Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 2 with guest Mark Giannotto

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, July 10th
Segment 1 -- Jeffrey and Connor start the second hour with Across the Association, in which they discuss the Grizzlies' summer league game against the Kings, the NBA's toughest players, Carmelo Anthony, and more. Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes Mark Giannotto of The Commercial Appeal to the show to discuss the latest with the Memphis Tigers' basketball program. Segment 3 -- Jeffrey and Connor close the show discussing "The Headlines".

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As the weather heats up bottled water consumption increases make the switch to refill the water bottles and filtered tap water as an alternative. Find tips and more at one thing US dot com. What's your one thing. He is ready to 9 PM ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and favorite us today we have the best and at least one Bartlett. Only on the West Memphis news. It's station. Fourteen out of course covers the Memphis Tigers for the commercial deal he's gonna join us in about 20/20 five minutes or so was scheduled to join us at the top of the hour. However these Penny Hardaway press conference. Ran a little bit long so he's gonna join us at the bottom of the hour of course we'll talk all things tigers would mark when he joins us every now. Thunder got across the association fired up. It's very golf association. Aired test of time on the NBA. They're the only association. Now. I'm not into nine FM ESPN. Business news station. All right mr. Jeffrey writes Michael Wallace. Just announced that they've received Raff out wrap wrap up round Robin play in Las Vegas summer league today vs kings looks like Janet Jackson junior. We'll get a game off after playing 579. Several top picks also played last week we can Sacramento where he talks. Police have had games off to Vegas as a rest precaution. I just precaution I see nothing you'd think about it yet to me this was not surprising at all rising utilized. That today especially with Marvin badly of course being announced that that he's out also for this game so. Maybe I guess maybe for TV for our sake for viewing watching you would have been nice to I've seen them got to go up if they're both we're gonna play if orbit. I think this I think there's several guys that need a night off. And I heard you need tonight Walton and I think obviously Jerry Jackson needs a night off there are guys on the floor that but you can tell when. They want thing that I when you're fatigued one aspect of it that always. Is very obvious is. When you see like the mental mistakes. And it's just like to me just it's so obvious and whatever the game gets sloppy to me that's exactly when you know that guys are tired and it just was very very obvious against the magic and not even though they had the off day yesterday. I still think like if I think it was going to be more than 24 hours a lot of these guys needed. Yeah Nicole always this will probably give DJ DJ seven golden moron which is always fun to see DJ I would think more hell's gonna get yes mormons whose vehicle to see them get a little bit more playing time and she would they can David is DJ is of extremely fine summer league player. Very fun summer early player and I was thing Arquette I think guys that can that guys that. Or does not really afraid to take a shot now is not spark that really kills other each unit. How people feel when that idea denials I saw you saw when they announced that more kell. Was out of Ole miss. That was kind of weird I think it was weird for me in the end because we know mark allies. Mark from Memphis but I think that fur they normal college basketball and her NBA and it probably it probably they probably all be great to have much bullet to me that the but let's say like for Foreman it's how they feel because it brings up it was weird it's it's a lot like. But it's okay like its weird. By. I don't feel like Wisconsin fans feel weird when they say Russell Wilson the former scouts and quarterback. Even though he plating graduated from NC state and Billy played one year Wisconsin. Like I always thought it in the obviously Cam Newton is this is since Cam Newton Auburn it was better order a very productive semester. Those are very very Florida team needs I get there if there that seems nuts oh that. That is Jean king's you have Hernandez Tebow and Cam Newton on the same team all during a national championship run like it was nuts. It does makes you wonder. Like even though cam is infinitely more talented than Tebow you almost need to play eighteen though. Just to keep like Jesus in the entire equation here. Well I could I mean I I think you can make an argument he does best college football player off our. I dude he just rain college football for three years he was productive but for one single season. I thought me. But Zell was up there not no I don't think there's cows on that growth spurt for me the most. The most dominant player ever seen Kessel both in person most dominant player ever seen in person was candidate. Kim in Auburn that year was the most unstoppable be unity could also say that like Bo Jackson went back in his day you