don't think they reached that point where they are here bill. Tried it in a message or did you let alone W try to do that what quarter. I'll I hope that we reached that point because the group included the better team and I think when you have got the clip that they will lose big. It all looked. Men at that and Seattle or Portland though Carter Mike there I don't know we reached that. Steven John Martin and Jason John weekdays solemnity right here on 99 FM ESPN. And judge you're in charge of the grizzlies. Much longer would Tyreke Evans in grizzlies Jersey. All. You know. Not all you know I mean what you try to like separate elect. Got an idea I think it's three weeks from either this weekend it's a roughly three weeks. Yeah I mean that that until then I mean. You know we don't really have a clear picture of what the group we are trying to do. I don't know what they think. It didn't really think that what might come back they can make Iraq we didn't do it all wet. Right uploaded by the get that because you have a pick this year in the senate in a market that is what we talked about. I don't really know what they're putting from an organization they employ. But yeah I did. I would trade I reached because. I don't think they're gonna you're gonna need a team that gave him what he's like you're gonna command. On the market there a way you can do. I don't know the great rhetoric yet that kind of money go on it and against. It injury past he's had a great year and always be appreciative. The good the way he's played years one year with a girly but I don't I don't we have figured into the long term plan. And of course the other big news from last night is that in medical Morse on the trade market. What do you think his value as. Nothing you wrote built some negative stuff and all or the bad side. Bad decision I go player. What he's he's never hit a sand. Does this say I told dad that it's did you agree B do you turn it would really like middle school high school and push back to go up and have the nerve to go talk to her seat go and talk to like the best friend and got but the feelers out there. And then that friend would be like 00 honey fight are you under serious that's what are reminded of last night of bats for the grizzlies were doing shopping about more. Yeah I mean. Basically what they're doing it. Every step up to anybody helped take a look that up or it like you know what. They made the decision. I think that what part import but it bit they'll go about it appeared act like everything data Google+ hard wired to. What troop execute what they would want it that sort of foremost figure. They wanted to move on from. The court all that speaker Wright it is one of the patent based different type of a silent bit back a bullet acute treatment that. And that the horrible horrible plate start it would tell me what I'm Obama probably will be back. It won't be a different style. Now I would think bin Matt Moore going to be key peak and all that 000. Well put the bottle down like take a step back. And realize what you are saying. Button for me that there. But that's the thing about the back aboard you represent. A changing of the guard. It's mostly been. A disaster. And then lastly as we speak here what John Mark of course and Jason John weekdays eleven to two. On little bit of breaking news your body from no deeds you dot com for study WE news oh yeah and easier and easier to sit down money. Is that's exactly liquor it would bear the months pass that. According to nerdy few dot com. Pages in ring career with WWE is reportedly over. I know right. I've got up to about Iraq now now now I mean I as I presume the most electrifying man's sports entertainment I it's we're getting closer to mania season that. I highly suspect gonna start seem a little bit more. They candidate marine career. Yeah she she hid income and oh really in our from a video yeah yes good point and that was a career today and is maybe that was her transition out you know you know what I mean nick when we are about it and that didn't explore for her. John your group I hate the paper they that evidence that the product or anybody. I'll women superstar that is. Yeah I'm sure she'll get put herself out there yet again mom and appreciate John I get my main artery again is John Martin of course. The Jason and Jon show weekdays eleven to sued to have. In his and depressing man that did is there a reason why or I would think it's the neck let's see let's. Let's see it it just. What the right across according to PW insider. Page was informed by WWB this week that she will not be cleared to return to the ring of following her for her most recent injury. Asia was 25 years old. Was reportedly given the news on Monday. And multiple sources are saying that she has quote done as an in ring wrestler but first it was believed that page suffered a stinger. But after a recent tests should their condition was worse than expected. Decision was made not to clear. Wow so. She he just came back this at sad news pages also. For me like I mean obviously the English accents always going to be. Appealing if you're well on blight. She had for me that look of just crazy enough. That yeah I gave you know he'd be any point be living on the edge yeah like you know at any moment you're going from like the best of times to tears. Exam and that etc. you that's that's by Elaine yeah Harry and volleying like that just absolutely like just. Absolutely bipolar like that's that's violent best of both worlds best I suppose there's so little out there's no such thing as a five or six it's just. It's either insane or it is. It's the bad loans out yet so sad sad news there if indeed true. When we come