Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Neal McCready

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, February 16th

Jeffrey Wright starts the second hour by welcoming Chris Herrington to the studio to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies, the release of The Black Panther, and more during "The 9:01" at 10:01. Next, Jeffrey welcomes Neal McCready to the show to discuss the end of the Andy Kennedy tenure at Ole Miss, the FBI investigation into college basketball, Ole Miss' appeal to the NCAA, and more. Then, Jeffrey and Ben close the show discussing Peyton Manning's future.


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This week at Kroger and save on delicious seafood like shrimp and salmon dismiss the Kroger dot com to download digital coupons and use them up to five times this Wednesday through Friday. Yeah. And 29. 1990. It's. And they're here for the commercial deal he joins us each and every day. Right here at 10 o'clock to start off the second hour the not a wanted to go on bills fired up. Now. He says 901 Nintendo was. 901 commercial appeal. Then listen it and no one from Chris Harrington and. It's a Friday's that means Crist pulling double duty to columns up at partial feel like com he has his pick and pop. Up as well as his 901 Chris what we listened to comment. That would make a staple classic tracks artists from the to succeed assembly member of the staples rigors of course still going strong at the new album now and that is the title song for a single. Armed from the album all at once was blocked. Deep it will start first with your pick and pop again it is up a commercial feel dot com. I'll let you mentioned. Two things that we've been talking about recently the league player to injury here senate and the player draw Morton we'll start first with the play of injury here's and when you took your deep dive. What what did you see what did you notice that about his play the last month or so. Well I think what Harrison last year is that and he got a lot of minutes. So partly because of your problems on the team around him and and partly because it. Key Egypt's the American culture title like him because they can trust him defensively. That his operatives there are at least sort of play you took a Cogent thought they can trust. But why should he just could not score at age and you could not sustain an NBA career shooting this poorly he shot last year. He's taken a big league this year resumption percent from the floor and shoved up you know ten points which is a lot from 32% to 42%. 42% is still not great for big guard but it soared particularly its okay elected I would it's for a crosses the line of acceptability. And it is three point shooting his shot from another I think can point out 36% right now. And even better than that were at the top of the break here exactly the quarters or even better that's for from the top of the key. And it. If he can maintain dose shooting numbers and they. 45. And 38 shooter right so if he if he can shoot that well and score that well. Did I think he can we couldn't he can sustain a pretty long NBA career in LA at the bench player because you also roll. To get emerald ball to play all the ball he can he can defend multiple backcourt spots he's got to stay healthy so far. If he plays hard and so. You know I think he's really he's really helped himself a lot this season especially late inning of the game that you all you know is a career high. This is in the mix of everything is not fouling out late getting too technical so lucky you know Billy Knight. But you know I think he's gotten really helping himself right now. And I have have been working on a theory that we've been kind of work shopping on the afternoon show on air show I was interested to hear your thoughts. We think part of the reason. Why injure Pearson's popularity or lack there of was so strong is the fact that. He casual fan the person just that just turns on and just watch of the grisly maybe isn't following night in night out just wants to watch the games and whatnot. The Bert the most obvious thing that you can see the game is missed shots and particularly miss shots when. Someone's left open and then you can tell win when defense is are essentially just not paying attention you. And the fact that injury Hairston was just so battered and I think last year he's 32% from the floor and that includes two players splits everything like it would he would. People who work shooter in the NBA last season relative to his minutes. Until people who shot worse but no one shot it's bad if you get to play that much. And so some by some measures you sort shooter these BA last season. And it's not just the better than you look at do we had a lot of time Bryant is a further jump shots or missing badly or he just looks so labor. With the ball especially you know when your point or the NBA it was a 242 shot clock. I just have to use is to create something out about it all right yes and he will double to quit not create something that nothing. And so what he was put in those situations. He looks so