Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 2 with guests Bill Bender and Bryan Kalbrosky

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, July 11th
Segment 1 -- Jeffrey discusses the NBA, college football, and more with Bill Bender. Segment 2 -- Jeffrey and Connor discuss Adam Silver's comments from Summer League. Segment 3 -- Jeffrey welcomes Bryan Kalbrosky to the show to discuss the NBA and more.

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To differ I don't live picture of won't. Always glad to have you on our first start with the year before we get into so some college football is on the kitchen as much as I think all of us are. What is the scene now you know eleven days or I guess a week later. What's the scene up been up in Ohio with now that LeBron is officially a Laker wind's kind of compare contrast the last time Obama. Oh there's I don't think doesn't seem to go hole I mean they did happen then. I think all publicly welcome to resort to it minutes more but appreciation tour what do you saw that person black I'm obviously the way that. Got them imported foods. A lot more unfortunate up here but I do I won't take the opportunity to say is I've grown up and Ohio bit around my question Cleveland all those things. We don't dislike. Walk around with our head down may have nerds were depressed and usually I don't mean it's a city that's been through a lot more than more broad gains especially. Cleveland Browns in particular. Or the 97 Cleveland Indians I still have not the other team to win a championship. Well the other day and be immune from a few years ago I. It move on I mean obviously LeBron seems solid include what I would mean describe this. After four years and came back critical time pinned. You know I think depreciation there I do free agent Cleveland though. They do have approached place there's opening bit and really that division and that they have you know from both the rebel brown because obviously there's nowhere to go out. Well and of course you have the most electrifying manner sports entertainment at that quarterback. Yeah I'd be Arab children. Big Amman well there's OK here's here's my question. I. The browns start Tyrod is Tyrod is the ultimate. I talk to me is the ultimate like replacement level quarterback and I will never say Tyrod stinks but I got zero faith in Tyrod being a guy that elevates the team. I want Tyrod to play this year because all of you Jackson out there but I think he's a bad for blockage. Well I mean no longer Kyra plays that means they moved on wall on some level because. That's been appearing with the browns the last two years driller three years ago you know Cody Cassel wasn't ready play Jefferies and you can you. I would you have been by weep for you and then last year same thing I mean the shell card and short so. I didn't think the longer make you'll live to sit better. One school of thought the other news. You know yet there's this guy did that so charismatic lead the change to meet other players gravitate around and how long are they going to be at the campaign debt I think that's. The biggest story line and also obviously the part about you nobody who's going to be the card that. Oh yeah I know baker does not exactly shy away from a camera. Love at all and I are thinking exactly look grandchild need all the good Bogle worked Soviet it goes to lone wolf. A little while the sentimental good I think we can see through Mandell on the all the local club. I think baker genuine I do think she's a good leader prevent college or three years and and I'll let people get wound up about every little thing he does but that I would make the argument you play that well. Just about any NFL quarterback and and long they're doing not doing something negotiations under book on Monday. The truth as we get wound up about everything Tom Brady does. And Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton turning Camden new you know you seek other kids basically being open will also monitor and my guess that is longer. I am trying to beat. As is his right to say this I mean didn't want to undercut them something bearish series and it's it's not something like back. And I don't see any foreign minister other student like you so boring you broad terms. I mean Drew Brees whoever can and that slices and in the Pope quarterback that could lead but maybe your gotta go work. That I don't think it's an argument that the most. Important positions or hear the argument don't wait too long argument one where I said. You know it was called to order so perverse. Souter who people care more about I'm still late yardage but its sole purpose because you medical quarterback understand cheeky. I think that's probably fair I mean like this even think about like even Ed. Im not a decisions that go winning too like even if a sign of the city NFL level let's just say like a kid it's playing the wing T in high school. Excuse making like seven or eight decisions for the bulls even snapped like. It's there's so much that goes into the position that I think it makes it completely different from any other position and it's you know you get all the glory. When your team wins and you get all the blame when you lose like and to me like it takes a special individual to be able to deal with back. Then again the only player in India that deal would that would LeBron and not the sort quarterback but it. I mean eat Golden State heads multiple guys