know what wait what college kids can stop Bo Jackson and could blow Herschel Walker was Herschel Walker yep Herschel should one arise and as a freshman. I still think like Cam Newton was a legitimate cheat code is freshman Danny was he was like Reggie Bush Reggie Bush was Chico as well. They were nuts then young couple. But analysts if sort of achieve her across the association today on Twitter Ben Wallace. But out twice question I'd think it's very very fine toughest player currently still in the NBA. I think it's an permit the end it's a pretty obvious answer. I think if it's for exact Randolph OK so here's here's one issue and it's outsourcing issue I need clarification. A grad. Is this. Like the toughest guy as in the guy that last guy you gonna get a fight where OK that's assay is it the toughest guy or is it the all dark Alley team. All darkness because that this is like this is the toughest guy he said mart's marketing also flops there whatever we work whatever we were bored waiting all right. This will we get a lot of this this year Devin and myself we did a lot of this way and we like waiting for press conferences and stuff because. There wasn't much to discuss because this team was just completely done so we would do the all dark Alley team. That we did your other favorite team was the looks like a basketball player until the ball's tipped. Like Ager is your all burst out the bus team and that's also a dark Alley team we both think Patrick Beverley got to be on there yeah. They he had to say Zito even in easy though even he's still the team captain. Yeah no Zito was the last guy in ten quickly and her Kendrick Perkins is still an MBA player so does he make death squad. This Tony Allen's they'll make that's squad like. Jimmy Butler. Right I hope that you did you get you can make an argument I hear is still what. We don't plot. I don't know I think I would murder UN than just not saying yes I'd really like it see it he would legitimately be like it he 1000 coming at you and just. You're just gonna die like you had no. Way to get. He's got the strongest hands along his arms he's quick. And he has no emotion whatsoever he would guess you would know I think he could legitimately be hit it give me terrified he might be one there was a where's collide. Who knows we might say Al Goodman for example why act. We're gonna study art what do you do with light. We did what is Stephen Adams. Stephen Adams has the look but I don't know. Let me ask you to break he's been in nova game and keep going. I don't know if he's an all Alley got that I think I think that's that's a clarification yet he's tough guy Nellie guy by the tough guys I Dahlia like. To be tough guys like who does the Nevada hockey players do where they say like. They played the entire play also like a broken life. Yeah that's to really get sick when I think tall. Let's see this is now again yell at let me talk I think of guys that played her pain. Like that's I think when top then I think that the all Alley team is completed or that's back. I got that's I think it might do. Who's a VA NN. I mean you've got flight surgeon pocket do you oh my god salute our Jeanne bock is Warren wrote Mark Russell Westbrook David west's marching gore Todd. Did Johnson. How we forget about James Johnson. Did all those put this thing out on Twitter so people can be reminded of we have been Wallace's right probably well and that he definitely was on this team data today that I ever tell you a few weeks ago bomb a friend of mine texted me like. He says I see change passions ceiling as Ben Wallace with a three point shot and I swear to god I almost passed out from excitement. Is it that can be what he reaches did you imagine them Wallace with the with the applicable to any other you always hear a surgeon bucket yeah. I don't scares me. Wash as far as not going to be 45 and you know it's so. Right but has surged to. Three dollar Johnny wise but I just keep you fell off he got he Platt got real fast. I'd I think he was more of the system he was with no publicity is Susie left Oklahoma City he wasn't the same player and never. And he hasn't really gotten back there so you know what I love about this list. There's one person we haven't put on any as you come to mind and I'm so happy about it. They tough guy during mongering here in my I want take time out there. A tough yeah dedicate guys and and then another spot than you out on this list yeah he's our data that he's effective he's very effective at. You might kiss on the other thing is if we're talking like tough guy I played her like Conley he's got to be on the list if it's like tough. Yes yes like how it could get a broken face and played in the same series. But that's to be like that's because like that's the distinction like I. I don't think of his tough guy and all Cali teams the same the same list yeah it's student begins all Alley team has to have a little crazy you know. You need a little crazy in the eye owner you need a lot of crazy and you need the I don't wanna mess of that guy because I'm it's why I think. Kauai it's got to be on that list Reggie Evans on active. Who has been on. That's ago. It's just it's just a fun last shot out settle into their loss or keep his name in the news yeah okay so. Next