back. Cameron wolf. Writes for ESPN account he covers the Tennessee Titans. For ESPN of course the ESPN nation reporter. For the titans titans taking on the patriots. According to ESPN FPI the patriots have an 88%. Chance to win that is the fourth highest of any playoff team since 2008. No respect. No respect although it furor on the tight side one good aspect the patriots or 31. Against the run. And obviously the titans had. I have certainly have the ability to run the football obviously with with Derrick Henry putting up to honored to. Last weekend so certainly the titans know even think that they're going to have the ability maybe to make that happen. We'll discuss whether or not camp thinks that I should the should the patriots be able. To take away the run. Were asked if he thinks we'll be able to do that we come back right here on the air cast fashion 99 FM ESPN. That's what can be unpredictable from extreme cold severe storms to tornado winds of perhaps it's time to go ahead. And put daily Boerse roofing in your fomenting Jerry Hairston hit a reminder that your rule suffered some damage due to unpredictable weather. 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When you look at it on paper. This actually looks like a decent match up. For the titans because. The patriots come in with a allowing you know the 31 worst defense against the run and obviously you think that the the titans like to get the run game going. Do you think that it's gonna play out in that type of manner. Ideally for the card there were involved in the issue becomes you can only established a runner being pushed these effective what Iran is law this year in the game. Our next week this year hey Eddie you aren't able to score points off your running game. I have a view that you probably won't go so. Ideally they can move the chains be back to work their run game. Chew up a lot of clock Ahmedabad sessions on both sides of the ball and then you look at a low scoring game at times when I don't think they can win the thirty that I can pick one of the teams and the torrent. Look at the second half and it and many people point out to paid for the titans were successful does that put a period in the shotgun and it was an offense that was more familiar with the more column away. Frustration out there on out from the titans may be that the offensive style doesn't seem to get what. They gave us. Yeah there's certainly Bessemer corkscrew recently hurt employers instead. All of which are that he's told me after all morning there moderate in this of their three game losing streak that we need more markets Mario books on the plate and calling no Balkans. And got it that they shared do you buy a lot of titans. The coaching staff has been more flexible over the last couple games and let them do that column and I understand there's a balance but I do believe there. They are more effective and more up tempo. When they're more up tempo though I expect to see some of that this week I know there will be. Some situation where they have to have a lot to chew up the clock sober he's not on the field goal time. But I do you think you know although it their best chance especially when they go through receivers wide. Two to attack the contrition as it gets. Totally camera wolf of course the ESPN reporter who covers Tennessee Titans it was Almonte Twitter at Cameron wolf WOL. At. And then can't court asking this. Romney a story for us suffered a sham from ESPN last weekend there seems to be a thought that perhaps maybe this is a motivating piece for. The patriots coming into this weekend. Any discussion from the titans camp about whether or not they think that type of story here that might give them some type of you know. Unnecessary bulletin board material. I don't think they'd they've really changed that I mean I think that the pictures are pretty locked and loaded you know should meet and it'll give them more add up so that they're together still you know championship contender I don't think it'll be anything that'll benefit quite. The only camera wolf here on the program Jeffrey end up for Eric and then another inching aspect I thought from this game is is the idea that. When you look at the patriots and you look at what they wanna do. Especially offensive end when you know have Brady throw the ball down the field. That's a pretty good match up for the titans do you think at this thirteen and a half point line it is may be too high given the actual match up. I do I think that if I was you know bad no lie and out obviously the wind source titans is to go two touchdowns as they sort of a lot to give the team that. You know it has been competitive in nearly every game this these bench and really you know it and if at all walked over you know yet they're not on the caliber. Of the titans yeah Steelers just yet lacking there watching that keep this game close. So I think that that is the head east where understand why it happened you're playing the patriots. At their home plate when they come off well by. Could I do think this titans he wanted chants in the fourth quarter the question is whether or not they'll be able to do enough so calm the prefecture. Hell he was markets Marietta this year. I'd say he probably wouldn't pick. What utopia they were led on our adult student that was sort of eat healthy enough to play and I think over the last few weeks we've seen them be able to more audit. And they now he's army LP and now I've been. Did that hamstring injury was something I never heard him for a bottom among them possibly see I don't think she ever really surely he'll of that and so maybe. Less than a month ago. And then obviously you still trying to get this blowback