overmatched trying to operate off the dribble against a good defender. And he just he looked like you just pressured the lucky shouldn't be in the leaked about the way play to for the most part. But you know he was a rookie and so you see some guys get better some guys don't. You've gotten better this season he's shooting better progression everywhere on the floor. From the rim to the three point line. And and you know. Scoring is never going to be as calling card that he can score well enough to sort of get by the secondary player. I think that helped to stick around because he has other attributes. Presenting joining us here on the show as always on Twitter at Chris Harrington at Harrington NBA. Two columns up today on Friday there's of course the not a one Olympic Marshall Field outcome also his pick and pop. Is available as well. And then you've always been one to point out that the development of point guards is always a slower process usually then then the other positions on the floor. We do you look at where injury paerson was last year to where he currently is. How old how do you think his development. What do you think what the pacing of his development yesterday the best way to phrase that. I think he's taken 8889 leaps forward to this season and then more warned that that I expected. Imagine there certainly is part of its source and such artificially low post a solo place they accompany guys who shoot 32% of them come in don't have a ticket fees right you don't get that structured god you know you just improved net that much. But you don't have a imported through the usual percentage it's a pretty big improvement. And so. And so you know I think he's taken more fully defeat him that I would expect yet it's still. You know sort of it's pretty good lately and immediately points he would try to 23 to me before that. And he scored in double digits I wanna say I make in the southern or something like six the last day game December the last time for the like that. I I still think that the question that I posed a few weeks ago when I sort of it's sort of a second half guide to all the young players. I think the question I told British don't outstanding question then that is. Can you still go to pay about hatred or initial backup point guard exceed but I don't think I don't think that is that is have been settled at all even this wolf he's played lately. But if you're the group leaders like you need to go out and get a different backup point order do you feel like okay well we've Mike Conley back. And especially if you are restart Tyreke Evans who can sort of handled the ball anyway. Look at that forty you know I particular person does seem to be on the floor of other ball handlers. But the Peter have a rescue rosters set up digital possible Saudi give men. If that number two point courts slot on the depth chart if you can that really helps you could shorting them under contract and on the contract for cheap. And that's that's where it takes to pick something off your to do let us. Or that was. A conversation point for dad and I yesterday. Don't the grizzlies need given given their own the salary cap structure don't think grizzlies need as many cheap contributors as possible right now. Yeah yes so right so you mean they're directed out of their pocket altar of this raw score. Always a kind of unexpected change prayed that I can Alter this lost her. Bat much more. From salary standpoint than they Allred did that it already here and you're gonna you're gonna usual mid level exception and you're you Berry hoped clearly they've they've been all but said. We hope to use that to bring back Tyreke Evans which picture are changing the roster right you're keeping that. Even if they can't bring back evidence that they won't use that that level on someone else do you hope you know can be a better run better rotation player. On the middle have a top event we open up by the definite top ten draft day and you hope you get a major impact from a player drafted that high. But there's not a lot of money being spent the summer that's already there and I would you know it's it's replacing. But Tyreke Evans roster spot without with another mid level righty who may just be Tyreke Evans and it's that high traffic government that like. They're they're basically don't my total peace small level fighting. And so you've got a couple together or Ralston are financially was sort of what you have factored in the draft pick it may have Ali. Until they need. They don't beat every one of these. You know 677 or eight. Rookie rookie contract players they have right now move that would lead Italy to every one of them in the rotation next season. That companies like apple them in the roadways trees and kayak and don't Brooks is only want to execute and so right now. So if you could put edit V twelve your depth chart you can go on brought the rest of them greater error since Woodrow Morton tonight grabs when consultancy job they've approved. They're all still bristle question marks of all of them and so you need in your tour three of that group at least of our projected