that will take the blame when they lose. You know LeBron when the cavs win. When the cap and long and I'm sorry you're not there anymore that you got most of the credit when they lost its steam boy aged. There won't skate is now granted you are scripted we're on the wrong way game wants Poehler now there's no trick Kevin Love had ball tonight our but I think LeBron. He probably. Got a lot of the blame too good but over the law ordered around eight. Loaning to your point you know we look at we look at Kevin Durant you know. A seventeen year old runs a website and says that he's not a leader Kevin Durant churkin at the kid audience to Graham and direct messages like. Think that's like the perfect example like I don't. I don't think like Kevin Durant hits like he just seems to be. I EC is he's so incredibly thin skinned and to meet you can't play quarterback you can't even really you can't eat. Like superstar numero I don't know if you can bash is yet. You know. I'm glad you brought that up because its bid. Beyond 38 years old not go on to look to continue here but it's been a struggle for me to understand that and I did there's a next generation. They have a different approach to some things in sport play guard I don't know how I know I think you are probably fairly close in age split up about seven years. Well let's not yet that's still can be pretty close enough and I drove the new generation where. You know that that would fit you know out of a lot of accountability for Lugar bill will do it a lot of the old one and more accurate enough. Yeah you're looking right it was like in baseball pitcher that's otherwise it was wins losses championships of all matter. Yeah and I think there's a lot more to it today like I don't know how Michael Jordan would have dug into social media. I don't know. I think Lawrence Taylor would have been a lot of underlying social media. But hunt for the color. Put what I did it in and I know that there's a different score changed generations change. I just speaking her mind and I guess. Why bring it up and you know I had kid and I'm having them play sports nut and a little bit of the struggle. But there were like if something like I did Sunday night that they use brawl. How how can that how can parents possibly let that happen on a basketball court room tour dates. I lose I hypothesize I don't. I don't know I'm not trying to be hot take gags that's ever been made but I did wonder how much of that stems from the fact that. The these kids all watch the NBA. And I keep wondering. I've never seen the relationship between referees and players be worse than it is than it is right now currently in the NBA. And I kept wondering if there is any trickle down effect. In that they used is now just seems like an anti disagree with a raft like you got every right to just like. I don't know like I'd like Humana Agra where every coach told me. Officials officiate players play coaches coach like that was the end of a guy. I mean I know guys that got originally beige perhaps good players got bench perhaps. Per. You know. Acts up I guess the official like to me I just seems like that that doesn't occur anymore. I want to allow the popular official when I played. We weren't we weren't allowed at all lately coaches look we did that we got shut down and but I also this day and I coach. News portal my seven year old they. You know I try to give a good example for him and pushed him. Play it I did I forget how parents can attempted in the bag and you want your kid could do well idea but I du page. All of the problems. In sports today not again not you can appreciate that they'd they'd spend on the blower law and you know over anxious parent I I don't want my kid playing. Once for your round I want to play as many as possible and I want I think there should get treatment could yet say both occasions. But you need to worry more practical parent should kid isn't going to be a Gator and well. All I'm not kidding you man I've I own hired this was like. Ten year old double A level competitive baseball for those that daughter's ceiling double A level competitive baseball as imagined that one step above church baseball. That's what this level as these kids are terrible. And the games are miserable almost every single inning no one got three outs he just got to the six run rule many switched up the sides like it was. Painful. I call the kid out on strike three and the mother after the game told me I ruined I was ruining her son's chance of getting in college scholarship baseball. That's when you're dealing. You know and the social media agent again we'll factor wolf sports for more horse I mean I've. Compared shape you know you know their kids that are seeking this summer song just couldn't or don't play book I mean I do crude. Didn't demise some on FaceBook mention them I'm not saying I don't do that but it's more my age. I would approach it this way. If he does something that makes me laugh I'll probably post it on fiscal quarter is good bad in between whatever and you know sending the adult who's been to the band called supplemental not a lot so. I do so again how I think I think there's something to your period there because I do think they're bigger person who bought that suited. You know when when you have bad relationship progressed and great at this weapon that. Pro oh man he was ordered he was about Leo holy cow like. All got out that was that was one of those surreal