from that from that that are. Ankle surgery that he did all this offseason you got. But as a whole lot better than what we look in October or November. Out dear Hillary to have kind of in for those of us that are here remember it in his college career it certainly wasn't a breakout performance for us but in the NFL it was really kind of a statement performance. Your opinion what allowed that to occur. I think all those lies double skin missing is not and that's one. One aspect of the tight that we haven't really talked about notes that CC then the spectacle that's why it's taken a significant step backward four unit those probably popped by the Nassau last season. But I thought they played like a top five unit NFL. Get the cheese made they opened the morning Q what he did did and the backs and all that much any reported ordered that I would not think. It helps remind that competence when they note that action there are holes for the man there's not gonna be a linebacker and their coral. As soon they perceive and also unveiled eat at all inclined to play the type game particularly in the interior with the guards and centers should and he did last week. All renegade going out and still not that you see or understand that you can't precedence. And then. And from the category of football's really not that complicated when you when you look at Tom Brady's performances in the playoffs the teams that have had the most success with a really get after him. With just four rushers right now from what you've seen out of the the titans defensive line DC the ability to get after him. Absolutely I mean they've been in the top five and then. And since sacks this season and they sort came in bunches sometimes we get frustrated like orders to cash rushed and other times variations is placed or. So I think it's it's it's an area where. Garrett Morgan got a little really good match up their right call are there right tackle weakness of their. Their offense so Putin once on this matchup she could just Becker to a now launch and general Casey may be the most important player on the eastern side of the ball. Because that's one area worker attacked Brady push you wanna be able to get pressure up the middle you can move around on the edges of the middle relief urged. What they do so allied to al-Qaeda can feast inside. And that really just what was the patriot tried to remain calm. I would Cameron wolf here he of course covers the titans for ESPN. And lastly camera not only go back to last week at what point did you. When you get into the second half at what point did you think that. Whole cal the titans might actually pull this off. I think I think you start to feel the vibe in the stadium where her debt markets cutie poems well armed. Where they got really quiet and it's like oh now. And I know the change effective they've been here before they. Then a playoff game did not want it so I kinda felt like oh no here we go objection I think what I sort of felt bad bad bad by world. We may look this team that can sort chain the old. Perspective although I know I have timeout I've mentioned that the last playoff game that we saw with 21 victory at all which password did so jokingly currency Super Bowl. But ended up being a similar bod where the momentum just kept coming kept coming knew it was just a moment of you know not whether they choose to go all the scores is whether the type to be a big enough. Overcome. Nestled high belt and you know credit crisis deepens shut them out. A group of type dolphins first continue to run the ball when they were down eighteen point. And in very last question for you. Phillip and finish the sentence the titans will win this game F. They. Three turnovers and run the ball over our secure. Appreciate him it's great stuff on and figure takes a timeout enjoy again. It. Is Cameron wolf of ESPN. Again the titans and the patriots tomorrow night that is the CBS game will be the featured game tomorrow night a couple of the interesting statistics. From a that game. Tom Brady is six and won his career against the titans including of 2003 divisional playoff win his only loss came in 2002. To the titans he has won six straight as last six games against the titans. Number 86 and 065%. Completion percentage he's averaging 255 yards per game and this is the big one stat that camera just mentioned. Thirteen touchdowns. Zero interceptions as the titans should be should be a fun when I do I do I am interest did. We gave them most is intrigued by of course is Minnesota New Orleans I just think that's I think that has the chance to be to great game. Of the weekend but this is the most interesting one because you have all of this you have kind of the drama that's either maybe your maybe not surrounding the patriots. But more importantly at the line is huge and you look at it on paper like this is kind of a good matchup for the titans but at the same time I just always are the last time that I laid. That took points against the patriots and I believe the Bible like 5514. You learn the less so iPad at our request that the titan a bigger part in the patriots 38. The last few seasons. Against the spread so on the one hates the patriots more than Vegas when we come back really really excited Sam Perkins. Or some member of the 1982 North Carolina national championship teen 1984. Olympian gold medal winner. Seventeen years in the NBA 151324. Points. 