into your rotation Mexico. And then of course also included in the pick and pop is Jerome Morton and you mentioned the question marks around him. When you look at the pros and cons of a drill Morton what do you think drill needs to accomplish. The rest of the season to become one of those guys that maybe becomes a cheap option. Well I actual and I think that the connection with Tom Paris and ensure LSI wrote about his age they had generally good gains of that last game going into the break. But they're also guys too didn't you may not have even been here right and Terrelle everyone assumed would not make it seemed. And hair and blue for training camp started a lot of people thought he would make the team. Just because. You know overweight bald when it and Mario Chalmers and through the different incidents to keep. So these are guys who who brought barely hear all that and remember making it a case for themselves. I don't think Morton is nearly a score along the in terms of his development and it comes to project he'd given to a role going forward there are so this that in fact I still think. The odds are probably comfortable but it gives him going forward. Because grizzlies are gonna have Joshua Davis side and around Marcus hall to Greensboro is one more year what he's traded. And I think there's a good chance that the draft pick the lottery ticket so there's a big man. Maybe it's look at our pitching immediately try young but more than likely it's gonna be a bit X because that's where the talent is in this draft. And so the actual figures are very good chance to draw Morton gets squeezed net next season. But this for the guy who walk. Your look what he would head that his way out of the Lee kisses his second season last year was such a bomb. And I think he's really helped himself he looks like an NBA player now I still think there's a long ways to go with him. This sort of nail down what he did he do not. He does not rebound well not for a guy his size and athleticism and that's a concern to me. His passport passport he just is shaky that's not that unusual for a play your food with his limited experience but it's already to get better. But the one thing I think we're seeing is that he is ferocious attacking the rim and he has an opportunity. He would be better at it up courts up and down just to roll out and get transition more. But a couple things she saw that you call game in particular was chancellor of attacking from the baseline and beauty to the rim. And one of the things I point out that the calm today if he she should would potential for three point shooter especially from the quarter score. He's idol I don't think it's retain at least seven took a look at this year from the court for a quarter of three. If he's never gonna be a guy who's gonna post up cradle to dribble that much. But about half court rock density can become a guy who's a threat from the corner. Now guys have to guard that if you pulled out he's gonna he can attack you and get to the rim. I think that really helps symbol horrified her role as early a secondary player ostensibly unity that sort of play at half or more. So I don't think he's there yet I think you showed a lot of growth lately. And thirty more minutes and so I'm very treat to watch aggressively why he's also a ball player to watch strategic stud high low level stuff that no one else on the roster. Yeah it is just on to watch like pure atlases. Just took just how badly it's a couple weeks ago but it sort of like you know forces massacred accelerate and Egypt. He can meet their players who got up higher marks from elsewhere us sort of they're more like crude UK. But in terms of just pure force to go around I don't look at what it's. Has this been more forceful but did Ventura Mora this. Talking of course of Chris Harrington as we do each and every day on the program not a one at ten on the night no one is up a commercial builder com as is. He pick and pop in the the question of the week from the pick and pop. What is the free agent market from Tyreke Evans Chris I ask you what is the free agent market time. I sort of took an early look we will revisit that again this summer but you know it's sort of figure people speculate about that you don't stop and like to look at who actually has money doesn't sit. And that's hard to completely knelt down Malcolm are so many contingencies plane and who opt out of players who have option to opt out but who takes somebody does that do do guys actually leave aside elsewhere except for a my best read her and I sort of you know I away again by a welcome that would also Guam. They're up against some other publish stuff out there that I talked you know front office people about what their projections are an integral can't imagine. I think the least basically invited the third this summer I think that started the team to quiet actual cap space a little less than a third but also that. About a third hole we have access to the mid level section which is the group to grizzlies are in. And there are started to teams digital org built there and you know ultimately