video as we hear washing your Powell how did we get here but do you write for another day I wanted to ask you this. As we as we approach you know we're we're close to media days and of course as the southeastern football conference will tell us is of course the kick off the ball all season even though slept. Six weeks before that actually happens for you. What is the most interesting story line in college football. All say any eight cannot involve the University of Alabama and it involved. Source. But that's complemented number one of the Alabama I would say. In general it's the quarterback intrigue at those schools and Clemson. Yeah all crawling crop of Kwanzaa not encourage. Some of the first year coach in the interest me I think next week on that that you see very Richard there's been general Fisher and German crew and in particular. Scott frost and Nebraska there's gonna draw huge crowd Big Ten media they'll be there and you know I will citizen I'm biased up here and all its relayed minutes it. I'm wondering if the Big Ten champion won't make the play multiple true a year. Because it's so tall to. Win in the Big Ten you know what I mean like I think it's going to be very hard I don't think brigantine don't go undefeated and I'm sort of wonder if anybody can get out without too often. We'll specially Nellie consider the fact that produced competent I mean like you know the east always and Indiana's top what's it like these always be a couple of teens are at the bottom of the barrel. It's really that's kind of what you need if you can double league where someone goes. I actually heard this theory the other day and I didn't I think there is Bill Conley the proposed that I didn't exactly dismiss six I think there's something to it. I actually wonder if it's more difficult to go undefeated in conference light. The big twelve the Big Ten because you don't have one team that has just superior talent and almost all of those schools now have. They've bumped up the level of coaching they bumped up they bump like they brought everything up to par and since you don't have that one truly dominate team. Does it make it harder to actually win because nobody speaks like you don't have you know maybe not as top heavy you're also not as weak at the bottom. I want to read think bill those same passage all. And a quarter people who don't want the pac twelve the mayor because. I don't on top of that the pac twelve got to throw in the extra conference game end. And on top of that you gotta throw when James again. And the ridiculous travel yeah because the team from Coleman have to go to YouTube saw in. I think of the pac twelve the one where. I guess I've referred to it that way where I think they think they probably have the smallest yeah. From all the way at the top two all the way to the bottom. Like you know what I mean like the parity from top to bottom of the actual probably best. And that's what team would pick up so individual sport they count on the dominant team giving grow. And I just think in this college football player out there that becoming harder and harder or not. Alabama or clumps and or Ohio State actually boost Ricci and at some extra Georgia. Have the most talent cultural moment Oklahoma of course then the big twelve law so that's why don't people ripple among playoff picture and say you don't shock oil. The talk becoming harder and harder to beat in this sport. Oh for sure I don't when people pick. If you know if your top four teams look like the top four teams with the odds in Vegas for the best odds to make it. I completely agree that because it becomes it it comes out as simply as. It's not like it's a computer like there is a human element it no matter how much people want to argue that it shouldn't it's like. It the other day we just traded a set of polls for another poll like we we. Put more distinguish people I guess if you will on these polls but I mean all of this is it's a work it's a people it's a group of people around him that are deciding who the four best teams are. That's my definition is going to be a subjective element so. I mean I'm completely with you because it's almost like the teams that have the best odds I feel like more times than not those of the teens to get the benefit of the doubt. Well sir I mean you know I have been in this day and they kind of burned our conversation in certain ways to. I am more calm alternatives you have a bigger you have episode so sporting news twelve picks or Oklahoma Ohio State Alabama constant. It's my job to do that for a living and I didn't less culprit in fact then I would say he NBA conference final be in Philadelphia Boston and Golden State lost to endorse or future. So I would break that down I think that's the final four in the NBA more confident in that today. You're not you know mid July deny him my own sport which has it would I don't know that's so them out of my job or. Lack of parity in those sports. Well I think. Traditionally especially in the last twenty years the NBA is the most. Predictable. In terms of where people are gonna finish like you almost year in year out you look at. Who who Vegas had as the top eight teams in each conference they usually get. If not said then they usually get about six on the right. So that's an unbelievable batting average and then you look at college football I mean like last year you know. Alabama could have easily. Like Al they'll win the national title. And they