question I did the rockets played themselves out of contention. I'm missing no. But I still do not get what they're doing I don't either it makes no sense to me either they. Are execute offensive pillars on the team. I have walked away and capella a third of those pillars. They reportedly are not even close to having a contract with them is camp is super mad because that I was coming in the summer expecting. Big money and they're offering him some low price sheet he's not and it. It's just gonna make him mad I I see if they rested up Capellas inside a one year deal and walk next summer to me. This is. There were lots of Smart people out there that kept bringing out number the whole handshake deal with Chris Paul yes. It's the same Lorena about the warriors like. The warriors biggest problem is they have to pay the mall right now in new. When you give Chris told the mat like the Max Max. It's an issue because some there is a zero sum game he can't keep paying everyone. Now I don't understand what the logical leap is her Daryl Morey who's a Smart guy. Who. Has now decided that. Maybe Carmelo can make this work I don't I still do not understand. This this makes zero sense to me whatsoever. Because. Aspect of it for me that doesn't make any sense is. If you're Terrell Maury. He can't be held hostage by Chris Paul did you paid him. Especially Chris a thirty plus Chris Paul. That's a huge difference did you not like a thirty plus Chris Paul. James Harden and Milo are out scoring the Golden State Warriors on top of that. The biggest reason why you were a half away from probably winning an NBA championship at let's let's keep it real yeah. The biggest reason you're apple away from doing it. Was you decide to play defense this year yet they they it was a it was 11 times the warriors legitimately couldn't do anything. He'll let's let's not the only relatable the only reason the warriors. Or were in the NBA finals is Houston missed 273 pointers in a row. Yes 47. In a row which is impressive so your strategy is to try to score. More I look I thought of missing Tony seven era but you're still gonna take that 28. Oh yes the triumph of hope emerged and it's a love that legislature passed JR Smith's dream team in my underneath there's. That's that's fair yeah and so. I think each other JR Smith if you had a but the same price of the other JR. I would say OJR can do more he sees more athletic now let's say he's more athletic at this point has created a mellow it's like the thunder and you can kind of play deepens he wants that put. Owner did to an extent try to use the Olympic Melo experiment whenever I just say well these Olympic melody just get Olympic willow. Tried it. You can't get more. She can't get Olympic mellow without letting Melo if the NBA allows it if it this siren a teacher this summer. All this and the NBA's like uh oh players and very but he is now on I'm giving Mello won Max contract. Talent and become more ever and he can run the team is president because that cabs or fifty game triple doubles in BP putting mellow. It's completely different. And Melo. So you think when when he's got already on any more months ago superhuman. He's the greatest player of all time. The hoodie is is the same thing that that that the army and serious for Tony sorry it changes him from. A billionaire philanthropist pick Playboy which is kind of look Melo is into a bad ass that you just don't wanna mess. It's true about Melo and the stripper. I don't know we have a lot Lonnie Morris but I think that was it heights. Supposedly. And and an evening of passionate. Passionate passionate fire of Melo might have another little mellow with. Lady if tonight if you will push teens make the song and yeah I was Noah Al. After only you know pushing were you back in the we have heard from your own time and equipment weeks and weeks. Weeks we need to push up that last story exchanges that are going after mark Smart eating that's good fit. There I like it. Well this is all about the kings where discussing this yesterday we read for grave on Calkins the show. The kings really are like this awesome experiment of light. It's like the basketball version of the crazy hot scale love they've got like so many personalities. And they've got like it's catnip kitty co exist. But it is exactly what you could talk about like. I'm intrigues they other entry there insane and adding more markets hard this is just another just another aspect of it. Feels like though this is just markets being upset because the Celtics didn't really offer it's been very weird this offseason for restrict free agency as you would expect teams to at least make. May make teams pay and why isn't it team offered Clinton capella a big contract remarks marked just just a forced the hand. Of the rockets and the Celtics and get their office some of that money than me have the future it's eight it's almost too nice this year with respect freeagent I don't really like it. I think I I I need more drama I think the reason why is it the alternate prisoner's dilemma. Whereas. OK if you offer him if you're offered to try to bid up the price for the rockets have been up the price for the Celtics. What I visit the Celtics and rockets let him go what goes on seeing it that you aren't price