about Lee. And moved it it sure would make sense to me that you have the best teams are strategic at least not a money for the most part in so. Tyreke Evans who is sort of a win now kind of fighting anybody because of its age and look at a ballot questions around him he's not a guy signs. Talk for your deal when you are to be good years from now he's got you side to help you right now. And so I think that limits the market for him even among teams are gonna have money I don't think Atlanta's gonna find Tyreke Evans I don't think Phoenix got assigned Tyreke Evans. And so I suspect I counted nine teams and I think what have. Real cap room. And I think. I think get most of all you have two or three of those that would look at him and it's possible you would it would be definitely room in which case it would only get him all the offers. From among the teams that have been about Lee neither are some endorsing candidates out there ought to Detroit and didn't Berlin so I don't lose some teams that can everybody you know would make sense for them to be of interest him and so. You know I didn't change my assessment from a couple weeks ago which is I think. Evans back it metaphysical quite what that perhaps. But I do think that it it is it is possible it is not a given to me at all that he gets a big all four. That would that the grizzlies would not compete left. And then in the 9011 of the topics written about is the opening of the black panther. I like you have tickets this weekend how early do you think we're gonna have to keep critics who hits it. Total quarterback and after I got tickets actually get tickets are on my vote yes sir surprised and sort of old sport the moment thing but I think if it's showing don't want to get screened discuss. And so like my father got schooled today foursome can sort of stated that this school sort of would like to talk show wing of the new showing or whatever. It's studio in the square wears on three different screens I've got to think surely he knew showing them and Peter worked on three screens you won't be. Until we had to get out. Half hour early just to get go to target seats even though we've already gotten tickets. Talk I I'm hoping I'm hoping there won't get in Al Gore Friday night somewhere I would like to get there now really probably. But I'm I'm open it won't be a problem for me to table find out. Open it's not a problem tomorrow at 2 o'clock pellets the forecast it's like 45 and raining some thinking that every woods could have the same idea but let's just go do something let's go out Saddam it. Currie Chris are great to join us we'll talk to yell Monday. There are sure Chris extent of the commercial appeal again the 901 is up a commercial feel dot com also the pick and pop is up its outstanding look. At the grizzlies right now currently we come back. My good friend neo McGrady he is the publisher of rebel group dot com where you discuss the FBI college hoops story with them. He's covered Auburn of course one of the names that is rumored to be involved and the at least in the aftermath of all the FBI investigations Bruce Pearl soldier kneels thoughts on that also asked Neal about all mrs. Response I should say Ole miss is releasing of Bayer appealed to the NCAA to try to get people band taken away for this upcoming football season. No great yet next figure out is that just caucus chair right here on 99 FM ESPN. Ice and snow wind and way it's been. Here for your more. Our head most. Doors and not the Brian elder I call me 8670303. With a commercial deals favorite. Find out why. 03. Owens Corning platinum preferred contractors in Memphis with the guys they call when that other companies have warranty issues as well call me first. 0303. I'm not gonna tell you he knew movies all you need user repair my. Aches and get good. 0300. It was after the first few weeks of the new year it's easy to lose sight of that resolution. 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I cannot recommend them enough that or they function as both the casual pants and as well as the performance and they feel great they look even better I cannot recommend them enough derby season right around the corner. It checked out. He fantastic sport and options that oh call has spoke all looking at the corner of poplar ridge where that is the regalia shopping centers and locally owned and family operated since eighteen of 59. Nady entrusted to name that you know cares about. You here in Memphis and then you're stating that now and they had no plans of leaving. We think let's reset the larger do what I do shop of call. We now welcome on. One of my all time favorite human being C is Neil McCray he's the publisher of rubble rove dot com he's also the host of the Oxford Exxon pod cast it's available weekdays. Each and every weekday on iTunes and wherever podcast we found. Also one of 27 teens top ten sports shows. For pod being so congratulations. There to you Neil good day sir how aria. Jeffrey I am. A good. Glad this week is threatening to be quite honest with you salaam. Go to the Wiki. A lot of glad to have you will will