are about one or two different games playing out differently in games that they weren't even involved in from being left out entirely. So there's just a much more subjective element and it in basketball you've got the seven game series element in which. I mean he played seven game series typically almost every single time the better teams don't want. Especially in this environment natural than that newswire. The NFL and long term confirmed that I get but in the short term they still have. The most teens they can actually win the whole thing. You know I mean and I'm not unload any shell I guess you could lift that burden tuba and an NFL. And college is just doing right now there's eight teams. Theoretically. That are suitable caliber in the NFC east and Omar in them that well because we're the good quarterbacks so. I think you can make it cute they're much more teams in the NFL and that's why that sport has arrived. For a long time and I get another confirmed the sport but I I'm not worried but short term help. Army like you look at let's just get past like even wild card weekend last year once he got to the divisional weekend. I can in any case the saints can win a Super Bowl committee case Steelers to a Super Bowl committee case the jaguars to one obviously can make it made a case. That. The patriots are gonna win the Philly was gonna win I mean. You could've made it he's essentially could have made a case for almost every single team may be not the titans. Because the tight throughout the Foxboro I just didn't have a ton a conference that. Other that I can have basically made a case of falcons the rams I can make case for seven of the eight teams on divisional weekend. And that's why they get looked slow world she and then you know whereas in the NBA and even our conference final. We were saying that partly what Robert waters again any sort of recruit recruit you get them they're going to be orders itself. Yes they're all fun and you know I don't know some swollen and bloody on the radio this this World Cup in sort of more interest in. I didn't watch a lot of good but I definitely come on somebody Fella probably a pretty big game. I need England and come back and tie this thing up with a about eleven minutes left and now wedge and basically. Clean sweep I had. Each team scores a goal I think he the game ending in regulation and a draw now is the England to advance not looking great. That right now. And to have this gorilla can be your worldly effort dubbed you know what are like dirt by outside I don't have much hope at all. No we really appreciate your time a man we want talk again next week. All appreciate everybody so much better course of the sporting news we come back we will go back to the NBA writer rosty. USA today the entire network big league you can read an FT daddy can read and who tried to do freedom everywhere. 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It's not released the news that we've known about it for awhile but I think it's very obvious the one and done rule is coming to a close sooner rather than later. Obviously it is something that has to be collectively bargained with the players association so I think it's difficult to put a timeframe on because it's still think we have a what is another three years before they even. Renegotiate the CBA so before that even becomes a possibility that's he collectively bargain with the players union. And then of course the other two big news was he's definitely exploring the possibility. Of perhaps receding the playoffs. One through sixteen and if you're just now joining us Aircastle time mentioned a very interesting proposal whereas some people thought are are curious okay. All they get rid of the eastern western conferences will just be one through sixteen out of thirty teams that are available Willet. They recently keep the conference's and then recede once he had the playoffs. Air brought up and inching point of all the NBA's really the only league that. Divides up their league based upon geography. You know we think about football mean you got the NFC and AFC west yet teams in California. That play at now now and LA got a team that plays and Yancy gets in a plays in the AFC. The the NBA's really the only league that will divide out geographically obviously the. Why demarcation Mississippi River but the grizzlies don't seem to imply that because they're still. Judged upon when they were in Vancouver which a lot of people I understand the reason they get these during the western conferences because they came from Vancouver right there were two teams that were. There were two teams that were added an expansion of the doctor raptors and the trying to raptors and Vancouver grizzlies. Or raptors went into the east. And the grizzlies went into the last so therefore they'd still same vein in the reason why the pelicans are in the last is. I Grammy say that you look at for instance like even even break it down into divisions the reason why. Oklahoma City still plays in the Northwest Division said Northwest Division of the adults out there so. That I think that would actually be a more interesting thought experiment to shake there was ever I come up would what I fixed as as. Eric said come up with a national. Conference and come up with a an American conference and then reshuffle air because they're set of course you know. There's a bigger difference when it on baseball. Because you have teams that can go