that you're still willing to pay if you get them by 88 its oil. Maybe I think you offer a little bit more than you think that they would be willing to pay and you see what happens I think the problem is ever looks at next year's free agent pool. There are things that there's any bigger fish in the sea next next generations and and that's also finalize these teams are running because you make a guy like Clint capella mad he's sure he's kinder future for Houston user getting up there in age. People are talking about Houston's aged or older than people think they are. They are an old Team Inc. Allah is when you're young prospects that you can't. Lose I. Click impala out played some big man what he outplayed Carl Anthony towns in that series he really did. And currently accounts and about a hundred million dollars next season so why does it kind of element that same money this year it makes no sense. I think I'm Cabela's worth mass contract I really do he who ran the floor he's great defensively he can pass. He's everything why not you know a lot to do with carnage in towns and played out of that series it lowers his effort. I don't think so I think they they basically that once the going got tough they just abandon ship. How's the going tough when you're in the top five in the west lefty the other the other aspect of with a T wolves did that we're starting to see is they really legitimately hate each other. Oh yeah they got we need each other the bulls bulls part two did not have to have battles that's ever balls denials that now where did not work I was excited or too. Oh yeah I don't like maybe you like what if Dierker is tied it again yeah. Yeah I want him to find it. I'm Imus I missed all of their throw you a warning that that is the triumph of hope over experience that is the definition of the tribe lives whereas that naive hope. And a 23 year old let me have it Jeffrey Wright. I refuse that's not what I hear that is not my job tip does that coach that you like he's awesome and so he's on your team you're like oh crap he's killing although it is what it's. So I hired a guy if you let's go like this is read here. After app is welcome more successful Jeff Fisher. At least I think about it at competitors like he's eases slightly more successful Jeff Fisher his teams are always better at you he's just yes and I my favorite thing about Jeff Fisher's he's trucks though trying to take credit for their regular brands like right now like I'm not one at all is that I got our players are hot we have a Yost did not run an offense it. Right EU and on top of that the base trees. People act like that that. People act like that the rams didn't make other additions this young guy Andrew Whitworth like they shared a profits of line. And then yes they decided to bring their offense from somewhere between like 1968. Up till about like. I say it was like 2018. But we still like 4050 yet they added in Michael Roll out bootleg pass like that was. Innovative stuff for Jeff Fisher I he couldn't get out and they and they and lost early is potential for him just on those just mainly they got early to care. That's here at the big that's a big part of it we get back we'll talk to Margie not you of course is the tigers beat writer. For the commercial appeal when we come back right here in the air cast our shared 99 FM ESPN. Hey it's Aircastle snide and hope you're enjoying your holiday this fourth of July happy birthday America. But I know that's you guys out there listen an end gals work hard. 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Tiger basketball program as well as other sports here in Memphis he's doing it yeoman work. Over at the commercial appeal he joins us now mark today sir Howard might. Parried every kid good to finally talk to is that all law also Penny Hardaway had his head. At a media availability today any any big news it was basically got from the out from the media availability today. Not too much major news the mean that don't live recruiting period per college basketball star in July starts tomorrow. And you know obviously any and especially in between nineteen clack hear you really looking at a lot of five star guy. Top and guys. And you only got a really good job getting in the door with them and now the question it and he closed the deal and and you know beat some of these blue blood of college basketball for some of the best records in the country and he just. Talk a little bit about how he's gonna do you try to do that he can't talk about specific recruits could. I think the big point event that this is that. You know him and I think this is in general peeking get winded. There's a decent chance there it can create a snowball effect and other guys will join the fray so I think it's really important. To get that first guy and I think he knows back many I think you know they once again he's he dean mentioned then and then decide that you get itself. Just the NBA factor of this stat. And have him and then just and then general let you know pretty easily recruit. If you wanna trying get the NBA what better way. They're trying get there and learning from staff full of guys who have been married done that. And then just minor needed I guess PEE confirm that Brian Boyd the you high school