I know it's been a long week for you and so one start here first. The decision to part ways of the Andy Kennedy you've you've been on the record that. Even on the record pretty much day use it's just kind of been time if you will not want to put words in your mouth but. Yeah when you think back on on this twelve year run how do you think anything he's going to be viewed almost. But it could be one of these deals where as time passes people going to look back or more favorably upon him. I mean there are dozen years you took over a program that was absolutely. Devastated and decimated. About it failure when he got it. He took over a program that was playing and I had dilapidated arena where it's no practice facilities. I'll be restored. Productivity and I excitement inside the program and in fairly quick fashion. And are they played a pivotal role in. So I guess the other day pushing Ole miss it should be modern era college basketball. They now have any very very nice practice facility could have beautiful. On campus arena. In the pavilion. And none of that happens in my opinion without. This success and Andy had. In an especially early on I don't miss and then with the Marshall Anderson era and all that think that that forced. That forced it to happen if anybody deserves a lot of credit for on the floor ousting key will be remembered as a coach who always. Always just kind of went away. I want back in. Look at it the other day three maybe four seasons one win. Two wins away from the NCAA tournaments. And just couldn't quite get there. And and they have to run him in thirteen where they all in the second round 22. If Kendrick is the third round around 32. To LaSalle on the shot you know Jarvis Summers to shock at the free throw line that. Just a little jumper that he makes that I can dodge you missed that one might think it makes it they go Lucas sixteen awesome and most. Who knows what would have happened from there it would it would still stated they matched up with very favorably. Kudos where where it goes but. You know this season they they just simply. Don't have the talent. And some of the talent they have is under achieving it certainly hasn't come together and yeah I don't I don't think it's negative things to say a lot of coaches couldn't program will be used to say that. The program bill's stable and it feels like it's time and and that changes. Is probably needed at this point and I haven't seen it argued that really was even sort of Alter its twelve years is a long time. At a program Goldman's. Total annual crede here on the Geoff Calkins shared Jeffrey in forge out while he is over and Byung Chang covering the Winter Olympics and then. Does does the Ole miss job in your opinion now you got the new arena they've got the basketball practice facility at the facilities are there but. For you where does this basketball job stack up nationwide. Mania actually a question of the mud to win fallout from this this FBI investigation mistreat animals story where's that going. I mean let's say that they are able sword which I'm sure you referenced it accurate. And we're about to see chaos. I don't know. The oldest jobs if the playing field the playing court is sort of a level below player procurement programs source pinpoint. Is a better job. All. It stable story turned out to be. Remember this is gonna compete but nothing really comes up and its businesses pool. In college basketball and Ole miss continues player procurement program that he has right now which is they don't really have or. The tough job. Keep it real you know what we don't have the aid they don't have the strongly connections. We've been too quick to say you teams in Memphis or Jackson. You know they don't not for lack of effort but it's just there's there's some dynamics at play that that make it difficult all of high school basketball and and and Mississippi news that OK not great. That the spirit pipeline of kids to Oxford has never really materialized. They never been able to go out and win big art storm could. But in a state may be made it work on you know transfers duke goes. What particular that there were effective for him Washington listens to transfer. You know let program would you go. I came to Ole miss was was very successful. Our step and booties exact same thing what to program which would you cocaine to Ole miss was very successful. Our Sebastien values will say. An international kick from straying. Had some success with. To Rico light Reggie book mirror out of Memphis could be one of those guys height or or. They didn't get that this offers for work out under the not under the radar but they were sent get well almost a skit. He's had it piecemeal together he's done a pretty damn good job of that for the most part. You know is it is that the kind of job that as it is today that they you can go out at. And recruit at a really high level of land and remember all Americans it's so. Not there's nothing in history to support that there's no immediate crisis presents at all. In inside that program and so. I don't know it's very it's a very. Hard job but