7666. Rebounds 933. Blocks. In his seventeen years in the NBA he enjoys he of course being honored. Along with swing cash Penny Hardaway. During the you know K fifty celebration he's gonna join us here in the program next finishing question form of what do I want to ask him about that Sam of course. Four year. College in. Still had a seventeen career seventeen year career in the NBA and asked him what he thinks about the NBA's one and done rule what he thinks about. The best way to address this issue because the NBA's said they want to address that were discussed that. Andy fantastic honor that Sam will be have bestowed upon him on Monday stick around you'll sneered especially right here in 99 FM yes and pastry we know you. Listen to 929 FM ESPN that's my goal here coming up Monday reaction to the divisional. Own files across the NFL and previewing the conference championship for Tim Hasselbeck reliant park Monday the can we know we jays 5 AM to 9 AM as a sports station night. And ESPN. And ask Internet. In home Wi-Fi experience. Why I never could it happen. He has over seventeen million why I. AT&T. Also has the fast. 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How did you first find out the news that you would be indeed honored by the national forest is him. I hope first thanks for having me you. About this week a couple of days ago. Their shot awkward moment solid quote I mean change in range so. Are you. Surprise. First cordon of the third. You know you do start doing things for a loose and it was it was a model for the NBA to do very well we place so. It was as an innate thing was solos and we all do back no chance. When you think about. Your entire life. What type of impact Doctor King had on you. Well I know news and you know he's even made it possible for me according. He cared. Due to where it was segregation before. They do so many things more so ROB we are seeing it through movies are seeing that blue blue looks in the mood we example. What he's done in the past some to make it possible to have equal rights. Spend is just of probably some sort. These aircraft war. Today. As you so there's so many things going all over the world. And we still fighting or we'll vote quality port saint Charles. It's just those people who pulled or some sort of black parent who's Sulu we expect band can borrow. More on our league they all have and so. Or good going. Well Woodbury I'm not a spark because everybody is gonna also. It is as this and of course they're. People are concerned whether. Even though people still quite intensive. These people waiting for a swim some local news and latest they're they're absolute single book forwards who. Steve of course with Sam Perkins he'll be honored by the thirteenth annual national civil rights sports awards part of the multi fifty celebration grizzlies and lakers. 4 o'clock on Monday afternoon Martin Luther King Jr. day. And Sam. What does it mean muted to be honored along with a former teammate James Worthy. Lows so I didn't hear all the recipients include just. You know certainly it and there are. That is something. Are part of okay. Quote me the Powell into my store who came from the same school and we're we're roommates are going to also high. We some boulevard and some things zones. That contrary to other ways. I think one thing is that we can't go pour. Course street and neighborhoods and though we didn't have more we are true always move back and every chance. We do we we have. We try to assist. Also there is. This week we put full circle like you're sort of sort of couldn't put it together and and we're being honored for something that we. When you really just do oral oral. It's been brought forward in your knowledge we all know there. Recipients when terrorists and almost certainly. Certainly part it was. Sir gotten gotten government this boy in there. Yet so. Are all you have you have a group of people who are content to do directly under. Making sure that we this sort of slowly turned. Speak of course with Sam Perkins he will be honored by the thirteenth annual National Civil Rights Museum sports legacy award along of course as he mentions when cash in the hard way and James Worthy. And say no ask you this because. Our conversation my dad and he grew up watching college basketball you know in the seventies and the eighties and I'm curious to know your thoughts. You obviously spent a longer time in college and when you think about the game today and you look at the rules on whether it be a one and done and leave. The way that we go about the system. What do you think is the best way that is beneficial not only to the lead but more importantly to the the players that are trying to get totally. Lola I've had conversations about the one and done and go home and or postal Ford used and there was so artists who want it done so long ago those before you reporter. What do all the things the right way. And he would find themselves forward pared down close to bottom over for the drought. That happens we'll cook regardless who. Boo hoo hoo good record is that their education and they're built very very very very Cold War. For the scout and then obviously bush. The new wave was coming in order for the warm and people more excited or project where they're very solid player who color so. Both use TARP passed but the thing it's as we. A balance between that took took took a look where I live here as far as how. Who is in it and view clear regular college player ready put him yeah. And when you see don't come to the lead among the league is now although probably Kingston. We've seen who's going into the scene here. And some make it some don't put that thing news. They have this is some clues clues you just skipping college. That is. People are trying too late late garbled league umpire who quite cool players. You're gonna lose a lot of black players especially because they are going to be tempted to leave just all the money on the news so there's so much better. College. Education