board is committed last month kind of unexpectedly. And turned down a scholarship to sign that you may be. Any confirm that he'll be a walk on this year and the planet earth and could be on scholarship next year. But spend the rest of the scholarship situation. In really provide much clarity. Could technically right now even with the boy as a walk on with you know with the Carolina job situation kind of up in the air. And everyone there over the scholarship and gave scholarship limit right now they have fourteen guys on scholarship. And you're only allowed at thirteen. You go. It's storming be seen how exactly they'll call that whether they'll get a waiver for his job as he battled. Leukemia or what what what happened there. But that it would kind of not really a news or anything that was just interest in the year. You know how Palestinian going to approach this month and and then going forward with all these. Talk and recruit that he's trying to lord of Memphis. Initial between nineteen classes and the top and recruits how much stock do you put into kind of the rumors that. Certain Wofford is indeed you know trying to recruit other guys to go to Memphis even though he remains uncommitted. You. I think that's a big deal I mean it is true and it seems like pictured it seems like they've made a lot of headway with Rick trend and I'm providers that if you get one and that's gonna try to act it's you know. Maybe that's what convinced this game to widen in the pull the trigger a comment that's going to be you know as you know I'm not gonna be the only. If there's another guy coming with. And I do think that the big deal. The EU is tight end but just in general the amount of progress they've made that trend in the mean is really. What's notable more so than that he's gonna try to recruit others detect. In the bottom line was going before banning retired you know a lot of people thought Alabama and Indiana really the lead dog in his recruitment and and. Now it appears that fit you know meant that might be the team to beat. Just based on you know it got them in here and a couple of unofficial visits and and he seems to talk really highly about meant that every time he. And so yeah I do you think it's notable though they eat you know rumored to already be talking to kid about joining an America I mean now. And I think that's something penny you're going to try to capitalize on you know I think he knows. You know book how this kind of guy who coaching a youth coach she had a good sense of how these kids going to. And I think these kid in a lot of ways are emulating what happened that the NBA level where they wanna be. If they don't wanna be just that guy they wanna be on a team with a bunch of guys on and with the way. Grassroots basketball the inner connected now with Paula you know. 2530 years ago. You know you didn't see all the different kids from around the country all the time and you need to see him at an all star camp wants this summer's something. Now you know we're gonna go to a two week period. Where 88 you know yelled trying to Watford going to be around seeing the widening every week. You know it became term and the match just. That's part of grassroots basketball on part of recruiting now. On because these kids these kids know each other these kids from different parts of the country and they figure out hey I wanna play with this guy and so. At some think any hopes to take advantage of them. Target that you guys you know he'd done a really good job getting in the door. With guys like James Weidman. With guys like training a lot further and Matt Matt hurt. Five star guy traced Jackson Davis and I've sir guy from Indiana. Why he has. Not united could he'd done recruiting as well as he's done recruiting with the 2018 cracked putting together top twenty top 25 classroom why. Inactive beat the duke Kentucky. And misses of the world could get those kids. To get the kid that's what he's gonna have to do and it really does pay. It you know you don't know it can't I think it probably will I don't I do not think he's gonna swing in Minsk. On all on all of these istar that he saw an actor. We'll get although I'm probably not but I don't think you can actually emit green got it eat you still have to prove that he can beat. Coach K you can beat John cal Perry for recruit. Our course and Margie not only does now seeing job covering tiger basketball program for the commercial appeal she bubbled what are its act. In that GM not and then yesterday salute certainly some some all season news' John Rossini does a really great job covering college basketball CBS sports. He released his power rankings for the American athletic conference do you think it's important note they were power rankings they were not. Where people wouldn't finish in the end of the season it was not predicting. Where people finish in the standings hoosiers ranking the teams top to bottom he had the tiger's rated currently at eight. Always your reaction you saw he had the tigers ranked eight. I thought it was too low given I don't think the league is gonna be that could next year I think a lot you know. You look at the league top to bottom you know appeal like Cincinnati in Wichita State law that current. He's gonna lost their best player I'm