this is the first time that all this is gone into the coaching market with a pavilion with the Jewish Center. You know with some positives that they've never really had before. What did you make of of Pete and a sore. That you have very good reporter. There's a zero point 0% change that is making it it's. He's got great sources. And I am fascinated. To see what happens in March. Because if I'm the FBI. And I want the maximum exposure for this story there's absolutely no doubt what I dropped the bomb. Which coaches do you think are sleeping the most are easier at night right now. We've come on her Scotland cattle or. So. Avery Johnson. I'm not accusing these people doing anything wrong but. I mean you know look you're. I mean if you can be FBI you want maximum splash or you don't bust the coach at LaSalle in the go to out of state. You get the guy can't do this you get the guy Kentucky you get the guy at duke keep it to guys that. Syracuse North Carolina. Those are the places you go get coaches if you want if you really want to do it totally shake up an indiscretion cripples or go. You know you don't bust the guy hit that bad Grand Canyon you you get the guy and Robert. Bruce Pearl probably not. Was told that we are spot right now got a really good team they they've got a chance Google back toward the course government. Fifteen years. Go back to tournament is really how I see. But. You know there's there's a lot of a lot of speculation that he simply cannot survive no matter what happens because of the FBI source there's. Sought out there. In. I don't trust the NCAA to ever do the right thing I don't trust you to avoid doing anything other than due to try to cover it up pretend it's not there. And you know discarded as their baby extra cash fell. And I'm sure the they'll tell the people that. From our sports and CBS and whoever else suitable Castro so determined that the you know nothing's happened right right and then they will publish and share below the tournament as this stuff. Hangs in the balance or maybe it even then don't aftershocks are on our current but. College basketball's broken it has been for a long time and I mean in the NCA AQ can drag on the shingles and the truth and it's a total shame. Thought of course would Neil McGrady of rebel group dot com. Check out his podcast available each and every weekday at the Oxford Exxon podcasted that they want I'd seen stitcher. And were ever podcasts can be found. And then Jeff and I discussed this at the top the show I'm curious to have your opinion if he had to look into the the world famous Neil crede crystal ball. In five years this college basketball look any different. I don't know warrior. So just thanks to if they go greatly reduce go right back to it and there's there's so much invested in the shale. That people will fight to keep dishing about life. They heard the example I use is pretty out there it is kid in Oklahoma. Should implement the so watching him closely because they. C a little bit certain possibility of in the NBA draft a picture. Of executed Oklahoma blue eyed little pretty good party is already filmed a commercial. Can you take it paid for yet kicked cash it and can't get do whatever until it that Oklahoma's seed and over. It territory beyond today what are you played college basketball. Because you have to. What happened attribute looking he would do to his teammates as such what happened for a younger age or the court. Uprooted my value. Teams like the grizzlies know what I am. They've all got me there's film more away why kids crazy on not cashing in on his balance. Two college basketball. Watching it for a young crop commercials during the NCAA tournament and get paid 42 reasonable watching we're watching go watch players play games. We're not watching. Two. We're in the U don't want to execute concede that no. But the culture different coaches patrol the sidelines watching Cain watched the players watching at the players who make that gain interest in the lucky they cashing. Because the NBA players associations as a. That bit that the college players can't get paper endorsements. On the same for all the NCAA says they can't but I'm saying the reason why he has to play if the play when your college basketball because of the thumb in their NB APA rural but I mean there. I wish I was more kids would I was more kids honestly the only kid would say this is supposed to recruit. This is so dumb to be completely free to fill in the blank state university. But who cares person route goes Australia could go to Italy go to wherever you're at bat. Decent professional experience of bell debate. You know your great NBA money but. I don't like to NBA rule application yell out a runaway I think I don't like it I think it's. It it's completely ridiculous that a kid like. Obama for example Texas. Or what is that one year attacks is going to name him academically. Things from Milan to nothing watching you have a year you know in the oh with Republican NBA team were used on the ropes pretty good in the training that. That the professional training that he needs what