to Seattle and play a four game series rather than. Had ended traveling in Seattle than maybe have to go back so Milwaukee after that so there's some travel concerns but. I've seen spreadsheets. To computers. Feel like there's a bill like there's enough. There are enough teams geographically spread out through the country that feel like. You could probably do this yeah. Oh especially because I'm one of the believers that things are within five years and beat two more expansion teams anyway I think Vegas and Seattle will get a team. So I wonder if when that happens if they're gonna have to shake it out. Because both those teams are in the west. So would Vegas in the Easter would Seattle be in the eastern I'm I'm curious to see there's a lot of possibilities of India which is which is get all. I think that's actually that that question you bring up I think is. Fascinating because financially I'm not convinced that expansion is less likely to happen I think relocation. Is more likely to happen and here's the reason why I think locations will likely to happen. A owner has to pay more money to relocate and a city does Steve pay a expansion. OK but wouldn't vote when you get more when the NBA get more money by adding two more teams with the thought would be could renegotiate your television deal but I think that's a sticky situation now because. We're starting to see. Already. Television networks are regretting. What they've paid yet it's why it's why people laughed at me but I still believe. The WWB. Is actually a very big untapped market we just saw what fox did. Giving them a billion dollars. It's untapped because week in week out no matter what you think of the product. Three million people watch. More people on average watch Monday our role in the first the average first round game of the NBA playoffs so if Boehner caring about from way if your television provider. All you care about your television network really care about is ideal watch this because I'd you're watching his determines. What I can sell ad wise now and add one add watched. Now there will be some deal of say well you prefer to have a wealthier audience because you can you can target. Well to your company's thinking you can charge more for ads but. To be your kind of split hairs and in sports fan Karl roughly. Felt kind of fall on the same thing it's like intern NFL game on. And large see the same ads that you're gonna see me turn an NBA game area you're gonna see pizza companies are gonna see pizza be aired it out pizza beer. The occasional car and when you see it's it's largely going to be the same things. So. What I think is interesting. Is how will the NBA handle that because. If you think about it from that perspective. I don't think you can bank on just saying OK if we had two new teams and let's say we abdomen attractive market say we add them in Seattle and say we had an NL earned Vegas. Even though Vegas. Maybe more attractive of a market for like players. That it is for television so this is not huge. Now with its and for some reason people think it's big it's. Blood it's very tiny boat it's it's not AME if you look at the whole area I think now on the it's it's growing very quickly but I still think the whole areas about a million and a half people and we're not talking a whole lot more market lies. The Memphis so. What I think is interesting is will owners should be more inclined. Owners be more inclined to you. Rather have someone relocate their franchise that he would like. I billion dollar. Don't hold that number. Her reading this it's like it's more money. Because basically if an owner wants to relocate its franchise he has that cut the check in get it straight to the other NBA owners and for. For relocation to occur. All that money just comes in it's it's. I think it's I've really it's a Daytona 500 million dollar and like that a relocation fee Arabs are out expansion fee. And so. We knew when he seed that. It just it just kind of it's me all but you can always figure out what the answer is going to be by figuring out. Which way makes this beat home the most on yet another thing that would be interesting about expansion is how would they how they tracked. When you always we are assault unless it made it's it was solid hockey exactly because if you if you're able to tape. Basically a starter from each team that's a really good team at their so it'd be interesting to see how the NBA goes about that just have Mexico City that they made against them so. It's very interesting. Yes and see. I think. You're trying to expand from a if you're trying to make juror if you're trying to Major League. More appealing to television in which I understand where your sayings like that would be the bigger long term solution. That's I think I'm not really certain. For instance Seattle's cool city big fan of Seattle it's obviously a bigger city. But it's like adding Seattle's television market. Is going to change the long term health of yearly cap would adding Mexico City changing their bread that is interest and that's my bag yet that's where that was dangers that. And then it really good relationship masters and then on top of that now you got to convince all the other voters like okay we're gonna be sending our teams to Mexico City. One then of course is always the big one. I don't know and. I know what nice is cities like that. Third or fourth biggest city in the world so that if you had a choice between 22 