really the only team that return a good chunk of their core. Are you Fiat. And temple and UConn I guess. And UConn had the uncertainty of a new coach and then you'd. Taken dead account that meant that you return the stock for leading scorers from a year ago and then and then a top twenty top 25 recruiting class. I I expect that there to compete for the conference title. And I think penny goes to even back about that power rankings. Other power ranking act at the press stopper today and I'll beat you put much stock into around the unit offended by it you know he he said the EU did all that type of stoppage motivation it it seemed pretty clear to me hate it had been mentioned. Yesterday to the team either yesterday or today like penny which seemed aware that even though it. In really care that much about it again and he had higher expectations and that I think if they finished eight. You'd be really disappointed. But I think if you look on paper. I don't feel way this team finishes eighth and the American conference. Even with that many newcomers as they ask. And knew they were picked ninth last year and finished fifth and and made it to the semi finals last year I would expect. And I expect them to be in the top three of the lead. You know my my thought is initially having you know I'm seeing the full schedule yet but I think they're going to be compete for the league title. I think they're gonna be sort of like a bubble team but then he turned and we could be in shock making it so partly because. Converts part of me here in America back it even making a run there and just making it at the conference tournament champion. Just because I think FedEx Forum is going to be jumping this year for this team. If there are any guide and I expect them to be pretty yet knock I don't think they're going to be worked and he hopes they'll being you know this first year. But they return enough from a 21 win team that I don't think it's unreasonable thank. They could be a 25 win team this year I'm given what they ask the schedule going to be a little tougher. In nonconference play by. You know yeah I think eight is two out. It was just it was strange to me. Not just where they were right because even continued to have his pre season first team all American any included share mile that listen many that is. Is all freshman team and there were three tigers on that all freshman team it just kind of it struck me as odd because in utility if you don't think this is fair. I don't know if he can out talent your way. To a championship any American I certainly feel like with enough talent you can play yourself and the top three top four. And it almost seems like John was conceding that he thinks we'll have the talent yet he still had them write down that that seem to be strange to me. I think there's some uncertainty about how Penny Hardaway will do coaching at a college level. Like I think here and that there's ever went very confident that he's gonna make a smooth transition. I don't necessarily think that's. Back to the thought process. Nationally I think everyone now thinks he's gonna be a good recruiter he's proven he's gonna be a good recruiter already. But I do think there's somebody said about the fact that you look at his staff and yet there's a lot of NBA experience. But really if you get down to it no one on this current staff. I've really been in the in the role that they are being active play. Next year further this coming even from Memphis you look at a Penny Hardaway never been a college head coach. Sam Mitchell never been a college assistant never you know Mike Miller never been colleges get it. Tony Matlock never really been dance. To be. Kind of I guess I would say lead assistant sort of leadership in terms of running like a running a lot of the Symantec costs or any guy he had a lot of experience by. I don't think it Ole miss certainly in other places he would morneau they're kind of you know recruiter and a guy can get things done. So to speak. And whereas now he's being have to do that plucky you know helping with the administration of the program it's so be it a bigger role I think. And and I don't think and I am not saying thank you I think they all could be successful in need your lol they you know they all have the pedigree where. You know you can see definitely he'll likely scenario where standards of that a great job at kind of backed former head coach on this action. And Mike Miller does a great job as a college assistant. And Tony Matlock does a great job in this. Sort of role as as almost a completely Gary kept campaigning hard way. But at the same time they just haven't. Done it before and so I think there's probably some uncertainty. Just like quit what I'll talk about recruiting like I think we all think penny can I get beat by stars. But until he dug it and same with the coaching par until he got a big. There's going to be some uncertainty about whether he'll get a better not and so I think. You know I think that was reflected in our power right. Whether it's fair or not I think yet problem honestly is probably a good thing from Permanente center penny in for the band should thank Jon rob good I think. They gave penny for more ammunition to use the need to work out then and more ammunition