the difference between him playing in college and NBA basketball IQ and complain B a basketball team. Taken a year to be able to cash and that's a this is particularly Europe total risk. It's good it's riskier. I hate I hate to all except. Now you can say bad if you let kids like Kim cash share on their value. At the college level you're gonna go make them wait a year well I don't see why he should have to wait a year to cashing in on his sound. Because that value is limited and you know you're you're. You're going to be Eddie. You know high level athlete for how many years and there's there's not you know effect. For every one LeBron James or one Kevin Durant there's. 100 NBA gods that are north coast of that. Terms of value unity big careers are short lived fame. Understand I think while the windows open protection under athletic ability should be able to. Talking of course with new home crede at annual McCready on that Twitter Jeffrey and Ford Jeff Jeff is at the Olympics of course joining us at top of each and every show. Lord I ask you this almost has released its appeal to the NCAA. To have their bowl ban removed when you read it and yet some time to think about it. What were your initial impressions and loan what did you think likely it going forge think they made a case do you think they have a case is by the better question. They have a case I think they've made a good case I think they have always gotten aggressive and some of their language legal documents ordered out of the inconsistencies to future oil and rulings. I mean to the boy he's you know using know this is based on the bodies against a 2017. This Hussein too ridiculous in this car. There's no precedent of that in fact there's precedent of these exact same people. Literally the same people. They're not using the cases that were more recent against schools so. A little bit hesitant to some relief. I think the other official visitor. Stipulation hopeful probably be be lifted an out of cynic I'm a skeptic is you know what the reasons you and our social. I think that was likely put in there. Knowing that it would be taken away it hasn't been implemented due to the appeal it can't be implemented until the appeal is complete so I think it'll be taken away and it will allow Ole miss to say hey we we want something. And the need of the sanctions or remain in place even though I I don't think consists not. You know you at least say that you go you're homeless guy. You you either have shut them down at this point. Pick your premier you have and I don't think. We NCAA had a strong case for a two Wimbledon and I really don't want to get your boy had a strong can a wonderful man. I think the NCAA. Has a strong case forms stopping in the investigation after the first. On notice of allegations that I would have walked away. What took a pretty professionally put together a document and procedure. But then they kept going for whatever reasons personal and the second new ball band was personal but my personal opinion this statement that because of the NCAA you do this too much. Too much ego invested in the game at this point 22 lifted him to admit that they completely. Once again completely overstepped. Rounds Neil we always appreciate your time and enjoy the rest your product. Jupiter is Neil great again the publisher rebel group dot com member of Yahoo!'s rival Yahoo! rivals network check out his podcast. It is available each and every weekday the Oxford Exxon podcast. Is available on iTunes pod being stitcher and wherever podcasts can be found we'll come back we'll do the might of the day able. 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Kevin understandable experienced a taste hurt deal half pumped jumping into people it stunning world bring your crew and an attitude ready to jump the world today viewers again my purse dot com. 929 FM six ADM on the W in the past that and 0929 AC is. This go on eighteen. ESPN. Today's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. Well. This bad boy out bedroom. Closing arguments presented by. And rational. Six and I've been one year old time favorite player's player all time favorite balls for life. Peyton Manning according to the New York Post Andrew Marchand. Ended up all season in which ESPN has already considered a total reboot of money I've football and fox added. The Thursday night package for billions. Peyton Manning's decision to possibly enter the TV Booth remains the most intriguing story line. According to Marshall on both ESPN and fox have Manning atop their list to be their prime time game analyst. Sources told the post. Manning has been approached multiple times about becoming a TV analysts since you're tired but has been reluctant. Many ultimate goal is to be like John Elway and have an ownership stake and team while running football operations he has said multiple TV officials who have spoken to him believe that. That remains. The long term target but Manning has not fully. Ruled out TV in the interim before last season fox reached out to meaning to see if you'd be interest in going into the studio or being a