cities to get a team and the entire world was would you what would you where would you like to see it seemed. Where not to see what are bad bad Alando. But. Okay who would much options one and are measures that yet. I had the bad. I'm still betting on Seattle just because Seattle finally seems to kind of have. Seems to kind of have their ish together like the last it's very simple the reason why it's very simple the reason why Seattle doesn't entity. There Reno was not up to NBA standards and it the NBA said it's not up to NBA standards we need a new arena and then Seattle said not all. Hearing is a great or Seattle and then there's no way that they figured that moving this city moving a team to. Oklahoma City was a big block. Ira -- a quick break we're in try to get pride for rusty on the line right after this cigarette is an air cast session nicely on event ESPN. Three easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com that's for free 3929. FM ESPN on the radio does come out. Reid listen at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. Radio guys. Glistening in the. ESPN. Real men in the area share their thoughts about dealing with the red tile dysfunction before and visited the other of those men tonic I have the same feelings about I need years and everyone insecurity fear anxiety. 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Wore an editor and writer for the big lead as well as at TW all part of USA today networking joins us now Brian we appreciate day at the time on a Wednesday how are you a man. Appreciate you got from me on today it's not. Salon de blah blah about Gloria some real some relief. And I've been excited following an and I cannot but a lot of fun you're gonna and ultimately you guys are getting blood sucking your players and Josh are you shop and I picked. I really develop and show off that they have a lot of potential mostly moving forward. So I've. Really been enjoying that partly about all even though it's slowed a little bit than the initial chaos. What just in LeBron James coming Los Angeles. So what are your thoughts of course on future hall of Famer Jerry Jackson junior. I am concerned Obama your players from the drop I think they you know that the massive game he had shooting from the outside. With a little bit overstated it is not done much other three point shooter comparatively. I think realistically he's somebody who's going to be. Someone's going to be accurate in the league I don't think he's somebody. Is going to be you know. Somebody like Klay Thompson does usually review date on but he plays so that's such such an NBA ready game this violence so spare. For the current and I it's a well spoken guy and around the league for a long time up there obviously player in the league. Bodies the home run pick c'mon that's. I think I thought the period Rick I trade down and let somebody like one dollar Carter junior because I was under the impression that people didn't want to I remember of 01 in I'd learned earlier in the day adjourned actually junior I was warming up to the idea. I just was hoping that people are on the and that's where we're celebrating in the street because. Jeremy Jackson junior it's such a perfect player. To put that Marcus hall to make invoke spread the floor they both rebound during the mayor can wingspan and while I and that's when expand. In the dropped outside those. On I'm Obama is literally out of an unbelievable. On world do expect and so I'm really enthusiastic about your Jackson junior IDs baccalaureate aren't Ukraine have been portrait I like to be much. I easily. You know what what oppression and the parents are being a slightly different just I don't know preference instead he made. What did you think of the grizzlies adding slow mode Kyle Anderson. To the roster. Well it's unclear if nothing else but mountain was trying to when they do now on I think anymore I get it you're not gonna keep batting text. I've made their team that's looking to win now. I like Kyle Anderson and he's somebody. You know scheme and a perfect score for a long time so the idea of calling somebody a perfect. There is definitely a huge compliment. The idea of adding him down the line. Amanda was cork because if you are good Spurrier probably agent player. So I like color just came out I was a little high raising that. While San Antonio not going to match the offer on but I think the islanders and as a good player. I need somebody to add value on both sides of the ball. I'm not super high on him part of you know be creating a team from scratch but at the same time. I think that it. It to really get a decent finding that you're trying to be you know a decent team. On the mounting demand that the move and the idea of being in a middle eighteen little bit more concern and that's where my that's where I'm a little. Two views of what intentions are obviously reasonable bit weaker now LeBron James is playing in the last and the cavs are kind of out of contention and obviously our affiliate the top two seeds. It would Indiana and Toronto sort of being you know out there but for Memphis you know that's not that's not part of their concerns like that's not part of their plan would not absolute. Meant that the not a part of the picture of part of our picture that I really started by an outside I'm not entirely sure. Why you wanna be a middle age in my page. You have American market is too successful. I think I recently. We'll the