for himself more motivation for himself. Other course in margin out of the commercial pill here on that the program using 99 FM ESPN. And then you mentioned as we go into like the actual on court in which is. You know something I think that a lot of tiger fans are certainly looking forward to but. For you personally as someone who looks at this program day in day out. What's what are the most intriguing story lines intriguing questions that you have as the team actually goes into the season. We've got to play yes and how much they're gonna apply because there's a lot of like unlike last year or two years ago mean they have. They have their over the scholarship when they're not under it like they where the pack here and there's a lot of talented guy here. And they all expect to play and penny mentioned today there's going to be. A couple guys do red shirt I think. And I don't like it might be to be determined and we don't know like when it's comic is trying to get a waiver to play right away this year. After transferring into the event remained to be seen as well. But who's gonna play well you know how big a role will be returning veteran that my back I'm confident. That Jeremiah and even Davenport are gonna have really big role on this team. I think. Might parks will bite you know at the same time I don't think he style of play necessarily. Completely sick lift up tempo style and he wants the play. I'm Anna Greenberg I think his style play actually really fits well with any by. Penny brought in Alex Womack. Tyler Harrison Antoine Jones all guy to work. Could play both guard positions along with Jeremiah so. You know how much playing time that he gonna get in Allen and putted it ain't done yet another thing I mentioned JE. Yeah we you don't want to have to be relying on all freshman here and need do you Boettcher in the play well liked how all that playing time develop how old they Nash. You know could you have to Howell penny figure out. That situation he did a good job of that with a lot of talent eighty. And so I'm I'm anxious to see most of all. Album older distributed and how they kind of formulate here. Over the preceded in the being received then we you know couldn't eat I don't think you can play 1112 guy you're gonna have to narrow your rotation down. I like nine you're tenant smokes you know you just don't see them eighteen. Plan that many players and and and I know ideally penny would like to do that by. I just don't see that necessarily working so how did he do that I think it to me the biggest. Sort of storyline I wanna be on court. I initially at least. Does that surprise you how often dated wins its name has been mentioned throughout the course of summer workouts. Yes I know I mean I think there's a reason why penny. Watch him like one turn and really grew and hammered with them. And no it sound like he's going to be a guy who's gonna really. Play well and I think one spot where they're not overloaded with Caroline. Is the wing position and that's what he played you know right now they had were near Horton who's. Sort of a wing but I think really showed last year you probably better suited it like a small ball four. He got a lot of things but doesn't do like one thing really well. And and then you've got Antoine Jones who can maybe move to wing but he's more about good you know he played more to guard. And in high school in Pratt so I think part of it is like a winged spotted one spot where there's room to gain to earn some playing time. And X six point seven. And long long wingspan. We create kind of fits that lol well in and on the back that. You know bottom line is this is one of the worst three point shooting team in the country and you look at the guys they added Antoine you know into the pretty good shooter. Tyler Harris is a pretty good shooter. But there's room for if he if he can shoot three pointers in this arena sound like and to me that the guy act like a fish just. Even with the addition there's not a lot of outside shooting on this roster. There's more than last year but there's not. Our time. So to me could I. I think part of it is he's been I think he surprised some people with Al Goodyear's. But also I think it's partly because he had a position of need. For next year. And lastly if I gave you a thousand dollars to play song which fresh anything would have the biggest impact throughout the course of the season for the tigers next year who would you put your money on. I'm gonna say Alex Lomax because I think he's the only true point guard on the roster. So I think he's gonna get a lot of. I played I don't know state typically. Still have the most impact in early numbers slide the quality guy that averaged more points. You know. You know more more rebounds and Arab and I think I I I have a feeling he's gonna play more than any of these freshman. Just because. Even a natural distributor and a natural point guard and even Jeremiah. In a while he's filled in admirably at the point guard the last two years. I think we all know he'd better suited as a slasher that's more of a score. Ku you know it being counted on to be edition of your more like just distributes the ball naturally within the slope. Of his own offense so. Common okay Lomax. More really appreciate it Tom a man appreciate you carve out some time on a busy day. From a record margin out of course of the commercial he'll make sure you get on the follow. Act in Gian out of on Twitter we come back we'll get in the headlines that will make way for some real talent in the get a pair showed. Kicks off right at the top 4 o'clock hour stick around you're listening right here in 99 FM yes can't. Three easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com that's for free 3929. FM ESPN on the radio I've come out. He listened at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. Real dot com. Listening and FN BE SPN and. 