game analyst. As he told all the networks annually he did not want to become a broadcaster at the time fox will try again. But at this point it is ESPN that as being far more aggressive. In the words of one source ESPN is willing to quote. Back up the truck for Manning wanting to make a splash and replacing Jon Gruden. As the analyst for Monday Night Football Packers reportedly the highest paid ESPN employee. Making more than six and a half million dollars per season before leaving for a ten year 100 million dollar contract with the raiders. Ben. I ask you this. Easing of do it. It doesn't feel like he's gonna have the options right now tap. The the Elway type setup right. Why doesn't like. The thing is what this besides doing commercials every other commercial being Peyton Manning on Sundays you'll actually have him. Insight in mind and he'll always be there and be around. Organizations he'll probably be able to find to be able to find a better. A better opportunity quicker. By doing this. Wolf to your point it's it was almost like going to Monday Night Football helped grow the roof like the the myth that John Heard because. You always had him a U Adam as you mentioned visible always on TV up primetime spotlight and B. The farther and farther away you got from football you like anger and still out there. Curtains still out there and so then it just got to build the hype train records go out there and it also helps like as soon as the box as soon as the bucks got rid of them like they've been horrible. And really the raiders until until you got their car like it's been a downhill climbed. Other than the Super Bowl that. Green Bay John Everett has more winning season since that's him more than the raiders have as an organization so I have no problem with them backing up the truck for junger grew like way. We didn't look like great we'll tip of its. You is. Page plastic with the raiders and they have been crap says she laughed with you'll also talked about its. It's easy he should have to have the Al Davis coefficient. In which you you multiply. You multiply any coach is a record negatively. Because of Al Davis at the time. And then get the box television but you compare if you compare John Burns job performance to the raiders job anyway including the best years. Including the mad nears the seventies the eighties when you compare him to the average job performance he was roughly one win better per season. At the raiders in the average coach. And they need to bear did the bucks he's about two and a half games better I mean he beat his own players in Tampa Bay and arrangements Jay got two teams is your best. I only a mom are on file that. Let's get our by the day. Years of bond of the day so are by the day don't ever say that when Ben and I posed a program that this is not informative. A lot of you out there might be saying. We don't know how to pronounce the host city of these winter games or good news we have a guy that has done it for us. He is going to tell us the project the correct pronunciation. All of the host city of the winter games let's hear. I'm Seth bond can't be much coach Gary. We've been getting a lot of questions from American journalists but the correct pronunciation. Of given did host city and correct pronunciation. Is. Chung Chung Chung and all I'll let you go see your doctor Paul Chong Chong Chong Chong. Chong ha. Then you're tired. Jung Jung Jung. Young Chung this isn't fair odds we heard that later Augusta. I think you nailed young Jon this doesn't bear us like. Yeah Zhang ya all well and as I am saying there's a guy in the name in there aged shine like this isn't. Like that is always the worst had to try to turn off my southern accidents at. Let's say it's coming out next year are you know what's coming up next it's going out next on Jason and Jon might millers gonna join them at 1225. I will be hosting the Aircastle guys showed joining me later today. Will be DeVon we will also be trying to Dave Schilling on the program out from NBA all star weekend coming up on the GP showed Dan bullpen. And jabbed at 5 o'clock my thanks to Ben for keep it rolling my thanks to Jeff Hawkins Jason Smith Chris agent Neil look crede. And ever won for listening but for now I gotta make way for a town Jason John about next. He says okay he's number one source DJW and we in the best interests broadcasting mementos 6 PM on the dilemmas at online in 9290 EST. A dozen years and we've got an incredible match up Don who's taken on. My guess definitely MetroPCS. And their star player the iPhone as C for zero dollars I think this team cannot be being. Right Don their coverage is impressive MetroPCS is the network that covered. Only 9% of people in the U. West you know it gives an edge the iPhone missy for zero dollars on truly amazing network what empty no. Lines of unlimited LT data for just a hundred dollars period MetroPCS. Wireless figured out. Think there's some talk. Giuliani at sadness I broke my finger worked. You'll all still need to kick snow I'm on my way you're done already. 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