only thing if the grizzlies do try to let's say they're gonna try belittling team but there is the school thought they still of Boston a first round pick. I think they would rather they'd rather beast you know ninth or tenth in the west and be picking you know thirteenth twelfth. And then just go I didn't give that pick to Boston wipe their hands be be done what it rather than try to add. Kind of thread this needle of it's still protect I think its top eight protected this year. And then just kind of delaying the inevitable of giving Boston a another. Perhaps potentially you know top five pick in the next two years it seems to be that there's the idea that even if they don't get back to the playoffs as long as there in that range. To where they can be done with the draft pick which was of course part of the Jeffrey trade. There seems to be the idea that they would rather make they'd rather have that occur and be done what did so they can finally move on. It Sacramento's. I'm I don't like I don't hate the idea. Men that's just being completely. You know trying to buy ice often trying to make off and you know leave the potentially toxic. I kind of like at the same time like you know I think it more comes down to ownership rate. The idea of ownership potential avenue saw the team last season and you know buyouts stakes. From the lower from the low minority owners I think it'll be really good command post there. So you know potentially be a more wind direction adjourned continental or one or younger are let's go to the drop stuff like candidate you're trying to win now. Mega change I can sort of a nice middle ground and not expect right. Is the toward a nice mix so you know he can help you be better next season and there were referred you know. The safety and you know in five years when he's going to be on a second contract presumably what Memphis. You know that's when he'll be works. You know the pick and that's what I'll only be 24 year old and that's something that's really attract them. Yes it almost feels like that. They've found them they found a unique way by moralist kind of trying to go back to what the city which is play defense and and kind of go back to. That entire mentality it's almost like by adding by adding Anderson by adding Jerry Jackson. They've added younger piece is that help them try to do what they want to do so that. If things go poorly. They can kind of then start shopping around mark my despair Marc Gasol and then perhaps maybe Mike Conley can start. Trying to shop them if things don't go well last year but they've also positioned themselves to where. I do think that they've actually improve their roster now. Did they improve their roster enough that remains to be seeing. And I don't improve their roster and now tomorrow control the hockey trade value. You know I think I would conquering my grandfather here back. Somebody is going to by Mike Conley have been a bridge to salutary and networks and there's. Expensive contract fer a player when you know there's so many guys around the league to McCain's on the way out there who have. Starting point guard them not what my calmly hit it a good line on you know our our run our report last year I'm talking about how rare was tremendous specifically. I'll turn our regular second contract. And he. You don't hold Mike Conley or somebody who actually deserves. Together. You know in the foundation of the group is future. Not bad dollar amount I was a bit of risky considering the rest of the roster construction and he's somebody that would be fine and a championship in. Only yankees significantly better going to be injury concerns where we're not really part of that's. That's that circumstance such a copy I happened. But what Mike Conley now I mean I don't think there's a buyer around the league. I don't have any interest and suddenly look back and a dollar amount I mean it can be hard enough credit to do about that a player until somebody could get. He. Somebody is trying to violent condemned Schroeder I'm sure that'll occur here real concern it could be something like that it's going to be the same thing from my comic. If I remember that I mean you know markets all sort of that same thing workplace. How much he really afford to have to trigger franchise player I'm almost evenly get back for a big goals to. Oh for sure I mean that's the amazing part about it even with given all this fact is he neutral Mike Conley. He's still not the worst contract on the roster that on of course wants to none other than Chandler Parsons. Of course not but saying his Chandler Parsons. You know you're your your report before the draft that. Mountains front office was just absolutely dire and that try to package can penetrate even just moved out there. Org or two or three or whatever may have Danny. Just please do whatever it takes to get rid of this contract. Unless you know it is that sort of decision that banned them making. In my Memphis Morlon middle leaner you are in recent near Moore bottom team. He whereas you know it seems like. I get good deals are going to be wanderlust but are obviously that was I was a victim mode. It's only sixteen offseason. Where a lot of teams are making the same mistake in my locker and or now. On my do you look at. Chandler Parsons almost in the same way you look at Lou all banks somewhere where slate for possible lakers on any news or ride it out. Don't try to give a penny out of the trade down