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From the program and I'd be up on the podcast it'll be available shortly after the program and how are now reached the Porsche show or Sunday get in the headlines. Through account. Headlines another easy night has been ESP NN. All right probably the ugly story of the day by far LeSean McCoy is investigated for alleged domestic violence steroid an animal abuse it who'll be extremely. Graphic. Store those photos are hard to see that triumvirate. Yeah I'd space they like the three worst things you can do is an NFL player. Until I'd say that. 28 standard crush me 3:18 AM Milton police responded to a home invasion at a residence on Hickory pass near the Cherokee county line the preliminary investigation indicates that his residence. Was to sit specifically targeted by the suspect of suspects. Or a suspect or suspects. And not a random incident when officers arrived they found one victim. We've been physically assaulted by lone intruder during the altercation. Is suspect and then manage specific items from the victim. Adult female victim. Was treated and released at north Fulton regional hospital. Second adult female victim also sustained a minor injury during the incidents the team the report said McCoy and in court and have had a contentious relations for awhile according to docs obtained by TNT sports sports McQuay went to court in June seeking to get a judge's order forcing her. To not move out of a home he owns in Alpharetta. Georgia. Not looking good for his charm poise you responded on its grand saying he has not seen either. He has not seen neither parties for a couple months and that they're reports are basically ridiculous. This is one of those things where. You. If you don't really when he react to it before all the facts come out but you also won and maintained that. If he does this heat I he needs to be put prison if his sister yeah it's the ultimate example of presumed innocent till proven guilty yet it goes both ways that we she's rescind an innocent until proven their rights do these. I hated in situations like this how people pay excise so quickly is either oh she's lying or he's a monster it's like oh let's just take that back. And M wait wait let's let's take a second let's support her make sure that she's okay but let's also not. Not villain not the vilify this man. Before all the reports from out even though right now to be completely honest does not a good friend is at his best excuse is I had seen them a couple months. Yeah I mean it's this kid his dog in his life. The biggest problem. The biggest problem I think that he has moving forward is. There are pictures yes any and it's it's so sad that it's so sad that they did it seems like. It seems like the difference between. Big time punishment and maybe. Slap on whereas maybe the the two games it's it's built an example. Ray Rice is fitted two games within southern videos within solo video and Ray Rice is never gonna play in the NFL get. Greg Hardy was suspended then the pictures came out after he paid off the woman to drop the lawsuit after he was already convicted in a lower court. He ends up getting off he plays this season but now once the pictures came out once that was all done. Never applicable. And for McCoy these pictures are so graphic and so bad become with a warning everytime you wanna look at yes and it just makes you wonder again innocent until proven guilty but. I just find myself thinking that every time there's pictures it always always always winds up being way worse because even. Let's say even he's not personally responsible. It creates a no touch situation. Yeah it's. It's just unfortunate I mean I think the number one concern for everybody right now needs to be making sure that this young woman is safe and healthy and protected I just wanted to. She her health is my main concern in this. And making sure that. Whomever did this whether it's the Shawn McCoy or one of his friends or who knows whoever was needs to be brought to justice that's our number one thing I just hope whoever is guilty for this. Is is prosecuted fortunate law. This is or hide this fact it its eight biggest heroes the story steroid allegations is is the least important thing in this the child abuse. Anal he had and that domestic violence yes Hamas that is. No no no boy and a note no voice and no Bueno at all. Again my thanks to Aircastle son my thanks to margin not a lot of things to kind of keep this thing rolling hour now I gotta make way for real talent to get pressure coming up next. Download the official 99 a ME SPN radio to. 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