and are an important what no one's sort of remote code as usual so well when we played in the eighties several of these. Nine these. I mean we we were solid. We weren't still an NBA we got a long afternoon. And we were able Sinclair and they're secure also the accused players a Marshal they can about what. They're not equipped who's on the moon. When they get on the court and marriage as you can see are some people who drink Korean people are protection. Kendra who were in quote are you going to vote late so you'll have a lot of players coming here. Are matters. Well equipped and that's one of the things that suits its its expelled no nuclear look good. So how Jeter played for seventeen years I mean you know you look bigger very extensive college crew and then you put in seventeen years in the league. Well of that Okur. And I ignored. They do it contributes to. Again being on your own. Or then you know having good work at the pashtuns who should challenge is so each year. You were motivated to play for your thirteen. Free agency wasn't as around as much. Whether it came our bureau puts him to leave you. The Dallas Mavericks would lead groups. And you always tell it's a soap or wouldn't work and one more confident to clear what in the query with verbal. Rather it just happened to be that way but. They go all it was to us are you mature enough to to Hamilton. Neither the review also looked over certain rule the cracked this group fracture as much longer the court is little more. And more. More than three hours and a half hours. What you knew you were ready mentally and a coach whose bullying than you ever the first duke where. And you can he can withstand the challenge of actually you know won the oil transport. It was a whole different type of game. Because we do so much certain nobody saw little practiced harder we do a lot of good girl so. To make a change so complete. And then lastly and very gracious to give us your time and we are very appreciative when you look at the game today compared to the game when you played it. What are the most obvious differences to you. Well hello. Google inside game that's more of those probably argues that in. But I think or unconsciously you know doing some really cool. Or or during no doubt also benched they're going to me because. Of the it's shut pretty Denver prepared well so. But the thing is it began an open back then it was more scars are the web query servers and things like those two book. There's no fault of the market was in corporate group. That's the nature of the business. The whether changing things were changed quite. The more athletic assume they are it didn't matter where are saying. You just can't pick and roll the and switching. Things and are easy and which makes it easy four point as a player to score at least there's so. Pollute the little differences our producers to gain the so quarters. I don't really think they. Goal hello. It's being squeezed through because well. Because of the rule changes and they certainly should it remain true to recruit. Sam congratulations on the honor thank you so much for spending a little Tomas on this Friday and we I'll look forward to seeing you here on Monday and this weekend when they'll be out festivities going on in Memphis. Are appreciated thank you very much. Yeah of course is Sam Perkins or national champion. Former gold medal winner seventeen years in the NBA. That is the only championship in get fell short three times of getting the the Triple Crown if you will be national title gold medal on NBA finals in three finals appearances. Of course first. First of course with the lakers then the Sonics. And he was also part of the pacers team in 2000 could. Retailer rose team than the general Austin Croshere to in 1984. To 2000 and once a long bunker. Good freaking or dead as a career I mean that's just don't. You know it's a thing like Priscilla Kobe you know like in we see these guys like. The the whole that the years like that that hole all the years in the league in the playoff games everything that has just taken on them and the dude was. 2001 was still out there making it happen. Six minutes and that and that a big part eighteen minutes in 2009 Indiana Pacers democracy is only the playoff in the next year as well but. Just unbelievable again. 151000. Points killed or 151000 points over 7000 rebounds and darn near 1000 blocked shots. Really really cool really cool moment there I enjoyed that and thanks to you Devon Energy aired from making that happen again. The symposium. Again the national the thirteen day a National Civil Rights Museum sports legacy award will be on January 15. Of course the honorees when cash. They are way Sam Perkins and James Worthy so that is out pretty citing an anger the grizzlies will take on the lakers the national broadcast 4 o'clock on Monday. That music though means I got to start wrapping up but I got some business take care of a wanna thank. Mean it kinds for joining us during the first hour what do think of course John Morton for joining us the top of the hour Cameron wolf. Who covers the titans joined us earlier this hour. As well as Sam Perkins my thanks to everyone for listening out there and stay safe out there on the roads forced by thanks to Donna walker the fantastic job he did. All week here on the program in the fantastic work is you're not doing here in 99 FM yes can't. However. Enemy push real talent. Let's figure parish in here. It bishop and I'm next night's not a feminist in. Krejci won the U investors nervous 99 evidence ESPN celebrates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fifty years one dream. 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