you know you're ready development and lock up these average Angelo about all I think if I remember from doing the same thing. Oh Joan of Arc from previous start out of ride it out and wait for the captain beside a little bit when his contract the ball on the men's final usually leave would expire. Aren't contract. A metal trade chip on the other line and I don't really see anything you can do a thorough someone like not the dollar not bad. Yeah you made the mistake. Don't compound don't make another mistake after a you know hey it is what it is at this point you're never gonna reach a point which Chandler's going to live up to his contract value. But don't try to mortgage don't you know if that was always kept things like they were gonna trade down and just to try to get off a Chandler's conference like no. There is. I get that from that for that situation makes sense that would that would suppose that there's no difference between. The fourth pick in the eighth pick and we've seen in the draft that there is a difference between the fourth pick in the eighth pick so. To me I think they finally made the right decision but I wanted to ask you this before you go Arnold and short on time. Or what the heck is going all acquire letter because it's strangely quiet. Each McLaren believed he kept they feel like there there seem to be that daylight almost two weeks ago word polite squad was being treated like the next 36 hours and see nothing. And now we see the odds entirely flip where the lakers are no longer the favor or what exactly is going on with squat apply under right now. If a candidate couple weeks ago when I was afraid to go outside smoke there are too late by you know by dinner anywhere they can now because outweighed. What can leave a look after him quite like this are you now to actually be opposite I think. You know the fact it is too quiet on the collegiate affect my sons and it's been traded a package for Kyle Lowry or to Mark DeRosa and a young aperture Toronto. Odd Toronto kind of the key to watched. Martin his podcast today. On back well from yet Jim predicted it would be Toronto between those waded back if you want to see some count. On ten bon Temps in the Washington Post and read the whole thing when you are saying that they're the actual source who permission in Toronto Latina. On and he's you know I think that I've just so a situation where you kind of see it. Kind of like well you know out of San Antonio they don't wanna move into the left and wanna create a super camps or Toronto are the super can. On my note about ownership group is your understanding Kline Leonard actually be here he was dropped that I've done some research I'm not eat. They were considering. You're trading down to actually in Campbell just wanted to think about it is that you know middle of the lottery in the lottery. Whereas you have ended up picking John Challenger for number five overall. But they remain really targeted at an air without even considering coli five apparently and reportedly. Also try looking that makes sense to me that the team that I would probably watched. Especially to that extent Tony wants nothing to do with the idea of him going Cuba lakers. That seems to be the time I think Philadelphia very reluctant to do a remarkable all. I think off the middle of the cable provider ships on off and just seems to have no interest at all and you get in any friend that loved to work any value. Whatsoever which you know I kind of get it off and stockpiling now that we can potentially get Anthony Davis put an end but becoming available. So I get a let the good of god that you walk down the line that could be. You know you to be giving out battle of will be used again and I think the lakers have a package that probably about I mean clearly better than anything to put an offer on the I don't think that curves. I'm in it have any interest in doing that. I'm so I would definitely watch. Toronto he noted in the kind of comes the mine would be Milwaukee Lum. I would say Milwaukee. Both the Philadelphia. How you coaches that came from Brent around our campground in Milwaukee in my on hold or share. Try to come in Philadelphia on my evils in Atlanta Centennial edition yes exactly how about. Some and I think it interest and MarketWatch and. Brian we really appreciate your time and great stuff and now we'll watch it on our. Kapalua and confront Ross ski of hoops hype. Thanks to Brian for joy just let the air for joining us from Vegas of course bill vendors he does each and every day my thanks to counter for even this thing girl and I think solely for listening however now I gotta make way for real talented airfare shows coming up next. He is ready to nine a ME SPN the radio to. It's an easy time anyway and favorite us today we have with us and at least one Bartlett W on the fast Memphis is a sports station. It's Eric Cassell signed here once again for sleeping easy is it sounds like he's he's matches isn't presser about Michael's honor we always say it's 58% are free tells our prices everyday that we think there in the top brand names and throwing the assert I comfort the Simmons beauty rest blackened signature design by Ashley furniture had the only still station told kiosks. In Memphis metropolitan area you make your. We never wake up on the wrong side of the back. Hello my community and as a doting day. Yeah home page devoted son. 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